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Survey of Antibiotic Test Methods for Raw Milk Commissioned by The Dairy Industry Federation DD Muir N West 26 July 1999 Hannah Research Institute AYR KA6 5HL Scotland, UK fl HANNAH RESEARCH INSTITUTE Dairy Industry Federation Survey- Report on Antibiotic Test Kit Name ‘Copan test (CH ATK) P&S single and Copan test (CH ATK) P&S Micropiate ‘Manufacturer ‘Copan Talia Sip.A., 25125 Brescia, Via Perotti 10, Ital ‘Chr. Hansen A/S , Boge Alle 10-12, DK-2970 Horsholm. Denmark Promar Labs, Unit 20, Goldthorpe Industrial Estate, Commercial Road, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, $63 9BL ‘Expert Technical Contact ‘Dr.ssa Giovanna Catalano (giovannai@copanitalia com) ‘Recommended application Tis a qualitative, ready to use, test for detection of inhibitory substances in milk, It contains spores of Bacillus stearothermophilus var. calidolactis. P&S version guarantees a higher sensibility to sulphonamides. Principle fet “The testis based on growth ofa bacterium, Bacillus stearotRermophilus var.