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Organizational Detail

Organizational Detail

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Published by: Muhammad Kashif on Jul 18, 2011
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Name of NGO / Development Organization

Focal Person: Shazia Zuberi Address: Town House No. G-28 / 29, Embassy Villa 10, Ch. Khaliq-u-Zaman Road, Block 8 Clifton, Karachi Tele: 021-5870244 & 021- 5821654 E:mail. aahung@cyber.net.pk Web Site: www.aahung.org Focal Person: Anwar Kazmi


Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation

ActionAid Pakistan (AAPk)

Address: Edhi Head Office, Rangilla Street, City: Karachi Telephone: 021-2421920; Fax: 0212418753 Focal Person: Shahab Qureshi, Manager HR/OD Address: House # 10, Street 17, F-8/3, City: Islamabad Telephone: 051 - 2264689, 2282954; Fax: 051 - 2260678 Email: mail@actionaidpakistan.org Website: www.actionaidpakistan.org Focal Person: Rahim Somani Chief Executive Officer Address: House No 384, F-17/B, Block VII,

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan (AKESP

KDA Scheme 5, Clifton, City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5863281-5; Fax: 0215870736 Email: central@akesp.org & Website: www.akdn.org Focal Person: Dr. Rozina Mistry Manger Address: 516, Gold Street off Baritto Road,

Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan (AKHSP)

City: Karachi 74550 Telephone: 021-7214133, 7219435; Fax: 021- 7221005 Email: akhsp@akhsp.org & Website: www.akdn.org Focal Person: Ms Sonia Jedidi, Country Director Address: House # 24, Sumbal Road, F 10/2 Islamabad

Agency for Technical Cooperation & Development (ACTED)

Telephone: 051 229 80 11 E-mail: yannick.deville@acted.org

Agency for Technical Cooperation & Development (ACTED)

Website: www.acted.org Focal Person: Yasmin Dastur Secretary General Address: APWA National Headquarter, 67/B, Garden Road, City: Karachi Telephone: 021-7212991; Fax: 0217221965 Email: apwa48@hotmail.com Website: www.apwa.org.pk Focal Person: Nishat Masood

All Pakistan Women Association (APWA)

Al-Zohra Welfare Association (AZWA)

Address: Quarter # 114, St. 6 Punjab, Delhi Colony Nishter Road, City: Karachi Email: al_zohra_association@yahoo.com Website: www.alzohra.com Focal Person: Azam Khan Projects Manager

AMAL Human Development Network (AMAL)

Address: House No 7, Street 62, G-6/4, City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2824930,2827774 ; Fax: 051- 2272491 Email: amal@isb.compol.com & Website: www.amal-hdn.org Focal Person: Shad Begam

Anjuman Behbood-e-Khawateen Talash (ABKT)

Address: Ziarat Talash Dir Lower Telephone: 0945 - 871313, 870021; Fax: 0945 - 871323 Email: abktdirl@yahoo.com Focal Person: Farhat Rahman Director, CBR Programme Address: Ummedabad 2, Swati Gate, City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-5260258 & Fax: 091277663 Email: fht_rehman@hotmail.com Website: www.repdak.org Focal Person: Malik Akbar Address: Ghazi Kot Township, Main Road, Mansehra

Association for the Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD)

Aurat Association (AA)

Telephone: 0987-303010: Fax: 0987-303010 Email: auratassociation@hotmail.com

Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation (AF

Focal Person: Misbah Tahir Resident Director Address: 8-B, L-D-A Garden View Apartments, Lawrence Road, City: Lahore Telephone: 042-6306534, 6314382; Fax: 042- 6278817 Email: apisf@brain.net.pk Focal Person: Ms Noreen Hasan, Programme Officer Address: Australian High Commission, Diplomatic Enclave 1 Sector G-5/4, Islamabad

Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

PO Box 1046, Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2824345, Fax: (051) 2820418 E-mail: noreen.hasan@dfat.gov.au Web: www.ausgovpakistan.com Focal Person: Sultan Mahmood Programme Manager Address: House No 2440/N-8 A Block- D,

Awaz Foundation Pakistan - Center for Development Services

New Sahmsabad Colony, City: Multan Telephone: 061-584909 & Fax: 061-584909 Email: awazcds@brain.net.pk Focal Person: Younus Bandhani Director Address: 13 -A/ II, Sunset Street, DHA Phase II Extension, Karachi

Baanhn Beli

Telephone: 021-5382580, 5892055 Email: baanhnbelikhi@hotmail.com Website: www.baanhnbeli.org Focal Person: Irtiza Huassain Address: 32-C, Sayan Arcade, 1st Street Badar Commerical Area, Phase V, DHA, Karachi - City: Karachi Telephone: 5347194; Fax: 5841690, 5345069 Email: babazaft@hotmail.com Focal Person: Dr. Akash Ansari Address: Opposite to Al-Huda Public School,

Babaza Foundation Trust (BFT)

Badin Rural Development Society (BRDS)

Fax: 081 2827740 Email: beej@ultra.com Focal Person: Dr. Badin Telephone: 0297 – 862046.net.pk Focal Person: M.442153 Email: brsp_qta@hotmail. 446807.net.org. Tipu Road.com Focal Person: Fazal Saeed (M&E Offocer) Basic Education & Employable Training (BEST) Address: 31-D Kangra House . Sariab Road City: Quetta Telephone: 081 . Shahida Khan Address: NE-2D/1.beej. Muhammad Irfan Kasi Address: Balochistan Rural Support Programme. Faisalabad Behbood-e-Niswan Network (BNN) Telephone: 041-749412.net. University Town . Circular lane.behbud. Peshawar Email: bestpak@brain. Fax: 081 .440297.comsats.org Focal Person: Shazia Ghulam Nabi Address: H # 449/P. Samangli Housing Scheme Balochistan Environmental and Educational Journey (BEEJ) City: Quetta Telephone: 081 – 2827740. Fax: 0297 62046 Email: brdsngo@yahoo. Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) 5-A. Rawalpindi Behbood Association of Pakistan Telephone:051-5962143-5962103 E-mail: fbehbud@isb. Cell # 03336505025 . St # 1.Badin Rural Development Society (BRDS) Kdhan Road.pk Website: http:/www.pk & Website: www. Focal Person: Syed Qurban Gharshin Address: 48-D.org.pestpak.pk Website: www. Mohalla Islamnagar.

Bunyad Literacy Community Council (BLCC) Near Rasheed Hospital.pk Website: www.Main Marghalla Road. G–6/4 PO Box 2934.6658999 Email: bright-eabdul_waheed_bes@hotmail. Fax: 051.org.bunyad. F-8/2. 1111/1115 Islamia colony.pk Focal Person: Fozia Malik Programme Officer Address: House # 4. Islamabad Telephone: 051. 2261706.com Focal Person: Abdul Waheed Khan President Address: St. Fax: (051) 2279137 Website: www.com Focal Person: Prof.pk Focal Person: Ms Attiya Hidayat.2262507 CARE International in Pakistan Catholic Relief Services (CRS) .gc. Islamabad Telephone: 051-52254739.acdi.careinternational.Behbood-e-Niswan Network (BNN) Fax: N/A Email: bnn_fsd@hotmail. Coordinator Canada Fund Canadian International Development Agency (CFLI .8/1. Gulesht Colony. U C 9 site room Dis Bright Educational Society (BES) Karachi Telephone: 021-6658999 or 0300-9251836. Bazar Road. 051-2855924 & 051-5254738 E-mail: Mail@careinternational. Fax: 0426661817 Email: bunyad@brain.org.org.ca Focal Person: Daw Mohammad.105/A-9.CIDA) Canada Fund for Local Initiatives Address:House # 18. Defence Cantt. Fax: 021.net. Assistant Country Director Address: House#52. Street 35.2254336. F .pk Website: www. Saeed-ur-Rehman CEO Address: E. Lahore Telephone: 042-6670887. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2279138-41.

pk Focal Person: Nasim Ahmed CEO Address: 63-B.net. Jehangir Road.com Focal Person: Seema Zia Address:House No 66.pk Website: www. Saddar Children’s Resources International. cdosindh@yahoo.com.org Focal Person: Sadia Atta Mehmood Address: Ward # 5.net. Fax: 0426681774 Email: ccf@nexlinx.paknet. Street 89.pk & Website: www. Fax: 025 4740027 Email: cdosindh@hotmail.pk . Fax: (021) 7226055 E-mail: cwspa@cyber. O-613 Islamabad . Lahore.net.com.org E-mail: into@cripk.Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Email: crspak@comsats. Cantt. Sindh Telephone: 025 – 4740027. Pakistan Church World Service – Pakistan/ Afghanistan CWS – P/A Karachi Telephone: (021) 7215604. Jhons Park.O Johi. (9221) 4386967 Website: www.cripk. Telephone: (9251) 28779412.A. and District Dadu.org Focal Person: Ms Shama Mall.ccfp.catholicrelief. City: Lahore Telephone: 042-9220682. Kachho Road Johi Child Development Organization (CDO) P.Pakistan. Programme Manager Address: 74 Garden Road. Street No 36 Cavish Development Foundation (CDF) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2212434 Email: cavishhdf@isb. Child Care Foundation (CCF) St.org Focal Person: Samina Naz Programme Coordinator Address: House No 193 .

Street 2-A. G-9/3 .com Focal Person: Naveed Ahmad Shinwari Deputy Chief Executive Address: House No 54. Ajmal Malik Address: House No.com.pk Website: www.uk.org Focal Person: Iftikhar ur Rahman Community Support Programme Community Uplift Program Pakistan (CUPP) . F-8/1 Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Programme (CHIP) City: Islamabad Telephone: 111920920. 2.H. Shami Road Community Motivation & Development Organization (CMDO) City: Peshawar. Telephone: 92(51)2857442-2508822 & Fax: 92(51)2857442 E-mail: csp ngo@yahoo.com Focal Person: M. Behria Phase V.contact@cssppk. No-76. 051 – 2280151.com Focal Person: Muhammad Asif Noor Address: House No.org Focal Person: Abdul Hameed Arain Address: Husain Abad Sakrand District Nawabshah Sindh Community Development Foundation (CDF) City: Nawabshah Telephone: 0244 . D.2280081 Email: chip@isb. Fax: 091271081 Email: cmdopak@yahoo. NWFP Telephone: 091-5261088.Islamabad.chip-pk.Focal Person: Dr. 28 St.comsats. Fax: 051 . Abdul Bari Awan Address: 88 Kh.csppk. Street 35.322826 Email: hameedshah@yahoo.A Citizen Education Development Foundation (CEDF) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5845023 Email: abawan88@hotmail. 277617.net.org Website: www.

Street 3.pk & Website: www.pk & Website: www.sonpk.cchd.2256043. Fax: 0212564797 Email: cfct@pk. SITE Concern for Children Trust (CFC) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-2574716 .519728 Email: superkhan76@yahoo.net.2856293 Email: cup@apollo.concern.com & Website: www.cup. Street 28.net.comf Focal Person: Mr. E–7. # 6 O/S Loharigate Muhallah Muhammadi. Fax: 042-5889444 Email: cchdlhr@yahoo.org Focal Person: Muhammad Arif Nawaz Khan Address: House # 2260/12. Country Director Address: House # 54.com Focal Person: Faraah Parvaiz Saleh Citizens Commission For Human Development (CCHD) Address: 42-Tipu Block-New Garden Town. Fax: 051 .org. Phillip Miller. Fax: 0512241327 Email: srcp@comsats.net. 2856292.pk Focal Person: Uzma Mirza Administrator Address: B 63.org. Lahore Telephone: 042-5889666/5885136. Islamabad Telephone: 051-2855402-3. O. Fax: (051) 2820723 E-mail: conpakisb@isb.Community Uplift Program Pakistan (CUPP) Address: 12-A. 2854803. Islamabad Telephone: 051 .com. Estate Avenue. Council for Insani Behbood (CIB) St. Asif Mahmood Jah Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) .pk & concern@ultra.pk Website: www.paknet.netsolir.ie Focal Person: Mazhar Siraj Research Fellow Concern Pakistan (CP) Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP) Address: P.crcp. City: Multan Telephone: 061 . Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2827169. Box 1379. F-8/1.pk Focal Person: Dr.

dost.com Focal Person: Muhammad Jalil Butt Address: 252 .Gulshan-e-Iqbal Housing Colony.net. Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust (DAHKMT) City: Rawalpindi Telephone: 051-5466444. Hayatabad.com. District Dera Ghazi Khan (DAMAAN) Telephone: 051-2101591 / 2292284 Email: damann123@yahoo. Fax: 09181418 Email: dost@netzone.pk Website: www.pk Website: www. Nutkani Road.net.Address: 449-Jehanzaib Block. 7833421. Danish Arifwala District.welfare9clinic. Mazharabad Dost Welfare Foundation (Dost) Dr. City: Pakpattan Telephone: 0457 – 834666. City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-812218.org Focal Person: Sumaira Gul Address: ZA-256. Damaan Development Organization P. wasim_wagha@yahoo. Fax: 051-5466444 Email :ahkmt2000@yahoo. Tehsil Taunsa.O. Asif Mahmood Jah Focal Person: Wasim Wagha Address: Village Paritevala. St. Fax: 042-9230273 Email: asifjah@wol. Monitoring & Research Address: House No 8. 27. Allama Iqbal Town City: Lahore Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) Telephone: 042 -7831665.pk Head Of Organization: Dr.sdnpk. Tibbi Qaisrani. Sector B-2. Fax: 0457 834666 Email: danishgaah@hotmail.com Focal Person: Mark Joseph Dar-ul-Khidmat Welfare Association (DKWA) . 814181.com Focal Person: Muhammad Ayub Chief Planning.com.

Ziarat Talash.Address: House # B/175 . Sector F-6/3 City: Islamabad Development Empowerment Women Association (DEWA) Developments in Literacy (DIL) . 2274183. Bajoro Road . 2274183 Email: dippakistan@hotmail.5470574. Opposite Usmania Restaurant DeLaas Gul Welfare Programme (DLG) City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-843951 Email: delaasgul@hotmail.com Focal Person: Yousuf Riaz Address: 57-A. City: Dir Lower NWFP.3/8 Mehmoodabad.com Focal Person: Jalila Tariq Program Coordinator Address: House No 2. Humerah Tahir President Address: House # 8.org Website: www. Ginza Center. Fax: 051 .org Focal Person: Wareed Khan Admin Officer Address: 2 Jhandagai.Pakistan Telephone: 0945-871280 Email: dewa20041@yahoo. Development Research Institute of Pakistan (DRIP) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2875565. 5472765. Fax: 051-2875565. 1st Floor.com Focal Person: Raza Khan Address: Kalpani.doertrust. Tehsil Timergara District. Lane 3 Zakria Road.5470573 Email: info@doertrust. Westridge II Development of Existing Resources Trust (DOER) City: Rawalpindi Telephone: 051.com Focal Person: Mrs. Karachi-1 Dar-ul-Khidmat Welfare Association (DKWA) City: Karachi Telephone: 0333-3223423 Email: dar-ul-kidmat@yahoo. Street No 16.

Fax: (051) 2276840 E-mail: dilisb@dsl. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2206071.pk Focal Person: Muhammad Ahmed Gondal Director General Education Foundation (EF) Environment Foundation Balochistan (EFB) . City: Lahore Telephone: 042-6303808.gov.uk Website: www.net. Fax: (051) 2823017 E-mail: Z-Ahmed@dfid.dfid. British High Commission Department for International Development (DFID) Diplomatic Enclave. Programme Coordinator Address: House # 2-B. Fax: 0512276840 Email: dilorg@brain.pk Website: www.O.gov. Fax: 0426301685 Email: edufoundation@yahoo. Baltistan.org Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI) Focal Person: Mohammad Azhar Qureshi Focal Person: Khalid Mahmood Secretary Address: First Floor. Sufi Mansion.com Website: www.org Focal Person: Mohammad Ibrahim Address: Head office DEYA Sukmaiden.4dil. Skardi. P.ef.Developments in Literacy (DIL) Telephone: 051-2823448.Box 634 Development of Education in Youth Ages (DEYA) City: Skardu Telephone: 05831 . Parbat Road. 7Edgerton Road.org. F –7/3 Islamabad Developments in Literacy (DIL) Telephone: (051) 2277189.com Focal Person: Mr Malick Zulfiqar Ahmad.uk Focal Person: Ms Jalila Tariq Kamal.52412 Email: deya_edu@yahoo.net.dil.pk Website: www. Programme Officer Development Section.

fpapak.836349 Email: efb@brain.org Focal Person: Dr.4.fmhospital. Fax: 021.com Focal Person: Maha Rehman Chief Coordinator Address: Fatima Memorial Hospital Shadman City: Lahore Fatima Memorial Hospital (FMH) Telephone: 042-111-555-600. Temple Road.org Website: www. Islampura Lahore Family Welfare Co-operative Society Telephone: 7238406-7353629-7310149 E-mail: fwesafew@wol. Sector 14. Attiya Inayatullah Address: 3-A.4555279 Email: fesedu@cyber. Fax: 081.net.Address: 2nd Floor Ferdusi Building Environment Foundation Balochistan (EFB) Telephone: 081-836415.pk.sdnpk.net.pk Website: www.fwcs.org Focal Person: Rumi Dossal Fatmid Foundation (FF) .net.net.pk Website: www. Orangi Town Faran Educational Society (FES) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-6690459.org Focal Person: Khalida Khatoon Malik Address: Neeli Bar Mor.pk Website: www. 4555729. Fax: 0427570586 Email: fmhhosp@brain. City: Lahore City: Quetta Family Planning Association of Pakistan (RAHNUMA) Telephone: 042-111-22-33-66.efbq. Nesarfes@hotmail. Fax: 0426368692 Email: info@fpapak.net Focal Person: Nesar Ahmed Programme Manager Address: St .

pk Focal Person: Ghulam Punjwni.paknet.net.pk Website: www.com Website: www. Fax: 5564244 Email: fr786pak@comsats.com.friends. Britto Road.org Focal Person: Muhammad Ali Tariq Programme Manager Address: House No 15A. Mirza Aslam Beg Chairman Address: House No 88 Race Course Scheme Race Course Road.fazaldad.akdn. University Town Flowers City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-5702379. Executive Officer Address: House#563 street #19 G-10/2 Islamabad Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan Telephone: +92-(51)2294024 2294051 E-mail: Excutiveoffice@focushumanitarianpk. Fax: 091-5701462 Email: flowerspk@yahoo. Garden East.Fatmid Foundation (FF) Address: 393. Street # 21 F-7/2 Fazaldad Human Rights Institute (FHRI) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2826616-2822910.org.pk Focal Person: Mr Abdul Qadir. Fax: 227356 Email: fatimidk@khi. Fax: 051. St./focus Focal Person: Gen.pk & Website: www.pk info@fazaldad. Programme Coordinator Foundation for Research on International Environment National Development and Security (FRIENDS) Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) . City: Karachi Telephone: 2253323.com. 2258656.3 City: Rawalpindi Cantt Telephone: 5563309/5510761.fatimid. No.org Website: www. 2225284. tdhswcpesh@brain.org.paknet.net.com Focal Person: Fazal Mehmood Address: 84/E.com.2279908 Email: fhri@isb. Rehman Baba Road.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Address: House No.1, Street No.14, Sector F-7/2, Islamabad / Pakistan Telephone: Tel: (+9251) 2608811 – 14, Fax: (+9251) 2608810 E-mail: info@fes.org.pk Website: www.fes.org.pk Focal Person: Mr Arno Keller, Resident Representative Address: House # 40, Street 27, F –6/2, Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2278896, Fax: (051) 2279915 E-mail: office13@pakistan.fnst.org or fnst@comsats.net.pk Website: www.fnf-southasia.org Focal Person: Haseeb-ur-Rehman Address: House 974,st.27, sector.I-10/4 Islamabad

Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNSt)

Friends Foundation

Telephone:051-4444394 -95 & 5871980 E-mail: friendsfoundation@hotmal.com Website: www.ffpak.org Focal Person: Dr. Emel Khan

Frontier Primary Health Care (FPHC)

Address: Nisatta Road, Bijli Ghar,City: Mardan Telephone: 0931-63837; Fax: 0931-61403 Email: fphc@brain.net.pk Focal Person: R N Sadiq Address: 13/D Kotka Usman Ghani Mirbaz Barakzai Road

Frontier Reconstruction, Welfare Agency (FARCA)

City: Bannu Telephone: 0928 - 615010, 0300 - 5765675 Email: farcapk@gawab.com, farca100pk@yahoo.com Website: www.farcapk.org Focal Person: M. Hassan Mashori

Fundamental Human Rights and Rural Development Association (FHRRDA)

Address: Ward # 4, Mashori House Taluka Golarchi District City: Badin

Fundamental Human Rights and Rural Development Association (FHRRDA)
Telephone: 0297 – 853395; Fax: 0297 853553 Focal Person: Dr. Gabriele Boehringer, Country Director Address: House 63 A, Street 5, F– 8/3, Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2260131-2, 2250187, Fax: (051) 2264159 E-mail: gtz-pakistan@pk.gtz.de Web: www.gtz.de Focal Person: Faisal Thakur Deputy Director Address: 66 - F Block Model Town City: Lahore

German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Ghazali Education Trust (GET)
Telephone: 042-5882939; Fax: 042-5850966 Email: getpak@hotmail.com Website: www.ghazili.edu.pk Focal Person: Mohammad Aslam Lakhiar Address: Buriro House Theba Road Mehar,

Goth Sudhar Sangat Aghamani (GSSA)

P.O & Town Mehar, District Dadu, Sindh Telephone: 0229 – 730530; Fax: 0229 730530 Email: gssa67@yahoo.com Focal Person: Nazeer Ahmed ujjan CEO Address: Khanjur office Ali Raza

Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF)

City: Khairpur Mivs Telephone: 0792-621115; Fax: 0792-621115 Email: gsfkhp@yahoo.com Focal Person: Aziz ur Rehman Address: Jinnah Road near Tariq mills

Gujranwala Community Development Organization (GCDO)

City: Gujranwala Telephone: 055 - 4225193 Email: gedorg@hotmail.com

Focal Person: Siddique Akbar Siddique Address: Dangri Road Mansehra - NWFP, Pakistan


Telephone: 0997-303836 Email: info@haashar.org Website: www.haashar.org Focal Person: Dr. Shabbir Hussain, Director Programs Address: House # 7-A, St# 65, F-8/3 Islamabad – Pakistan Telephone: +92.51.2855907 Fax *92.51.2857096 E-mail: info@hashoofoundation.org Website: www.hashoofoundation.org Focal Person: Ghulam Mohammad Address: Hussain Chowk, Main Bazaar

Hashoo Foundation (HF)

Hassan Abad Welfare Association (HAWA)

City: Skardu Telephone: 05831 – 55201; Fax: 05831 55201 Email: Hawa_ngo@yahoo.com Focal Person: Prof. A. G. Billoo Chairman Address: 225/1/B Block-2, PECHS

Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)

City: Karachi Telephone: 021-4532804; Fax: 0214527698 Email: hands@cyber.net.pk Website: www.hands.org.pk Focal Person: Farkhanda Tabassum Executive Director Address: 53 - K, Gulberg 3

Health Education & Literacy Trust (HEAL Trust)

City: Lahore Telephone: 042-5714977; Fax: 042-5895453 Email: healtrust_pk@yahoo.com or heal@wol.net.pk Focal Person: Hina Zia Dar

Health Education Literacy (Heal) Trust

Islamabad Heifer International (Heifer) Telephone: (0300) 5216605.net.0428587948.net Website: www.com Website: www.Address: 158-E(upper portion) Ghazni Lane New Super Town Health Education Literacy (Heal) Trust Lahore Cantt near Defence Chowk.5509701 Human Development Foundation (HDF) . Amir Khusro Road.O Nilor Factory. E-mail: umme_zia@yahoo.hope-ngo. Gulrez Scheme II. City: Karachi Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE) Telephone: 021-4539393.com Focal Person: Dr. Consultant/Representative Address: Nain Sukh. Fax: 051.pk. Health Environment and Women Development (HEWAD) P. P.pk & Website: www. 5069450 Email: agboat@gerrys. Box-1352.com Focal Person: Umm-e-Zia. Peshawar City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-840702 Email: hewed_19@hotmail.com Focal Person: Mohammad Ashraf Address: Zaib Plaza.healtrust-pkyahoo.net.helpineed.O.org Focal Person: Nisar Ahmed Help in Need Address: House#285 Street #3 G-8/2. Tehkal Payan University Road.heifer. Block 7 & 8.03334237672 E-mail heal@wol. Mubina Agboatwala Address: 5. Islamabad Telephone: +92-(51)2250139 E-mail: hin-org@cyber. Telephone 0426663144. 5509259.org Focal Person: Dr Khalid Riaz Chairman Address: House No 537. Rawalpindi Telephone: 051-5502268.

F-6/4.com Focal Person: Abdul Qadir Khilji Address: Flat No.hrdn.org Focal Person: I.com Website: www.yespakistan. Islamabad. City: Lahore Telephone: 042-5865969.hrmdc. City: Quetta Telephone: 0300 9381680 Email: HDSQTAPK@yahoo. Fax: 051-2826540 Email: info@hrdn.net.Human Development Foundation (HDF) Email: hdfpak@hotmail.net Focal Person: Rumana Hussain Head Activism and Outreach Address: 9-C/1. Fax: 091-850920 Email: hrmdc@brain. 17.net Focal Person: Bushra Gohar Director Address: 18-F Khushaal Khan Khattak Road. Fax: 0425883582 Email: hrcp@hrcp-web. 2277880. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Human Rights Education Programme (HREP) Telephone: 021-5800245. 8th East Street.net Website: www. Street-56.sdnpk. City: Peshwar Telephone: 091-842850.hrcp-web. commercial area. Fax: 021-5800245 Defence Housing Authority. Human Resources Management and Development Centre (HRMDC) University Town.net & Website: www. Tipu Block New Garden Town. Pakistan Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2828259. Phase 1. 2821767.com Focal Person: Azhar Saeed Executive Director Address: House 41. City: Karachi .pk Website: www. Human Development Society (HDS Chaman Housing Scheme. A Rehman / Kamila Hayat Director Address: House No 107.

Karachi Telephone: 021-7735635. Ghous-ul-Azam Street.org.F-7 Markaz. Dera Ismail Khan.A Jinah Road.Japan Plaza.com Website: www. Rawalpindi Ideal Education Social Welfare Society (IESWS) City: Rawalpindi Telephone: 051-4560216.pk Website: www.net.Human Rights Education Programme (HREP) Email: info@hrep.com & itacec@gmail.ips. Saeed ul Hassan Address: 49A. Islamabad (IPS) Institute of Behavioral Psychology (IBP) . Islamabad Telephone: 051-2650971-3. Ahata.itacec.pk Focal Person: Amanulla Paracha President Human Rights Foundation of Pakistan Address: 208.com Focal Person: Mr.org. City: Dera Ismail Khan Telephone: 0966-711244.com Focal Person: Khalid Rahman Executive Director Address: Nasr Chambers Block 19. Fax: 0966-711244 Email: amjadali42@hotmail. Fax: 051-4560216 Email: iesws@yahoo. Jail Road. M.net.com.pk Focal Person: Shama Jivanjee Administrator Institute of Policy Studies.pk Website: www.hrep. Fax: 0217721332 Email: awamiadalat@cyber. Fax: 0512650704 Email: main@ips. Lahore. Taxila Distt.pk Focal Person: Amjad Ali Address: Humanitarian Movements International. Pakistan Humanitarian Movements International (HMI) Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) Telephone: +92-42-7535270 & 7535271 E-mail: itacec2000@yahoo. NWFP. Qazi Street.org Focal Person: Malik Tariq Address: Farooqia Road.

org Website: www. Korang Valley.449775.com Focal Person: Lal Jan Baloch External Relations Manager Address: C-32 Railway Housing Society Institute for Development Studies and Telephone: 081-445192.pk Website: www. A-3.Address: A .inapak. Islamabad Christians Against Narcotics (ICAN) .5841703 Email: mail@ibpinternational . 14th Lane. Fax: 081Practices (IDSP-Pakis) 441110 Email: idsp@idsp.5173765 Email: interactivetheatre@hotmail. Fax: 042-5179885 Email: insan@insapk. Lahore Telephone: 042-5162874. H # 01.net.org.idsp. 5841102. Johar Town.org Focal Person: Aamir Shahzad Address: ICAN.L /4 . 5173759.org. Fax: 021. 5175275. Lahore Interactive Resource Centre (IRC) Insan Foundation Pakistan (IFP) Telephone: 042-5174076. Fax: 042 .N.pk Focal Person: Amer Karim Manager Finance & Administration Address: 48 . Raja Akhtar Road.com Website: www.com Focal Person: Farah Malik Program Manager Address: 160. Phase -VII.pk Focal Person: Shireen Rehmatullah Address: House No D-134 Blook v Kehkashan Clifton City: Quetta Institute of Social Research & Development (ISRD) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5862354.ibpinternational. Model Town Extension. Defence Housing Authority Institute of Behavioral Psychology (IBP) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5841713-4. Fax: 0215832268 Email: shireenr@cyber.

Fax: 0512260938 Email: info@islamic-relief.jscd.org.org Website: www.pk Website: www. Comsats Building.islamic-relief. Fax: (051) 2829471 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) .Park Road .F-8/2.org Focal Person: Mr Yajiro Ishii. Hyderabad Telephone: 0221-620188 & Fax: 0221620185 Email: gqkazi@hotmail.isra. 7532302.7564407. Bhara Kahu.net.com Website: www. City: Islamabad Telephone:051– 2230463. Dr.7573911 Email: info@jscd. Yasmin Raashid Address: 125-N. Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat. Deputy Resident Representative Address: 3rd Floor.ican-pk.com Focal Person: Mushtaq Ahmed Officer Manager Isra Islamic Foundation (IIF) Islamic Relief (IR) Islamic Relief Agency Pakistan (ISRA – Pak) Address: 11 Chinar Road University Town City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-844143 Focal Person: Prof.edu. Fax:051 2231185 Email: ican@brain. Hala Road. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2829473-8. Fax: 042 .pk Website:www. Islamabad Telephone: 051-111-237-237. Behind Neelum Hospital Samanabad Jahandad Society For Community Development (JSCD) City: Lahore Telephone: 042 .pk Focal Person: Abdul Mannan Bhatti Director Address: H-6-A.Islamabad Christians Against Narcotics (ICAN) Phulgram.org Focal Person: Ghulam Qadir Kazi CEO Address: Isra University. PO Box 313.

5573942. Fax: 055 3255528 Email: jws_pk@yahoo. Orangi Town.Commercial Avenue Phase IV.pk Website: www. Fax: 0216699347 Email: opprti@cybrt.net. DHA 4 Karachi Telephon: 92-333-2245440 & 92-215834215 KARWAN GHAR (PAKISTAN) . Karachi Health and Social Development Association (KHASDA) Mangopir Road.5801170 Email: kvtc91@yahoo.oppingtitution. Model Town Khan Pur District Jauhar Medical & Educational Trust (JMET) City: Rahim Yar Khan Telephone: 068 .pk Focal Person: Qazi Shoaib Babar Address: 11.org. Munawar Hussain Naqvi Address: Jauhar House.5572966 Email: jauhartrust@hotmail.org. 5573932.com Focal Person: Inam-ur-Rehaman President Address: P-10. DHA Karachi Vocational Training Center (KVTC) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5882920. 695/B. Link DC Road. Dr.com Website: www.pk Focal Person: Mir Wali Shah 0302-5065600 Address: E-6 Fourth Giziri street. 5572761.com Website: www.net.kvtc. Sector 5/A.jp Focal Person: Prof. Fax: 068 .com Focal Person: Dr.yojiro@go. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-6699354. Jinnah Road. Shamim Zaiuddin Khan Address: Plot No ST 4.Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) E-mail: ishii. Jinnah Welfare Society (JWS) City: Gujranwala Telephone: 055-3255527/8. Gujranwala.jauhar.pk or opp@cyber.

Khwendo Kor Women & Children Development Programme (KK) New Arbab Colony.net. University Town.pk Focal Person: Saeed Ilyas Address: National Bank Colony. Behind Jabir Flates. Glass Tower Main Clifton Road Koshish Foundation (KF) . Fax: 091 2573138 Email: saeedilyas@kwa.com Focal Person: Aneela Qamar Director Programme Address: Street No 3.com. 853276. Kasimabad # 1.org. 2852936.com.karwanpakistan.kwa.115.pk Focal Person: Kashif Yaqub Address: Suite # 45.KARWAN GHAR (PAKISTAN) Email: Karwanpakistan@gmail. Arbab Road. Aurang Zaib afridi Chief Coordinator Address: House No SG Plaza Flat No. Jamrud Road karkhano Market Khair Khegara Tanzeem (KKT) City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-811983/0333-9117668 Email: khyberkwo@yahoo. Islamabad Telephone: 051-2262724. City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-852750. Fax: 051-2651949 Email: khubaib@khubaib. Fax: 091853765 Email: kkwedp@brain.pk Website: www.org.pk Focal Person: Nadeem Ahmed Khan Address: Street # 44m House # 4. F-8/1.com Website: www. Wazir Bagh Road Khubaib Foundation (KF) Khyber Welfare Association (KWA) City: Peshawar Telephone: 091 – 2569044.com Focal Person: Engr.khubaib.pk Website: www.

301-371-1600 E-mail: Malikrashid-cws@yahoo. Johar Town Laurel Institute for Modern Education (LIME) City: Lahore Telephone: 042 .W. Pakistan (LEAD) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2651511.koshish. Hazara Mohalah Light of Awareness for fair Advancement of Mankind (LAFAM) .kws.com Focal Person: Dawood Khan Programme Coordinator Address: LAFAM Office.org Website: www.com Website: Http//www.S) Focal Person: Naseer Ahmad Chadhar Address: 474-G III. Fax: 021-5660558 Email: suhail@koshish.com. Fax: 092172555 Email: lhfmrd@hotmail. Punjfuty.812-832-363. Mardan Telephone: 0931-65161-72555. Fax: 0512651512 Email: main@lead. F-7 Markaz Leadership for Environment and Development.org Website: www.org Focal Person: Shahnaz Dar. Address: C/O Little Master’s School. LEAD House. Cantt.pk Kuchlak Welfare Society ( K.515654 Email: lime644@hotmail. Main Samungli Road.13 Majeed Abad Bijli Ghar.pakistan.org Focal Person: Muhammad Mukarram Shah Light Home Foundation (LHF) Address: Street No.City: Karachi Koshish Foundation (KF) Telephone: 021-5660557. Quetta Telephone: 0092-81-400-1931.com Focal Person: Asif Saeed Program Assistant Address: Plote No 15.lead.

literatepakistan.org Website: www. Lyari Community Development Project (LCDP) Chakiwara No 2.T. F ax: 02311. Fax: 0214960145 Email: info@literatepakistan.wdo@hotmail.61130 Email: lsrda@hyd.com Focal Person: Malia Asim Office Manager Mahbubul Haq Human Development Centre (MHDC) .Light of Awareness for fair Advancement of Mankind (LAFAM) City: Lorali Telephone: 0821-410525. Road (Kashi Auto Market) Madni Women Development Organization (MINDO) Kot Adu (M.paknet. Ghulshane Iqbal City: Karachi Literate Pakistan (LP) Telephone: 021-4994621.lafam. City: Mirpurkhas Telephone: 0231-61121.org Focal Person: Suria Fazal President Lower Sindh Rural Development Association (LSRDA) Address: PO Box No 75. Lyari City: Karachi Telephone: 021-7521687. Fax: 0217549576 Email: pwpp@super. Fax: 0821410525 Email: dawood_laf@yahoo.com.sdnpk.. City: Kot Adu Telephone: 066-2243910 Email: madni.pk Focal Person: Rani Waheeda Rasheed Malik Address: G.com Website: www. Block 13. Punjab.pk Focal Person: Abdul Rahim Moosvi President Address: Near Moulvi Usman Park. Garh).net.org Focal Person: Muhammad Zafar Salim Finance Manager Address: A-12.

5886471 Email: marie. 5389151-3.pk/hd Focal Person: Khalid Pervaiz Majlis Samjee Karkunane Pakistan (MSKP) Address: 26-B. Saood Mukhtar Marghoob Educational Society (MES) Address: 3/W Housing Scheme.com Focal Person: Ch.ngorc. Old Sunset Boulevard City: Karachi Marie Stopes Society (MSS) Telephone: 021-5389125-8.com Focal Person: Roeena Baloch Makran Educational and Development Organization (MEDO) Address: Absor Turbat.org.org Website: www.org. Walton Road.sdnpk. Fax: 0512822794 Email: kh@hdc.isb.un.stopes@msspk. G 6/3. City: Makran Telephone: 0861 .Mahbubul Haq Human Development Centre (MHDC) Address:42 Embassy Road.412574. 412954 Email: med_org@yahoo.pk Focal Person: Suresh Sadhwani Marvi Development Organization (MDO) . Lahore City: Lahore Telephone: 042-6662151. Commercial Area. Fax: 021.5803262. City: Burewala Telephone: 067 .3359050 Focal Person: Sonia Sham Dupte Donor Relations Manager Address: 21-C. Fax: 0426682126 Focal Person: Siraj Ahmad Program Director Address: Village Haibat Gram p/o Thana Malakand Rural Support Tahreek of Humanity (MRSTAH) City: Malakand Telephone: 09328-440482 Email: mtsteh2001@hotmial. Islamabad Telephone: 051-2271228. Shah Taj Colony.org Website: www.

5756959. Distt: Badin Telephone: 0297-830137 E-Mail: moosajunejo@yahoo. Gulberg II Maternity and Child Welfare Association of Pakistan (MCWAP) City: Lahore Telephone: 042-5752505. Minara Road Mashaal Educational Society Sukkur (MES) City: Sukkur Telephone: 071 . Nabsiar Road.62900 Telephone: 0238 .21345 Focal Person: Prof.F.O. Khalida Tehreen Secretary General Address: 43-A Civic Centre.A Johar Town. 7057125 . Fax: 0920. Islamic Center.com Focal Person: Abdul Jabbar Executive Director Mohmand Community Organization Council (MCOC) Address: MCOC P/O: Mian Mandi Tehsil City: Ghallanai Mohmand Agency Telephone: 0920-213345. 21.Address: Mohalla Imam Bargah.5710839 Email: mcwap@pol. Dr. Marvi Development Organization (MDO) P.com & sureshsadhwani@yahoo. Lahore & National Society For Mentally & Emotionally Handicapped Children P.pk Focal Person: Ashfaque Ali Talpur Address: Badin Bus Stop.O Box 621 GPO Lahore Telephone: 92-42-5173735 & 5172665. Umerkot .com Focal Person: Attia Hanif Executive Director Address: MCH House 29/30 .com Focal Person: Syed Mudassar Hussain Zaidi Address: Suite No.O. M. Talhar. Fax: 042. P.575261 Email: mdonabisar@yahoo.25909 Email: info_mashaal@yahoo.com. Millat Social Welfare Association (MSWA) Taluka Talhar.

Block 5.pk Focal Person: Saghar Hussain Shah Office Manager Address: House No 37/38 First Floor Beverly City: Islamabad Nai Zindagi (NZ) Telephone: 051-2874120-1.ngorc.pk Focal Person: Mr Nawazish Ali Khan Aslam. Fax: 0512275895 Email: recovery@isb.org.natpow.114. 2822324.org. F-6/4 National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2822319. Programme Officer Address: House # 18.org Focal Person: Qadeer Baig Deputy Director Address: D .compol.nrsp. Fax: 0215865503 Email: info@ngorc.net. Clifton.com Focal Person: Lubna Javaid Programme Officer Address: 46-Aga Khan Road.naizindagi.org.com Website: www. City: Lahore-54760 National Trust for Population Welfare (NATPOW) NGO Resource Centre (NGORC) Nirali Kitaben (NK) . Fax: (051) 9261769 E-mail: natpow@excel-xl.National Society For Mentally & Emotionally Handicapped Children E-mail: ktareen@wol. Fax: 051-2822779 Email: gmnrsp@isb.pk Website: www.edu. Sector F – 8/1.pk Website: www.net Website: www. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5865501-2.pk Website: Specialeducationcentre. Street 30. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 9260922-3.comsats.pk Focal Person: David Dewan Masih General Manager Address: 285-A Venus Housing Scheme.net.

Fax: q081. Fax: 6699347 Email: opp@cyber.org Focal Person: Syed Naeem Bukhari Executive Director Address: 837-E Johar Town City: Lahore Noor Pakistan (NOOR) Telephone: 042-5176284. 8294316. Satellite Town Organization for Community Development (OCD) City: Quetta Telephone: 081-443493.net.na & Web: www.pk Website: www.norway. Fax: 042-5800191 Email: nirali@brain.443493 Email: sehar@qta. Anwar Rashid Address: Plot No. Fax: (051) 2279726-29 E-mail: emb_islamabad@info.pk Focal Person: Mehr Muhammad Islam Address: 30 Feet Bazaar.net. Fax: 042-5176283 Email: noorpakistan@hotmail. P. Manghpir Road Orangi Charitable Trust (OCT) City: Karachi Telephone: 6665696.com.Nirali Kitaben (NK) Telephone: 042-5824536.com Website: www.pk Website: www.paknet.org Focal Person: Embassy Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) Address: Royal Norwegian Embassy.org.O Box 1336.oppoct-microcredit.pk Focal Person: M. Qasba Township. St.nirali. C Block. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2279720-4. L 4. Sector 5/A. Organization Pan Environment (OPE) . Block 4.com Focal Person: Sehar Habib CEO Address: House No 285. ST-4.noorpakistan. 7.sdnpk.

Organization Pan Environment (OPE) Climaxabad.sdnpk. Fax: (051) 2251726 E-mail: info@ppaf.uk Website: www. Chief Executive Officer Address: House # 6 A. Street 10.org Focal Person: Dominic Stephen Address: P.com Focal Person: Naghma Qazi.pk Web: www. Rustam Press Building. F -8/2. Karachi Telephone: 021-7790330. City: N/A Telephone: 0431 .pvdp. Admin and Logistics Officer Address: House # 201.org.org.net.pk Website: www. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2653341 & Fax: (051) 2653491 E-mail: oxfampak@oxfam. Park Road.org.com Website: www.panah.oxfam.ppaf.uk Focal Person: Mr. Near Children Hospital. Patel Bagh Pak Public Development Society (PPDS) . Fax: 0217790331 Email: panah@cyber.O Box 83. Pakistan Participatory Village Development Programme (PVDP) Telephone: 0231-61379 Email: pvdpthar@yahoo. Shaheenabad. 2253178. Mirpurkhas. Sindh.pk Focal Person: Aneela Ansari Shelter Manager Address: Plot No JM-80 Ida-Rieu Premises OXFAM Great Britain (OGB) Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Panah Shelter Home (Panah Trust) (PT) Near Old Exhibition Nizami Road. Kamal Hayat.org.732270 Email: ope_66@hotmail.org Focal Person: Habibullah Bangulzai Address: 2nd Floor. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2253225. E–7.

F-6/4.pk Website: www. Fax: 051-2826371 Email: mail@pcp.org. University Town.pcswhr.A/ C Park Avenue. Peshawar Telephone: 091-844216. Near Government Postgraduate College.57. 2820127.pnac.pk Focal Person: Tanvir Malik Knowledge Management & Communication Specialist Address: 28. Fax: 051-441789 . 1-8/3 Islamabad Pakistan Aids Control Federation Telephone: 051-4432094. Fax: 081-823093 Email: ppds@qta.net. Fax: 52-3563809 Human Rights (PCSW&HR) Email: pcswhr@brain.pk Website: www.net.pk Focal Person: Muhammad Ijaz Noori Address: Sakhi Ittbar Sialkot Pakistan Pakistan Council For Social Welfare & Telephone: 52-3563809. Pakistan Education Forum (PEF) Asghar Mall. Rawalpindi-Pakistan Telephone: 92-51-4417385. Street 56. Anjum Khokhar Address: NW-33.org. City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2829448.4100935 E-mail: pnacnet@pnac.com Focal Person: G.pk Focal Person: Shafique Durrani Director Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Pakistan Community Development Programme (Pak-CDP) Address: 4 .paknet.com Focal Person: Hasssan Mehmood Address: H# 441.H.pcp.net.pk Website: www. Street-2. 4840179.net. St. Fax: 091-844215 Email: dpakcdp@brain.Pak Public Development Society (PPDS) City: Quetta Telephone: 081-823093.

2. Salima R.pk Focal Person: Afzal Environmental Engineer Address: Office No 3. Sector H/9-4. 7.org Focal Person: Khalid Mehmood Deputy Manager Admin Address: PILER Centre. Pakistan Institute for Environment Development Action Research (PIEDAR) Blue Area. 64-East. Karachi Telephone: 021-6351145-7.Pakistan Education Forum (PEF) Email: pefpak@yahoo. pefpak@hotmail.net.pk Website: www.pk Pakistan Institute of Labour Education & Research (PILER) Focal Person: Zakia Rubab Khwaja Network Coordinator Address: 2nd Floor. Sector – X.mkutty@cyber. Block -9 Clifton. Masco Plaza. S.org Pakistan Federation of Business & Professional Women Org (PFBPWO) Pakistan Girl Guides Association Focal Person: Mrs.14. Fax: 0216350354 Email: b.12. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5873717/537806. Ahmad President Address: House No Dr. Tahira Ahmed.piedar. Fax: 0215378064 Email: pfbpw@cyber. National Secretary Address: National Headquarters & Training Centre.A Women's Complex Street No.net. ST .net.pk Website: www. City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2820359-69. Plot No.R. Civic Centre Pakistan Micro Finance Network (PMN) City: Islamabad .pakistanfederation.comsats.001. Fax: 0512820379 Email: piedar@isb.com Focal Person: Dr. Block .net. Islamabad Telephone: 051-4442531 E-mail: pgga@apollo. 1st Floor. Street No.com.

6343810 Email: pksocity@khi.Pakistan Micro Finance Network (PMN) Telephone: 051-2279015.pk .pk Focal Person: Dawar Adnan ShamsAddress: NHQ Sector H-8.org Focal Person: Sabir Farhat Address: P.org. Fax: 021. Federal B Area.psrd. Fax: 021.pk & Website: www.pk Focal Person: Dr Saleem Azam Pakistan Society for the Welfare of Youth & Patients (PS) Address: C-15.pk Website: www.pk Focal Person: Owais Aslam Ali Address: Press Centre Shahrah Kamal Attaturak City: Karachi Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) Telephone: 021-263-3215. Shaista Amjad. near STN tower) Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (PRWSWO) City: Bahawalpur Telephone: 062 – 2282442.prcs.net.org. 2 (31 Gulistan Colony.org Website: www.net. 2824788. aliumarhamdi@yahoo.paknet.O. E-mail: psrd@brain.org.pk Website: www.com Focal Person: Mrs. Fax: 062 2282442 Email: farhat2@mul.com. Director Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Telephone: 7578253. Islamabad – 44000 Pakistan Telephone: 051-9250404 Pakistan Red Crescent Society Email: hilal@consat.org.pmn. Fax: 051.pk.com. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-6344644.ali@pakistanpressfoundaiton. 6804708. Block 12.Box No.2824945 Email: zrkhwaja@pmn.7565580 Address: 111-Ferozepur Road. Lahore.2637754 Email: Owais.paknet.pakistanpressfoundaiton.

pids-pak. Fax: 021.compk Focal Person: Abdul Saboor National Field Coordinator Pattan Development Organization (PDO) .net. Karachi Telephone: 021-5213533.org Focal Person: Sana Ullah Rathore Address: Mian Afzal Hospital Aroop Morr Sialkot Road Pakistan Women Lawyers Association (PAWLA) Pakistan Youth Organization (PYO) City: Gujranwala Telephone: 055 – 3203626.net.pawla.pk Focal Person: Mrs. 5673286.pk Website: www.net. City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-284677.831284 Society (PIDS) Email: pids@qta.com. Pakistan Voluntary Health & Nutrition Association (PAVHNA) City: Karachi-75500 Telephone: 021-5801401-03.5673286 Email: pawla@fascom.com Website: www.5262006 Email: pvdp@brain.org Focal Person: Arjumand Rabbani Project Director Address: 710. pavhna@super. Pakistan Village Development Program (PVDP) Defense Officers Colony Khyber Road. Fax: 0215887859 Email: pavhna@cyber.Focal Person: Asad Ali Qureshi Senior Programme Manager Address: 88A. 7th Floor. Fax: 021.paknet. Kashif Centre.pavhna. 18th Commercial Street. Fax: 055 3203626 Email: pyo_grw@yahoo.com Focal Person: Baber Shah Khan Address: House No 11-A Chaman Housing Seheme. Fax: 091. Street 10-11.pk Website: www.pk.sdnpk. Rehana Rashdi Project Director Address: 9-C. Quetta Participatory Integrated Development Telephone: 021-831224.sdnpk.

100 Tipu block. Lahore Telephone: 042-5830985. Fax: 091 260545 Email: omeedaab@hotmail. Fax: 0512256064 Email: plan@planpakistan. Fax: 041-5830985 Plan Pakistan (PLAN) Punjab Lok Sujag (SUJAG) Email: loksujag@lokpunjab. Egerton Road Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) City: Lahore . street 58.org Website: www. Shinwari Town. Fax: 0425830985 Email: lokrahs@lokpunjab.lokpunjab.org Focal Person: Shafiq Butt Executive Member Address: House No Punjab lok rahs. City: Lahore Punjab Lok Rahs (RAHS) Telephone: 042-5830985.org Focal Person: Shafiq Butt Project Coordinator Address: Punjab Lok Sujag. 100 Tipu Block.org Website: www.Fax: 051.pattan.3 City: Peshawar Philanthrope Telephone: 091 – 260545. F-8/1. Islamabad Telephone: 051-2255591.org Website: www. 27.org Focal Person: Address: Yousaf Shah House No.org Website: www. LDA.org Focal Person: Ehtisham ul Hassan Programme Officer Address: 7th Floor. Gulbahar No.com Focal Person: Address: Haider W. Yaqub Programme Support Manager House No 3.Address: House # 5.planpakistan. Garden Town.lokpunjab. Street 33. F-10/3 Pattan Development Organization (PDO) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2299494.2291547 Email: info@pattan. Plaza and Kashmir.

Fax: 042-6369043 Email: prsp@brain. Khushab Punjab. Gulberg -3 Lahore . Root Work (RW) Samungli Road.org Website: www. Street. F 10/2 – Islamabad & Punjab Anti TB Association. Email: patba@patba.Pakistan. Fax: 0454-713576 Email: rehmanfoundation@hotmail.prsp.com Focal Person: Dr. Abdul Tawwan Khan Chief Executive /General Address: House No 97/8-Nisar Colony.34.. F-8/1 City: Islamabad-44000 Rozan (Rozan) . Fax: 92 81 283 2082 Email: rootwork@ultra.pk Focal Person: Maria Rashid Address: House No 4-A. Shami Road.org Focal Person: Isharat Jabeen Address: 286-C.org.5899252 Email: info@risingsun-se.pk Website: www. Fax: 042.net. Quetta.risingsun-sc. Sumbal Road.pk Focal Person: Chudhry Muhammad NawazAddress: House # 24. Pakistan.patba. Health Complex.net.Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) Telephone: 042-6369042. City: Khushab Telephone: 0454-711476.org Website: http://www. Punjab TB Association 16-k.org Focal Person: Mehnaz Atta Choudhry Advocate Address: Rehman Foundation Ali Pura. Samungli Housing Scheme. City: Quetta Telephone: 92 81 283 0723. City: Lahore Cantt Rehman Foundation Khushab Pakistan (RFKP) Rising Sun Educational & Welfare Society (RSE & WS) Telephone: 042-6686288/5734133.

Tehsil Gojra. Fax: 051. Street 10.com Focal Person: Qazi Hussain Ahmed Address:Jamia Colony Near Tehhsil Head Quarter Hospital Rural Community Support Project City:Distt. Punjab.rspn.2829115 Email: mujtabapiracha@rspn.Rozan (Rozan) Telephone: 51-2851886/7.pk Website: www. City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2822476-2821736. Samar Bagh Dir Lower Telephone: 0945-850220. Rural Education and Development Foundation (READF) Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) Rural Development Organization (RDO) District Toba Singh.org.pk Website: www. Fax: 0512253260 Email: corporate@read. Sheikhupura Telephone: 0498-882050.pk or info@read. Fax: 0498882551 Email: rcdspak@hotmail.pk Focal Person: Shandana Khan Executive Director Address: House No 7. Fax: 51.com Focal Person: Afzaal Ahmed Dupty Manager Address: 747. G-9/3. City: Islamabad 44000 Telephone: 051-2253256-7. Pakistan Telephone: 046-3520069 Mobile # 03017087569.org Focal Person: Muhammad Ahsan Address: Chak # 361/JB. Mandi Faizabad Rural Community Development Society (RCSD) City:Distt.2856730 Email: rozan@comssats. St # 49.pk Website: www. Fax: 046-3520069 . F-6/4.org.read.org.rozan.net.org Focal Person: : Irfan Khokhar Programme Manager Address:Bholey Shah Bazar.org.0945-609866 Mobile: 0300-9010307 Email: Rcs_pk@yahoo.

PECHS.com Focal Person: Arif Najmi General Manager Address: Room No 706. Saibaan Development Organization (SDO) Shahrah-e-Karakurum. AL-Babar Centre City: Islamabad SAHIL (Sahil ) Telephone: 051-2260636/2856950. Chilte Dehri Chowk. First Floor.com Website: www.2254678 Email: info@shil. City: Mansehra Telephone: 0997 – 302225. Main Shara-e-Faisal.org Website: www.org Focal Person: Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui Address: GRE-319 (2-B). Fax: 0997 305412 Email: saibaan@yahoo. City: Karachi Safi Qureshey Foundation (SQF) Telephone: 021-4382694. Garden East City: Karachi Saiban Telephone: 7219772.sqfoundation.sahil. Britto Road. Fax: 0214382695 Email: info@sqfoundation.saibaan.netfirms.Rural Development Organization (RDO) Email: lifengopak@yahoo. Park Avenue. Fax: 7219049 Email: saiban_project@yahoo. Fax: 051.org Website: www.com Website: www.org Focal Person: Humera Hussain Programme Manager Coordinator Address: 13.rdopk.org Focal Person: Sahibzada Jawad Address: near Classic Furnishers.com .

pk .pk Focal Person: Imran Niaz Admin Officer Address: P. Saifullah Foundation for Sustainable Development (SFSD) 42-Blue-Area. Umerkot. Khyber Road. Fax: 0238-570493 Email: samisangat@yahoo.net. Sami Samaj Sujag Sangat (SSSS) Fort Court Road.O Box No 293. Fax: 041. 274540.com Focal Person: Mumtaz Ali Kunbhar Address: Near Main Gate Umerkot.com Focal Person: Shibli Khan Program Manager Address: Mal Lar Jehangira Road Samajee Behbood Rabita Council (SBRC) City: Swabi Telephone: 0938-221467. Kulsum Plaza.Saiban Focal Person: Syed Muhammad Arif Programme Manager Address: 4th Floor .com Focal Person: Sarmad Khan Programme Manager Address: House No 129.560751 Email: sarsabz@brain. Peoples Colony # 1 Sarsabz Foundation (SB) City: Faislabad Telephone: 041-560751. Fax: 051 -2277843 Email: arifazad@saifgroup. City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-9211417. Fax: 091285389 Email: srsp@brain. Fax: 0938-221467 Email: sbrc_swabi@yahoo.net. Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) Defence Officers Colony. Street No 8. City: Umerkot Telephone: 238-571593 / 400059. 201 A.City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2829368.

F-10/1.pk Focal Person: Address: House # 97.com Focal Person: Khadim H. Fax: 042-5415568 Email: savera@brain.org. Main Clifton Road. Block 9.org Focal Person: Saima Tabassum Address: 427.com Website: www. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 211324.uk Focal Person: Muhammad Ramzan Address: House # 7.savethechildren.frerweb. Street # 1. Near Chowk Fawara. 3rd floor. Gulshen Block. G/2. Dahot Address: A-3.org.net.pk Website: www. Allama Iqbal Town. Mohojor Colony. Sindh-Pakistan Telephone: 0792-554082 / 552739 / 552901. Save the Children – UK (SC-UK) Sehar Development Foundation (SDF) Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS) Khairpur-66020. Fax: 0792-554082 Email: sewafoundation@yahoo. Main Double Road .sasifoundation. Fax: 0215870671 Email: sasifoundation@hotmail. Lahore Savera (Savera) Telephone: 042-5415568. Civic Centre. Karachi Telephone: 021-5373106-7.com Focal Person: Abdul Ghafoor Noonari Shah Abdul Latif Samaji Sangat Tangwani (SALSS) . District BWN Telephone: 0300 6988978 Email: sdf_ctnstars2004@yahoo.com Website: www. Teh Chistian.SASI Foundation (SASI) Focal Person: Babar Bashir Khan Manager Coordination Address: Sasi House. Fax: (051) 2113317 E-mail: office@scfuk-pak.

org Focal Person: Dr. 0300 3139148 Focal Person: Dr Faisal Sultan CEO Address: 7-A. Johar Town. Country Representative Address: House # 2. Hyderabad .pk Website: www.Tangwani (79150) Tahseel Kandh Kot District Kashmore .5832754 Email: shirkat@cyber. Fax: 021.org.Zaidi Executive Director Address: House No Coroprate Office Sector H-8/4 Shifa Foundation (SF) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-444-6801.pk Sight Savers International (SSI) Focal Person: Dr Haroon R. F –7/3.net. Fax: 051. Awan.Kandh Kot Telephone: 0722 . Block 2. 5870287. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2651276. Clifton Shirkat Gah (SG) City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5832754. Fax: (051) 2651275 E-mail: info@sightsavers.703715.comsats. Block R-3.O.415.pk Focal Person: Masood Ahmed Mahesar Programme Manager Address: C .Shah Abdul Latif Samaji Sangat Tangwani (SALSS) Address: P. Street # 10. Lahore Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH) Telephone: 042 -518 0725 Fax: 042 -5180720 Email: skmt@lhr.4446879 Email: sz22c@hotmail. Saira M. Opposite Beacon house School System. Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (SAFWCO) Qasimabad Phase I.com Focal Person: Fauzia Rauf Programme Officer Address: D .77.net.sightsavers.

City: Karachi Telephone: 021-7765867.cjb. Sector H 1.com Focal Person: Altaf Hussain Gorar Sindh Graduates Association (SGA) Address: 10/7 Rimpa Plaza. Bhittai Town. Street 4. Phase 2.5. 230.sindhyouth. Fax: 071 5631704 Email: sindhyouth_suk@yahoo. Telephone: 0235-800229 Email: swdosgr@hotmail. 616784. City: Sukkur Telephone: 071 – 5631704. Sindh-Pakistan.656401 Email: sdshyd@hotmail.pk Focal Person: Mumtaz Ali Leghari Address: Shahmir Panhwar Coloney. Sanghar-68100. MA Jinnah Road. Street # 1. Akhtar Cottage Main Road.com Focal Person: Shahzado Khaskheli Address: House # 109.Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (SAFWCO) Telephone: 0221-650996.com. Fax: 0221655160 Email: safwco@hyd.net.safwco.paknet.pk Website: www. No. Sindh Welfare Development Organization (SWDO) near Water Supply Tank. Fax: 0217724359 Email: sga1@super. Sindh Youth Welfare Organization Sukkur (SYWO) Shah Khalid Colony.com Website: www. Fax: 0221.org Focal Person: Ghaffar MalikAddress: Bunglow No A/C . (SABAWAON) Hayatabad. Peshawar . Qasimabad City: Hyderabad Sindh Development Society (SDS) Telephone: 0221-656401.net Social Action Bureau for Assistance in Focal Person: Muhammad Tariq (Chief Executive) Welfare & Organization Networking Address: H.

22270 Email: safedevelopment@yahoo.com Focal Person: Akhlaq Ahmed Saghar Address: 244.net.com Website: www. Fax: 0214534285 Email: spdc@cyber.com Focal Person: Dr. Fax: 091-2572467 Email: scewa619@yahoo. Social Aid for Education and Development (SAFE) Wariter Road. City: Sukkur Telephone: 071-612144.Gulshan-e-Iqbal Housing Colony.pk.paknet. City: Peshawar Social Cultural and Educational Welfare Association (SCEWA) Telephone: 091-2562979.com Focal Person: Umar GulAddress: SCEWA & Unique Academy Chowk Nishtarabad. Fax: 071. NWFP. Block 7 & 8.spdc-pak.sabawon. Circular Road. City: Karachi Social Development Foundation (SDF) Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC) Telephone: 021-111-113-113. Dirstirct: Pakpattan City: Pakpattan Telephone: 0300-6945871 Email: sdfp95@hotmail. & mtariquel@yahoo.com Focal Person: Syed Farrukh Raza Social Team for Education and Environmental Prosperity (STEP) . Kaiser Bengali Address: 15 Maqbool Cooperative Housing Society.com. Post Box-27. Arifwala-57450.Telephone: 091 5815793 / 5810424 Fax: 091 5824804 E-mail: Sabawon1@psh.rog Focal Person: Jam Muneer Ahmed Address: House No D-436.pk Website: www. Peshawar.

pk Focal Person: Shabaz Ahmed Sabi Address: 164-C. Liaqat Banori CEO Address: 3. 2851605. Park Road. Fax: 051.net.225053 Email: sachet@comsats. Fax: 0661-423471 Email: sycopt@hotmail. Multan Road Society for the Advancement of Community Health.com Focal Person: M.com Focal Person: Dr Rakhshinda Perveen Vice President Address: Al-Babar Centre.8 Markaz Society for Human Rights & Prisoners Aid (SHARP) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2251318-2214211.sharp-pakistan.com Focal Person: S. City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2254933. 042 – 7445424. City: Khanewal Telephone: 065 – 2411512. Rawal Arcade F.sachet. Social Team for Education and Environmental Prosperity (STEP) Kabirwala District. Marghzar Colony.org Website: www. Fax: 065 2410785 Email: stepcso@yahoo.org Focal Person: Abdul Wadood Society for Empowering Human Resources (SEHER) . Fax: 042 -5712734 Email: seep_lhr@yahoo. Environment and Population Welfare (SEEP) City: Lahore Telephone: 0300 4100377. Ismail Tahir Seyal Chief Coordinator Address: Seyal House.2250640 Email: banori@sharp-pakistan.pk Website: www.Address: 262/2. Education & Training (SACHET) Society for Education. Fax: 051. Fazal Nagar Social Youth Council of Patriots (SYCOP) City: Muzaffar Garh Telephone: 0661-423471.org. Awan Town. Al Murtaza Khanewal Road.

Jinnah Town.com Website: www. New Garden Town. Karachi Telephone: 021-4559448-4522562.net.com or Scspeb1@hotmail. Society of Collective Interests Orientation (SOCIO) Society for Community Support for Primary Education in Balochistan (SCSPEB) Sariab Road.C.440694 Email : scspeb@yahoo. Fax: 081.brain.446706 Email: Sociopak@yahoo. Lahore Telephone: 042-5868115-6.pk Website: www. Fax: 0425839816 Email: sahe@brain. seher@yahoo.paknet.com Focal Person: Ahmed Raza Programme Officer Address: 65 . Sheikhan. Sunset Boulevard. Arbab karm Khan Road.org Focal Person: Tanveer Arif CEO Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) Address: D-141 Block-2 PECHS.com/Sociopak Focal Person: Shabir Ahmed Address: 3 . Society for Development through Integrated Approach (SDIA) . Jinnah Avenue. Building 11 C.geocities. City: Quetta Telephone: 081-446706.compol. City: Quetta Telephone: 081-440732. Fax: 081.4557009 Email: scope@khi.pk.net.com Website: http://www. Ahmed Zai Colony.A.com Focal Person: Shahnaz Imam Executive Director Address: House No 101.pk/sahe Focal Person: Amanullah Khan Kakar Executive Director Address: Opposite New Bright Future Fellowship School.scspeb. Fax: 081 2825991 Email: seher@qta.Society for Empowering Human Resources (SEHER) Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE) Address: 1-B.com. Garden Block. Quetta Telephone: 081 – 2826745. Fax: 021.sdnpk.

City: Islamabad Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) Telephone: 051-2279504.org Focal Person: Amanullah Khan Kakar Executive Director Address: Opposite New Bright Future Fellowship School. Blue Area. Dera Allah Yar District.2827644 . new Baloch Colony. Phase II.510232. 5872338. 510156. Society of Collective Interests Orientation (SOCIO) Socio-Economic and Business Consultants (SEBCON) City: Islamabad Telephone: 051-2827617-2827643.sparcpk. Fax: 0838-510232 Email: Seprs_jpt@hotmail.Society for Development through Integrated Approach (SDIA) Commercial Area.net. Fax: 021. Fax: 081. City: Quetta Telephone: 081-446706. Sheikhan. DHA. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5382958. City: Jaffarabad Balochistan Telephone: 0838 . Fax: 051-2279256 Email: isb@sparcpk.com Website: www.com/Sociopak Focal Person: Kamran Sadiq Chief Executive Address: 3rd Floor.446706 Email: Sociopak@yahoo. Fax: 051.5895770 Email: sdia@super. Fourth Floor. Sofi Wasiuddin President Focal Person: Zarina Jillani Research coordinator Address: House No 14.geocities.org Website: www.com Society for Education Promotion and Rural Support (SEPRS) Society Environmental Awareness (SEA) Focal Person: Major (Retd) K.pk Focal Person: Rustum Marri Address: SEPRS Office. Arbab karm Khan Road. ATS Centre 109-W Sardar Begum Plaza.

Socio-Economic and Business Consultants (SEBCON)

Email: sebcon@isb.comsats.net.pk Focal Person: S. Ali Nawaz Jahania Address: P.O Shah Pur Jahania, Nawabshah

Socio Agri Development Forum (SADF)

Telephone: 0244 - 314275, 0300 - 9259032 Email: socioagriforum@yahoo.com

Focal Person: Qutub-u-Din Khoso General Secretary Address: House No P.O Tangwani Tah: Kandhkot

Soofi Sachal Sarmast Welfare Association (SSSWA)

City: Distt: Jacobabad Telephone: 0721-560444; Fax: 0704 -71580 Email: sofisachal@hotmail.com

Focal Person: Sikandar Ali Abbasi Address: P. O. Faridabad-76350, Distt: Dadu, Sindh

Sofi Shah Inayat Shaheed Sangat (SSISS)

Telephone: 0229-730681 Email: ssiss_ngo@hotmail.com

SOS Children’s Villages Of Pakistan

Focal Person: Mrs. Ghazals Rehman, National Director Address: SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan, National officer Ferozpur Road Lahore-54600 Telephone: 042-5854416, 5866546 & Fax 042 5852377 E-mail: national@sos.org.pk Website: www.sos.org.pk Irfan Mufti Programme Manager Address: Haseeb Memorial Trust Building, Nasirabad, Raiwind Road, Thokar Niaz Beg, City: Lahore Telephone: 042 - 5426470-3; Fax: 042 5411637 Email: info@sappk.org & Website: www.sappk.org Focal Person:

South Asia Partnership (SAP-PK)

Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO)

Focal Person: Maliha Shamim Programme Coordinator Address: House No 9, St 89, G, 6/3, Islamabad Telephone: 051-2820983/2272978; Fax: 051- 2273527 Email: spok@dsl.net.pk Website: www.spopk.org Focal Person: Fawad Usman Khan Address: 134 - Abu Bakr Block, New Garder Town, Lahore Telephone: 042 - 5868176/7; Fax: 042 5862685 Email: sudhaar@hotmail.com Website: www.QEFPAK.com Focal Person: Dr. Naeeem Ghani Address: Lehtarar Road , Farash Twon P.O .Box . 2700, Islamabad Telephone: 051-2243501-6

Sudhaar (Sudhaar)

Sultana Foundation
E-mail: infor@sultanafoundation.org Website: www.sultanafoundation.org

Focal Person: Muhammad Shafi Gul Principal Programme Coordinator Address: House No 880/881, Near Radio Station Manshera Road

Sungi Development Foundation (SDF)

City: Abbotabad Telephone: 0992-336957,333414,334750; Fax: 0992- 331726 Email: sungi@sungi.org Website: www.sungi.org Focal Person: Javed Akhtar Address: SWWS, Karnal Sher Khan Town (N-Killi)

Swabi Women Welfare Society (SWWS)

City: Swabi Telephone: 0938-310059; Fax: 0938-310059

Swabi Women Welfare Society (SWWS)
Email: swws@brain.net.pk

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Focal Person: Gulnar Zumkhawalla, Head of Administration Address: House # 21, Street 18, F –6/2, Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2279280, Fax: (051) 2824872 E-mail: islamabad@sdc.net Focal Person: Fr. Sohail Patrick

Taangh Wasaib Tanzeem (TWT)

Address: House # 43, St # 1, Gulshan-eBashir, City: Sargodha Telephone: 0483 – 215042; Fax: 0483 215042 Email: twasaib@yahoo.com Focal Person: Amjad Rashid Address: House No 84-A, Street 6, Jinnah Avenue, Jinnah Town, Queta Cant

Taraqee Foundation (TF)

Telephone: 021-829416/836548; Fax: 021832911 Email: taraqee2@qta.pknet.com.pk Website: www.taraqee.org Focal Person: Ikram Elahi Senior Manager Address: Head Office, opp Railway Accounts Academy

Taaleem Foundation (TF)
City: Quetta Telephone: 081-828109; Fax: 081- 828109 Email: tfsystem.qta@yahoo.com Focal Person: Kishwar Khan Programme Manager Address: Neeroz Building Near Ranzra Bridge, City: Swat Telephone : 0936-781355 Email: tzkt355@hotmail.com Focal Person: Fr. Sohail Patrick

Tanzeem Zalmay Kul Teerat (TZKT)

Taangh Wasaib Tanzeem (TWT)

Taangh Wasaib Tanzeem (TWT)

Address: House # 43, St # 1, Gulshan-eBashir, City: Sargodha Telephone: 0483 – 215042; Fax: 0483 215042 Email: twasaib@yahoo.com Focal Person: Nisar Ahmed Sooro Address: U/C 01, Rasoolabad Kandh Kot79160,

Tameer Development Organization (TDO)

District Kashmore at Kandh Kot, Sindh Telephone: 0722-571644; Fax: 0722-571644 Email: snwa-ngo@yahoo.com Focal Person: Kishwar Khan Programme Manager Address: Neeroz Building Near Ranzra Bridge, City: Swat

Tanzeem Zalmay Kul Teerat (TZKT)

Telephone : 0936-781355 Email: tzkt355@hotmail.com

Teachers' Resource Centre (TRC)

Focal Person: Lila Ram Focal Person: Mr Julio Andrews, Representative Address: 8 Khayaban-e-Iqbal, F – 7/3, Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2650523, Fax: (051) 2650736 E-mail: tafpk@pk.asia.found.org Web: www.asiafound.org Focal Person: Neelam Habib, Manager Donor Services Address: 7th Floor, NIC Building, Abbasi Shaheed Road, City: Karachi

The Asia Foundation (TAF)

The Citizens Foundation


Telephone: 111-TCF-TCF (111-823-823); Fax: 021- 5653173 Email: citizens@cyber.net.pk Website: www.thecitizensfoundation.org Focal Person: Rubina Quamber Communication Officer

The Asia Foundation (TAF)

pk Website: www.pk Website: www. DHA.org Focal Person: S.com Focal Person: Mian Ajmal Shah Executive Director Address: 19 A/C Gulmohar Lane University Town The Humanitarians (TH) . Ward # 02. Karachi Telephone: 021-5880635.net. District Nasirabad.thenetwork. Dera Murad Jamali.asiafound.Markaz City: Islamabad The Network for Consumer Protection Telephone: 051-2261085.pk The National Educational & Environmental Development Society (The NEEDS) Focal Person: Address: office near DPO Office.pk Website: www. M.org.lrbt.Ramzan Plaza.thecitizensfoundation.org.org.org Website: www. The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) The Citizens Foundation Telephone: 021-111-823-823 E-mail: citizens@cyber. Phase II.Address: 38 Khayaban-i-Iqbal.5883487 Email: lrbt@cyber.net. G-9. 5884587.asiafound.pk Focal Person: Neelum Habib Address: 7th Floor NICL Building Abbassi Road.com Focal Person: Zafar Mirza Address: 40-A. Fax: 051-2650736 Email: taf@pk. Fax: 021. Ayoob General Manager Address: 37 -C. Sunset Lane No 4. Balochistan – Pakistan Telephone: 92-838-711170/92-3013698088/92-300-3181980 E-mail: needs_org@yahoo. Karachi. F 7/3 City: Islamabad The Asia Foundation (TAF) Telephone: 051-2650523. Fax: 051-2262495 (TheNetwork) Email: main@thenetwork.

com.kidneycentre. 2nd Floor.net. 2850157/8. 2822238 Email: theresearcherspk@yahoo.org Focal Person: Sono Khangharani Executive Director Address: TRDP.theresearchers.West. Karachi-75530.helplinetrust. Fax: 091-5704329 Email: shahhumanitarian@hotmail. City: Rawalpindi Telephone: 0300 .289899.City: Tharparkar Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) . Blue Area. Col(R) Rashid Iqbal KhanAddress: 197/9 Rafiqui Shaheed Road.org Focal Person: Dr.com The Helpline Trust (THT) Focal Person: S. Mithi. Fax: 021.org Website: www.City: Peshawar The Humanitarians (TH) Telephone: 091-5704329.com Focal Person: Aazar Ayaz Address: Suite # 6. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5889643.pk trust@super.8549798 Email: ngoprudents@hotmail.pk Website: www.2850160. 80 . contact@theresearchers. Tulsa Road. Ittehad Lane. Fax: 021-5661040 / 5661050 The Kidney Centre Post-Graduate Training Institute (TKCI) Email: mail@kidneycentre.net. Lalazar. The Researchers (TR) Malik Complex.com Website: www. City: Islamabad Telephone: 051 . City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5661000 (10-Lines). Tahir Hasnain Chief Coordinator Address: 15 -C. Fax: 051 .5889740 Email: cpc@super. 5889645. 12.com Focal Person: Sarmad Aman The Prudents (TP) Address: 46-E/5.

Col(R) Rashid Iqbal Khan Address: 197/9 Rafiqui Shaheed Road. City: Islamabad The Researchers (TR) .Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) Telephone: 02342-61462.com The Helpline Trust (THT) The Kidney Centre Post-Graduate Training Institute (TKCI) Focal Person: Aazar Ayaz Address: Suite # 6.pk Website: www.com Focal Person: Mian Ajmal Shah Executive Director Address: 19 A/C Gulmohar Lane University Town The Reformers Pakistan (TRP) The Humanitarians (TH) City: Peshawar Telephone: 091-5704329. Fax: 091-5704329 Email: shahhumanitarian@hotmail. near Hamdard University. Karachi-75530. Main Boulevard. Iqbal town. 5889645.net. 12.pk trust@super. Blue Area. Fax: 041 8523717 Email: thereformers@hotmail. Fax: 021. 80 . Fax: 02342-61379 Email: info@thardeep.kidneycentre. 2nd Floor. East Canal Road. Lane no.org Website: www.com Website: www.thardeep.com Focal Person: S.West. 6. Salman Arshad Address: TRP House.net. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5889643. Fax: 021-5661040 / 5661050 Email: mail@kidneycentre. City: Faisalabad Telephone: 041 – 8523717. Malik Complex.helplinetrust.org Focal Person: Engr. Tahir Hasnain Chief Coordinator Address: 15 -C. Ittehad Lane. City: Karachi Telephone: 021-5661000 (10-Lines).5889740 Email: cpc@super.org Focal Person: Dr.

comsats. CHakShahzad.289899. Islamabad Trust for Rural Uplift and Community Education (TRUCE) .The Researchers (TR) Telephone: 051 . Fax: 0928-621510 Email: dwaybannu@hotmail.pk Focal Person: Muhammad Saeed Khan Address: 2A Park Road Scheme II.org Website: www.com Focal Person: Iqbal Jafar CEO Address: 28. Fax: 051 2275803 Email: tvo@isb. Fax: 02342-61379 Email: info@thardeep. Mithi. Salman Arshad Address: TRP House.net.org Website: www. Iqbal town. near Hamdard University City: Faisalabad Telephone: 041 – 8523717. Phase -B.2850160. Fax: 041 8523717 Email: thereformers@hotmail.pk Website: www. 6.com Focal Person: Habibullah Khan Admin and Finance Manager Address: House No 150.tvo. Main Boulevard. 2850157/8. Islamabad Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO) Telephone: 051 – 9211399.City: Tharparkar Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) Telephone: 02342-61462. Sector 1 The Reformers Pakistan (TRP) The Development & Welfare Agency (DWAY) City: Bannu Telephone: 0928-633311.org. East Canal Road.com. Fax: 051 .theresearchers. Embassy Road.org Focal Person: Sono Khangharani Executive Director Address: TRDP.thardeep. Lane no. 2822238 Email: theresearcherspk@yahoo.org Focal Person: Engr. contact@theresearchers.

un. 12 . Street No. Fax: 051 . Fax: (051) 2800035 E-mail: nrehman@un.2242047. F-7/2. S. Samra Apt . Islamabad United Nationa Development Program (UNDP) & Post Box No.pk United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) Focal Person: UN Organization Telephone: (051) 2800051. GMB Colony. Fax: 0221-65521 Email: trdsindh@yahoo.com Focal Person: United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Address:90MargallaRoad.comsats.pk Focal Person: Zafar Junejo Director Address: C . Qasimabad Trust for Rural Development (TRD) City: Hyderabad Telephone: 0221-65521. 1051.org.2241323 Email: trucedj@mail. UMER WELFARE TRUST Gulshan-e. Block 13-C . Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) .org.Pakistan Telephone: 9221-5416432 E-mail:bilalhasan@hotmail. 2242048.pk Website: www.pk Focal Person: Ms Mathewos Mehari.F-8/2.Islamabad Tel:+92-51-2097700&Fax:+92-51-2097799 E-mail: islamabad@unicef.org. 17 . Islamabad Tele: +92-51-8255600 & Fax: +92-512655014 Website: www.73.undp. Administrative Officer United Nations Educational.trucedj.org & Website: www. Karachi. SB -55.com Focal Person: Mr.net. Bilal Hasan Address: Apt-2.Iqbal .org.pk/unicef Focal Person: Addre4ss: UN House House No.Trust for Rural Uplift and Community Education (TRUCE) Telephone: 051 .

pk/unesco/ Focal Person: Multilateral 220 East. F-8/3.Street#08.org & www.pk/wfp Focal Person: Dr M.org Website: www. Ramna 5.wfp. Head Programme Unit Address: House # 3. Chak Shahzad.pk Website: www. National Park Road. #12. United States Agency for International Telephone: (051) 20800000 & Fax: (051) Development (USAID) 2824785 Web: www.org World Health Organization (WHO) .org.United Nations Educational. F/7-2 Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2800133-42. St-17. Fax: (051) 2800055 E-mail: sfazil@un.org. New York. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 9255075-7 & Fax: (051) 9255083 E-mail: wr@whopak. Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Address:House#17.org. Assai Ardakani.usaid. Street # 2. PHC Address: NIH Building. Director Adress: USAID American Embassy. 42nd Street NY-10017. Islamabad Telephone: (051) 111 937 937 & Fax: (051) 2851870 E-mail: Islamabad. Medical Officer.unfpa.Islamabad.un.WFP@wfp. Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) United Nations Educational. USA Address: UN House.org United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Focal Person: Mr Mark Ward.F7/3.Pakistan Tele:+92-51-111-710-745&Fax:+92-512611175 E-mail: Islamabad@unesco.gov Diplomatic Enclave. Rashida Amir.un. Islamabad World Food Programme (WFP) Focal Person: Ms.org Website: www.

com Focal Person: Akbar Lashari Address: Village Shadabad Welfare Organization Village Shadabad Welfare Organization Johi (VSA) . Fax: 0214384288 Email: urc@cyber. Karachi Telephone: 021-4559275.718312 Email: veer@brain. Street 7.net.Khan Telephone: 0966 . Islamabad Telephone: (051) 2262358 & Fax: (051) 2256973 Focal Person: Zaheer Khattak Address: P. Fax: 02232 43214 Email: vdomat93@hotmail. F –8/3.O Box 587.org Focal Person: Mohammad Faheem Iqbal Address: HNO-2 Liaqat Ali Khan Road. Urban Resource Centre (URC) Veer Development Organization (VEER) Dera Ismail Khan.718378 Fax: 0966 .net. Maulimabad.com Focal Person: Mohammad Younus Director Address: 3/48. Cantt.I. Country Representative Address: House # 15. Khalid Bin Walid Road.urckarachi.World Health Organization (WHO) World Population Foundation (WPF) Focal Person: Ms Anne Zeindl Cronin. Fax: 091-5262704 Email: zaheerurdo@yahoo.pk Focal Person: Mohammad Rafiq Villagers Development Organization (VDO) Address: C/O Ali Murad Talpur Chaki Para Shahdaphur Telephone: 02232 – 43214. Rehman Plaza. City: D.pk Website: www. Opposite GPO United Rural Development Organization (URDO) City: Peshawar Cantt Telephone: 091-5262704.

org.war.com Focal Person: Syed Ubaidullah Address: H. Street No. 4/15/38 Arehu Road. Islamabad 051-2875574. Fax: 831299 Email: wess@qta. Fax: 025 4740098 Email: villageshadabad@yahoo. Fax: 5830903 Email: war@super. Pervez Iqbal Executive Director Address: House No 28. City: Karachi Telephone: 5373008. www.org Website. DHA phase 5.O Johi District Dadu. City: Quetta Voice for Poor and Needy (VOICE) Telephone: 081-820100 Email: voice_info2003@yahoo.net.A-Chaman Housing Scheme Water Environment & Sanitation Society (WESS) Air Port Road.2821250 E:mailafaq. City: Lasbela .uk Focal Person: Amna Mehwish Address: 102. 18-C.ali@vsoint. 336.com.com Focal Person: Afaq Ali Address: House No. City: Dadu Telephone: 025 – 4740168. War Against Rape (WAR) 4th commercial lane. City: Quetta Telephone: 834065.pk Website: www. Balochistan. 32.Village Shadabad Welfare Organization Johi (VSA) P.padnat.vso. zamzama.pk Focal Person: Mohammad Azeem Roonjah Welfare Association for New Generation (WANG) Address: Lesbela AAAT Bela 90050 Balochistan. 2823332 Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) 051.org. Pearl Crest. F11/2. No.pk Focal Person: Mr.

City: Islamabad Women Social Organization (WSO) World Population Foundation (WPF) Telephone: 051-2262358.com Focal Person: Anne Zeindl-Cronin Representative Address: House No 15. Swabi Telephone: 0938-312339 & Fax: 0938312339 Email: wasfd@brain. Street 7. Saeed Avenue.pk Focal Person: Community Development Address: House No 1.com Focal Person: Poverty Alleviation Women Association Struggle for Development (WASFD) Address: WASFD.225673 Email: wpf@isb.Welfare Association for New Generation (WANG) Telephone: 0827-620309. Near Police Line.zafcointl.net.com Website: www. Box-5180. Fax: 051. World Wide Found for NaturePakistan (WWF) Lahore-54600 .comsats. Fax: 042 7228831 Email: wow@zafcointl.com Focal Person: Naghmana Shehzadi Address: Kapoorthala House Lake Road City: Lahore Welfare Organization For Women (WOW) Telephone: 042 – 7324429. City: Muzaffargarh Telephone: 0661-426736. Mashal Nagar Opposite MCB.O.wpf. Fax: 0661-423501 Email: wsomzg786@hotmail.F/8-3.net.org Focal Person: Ali Hassan Habib Address: P. Fax: 0827-620423 Email: wanglasbela@hotmail. Ferozepur Road.pk Website: www. Ali Pur Road. Street No 7.

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Zindagi Trust (ZT) Shara-e-Faisal. Karachi Telephone: 21-111-111-439.net. Dhoraji Colony.org Focal Person: Saeed A.zindgitrust.org Website: www. Fax: 021-4930534 Email: zvmg@super. Fax: 214390314 Email: info@zindagitrust. Karachi Telephone: 021-4938146. 4938025.B Mirza Director Address: Plot No 4-5.pk ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust (RCC) .

long term (development projects) . We advocate for an enable environment where every individual’s sexual rights are respected. Health Supporting populations affected by crises.Mission Thematic Area Aahung is a Non-profit Organization. Challenges Power Imbalances To help students acquire both knowledge and essential spiritual wisdom needed to balance this knowledge and enable their lives to attain the highest fulfillment Education Provide high quality effect we affordable health care in those areas of Pakistan where these can be done most effectively and to adjust population and to other defined communities. or in the short and situation of distress and/or during upheavals. either immediately after supporting vulnerable civil population in (rehabilitation projects). To intervene in times of crises (emergency Contributing to eradication of poverty by projects). Sexual Health To server the humanity Social Welfare To work with poor and marginalized people to eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequality that cause it. protected ane fullfilled as an inalienable Human Rights.

Reproductive Health. social and economic welfare of the women and children of Pakistan. to integrate them in society. Women. long term (development projects) The fundamental aim of the association is the furtherance of the moral. especially women . To intervene in times of crises (emergency Contributing to eradication of poverty by projects). International Relations. Media. Globalization. advocacy. The mission of the Association is to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy amongst the female population by promoting education and community development. mainly in rural areas. and providing assistance and welfare. Disadvantaged Group. network. colour or geography Empowering individuals. small towns and suburbs. Women Poverty Alleviation Children. Reproductive Health. through community orientation. Legal Aid. The Al-Zohra Welfare Association is a non profit organization for the benefit of the women and girls of Karachi. Health. or in the short and situation of distress and/or during upheavals. Girl Child. Youth Struggle for enabling women in order to equally participate in the process of development despite of the gender discrimination through awareness raising regarding the women and children rights and also its application Women and Children development To promote rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.Supporting populations affected by crises. communities and organizations through provision of information and skills promoting gender/rights based approach to the social sectors throughout Pakistan Community Development. Disabled/ Special People To empower rural women socially and economically. Education. The Association welcomes all women. either immediately after supporting vulnerable civil population in (rehabilitation projects). Gender. regardless of religion. Human Rights. Health. Sexuality. Emergency Relief.

To create awareness and uplift in Education and Health Care in low income Communities. identification and diagnosis of ground realities and their collective dispensations. education. capacity and productivity. National To facilitate community development and empowerment through capacity building and policy research and advocacy with community participation Urban & Rural Development To help establish new or strengthen existing community-based organizations which enable equitable participation by all members or the community in activities that promote better health. and strengthen CBOs through consultation.Women's empowerment in society through participation in governance at all levels. support. so that these groups may develop into viable and sustainable development institutions. Women The objectives of Australia’s overseas aid is “to assist developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development”. access to basic services and other such relevant processes with the aim of enhancing knowledge. Community Development Children Community Development Economy Education Gender Girl Child Health Reproductive Health Sustainable Development Urbanization Women Youth BRDS aims to facilitate. N/A . To provide uplift in low income communities through Welfare and Health Care facilities.

Lieracy. and vocational needs. N/A To contribute to poverty alleviation through provision of basic education. generation and employment opportunities in Institutional development & Strengthening . a sustainable manner.BRDS aims to facilitate. employable Primary education . education. and women in securing gainful employment. projects at the principal office and assist the Branch offices if and when required. their resources. Deprived Community . support. Vocational Training and skill training. Vocational Training and Income Generation To design and implement development activities. To increase women's awareness. it also works in education Water supply and sanitation Working towards the improvement of the quality of life of the disadvantaged rural population. identification and diagnosis of ground realities and their collective dispensations. Human development . and micro/small business small business creation & development . so that these groups may develop into viable and sustainable development institutions. To alleviate poverty by encouraging sustainable use of natural resources and improve learning conditions of disadvantaged communities. political and social life of the society. Primary Education. and strengthen CBOs through consultation. and opportunities for effective participation in the economic. To advise and assist the unemployed men Health. enterprise development leading to income Community services . especially women in Balochistan Poverty Alleviation To help the indigent in their medical.

We will do this by engaging with partners and civil society to influence public opinion and practice by bringing together wisdom based on sound analysis and field practices.To increase women's awareness. and opportunities for effective participation in the economic. Health care. their resources. Livelihood. Humanitarian relief and rehabilitation. Capacity/ Institution Building Community Development. Economic empowerment of women. Education and Community Development Education The purpose of Canada's Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) is to support sustainable development in developing countries in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure. Deprived Community Education Empowerment of underprivileged. equitable and prosperous world. marginalized groups particularly rural women and children through Literacy. . Education. : National CARE International in Pakistan will empower the poor and socally excluded by addressing power imbalances at the household. Psychosocial support. political and social life of the society. WATSAN & Infrastructure/Housing. community and institution leves.

Capacity/ Institution Building

Community Development.

Advocacy, Capacity/ Institution Building, Training


To undertake community development programmes at the grass root level in education, health and vocational training for the alleviation of poverty and phased elimination and rehabilitation of all forms of child labour.


To induce favourable environment for the protection, well being and prosperity of children in collaboration with communities.


To improve the quality of education at the pre primary public school level with the Government

Non-profit education institution

A community that is just, fair, rational, peaceful, equal and independent.

Pakistan & Afghanistan

CEDF believes in providing functional literacy for the forgotten children in the Katchi Abadies around Karachi through our system of Home and Mobile Schools


To become most trusted HID Centre in Pakistan recognized for its value-led professional services in support of civil society organization

Civil Society

Education & Literacy, Women Development and Environmental Awareness


To promote effective partnership among organizations and individuals across the globe through dialogue, exchange of views, resources & experiences sharing and efforts to build common perspective and to promote and coordinate activities to eradicate the human sufferings.

Sustainable Development

The mission of CSP is to empower the outreach workers through heir capacity building in order to vastly expand quality education, environmental responsiveness, reproductive health choices and services, promotion of volunteerism and human rights in the focus areas of Pakistan. Placing of priority on Advocacy, Awareness Campaign, Trainings, Workshops, Conventions, Forums. good governance, health, gender equality and educational professional targeting disadvantaged segments of the society including youth, women and minorities, we protect gender inequalities by strengthening CUP will strive to help disadvantaged and the skills of the female and youth to develop marginalized communities particularly them as the leaders of tomorrow. women and children in reducing their poverty levels through quality social mobilization and capacity building of community/village based organizations, with Poverty Alleviation a view to empowering them to: acquire their basic social needs in health, education, community infrastructure, early childhood care and development, natural resource

CUP will strive to help disadvantaged and marginalized communities particularly women and children in reducing their poverty levels through quality social mobilization and capacity building of community/village based organizations, with a view to empowering them to: acquire their basic social needs in health, education, community infrastructure, early childhood care and development, natural resource management at the grassroot level. To focus on child health and welfare issues, specifically preventive health, education, and recreation by providing technical, financial & infrastructure support to communities and NGOs.

Poverty Alleviation


To enable the most vulnerable and poor Disaster Management, Emergency Relief, people of Pakistan to take initiative to bring Health, Humanitarian Relief, Nutrition, positive sustainable change in their lives by Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development & reducing the contributing factors to Water Supply and Sanitation. vulnerability and poverty.

To articulate and promote the interests and rights of citizens and consumes at all socioeconomic levels with a particular emphasis on the unarticulated and disadvantaged groups and facilitate the emergence of an organized movement in Pakistan, so that citizens could have rights.

Consumer and Market

Awareness raising. Introducing the concept of participatory mutual development. Sustainable projects for health, education, employment. Capacity building of masses at grass root level. we wish every person should be treated equally at humanitarian basis. Accessibility of common people to involve in decision making

Advocacy Training Institution Building Mobilization

Advocacy, Capacity / Institution Building, Research, Training

Good Governance

To act as a model medical facility in order to alleviate the sufferings of poor and non affording patients and provide them quality medical care.

Health Humanitarian Relief Indigenous people Reproductive health

To help the deserving and talented students and financially support the widows and poor families Health Humanitarian Relief Indigenous people Reproductive health To support the marginalized group in their struggle for livelihood and culture rights.To create awareness among the general public for improvement of their health through Health Education. Human Rights To equip 5000 dedicated community activists during 5 years for Human Resource through social development programme Human Righst To establish Therapeutic communities for the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in society. to empower and heal them in body. we put a help of special children and needy people N/A . Drug Abuse To dispose off the waste water and provide the save drinking water Sanitation Programme When and where ever we go. mind and sprit and enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

healthy and educated community . we put a help of special children and needy people N/A Mission of the DRIP is to promote sustainable development process in socially and economically marginalized group with specific focus on women through multi-sect oral program Sustainable Development Institutes and communities realized their full potential for self-empowerment and sustainable development Capacity Building To bring positive changes in the field of socio-economic and politics at grass-root level in community through its development projects.to make a positive Education .When and where ever we go. Children Work for progressive . improve the status of women and children by targeting them for special attention in culturallyaccepted manner where they could harnessed for changing their existing standard of life by providing themselves better enviornment with enriched natural resources Community Development Education of Children mainaly Girls. mostly in areas where they have no access to School.

Communications/Media. mainly girls. Poverty Alleviation . mostly in areas where they have no access to School. Disadvantaged Groups. economic and political rights by providing them education. mostly in areas where they have no access to schools. advocacy and training. Education (Primary & non formal) & Girl Child. Health. Children. Education Caring the mother planet.Education of Children mainaly Girls. ECI believes in human resource development at the grass root level as an entry point in the new mellenium Sustainable development Empowerment of working class of Pakistan to protect their social. awareness.to make a positive Education The main mission of the organization is to struggle for the betterment of education by using indiginous and foreign resources Education The elimination of poverty in poorer countries National Education of children.

relief of illness. Poverty Alleviation. Sustainable Development. Education. micro-credit services. health. Make changes to achieve a culture of total participation and democracy in Pakistan Civil Society through Education and Development together inculcating basic human values and quality of life. Rural Development. & Civil society & improving the quality of life of marginalized communities through sustainable & demonstrable approaches. Promotion of Education. care of the helpless & socio economic development of women. vocational & community work training through its various projects functioning in different under-developed urban & rural communities of Lahore District. Women To maintain and project Fatimid Foundation on the world map. Health. To be the no.1 Blood bank and Health . Poverty Alleviation FPAP is committed to promoting sexual reproductive health and family planning as a basic human right.. Education Quality service without discrimination to patients from all walks of life Community Development. Reproductive Health.Caring the mother planet. Vocational Training. To provide first calss quality blood banking and haematological services safely and competitively to mustahiq patients and the community at large. providing quality sexual reproductive health services especially to women and youth in partnership with Govt. social & population welfare . NGOs. Reproductive Health Empowerment of women by providing education. Legal Aid.

establishing network among civil society organizations.1 Blood bank and haematological unit in Pakistan in the Nonprofit organization sector. To provide first calss quality blood banking and haematological services safely and competitively to mustahiq patients and the community at large. regional as Agriculture/ Food. progress and Development. living on the streets and who otherwise abandoned or highly mobile children remain at risk of exploitation. preparedness. Community cause of peace. Reduce the loss of life. health. abuse. homeless.working or To strive for the rehabilitation of homeless. Enabling maintain the requisite objectivity.To maintain and project Fatimid Foundation on the world map. influence policy decisions for the benefit of common citizens. Education. Civil Society. Improve citizens democratic participation in the public affairs through civic education. psychosocial support. and who otherwise to rehabilitate them and improve their remain at risk of exploitation. Economy. Human Rights To provide to the poorest. well as national issues which promote the Communications/ Media. apolitical and non-profit organization. Health To eliminate human rights abuse intolerance and extremisim. abandoned or highly mobile children seperated from their families . and recovery. violence or quality of life. property and to protect target communities from natural & man-made hazards. nonResource Management.a range of personal services designed living on the streets.working or abuse . In order to Democracy. overall betterment of mankind. governmental. harmony. Environment/Natural functions as an independent. recreation and skills training. Prevention Mitigation comprehensive disaster management Preparedness (PMP) Mission and Objectives strategy of mitigation. To promote human rights through educational institutions and the media. violence or seperated from their families .” The Foundation has a commitment to undertake researches on global. it Environment. through a Disaster Management. Conflict Resolution. To be the no. Energy. These services are education. To promote democracy and peace. relief. National .

mutual understood. influence policy decisions for the benefit of common citizens. capacity Building. Badin through the provisions of primary health care services. region. National Ideas on liberty and Training in Freedom. Disaster Management. establishing network among civil society organizations. educational and micro-credit programmes Community Development Establishment of harmonious. social status and religion exist Poverty alleviation To work for the empowerment of the communities through the addressing of human development problems in dist. Hygene & Safe Drinking water Improvement of health and living status of families especially women and children through primary health care. cooperative and tolerated society where no discrimination on the basis of race. economic development and the universal primary education Education . National To target the poorest of the poor and the marginalized especially women and children and provide all the basic necessities for better living Health services and HIV/AIDS& Hepatitis screening Education: formal & informal.Improve citizens democratic participation in the public affairs through civic education. gender.

Social mobilization to achieve the maximum literacy rate in rural sector. Education GSSA is a non profit and non governmental organization established in April 1985 by young and educated group of district Dadu Community development To struggle through strengthen participation. Badin through the provisions of primary health care services.To work for the empowerment of the communities through the addressing of human development problems in dist. as the development of human being and betterment of natural environment may possible. economic development and the universal primary education Education To improve the living conditions and perspectives of people in developing and transition countries. Development Human rights Infrastructure neglected groups of low income community. Agriculture/ Food. Bio-diversity. Democracy. Children Civil Society Community To raise the quality of like of deprived. Development .

race or gender Community Development Please refer annex-1 . Biodiversity including sustained socio economic change and conservation and lasting improvements in their lives. research. trainings. Hashoo Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to creating an enabling environment for marginalized communities through advocacy. especially the most vulnerable irrespective of creed. skills development. This would be achieved by Institutionalization Health To help improve the quality of life of the people of Pakistan. education and income generation opportunities for underprivileged communities through capacity building to make them independent. income generation and health care. To Socio-economic devleopment through strengthening communities through partnership promoting equality and self reliance Community Development Provision of basic health. special education and enhanced access to quality education. colour.To catalyze and enable communities for Natural Resource Management.

universal primary health care and grassroots economic development. Social Development and Capacity building. Alleviating the sufferings of vulnerable and marginalized population through assisting them in rehabilitation. To facilitate a non-political movement for positive social change and community empowerment through mass literacy. Education . Civil Society . Women and Children are aware of their basic rights and are porvideed equal opportunities to access Health and Education Health To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.Please refer annex-1 Re-enforce sustainable development process in urban and rural areas of NWFP. enhanced quality of education. Health To Develop a Society in which undividuals.

dissemination of information. enhanced quality of education. Human Resources Development To work for the ratification. Education Children Community development Disaster management Drug abuse Education Emergency relief Enabling environment Resource management Human rights Legal aid Minorities Rural development Sustainable development Vocational training Water supply and sanitation Youth Human Resource Development Improve HR Systems.To facilitate a non-political movement for positive social change and community empowerment through mass literacy. Education . Health. universal primary health care and grassroots economic development. Policies and Practices to Accelerate Development HRMDCs Vision is to evolve People Centred Development in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. Civil Society Poverty Alleviation. The organization's core aim is to contribute to the development of human resources in the province through training. implementation in Pakistan of the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) + other related norms. networking and research. Human Rights To contribute towards the development of a socially just and stable society by providing children a socially relevant education. community development.

blood.To contribute towards the development of a socially just and stable society by providing children a socially relevant education.” Formal education. Non-formal/ literacy/skills dev IESWS has resolved to bring about attitudinal chage and take practical measures to facilitate the promotion of sustainable development and socio-economic justice Education Development of skills for research on world issues in general. class. Democracy Welfare and development of humanity and serve the suffcring to minimize social problem without any basic toward color ethnicity and Sect. shelter. by creating contemporary education systems for optimum equity without discrimination on the basis of gender. Agriculture/ Food Business Community Drug Abuse Gender Health Human Rights Religion Reproductive Health Women. Development. Civil Society. Community facilities. education. Pakistan and the Muslim World To make special individuals self-reliant and useful members of the society. with a view to contribute to the process of policy-making by sharing and interacting with the people and institutions involved in it. Children. color and ethnicity. legal Communications/ Media. Education To provide food. Agriculture/ Food. and Pakistan and Muslim world in particular. To actively pursue standard setting in education as a comprehensive multidimensional learning experience. medical treatment. Education . Consumer Rights. Endeavouring to address educational bottlenecks through timely resource mobilization and influencing of public policy. human rights. religion.

Development Courses Advocacy Research Service Delivery Children • Awareness and mobilization of the marginalized community on wider national • Strengthening the performing art/ issues. capacity building tool. Children Preparing people to make safe health and life decisions Drug Abuse . Peace and War. Rape and Violence. Education To create and develop Human Resources that will change the power structure by demystifying the development process and establish partnership with communities. Girl Child. Sexuality. Women Struggle to establish a society based on justice and equiltable resources available to all with priority to youth and children. and forming new Minorities. Human Rights. multimedia as an important training and Gender. Agriculture/ Food. Political community based theater groups in Pakistan. Democracy.To make special individuals self-reliant and useful members of the society. Education. Education.

education and training. antenatal care and emergency obsteric services. better provision of family planning servies. collection and dissemination of Data. Humanitarian Relief Treatment. treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. medical camps and distribute free medicines. prevention. Community development . Education To provide relief to human being in the field of social welfare. job placement etc. research. health and education. promote and facilitate studies. family planning.Preparing people to make safe health and life decisions Drug Abuse Provide social welfare sevices expecially quality health and education at affordable price to deprived or under priveleged sectors of society through development of human resources and establishment of viable and self sustaining. welfare and Aid of pateints.

nutrition. disease control. reproductive health. sanitation. training. mother and child care. and improvement in public health sector. and reduce artificial barriers and stigmas attached to mental handicap. To save the cultural & heritage of country and Rehabilitation of earthquake effected Area. Civil Society Health Reproductive Health Sexuality Women Youth TBAS. Vocational training and Rehabilitation of mentally retarded people. birth control. Immunization Family Planning Training & Supplies upgreating of Existing Awareness of hygiene. .The mission of JMET is to spread education and health facilities in the remote areas of Pakistan Education To mobilize people for working participatory way and make efforts for uplifting them politically. health education. • Assist disable person to obtain permanent • To train in non-segregated competitive employment and educate parents/ family members and create public awareness to the work setting and provide follow up services. utmost level as a source of normalization and rehabilitation. Primary Health Care Hygine Prevention of Diseases Mother & Child Care. • Make individual as independent as possible at home in society. socially and economically. prevention of diseases.

Women and Children To work for the rehabilitation of the most ignored and vulnerable part of society Prisoners Welfare of the women in the field of education.To save the cultural & heritage of country and Rehabilitation of earthquake effected Area. strong families. Community Development Empowered women and children. especially in FATA community. To improve the quality of life of common people. Health and provide them vocational training Women Birdging the knowledge divide Education . progressive society.

To empowerand economically poor and economicaldisadvantagedstatus and decrease and political people. For this purpose the To promote education. strengthen and support network of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development . Education. Advocacy. Maal.development that is economically sound. organization established one High School at Drug eradication.Birdging the knowledge divide Education The Foundation is mainly involved in providing quality education to the children of District Quetta. Community Development Building partnership among government. development agencies and community in all social sector to respond development as multi-dimensional and holistic in Balochistan. envrionmentally responsible and socially equitable. Skill Training and Forestation etc. which is functioning right now LIME aims to spread literacy through educating children and conducting teachers' training programmes for better standard of education. the gender discrimination. EMS. belief and sociopolitcal affiliation bringing benefit to our community and country Education LEAD's mission is to create. Corporate Social Responsibility and Goverance To undertake sustainable development program (Health. sustainable Health. Education & Health . a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) was established in Quetta. Education.) and help and support the socially women raising their social. Kuchlak Health Centre is also established at Kuchlak for the female. We work towards equality irrespective of cast. Society is Empowerment projects for the deprived and endeavoring to provide Vocational Training downtrodden poor communities in the by the Co-operation of Pakistan Bait ul underprivileged area. creed. Environmental kuchlak one Middle School in Quetta city degradation. Women and Chile and one at Kharoat Abad.

Building partnership among government. Community Development Community Development Self reliance through self help. Human Development . development agencies and community in all social sector to respond development as multi-dimensional and holistic in Balochistan. Women Development Health. Women IT Program Children Health Human Rights Women Women IT Training Analyze the process of human development within the South Asia region and comparing with the rest of the world. Voctional Centre. Education & Health Promoting literacy Education Mobilizing Communities for holistic Empowerment.

Women Education To improve the reproductive health of the people of Pakistan. since last many yeas virtually live in the state of emergency. Infrastructure and NRM. NFE. democratic culture and sustainable development Lierate and awarded generation Rural Development through HID/HRD. MEDO focuses its efforts to create awareness among women of Pakistan's most marginalized area. Human Right. Reproductive Health To create opportunities and enabling environment for socio-political and economic change through promoting health. education. strengthen human and their institutions and to enable the local communities to identify their basic problems on self-help and effective participatory bases for the elaboration of their own community action plan. Community Development To established a strong civil society in the rural area of Malakand to enhance local skills. MEDO envisage the skill development and capacity building to be the chief instrument to empowerment of women. Human Development To Make every person a useful and Civilized Citizen. likelihood facilities and gender and human equality by the proper utilization of locally available resources with the informed and active participation of Women and Community development . It wants the women of the Turbat and Absor to take the lead in the struggle of survival of the people of this drough hit district who.Objectives: Awareness rising regarding the issues and policies in the region. MEDO believes in participatory approach.

to over come basic issue of poverty through the proper education and provide financial support them as they may trun a new leaf Education Natural Resource Managment Health To reduce birth rate etc. to promote satisfactory care for handicapped children. Women MSWA is working on Education. equality and social justice. education. needs of handicapped children. Children. Reproductive Health. to improve health status of mothers and children through comprehensive MCH services. HRD . Besides. Environment and Agriculture etc in the rural areas of District Badin Education To work with poor and marginalized communities to eradicate poverty. enhance peace. likelihood facilities and gender and human equality by the proper utilization of locally available resources with the informed and active participation of communities and other civil society organizations Women and Community development Mashaal Educational Society is to see every single person of the backward areas of Sindh must be educated. To emphasize the principal of ADL ( Adjustment to daily Living). to collect and disseminate information concerning treatment. To keep regular and direct communication with pertains. Health.To create opportunities and enabling environment for socio-political and economic change through promoting health. prevention. recent To develop and encourage diagnostic scientific advances. facilities available and treatment. Health. education and rehabilitation other relevant knowledge regarding special programmes for specialchildren.

social issues and religion. health education.HIV prevention. Children. drug demand and harmreduction among people who use drugs and are marginalized Drugs Abuses Eradication of poverty and improvement in quality of life of rural poor. . and Mother and Child Health throughout the country by way of establishing centers of excellence and to serve as forum for making grants to its beneficiaries. participatory approaches to sustainable social and economic development. Poverty Alleviation To provide technical and financial assistance to NGOs/CBOs operating in the field of Family Planning. Community Development. Capacity Development To produce low cost literature on adult literacy. Reproductive Health. To enhance organizations and systems that promote gender sensitive.

To produce low cost literature on adult literacy. Globalization To contribute towards lasting improvements in the economic. Children. Community Development. Civil Society. Community Development. Micro Credit . Children. and to strengthen NGOs/CBOs working in microfinance sector N/A To improve the circumstances and prospects of disadvantaged and poor population of Balochistan who are unable to realize their potentials and achieve their full rights in the society. Democracy Promote the poor community through vocational education. skill development and employment giving permanent importance for the elimination of poverty illiteracy. The trust shall work purely non-commercial basis. social issues and religion. To advance loan for general benefits. with particular emphasis on ensuring that aid benefits the poorest people. social and political conditions of the population of developing counties. health education. Sustainable Economic Development of Pakistan. especially those of women and children.

Panah seeks to provide a safe and peaceful heaven for distressed women where they can regain their mental peace and develop selfconfidence. Sustainable Community To promote the solution of eth basic needs of the masses of Balochistan and to be the part of satisfaction and happiness Community Development . Rape and Violence. Micro Credit for Pakistan : An equitable society where the rights. particularly of poor and marginalized women are realized. literate and socio-economically self reliant civil society. Women To work with target communities to create a healthy. Alleviate poverty by enabling the poor to gain access to resources & services.Promote the poor community through vocational education. skill development and employment giving permanent importance for the elimination of poverty illiteracy. Legal Aid.

Agriculture/ Food. sanitation and health hygiene education. Empowering the marginalized advocating for HIV+AIDS Prevention Advocacy for HIV/AIDS We seek to enhance the volume and effectiveness of indigenous philanthropy in Pakistan by facilitating collaboration between the various stakeholders.To promote the solution of eth basic needs of the masses of Balochistan and to be the part of satisfaction and happiness Community Development Controlling HIV in Pakistan. Women Empowerment and Democratic Values Education . Education Pakistan Council for Soical Welfare and Human Rights is Voluntary coordinating organ among the National and International Human Rights and Social Welfare Organization for the Welfare of Humanity. Communications/ Media. Human Rights. Philanthropy Community development through drinking water supply. Children Civil Society Democracy This Council practically works for the Educaiton Girl Child Health Human Rights promotion for inter-religious relations. Sustainable Peace. equality through community participation at grass roots level Promotion and Development of Education. Social Justice. Literacy Development. Community Development. Child Rights. Women Rights. Political Educaiton Women Youth Social Welfare. Children.

capable of performing their duties in the home as well as community and the country The mission of the organization is to identify. Gender. sustainability Alleviation. Poverty To enhance the quality. they need to be informed. Micro Credit. Transparency. Labour Rights and Social Justice Business. Professionals with experience in anticipatory and participatory planning seek to accomplish this mission along with social organizers skilled in community mobilization and self-motivated activists with a desire to work for others. Promote Financial and diversity of retail MFI's. Environment / Natural Resource Management To create a social order in which the real potential of the working people is fully realized and their efforts rewarded judiciously. patriotic and law abiding citizens. Enabling Environment. scale.Promotion and Development of Education. Human Rights. motivated and mobilized through intellectual and social action. PILER was to work with the working people of Pakistan to help them achieve that goal. Disadvantaged Groups. ustainable Development. Education. Emergency Relief To provide opportunities for the development of girls and young women so that they become confident. Women Empowerment and Democratic Values Education Social Welfare work Arts / Culture. The action research is undertaken in partnership with grass roots communities. test and demonstrate practices and intervention for sustainable development. Women .

dissemination of fundamental principles and humanterrain values. education and rehabilitation of physically disabled. Poverty To enhance the quality. Gender. Women Toeleviate thesuffering of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humaniaty. Enabling Environment. Transparency.Business. disaster response Health and care. the stability and national security of our country. human resources are the most valuable assets of any community and that the increasing wider spread multiple abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances threats not only the health development of the youth but also the social fabric. That. Micro Credit. sustainability Alleviation. ustainable Development. Drug Abuse . Disadvantaged Groups. Promote Financial and diversity of retail MFI's. blood transfusion services. Geographical location : humanterrian Services To improve the standards of journalism and to defend and promote freedom of expression Communication/Media To improve the standard of life of the poverty stricken rural communities through a variety of socio economic services by adopting multi-dimensional approaches Rural Development Treatment and Education Treatment. scale. Focused Areas of activities: Disaster Pre[aredness.

equality and equity. Sustainable Development. Education. Rural Development. PAWLA is delivering professional legal services and economic counseling to Pakistani women. networking with NGOs concerned institutions and the government. Water Supply and Sanitation To achieve excellence as Reproductive health training service delivery and umbrella organization. Community Development. PAWLA strives for women's right. Democratization . Water Supply and Sustainable Pattan exists to reduce the vulnerability of communities in riverine areas to periodic destructive flooding. Reproductive Health Reaching out to women addressing their legal and economic issues. Vocational Training. and to enhance their capacity to sustain their livelihoods in Community Development. PAVHNA is committed to promote quality gender sensitive health services and information through innovative approaches.To promote building of a just civil society by harnessing the creative energies of poor and under privileged. Civil Society. Educated and Prosperous Society in Balochistan. Reproductive Health. Legal Aid Healthy lifestlye for Youth. Women & Children and striving towards a Drug free Pakistan Drug Abuse A Healthey. Micro Credit. Gender. Poverty Alleviation.

Poverty Alleviation. and literary activities for this purpose. Arts / Culture. religious tolerance. Education. Children Bring change and get people aware on socio economic issues. Consumer Rights.Pattan exists to reduce the vulnerability of communities in riverine areas to periodic destructive flooding. Sustainable Development Vocational Training Livestock Management . enhancement of Gender Good Governance Health income and improvement in the quality of Infrastructure Development Micro Credit life of 100% rural population living below Poverty Alleviation. Rural Development. and equal economic opportunities for all. Communications/ Media. Rural Development poverty line in Punjab. politically and socially secure society Community development Plan strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in developing countries through a process that unites people across culture and add meaning and value to their lives. Labour Issues. Drug Abuse. Democracy. Children. Minorities. Agriculture/ Food Rahs actively pursues the vision of a society in which there is gender equality. Political Education. Democratization Bringing about a positive social change by organizing and mobilizing marginalized and underpriveleged communities leading towards economically. Girl Child. advocacy and execution of sustainable model of development that strengthens indigenous knowledge and skills. Civil Society. Indigenous People. Community Development. fulfillment of linguistic rights. Women Arts / Culture Civil Society Education Environment/Natural Resource Management Alleviation of poverty. and to enhance their capacity to sustain their livelihoods in riverine environment. It promotes the development of such a society by organizing networks of groups and communities for meaningful cultural activities uses theatre. Human Rights. expression of one cultural identity. Globalization. Disadvantaged Groups. music.

Disabled/Special people Children Community development Disadvantaged groups Education Gender To work for the development. empowerment Girl child Health Human Rights of marginalized group sof women. i . Health Education. Gender . Sustainable Development Vocational Training Livestock Management The adoption of every possible means and methods for the eradiction of TB from the province of Punjab. Tuberculosis.charitable institution ii. The organization of branches in the province where they do not exist. To co-ordinate with other TB Associations in the field of the Eradication of Tuberculosis. enhancement of Gender Good Governance Health income and improvement in the quality of Infrastructure Development Micro Credit life of 100% rural population living below Poverty Alleviation. children Infrastructure development Legal aid Media and youth Rape and violence Rural development Traffiking and migrants Women Youth Honour Killings. Provide free Undertaking research in the field of Medical facilities to the poor TB patients. Development in the Society Education To establish a state of the art educational and training institution to act ASA centre of Excellence for the education & rehabilitation of special children. Health Education of the people regarding the TB problem.Arts / Culture Civil Society Education Environment/Natural Resource Management Alleviation of poverty. Rural Development poverty line in Punjab. iii. and recognize our respective stake holders and cater to their needs.

non-governmental organizationspeoples especially living in rural area of Pakistan regarding agriculture. order to bring about a positive change in the economic and political structure. Environment. and value-based education to all children of rural Pakistan. through a systematic and streamlined system of education. formed on the principals of equality.healthy and educated community . youth and disadvantage income. Community Development Work for progressive . Education To facilitate the RSPs in their objective of improving the sustainable livelihood of the poor in Pakistan. Health.Gender To establish a democratic society. justice and tolerance. improve the status of women and children by targeting them for special attention in culturallyaccepted manner where they could harnessed for changing their existing standard of life by providing themselves better enviornment with enriched natural resources Community Development To impart quality-oriented. In partnership with the RSPs the network works towards the enhancement of their capacities to support communities in managing their own development and it disseminates key lessons and best practices form the RSP community to government and To bring quality in lives of in Pakistan. Rural Support Programme/ Social Mobilization Community Development . The network is therefore a capacity building organization. providing them opportunity for maximize their peoples in women. purposeful. To create awareness and to make collective education and by especially invoving and organized efforts.

Community Development To produce television programming with the explicit goal of improving basic literacy. Children Sexuality To make efforts for better premisis for better education. Social Reform No one has to be the victim of child sexual abuse. Instill in children a love of learning Develop entertainingtool to improve teaching through media as a creative and thoughtful practices. health and means generating opportunities for the needy community Agriculture/Food Business Economy Forestry Poverty Alleviation Vocational training Housing Micro Credit . communities. innumeracy and cognitive skills in young children. especially in disadvantaged educational programming.

culture and economic development through adopting participatory apporach. taking initiatives to develop their respective areas through advocacy. sustainable. networking and capacity building. equitable and engendered development. So that a developed society can be established. Community Development . Education & Health Support and strengthening CBOs. Poverty Alleviation Development of the society through participatory approach to form a balanced civil society.Housing Micro Credit Health and Education are the twin pillars on which we must build the well-being of individual. Advocacy & Environment Harnessing people's potential to help themselves through establishing a network of grass roots institutions for poverty reduction. thus a more healthy equitable and peaceful tomorrow. Human and Institutional Development To enable people by raising socio-political awareness among all sects of the society to utilize their efficiencies for their social.

to combine philanthropy and commerce to create self sustaining enterprises to achieve social causes. together with children we are helping to build a better world for present and future generations. we champion the right of all children to a happy. well educated. Children In a world that continues to deny children their basic rights. we put the reality of children’s lives at the heart of everything we do. Community Development Our organization mission to empower the people through poverty reducing. so we could be called enligtened. technology and experience to support understanding. Business. modernized and millenariam nation Women's Development and Education sectors Sewa's vision is a country without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity and having the secure life and its facilities.Disseminate Social Entrepreneurship knowledge. Micro credit . Programme and aware the community about their basic needs and rights. healthy and model environment. SDF mission is to actualize the dream of creating a clean. healthy and secure childhood. Social Entrepreneurship To contribute towards making this world more comfortable for children. informaiton.

Education. particularly the millions of needlessly blind. Environment/Natural Resource Management. Rape and Violence. Economy. On the other hand they are in the process of creating medical and health institutions. Reproductive Health. Democeatic and Cultural Development thourgh Grass Roots Institutions. Community Development . Enabling Environment. Civil Society. Disadvantaged Groups. the right to sight” The Foundation aspires to sponsor and to promote Sehatmand Pakistan.Our organization mission to empower the people through poverty reducing. which can provide state of the art education to health professionals and para-professionals. Health “To eliminate main causes of blindness in order to give all people in the world. Micro credit To act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of patients with cancer through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy irrespective of their ability to pay. Sustainable Development and Women Sustainable Communities achieving Socieconomic. promote and aid the care of sick people. For this on one hand they foster. Political Education. Bio-diversity. Democracy. Good Governance. Health Women's empowerment for social justice and social justice for women's empowerment. Legal Aid. Globalization. Gender. Human Rights. Programme and aware the community about their basic needs and rights. the education of health care professionals and the public and perform research into the causes and treatment of cancer.

and peaceful society in Sindh. create amongst them the sense of self-esteem. through particepartry sustinable and integrated developed activities and to promote and Advocate the Right of the valuable Section of Society. it is our commitment to raise the quantitative and qualitiative education of our country as well as mobilize the community towards clean and pollution free environment.Sustainable Communities achieving Socieconomic. Human Rights To empower the people to take their own decisions and to be the partners in policy decision. with a focus on To work for the creation of a society based providing enabling environment to the on the principles of social justice and gender marginalized and deprived groups to access equality”. . Sustainable Developement To contribute towards development of the local communities.making. Community Development To uplift the living standard of the people living the backward areas of the province of Sindh. Democeatic and Cultural Development thourgh Grass Roots Institutions. prestige and hard work in pursuit of the path of sustainable development. Social Mobilization SWDO Commits to develop a community where all are equal and enjoy Social. and utilize social sector services”. make them aware of the participatory methods. Political Economi Education The Sindh Youth Welfare Organization if professionally competent enough to conceptualize and materialize its vision and focal objectives.

SDF aims for producing better result by appropriate utiilization of Human Resources at grass root level to alleviate the problems of underprivileged segment of society. which can assist in providing equal opportunities to every one to foster the Human creative abilities. and utilize social sector services”. Education To help the helpless and enhance literacy and Vocational Skills • To eradicate Narcotics HIV/AIDs like other Diseases and Poverty Education Social Development Foundation is desirous and determined to launch socio economic changes in Pakistan.To contribute towards development of the local communities. with a focus on To work for the creation of a society based providing enabling environment to the on the principles of social justice and gender marginalized and deprived groups to access equality”. Rural Development To support the process of meeting basic Human needs consistent with the national goal of Social Development and contribute in this respect through research and policy advice. Social Sector Development To empower neglected and under priveleged communities of tehsil kabirwala with their own participation for sustainable social development Education . Sustainable Development through Community participation.

Human Rights Legal Aid and enabling environment for prosperity Poverty Alleviation . Gender To provide the better education and environment and promote better facilities for the population Environment To help and support the deserving people with the aim to serve the community. Education To promote human development of the disadvantaged communities with gender perspective.To empower neglected and under priveleged communities of tehsil kabirwala with their own participation for sustainable social development Education Uplift communities to be make them selfdependent through democratic behavior and decisions.

Education Protection of Environment at local. Community Development To Create Partnerships between benefits. Objectives: women development and mother child heath services. care and men and women in slums and rural areas. Government and Funding Organization in all Social sectors for a Sustainable Development. capacity building. national and global level to implement certain provisions of global environment Agenda for the 21st century. legal actions to achieve selfsustainability. community organization. primary health services toreproductive health services. HIV/AIDS awareness and elimination of gender in education Environment/ Sustainable Development Community Development . research. family planning.and enabling environment for prosperity Poverty Alleviation All Pakistani children not only have the rights to go to school but an equal right to get quality education. advocacy. in their true spirit and words through networking. SDIA has a focused mission to improve and provide basic health and reproductive health Adolescents development. unmet need. Education Revive collective interests to survive today.

Community Development SEPRS Looking forward to Society in which repsects to rights and duties realized Education To undertake various projects with the aim to work for the welfare and benefit of poor communities living in Katchi Abadies slum dwellings so as to improve their overall living condition and quality of life Community Development. Sustainable Development . service delivery and human and institutional development. Solid Waste management. Water supply and Sanitation rights of children. awareness raising. Education. through advocacy supported by research. Emergency Relief. using international standards as a yardstick. Children (Child Rights) Revive collective interests to survive today Community Development Just Socio-economic development in Pakistan. Environment/Natural Resource Management.

Provides children with a warm family type environment. To support community based and people's organizations. It believes in participatory development. Agriculture/Food SSSWA aims at socio-economic development of the masses at grass-root level. democratic development . Sustainable Development through Community Participation Mission is the provision of basic Health Care. Sustainable Development Working for development network of neglected rural commnunities.Just Socio-economic development in Pakistan. Education income generation opportunities for under priviledge communities through capacity building to make then independent Agriculture/ Food Arts / Culture Children Civil Society Community Development Conflict Resoultion Consumer Rights Democracy Disadvantage Groups Disaster Management Drug Abuse Economy Education Emergency Relief Enabling Environment Energy Environment / Nature Resource Management Political Education Rape and Violence Reproductive Health Rural Development Science & Technology Dedicated to providing homes for orphans and abandoned children. especially those formed by poor themselves in undertaking initiatives for socio-economic development & political change with a purpose to bring about empowerment and self-reliance in the lives of marginalized sections. through programmatic cooperation. Working towards the day when deserving children in every region can be offered shelter. Civil Society. including education & health care. Enhancing socio economic conditions. To foster regional & global thinking.

Human Development To Bring about policy and institutional changes by mobilizing deprived and marginalized community with a view to creating an environment in which communities at the local level may be able to perform their lives through equitable and sustainable use of resources. Community Development To develop 500 top quality professional in various disciplines in community development in Pakistan Education Social Reconstruction Through human Develoment. Good Governance Improve health and socio-economic status of women and actively involve them in developmental activities and in the process of social change. Poverty Alleviation .To strengthen rural and urban communitybased organizations (CBOs) to assist poor and disadvantaged sections of the communities to achieve their goals for sustainable development through a participatory approach.

Poverty Alleviation To eliminate poverty and support the pourest of the poor by employment. To create an enabled environment for non discriminsation.Improve health and socio-economic status of women and actively involve them in developmental activities and in the process of social change. equal rights and access to equal opportunities by raising teh awareness through educational means Peace and Interfaith Education . equal rights and access to equal opportunities by raising teh awareness through educational means Peace and Interfaith Education To alleviate poverty through gender sensitive people centres approaches by providing a set of social economic services by promoting linkages with stake holders Poverty Alleviation Implementing social change through quality education in under privileged areas of Pakistan. Education To Improve Unity and living standard of the community through participatory development Sustainable Development To create an enabled environment for non discriminsation.

Gender. The foundation gives priority to strengthening leadership and the capacity of local organizations as well as improving public policy.To create an enabled environment for non discriminsation. Democracy. Conflict Resolution. Human Rights. economic reforms and development. Developemnt To Improve Unity and living standard of the community through participatory development. at the primary and secondary levels. Sustainable Development Service delivery Advocacy Training Research Education The foundation supports programmes in Asia that help improve governance and law. Education Advocacy. Environment/Natural Resource Management. Good Governance. Education. women’s participation and international relations. Community Development. equal rights and access to equal opportunities by raising teh awareness through educational means Peace and Interfaith Education Agriculture/ Food Children Community NGO commits itself to promote sustainable Development Disadvantage Group Forestry development in country. Research Civil Society. Economy. through community Gener Health Human Rights Philanthropy participation it gives special important to Reproductive Health Sustainable women and disadvantaged group. . To help build the national moral on the basis of religious/ ethical norms. Girl Child. To promote mass scale quality education. Health. Capacity/ Institution Building.

intellectual enlightenment of Pakistan. Consumers Rights Strengthen peoples towards management of educational issues and aware to get easy access to the decentralization process to meet the challenges. Girl Child. Research Civil Society. To this end it will provide state of the art comprehensive free eye care in keeping with the tradition of excellence efficiency and compassion for all. Information Technology RBT is committed to creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other eye ailments. To protect and promote the interest of all Pakistani consumers by educating them about their rights. spiritual. Health. enabling provide education to less privileged children moral. Environment/Natural Resource Management.Advocacy. by providing them independent information about goods and services. Community Development . Conflict Resolution. Capacity/ Institution Building. Good Governance. Enabling targeted communities to plan and initiate sustainable development process leading to improve quality of life. Human Rights. Education. Democracy. & Creating opportunities to improve quality of life. and by informing them about government's performance as protector of their rights. Community Development. Health To bring about an enduring positive change for communities with greatest need through Establishing and operating schools to the power of quality education. Gender. especially the poor consumers. Economy.

To screen individuals totally free of cost for renal ailment through a filter clinic and advise them according to the outcome. Consumer Rights To provide specialized effective and ethical renal and renal related Heath Care services (Covering Curative. Health To improve the status of vulnerable and neglected segment of population living in sub-urban and urban slums Women To play a criticial role in developing social. Community Development To create consumer awareness. Governance with cross cutting theme of gender Enlarging the choices of people in Thar with equity and justice. Preventive. economic and political capacities of the community and increasing their effectiveness. Promotive and Rehabilitative Parmeters) Confoming to To create awareness in scoiety regarding International Standards.Enabling targeted communities to plan and initiate sustainable development process leading to improve quality of life. Rural Development . Kidney & related disorders.

Health To play a criticial role in developing social. Preventive. economic and political capacities of the community and increasing their effectiveness. Promotive and Rehabilitative Parmeters) Confoming to To create awareness in scoiety regarding International Standards. Consumer Rights To provide specialized effective and ethical renal and renal related Heath Care services (Covering Curative.Enlarging the choices of people in Thar with equity and justice. Governance with cross cutting theme of gender . Rural Development TRP has a focused mission to eliminate all kinds of violence and to provide quality social services to underserved communities in the country. Kidney & related disorders. Rural Development Enabling targeted communities to plan and initiate sustainable development process leading to improve quality of life. by using innovative and participatory approaches. To screen individuals totally free of cost for renal ailment through a filter clinic and advise them according to the outcome. Community Development To create consumer awareness.

Education. encouraging participatory socio-economic development. Environment/Natural Resource Management. understanding and skills for the attainment of a world self contained in all respect. Governance with cross cutting theme of gender Enlarging the choices of people in Thar with equity and justice. by using innovative and participatory approaches. Community Development. material and cultural where peace. intellectual. Health. moral. education. Health. Human Rights Strengthening NGOs and CBOs through financial grants and training. i. Community Development. empowering marginalized segments of the society through information dissemination. Rural Development TRP has a focused mission to eliminate all kinds of violence and to provide quality social services to underserved communities in the country. Rural Development The Development of an enabling environment in which the society perpetually engaged itself in the pursuit of knowledge. bringing rural and remote areas of the country into focus. Sustainable Development To improve social indicators through good governance. Civil Society.To play a criticial role in developing social. mutual understanding and cooperation and tolerance will be the norm and order Children.e. Good Governance. Gender. Disadvantaged Groups. harmony. advocacy and female entrepreneurship Community Development . Enabling Environment. Girl Child. economic and political capacities of the community and increasing their effectiveness. Education.

It is committed to nurture individuals and institutions for sharing their potentials and resources. sacrifice and social responsibility. Rural Development Destitute/vulnerable areas and communities developments and social advancement. education.To improve social indicators through good governance. advocacy and female entrepreneurship Community Development TRD envisions and strives for a society governed on the principles of Truth. families. Nonviolence and Self-realization and human virtues: equity. to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. communities and institutions . The UNDCP mission is to work with the nations and the people of the world to tackle the global drug problem and its Alerting theconsequencesthreats posed by world to the by: drug abuse to individuals. sharing. To advocate for children’s rights.

meet refugee and other emergency food needs and the associated logistics support. every young person is free of HIV/AIDS. Promote world food security in accordance with the recommendations of United Nations. Use of food aid to support economic and social development. man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. the United Nations Population Fund. is an international development agency that promotes the right of every woman. UNFPA supports countries in using population data for policies and programmes to reduce poverty and to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted. and every girl and woman is treated with dignity and respect. every birth is safe. .UNFPA.

Education To work for the prosperity and development of poor rural people Poverty alleviation Uplifting the educational and health facilities for increasing literacy rate and to provide basic health facilities for children • Secure the rights of most vulnerable and and women. Education . using participatory approach of sustainable development. Community Development Enable people to participate in the decision making process of the city development with a equal capacity along with planners and politicians.Enhancement of reproductive rights of underdeveloped communities. through information sharing and capacity building. Urbanization VEER will strive to create an ideal society based on full repsect for human rights in which all men and women especially those living in poverty may exercise their rights and utilize their resources for sustainable human development. marginalized groups of society specially children and women. URDO focuses on the poorest of the poor in the rural communities of Pakistan to organize and facilitate them to became the part of the national theme and exchange of experience for resolving their socioeconomic problems through selfdevelopment intervention.

particularly women and children. Education Fight for human dignity Rape and Violence Our mission is to bring lasting improvement in the quality of life of marginalized community. Community Development To aware and advocate the people for their rights for a fairer society Civil society Drug abuse Education Resource management Health Political Education Rural development Women Youth . To fight global poverty and disadvantage. Education To safeguard and ensure the potection of poor and needy people including bringing improvment to the quality of like of oppressed communities. • Efforts to alleviate poverty and to increase living standard of people. Quality Education A world without poverty in which people work together fulfill their potential To promote volunteering.• Provision of safe drinking water. especially women & children.

Nature Conservation . Poverty Alleviation Organization's mission is to empower the community individually and collectively through participatory development and to mobilize the resources at grass root level.To aware and advocate the people for their rights for a fairer society Civil society Drug abuse Education Resource management Health Political Education Rural development Women Youth Development and welfare of the women and to combat the dominance of men in social and economic divsion on the basis of gender class religion race and nationality Education Human Rights Legal Aid Rape and Violence Women Struggle for women/child rights and socioeconomic development through changing culture of dependency to culture of responsibility by organizing them. Community Development The mission of World Population Foundation is to work improvement in the quality of life of all people by: Reproductive Health WWF-Pakistan aim to conserve nature and ecological processes.

flood.• Child Labour. Nature Conservation Deprived urban/rural areas development Urban/rural development Health. • Skill Development. • Environment. • Human Rights. • Computer Center. • Women Development. • Education. Social and volunteer services Bio-diversity Children Community development Disabled people Education Energy Enivronment management Fisheries/ sea fishing Forestry Gender Girl child To alleviate sufferings and improve quality Globalization Good governance Health of life through self sustaining projects Housing Indigenous People Legal Aid Poverty Alleviation Religion Rural Development Tourism Vocational Training Women To provide basic education & health care to under priviledge children of Pakistan. • Self Employment. • Community Leaderhship.WWF-Pakistan aim to conserve nature and ecological processes. Community Development To support needy people in the field of education and Health. Education . and to provide volunteer services on different occasion like earth quake. landslide etc.

Education To help needy persons irrespective of caste. Philanthropy .To provide basic education & health care to under priviledge children of Pakistan. creed. colour and religion especially in the fields of health and education.

Industries Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited ABN AMRO Bank ACE International Private Limited Adamjee Engineering (Private) Ltd Adamjee Group of Companies Adamjee Insurance Company Limited Aero Asia International Afroze Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (Pvt) Ltd. Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Aga Khan Health Service Pakistan Aga Khan University Hospital AGP (Pvt) Ltd. Agriauto Industries Ltd Agro Processors & ATM Gases (Pvt) Ltd Ahmed Jaffer & Co. Y. Ahmed Trading (Private) Limited air blue AKD Securities AKD Trade Head Office Alcatel Pakistan Limited Al-Ghazi Tractors Algorithm Consulting Al-Karam Textile Mills Limited Allianz – EFU Health Care Co.EFU Health Insurance Ltd.S. (Pvt) Ltd Allianz .NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Organizaitons' Name 3M Pakistan (Pvt) Limited A. .

APL Pakistan (Private) Limited Aptech Computer Education APWA Headquarters Architecture & Interior Design Arena Multimedia Arfeen International (Pvt) Ltd Argus Knitware Pvt.28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited Allwin Engineering Industries Ltd Al-Naeeem Printers Alsons Auto Parts Alsons Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Amir Adnan Amreli Steels (Pvt) Ltd. Ltd. (Pvt) Ltd. AMZ Asset Management Limited APL Logistics. Arif Habib Investment Management Limited Arif Habib Investment Management Limited Asia Petroleum Ltd. Alstom Pakistan Private Ltd American Express Bank Ltd American Life Insurance Co. Asian Management Institute Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt) Ltd Askari Commercial Bank Limited Askari Commercial Bank Ltd ASMAAMMS ATCO Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd Atlas Battery Limited .

56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 Atlas Group of Companies Atlas Lease Limited Attock Cement Pakistan Ltd. Ltd Automotive Spares & Accessories (Pvt) Ltd. Aventis Limited Baahn Beli Baig Group of Industries Bailey & Co Balochistan Engineering Works Ltd. Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited BioGenics .) Ltd. Attock Refinery Limited Auspak International Automotive Battery Co. (Unit BEWL-Hub Chowki) Baltic Control Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Baluchistan Laminates Baluchistan Wheels Limited Bank Al Falah Limited Bank Al Falah Limited Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd BASF Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Bayer CropScience Pakistan (Pvt. Bayer Pakistan (Private) Limited Bayer Pharma (Pvt) Limited BAYT Berger Paints (Pakistan) Ltd Big Bang Communications (Pvt) Ltd Biochemie.

. Bristol-Myers Squibb Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd British Council Pakistan Brookes Pharma Bunyad Cadbury Pakistan Ltd. Inc.A. Central Depository Co of Pakistan Ltd Century 21 ® USA Century Insurance Company Century Paper & Board Mills Ltd Chemi Dyestuffs Industries (Pvt) Ltd.84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 Bismillah Textiles (Pvt) Limited BITS BMA Capital Management Ltd BNS Logistics BOC Pakistan Limited Bolan Castings Limited BP Pakistan Exploration & Production. BP Pakistan Exploration & Production. Ltd. Civil Junction Clariant Pakistan Limited Coca Cola Export Corporation Colgate-Palmolive (Pakistan) Limited Commercial Union Insurance Co. Callmate Telips Telecom Caltex Oil (Pakistan) Ltd. Candyland Cast Masters Co. Citibank N. Inc.

United (Pvt) Ltd.) Ltd Dyes Eximp (Pvt) Limited Dynea Pakistan Limited Eastern Garments (Pvt) Ltd Ecotec CNG (Pvt) Ltd. Cyma Enterprises Inc D.112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 Continental Biscuits Ltd. Cresent Bahuman Limited Cupola Pakistan Ltd Cyber Internet Services (Pvt) Limited Cybersoft Technologies Ltd. Dadex Eternit Ltd Dar Es Salaam Textile Mills Limited Darul Fuyuz International Dawchem Dawn Group of Newspapers Dawood Yamaha Ltd. DSI Group of Companies DuPont Pakistan Operations (Pvt. E. Depilex Descon Engineering Limited Design Practice Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank Dewan Motors Dewan Mushtaq Group DHL World Wide Express Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd. .

Electro Sales & Services-Corporate Division Eli Lilly Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Elixir Securities Pakistan EMBA Emirates Enabling Technologies English Biscuit Manufacturer (Pvt) Limited Engro Asahi Polymer & Chemical (Pvt) Ltd Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd Engro Vopak Terminal Ltd. EFU Life Assurance Ltd. ENI Pakistan Limited Envicrete Limited Epla Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. Family Educational Sevices Foundation Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited Fecto Group of Industries FEDEX Express. Gerry’s International Ferguson Associates First Women Bank Ltd . Etilize Excide Batteries (Pvt) Ltd Executives Network International Exide Pakistan Ltd. Ericsson Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Essa Engineering Industires (Pvt) Ltd.140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd EFU General Insurance Ltd.

Futehally Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd Galaxy International Galco (Pvt) Limited GALLUP / BRB Gandhara Nissan Diesel Limited Gatron (Industries) Ltd. B. Habib Arkady Ltd Habib Bank AG Zurich Habib Bank Limited Habib Jute Mills Limited Habib Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd . Sayeed (Pvt.) Ltd. GEO Television Gestetner (Pvt) Ltd. Commercial and Industrial Catering Forbes Forbes Campbell & Co Fospak (Private) Limited Fujifilm Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Grapevine Communication Consultants Greenwich University Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Gulistan Group of Companies H.168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 Fixon FM 101 Food Ex. Getz Pharma Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Ghulam Mohd Sons Gillette Pakistan Limited GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Ltd.

Hinopak Motors Limited His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Pakistan Hospital Supply HRS Global Hub Leather Hub Power Company Limited IBM Pakistan ICI Pakistan Limited Independent Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd Indus Battery Industries (Pvt. Consultants Hashoo Group of Hotels Hashwani Group of Companies Hawwa Craft Hilal Confectionery (Pvt) Ltd Hilton Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.) Ltd Indus Motor Co .196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 Habib Sugar Mills Habibullah Associates (Pvt) Ltd Hanjin Shipping Haroon Oils Limited Hashmi Associates. Ltd Indus Motor Company Ltd Information & Systems Corporation Institute of Bankers Pakistan Institute of Business Management Integrated Engineering Services Intel Pakistan Corporation Interflow Communications (Pvt) Ltd .

Johnson & Johnson Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Johnson & Phillips (Pakistan) Ltd. J & P Coats (Pvt) Ltd J Walter Thompson Asiatic J Walter Thompson Asiatic Jaffer Brothers (Private) Ltd. International Industries Ltd International Power International Textile Limited Islamabad Music Society Islamic Investment Bank Ltd. International Brands (Pvt) Limited International Brands (Pvt) Limited International Credit Information Ltd (ICIL) International Housing Finance Ltd. Jubilee Corporation Ka'as ul Musaf'fa (Pvt) Ltd KalSoft (Pvt) Limited Karachi Housing Services Karachi International Container Terminal Ltd.224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 Inter-Group Financial Services Special Assets Management Services International Trade Inc. Islamic Investment Bank Ltd. Jamat-e-Islami Jang Group of Newspapers Jardine Fleming Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi Sheraton Hotel and Towers Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd . Jaffer Brothers (Private) Ltd.

Khatay Falsay Kimco Advertising (Pvt) Ltd Kings Group Kodak Limited Kohinoor Soap & Detergents (Private) Limited KSB Pumps Company Limited KZR Lakhany Silk Mills Pvt Ltd Lakson Group of Companies Lakson Tobacco Co.of Pakistan Macro Management Systems Macter International (Pvt) Ltd. Mackenzie & Co. Lawrie Green Education LRBT Mackinnon. Maersk Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Mandviwalla Mauser Plastic Industires Ltd.252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari & Co Ltd Khanani & Kalia International (Pvt. Ltd.) Ltd. Manhattan / BBDO Worldwide Marie Stopes Society Marine Group of Companies Marketing Association of Pakistan Mars Security Guards (Pvt) Ltd Mashreq Bank Maxim Marketing MCM Advertising MCR Private Ltd .

Multitech Marketing Services Muslim Commercial Bank Nabiqasim Industries (Pvt) Ltd Naqashbandi Industries Limited National Bank of Pakistan National Conusmer Services (PVt) Ltd. National Foods Ltd National Institute of Public Administration National Refinery Ltd. National Rural Support Programme National Testing Service Naukripk.280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 Medicare Hospital Meezan Bank Limited Mehak Enterprises Mehran Sugar Mills Ltd Mendoza Group of Companies Merck Marker (Pvt) Limited Merck Sharp & Dhome of Pakistan Ltd. Ltd Mobil Askari Lubricants Ltd. Morgan Chemicals Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.com Navitus Nawa-e-waqt group of publications . Metatex Pvt Ltd Metropolitan Bank Limited Mitchell's Fruit Farms Limited Mitsui & Co.

308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 Nawai Waqt NED University Nestle Milkpak Ltd. Novartis Consumer Health. New Hampshire Ins. Ltd. New Jubilee Life Insurance Noor Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd. New Jubilee Insurance Co. Pakistan Novartis Pakistan Limited Novartis Pharma Pakistan Limited Nuricon Union (PTE) Limited NUTSHELL OMV (Pakistan) Orangi Pilot Project Orient McCann-Erickson ORIX Leasing Pakistan Ltd. Co. Pak Meezan Securities Pvt Ltd Pak Rock Oil Pak Telecom Mobile Limited Pak-Arab Refinery Limited Pakistan Administrative Staff College . Ltd. Orthopaedic & Medical Institute Otsuka Pakistan Limited Overseas Courier Services Oxford University Press Packages Limited Pak Industrial Credit & Investment Corp Pak Libya Holding Company Pvt.

336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 Pakistan Cables Limited Pakistan Federation of Business & Professional Women Pakistan Gum & Chemicals Limited Pakistan Industrial Development Corp Pakistan Institute of Management Pakistan Institute of Quality Control Pakistan Insurance Corporation Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan Marine Academy Pakistan Mobile Communications (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce Pakistan Navy School of Logistics and Management Pakistan Navy School of Logistics and Management Pakistan Petroleum Limited Pakistan Refinery Ltd Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Pakistan Services Limited Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd Pakistan Taekwondo Council Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited Pastel Communication PDHS Couriers Pepsi Cola International (Pvt) Ltd Petroleum Institute of Pakistan Pfizer Laboratories Limited Pharmacia Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd .

H Furnitures Rafhan Bestfoods Ltd.364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 PharmEvo (Private) Limited Philips Consumer Electronics (PCE) Philips Electrical Industries of Pakistan Limited PICIC Commercial Bank Premier Shipping Services (Pvt. Procter & Gamble (Pakistan) Limited Progressive Information Technology Pyramid Productions R.) Ltd. Razaque Steels (Pvt) Ltd. Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited Rehman Packages Roche Pakistan Ltd Roomi Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd S Ejazuddin & Co Sandoz Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Ltd Sayeed & Sayeed Advocates & Legal Consultants Searle Pakistan Limited Security & Management Services Security Exchange Commission Serena Lodges & Hotels SGS Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Shadman Group Shaheen Air Shahsons Pvt Ltd SHE .

Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co Ltd Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co Ltd Sind Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority Social Marketing Pakistan Soneri Bank Limited SSGC Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank State Bank of Pakistan State Life Insurance Corporation Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Sun Consulting (Pvt) Ltd Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Swiss International Airlines Syngenta Pakistan Limited SyntaxPR Tabba Heart Institute .392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited Shell Pakistan Limited Shenaz Enterprises Sheraton Hotel Shirazi Trading Company (Pvt) Limited Shirkat Gah Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates Pvt Ltd SIEMENS Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

Transglobe Shipping Agency (Pvt) Ltd Transpak (Pvt) Ltd TRG . TCS (Pvt) Limited Tehrik-e-Insaaf Tehrik-e-Insaf Tehrik-e-Niswan Television Business Production Ltd Telips International Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited Texitech Pakistan Textile Institute of Pakistan Thal Engineering Pvt Ltd Thal Jute Mills Limited The British Council The Citizen's Foundation The Daily Times The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry The HELPLINE Trust The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The Institute of Chartered Accountants The Schazoo Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd Time Lenders Trakker Pvt Ltd Trans Global Logistics Pak Pvt. Ltd.420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 Tapal Energy Limited Tapal Tea (Pvt) Limited Taseer Hadi Khails & Co.

448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 Tri-Pack Films Limited Tri-Star Industries U-fone U-fone U-fone U-fone Unilever Pakistan Limited Union Bank Limited United Bank Limited United Marine Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. Marketing & Advertising Warid Telecom Warid Telecom Warid Telecom Warid Telecom Wazir Ali Industries Ltd Workers Welfare Fund Wyeth Pakistan Limited Zafa Pharma Zahid Enterprises Zoramin Private Limited Zubaida Medical Centre . United Nations Development Program United Nations Development Program Valika.

Location Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Rawalpindi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Rawalpindi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Faisalabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Balochistan Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Lahore .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Islamabad Islamabad Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Quetta Lahore Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi KARACHI Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Lahore Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

Karachi Karachi Islamabad Karachi Lahore Quetta Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Islamabad Islamabad Karachi Karachi Islamabad Lahore Quetta Karachi Islamabad Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi Karachi .

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