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With Adam Khoo #1 Bestselling Author of Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

Adam Wong

ÒHow One 25-Year-Old Makes A Six-Figure Income... Working Four Hours A Day from Home!Ó

Praise For Lucky Bastard!
“Here I am on a two-hour train journey about to start reading Lucky Bastard - another bloody Internet marketing book. The 100th thousand and one! Well that's what it feels like. I start to read chapter one. Adam has me hooked. His story is awesome and cool! I want to be him! I get to chapter 6, after writing pages of notes (and this is me, someone who has been online for two years and thinks he knows everything!), I want to read more but my train journey is about to end. “Train, please break down” so I can just sit here and read the rest of this amazing book. I don't want the train journey to end. I've purchased numerous Internet marketing books and courses by world-famous Internet marketers - costing me $thousands by the way. Not one mentioned Adam's simple and easy way of finding a profitable market niche. Not one! Now I have two, new free tools to use to further boost my Internet income. Lucky Bastard is not just theory. Adam details the tools to use with examples of web sites to explore. He is not a lucky bastard, he is a clever Internet marketer and you should sit up and listen. I know Internet marketers who charge $2000 a month to tell you the same stuff that Adam has included in his book, Lucky Bastard!” Andrew Rondeau
CEO, Great Management, UK www.GreatManagement.org

“Adam Wong's Lucky Bastard is an informative, amusing and insightful read, providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to start and build a successful business. Elements like being able to see business opportunities when everyone misses them, banking on your strengths and building a solid foundation for your business are covered in comprehensive detail. As a bonus, Adam goes into the elements needed to start an internet business, which will be a good foundation for would be internet entrepreneurs.” Andrew Wee
Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Expert www.WhoisAndrewWee.com


Praise For Lucky Bastard!
“Hey Adam, I think it's high time you released this book. You have been keeping the secrets to yourself for far too long. Whoever reads this book will save themselves tons of time, money and effort. I am really surprised by the quality of your information and whoever gets their hands on Lucky Bastard is going to receive a no-frills and direct approach to building a long term successful business. Great work!” Jaz Lai
CEO, Magnetic Marketing www.OpportunityPLR.com

“It's about time! Adam not only tells his side of the story, but also shares the exact blueprint that took him from a complete Internet newbie to a six-figure success in little over a year! This is definitely going to move, touch and inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs or those who have been calling out for a role model like this Lucky Bastard!” Vince Tan
Internet Marketing Evangelist & Speaker www.VinceTan.com

"Hey Adam, Excellent work on the book! You've anatomized money making and reduced it to something that even a child could read and follow. That is not to say that the information is plain and basic - far from it! If you want to learn how to quickly build multiple income streams, you have to read Lucky Bastard!” Dylan Loh
Co-Author of 'Secrets of Millionaire Students' www.ProfitingTips.com


Secrets of Millionaire Students www. Adam Wong is a prime example of someone who invents his own luck.Praise For Lucky Bastard! “In life. there are those who wait for miracles to happen.SecretsOfMillionaireStudents. you'll discover a few gems inside this book which will take your business to another level. And then. If you're a seasoned Internet marketer. step-by-step system so that even a beginner can "copy and paste" and make money online. If you're a beginner to Internet marketing. Well done!" Ewen Chia "The World's #1 Super Affiliate" www.com iii .InternetWealth. Lucky Bastard is a must read for anyone who is serious about taking full control of their financial lives and destiny rather than depend on their parents. then this book will help you towards earning your first pay cheque online. employer or government. simple and easy-to-understand books on Internet marketing today. Adam boils down his entire Internet blueprint into a fuss-free. there are those who create their own luck.” Edmund Loh Co-Author.com "Lucky Bastard is one of the most complete.

by way of trade or otherwise. product. stored in a retrieval system. as is. guarantee or make any representations about the use or results of the use of the websites. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not. No part of this publication may be reproduced. recording or otherwise. in any form or by any means. electronic. without the prior permission of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd. Any links that lead to an opt-in page may or may not be secure. or transmitted. all websites. Copyright 2008 by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd ISBN Cover by Jason Chua Edited by Sau Yin Design & Layout by Esther Tan Project Coordinator: Chris Shia Printed in Singapore DISCLAIMER No income guarantees or promises of any type are being made. and no further information provided within this book or through correspondence with the author or publisher on any platform is intended to supersede this disclaimer. The author does not warrant. Your results will vary due to circumstances that are outside of our control. While utmost care has been taken to ensure that all information provided has been tested up to the time of writing. be lent. products and services are assumed by the reader. re-sold. mechanical. The reader thus agrees that the author and publisher are not responsible for the success or failure of readers business decisions relating to any information provided.Published by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd 10 Hoe Chiang Road #01-01 Keppel Towers Singapore 089315 All rights reserved. photocopying. The entire risk as to the results and performance of these websites. products and services mentioned are provided. Please read terms and conditions of use of those pages to safeguard your own privacy. The reader acknowledges that the content provided here is for informational purposes and that risk of business failure is based on the strategies and plans devised and executed by the readers themselves. This covers all information in this book. services or resources in this book. . hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. without warranty of any kind.

or otherwise is strictly prohibited.COPYRIGHT NOTICE Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. without the express written consent of the publisher. omissions or contradictory interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any unauthorized use. reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means. neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors. governing professional licensing. All rights reserved. 10 Hoe Chiang Road #01-01 Keppel Towers Singapore 089315 . Adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. The purchaser or reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and information. Ltd. sharing. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever. Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte. Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations is unintentional. business practices. mechanical. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials. advertising and any other aspects of doing business in the reader s respective country of residence. electronic. LEGAL NOTICE While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication.

Dedicated with love and affection to Mum. Little Brother. and most of all Shuling. Dad. Thank you for everything. .

that rock band) ..And the risk that might break you Is that one that would save A life you don’t live is still lost – Goo Goo Dolls (yeah..

And lastly to myself for actually writing a darn book . This book and its story is a prime testament of how much positive change you bring to the people around you.you all are what life's really about. friends and loved ones . To Chris Shia. Thank you! This book really happened. Esther Tan and everyone else who worked tirelessly to get this book edited. and love with the most special people in your life. To the many other enlightened mentors I've had the good fortune to meet along the way . To Adam Khoo. I wouldn't have the blessed opportunities I have today. in his own words. printed and ready to go.who ever thought I'd ever bloody write one! viii . Whew! Glad I didn't have to do any of that. Because without these extraordinar y people in my life. Thanks for all the help and guidance! To Ken Chee for always believing in my potential and giving me countless opportunities to learn and grow as a person and in business. to my dearest family. laughter.Acknowledgements It's only after writing my own book that I realised that this page is really one of the most important parts of the book. well… for a whole heck of stuff! I want to express my truest gratitude to you and the role you have played in positively shaping my life. To Stuart Tan for life coaching me way back when I was younger (and a lot more blur) and for dishing priceless advice about almost everything under the sun. Sau Yin. I've learned tons of stuff from you and you're one huge role model. you wanna look back and know you spent a lifetime of fun. designed. I could never thank you enough. 'the gold between my two ears' and for giving me the inspiration and belief that I should write this book and for being 100% confident that people would want to read it.you people are so darn smart I'm just glad to be hanging around and learning from you guys and gals. At the end of the day. First and foremost. Thank you for all the support and friendship! To Michel Fortin who saw.

video games. bodybuilding.com/facebook. He also eats anything but durian.Adam-Wong.com or alternatively you can find him on Facebook at www. football. great books. His passions include Internet marketing (for obvious reasons!). Adam Wong To read more about his antics and whatever the heck he's up to on the World Wide Web on his blog at www. For bouquets. member of Mensa. and unlikely marriage proposals you can reach him at adam@adam-wong. daydreaming. investing.About The Authors Adam Wong is a successful university dropout. ix . brickbats. tennis. and six-figure Internet marketer.Adam-Wong. and jumping through proverbial hoops from time to time. He believes that some tongue-in-cheek humour and poking fun at life in general is a great way to go through life. great music.com. finding diabolical ways to irritate his younger cousins.

which is the university's gifted program. In 2008. professionals. Design Your Destiny' and 'Nurturing the Winner & Genius in Your Child'. The Star and many more. he was ranked among the top one percent of academic achievers and became a pioneer in the Talent Development Program. Over the last 15 years. Channel News Asia. a best-selling author and a peak performance trainer. Newsradio 938. The Malaysian Sun. x . Lianhe Zaobao. So Are You!'. one of Asia's Largest Public Training Companies and Education Group. he owns and runs several businesses with a combined annual turnover of $20m. the Business Times. Adam holds an honors degree in business administration from the National University of Singapore. 'Secrets of Millionaire Investors'. he was conferred the NUS Business School Eminent Alumni Award. he has trained over 355. 'Master Your Mind. The Hindu. Channel U. and a director of the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB).About The Authors Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur. Channel 8. 'The Executive Magazine' ranked Adam among the 25 richest Singaporeans under the age of 40 in 2007. teachers. His books have consistently been placed on the National Best-Sellers list and have been translated into six other languages. He is the Executive Chairman and Chief Master Trainer of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd. His success and achievements are regularly featured in regional media like the Straits Times. As an undergraduate. 'How to Multiply Your Child's Intelligence'. 'Clueless in Starting a Business'. 'Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires'. He is also the Executive Director of Adcom Pte Ltd. A self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Adam Khoo Adam is also the best-selling author of seven other books including 'I Am Gifted. executives and business owners to tap their personal power and achieve excellence in their various fields of endeavor. the New Paper.000 students.

“Wow! That person is so smart. then you will never become one yourself. you have to respect and admire rich people. help depressed people to turn their life around. one of my most successful students. “ must be using the father's money”. get-rich-quick potion after all. let me be very straightforward and tell you that after conducting seminars for thousands of people. One thing I can say is that if you do not like rich and successful people. “Can seminars really change your life?” or. He/she was at the right place at the right time”. I have found. What changes the life of all my past students is the massive action they take to apply what I teach them. If you ever want to become wealthy and successful. asking questions like. For the last seven years. “How can I deserve the same success?” xi . Adam Wong is one such person. even go so far as to despise their success! “Filthy rich”. I have discovered that there are a handful of skeptics out there who ask the question. will be sorely disappointed because there is no miracle. When we see individuals who achieve exceptional success and wealth. No guru (including myself) can make you rich and successful. “lucky bastard”. Acquiring more knowledge and information (which is one of the things a seminar can provide) will not change your life. I have passionately conducted seminars and workshops where I coach all kinds of people to achieve the success they want. “Do seminars really work?” Well. Some people. Your subconscious mind will never allow you to be someone you despise.Foreword by Adam Khoo It is with great pride and pleasure that I write the introduction to this book that was conceived by Adam Wong. People who go for workshops expecting the trainer/coach to motivate them or to make them rich. it is not uncommon for people to pass comments like. No one can make you more successful and wealthy except yourself. they would say. coach entrepreneurs to build successful businesses as well as teach people to achieve the financial freedom they seek. Those who use the strategies that I share are the ones who create exceptional success beyond their wildest imaginations. the answer is “NO!” No seminar can change your life. I have the unique opportunity to help students score better grades in school. No one can change your life except yourself. so lucky/so talented. “What can I learn from that person?”.

he again made his own luck by setting his goals. He asked if I would mentor him towards his goals and I said. They may not succeed the first time but they learn from their mistakes and doggedly pursue their dreams until they achieve them. I always tell people that you do not have to be a “genius” or have the mind of a “rocket scientist” to be successful. but you would have to invest in my programmes just like anybody else. I have met a fair number of these people in my talks as well. working less than four hours a day at home. After the programmes. and taking action. You have to be like Forest Gump and NIKE and “Just Do It!” People who succeed are people who focus on what needs to be done and they just do it. People who never live their life to their fullest potential are those who learn things purely on an intellectual plane and give themselves all kinds of excuses why things cannot be done. taking as his models successful online business owners. It is easy to think that Adam Wong was just lucky enough to have met me (Adam Khoo) and had the good fortune of being given the opportunity to start off marketing my books and programmes. if you are one of those who have a strong desire for a better life and are willing to take massive action to make it happen.As Adam Wong will share with you in his story. everyone had the same opportunity he had. his friends now call him a lucky bastard. “Sure. The only difference was that Adam Wong knew what he wanted. I believe the chapters that follow will truly inspire you and give you the initial roadmap to create your own success and join the elite few of us whom others call “Lucky Bastards!” Adam Khoo Executive Chairman Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd Best-selling author of eight books including “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” and “Secrets of Millionaire Investors”. xii . The truth is that when Adam Wong first saw me at an entrepreneurship speech I gave to 500 students at his polytechnic. He was committed to achieving financial freedom while he was still young and was willing to make his own luck by raising his hand and taking action.” He then made his own luck again by investing his hard-earned money to attend my “Patterns of Excellence” and “Wealth Academy” seminars. fighting the traffic going home. dealing with office politics and living under constant stress. So. this young punk is making more money than many senior managers/directors. While other people are slogging away at their jobs 12 hours a day.


chapter ONE .


I work with one of the largest training companies in Asia and the best part is that I get to do this entirely from home. The first product I sold online generated US$10. I know you’re the slightest bit interested in this book or you wouldn’t have picked it up at all. How does this “lucky bastard” manage to generate a six-figure income working on a computer for just four hours a day from home? OK. Well. I now make up to five figures a month and my internet business generates six figures in revenue a year. I am an Internet marketer and if you’re like most people I meet the first time. I can choose whatever time I wish to wake up. so let’s delve straight into the question that’s foremost on your mind right now. to put it in a nutshell – I make money setting up websites selling products on the Internet. by the end of this book you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what Internet marketing is all about and how you can use it to create a stream of income for yourself. first things first. I don’t have a boss harassing me to get work done and I can watch every single football match on TV that’s shown in the wee hours of the morning without worrying if I’m going to look like hell when I step into the office the next morning. I bet you have this quizzical look on your face. that’s what I imagine people are silently thinking about me whenever I mention that I make a full-time income working just four hours a day from home. Doctors give me an enquiring look 3 . In fact. In the meantime. wondering whatever the heck is an Internet marketer.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE One Moment That Can Change Your Life “You lucky bastard!”. I don’t suffer the Monday Blues.011 in as little as seven days.

I knew I never really wanted your normal 9-5 office job. as a wee kid you play those silly games where you say you want to be an astronaut. I know it sounds cliché to say something as dramatic as that but as you’ll discover later. “Lucky bastard!” then I think I really hit on the right title for this book. I was pretty clear that being your regular office worker wasn’t going to get me anywhere far in life.. fireman. But the idea here isn’t to make you envy my lifestyle or my income level. Of course. And that’s the purpose of this book. you’d perfectly understand how and why just one infinitesimal second can steer your life in an entirely different direction altogether. I can go for a holiday anytime I want. you can still keep it if you want). I don’t need to beg the boss for leave on the days that I want and office politics are pretty much impossible for me (unless I decide to bitch about myself). Ever since I was young. policeman. The point I want to make is: this whole super-dupermake-money-from-home-no-boss-required lifestyle is entirely possible for you as well. I wanted to be a rich. So.. highly-successful 4 . it all began back in the year 2001 when one moment literally changed the course of my life. I’m in control of my time.BASTARD LUCKY whenever I say I don’t need an MC. etc. to help you create your own Internet business that can generate enough monthly income so that it eventually replaces your normal 9-5 day job (or. the results I create and ultimately where I want to steer my life towards. By the time I was in secondary school. pilot. Blame It On My Parents. if you’re screaming in your head right now. soldier (never!). So how did I stumble into Internet marketing in the first place and became successful? Well. blood-sucking lawyer. if you like your job.

was spent recuperating and resting for the week ahead! They just never had the time to enjoy themselves. ever since I was a teen I started to voraciously devour almost every wealth-building. You guessed it. service the mor tgage. I knew I wanted to become successful but I was clueless about how to achieve that goal. I read books like Rich Dad. I’m obviously highly grateful to the both of them for working so hard because without their sacrifices I wouldn’t be able to experience the opportunities that I have today. But. the amount of time and freedom that they had never appealed to me. The Smallest Decision Can Change Your Life So. The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE businessman. Unleash The Giant Within. I just couldn’t understand how anyone could spend 12 hours a day slogging in the office 51/2 days a week. 5 . Why work so hard when you don’t even have the time to smell the roses? Of course. And the one day they did have to enjoy themselves. buy my toys. Sunday. Poor Dad. personal-development book I could get my hands on. etc. Even though they’re both pretty successful in their respective fields and make more than decent incomes. if not just for the ego trip at least I could sleep in to whatever time I wanted. at the same time. You could say that this early decision was influenced by my parents and no. There has to be a way where you can make a more-than-satisfactory income. These books were my very first steps toward finding the answers I needed. they’re just your regular everyday office worker. my parents’ example convinced me think that there has to be another way to live your life. which to me was entirely preposterous. pay the bills. they aren’t business people at all. my parents told me they had no choice – they had to feed the family. Think And Grow Rich. etc. be successful and still have the time to enjoy life whenever and however you want it.

). we had to attend an extra lecture given by a successful entrepreneur who made his first million dollars at the age of 26. In one afternoon class I learned that. while sitting with my classmates in the hall waiting for AK to be introduced on stage. After a while. Honestly. after nearly three years in the polytechnic. I was mentally preparing myself for a two-hour “bore” marathon. As you can see. I remember the tutor in our tutorial class handing out printouts about Adam Khoo. “Who the heck is this Adam Khoo fella? Who does he think he is. I had become so used to lecturers giving coma-inducing sermons that I would doze off after 15 minutes of fruitless struggle (I’m sure you know. The entire hall of 500 students was laughing and participating with him as he gave his presentation about the mindsets and attitudes you needed if you wanted to achieve success in life. I wasn’t too aware that my mindset and attitude back then could well inhibit my stated goal of becoming a successful businessman. As I took a copy. I was wrong! AK was refreshingly different and he was a dynamo on stage as much as he was in the business world. I decided that I wasn’t all that impressed with Adam Khoo (ignoring the fact that he was the millionaire and not me) and I would go straight home after class.. His name was Adam Khoo. Since I wanted to have my own business. for some reason I decided to stay back and attend Adam Khoo’s talk. I had the option of taking an elective module called Managing Small Businesses. But when class ended. as part of the course. making me attend an extra lecture after class!” I read the printout which listed all the achievements this young dynamo was supposed to have accomplished while in his mid-20s.. 6 . it was right up my alley and I opted for it immediately. I was thinking to myself.BASTARD LUCKY In my final year at the polytechnic. At that point in my life.

. But she wasn’t. I should ask AK right there and then if he would become my personal mentor (I know. asking a successful multi-millionaire such an audacious question in front of 500 of my peers. When the Q&A started. The reason I was so plain scared was because I was extremely introverted and shy as a kid (I’m still shy. Really). feeling the sheer incredulity and the fear of me. proverbially speaking. time was slowly slipping away. She’d picked me and by now my classmates were 7 . I was impatiently waiting for the whole business to finish so that I could hop on the bus and get home as soon as I could. As I struggled with myself.. I found myself being impressed by the man on stage.I should ask a question myself (I swear it was James Earl Jones. “Can we have that gentleman in black over there?” At that point in time. I knew in a moment that if I took this chance.. pee in my pants. it was going to change my life. she pointed in my direction and said. As I wrestled with my own nerves and the fear that this opening before me was only there for a while. Finally.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE As he went on. wanting to back out and I was hoping that she was actually pointing to someone behind me.). a total nobody. I realised that I had to seize this opportunity there and then or regret it the rest of my days (which at 19 is a really long time!). I made up my mind and my hand shot up. The thought of speaking in front of 500 people was enough to make my knees shake and. I was still scared. Out of all the hands that went up in that room.. WTF!?). he made more sense in two hours than all the polytechnic lectures I attended in three years combined (haha! which is kinda sad). the emcee said that there was only enough time for one last question and in a second. And then suddenly. An authoritative voice boomed inside my head . it just hit me.

I can still remember the whole back-and-forth. but finally the man uttered. who was standing there waiting. the whole thing ended and people started to make 8 . with his goofy smile. like the ones before me.) Anyway. “Hi.. word-for-word thing even though this incident happened almost seven years ago. But here was this adolescent punk who actually had the nerve to ask a successful multi-millionaire to be his mentor in front of 500 people.. My name’s. (Oh. smiled and walked back to my seat and the whole blooming lecture hall cheered! I guess they were expecting someone to come up and ask another of those drab. So I stood up and made the seemingly long and lonely walk to the microphone. “Uhhhh. OK!” I said my thanks.. of course)... I reached the microphone. if they only knew I was wetting my pants. “what does entrepreneurship mean to the future of Singapore’s economy” questions. stood there in front of 500 people and hoped that no one would notice that my knees were knocking together. I cleared my throat and introduced myself to AK.... Adam.” There was this slight pause as he contemplated the idea of ruthlessly rejecting me in front 500 eye witnesses..BASTARD LUCKY urging me to stand up and go ask whatever I had in mind (they had no idea.” “Hi!” “I want to become a millionaire at age 25 (since Adam Khoo did it at 26 and I was just being a prick) and I was wondering if you’d become my mentor. Adam.

chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE their way out of the lecture hall. AK passed me his business card and said that I could call him anytime. he told me I could meet him at his office and he graciously set up an appointment. Firstly. I had no idea what I was going to do with this bit of good for tune that had just landed on my lap. At the end of our chat. But I knew I had to meet up with my mentor. And you know what? I still have his business card kept safely in my drawer to this day. I was still in school. That tiny piece of paper became the most important thing in my life. Meeting Up With A Mentor So. I finally managed to shake his hand. I asked if he was free to meet up and true to his word. because I wanted to touch base and build a relationship with him and secondly. What next? Truth be told. I slipped it into my school bag and thanked him for his time and generosity. I didn’t run any part-time business and I still received pocket money from my parents. One afternoon I called AK and promptly told him I was the Adam who pulled that “mentor stunt” on him a few days back. After waiting for the guy to finish fielding several questions from those who had stayed behind. I needed to know if he was really going to be my mentor or he was just bullshitting me in front of 500 people. I left for home feeling that my life had changed that day and later. He said he remembered. I had a millionaire’s verbal promise that he would be my mentor. I walked towards AK accompanied (very thoughtfully) by my classmates. of course. 9 . you’ll see it really did. I was almost tearing up when I went up to him for the realisation finally hit me that this real-life millionaire was actually going to be my mentor.

In fact. “Oh God. I was warmly received. To say that I had a more than fruitful and eye-opening session with AK would be an understatement. Quickly I took a seat and we started our very first mentoring session. I also grabbed all that notes he scribbled on those sheets of paper – they were like gold to me.BASTARD LUCKY When the day arrived. The receptionist seemed a little surprised to see a kid in t-shirt and jeans requesting an audience with the CEO but after a short wait I was ushered into his room. who was my mentor now. old office. I turned up with a prepared a list of 20 questions to bug him with (and besides. I thoroughly enjoyed myself (even though I was as stiff and as nervous as a geek on an unlikely date with a bootylicious supermodel). As I walked in. I remember one of the first few things I mentioned to him was that I used to have another mentor of some sort. Whereupon AK. He took several sheets of paper and started sketching all that he knew about achieving your goals in life. an old man whom I saw once in a while in some dingy. immediately remarked. I met up with AK many more times like this throughout the next year or so and each time he always found a slot in his schedule to pencil me in even though he was as busy as hell. But he died of a sudden heart attack. He shared more insights into his life and business than I had ever expected to receive. he went beyond that. I wanted to show off that I had actually done some “work”). 10 . After an hour. I hope that doesn’t happen to me!” That cracked me up and I instantly discovered that you can always count on AK’s humour to liven things up. I then spent the next entire hour chatting with the master as he patiently answered every one of my questions. I decided that I’d taken enough of his time and thanked him profusely.

It was during this period that I was called up for National Service and thankfully. Even a gangly teenager like me was welcomed. (And. Further. if these guys got that much out of it. there were lots of girls to meet at these seminars too!) 11 .chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE This is one of the things I respect about the guy – as successful as he is. I still remember my encik in the army asking me why I had so many bloody seminars all the time whenever I asked him for time off. he’s also influenced me to remain modest no matter how successful I am. and to help people whenever I can as long as they’re humble and genuinely willing and eager to learn more. And he never expected anything back in retur n – I had absolutely nothing to offer him. I had nothing better to do anyway and I was really interested in honing my NLP skills. He was doing it out of sheer goodwill and in doing so. So. The reasons I went back to coach so many times were simple – army was as boring as hell. I wanted to continue to build a stronger relationship with AK. I won’t go into the details of what NLP is all about in this book but I will say I attended all the NLP modules AK was offering. I took this opportunity to sign up for AK’s neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) seminars he had just launched and which he now calls the Patterns Of Excellence. oh yes. I also volunteered myself as a NLP coach for his seminars six times over the course of a full year. I got posted to a unit where I was able to book out everyday. I was seriously interested in neuro-linguistic programming because I knew that that was what tur ned Anthony’s Robbins life around and AK himself was transformed from a juvenile delinquent into a millionaire at 26. I figured I wanted a piece of the action as well. he never seems to think that he is above helping someone brave enough to approach him.

You know how it is in MLM. she had to generate over two-hundred grand in revenue in three months (which is no mean feat!). Nonetheless. director. I was so dead sure that she wouldn’t make the grade that I would have bet my mortgage on it (except I had no mortgage to bet on). as a reluctant boyfriend. etc. I got an update that she was short of 12 . I discovered that one of my girlfriend’s MLM friends. where you have all these ranks like associate. exams round the corner and make two-hundred grand in three freaking months. (What did I tell you? All that NLP coaching paid off!). I had no choice but was pulled along to the meetings and group activities that all multi-level marketers seem to love attending. After a while. There was no way that she. was “challenging” for some position in the MLM company. With seven days left to that three-month deadline. I was scarcely interested in getting involved with multi-level marketing. Actually. rotting away inside camp. I managed to achieve something remarkable in the romance department. When I first heard about it I scoffed and told my girlfriend that it was impossible. It had nothing to do with the industry itself. could juggle school. super-super-supertriple-diamond-title-overkill director. a full-time university student. I faked an interest in that multi-level marketing mumbo jumbo so that I could get to know her better. a then 19-year old university undergrad. manager. Well. my girlfriend’s MLM friend was aiming for a certain rank and to accomplish it. I. got attached to a lovely girl. And it was because of her that I was introduced to multi-level marketing. I just wasn’t interested. instead. While most of the guys were losing their hair and their girlfriends. It was through these meetings that I got to know her MLM friends a little better.BASTARD LUCKY Age Is No Barrier To Success When I was in NS. Even though I was keeping my eye out for business opportunities while in NS.

Again I scoffed that the goal was impossible to reach. And you know what? She bloody did it.000 in those last seven days and ultimately accomplished the challenge target of generating over two-hundred freaking grand in just three freaking months. Now I no longer had any excuse for thinking that I was too young to achieve success and that if I wanted it as badly as I said I did.). proved me wrong. Here was I nay-saying and bitching the whole time that the goal was nigh on impossible to achieve and this 19-year old girl just made me eat my words.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE a little over $30. I had to start working for it immediately. I was stunned. but they all seem so removed and far away from me as if they were superheroes from another galaxy. She made that $30. 13 . I believed that I was still too young to achieve success (I was 20 back then) and that only after I had reached a certain age would success be possible for me. a peer. With aplomb! You see. This time I was doubly sure because I felt that it was even harder to finish generating thirty-thousand grand in just seven days.000 to hit the target. Adam Khoo. I never had an up-close and personal experience of seeing someone around my age. Richard Branson. who achieved two-hundred grand in three months and thankfully. Donald Trump. the most important lesson I learned from this was that the biggest obstacle to your own success is your own limiting beliefs about what is or isn’t possible. And this is despite the fact that so many people had achieved success at a very young age (to name a few: Bill Gates. accomplish some significant sort of success before my very own eyes. etc. still studying full-time. In the end. Until this rather exceptional 19-year old came along.

Now. I’m not that patient at massaging people’s egos and two years of compulsory practice in the army was enough anyway.) and they trusted me well enough to know that I knew what I was doing with my life. even though I grasped the concept and strategies of options trading perfectly (in the seminar anyway). such as real estate/insurance agents. In fact. air stewards.BASTARD LUCKY I still tease my friend about the merciless way she made me eat my words so emphatically. I had a short-lived business venture with a friend that didn’t work out. Success DoesnÕt Always Come Immediately So. I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to the university to further my studies.. I wasn’t interested in a career there. My parents. But I’m pretty glad that she did. is just a really bad idea for me. I know now that any career which requires those softy-softy people skills.. I had no idea what I wanted to do! At first. circus clowns. knowing that I needed to start striving for my success early meant that when I finished my NS. Then I tried my hand at being a real estate agent and found that I was just too direct a person to service clients the right way (just buy the damn flat!). I took an options trading course and to try my hand at being a maverick options trader. restaurant managers. fortunately.. didn’t mind (not that they could do anything about it actually. retail supervisors. etc. no matter what I did I lost money! I decided to stay 14 . I didn’t see the point of spending three years in school working for a bachelor’s degree when a “regular” job wasn’t what my heart was after at all. Then I thought about becoming a personal fitness trainer (heh! Just for women!) But I realised that as much as I loved hitting the gym. scalping the markets in my pyjamas at night. Next. But in reality.

My first student was this kid from China who needed help with his primary school English. the unpleasant truth was that I had zero results and zero income.) I looked through the newspapers and online classifieds and sent my resumes to some of the positions that I thought were interesting enough. But I forgot that being a great English tuition teacher also means that I have to be proficient in Chinese as well to translate and explain new words and meanings. Eventually. I made no money. the seminar sold me their crap system of a program and I started to build my first e-commerce website. But whenever I was interviewed and I was asked what my goals and ambition were. after one desperate year of running around like a headless chicken chasing one opportunity after another. I spent two months knocking the thing up and ultimately.. I already loved the idea of using the Internet to make money from home and with that hook. I came across another seminar which introduced e-commerce to me (a prelude to my Internet marketing career... Anyway. really dumb thing to say in a job interview). it was obvious our tuition session was looking like a mini United Nations conference gone wrong. In the end. I still don’t know how to make a successful options trade. I thought it’d be a cinch teaching him since my English is more than half-decent. Then I tried my hand at being a tuition teacher. I’d always reply bluntly that I wanted to have my own business and be my own boss (I know. Needless to say. I suppose). To this day. I flunked and mercifully lasted only two lessons. So. I never got any job offers. despite all the personal-development books and seminars I’d attended and the enviable luck of having a million-dollar 15 . Back then.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE away from something that obviously I wasn’t too competent at doing. I succumbed to my pitiful lack of income and decided to get a JOB! (I’m so ashamed to admit.. you guessed it. especially if your student only knows Chinese! After 20 minutes.

At that time I wasn’t keen on the seminar but seeing how incredibly enthusiastic she was. shameless. I could simply choose to be positive. my girlfriend started to listen to a Tony Robbins audio programme called 30 Days To Personal Power. So I capitulated and (holy moly!) signed up for a bachelor’s degree course in accountancy and finance. But I was wrong! (Hah! Again. I was pretty sure my Mum would give me some. this 16 . doing the whole “success routine” thing.) My girlfriend diligently applied herself to that Robbins programme and started setting her goals. disillusioned and dismally waiting for school to start. And. she wanted me. She became this delightful. positive bundle of energy literally bouncing around the room all the freaking time (like that cute Energizer bunny). as you’d know soon. drawing up her action plans. I decided to sign up with her nonetheless. she became really interested in becoming an entrepreneur and star ting her own business.. I know. at that time I was being your typical pain-in-theass because I was extremely frustrated about my lack of success (and pocket money) despite all my honest efforts and all the success seminars I’d attended. In fact. she was so extremely positive that it became contagious! Because of her. I started to see that instead of mulling over my past failures like a sore prick. to come along as well. I wondered if a 30-day audio programme was going to be of any use to her (or anyone!) at all. the boyfriend. A friend recommended attending an entrepreneurship seminar and. I cracked and decided that enough was enough and that I should be “realistic” and go back to school to earn my business degree (the real reason was that I’d run out of pocket money and if I went back to school. look forward and continue to strive towards my dream of success.BASTARD LUCKY mentor on my list of contacts. Pretty soon. While I was all bummed out.. success was still many light years away.). Now. as girlfriends are oft to do.

As I was snooping around. They would demonstrate this in front of a live audience. videos. using the skills we learned in the seminar. we were put into a competition where we had to go out into the real world and to compete to make the most money over seven weeks. Because of that.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE seminar was the one that would eventually lead me into the world of Internet marketing. audio MP3s. too. And in that seminar I learned that the fastest and easiest way to start making money on the Internet is to create and sell a “digital information product”.. my curiosity was piqued. My First Taste Of Internet Marketing This seminar was different. I went down to the free preview seminar and lo and behold. create info-products based on his or her expert 17 . two-day seminar so that I. Needless to say. Stuff like ebooks. these two Internet marketers actually made over seven thousand freaking US dollars in just 45 minutes in front of a packed hall! I was blown away! Who doesn’t want to make seven grand in less time than it takes to have a good lunch? I did and I wanted that kind of superpower! Promptly. Instead of squashing all of us into a room to listen to some dreary sermon about entrepreneurship. etc. I chanced upon an advertisement in the newspapers about two guys who claimed they could make an “obscene” amount of money using the Internet. I signed up for the full. Here’s the really great thing I discovered from these Internet marketers – you don’t have to create the products yourself! All you have to do is to find someone who is an expert in his or her field. could become a successful Internet marketer. I started looking out for opportunities to make money. where customers could simply download their purchases from the Internet.

BASTARD LUCKY knowledge and then market the products for a profit on the Internet. books and home-study courses which could be easily digitized for sale on the Internet. I readily agreed and AK handed me another Internet marketing home-study course called The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet 18 . He had nothing to lose and I was doing all the work. Without a second thought. But he wasn’t. He was too busy running his businesses and he was looking for a partner. I pitched my idea of creating an info-product based on how he made his first million at age 26. It was essentially “free” money for him if the whole project worked out. I am sure my mouth was hanging wide open after AK hit me with that jackpot of a counter-proposal. AK was kind enough to set up a time for me and invited me over to his place. I instantly thought of AK and working together with him to create products to sell on the Internet. You mean this multi-millionaire businessman wanted ME to sell his products online for him and have a share of the profits too? “You got to be kidding me!” I thought. why don’t I just market the products he already had? He showed me all his shiny CDs. When I learned that great tip. Instead of going through all the trouble of creating a new product from scratch. I asked why hadn’t he started selling his own products on the Internet himself and his answer was that he simply didn’t have the time. He was dead serious and he was willing to give me a chance even though I had zero experience with Internet marketing and zero results to back me up. You know what? He rejected my idea and then he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. When we met. selling it on the Internet and we’d split the profits. At that point. I hadn’t seen or spoke to him for well over a year but I called him up anyway and asked if we could meet up. As usual.

there was no way I was going to let him down (honestly. information about AK. Not very pretty at all (I mean the site.com). I overhauled the entire website and turned it into a blog where AK could continue to share his personal insights about his life. Now I was ready to release the product into the marketplace. I proceeded to absorb as much as I could from the study material I had collected. the first thing I did was to revamp his personal website (www. Making US$10. I was also building a database of opt-in leads collected from AK’s blog. 19 .chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE (www. I proceeded to build a mini site that would market AK’s latest book being launched then – Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires (www. I grabbed the course with both hands and told myself that I’d better make the best use of this opportunity that was being given to me.com). not AK’s photo!). AK had placed his faith and his trust in me and in my mind. I took an entire month to write the sales letter and to finally complete www. I think I would have died of sheer ignominy if I had screwed up). and a big photo of his goofy mug splashed right on the home page.SecretsOfSelf-MadeMillionaires. which is an exceedingly important component of our online sales process. AK’s blog enjoys a large and loyal following.insidersecretsprogram.com.Adam-Khoo.011 In 7 Days With two full days of Internet marketing seminars under my belt and Insider Secrets by my side.SecretsOfSelf-MadeMillionaires.com) and told me to read it through. Next. At the same time. Back then. business and success. the website was a confusing mish-mash of personal development articles. To this day. I figured that people would be highly interested in having a “behind-the-scene” look at how a successful businessman manages his day-to-day runnings and I was right. To start the ball rolling.

I’m just getting you familiar with them for now). To this day. then you’ll be glad to know that as you go through the book.000 in sales and still counting. hit the Send button. mini-site. So if that stor y has whetted your appetite and you’re now dying to know more about how you can start your own Internet business and generate $$$ for yourself. 20 . And oh yeah. sales letter or an opt-in lead is. I crafted an email telling my list of opt-in leads about the new product. crossed my fingers. I’ll explain these terms later. After that initial bang of a success. don’t worry... I wrote sales letters and created mini sites for each product. and promised Santa I’d be a really good boy for the rest of the year if I sold just one darn copy. I’ll be sharing a lot more details and providing you with easy to follow.I dropped out of school after three months. I continued to collect opt-in leads and I promoted each new product to them as it was launched.100 in the first 24 hours and eventually Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires grossed US$10.011 in a little over seven days! To say that I was completely awestr uck by what I had just achieved would be an understatement. All in all.BASTARD LUCKY (If you’re confused about what a blog. Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires that was being released. It grossed over US$1. step-by-step instructions on how to launch your very own Internet business. that Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires mini site I created nearly two years ago has now generated over US$70. Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires sold more than one copy. I repeated the same exact formula (which I’ll reveal to you) with AK’s other products. this entire project which started off with a simple proposal (that was actually rejected!) is now a successful six-figure Internet business.

it all started when I was on this private coaching program with Michel Fortin. And this is what Michel had to say: Wow! It never occurred to me that my knowledge and expertise was something that people would be interested in or even pay for. I guess. I think I must have been a really myopic buffoon because I now realise that almost anyone would kill to know how to generate a six-figure income online! 21 . Michel's the #1 copywriter on the Inter net today and an extremely successful Internet marketer and businessman as well. like Michel said.com) asking his readers to share their stories about how they got started in the world of Internet marketing.MichelFor tin. it was something terribly basic to me and I didn't feel was actually doing anything really special.chapter ONE MOMENT THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE Why I Wrote This Book Well. On hindsight. I read that blog post and decided to share my personal story (which you've just read) with Michel on our private coaching platform. S o o n e d ay. M i c h e l w ro t e a n e n t r y o n h i s b l o g (www.

get ready to delve into the world of Internet marketing and discover how you can create your very own successful online business right now. What You Can Expect From This Book This book will give you a really good. And the best part is that it still rakes in the dough. solid overview of the whole Internet marketing thingamajig and also the steps you take to build a successful business in cyberspace. And that's how this baby was born. I’ll be using many actual examples taken from my websites so that you have a real-life insight into this exciting.. so you can produce the same kind of results I get online.com world. 22 .. it pretty much runs by itself with very little maintenance and overseeing from you. fast-moving. if you can’t wait any longer.. So. did I scare you with the work bit?) before your Internet business is up and running. The moment you set it up right. I’m not going to bullshit you by saying that by simply reading this book you are going to magically make money online starting tomorrow.. ever-changing . You still need to follow the steps and get some work done (aww.BASTARD LUCKY So after about three months of procrastination and deliberation about whether I should undertake the painful task of writing a darn book (can you bloody imagine the amount of words I have to type?). I decided to heed Michel's brilliant advice and write a book to show people step by step what I do on the Internet.

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