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Ged-Shiva God-Shiva is the eternal inecrporeal Soul. He is the Supreme Soul the Supreme Father, and the embodiment of puriy, peace, love, bliss and all qualities, He has come 10 purify the Old World and 10 a New World The Three Worlds 1. The Soul-World, the region of eternal peace. the eternal home of all souls, . The Subtle region where we ean meet God-Father everyday durin theearly morning hours. This possible only in this birth . The physical world of the five elements in which everyones playing hisindividual rote. tis the eternal immortal soul who is able to think, to discriminate, to judge, to decide and acts through the physical body. ‘The body is perishable. ‘To understand that I am the soul, a point of light, and not the body nieans Soul-consciousness. The Werld Cycle The Cycle shows that only those who observe purity in this last birth are entitled to claim full 84 births. Those who are leading impure life will take only fewer births in the next cycle.