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Project Control Manual

Project Control Manual

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NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive


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This Manual defines the guidelines for the Control, Scheduling, Reporting and Co-ordination requirements between the respective personnel and organisations working on the Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project. This manual Is to Identify, assist and ensure that all project internal and external Interfaces are identified, documented and controlled. This Manual shall be reviewed and updated as appropriate by the NIC through to completion.

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In the interests of simplicity and readability, the language of this statement is as far as possible gender neutral. Where applicable, the masculine incorporales the feminine.

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NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive


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NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive


List of Definitions List of Abbreviations 1. Project Overview Purpose Standardisation Responsibilities 4.1 NIC 4.2 Owner Engineer (OE) 4.3 Local FEED Engineer (LFE) Organisations and Interfaces 5.1 General 5.2 Project Interfaces 5.3 Project Co-Ordination 5.4 Co-ordination Routing 5.5 Nabucco Public Relations Project 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Project 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.9 7.10 Documentation General Numbering of Project Documentation Design Change Control Technical Queries Schedule and Progress Measurement General Overall Project Baseline Schedule General Programme requirements Tools and Software Baseline Schedule Establishment Baseline Schedule Review Programme Development Programme Updates Procedure for Measuring Progress Progress Reporting

3, 4,





Reporting 8.1 General 8.2 Concept 8.3 Project Meetings 8,4 Monthly Status Report 8.5 Weekly Status Reporting Cost Monitoring 9.1 Lump Sum Activities 9.2 Reimbursable Sums (LFEs) 9.3 CTRs for Reimbursable Sums as Additional Works
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4 Contract Variation Control GmbH 10. EPG.2 10. Invoicing 10.Feed Phase Design Progress Monitoring Schedule .Typical Environmental Survey and Report Progress Monitoring OER monthly report contents list Numbering of Project Equipment CTR Request Form CTR Confirmation Form CTR Request Register List of Definitions NIC NNC Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH (the COMPANY) National Nabucco Company (representing partner) Owner Engineer (Penspen Limited) Owner Engineer local Representative Local FEED Engineer Technical Feasibility Study (undertaken by CB&I John Brown 2004) Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project Pre-FEED. etc NIC interests of each Country OE OER LFE TFS Project Phase List of Abbreviations AFD ESIA Approved for Design Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 70223 -NG·M AN ·PM -00 02 Page 4of34 RevIsIon: 0 . FEED.1 10.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive 9.3 LFE Invoicing OE Invoicing OER Invoicing Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: 0: P: Q: R: Nabucco Project Interface Chart and Contact Details CTR Data Sheet with Related Activity Sheet and Expense Sheet Design Change Request Form Design Change Register Variation Request Form (VOR) Variation Request I Order Register Variation Order Confirmation (VOC) Variation Completion Certificate Technical Query Form Technical Query Register Project Work Breakdown Structure .

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive FEED GIS HSE IDC IFI NGO SoW Front End Engineering Design Geographical Information System Health. Safety and Environment Inter Discipline Check Issued for Implementation Non-Governmental Scope of Work Organisation 70223-NG-MAN-PM-0002 Page 5 of 34 Revision: 0 .

OMV and RWE. Transgaz. Bulgargaz Holding. The aim is to create a pipeline system for natural gas transmission from different sources in the Caspian Sea Region and the Middle East to Central Europe. Project Overview The Nabucco natural gas pipeline constitutes a dedicated gas transit and transportation pipeline from Turkey to Austria via Bulgaria. The COMPANY is owned by the national gas transmission companies such as BOTAS. is the Owner of the natural gas pipeline. The Nabucco natural gas pipeline off-takes for national gas grid and underground gas storage will be provided to the national gas grid in the five transit countries involved and can further be connected to underground gas storage along the route either directly or via national gas transportation networks.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 1. Romania and Hungary. hereafter called the COMPANY. 70223 ·NG·M AN ·PM ·00 02 Page 6 of 34 Revision: 0 . although aspects of the design such as the overall hydraulics design will consider all stages. MOL. The Project will be designed and constructed in Stages leading up to a High Flow Case of 31 bNcmfyr. The Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH (NIC). This current FEED study is concerned with Stage 1 of the Project.

4. Reporting and Coordination requirements between the respective personnel and organisations working on the Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project. Standardisation One of key objectives on the Nabucco Project is to ensure the adequate standardization of data and processes. assist and ensure that all project internal and external interfaces are identified. 4. This manual is to identify. in obtaining the necessary consents and funding for project sanction. NIC responsibility is to maintain management involvement and commitment by achieving the project objective and schedule management including COMPANY input on the risks and any issues affecting the project.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive 2. documented and controlled.1 Responsibilities Nabucco Gas Pipeline International (NIC) NIC will meet on a regular basis to review the Project's progress and to make highlevel decisions. Such standardization provides the platform for communication of a clear and consistent message regarding the project status for the NIC and executive committee. it is not possible to perform meaningful analyses and provide consistent reporting of the Project status. to enable comparable analyses and management controls to be applied.2 National Nabucco Companies (NNCs) NNCs are managing and controlling on behalf of NIC the activities performed by the LFEs. Scheduling.a. Purpose GmbH This Manual defines the guidelines for the Control. 3. internally or externally. Without basic standardization.: • • 70223·NG-MAN-PM·0002 Chairing of engineering progress meetings with the Engineers Monitoring of LFE progress/schedule (including the certification of achieve work progress) with the required supervision Revision: 0 Page 7 of 34 . This Manual shall be reviewed and updated as appropriate by the NIC through to completion. To achieve this objective. Enhanced communication based on consistent data and procedures will result in greater trust in the project status and ultimately. This document supersedes document 70223-EG-MN-PM-0002. 4. Activities including l. this project control manual has been developed to co-ordinate the collation of data that is comparable and standardized in project control and reporting.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive • GmbH Review. issue weekly report to NIC • OER to attend. review M of M and advise OE/NIC of red flag items and any NIC action needed. The Owners Engineer Representative (OER). NIC shall be involved in all activities which may affect the generic daslqn. but with NNC to chair. will execute the FEED scope of work in a manner that ensures NIC interest is safeguarded at all times. • Support NNC in engineering documents review and responding to TEQs (where and if requested) • OERlNNC/OE to work closely togetherl copy and discuss info. warrants. identify problems/red flags and include in monthly report • monitor uploaded GIS LFE deliverables against MDR and scope of work. as and when the situation pertaining to the FEED of the project. Appoint a local representative in each country to act as local OE Representative (OER) in role of local interface engineer between the OE and NNC and also the OE and the LFE. shall act in close cooperation with the NNCs. OE to attend where possible. quantify and approval of LFE deliverables where relevant) Review and approval national language of any authority (supported by NIC • documentation prepared in NNCs shall familiarize themselves with the generic project design and specifics. discuss with OE reference technical review activities for OE/OER and action same. weekly meeting based on OE/NIC meeting 70223-NG-MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 0 Page 8 of 34 . project timeline & cost. The OER shall support the NNC with technical expertise and supporting the OEs reporting obligations to NIC. • review and report on LFE progress/schedule. acting as the OEs local interface in the relevant transit country. on all matters Advise NIC. 4. including progress & quality control audits of the LFEs. • The OE and his local representative. which are applicable for the entire Nabucco Pipeline System to ensure the project integrity. LFE progress meetings. • Work closely with NIC to ensure all COMPANY communicated and met. the OER.3 Owner Engineer (OE) The OE responsibility shall be to: • Produce all generic and typical documentation respective LFE for development by the • • • Compilation of OE and OER monthly progress reports Compile all FEED phase documentation produced. requirements are • Act as NICs ESIA advisor.

All communications shall be in the English language. The interface function shall include exchange and review of design data during the FEED phase to ensure compatibility.2 Project Interfaces The inter-relationship between NIC and NNC.1 Organisations and Interfaces General Communication and procedure interfaces between (NIC and NNC.4 Local FEED Engineer (LFE) The LFE's responsibility shall be to: • Undertake the FEED for the particular section appointed. 5. All parties shall ensure that communications are conducted in a timely manner to allow the parties to perform their respective tasks and responsibilities without undue delay. OE. OE.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 4. OER and LFE is illustrated in the Interface Chart attached in Appendix A. The project interfaces including the formal and informal lines of communication between NIC. Produce documents in accordance with a specified Project format for uploading into the Project GIS system. • The LFE will execute the scope of work in a manner that ensures NIC interests are safeguarded at all times. Advise the NNC and the OER as and when the situation warrants on all matters pertaining to FEED of the project. OER and LFE are defined in this section. OER and LFE are depicted in the chart 70223-NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 9 of 34 RevIsion: 0 . as required by the NNC with Arrange and attend formal meetings minute taking. OE. NNC. 5. • Produce monthly reports including S-curves for issue to NNC and NIC with copies to OE and OER. 5. Maintain communication ensure all COMPANY • • • • • through NNC and OER. by development of the generic and typical documentation to AFD status Development of all documentation necessary to complete the FEED including obtaining the necessary permits and authorities' consents for detailed design and construction. Work closely with NNC and OER to requirements are communicated and met.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 5.1 Owner Engineer The line of communication and OE will be as follows. from LFE to NNC. to the OER may liaise informally with the LFE on technical matters but any formal matters shall be determined via the NNC to the LFE project manager with copy to the OE. Deputy Head of Technical Department.2. Head of Technical Department and copied to NIC. The OE shall identify all required FEED documentation required by N!C for final documentation submission and ensure that these are controlled from the initial phase of the project. • • The OE Project Manager shall be the single point of formal contact with regards to all communication with NIC. All formal technical documentation shall be directed to NIC. and Document Controller of Technical Department. cc OE Engineering Manager. For contact details it is referred to Appendix A. cc OE Engineering Manager Relevant lead discipline engineer wlll respond to the OE Project Manager instruction. The line of communication follows: between the OER and the OE. for OE deliverables and technical matters between NIC • Instruction from NIC Head of Technical Department Project Manager cc Deputy Project Manager directed to OE • OE Project Manager forwards the technical details relating to OE deliverables to relevant discipline lead engineer. OER shall forward at his discretion technical correspondence OE. As part of the "extended services" the OER will utilise support staff as required and approved by NIC.2 Owner Engineer Representative (OER) A single representative from a local engineering COMPANY has been appointed by the OE to act as their local representative . All responses shall be within the requirements of design basis manual and other guidelines specified OE Project Manager shall forward response to NIC Head of Technical Dept cc Deputy Project Manager. 5. 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 10 of 34 Revision: 0 .the OER. NNC and LFE will be as • • • OER receives copies of all formal technical communications from NNC directed to LFE project manager and also the converse.2.

LFE project manager shall determine internally who shall be the responsible discipline and an replies shall be directed back through the LFE project manager to NNC with copy to the OER. 5. OER may liaise directly with the OE via the OE LFE Co-coordinator the OE project manager. All correspondence related to Environmental or Social issues shall additionally be copied to the OE Environmental Specialist (Imogen Crawford) • • • The LFE Project Manager shall be the single point of contact with regards to all communication with NNC/NIC.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive • The OER shall support the NNC representative in all matters technical related to the LFE contract and he may request support from either his OER support COMPANY for local design matters or from the OE via the OE LFE Co-coordinator for overall design matters. contact with regards to or • The local OER shall be the single point of communication with the OE from the NNC.3 Project Co-Ordination Company names.4. LFE shall respond to the NNC and the OER. all 5. The line of communication • between NNC and LFE shall be as follows: Technical correspondence from NNC directed to LFE project manager with copy to OER and NIC. 5.2. NNCs.3 Local FEED Engineer (LFEl LFE will mobilize a team of qualified personnel to their deslqnated Engineering Office to execute LFE works and appoint a project manager as focal point for the LFE.2 E-mails 70223·NG·MAN-PM·0002 Page 11 of 34 Revision: 0 .4 Co-ordination Routing Letters and Faxes All formal Contractual and Commercial NIC Managing Director.4. contact names and addresses/emails OERs and LFEs are given in Appendix A: for the NIC. OE.1 Invoices shall all be directed to the NIC Managing Director. correspondence shall be via letter to the 5. Fax may be used for urgent correspondence but backed up by mail. The OER shall not communicate directly with NIC. within the requirements of design basis manual and other guidelines specified. 5.

NNC/OER to discuss. 4. then this shall be considered as start date of the review/approval period. NNC will notify OERlNIC of decision made in item 4 above. OE will respond with details in 2 working days. OE and OER. Once both electronic and hard copy actions are completed by LFE. to submit a CTR detailing man hours and resources. 6. 10. if NNC and/or OER will carry out technical review of the LFE deliverable and if NIC and/or OE are also required to carry out a technical review. 7. Formal technical correspondence from the OE (or OER) shall be directed through the NNC and copied to NIC and OER (or OE).3 Transmittals and the PIP The PIP shall be used as the formal depository for all Technical Documentation for the Project. 9. 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Ravlslon: 0 Page 12 of34 1.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Bucca GAS PIPEL. after the maximum of 2 working days. . within the 3 working days stated in item 9 above.INE E-mails may be used for formal and informal technical communications and backed up by Transmittal documents for formal submissions of deliverables/comments. between parties may be copied to other parties on a 5. OER will notify OER coordinator of decision made in item 4 above. NIC shall formally request OE.4. Informal communications discretionary basis. NIC will notify NNC/OER of their decision within 3 days including whether OE technical assistance islis not required/warranted. LFE to issue hard copy of deliverable to both NNC and OER using transmittal document. It shall be controlled by the OE. The PIP system will automatically issue confirmatory transmittals of any documentation successfully uploaded into the GIS as follows: • • • • • • To the party uploading the document To the NNC To the NIC To the OE LFE Coordinator To the OER To the OE Doc Control LFE deliverable review process can be summarized as follows and shall comply with the NIC/LFE 21 working day review/approval cycle and is applicable as a procedure on receipt of the LFE document register ( this is recognised as a live document and shall be updated by LFE accordingly) :LFE to upload deliverable to PIP. within 2 working days. 5. If OE is required to carry out technical review/assist. In the event that NNC is not able to take part in the NNC/OER decision making process then. Portal. 2. 3. Any formal technical correspondence originating from LFE shall use transmittal documents and be directed through the NNC and copied to NIC. 8. All parties will be issued with passwords allowing appropriate access to the PIP. as stated in item 4 above OER shall notify N IC if OER proposes to carry out review and that NNC is not available. If OER is unable to carry out technical review or requires assistance from NIC and/or OE then reason will be provided.

15. The comments sheet is to state a category of review and this witl be a part of the standard collective comments sheet. All companies will produce specific comments sheet based on a single template for carrying out the review. that Nabucco will and the number of the Project moves and integrity it is established at this 70223·NG ·MAN·P M·0002 Page 13 of 34 RevIsion: 0 . 14. OE shall not commence review until an instruction to proceed is received from NIC. The comment sheet will be returned to NNC/OER. NNC/OER will collate/compile comments and issue to LFE as both electronic and hard copy. 12. NNCfOER will email collated/compiled comments sheet to parties carrying out review. requests for such information and clarification will increase as into construction phase. It is envisaged that a significant proportion of the information disseminate will be related to Environmental and Social issues. processing. 13. must be sent to the NIC Communication & Public Affairs Department for assessment. The above procedure will apply to:i) E&S dellverables ii) engineering deliverables In the event of any changes to the above procedure then all parties will be notified 5. all companies review period shall be completed within 8 working days on receipt of all applicable data/information. To maintain information consistency imperative that a robust and strict communication protocol is early stage.5 Nabucco Public Relations Nabucco public relations for aU countries will be centrally co-ordinated by NIC Headquarters in Vienna. compilation and issuance of formal responses. All queries from 3rd Parties and NGOs which involve public relations and that are not directly related to design issues. The format will be the same and the company position/name will be clearly displayed in the Comments sheet. On receipt of instruction to proceed.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 11.

Section: Posof .1 GmbH Project Documentation General All documents pertaining to FEED shall be controlled to ensure that they conform to the COMPANY requirements. except documentation related to permits acquisition with might be required in the respective national language Reference is made to the procedures and steps on how to upload the project documents into the NABUCCO.e.PIP. OE/LFE Project Managers shall ensure that Project documentation is numbered in accordance with the following methodology. All project documentation shall be in the English language.PIP.Bulgarian Border LFE Turkish Section Section: Posof .Ankara LFE Turkish Section: Iraqi Feeder Line A B H R T G I = Country to which document relates General (i. document applies to more than one country) Austria Bulgaria Hungary Romania Turkey.Portal User Guide 70223-EG-PRC-PL-0003).2 6. To standardise the numbering system of drawings and narrative documents generated by the Project.Ankara Turkey.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive 6. All changes shall be subjected to COMPANY approval and documented accordingly.1 Numbering of Project Documentation Narrative Documents Basic Format: 70223-AB-eee-DD-0001/22 70223 is the project number A N E A B H R T G I B G = Party ProdUCingthe Document Nabucco International Company Owner's Engineer LFE Austrian Section LFE Bulgarian Section LFE Hungarian Section LFE Romanian Section LFE Turkish Section: Ahiboz .Bulgarian Border Turkey.Portal ('NABUCCO. 6. Section: Iraqi Feeder = Type of Document Bid Document Chart Calculation Contract Data Sheets Revision: 0 Page 14 of 34 eee BID CHT CLC CON OAT 70223-NG-MAN-PM-0002 . Section: Ahiboz . 6.2.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive DBM DCR EVL ITT LST MAN MST MTO PCA PHL PLN PRC PRQ PUR REG RFQ RPT SCH SDR SOW SPC STD STU TEQ TRN VOR VOC GmbH Design Base Memorandum Design Change Request Bid Evaluation Document Invitation to Tender List Manual Method Statement Material Take Off Planning Consent Application Philosophy Plan Procedure Prequalification Document Purchase Order Register Request for Quotation Report Schedule Supplier Data Requirement List Scope of Work Specification Standard Study Technical Query Technical Requisition Variation Order Request Variation Order (Confirmation) Discipline Group Producing the Document Civil Cathodic Protection Construction Document Control Electrical Engineering Engineering Management Environment and Social Health and Safety Instrument Mechanical Pipeline Planning Project Management Process Project Services Procurement Quality Assurance Rotating Machinery Sequential Number of Document Start from 0001 for each combination DD CI CP CS DC EL EN EM = EV HS IN ME PL PN PM PR PS PU QA RO 0001 Note: 122 = Volume Number (optional) Sequential volume numbers are only used where there is more than one document in the set . 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 15 of 34 Revision: 0 .otherwise they are left out of the document number.

Concrete Structural .ram Schematic I Termination Di~am Routing Drawing Hazardous Area Drawing Earthing La_y_out Lig_htil!9_ L~out Buildin_g_ La_y_out Duct Crossing & Trench Details Typical Electrical & Instrument Installation Details Schematic Block Di~am Routin_g_ Drawin_g_ Building Layout Cause & Effect Dia_g_ram LogJc Drawin_g_ Loop Diagram Terminations (Panel and Junction Box) Hook U_gs Miscellaneous J Other Plot Plan I Key Plan Revision: 0 Cathodic Protection Electrical 01 02 03 04 05 10 01 02 10 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 01 IN IN IN IN IN IN IN Mechanical 70223·NG-MAN-PM·0002 ME Page 16 of 34 .2 Numbering of Drawings Basic format: 70223fABfDDfOO/11/0001 "22 Sections AB and DD are identical to the Document Numbering system described above. To_gQg_r<!Q_hical Architectural Structural.Steel Building I Site Services ~ical Details Schematic Layout Typical Details Single Line Dicmram Cable Block Di~:9.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 6. 00 = Area Code 00 = General 01 = TBA 02 = TBA 11 (Areas to be set up within each country) = Drawing Type Code In accordance with this table:Dlsci[!line Code CI CI CI CI CI CI CP CP CP EL EL EL EL EL EL EL EL EL EL Instrumentation Control & IN IN IN Drawing Discipline Civil !YQg Code Description Site Plan.2.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive ME ME ME ME ME ME 02 PifJ_in~ General Arrangements PjfJ_e Support General ArraQ9_ements P.!2_e lillPort Details S Piping Isometric Tank & Vessel Details T~ical Details 03 04 05 09 10 70223 ·NG ·MAN·PM·O 002 Page 17 of 34 Revision: 0 .

Issued for Client Review 'Issued for Implementation' if approved by Client at Rev O. prior to first approved issue. However.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Pipeline PL PL PL PL PL PR PR RO RO RO 01 02 Process Rotatin~ 03 04 10 01 02 01 02 10 Key Plan Alignment Sheet Crossing Details Land Ownership I Land Consent Drawlnqs T_yQicalDetails Process Flow Diagram Piping & Instrument Diagram Plot Plan I Key Plan PiQing General Arranqernents T_yQicalDetails 0001 = Sequential Drawing number Normally start from 0001 in each series but may be divided into blocks for batches of drawings related to similar items.2.2 etc Rev 2. Reissued for or Implementation' if any document drawing is amended after first approved issue. legend sheets) . or document shall be issued in a revised form Revision codes shall be as follows:Project Technical Documents and Drawings Rev A.3 etc * Note: Changes to Rev 0 documents and above shall result in a vertical line change indicator being placed to the right of revised text ("Track Changes on").3 Revision Control No project-generated drawing without a new revision code. Rev 0 Rev 1. if for instance a further issued for client review is required.g. 70223·NG-MAN·PM·0002 Page 18 of 34 Revlslon: 0 . this would be 'Revised as Indicated". Reissued for Client Review' at Rev 1. and for subsequent 'Issued the Implementation' would be at Rev 2. The previous revision indication shall be removed in subsequent revisions. 'Revised as Indicated". 'Preliminary Issue'. all issues for internal review within originating party. 22 = Sheet Number (optional) Sequential sheet numbers are only used where there is more than one drawing in a set (e. B etc. 6.otherwise they are left out of the drawing number.

so GIS reference should be A-0-35000. such as a typical drawing or monthly report. and apply project-wide. B. 6. Examples of PDF files follow:70223-NG-MAN·PM-0002 Revision: 0 Page 19 of 34 . The format shall be as follows:- A-111-222222 Generic document or drawing Where "A" is the current route revision Where 111-222222 is the length of the current route revision. There are 2 scenarios under which a GIS reference is applied: firstly. shall be replaced by hyphens (-). that the document is generic and doesn't apply to a particular part of the route. Strokes (1) where applicable.5 Filename The filename for the electronic file of the drawing or document shall consist of the drawing or document number followed by the revision followed by the GIS reference. B. etc: Route revisions Route revision A is 35. This figure should represent the entire length of the route revision to which the document applies. In the filename. The previous revision shall be removed in subsequent revisions. all separated by hyphens (-). 111 is the starting point in metres 222222 is the end paint in metres Location specific document or drawing Where "A" is the current route revision Where 111-222222 is the length of the section to which the document applies Example A. so GIS reference should be A11400-11600 Note that only the OE will use a GIS reference "BE-O-999999" as all OE documents and drawings are generic.000m long. use "-00".2. 6.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive * Note: Changes to Rev 0 drawings and above shall result in a revision indicator triangle being placed at each change.4 GIS Reference A GIS (Geographical Information System) Reference is required for every document and drawing and is positioned at the end of the file number.where there is no sheet or volume number in the document number. a sheet or volume number must always be included . which shall also be clouded. or that the document specifically refers to a part of the route. such as a detailed compressor report or a crossing drawing. Its purpose is to describe the route revision to which the document applies followed by the spatial position (in terms of the chain) of the route.2. etc: Route revisions The crossing drawing applies to a section 200m long from 11400m to 11600m. Leading zeros are not required Example A. rather than just country-wide.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Drawing number 70223/EG/CP/00/01/0001 revision Numbering of Correspondence For numbering of official Project correspondence 70223fAB/L0001/ZZ{xx Where • • • use the format below: • • 70223 is the Nabucco project number AB is the designation from 6. which refers to route revision B between 1200 metres and 2500 metres would have the filename:70223-EG-CP-00-01-0001-00-Rev-O-B-1200-2500.2. Austria LFE.2.1 above (AA::::. pdf 6.7 Numbering of Minutes of Meeting For numbering of minutes of meeting use the format below: 70223·MOM-AB·Q001 Where • • rev A • • • 6. etc) for the sake of clarity precedence will be as follows:o Authority/Others 9 use 1 letter to represent new company =A and country is B) o LFE o NICJNNC o OE/OER 0001 is the sequential number Rev A is the designation from 6. shall follow the detailed system as 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 20 of34 Revision: 0 .8 70223 is the Nabucco project number MOM represents Minutes of Meeting AS is the designation from 6. Austria LFE.3 above Numbering of Major Items of Equipment Numbering of all major items of equipment defined in Appendix 0 of this document. 6.pdf Document number 70223-EG-SPC-ME-0024 revision 2 referring to route revision D between 16500 metres and 17500 metres would have the filename:70223-EG-SPC-M E-0024-00-Rev-2-D-16500-17500. etc) LOOOi is a letter followed by its sequential number (use F for Fax) ZZ is the author name xx is the secretary name Register held by the All Correspondence should be entered into a Correspondence respective LFE document controller.2.1 above (AA::::.2.

effort.g.. 70223·NG-MAN-PM-0002 Page 21 of 34 Revision: 0 . a formal deliverable) without an approved Design Change Request Form from NIC. No change shall be implemented to an approved item (e. but also for NIC to authorize any change to any of the approved project baselines.2 Frozen Documents A frozen document is the means by which a design is fixed so that all the associated documentation can be made consistent with it. (documents or • • • changes that add or replace functionality in the end product. and to obtain agreement on the change from NIC in order to provide a consistent. documented and auditable trail of changes. or related project and inter-project dependencies).3 6.3. 6.2.1 Procedure Master Documents A Master document is the latest fully approved revision of a document upon which all subsequently agreed changes shall be made prior to the issue of the next formal revision. if these assumptions prove to be invalid.3. The templates for the Design Change Control Request and Register are attached in Appendices C & D respectively. The originating Lead Engineer shall keep records and dates of all required changes along with the reasons and/or the official instruction which causes the change to this Master document. or schedule.3.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive 6. The Master document shall be available on the LFE/OE data base for reference by other disciplines and shall provide the latest record of development of that specific document. changes to the project plans (including changes to cost. changes to the assumptions on which the project plans are based. including: • • changes to the project scope or requirements.3. Design Change Controls are not only for changes impacting cost or schedule.2. Note that a single Change Request may cover more than one change item.1 Design Change Control General GmbH The Design Change Control system is used to record any (and every) request for a change in scope or to an approved document.2 6. changes to the nature of the project deliverables system components). 6.

4. 3.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Design documentation shall only be assigned 'Frozen' status when it has reached a leve! by which the design is agreed fixed between the OEtLFE and NrC Following such agreement.2 above. OE shall not commence review until an instruction to proceed is received from NIC. LFE to issue hard copy of TEQ to both NNC and OER using transmittal document. Additionally. LFE to upload TEQ to PIP. If OE is required to carry out review/assist. 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 22 of 34 Revision: 0 . TEQs issued by the LFE should be signed by the respective NNC to formally initiate the query who would then administer internally or with OER support. Once both electronic and hard copy actions are completed by LFE. In the event that NNC/OER cannot respond technically. NNC/OER to determine. with an appropriate document number as per section 6. 5.. 2. NlC will notify NNC/OER of the decision within 2 working days including whether OE technical assistance is/is not required/warranted. 6. within 2 working days. specific instructions shall be issued by the respective OE/LFE Project Managers establishing the basis for the frozen status. serve as a formal record. help prevent misinterpretation. Portal. Frozen documents shall not be revised without NIC authorisation and an instruction issued confirming the required change/s . NIC shall formally request works by OE to be completed under a pre-approved CTR. 6. LFE TEQ review process can be summarized as follows and shall comply with the NIC/LFE 21 working day review/approval cycle and assumes that OE does not automatically review the LFE TEQ:1.g. This shall be achieved by marking "FROZEN" on the file name in the document data base and on the Document Register. The NNC will formally pass this request on to NIC and copyOER The objective of the technical query is to ensure that the respective party is provided with the information necessary to keep the project moving forward to meet the schedule. NNC shall notify NIC including reasoning. then this shall be considered as start date of the review/approval period. a decision Of clarification) and to pass responsibility for obtaining this information to LFE Project Manager and NIC via the NNC.4 Technical Queries A Technical Query is used to record a request for information (e. The Technical Query Form attached in Appendix I should be raised by the respective LFE detailing the technical query. the technical query will provide clearly documented information that will: • • • ensure that the same solution is not being re-thought several times. capability to respond to TEQ and whether NIC/OE shall be included in technical review.

7. hierarchy and development process and to define the method of monitoring and reporting progress. All companies will produce specific comment sheets based on a single template for carrying out the review. TEQ will be endorsed by NIC 10. The Technical Query register attached in Appendix J shall be maintained by NIC (all countries) and the respective LFE (in-country). all companies review period shall be completed within 10 working days on receipt of all applicable data/information. tracking.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive On receipt of instruction to proceed. 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 23 of 34 Revision: 0 . It is the respective LFE Project Manager or nominated representative who shall be responsible for ensuring that the request is tracked through to closure for all issues that need resolution. which facilitates the early identification of baseline variances. Many of these milestones will form part of the project critical path and will be monitored to provide a 'health check' for the project progress providing an overall indication of critical path status. The Programme will be configured around the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which defines the scope of the project. It will be prepared in the form of a fully logic linked time-scaled network with loaded activities of no less than one month duration. 9.2 Overall Project Baseline Schedule The Project Overall Level 2 Baseline Schedule will form the basis for programme development and monitoring. and reporting of both project performance and program status. A new TEQ format is attached to this Manual reflecting the above. but as the programme is developed this will be expanded to include the more detailed lower levels where appropriate. The format will be the same and the company position/name will be clearly displayed in the Comments sheet. 7. This will initially be developed to Level 3. The comment sheet will be returned to NIC for their review. NIC wi!! email TEQ and its collated/complied comment sheets to the parties carrying out the review and the respective OER. 7. In the event of any changes to the above procedure then all parties wi!! be notified. The overall aim is to facilitate consistent planning. NIC will collate/compile comments and issue a formal response to NNC/LFE via both an electronic and a hard copy. 7. The project will also have key project milestones which will define the key points and gateways between the project phases.1 Project Schedule and Progress Measurement General A critical aspect of project control is continuous monitoring. progress monitoring and reporting structure across the Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project as required in the LFE Scope of Work Document. The purpose of this procedure is to define the overall programme structure. 8.

and shall clearly show all activities on the critical path through the programme. The critical path through the programme shall be clearly shown with the total float indicated for each activity. Modifications in respect of holidays. All activities shall be logic linked with open ends minimised. will include a suite of calendars reflecting the respective national holidays of the member countries. The Overall Project Master Baseline programme. Programmes must clearly state the scope of work covered. and also as pdf format for general viewing. All relevant key project milestones shall be included as appropriate to the package. 70223-NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 24 of 34 ReviSion: 0 . All planning documents shall be issued to the OE (via this document procedure) primarily as native files for direct insertion into the main Project Programme held by the OE. construction and commissioning to handover. Progress curves shall be prepared by the LFE and the OE based on these assessments which will be used to evaluate and report progress. 7. from design through procurement.4 Tools and Software The Overall Master Baseline Schedule developed by the OE shall be prepared on Primavera P3 software in line with the requirements defined above. with the number of additional imposed constraint dates minimised.Early Finish dates.1 below. It shall show Early and Late start dates and Total float of all activities. developed by the OE. and where circumstances dictate will be revised to ensure it always provides an up to date realistic working plan. It will include all the key project milestones and key third party interfaces. All programmes must carry a programme/document number and revision as per this document procedure. The programmes shall be structured in line with the Project Work Breakdown Structure (Refer appendix K). working patterns etc. For programmes submitted as LFE or Package programmes (Level 3) all Lump Sum activities shall be measured by a percentage completion per package assessed as in 7.3 General Programme requirements Programmes shall be logic linked bar charts prepared in the approved software systems. 7. The programmes shall be prepared on the basis of early start dates. purpose for issue and status.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive The Baseline schedule (developed by the OE) will include the total project work scope. Imposed constraint dates shall be minimised and restricted to milestone activities. This document will form the basic time management tool for the project and provide the framework for the detailed schedule development throughout the life of the project. All key milestones shall be included. The Baseline schedule will undergo constant review as the project progresses. These calendars shall be used for all programmes. may be made to these calendars where appropriate with prior approval from the COMPANY (NIC). The agreed Baseline programme will be based on the Early Start .9.

monitoring and reporting. It shan be in the form of a logic linked bar chart conforming to the requirements detailed above. These level 3 plans shall conform to the overall planning requirements below. covering the total work scope of the package. together with individual package milestones defined by the COMPANY (NIC) via the OE. 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Page 25 of 34 Revision: 0 . The LFE Planning Engineer shan input the Schedule information together with Milestones and other Key Dates defined by the Project Manager.the Phase Baseline programmes will be progressively developed at Level 3 by the respective LFE and package contractors. The structure of the LFE programmes shall reflect the Work Breakdown structure. These programmes will be developed within the constraints cascaded down from the Level 2 Overall Master programme. The reviews shall be performed in the same manner and require the same approvals as detailed in 7. changes to the Baseline Schedule proposed in the event of the following: may be i) ii) Changes to the Scope of Work under Contract: Working Schedule diverging from the original Baseline Schedule to render the latter non-meaningful for the purposes of progress control.1 FEED Engineering Phase The LFE Planning Engineer shall prepare the Schedule for execution of the Project.2 for Baseline Schedule establishment.Design. These detailed programmes will then be incorporated with the overall master schedule baseline rolling up to the Level 2 activities.6 Baseline Schedule Review During the lifetime of the project. monitoring and reporting for the work package shall be performed. 7.5 Baseline Schedule Establishment As the project progresses through the phases . The Preliminary Schedule shall be analysed and adjusted as necessary in consultation with NIC and the OE to ensure that all the key targets and requirements are met.5. detailed 7.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive The LFE FEED engineering packages may use either Primavera P3 or Microsoft Project for the preparation of their Level 3 Baseline schedules and MS Project and Excel for detailed plans and schedules. This review may cover the whole or part of the overall or particular package Baseline Schedule. NIC shall approve the Baseline Schedule. Once the Baseline is agreed it shall be adopted and incorporated into the Project Overall Master Programme Baseline. 7. construction etc . and preserved as the Baseline Schedule against which progress control. procurement.

the second will be the completion of work as reported on an S Curve.9 Procedure for Measuring Progress The monthly reporting Cut-off dates shall be defined by NIC. 7. 70223·NG·MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 0 Page 26 of34 .7 Programme Development From the Level 3 Agreed Baseline programmes. These detailed Level 415 programmes may take the form of detailed bar charts. There must be a clear audit trail between the detailed programmes and schedules at Level 415 and the Level 3 Agreed baseline programme activities being used for the roll up. schedules and drawing and document registers. The basic data to measure the progress shall be recorded at the cut-off date as follows: • Progress will be reported as two elements.4). Actual start and finish dates and remaining duration. Progress shall be recorded on all activities at this cut off date (refer Section 8. both elements are required for accurate interpretation of the project status. the time based progress against the critical path and movement of the end date. An overall and package milestone movement of the critical path report wi!! also be produced. highlighting 7.4). The Time phased progress has been described above l.e. These baseline programme activity IDs shall be clearly referenced in the detailed plans and schedules.8 Programme Updates All programmes shall be updated as a minimum at the defined cut-off dates for project reporting or as defined by NIC (see also Section 8. Activities shall be progressed with: • • • Actual Start and Finish dates Remaining Duration Physical % Completion (ro!!ed up where appropriate MS ProjecUExcel schedules etc) from Level 4/5 All Progressed programmes shall be submitted with CurrenUActual and Agreed baseline bars and dates shown. These detailed programmes and schedules wi!! then form the basis for the progress measurement. the LFE and package contractors shall develop their working programmes maintaining the data structure of the project WBS. The progress recorded in the detail programmes and schedules will then be rolled up and reported against the agreed baseline programme.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive GmbH 7.

Alternatively the LFE may opt to base his weighting on man hours or costs. All deliverables would therefore have a weighting of 1 applied. Progress for these elements shall be evaluated against fixed progress stages . which ever is the preferred method.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive • The Planned Percentage progress will be taken from the Level 2 master Baseline which incorporates the rolled up Level 3 Package Baseline programmes. This may be based on one of the following criteria. All deliverables will be allocated to programme activities which shall be defined on the deliverable schedules. with each gale valued at a defined percentage (%): Started Draft Complete Issued for IDC Returned from IDC Comments Incorporated and Issued for Approval Issued for Implementation . may select his preferred method from those outlined below: o The LFE • • • An equal weighting may be applied to all deliverables. Progress would be averaged across the total number of deliverables associated with each programme activity. o o • The overall progress calculated against the agreed LFE Baseline programmes and the overall project programme can then be calculated from the physical progress using the activity durations as a weighting 7.9. The lFE will then use this figure as the weighting figure.90% -100% Each entry on the schedule shall be an individual drawing or document with a weighted average being calculated and summarised for each Level 3 programme activity. Progress for all activities will be evaluated against defined and agreed measurable physical criteria or alternatively for appropriates activities time related progress. A weighting may be applied which reflects the work content associated with the deliverable.85% . a LFEs assessment. In addition. whether a surveyor a document. documents calculations etc.1 Design Design activities will generally be measured by progress achieved against defined deliverables drawings. A Typical Design progress schedule is included within Appendix L 70223-NG-MAN-PM-0002 Page 27 of 34 Revlslon: 0 .'Gates'.70% .10% . all the deliverables shall have a weighting applied.50% . which may take a nominal figure of 100 and apportion this across all the deliverables drawings and surveys.

The physical progress for the environmental surveys shall be generally linear in nature and therefore progress shall be measured in km of route complete. This shall be reported using a Cost or duration-based S Curve.i. For each monthly report the LFE shall determine the overall progress for each main task defined in the LFE's 8oW. A Late 8tart curve may be required to demonstrate criticality.10 Progress Reporting Project progress will be reported in two elements. A sample progress monitoring schedule for E81A work is included in Appendix M which covers the early survey and report preparation work.9. detailing all surveys and documents to be produced. the time based data shall be presented as a progress bar chart showing Current plan V Baseline plan together with the critical path. gated or physical progress for the document production and surveys respectively.2 Route confirmation and Early Environmental Surveys The LFE programme for this work shall be prepared to include the full work scope associated with this phase. • The first. The second element in the reporting of progress is the status of deliverable completion . Within the planning software the monthly datasets of actual progress shall be stored for each monthly cut-off to accurately record historic progress.e. by package. This comparison is graphically represented as Planned and Actual progress on the 8 Curve.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 7. 8 Curves shall be prepared for each of the main packages of work by the LFE and hence by country. Detailed schedules shall be prepared which include all elements of the work. This data is then weighted within the P3 programme using the cost allocations to allow direct comparison of progress and performance across the project. Each entry in the schedule shall be cross referenced to the Programme and each shall be weighted with the method of progress measurement specified. a generic reporting schedule will be provided by NIC/DE and LFE will report against it. work. by phase and by country. 70223·NG·MAN-PM-0002 Page 28 of 34 Revision: 0 . To permit assessment of comparative progress between LFEs to be undertaken and as per the contract.as instructed. recognising that this work forms an integral part of the overall LFE FEED programme.on a monthly basis as part of their monthly report. This actual performance will be calculated from the reported physical progress input into the detailed programmes and schedules then rolled up to the package baseline and overall programmes. • The planned 8 Curve shall be based on the agreed Early 8tart dates of the Baseline Programmes. 7. Progress may then be reported across the project in a number of different ways.

provide suggestions. which will be used at all levels in the project. data-driven. ln cases where a LFE may have difficulty meeting its project objectives. Reports shall be written concisely without subjective statements or opinions. as opposed to discretionary. schedule. raise concerns and resolve problems. However Microsoft Project is also acceptable as input from the LFEs. NIC/NNC/OER/OE can analyze the issues and concerns in order to avoid them being duplicated by the other LFEs on the project.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 8.2 Concept The fundamental concepts and policies that drive project delivery monitoring and reporting processes include the following: • Project meetings will provide a forum for communication among the project participants to keep all parties informed of their respective progress. As part of the project's accountability. and delivered in a timely manner to allow review in the reporting period and/or prior to scheduled meetings. or budget.1 Reporting General Reporting will be applied at each level to ensure that project deliverables are issued on time. share experiences (lessons learned). Performance reporting is to be consistent. NIC and NNC/OE/OER shall be kept accurately informed of progress of the project. regular schedule. corrective action can be applied early. within budget and within the intended scope of the project. 8. The Primavera programme is the tool used by the OE for inputting and maintaining project data in the project schedule. Communicating project delivery issues early is critical to the projects ability to proactively prevent or minimize changes in project scope. • • • • • 70223·NG-MAN·PM-0002 Page 29 of 34 RevisIon: 0 . and on a ad hoc self-reporting. 8. LFE shall be responsible for inputting and maintaining project data and will ensure it is accurate in order to support decision making. it is the responsibility of LFE to report the issue(s) and its causes and effects promptly so that: • • • NIC/NNC/OER/OE have an understanding of the issues. accurate performance analyses and ultimately the delivery of the project schedule.

The monthly progress report shall be prepared to a standard project template which will be provided separately by the NIC. The Report shall be issued to the NIC and NNC with copy to OER and OE respectively up-loaded to the PIP platform . The LFE Project Manager shall include a narrative statement in the above reports commenting on areas of work commenced. OER and LFE as required (OE specialists may attend if so requested by NNe) Specific engineeringftechnical project meetings as required and agreed by NIC/NNCfLFE/OE{OER as required.3 Project Meetings Project Meetings will be scheduled at three levels: • • • Management meeting attended by NIC. areas of work completed.3 Overall Monthly Project Report A Monthly Status Report shall be prepared by the OE based on his own activities and shall include a high level overview of the work performed by the respective LFEs for internal review by NIC and NNC with the objective: • • • To maintain management involvement and commitment project's status visible to NIC and OE management. the respective meetings will provide a mechanism improvement of processes being used by the project. 70223·NG·MAN-PM-0002 Page 30 of 34 Revlslon: 0 .4 8.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 8..4. To evaluate the risks and ensure that all LFEs are maintaining their agreed schedules for obtaining country specific Construction Permits for the Project. 8. As a minimum the LFE in each country shall prepare a Monthly Progress Report. OE and other parties as required Country Meeting attended by NNC.2 OER Report The OER shall prepare a report for issue to the OE based on the work performed in the previous month and an assessment of the LFE.4.1 Monthly Status Report LFE Report Progress reports shall be prepared at the frequency specified by contract or as required by NIC. Project meetings shall be determined on a frequency appropriate to the level of design activity and be advised to all participants by either N1C or the NNC. 8. 8.4. progress with Critical Activities and measures taken to correct slippage against the Schedule. for continuous Additionally. The report shall include work up to the last Friday of each month for issue 7days later to the OE. by keeping the To demonstrate that the Project is being assessed on a monthly basis.

8. Outstanding Actions I Areas of Concern The NNC will communicate with the respective LFE their comments on the Weekly Status Report. with each report brief (point form). assess the LFEs progress. particularly NIC to assist in the delivery management. and suggestions for dealing with the problems. 9. including the following: 1.1 Cost Monitoring Lump Sum Activities For LFEs and the OE. • • To track performance. the activities for the up-coming period. and directly related to the LFEs activities. Work Achieved This Week 4. as the activity or deliverable is fully 70223·NG·MAN-PM ·0002 Ravlslon: 0 Page 31 of34 . Additionally. to plan and to identify problems. identify and resolve any variances from plan. focused on the key information to be communicated. To identify risks and indicate how these are being managed. The objective of the weekly status reports is: • To communicate the LFE activities for the reporting period. activities detailed in Parts 1 to VII that are described as Lump Sum shall either be paid for in full. the NNC will apply risk management to any new risks that may have been identified. objectives for the upcoming period to all persons involved with the project. Each LFE shall use the following standard template to prepare a Weekly Status Report. Weekly reports will consist of a concise briefing of work. Introduction 2.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive GmbH The overall Project Monthly Report will be submitted to NIC on or before the 15th day of each calendar month. the problems (if any) that have arisen. 9. Work Planned for Next Week 5.5 Weekly Status Reporting A Weekly Status Report will document the LFE activities for the reporting period. and review whether there are any new risk factors present. Safety 3. The LFE Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the weekly status report is completed and submitted to the respective NNC Project Manager.

If applicable and incurred by the LFE.e. The CTR sheet should be approved by NIC for OE and NNC/NIC for LFE) before the commencement of the reimbursable item. these costs shall be signed off by the NNC as necessary before invoicing monthly to NIC. 9. Whenever a CTR is complete (Le.g.e. OERs and the OE.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive completed. 9. the deliverables are complete or a significant portion of resources has been utilised in a drawdown CTR) the Activity Sheet shall be submitted to NNC for approval and signature. 70223·NG·MAN-PM·0002 Page 32 of34 Revision: 0 . 9. These sheets are very important for certification and payment of the CTR.2. where required for additional work.1 for expenses to 3 party operators of parallel installations for identification of their services during survey works. The respective CTRs shall describe the activities to be accomplished within a specified time frame and within an agreed budget (i.3-2. description and/or cost elements may be revised to accommodate changes in scope and/or timescale. Any expenses shall be entered in the Expense Sheet and similarly approved. or in full agreement between the LFE or the OE and the The NNC shall certify all work performed by the LFE prior to invoicing (section 10). a Reimbursable Sum (RS) is rd generally for 3 party costs that were not defined at the time of contract definition rd . A similar process shall apply for expenses on the Expense Sheet. A template of the CTR sheet is attached in Appendix 8 together with an Activity Sheet and Expenses Sheet. GmbH per month as the activity progresses. The object of the CTR system is to provide a project control that clearly defines the scope of work and the associated deliverables for each Reimbursable item. which shall be managed utilising the contract variation control system outlined below.2 Reimbursable Sums (LFEs) As defined in the Price Breakdown for LFEs. agreed by NIC/NNC prior to the additional work commencing).4 Contract Variation Control During the execution of the Project. or as a percentage accordance with the contractual COMPANY. At least an email authorising commencement should be obtained from NIC prior to commencement in cases of urgent work. the activities. a Cost Time & Resource (CTR) system shall be implemented and applied utilising the agreed man hour rates in the respective contracts. An Invoice may then be submitted to the NIC accompanied by the signed eTR and Activity and Expense Sheets (Section 10). Pos 3. During the duration of the CTR any works done on the CTR should be entered in the Activity Sheet on a day to day basis.3 CTRs for Reimbursable Sums as Additional Works For LFEs.

scope and/or cost and should be submitted with appropriate correspondence including a sequential number for reference purposes. 10. Any changes to Frozen documentation will require prior authorisation from NIC prior to amendment in order to provide a basis for management and control of project changes. 10. ensure all changes and accurate. expenditure The templates for Variation Request sheets are attached in Appendix E with the following brief outline of procedure and application. The objective of the CVC is: • • to control project activities within the established budget. A Contract Variation Control (CVC) system shall be implemented and applied in the execution of all phases of the project.1 Variation Request Form The Variation Request Form should be raised by the OE and/or respective LFE detailing the variation including contract responsibilities. 70223·NG ·MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 0 Page 33 of34 . and appropriate. Where appropriate the LFE Invoice shall be accompanied by a Works Completion Certificate which will detail all Works completed in the Invoice period.2 Variation Request Register A Variation Request Register should be set up by the OE and LFEs to record and track submissions. All Invoices from LFE shall be addressed to the NIC as per official Contract Correspondence (as indicated in Appendix A).4. Invoices for Additional Work Items as Reimbursable Sums with CTRs should be accompanied by the approved CTR together with the Activity Sheet and Expense Sheet both signed off by the NNC representative.4.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive It is the responsibility of the OE/LFE to ensure that changes to scope are brought to the attention of the NIC and that subsequent revisions are approved in advance by NIC prior to implementation. 9. subsequent scope.2 OE Invoicing The OE shall invoice NIC as per the agreed payment schedule for Lump Sum payments.1 Invoicing LFE Invoicing The LFE shall invoice NIC as per the agreed payment schedule for Lump Sum payments and Reimbursable Sums for 3fd Party Costs. This Certificate shall be signed by the NNC representative. 10. 9. schedule and are authorised.

Payment of this invoice shall be made direct from Penspen to OER only if accompanied by the signed Activity and Expense Sheets. The CTR approval will be managed by the OE through NIC but the OER Activity Sheets and Expense Sheets must be prepared by the OER and signed off by the NNC representative prior to submission of his invoice to Penspen.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Invoices for Additional Work Items as Reimbursable Items with CTRs should be accompanied by the NIC approved eTR. 10. the Activity Sheet and the Expense Sheet.3 OER Invoicing Invoices from the OER shall be addressed to Penspen as per Appendix A. All Invoices from OE shall be addressed to the NIC as per official Contract Correspondence (as indicated in Appendix A). The OER shall not invoice direct to NIC. 70223·NG·MAN·PM-0002 Page 34 of 34 Revision: 0 .

..5 Q) ~ . ZU <C a E 0 0 -E 6 III M N N 0 :E . (f) t: <C "C Q) .. 0 +i (ij !. ~ <D '0 ... l- E ro t: -e'..... ~ a.0 J: m~ U~ U~ D~ 'CU CI Q) S s:: "C 0 0 . ~ CO 0.' ._ .... a.. .e 0 0 0 0 8~ 0 ~ c.. .... r-.~ ~~ E '2 8 :E 0.. <D > 00 Q) e ro t5 Q) .~ ~~ o 0 .. . o Q) 1: ro . e e 0 o o ::l 0 LLE E 'j: o :::I B N 0 0 0 '........ .s:: 0 ~ ode -0 (U_ -B .~ e <C a.. ......e Z ro C CI) CI) ... c( c( o c tV a.. !. CO CI) ....!\IUO JBJ!)J9WWOO ~ Q 2 :I: . ell tV C) 0.. :::s e ._ C.... a.

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NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive


OWNER ENGINEER (London) Country Organisation Address Telephone: FacsImile: Contact

Contact email



UK Pense en Limited 3 Water Lane Richmond upon Thames Surrey TW9 1TJ 0044 (0) 2083342700 0044 (0) 2083342701 Paul Trundle - Project Manager Peter Harling - Deputy Project Manager I LFE Coordinator Ms Imogen Crawford - Environmental Specialist e·trundle@eensl2en.com 12. harJing@l2ensl2en.com t.crawford@l2fJ.nsl2en.com Paul Trundle - 0044 2083342786 Peter Harling - mobile·0044 7977428885 Imogen Crawford - Mobile - 0044 779 507 4653

OWNER ENGINEER REPRESENT A T/VES Country Organisation Contact mail Telephone: Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone: Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone: Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone: Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone:

TURKEY Tempo Engineering Bulent Sonmez bulentsonmez@teml2.o.com.tr 0090 5337663134 BULGARIA CGS ConsuWng Mr Nicolai Patev (manager) n.Qatev@cg..sg,eo.com 0035929297121

Mr. Christo Staneff cg..s@techno-link.com 00359 888 576 467

ROMANIA Comproiect-92 Marian Gresoiu Marian. Greso(u@comeroiecf-92.ro 0040 723 338 771 HUNGARY Vabeko Kft Gyorgy Hattyar hatt't.arg@gmail.com 0036 30 9545 63 AUSTRIA Bernard Engineering Casoarina Draut Casoarina. Drauf@bernard-ing.com 0043 - 699 - 15840410 (mob); 004318120042162



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NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive


LOCAL FEED ENGINEERS Country Section Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone Adress TURKEY Ahiboz - Bulgarian Border Consorlium Su Yapi 1 Sebat Ms. Seder Erdogan, Project Manager sedef.erdogan@nabucco-tr.com 0090312472 79821 Gozde Plaza No:130/34,Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Caddesi Balgat Ankara Turkey Posof - Ankara Consorlium /LFISuYapi/Sebat Mr. Frank Jordan, Project Manager frank·iordan@ilf.com +90312441 3700 (ext.200) Ahmet Rasim Sokak 11, 06550 Ankara, Turkey Iraqi Feeder Line Consorlium Envy/Fichtner Mr. Tugrul Erlugru/, Project Manager tertugrul@envy,.com.tr +903125838851 Getin Emec Bulvari, 1314. Gad, No 7, Asagi Ovecler, 06450, Ankara, Turkey BULGARIA Chimcomplect Mr Dimitar Donchev, Project Manager donchev@chimcomQlect-eng.bg 003592 920 3794 205,Stamboliiski blvd.1309, Sofia, Bulgaria ROMANIA TPG Consorlium (Transgaz-Petrostar-Gazproject) Mr Gino lonifa, Project Manager g.ionita@Qetrostar.ro 0040 244 575 031 Bd. Bucuresti nr. 37, Ploiesti, Romania HUNGARY O/ajleN Deputy: Mr Bela TibMssy Mr Csaba Bagdi Tibiass¥_B@otf.hu bagdics@o/aiterv.hu 003614536419 00361 453 6407 Lajos u. 103 HU-1036 Budapest Hungary AUSTRIA ILF Ms Petra Stieninger, Project Manager
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Section; Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone A dress Section; Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone A dress

Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone Adress Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone A dress Country Organisation Contact Contact Email Telephone A dress Country Organisation Contact

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Contact Email Telephone A dress Petra.com 00431 7139232330 HainburgerstraBe 31/2 1030 Vienna.Stieninger@i1f. Austria 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 App A Page 5 of 6 Revision: 5 .

'\. /. . c.. I ~' .'!jf \._ ....'l= I /.. li- 20 0 E :::I o c 0 ..\" './ . Q) 0. ~ .. c t.$i \ I \/ ::c . \/.. ro: e Q) .. \~U/ \/ / I.. '\ \ \ l1i... ..) n.. / "!f '.._ Q) == ro: C .. ~l zl !... I: OJ 0. ~~.\ flU\ ..9 [ \. ..: Q) I: !II !II 0° 02 or::( 0. Q) E [91 ( 1111 \ "t.. 0 'S.".... ~ (/)~ c. /..' «i ~ . ~ ~ '0 '0 0 (!) ...../ "'..:.fD '0 fD III C) a. ::::l Q) => o~ 0 . c( c( III c.. C ro: e :::I ~ e c..._l \ '.l /1\ t~'\ / 'ji .0 o 0 ../. J/ ·.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix B: eTR Data Sheet with Related Activity Sheet and Expense Sheet 70223-EG-MAN-PM-0002 App B Page 1 of3 Revision: 5 .

riOT to be emnlo.slim!Ic AOjp.-ed for PnTl~JJt Pnrocses Total Man da -sfC-ost Eapense s 0.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive GmbH COST TIME RESOURCE SHEET OBUERILFE LOGO ProjHtNo Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH EXHIIlIT B Po s.I Iransport CTRTofal Estimate Sun> Sum ············/lVALWI··..!ill..UhlD Fwxtioo $. Poshlon FlUI(tI\hI1 ManDan Rat.:.aIi0n Estimee As rerCcurract #VALUE! F.rCQllltl.'ilBr::te Asr.(ln1ract #VALUE! Fun<uoa SuITd.X X."wif!l:.. t Cost € suff<Wifi.UE! Fer ennrcval only .-m F.X.X-XX Sequence No.•···· 70223-EG-MAN-PM-0002 App B Page 1 of 3 RevisIon: 5 .. No. X.:-:C.u:ttk:ili.0 §VALUE! Accorrrrodaton Estimate Sum #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUf.ct #VAl.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive GAS Bucca PIPELINE ACTIVITY TIMESHEET OE/OER/LFE LOGO ll-Jan-l0 12-Jan-IO 13-Jan-IO 14-Jan-IO Mon Tue Wed Thu 18-Jan-IO 19-Jan-IO 20-Jan-lO 21-Jan-l0 Mon Tue Wed Thu 2S-Jan-lO 26-Jan-lO 27-Jan-IO 28-Jan-IO Mon Tue Wed Thu Signed: Approved: 70223-EG·MAN·PM·OO 02 Revision: App B Page 2 of 3 5 .

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive OE/OER/LFE LOGO Signed: Approved~: _ 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 5 App 8 Page 3 of 3 .

Environmental & HAZOP Frozen Documents D D Yes (Relevant Review Required) No OE/LFE Approved I Rejected (delete one) Project Manager Date Reason for Rejection Action Party to Carry out Work Reason for Rejection Project Manager Date: COMPANY Approved I Rejected (delete one) Signed: Position: Date: After Completion of Design Changes OE/LFE Approval Project Manager Date: COMPANY Approval Signed: Position: Date: 70223-EG-MAN-PM-0002 App C Page 1 of 1 Revision: 5 .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive Appendix C: GmbH Design Change Request Form Design Change Request Form Request Number 70223-AB-DCR-DD-0001 Engineering Documents Affected Number Rev Number Rev Originator LFE TITLE BLOCK Date Number Rev Description of Change Requested Reason for Change Estimate of Costs Impact on Safety.

Q) 0..I ..0::: wo . ~ :E I (.. 0. ~ I- w _J ~ 0«8 E LL ° w -~._ C\I Q) c (/)0 c Cl 'in Q) c: c +=i 0 o c: 'iii Q. .c (!) C'> .. VI 0" Q) u2 ::> 0 0 I.It) ~ 0 co W _J 0 _J >--5 Z 10..... c .J>QJ « 1:) Q) Q) 0..~::s o D~ U~ U~ w°::S0" o .. o t: o «(ij~ o...I 2 10 c o 0 00 n ~ « Q.._ (1) >< :s c: Q. 0 W I (") '" N 0 I"- .: .... ° 10 '6> '.. c (1) e s...2.c:" ()~ ra C 0::: M I ° c E ::s e Q) E ra OlC\I . « 0... UI t: a.... 0" Q Z :J: ::I: m~ ~S ceO Q) Q) I s.- <D c..o....... ::s Q) '" 0 0 0 :i: n.. 0....LLoQi _J .e: C'> co: C r. 0 ~ Q) Ole!) '? W ._ «>Qi :.... B (J) 0::: C'> Q.. .. Wo.. Q) 0. « a....I l- . > (/) co c. Q.. c (1) .. o «0 E 0.. ctI 0 0 0 c .:: 'iii 0 o 0..0::: . ... LL'i6U1 . ° z ..!) U~ 0::: « zo 0...I Q.... >-zo_ :.0... '0 "0 ca DI ~ e....

9.~d?P.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix E: Variation Request Form (VOR) Variation Request Form (VOR) LFE TITLE BLOCK Project: .7~~.~.. Date: Variation Request Approval (COMPANY): Project Manager: Date: 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 App E Page 1 of 1 Revision: 5 . Deliverables Affected:- Change in Manhours: Change in Contract Costs: Effect of Variation on the Schedule: Lead Engineer: Variation Request Approval (OE/LFE) Project Manager: " . .~~gg. Contract No: Title of Variation: Variation Request No: Date of Issue: Details of Proposed Variation:- !.. .~.~Y. " . .t.Qt..". Date: ". . .

co- 41 Eo.e .. I- .QE >0~20::: 'iij i= w LL _J l- o e-:e ~ ~ e....'~O (!) W 0- m I 0:: ~ ~-g:i ... co 41 ·c U co 41 >0::: 041 41"0 coO 0 .... :a c Q) >< a 41 o o OJ ctI « c.0' ...... li~::ii!: ~"O~ 0 .... U .. 1ii:l::ii!: OliO 0:::0 g-g~ .:lcoE4I ii~~.~ 0..e1II I:: 0 .2>- :::I 0- 0:: C (Y') cu . t/) c.. c 0 'I: 0:: ro 0 N N 0 o.......2>- .~ ::2:- :g~...e- I:: a o~ U~ m~ ~ u~ :::I: ._J w 0 0 co _J ~ "0 41 I:: 52!!'S O:.. >-0 ZZ t .. > +i ~ cu c Qi ... U~ 00 <D 0.!B l- +:I::J "0 041 I::... c ctI ....Q oE ... 41 . ..c..:J +-' co I/) iJ:J 0 (J) J9 <810 Q..:I. u. c.ao ~o 4I!!0.!S!Z > I" ... CIl ~ z ci 2 0:: I- C) Q) 0:: I- C) Q) :::c e ~ 0 ..: :J « zu 0 z 0 ::2: 0 0 « 0. > :g ~ <D . :.. ..a . W LL _J -Q) 13~>020.. r: s. 41 51i))jj 00 05 ~o:::z E :l .a 0 -...a E e ctI 'E 0 II) Q) Q) Q) g II) Q) 'E :::I Q) Q) ij c C I .... Q) «1:) o. 1iiE::ii!: ~ 'I: ro ..

.. I+U t.·..NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix G: Variation Order Confirmation (VOC) Variation Order Confirmation (VaG) LFE TITLE BLOCK Project: Title of Variation: Variation Order Confirmation No. Io ... 1..".. covenants and conditions of the above Contract except as fully modified by this Variation Order.....: . ' ... III .'.·.......IU ... 1 •• 1.'" .·...... Description of Variation: Description of Payment: This Variation Order Previous Variation Orders Work Commenced By: Work to be Completed By: Schedule Impact Total Variation Orders Original Contract Price Revised Contract Price € € € € . . OE/LFE is hereby authorised to proceed immediately with the work described below. ....+11 . II. 00.(fixedlesiiITi·8'ied'j"· . subject to all terms...... .·. I ~IILI •• I· (COMPANY) Authorised by: Date: u . " 10 '" ••• II II.I ••• Io II .lhIIU •• I.'" . Contract No: 70223-AB-VOC·OO-0001 Project No..: . ......." "(ft'xedlesiiITi'aied'.: Date of Issue: Variation Request No.~ .~ .... 1+1 +I •• (OE/LFE) 70223·EG·M AN·P M·0002 App G Page 1 of 1 Revision: 5 . n.... II... I.·...·.. Date: Authorised by: . .

Title: Date Approved on behalf of (COMPANY):- Signed: Full Name: "' ..NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix H: Variation Completion Certificate Variation Completion Certificate LFE TITLE BLOCK Variation No: I Contract No: In respect of the above Contract Variation the Contractor hereby notifies (COMPANY) that all work which constitutes the above quoted contract variation number has been completed. Title: Date 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 App H Page 1 of 1 Revision: 5 .. Prepared by OE/LFE:- Signed: Full Name: .

Date: . Action Taken/Close-out Signed: (LFE PM). Date: 70223·EG·MAN·PM··0002 App 1Page 1 of 1 Revision: 5 . .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix I~ Technical Query Form LFE LOGO LFE Technical Query PROJECT: Nabucco Gas Pipeline Technical Subject: Project Query No: 70223-AB-TEQ-DD-xxxx Originator: Date: Authorised LFE Project Manager Date: NNC Date: Response Signed: ( NIC).

.eN '" 1// E cu I/) I.::: t5 ~ W Q) I- .!!J.... z I 0 0 0 => 0 00 a.(9 0 0 _J w u... ..c ::J: m~ 's.Q t) 0 sn ::s c: c: ...UI- _cu"C cu ('tI ::s 01/) . cu "C cu C 0:: O~ 1// 0. c.. c: s: . ZU <C 0 l- 1 M 0 t-- ~ Cl w ~ N ex: . Q. '0 .~ ClI ::J ('tI ... i3 c c (9 I ~ (\j w I a::: Ol N.. ex: Q.s: ClI CU .. .i o 0 ctI ~ r- 00 <Dr-.. :a C Q) ._ eN ~~ -0. D....c. ::s 1// l() ('tI . +-' (fJ U~ U~ ~ . (l) L.... ~ ClI oor -CO .. o ctI th Qi Co x z 0 w (1 lQ) « c... C 0 I.1: c. _J rn .~ cr [: cu cu e 0 ~ oE cu cu 1// C 0 1UI. 0 t-- :.5 '0 1// 00 <D U +-' U~ a. N... .('tIZ • o I- e . 4l tll n::c ~'? <DC) :JW "- ~8 (1) (1)1 '- ..* . Q Z .. ::r: E ctI & CJ ....

..a.. ....c E ro £: co C :p ...... (!) c:: Q) ..... 0 II. o r-- 0 <") N N 0 .. r. £: t... Q) (!) ~ co :e +-' > Q) 00 Q) o => <C 'i' :2 N 0 0 U~ III ZO 0 I. 0- Il.. (/) 0....J .J Or ~ :2 .) Q 2 :t J: m~ u~ til 0..o~ U~ . 0- ~ o 0 .

.... (--- n_-----------_ ..= 0 Q) o~ :> CO «0 zo 0.a Cd e c: o . : ...\ ~'. ~" ...' .... . •~ £ il l II r .I' t ~...' ...-------._------------.: ~ ._ c. t •• ~ ~ 1 \.. G ctS 0: ~ (J):g 0° uJ!! . e c: Q) Q) c: . I dtr .._ .. I [i] .....\ : . "1< ~ ~~ ~ \ -. o ..I() o 'iii c ~ /------------.. CO I- E Q) .. :::r: ..

I E c ifj E .~ g? III I/l:g . .5 Q.. 0 .I e 0.:c .:.0 o o ~ Q.!::::: 0° u2 o~ OJ <0 zo ::> 0. (!) .i a:: 1'13 Qi . ..2" c " 8.

o E e c.e c: Q) E e D.. 0° u2 o~ «0 20 0 a. c: o ~ .:r.E- V):g <3 . di . .~ ::J []J g. .

received/ returned/ comments still in progress • Comments on quality and compliance of LFE deliverables • Statement on technical query raised LFE REPORTS • [subject to timing of receipt of reports]-any comments on the content AOB APPENDICES • List of LFE deliverables reviewed .with status l.e.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix N: OER monthly report contents list • INTRODUCTION • Reporting period to be stated and aim of the report SAFETY • Statement on OER safety record • Statement on LFE safety record OER ORGANISATION • Statement on OER persons used in reporting period • Statement on any future needs to meet OER obligations (try for next 3months) RED FLAG ITEMS • statement on concerns and actions needed to be drawn to NIC attention and to assist in way forward MEETINGS ATTENDED • Record date/venue/companies attending! aim of meeting and any major actions identified • Statement on meetings missed and reason SCHEDULES • Comments • Deviations • Comments • Comments • • • • • on LFE compliance with their schedule for the month from the LFE schedule critical path on compliance with milestones reference the LFE action plan if deviating from their schedule • POTENTIAL COST IMPACT • Record items that may have a cost impact on LFE LFE DELIVERABLES (sub divide into a) E&SA and b) Remainder) • Deliverables received in the month and relevant dates. rev no and dates (received/returned) • List of Technical Queries raised with OE and status • • • • 70223-EG-MAN-PM-0002 Revision: 5 App N Page 1 of 1 .total.

1 Procedure General This section defines the tagging system to be employed for all equipment to be installed. In general such items of equipment will be identified on project documents such as P&IDs and/or Electrical Single Line Diagrams.3 Project Lead Control and Instrument Engineer The Project Lead Control and Instrument Engineer shall assign tag numbers to instrumentation equipment and shall maintain the Instrumentation Equipment List. All items of equipment which are to be operated.1 The Project Lead Process Engineer (or other person nominated by the Project Manager) shall be responsible for implementation and co-ordination of Process Engineering Flow Sheets and organizing equipment lists. maintained or are subject to renewable certification must comply with these tagging requirements. 1. The prefix shall take the following form: Revision: 5 App 0 Page 1 of 14 70223·EG-MAN-PM-0002 . to be developed by the relevant lead discipline engineers. 1.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive GmbH Appendix 0: Numbering of Project Equipment Responsibil ities Project Lead Process Engineer 1.2 Project Lead Electrical Engineer The Project Lead Electrical engineer shall assign tag numbers to electrical equipment and shall maintain the Electrical Equipment List. 2. All equipment will be assigned unique tag numbers. 1. The general structure of this tag number is described in Section 2. 1. 2. whilst Section 3 describes the detailed codes that will be employed. 2.4 Project Lead Mechanical Engineer to all The Project Lead Mechanical Engineer shall assign tag numbers mechanical equipment and shall maintain the mechanical equipment list. Note: Spaces are not allowed in any tag numbers and all systems shall implement numbers exactly as formatted and defined in this document.2 country Code and Station IdentifIer All equipment and instrument tag numbers shall be prefixed by a four digit country code and station identifier.

Mainline Metering Stations (FMS) . Bulgaria 3.3 001 to 099 100 to 199 200 to 299 300 to 499 500 to 599 . The sequential number shall be allocated by the LFE based on the following blocks of numbers: • • • • • 2.2 Station Identifier The Station Identifier is a sequential numeric code to identify the type of station. Turkey 2.1 Country Code The Country Code is a numeric code to identify the country as follows: 1.Compressor Stations (CS) .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive N NNN '--------~---L-~_ Station Identifier Country Code 2. Romania 4.Offtake Metering Stations (OFMS) .2.Block Valve Stations . Hungary 5.2 above) 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 App 0 Page 2 of 14 Revision: 5 . Equipment tag numbers shall take the following form: NNNN MAA N NNN A Suffix (where applicable '--------L Sequential Number SUb-location Code (where applicable) Equipment Type Code '-- Country & Station Code (See Sub-section 3. Austria 2.Other Equipment Tag Numbers Equipment items will be assigned a tag number as generally described below. The complete number must be unique across all equipment in the project.2.

Sequential number or Loop number. Typically instrument identification shall be as follows:TIC T 103 103 103 TIC T IC - Instrument identification Loop identification Loop number Functional Identification First-letter Succeeding-letters Therefore the A suffix or prefix may be added to complete the identification. See Appendix 'A' for details.3. used to differentiate between identical items of the same equipment.3. The identifier is derived as shown in Section 3. 2.Area identification . This represents the equipment identifier.2 Sequential Number The sequential number comprises of three numbers. complete tag number shall take the following form:XXTICYYY where XX TIC YYY .4.1 .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 2.4. 2.3.1 Equipment Type Code The equipment type code is alphabetic characters. Example: The duty pump which has a sequential number 01 will have a tag number P01A The standby pump will be identified as POi B.1992 Ref 1.1 Instrument Numbering General Identification of instrumentation shall be in accordance with ISA-S5.4 2. 2. 2. which is a single letter AlBIC etc. which may be up to 8 characters in length.2 Functional Identification The functional identification of an instrument or its functional equivalent consists of letters and includes one first-letter (designating the measured or initiating 70223·EG-MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 5 App 0 Page 3 of 14 .Functional identification .3 The suffix represents the secondary identifier. Each instrument or function to be identified shall be deslqnated by an alphanumeric code or tag number. The tag numbers for the motors driving the duty pump and stand-by pump will be PM01 A and PM01 B respectively.

2. Parallel numbering starting a numerical sequence for each new first-letter e. If a given loop has more than one instrument with the same functional identification.. FRC-i00. it may be more convenient or logical in a given instance to deslqnate a pair of flow transmitters. Modifying letters may modify either a first-letter or succeeding-letters as applicable.g. a suffix may be appended to the loop number e. The functional identification of an instrument is made according to the function and not according to the construction.1992 Standard. etc.1 Detailed Coding Equipment Identifier Electrical/Instrument EBA EBD ECB ECH ECP ECS EDB EDS EEB EEH EEL Equipment EIN EIS EJB ELB ELP 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 Battery Bus-Ducting Circuit Breaker Charger Control Panel Control Station Distribution Board Domestic Socket Outlet Earth Bar Electrical Heater General Electrical Equipment Inverter I UPS System Isolation Switch Electrical Junction Box Electrical Load Bank Local Panel Revision: 5 App 0 Page 4 of 14 . L1C-i00. 3. in addition to one or more other succeeding-letters. AI-i00. FV-2A. one or more succeeding-letters (identifying the functions Identification letters are listed in Section 3.4. or TE-25-1.1 .g. etc. A modifying-letter may be used. 3. For more details refer to ISA-S5.1992. FV-2C. for example as FT-2 and FT-3 instead of FT-2A and FT-2B. TIC-i00. Each instrument common to two or more loops should carry the identification of the loop which is considered predominant.3 Loop Identification The loop identification consists of a first letter and a number. TE-25-2 etc. Each instrument within a loop has assigned to it the same loop number and the same first-letter. However.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive variable) and performed). a differential-pressure recorder used for flow measurement is identified by FR. FV-2B. The succeeding-letters of the functional identification deslqnate one or more readout or passive functions and/or output functions.1 . if required. Loop numbering shall be parallel. Thus.1 3.1. For more details refer to ASA-S5.

2 HVAC Equipment HAB HABM HAC HAF HBD HBF HCB HCBM HCC HCF HCL HCN HCP HCO HCU HCV HDL HEH HEV HFD HFP HGD HGE HGS HGT HGV HHF HLH HMB HMO HRD HRP HAS Axial Flow Fan Axial Flow Fan Motor Air Conditioning Unit Air Filter Backflow I Non-Return Damper Air Washer Centrifugal Fan Centrifugal Fan Motor Cooling Coil (Liquid) Moisture Eliminator (Filter Coalescer) Cyclone Condenser (Refrigeration) HVAC Control Panel Compressor (Refrigeration) Constant Volume Reheat Unit Constant Volume Unit (No reheat) Drum Louvre Heating Coil Electric Evaporator (Refrigeration) Fire Damper Firemans Panel (HVAC Fire Dampers) Fire & Gas Damper Extract Grille I Diffuser Supply Grille I Diffuser Transfer Grille Guide Vanes Humidifier Heating Coil (Liquid) Mixed Flow Fans Modulating Damper Pressure Relief Damper Refrigeration Package Sound Attenuator Revision: 5 70223-EG-MAN·PM-0002 App 0 Page 5 of 14 .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive EME EMS ENA EER ESB ESS ESW ETA ETC ETP ETR EWS JBA JCP JIN JOB JJB JSP JFP JPR JRP XJB Electrical Miscellaneous Equipment Miscellaneous Switch Navigational Aid Earthing Resistor Emergency Slop Pushbutton (see also PB.1. EMS and HS) Safely Socket Outlet Switchboard Electrical Temperature Alarm Detector Thyristor Converter (Variable Speed Drive) Thyristor Panel Transformer Welding Socket Outlet Instrument Battery Instrument Control Panel Instrument Inverter I UPS System Instrument Distribution Board Instrument Junction Box Emergency Shutdown Panel Fire & Gas Panel Post Fire & Gas Panel Termination Rack Heal Tracing Junction Box 3.

4 Mechanical 1. C E F o G H M P R S T 70223-EG-MAN·PM-0002 . Fired Heaters Compressors and associated drive trains Not Used Fixed Electrical equipment not otherwise specified Filters.1. Strainers.) Rescue equipment Safety equipment Atmospheric Tanks Not Used Vessels Wellhead equipment Heat Exchangers Packages Single alpha character as in 1. Vacuum equipment Fans Lifting and Handling equipment not otherwise specified Miscellaneous Mechanical equipment not otherwise specified Turret Swivel Not Used Pumps Miscellaneous Structural Items (Including Compartments. Mixers. Agitators.3 Lifting Equipment LGC LPE LRB Gantry Crane Pad eyes Runway Beams 3. Traps Generators and associated drive trains HVAC equipment not otherwise specified Ejectors. these are: Cartridge Diesel Engine Exhaust Filter Gear Box Hydraulic Motor Electric Motor Pneumatic Motor Rotor Stator Turbine Revision: 5 App 0 Page 6 of 14 C D E F G H J K L M N o P Q R S T U V W X Z 2. Stirrers Boilers. above. Masts etc.1. Furnaces. followed by a secondary identifier to describe subsidiary items to the main mechanical items of equipment. A B Single alpha character for main mechanical equipment as shown.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive HSD HVD HWH HWL HWP Shut Off Damper Volume Control Damper Water Heater (Calorifier) Weather Louvre Hot Water Calorifier Package 3.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive V X Variable Speed Drive Heat Exchanger N~BUCCO I--'GAS !"IPaLINE Example: PM1001 is the electric motor for pump P1001 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 5 App 0 Page 7 of 14 .

5 Instrumentation AAL AAH AC AE AI AIC AR ASH ASL AT AY BDV CAH CI CSH CT CV DE 01 DT EE EI FAH FAHH FAL FALL FC FCV FE FFIC FFRC FG FI FIT FIC FIR FO FQI FR FRC FS FSH FSHH FSL FSLL FT FV FY HC HCV HIC HS HV Identifier DY II IR 70223·EG·MAN-PM·OO02 Analysing Alarm Low Analysing Alarm High Analysing Controller Analysing Element Analysing Indicator Analysing Indicator Controller Analysing Recorder Analysing Switch High Analysing Switch Low Analysing Transmitter Analysing Relay or Computing Device Blow Down Valve Conductivity Alarm High Conductivity Indicator Conductivity Switch High Conductivity Transmitter OnfOff Valve on Ballast and Cargo System Density Element Density Indicator Density Transmitter Density Relay or Computing Device Voltage Element Voltage Indicator Flow Alarm High Flow Alarm High High Flow Alarm Low Flow Alarm Low Low Flow Controller Flow Control Valve Flow Element Flow Ratio Indicator Controller Flow Ratio Record Controller Flow Glass Flow Indicator Flow Indicating Transmitter Flow Indicator Controller Flow Indicator Recorder Flow Orifice Flow Totalising Controller Flow Recorder Flow Recorder Controller Flow Switch Flow Switch High Flow Switch High High Flow Switch Low Flow Switch Low Low Flow Transmitter Flow Control Valve Flow Relay or Computing Device Hand Controller Hand Control Valve Hand Indicating Controller Hand Switch Hand Valve Current Indicator Current Recorder Revision: 5 App 0 Page 8 of 14 .1.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive 3.

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive LAH LAHH LAL LALL LC LCV LG Level Alarm High Level Alarm High High Level Alarm Low Level Alarm Low Low Level Controller Level Control Valve Level Gauge Level Indicator Level Indicator Controller Level Recording Controller Level Switch Level Switch High Level Switch High High Level Switch Low Level Switch Low Low Level Transmitter Level Transmitter Controller Level Valve Level Relay or Computing Device Moisture Alarm High Moisture Controller Moisture Element Moisture Indicator Moisture Indicator Controller Moisture Recorder Controller Moisture Recorder Moisture Switch Moisture Switch High Moisture Transmitter Pressure Alarm High Pressure Alarm High High Pressure Alarm Low Pressure Alarm Low Low Push Button (see also EMS and ESB) Pressure Controller Pressure Control Valve Pressure Differential Alarm Low Pressure Differential Alarm High Pressure Differential Controller Pressure Differential Gauge Pressure Differential Indicator Pressure Differential Indicator Controller Pressure Differential Indicator Switch Pressure Differential Indicator Transmitter Pressure Differential Switch Pressure Differential Switch High Pressure Differential Switch Low Pressure Differential Transmitter Pressure Gauge Programmable Controller Pressure Indicator Pressure Indicator Controller Pressure Recorder Pressure Switch Pressure Safety Element Pressure Switch High Pressure Switch High High Pressure Switch High Low Revision: 5 App 0 Page 9 of 14 LI L1C LRC LS LSH LSHH LSL LSLL LT LTC LV LY MAH MC ME MI MIC MRC MR MS MSH MT PAH PAHH PAL PALL PB PC pcv PDAL PDAH PDC PDG POI PDIC POlS PDIT PDS POSH PDSL PDT PG PGC PI PIC PR PS PSE PSH PSHH PSHL 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 .

NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive PSL PSLL PT Pressure Switch Low Pressure Switch Low Low Pressure Safety Valve Pressure Transmitter Pressure Relay or Computing Device Restriction Orifice Tacho Generator Speed Indicator Speed Indicator Controller Speed Sensor Switch Speed Switch High Speed Switch Low Temperature Alarm High Temperature Alarm High High Temperature Alarm Low Temperature Alarm Low Low Temperature Controller Temperature Control Valve Temperature Differential Indicator Temperature Element Temperature Gauge Temperature Indicator Temperature Indicator Controller Temperature Recorder Temperature Switch Temperature Switch High Temperature Switch High High Temperature Switch High Low Temperature Switch Low Temperature Switch Low Low Temperature Transmitter Thermowell Temperature Relay or Computing Device HP Compression Radial Vibration Alarm HP Compression Vibration Element HP Compression Radial Vibration Indicator HP Compression Radial Vibration Transmitter Load Element Load Indicator Load Recorder Load Transmitter Miscellaneous Alarm Miscellaneous Control Valve Miscellaneous Element Miscellaneous Hand Switch Miscellaneous Signal Miscellaneous Light Miscellaneous Relay Contact Miscellaneous Relay Contact Alarm Miscellaneous Relay Computing Device Miscellaneous Switch Miscellaneous Alarm Switch Low Miscellaneous Transmitter Miscellaneous On / Off Valve Miscellaneous Switch (ESD) ESD Valve Solenoid Valve Radial Vibration Alarm Revision: 5 App 0 Page 10 of 14 psv PY RO SE SI SIC SS SSH SSL TAH TAHH TAL TALL TC TCV TDI TE TG TI TIC TR TS TSH TSHH TSHL TSL TSLL TT TW VA VE VI VT WE WI WR TY WT XA XCV XE XHS XI XL XMC XMCA XMCC XS XSL XT XV XXS XXV XY YA 70223-EG-MAN-PM-OOD2 .

6 Telecomms Identifier AMP ANT ATT BBU BST CAM CCTV CCTR CLK CLU CPA DAM OAT DC DME OS DTE DTO EOW FAX FOB FOL HLTL HPU HPV HPW ICU LNA LOS MCU MDF MUX Amplifier AntennaNHF/HF/MF/UHF/Dish Attenuators Base Band Unit Base Station CCTVCamera Closed Circuit Television System Closed Circuit Television Rack Clock Clear Call Unit Public Address Data Modem Data System Down Converter Digital Multiplexing Equipment Direct Speech Data Terminal Data Terminal Outlet EOW Unit Facsimile System Fibre Optic Breakout Tray Fibre Optic Link Equipment Hotline Telephone System Hand Portable UHF Hand Portable VHF FM High Power Amp Unit Intercom Unit Low Noise Amp Unit Line of Sight Links Master Clock Unit Main Distribution Frame Multiplexer Unit Non Directional Beacon Unit Revision: 5 App 0 Page 11 of 14 NOB 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive YE YI YISH YSH YSHH YT ZA ZC ZE ZI ZISH ZIT ZLL ZLH ZS ZSH ZSHH ZSHL ZSL ZSLL ZT ZY Radial Vibration Element Radial Vibration Indicator Radial Vibration Indicator Switch High Radial Vibration Switch High Radial Vibration Switch High High Radial Vibration Transmitter Position or Axial Displacement Alarm Position Controller Position Element Position Indicator Analogue Position Indicator Switch High Position Indicator Transmitter Position Indicator Closed Position Indicator Open Position Switch Position Switch or Limit Switch High (Open) Position Switch or Limit Switch High High (Open) Position Switch or Limit Switch High/Low (Open/Closed) Position Switch or Limit Switch Low (Closed) Position Switch or Limit Switch Low Low (Closed) Position Transmitter Position Relay or Computing Device 3.1.

7 Fire and Gas Identifier ASU DAB DAL DAS Air Sampling Unit Fire Alarm Bell Visual Alarm Lamp Fire and Gas Alarm Sounder Dust Detector Extinguishant Control Station Extinguishant Control Station C02 Extinguishant Control Station Deluge Extinguishant Control Station Sprinkler Extinguishant Alarm Sounder Flame Detector -Infra Red Flame Detector .Flame Detector Flame Detector .Combined IR + UV Remote Lamp .Ultra Violet Gas Detector Combustible Gas Detector Hydrogen Gas Detector Line-of-Sight Revision: 5 App 0 Page 12 of 14 000 OEM DEMC DEMO OEMS DES OFI DFC DFL DFU DGC DGH DGL 70223·EG·MAN·PM·0002 .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive OCC OICP OICU OSPK OSK PABX PAG PMS PTU PWR Operator Control Console Operators Intercom (Panel Mounted) Operators Intercom Unit Operators Intercom Loudspeaker Operators Intercom Intrinsically Safe Socket Private Automatic Branch Exchange Paging Terminal Personnel Movement System CCTV Pan & Tilt Unit Power Supply Unit Marine Radar System GPS MFJHF Comm Aerials Sat Comm B Sat Comm C Transceivers Unit Receiver Speaker SSB Radio System Telephone Telephone Acoustic Booth (External) Desk Telephone (Ex) Desk Telephone (Non Ex) Telephone Acoustic Booth (Internal) Telephone Socket Outlet Telephone Digital Switch Telephone Remote Bell Telephone Visual Light Wall Mounted Telephone Wall Mounted Telephone (Non Ex) Transmitter Upconverter Unit UHF Internal Communications System Visual Display Unit Maritime VHF System Weather Sensor RAD RGP RMF RSA RSB RSC RTX RX SPK SSB TL TLAB TLD TLDN TUB TLO TLS TLRB TLVL TLW TLWN TX UCV UHF VDU VHF WS 3.1.

1.Detector Heat/Smoke Combined Oil Mist Detector Smoke Detector .Heat Detector Pneumatic Heat Detector Heat Detector .Optical Beam Smoke Detector . Combustion C User's Choice(1) Differential(4 ) Alarm User's Choice(1) User's Choice(1) Control(13) User's Choice(1) 0 User's Choice(1) E Voltage F Flow Rate G User's Cholce(1) Sensor (Primary Element) Ratio (FracUon)(4) Glass Viewing Device(9) High(?.Fixed Point Remote Lamp .Rate Compensated Heat Detector Addressable Linear Heat Detector Heat Detector .Ionization Addressable Remote Lamp .Smoke Detector Smoke Detector .Optical Smoke Detector .8 Control System Identifiers CMS ECG FAG FMS MCM PLS DCS PLC RTU SSS ESD Control System Identifier Electrical Control System Fire and Gas System Fiscal Metering System Machinery Monitoring System Pipeline Integrity System Distributed Control System Programmable Logic Controller Remote Terminal Unit Safety Shutdown System Emergency Shutdown System 3.Ionization Smoke Detector .9 Instrument Identification Letters FIRST-LETTER Measured or Inltlating Variable (4) Modifier Readout or Passive Function SUCCEEDING-LETTERS Output Function (3) Modifier A Analysls{5.Rate of Rise Detector HeaVSmoke Combined Remote Lamp .1.Optical Point Hazard Warning Lamp Heavy Duty Hazard Warning Lamp Ught Duty Fire Alarm Buttons Local Fire Panel Manual Alarm Call Point Main Fire Panel 3.NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive DGR DGT DGO DHC OHCA DHE DHF DHL DHP DHR DHS DHSL DOM DSI DSIA DSL DSO DSOB DSOP DWLH DWLL FPB LFP MAC MFP Gas Detector Infra Red Gas Detector Toxic Gas Detector Infra Red . 16) H Hand 70223·EG -MAN·PM·0002 RevIsion: 5 App 0 Page 13 of 14 .Duct Mounted Heat Detector .19) B Burner. 15.

15) User's Choice(1) Indicate(10) K Time.15. Louvre(13) Well X Axis Unc!assifted(2} Unc!asslfied(2) Relay.1 - 1992.18) Driver. Unclassified Final Control Element Unclassified(2} MuIU-function(12} User's Choice(1) Control S!ation(22) LoW(7. 70223 ·EG·M AN·P M·0002 Revision: App 0 Page 14 of 14 5 . Compute Conver!(13. Actuator.S5. Stat or Presence(20) Z Position Y Axis ZAxis Note: Numbers in parentheses refer to specific explanatory notes on pages 15 and 16 of ISA.14. Force X Uncfassified(2} y Even. Damper. Time Schedule L Leve! M User's Choice(1) N User's Cholce(1) 0 User's Choice(1} P Pressure. Totalize(4) Record(17) Safety(8) Multi-function(12) Switch(13) Transmi!{18} Multi-function(12} Valve. Interm ediate(7 .NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive I J Current (Electrical) Power Scan(7) Time Rate of Change(4. Mechanical Analysls(19) W Weigh!. Frequency T Temperature U Multi-variable(6) V Vibration. Restriction Point (Tes!) Connection Integrate. Vacuum Q Quantity R Radiation S Speed.21) Ught(11) Momentary(4) User's Cholce(1) Orifice.16) Middle.

...:Q.9.~~~. CTRno..p........!esb!Ng. DeUverablesAffected:- Manhours I Mandays: Impact In Contract Costs: Refer to separate sheet for additJonallnfonnation Refer to separate sheet for additiona/lnfonnatlon Effect of Variation on the Schedule: Lead Engineer: CTR Request Approval (DE) Project Manager: eTR Request Approval (NIC): Head of Technical Dept..~..~.9.:9..~~....9..~g.. 70223-EG·MAN·PM·0002 Revision: 5 App P Page 1 of1 ..Contract No: ...P"59....99.....:r.: Date: Date: Date: .9..~ .. ...T....... Rev: 0 ..'!'~.~..NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International Corporate Directive Appendix P: eTR Request Form GmbH CTR Request Form (CTRR) PENSPEN Project: CTRTltle: eTR Request No: Date of Issue: Details of Proposed CTR:- ~~~!J..'?'Q~~~~y:!' . ....

.... Description of CTR (add comments -If any._------ .. CTRno..~~Qt~~~ . · ·· ·Hea'd...rei any modifications to the original erR Request): OE to complete Work Commenced By: Work to be Completed By: Schedule Impact ____ -I NIC to complete CTRR (original value) eTRe (value approved) € € " .~.e........g .. OE Is hereby authorised to proceed Immediately with the work described below.:r.T...·.....P"!P"s~!~... "... Date: ---------Date: ...... ~ ..of'Tech·iiicai'DepCN'iC Projeci"Ma·nager·OE · ....l3Q~..... ~ Authorised by: 70223·EG-MAN-PM·0002 RevIsIon: 5 App Q Page 1 of 1 .: ~~..~y'..: 70223-CTRC-0001 Rev No. A§.9.· .~.g9... covenants and conditions of the above Contract except as fully modified by this eTR.??~~Y.9Q...?9.!9....NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH Corporate Directive Appendix Q: CTR Confirmation Form CTR Confirmation Form (CTRC) PEN S PEN Project: CTRTitle: CTR Confinnatlon No..~~.. @ Contract No: ....... subject to all terms..:g..~.: Date of Issue: CTR Request No.'t o ..... Authorised by: .........

s: o ~ J: . «0 zu ..) e.0° ro ~ 02 (J @ :':) 0 00 o. (I) 0. t: ~ t: t: Q.) . VIiS > C> .I- t: ro n._ Q.) Q.a C> E o .

••. '. c: . ~ ('"> u" s" "E "ae -.> o~ 0 <C zu 0 ..:!Z' o:§t " o . ~ [Q. ~ t. N N 0 t-..~~ § " ! a E 0 c .._ CO .:J~'D 2 g .... Q..!! Q.. c CJ) CJ) c: .:1 s ~ " ~ 02 :... ~" " ~ c .•._ ..2_ ii: (!l ~ ~& w 0 0 0 ::l ~ z .. ~~ I ~ s >". IlJ Z IlJ e. CJ) .. 0 i .. > <J <r! 'Eo<! e E& t. ~ . 0:2 u :r:: C) ..Z' -. a: ~ (h+=i j UI U.0 E Ii " e I ro c o .2 g t.. DI ~ O~ C) ~ l'tI () J: ~ Z > s o<! z 0 i II e- 00 000._ a./ '§ & '8.1 ~ 0 I g ~ ~ .'. ' .... ~ <J ::::i g:::.

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