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A study on job satisfaction of employees in SEAPORT LOGISTICS Pvt Ltd.

Company Profile ‡ SEAPORT LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED was established in the year 1994. ‡ At Chennai port we started business in the year 1995. . ‡ Seaport logistics has established history of handling dry bulk cargo. ‡ Seaport logistics is ISOs: 9001 certified.

‡ To assure our customers of most reliable and broadest range of services at competitive price. excellence and loyal delivery.Vision ‡ To provide multimodal logistics solution globally. .

vendors. service providers as extended family members of seapol. ‡ Treat all business associates customers. ‡ Provide total satisfaction to all business associates.Mission ‡ Offer value added services to customers. .

Seaport Line. Seaport Shipping. Seapol Port. Sea trade. .SEAPOL family ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Seaport Logistics.

costic soda flakes. ‡ Wood pulp. . ‡ Various software & electronic equipment. News print rolls. Sewing machines. and magnesium metal. fertilizers and food grains.Our Imports ‡ Coal. Aluminum fluoride.

Iron ore at various Indian ports. Sugar. Cars. Agrabathies. Large volume of feldspar of different grades. Chemical clay. Fruit pulp.Our Exports ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Rice. .

‡ Stevedoring. ‡ Customs clearing and forwarding services. wheat.Services ‡ Handle bulk cargo coal. pay loaders. . fertilizers. forklift etc. ‡ Supply of heavy equipments such as grabs. iron ore etc. ‡ Offer cargo transport facilities by road and rail.

‡ To reduce employee turn over. ‡ For growth of the organization.Need for the study ‡ For maximum utilization of human resources. .

‡ To identify the satisfaction of the employees roles and responsibilities. health and safety facilities provided by the organization. ‡ To study the satisfaction level of employees with respect to grievances .Objective ‡ To study the satisfaction level of welfare.

Limitations ‡ The attitude of the employees may change from time to time. ‡ Requires a deeper understanding of the underlying. . ‡ Personal bias.

Research Methodology ‡ Research Design ‡ Descriptive research method has been followed. . ‡ study is concerned with describing the particular characteristic of individual or a group.

‡ Statistical Tools To analyze the data.‡ Sampling Design/Techniques The sampling design we used here is random sampling method. . simple percentage analysis method and chi-square test is used.