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Published by: Elaiza Marie Parumog on Jul 23, 2011
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Local News -news that takes place within the country Foreign news -news that takes place

outside the country Dateline news -an out-of-town news story. It is introduced by a dateline which states the place from which the story was reported Index -a slug line indicating an important inside page story and the page where it is found Nameplate -the engraved or printed name of the newspaper as the Manila Times or PNC Torch Ears -the little boxes on either side of the nameplate Banner -the principal headline bearing the boldest and biggest type Headline

it is called an overline Masthead .It may be a word.The word headline is only used for titles of news stories Deck -a subordinate headline placed immediately below its mother headline.a sentence or even a paragraph News Story -the whole story of an event composed of the lead and the text which is the elaboration of the lead Byline -the signature of the reporter preceding a news feature Cutline -the text accompanying photos and other artwork.better known as caption.If written above the photo.group of words.-the title of any news story.also known as bank or readout Lead -the beginning of a news story.

it has the function of the editorial.It is the stand of the newspaper.etc.horoscopes. Editorial Cartoon -usually a caricature emphasizing a simple point.Usually humorous. Business Section -it allows large companies and business persons to promote their products or companies .the publisher and other pertinent data about the newspaper Editorial Proper -a commentary written by any of the editors who comments or gives the opinions of the staff or of the whole paper on various subjects.names of the staff members and position in the staff.-the editorial box containing the logo.It stands by itself and is not a complement of the editorial proper Entertainment Section -keeps the reader company especially when he is alone -includes some word games .subscription rate.trivias.

Also includes some of their artworks. Food and Leisure Section -articles and features about healthy foods and some tips on having a healthy life -sometimes includes some recipes and its procedures and needed ingredients .paintings.Science & Technology Page -includes news articles and updates about the latest inventions Religious Parts -includes daily readings. w/c originated from their place. etc.bible verses and also some articles written by nuns and other religious persons Arts and Culture Section -includes articles about the culture of different people in different places w/c gives us ideas on the way of their living.

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