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An initiative of the Corporation of Kollam backed by the State and Central Government, the Local bodies and General public


an eco friendly event focusing on art culture trade and tourism



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Tel: 0474 - 2763402 Kollam Fest Office Stadium Building, Kollam-691 001

Kollom is positioned on the world mop for its traditional and historical importance. We hod on erstwhile kingdom that claimed to be developed its own calendar by the name "Kolla Varsham". In the 10'h century Kallam made history when it was named, a city which opens to a port .So it's been glorified as a Sales & Trade hub of kerala. Historically Kollam port had a vital role in channelizing the trade and commerce in the sub continent. Neighbouring countries used the port as a gateway for diamond trading. Ancient travalogue writers have mentioned the sight of "Pathemaries" (old wooden ships) which lined up at the Kollam port. Kollam is rich in many ways be it Nature, Resources,Culture,Social life, et cl. From the day of the Phoenicians and the Romans the sea port town has continued to have a commercial reputation. Ibn Batuta regarded Kollam as one of the fine main ports dealing in Chinese trade. The Portuguese were the first came the Dutch followed by the British in 1795. Kollam was the capital of Desinganadu as an administrative unit the town flourished in 1835. Now, Kollam Festaims to showcase our rich Culture & Heritage, Tourism potential, Investments for the new ventures, through a month long gala event.

The Kallam Corporation, The one-month

the District Administration one.

and the public of Kallam arts, dramas,

are all set to make the festival a trend-setting film festival, cultural, political and industrial

long Fest, apart from display of traditional tours/picnics

seminars, water cruising and

water sports, and arranged

to beauty spots in the District,

will have a gala Exhibition featuring and commercial

the culture and heritage of Kollam it still retains in these crecs. Departments and Public Sector

and the role it has played in the past as a sea port town and an industrial centre and the potential We expect various State and Central Underto.kings to participate, packed. The cultural Fest entertaining vast majority number programmes Government

making the event more attractive and informationin the evenings are sure to make the in an annual festival of its kind, attracting a

and memorable. of domestic and foreign up job

The purpose of the Fest is to usher

of Keralites to Kallam, and also hundreds

tourists. Once we are able to restore Kallam to its pristine g.lory, we expect a large of investors including NRls to move into this city, thereby opening and Kollam opportunities Destination as well to many. The tourist industry will flourish will -turn a reality, finding increasing influx of foreign annual

its place in the lourist map of the world, tourists to this city. festival in Kerala. and that of your prestigious

leading to a progressively Sir,

Kallam Fest will emerge as on important

in this context we feel certain that your participation Institutians/ Awaiting Deportment, your positive response and thanking

will further enhance the fullness of the Fest. you in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Prasanna Earnest
Mayor, Kollam Corporation & Chairperson, Organising Cammiltee

Adv. G Lalu
Dy. Mayor and General Convenor

S Viiayakumar
Secretary and Convenor/Treasurer

Kollam Fest
A unique event
Chinnakkada, heart of the city

with an International out look

Aims and Objectives
aims to set up a museum to illustrate heritage, art and culture. to set up a benefit fund to help cancer patient. establish a project for the rehabilitation of helpless old age women. invite investment in tourism and trade sector to accelerate job oppertunities. convey eco friendly message.

Punalur, the hanging bridge

The Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala, the Honorable Leader of Opposition and the Honourable Ministers of Kerala, the Worshipful Mayor of Kollam Corporation and the respected council members comprise the organizers.

The Concept
Ashtamudi, the house boat

The Event property has been conceived by the best in the business be it veteran Show Biz/Theatre personalities, Cultural event organizers or the Government officials who have a proven track record in organizing path breaking events in the state as well as in the country.

The Event
Kollam Fest is destined to be the signature event in Kollam for year 2011 as well as the years to come. The event is an amalgamation of

National Exhibition
National exhibition will include different industry domains, Defence & Aero Space Ministries and Tourism Depts. International cultural programs and Dazzling Shows like the Living Statue will be the highlight.

Cultural Programmes
A platform for the country's foremost artists coming together to show case their talents,

Big ticket Star Nites
A star studded event with participation from Bollywood, Sandalwood, Tollywood & Mollywood

Traditionall Ethnic Arts Festival
Organization of arts festival with estranged National art forms by having Folk lore fest, presenting ethnic and other art forms.

Hosted & Participated by News makers in the country and across the Globe.


& Amusement

National/International Programmes, High voltage amusement kiosks for the Kids and for the youth.

Magic Fest
The best of India's Street magicians together with the magicians of international reputes will present their masterpieces.

World famous movies will be premiered along with Molly wood's best. A Green Carpet ceremony for the Who is who of the industry is the high light. The event will be supported by the Kerala State Chalachitra( Film) academy.

Drama Fest
The fest aims to name of the late a.Madhavan for theatre group in constitute an award in the renowned actor the best professional Kerala.

Book Fest
Festival of Festivals. Book releasers, book reading and signing session by the celebrity authors will be part of this. Fest will showcase national/International publication houses. Awards will be constituted for Novel, Poetry and Criticism. The State library council will be the Co- Sponsor.

Art Gallery
Fest is a huge canvas for painters and photographers. Eminent Indian painters will brush and color their works in the festival zone. The works will be curated and exhibited in the fest art gallery. Photographs taken by celebrities will also be exhibited.

Photo Gallery
Page 3 Shutterbugs, Professionals, men of crafts, come together and will expose the beauty of kollam. Photographs taken by celebrities will also be exhibited.

First available ancient note on Kallam is Tharisappily Sasanam' in kallavarsham 24. The travelogue writer Sulaiman visited Kallam and described the prominency of Kallam pori in AD.851. Jewish travelogue writer Rabi Benchamin wrote visited Kallam in AD. 1263. Venice traveller Marchapala visited Kallam port in



on Kallam in AD. 1159 and Muslim traveller AI. Quisini

AD. 1275. He applauded the beauty of Kallam port and
the honest trade.

Cruise and Water Sports To create the ultimate experience for the deligates a mini ship will enable them to explore the sea. A sea hub - Thirumullavaram - a silent beach, promises watersports to the brave delegates.

Journey in chariots to the past through the aristocratic glory of our town. The visit of ancient monumental destinations.



Strong evidence prevailing for the ancient relation between Chinese Emperor Kublaikhan (1260-1294) and the Kallam rulers. Travelogue writers like Abu Said (950), Benchamin (1153), and Abulfida (1273) have made scripts on the trade through the Kallam port and the culture and honesty of habitats of Kallam. In 1552 Portuguese constructed their official godown in Thangassery. Later in 1559, Dutch came to Kollam and captured the godown and reconstructed it as Dutch Fort. In Thangassery English East India Company built up our lighthouse in 1902.

Flower Show It is a winter song of fest, the show will be decorated with greenery and coloured flowers. The area of flowers will also be enriched with bonsaies.

Aqua Show
The show will be organized by Fisheries ministry and Horticulture groups. Flower show as well as the promotion of agro seeds will be the highlights. Venue.Nagar The exhibition will be held on Asramom maidan a 50 acre and 70 cent free land in the heart of the city. The Asramom maidan is a blessing for Kollam. The exhibition is scheduled to commence on 1 November 2011 and ends on 30 November 2011

Taste of Kerala. Mouthwatering recipies cheff of multi cuizines, ethnic menu, cookery show by celebrities.

Target Audience
10 lakhs of Visitors from all walks of life Many of International and national Celebrities and festival delegates International I National Artists, News Makers, Ministers, senior Bureaucrats, Corporate & Business Executives, National & Regional Exhibitors, Social workers, Politicians et al. Exposure to Maximum Populace of Southpart of kerala.

Sponsorship Deliverables & ROI (Return On Investment) Schedule
1 November 2011 to 30 November 2011

1 month Media Exposure
Extensive Media Coverage by all leading National & Regional News papers National & Regional TV Channels Radio & FM Channels Out of Home Media like Hoardings, Boards,

Banners, Posters Online Exposure through Kollam Fest website Word of Mouth

Venue Exposure
All venues offer advertising/ for Sponsors. Conditions Branding space applicable.

Contacts Kollam Fest Office Stadium Building, Lal Bahadur Stadium Kollam, Kerala, India - 691001 Ph : 04742763402 E-mail: koliamfest@gmail.com Website: www.kollamfest.com

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