May 4, 2011 As an executive and public relations agency owner, I’ve been hiring younger PR and marketing professionals

for more than 20 years. I’ve known JayEll as a student in the graduate studies course I taught at the VCU School of Mass Communications. In addition to our semester working together in the class, I also observed her work as a part-time employee in the Mass Comm department. JayEll was one of the top performing students and citizens in the class. She is one of the brightest young professionals I’ve been around. She possesses the ability to offer valuable insight for overall strategy while also paying close attention to details—a balance that is important in the marketing, PR business, and non profit. She also has the character strengths of honesty, commitment and good humor that all organizations can benefit from. In short, she would be a valuable asset to The Curtis Group. I would be happy to discuss her qualifications further with you. Please call me at 404.966.2992. Best regards,

J.R. Hipple
J.R. Hipple CEO

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