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Table of Contents
Fitness Secrets
1. Adam Kessler A. How To Get Your Booty In Shape Before Summer………………………1 B. Pumping a Little Iron Might Just Prevent Osteoporosis…………………..4

2. Alton Skinner A. A Quick and Easy Dynamic Warm-up For Junior Tennis Players…...…...6 B. A Quick and Easy Flexibility Program For Junior Tennis Players……….8 C. Building A Better Junior Tennis Player………………………………….13 D. Quick and Easy Drills For Improving Junior Tennis Players Speed Agility and Quickness……………………………………………………17

3. Andrew Voris A. Are Trainers Focusing on Functional Training too Much and Not Enough on Fat Loss?...........................................................................20 B. Developing a winning training program!...................................................22

4. Andy Salazar A. Get Fit with Resistance Training………………………………………...24 B. Multi-Set Training for Ultimate Fat Burning and Lean Muscle Mass......26 C. Reach Your Fitness Goals……………………………………………….29

5. Arnel Ricafran A. Six Pack Abs Expert Reveal The Top 10 Worst Abdominal Exercises…………………………………………………….30

6. Arthur J. Zanelli A. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)……………………………….34 B. Fitness Tips for Travel…………………………………………………...36 C. Functional Training………………………………………………………39 D. How to Jump Higher……………………………………………………..41 E. Practical Application and Training for Speed……………………………43
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7. Bob Keil A. Looking Good in Your Jeans through Fitness Training………………….45

8. Bob Mittleman A. Practice Makes Perfect”----Or Does It?.....................................................47 B. Stress and Exercise………………………………………………………49 C. Want To Improve Your Exercise Routine and Accelerate Your Ability To Reach Your Goals? Train with a Heart Rate Monitor………..51

9. Bonnie Murphy A. Get on the Ball!..........................................................................................53 B. The Miracle of Weight Training…………………………………………55

10. Boyd Myers A. Personal Training - Sometimes, the Un-Profession……………………...57 B. What is Your Weakest Fitness Link?.........................................................60 C. Which is Most Important – Lifting? Diet? Supplements?.........................62

11. Brad Scott A. How To Define Your Primary Fitness Goal……………………………..66 B. Lower the Weight and Increase Your Strength………………………......68

12. Brian T. Rurak A. Exercise: The New Years Resolution. How You Can Stick to Your Goals and Lose Weight.....................................................................71

13. Bruce Kelly A. High Intensity Training: Why You Should Do It…....………………......75 B. Power: Why Everyone Needs It…………………………………………78

14. Camelia Herndon
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A. B. C. D.

Exercise and Your Family……………………………………………….80 Exercising and the Older Adult………………………………………….82 Family Fitness for the Entire Clan……………………………………….84 Senior Fitness, Aging Gracefully…………………………….…………..86

15. Carlos Torres A. 5 Biggest Fitness Myths…………………………………………….……88 B. 8 Biggest Workout Mistakes……………………………………………..90 C. 10 Minute Workout………………………………………………………92 D. The Gun Show……………………………………………………….......94

16. Chad Cannon A. 5 Reasons To Join a Boot Camp Fitness Class………………………......96 B. Fit, Firm, Fun.............................................................................................97 C. Fitness Inspiration......................................................................................98 D. Fitness Made Simple..................................................................................99 E. Losing weight? If not, Read below! Functional Training is The Way To Go!.............................................................................................101 F. Thirty Minute Fitness...............................................................................103

17. Chris Hill A. Are You Too Busy For Exercise?............................................................105

18. Chris McCombs A. Morning Fat Burn from an Orange County Renegade Personal Trainer......................................................................................................107

19. Clint Howard A. 5 Tips for Fitness Success........................................................................109 B. Tips for Safe Exercise in Pregnancy........................................................111 C. How to Instantly Shave 5 to 10 Strokes Off Your Golf Game!...............114

20. Crystal Reiber A. At Home With Your Workout.................................................................117 B. Family Fitness..........................................................................................119
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C. Senior Fitness...........................................................................................120 D. Working it at Work..................................................................................121

21. Curb Ivanic A. How to Avoid Running Injuries...............................................................123 B. Is Your Workout a Waste of Time?.........................................................126

22. Dale Andrew A. Realtor Fitness: 17 Jealously Guarded Secrets for Smaller Waists and Bigger Profits for the Physically and Financially Fit Realtor...........128 B. The Office Workout: Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At The Office...........................................................................................130 C. What’s Your Fitness Goal? Why Are You Going to The Gym?.............133 D. Why Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights......................................................135

23. Daniel Remon A. 5 Ways to Vary Your Cardio...................................................................138 B. Exercise for Busy Professionals...............................................................140 C. Golf Fitness & Conditioning....................................................................142 D. The Top 25 of Exercise............................................................................144 E. Workouts that Travel...............................................................................146

24. Dave Gleason A. Consistency in Exercise...........................................................................148 B. Get Lost to Get In Shape..........................................................................150

25. David Bluman A. Cross Training for the Summer................................................................152

26. David Herber A. How Can I Benefit From Weight Training?............................................154 B. Setting Realistic Body Transformation Goals In Preparation For Your Wedding...................................................................................156 C. Women Who Train With Weights Win Weight-Loss War......................158
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27. David Virgo A. Announcing Four Important Reasons For A Fitness-Weight-LossProgram In Your Bid For Superior Cricket Fitness.................................161 B. Discover A Simple Secret To Increasing Power in Your Shots and Adding A Yard of Pace To Your Bowling.......................................164 C. Discover The Different Forms of Physical Fitness Training That Will Boost Your Cricket Fitness..............................................................166 D. How Solid POSTURE Fitness Training Will Help Determine The Quality Of Your Cricket Fitness Foundations.........................................168

28. David Wehrenberg A. 7 Secrets to Beating the Police Drill Instructor at His Game in Physical Fitness Training and Graduate the Academy............................170 B. Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part 1 for Police Recruits and Officers..............................................................................................173 C. Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part 2 Examining Knee Injuries for Police Recruits and Officers...............................................................176 D. Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part 3 Ankle Injuries for Police Recruits and Officers...............................................................180 E. Injury Prevention Series Part 4 Acute vs. Chronic Injuries for Police Recruits and Officers...............................................................183 F. Five Secret Principles of Physical Exercise Training!.............................188

29. Denis Kanygin A. Postural Exercises - Solution to Your Lower Back Pain.........................190 B. What are Russian Kettlebells and Why It is The Ultimate Training Too.............................................................................194

30. Diana Rochon A. Posture on the Run...................................................................................196 B. Strength Fore Golf...................................................................................198

31. Doug Jackson A. How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy...........................................200 B. How to Stay Motivated During Cardio..................................................202
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32. Eric Johnson A. Do You Know Where to Go Next? Use These 6 Exercises to Bring Your Body to the Next Level.........................................................204 B. Faster Reflexes now!................................................................................206 C. Spend Less Time in the Gym! Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Faster!..........207 D. Start Here! Read these 5 tips before you begin your training program...209

33. Geoff Kalmbach A. 5 Fitness Tips for Beginners....................................................................211 B. Ab Wheel Insanity...................................................................................212 C. How To Deal With Shin Splints..............................................................214 D. Keeping Fit After 50................................................................................216 E. More to Core Than You Think................................................................218

34. George Hearn A. The Case for Explosive Training-Part 1..................................................220 B. The Case for Explosive Training-Part 2..................................................222

35. Gwen Linden-Bruzek A. Improve Your Golf Game With Yoga.....................................................224

36. Han Ayden A. Ab Training Increases Waist Size............................................................226 B. Cardio Confusion - To Do or Not To Do?...............................................228

37. Holly Leonard A. 7 Secrets to Getting Maximum Results In Minimum Time From Your Health And Fitness Program!................................................230

38. Hut Allred A. Fitness Doesn’t End After Three Months................................................232
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B. In Fitness, Some People Need a Push......................................................234 C. The Biggest Fitness Mistake....................................................................236 D. Working Toward Fitness..........................................................................238

39. Ibsen Alexandre A. Medicine Ball Training At Home............................................................240 B. Why Avoiding Cardio and Focus More on Weight Training Will Help YOU get Better Results and Lose Weight Faster...................242

40. James Cipriani A. Total Body Transformation: Part 1 - Training.........................................245 B. Total Body Transformation: Part 3 - Supplements..................................250 C. Total Body Transformation: Part 4 - Cardio...The Good, The Better, and The Best!........................................................................253 D. Total Body Transformation Training: Part 5 Plateau Busting Through Periodization...................................................258

41. Jane Westreich A. Keeping Joints Healthy and Strong..........................................................261

42. Jane Yogel A. The Pros of Strength Training..................................................................263

43. Jason Goggans A. Cardiovascular Exercise...........................................................................265 B. Resistance Train To Loose Fat and Look Great......................................273

44. Jason Morgan A. Can You Stand The Heat? Exercising Safely During the Summer Months.....................................................................279 B. The Evolution of Physical Fitness...........................................................281

45. Jason Zaretzky
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A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I.

7 Components To Optimal Athletic Development..................................285 Exercise Machines Suck..........................................................................290 Lifting Weights For Youth Athletes is Dangerous?................................293 Strength Training For Athletes................................................................295 The 7 Secrets To Developing The Complete Athlete..............................297 The Need For Speed.................................................................................303 The Significance of a sound Strength & Conditioning Program.............305 Turn Your Golfing Partners GREEN With Envy....................................308 Workout Preparation for Optimal Sports Performance...........................310

46. Joe Thiel A. I Don't Want Big Muscles!......................................................................312 B. The Top 5 Training Myths.......................................................................314

47. John Kent A. Are You Sick & Tired Of Not Getting The Results You Want From Your Exercise Program?......................................................316 B. When Is The Best Time To Do My Cardio?...........................................318

48. John Preston A. Designing Resistance Training Workouts...............................................320 B. How to Develop an Effective Cardiovascular Exercise Program............322 C. Introduction to Workout Design..............................................................325 D. Periodization: The Personal Trainer's Secret to Designing Exercise Routines...................................................................328 E. Understanding the Variables of Weight Training....................................330

49. Jonathan Wong A. 3 Real Life Reasons Not To Jog..............................................................333 B. 5 Factors for Fitness Success...................................................................337 C. 7 Great Gifts For The New Fitness Junkie...............................................341 D. Critical Elements Of A Modern Warm-Up (NEW)...............................1512

50. Josue Cano A. 3 Tips To Achieve Maximum Acceleration For Athletic Performance...346 B. Boxing Your Way To Fitness: Burning The Calories Big Time.............347



51. Kenneth Reed A. Functional Fitness Training Will Take You To New Heights For Real Life Situations!............................................................349

52. Kevin Hensel A. Golf Warm-Up Exercises.........................................................................351 B. Stretching 101..........................................................................................354 C. Stretching Survival Guide: Lower Body..................................................358 D. Stretching: the Forgotten Workout..........................................................366

53. Kevin Valluzzi A. Can Women Get Bulky From Lifting Weights?......................................370 B. Why Interval Training is the Best Form of Cardiovascular Exercise for Burning Calories and Losing Weight!.................................374 C. Home Workout vs. Gym Workout...........................................................380

54. Kim Ball A. How to Get a Flat Stomach......................................................................383 B. Is Your Cardio A Waste of Time?...........................................................386

55. Kristin Goodenough A. Are You Afraid of Boot Camp? Don't Be Afraid, It Isn't As Scary As You Think It Is! What To Expect From Your Fitness Boot Camp Experience............................................................................390 B. Are Your Workouts Boring? How to Bring Out Your "Inner Child" and Learn How to Play and Have Fun Again While Working Out!........394 C. Attention Women: Are You Building a Strong “Pouch” or a “Six Pack?” 8 Tips to Losing Your Belly Bulge Once and For All!.......397 D. How to Keep Your Kids From Driving You Insane This Summer!” The Smart Mom's Survival Guide To Getting Kids Off the Couch and Moving Their Body..........................................................................399 E. Real Women Getting Real RESULTS at Boot Camp!............................403

56. Larry Johnston A. Fitness and People with Mental Disabilities............................................406
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57. Linda Copeland A. The Fabulous Five: Smokin' Hot Cocktail Dress Workouts....................408

58. Liz Modrell A. Lift to Lose: The Importance of Strength Training for Women..............413 B. Measuring Fitness Production..................................................................415 C. Starting an Exercise Program...................................................................416 D. Why Work With a Personal Trainer?.......................................................418

59. Marci Lall A. How to Get Rid of Your Arm Flab for Good!.........................................420 B. Why Circuit Training Will Help You Lose Weight Faster......................422

60. Mario Hostios A. Exercise Away Your Aches And Pains!..................................................424 B. Too Much Cardio Can Make You Fat!....................................................426

61. Mark H. Saunders A. Overtraining.............................................................................................428 B. The basic principles of Training and Nutrition........................................430

62. Mark Hibbitts A. Running When Pregnant and After the Birth? Is It Safe?........................433

63. Mark Mogavero A. Flexibility: The Cornerstone of Any Fitness Program.............................436 B. Machines are NOT safer than Free Weights............................................438 C. Moderate Cardio, Light Weights—How this is keeping people fat.........440 D. The Best Exercise Out There? The Deadlift............................................442

64. Matt Hill
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A. Resistance Training and What It Really Means.......................................445

65. Max Hoyt A. 12 Reasons Every Adult Should Weight Train........................................447 B. Fitness Myths Exposed............................................................................450

66. Michael J. Norwood A. Core Training: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?..................................454

67. Michael P. Keenan A. Cancer Related Fatigue and Exercise......................................................457 B. Exercise and Pregnancy: An Overview of Program Design....................461 C. Fibromyalgia and Exercise: An Overview for Program Design..............464 D. How we Measure Health and Fitness.......................................................466 E. Squats verses Leg Extensions: Open and Closed Kinetic Chain and The rationale for Strength and Function..................................................468

68. Michael Reyes A. 4 Great Fat Burners!.................................................................................471 B. 6 Cheap At-Home Workouts!..................................................................473 C. 6 Fitness Myths Revealed!.......................................................................475

69. Michelle Cox A. Fit At 50 And Beyond..............................................................................477 B. Golf Conditioning For The Golfing Athlete............................................478

70. Mike Hansen A. At Home Golf Fitness Assessment..........................................................480 B. Fitness Equipment For Your At Home Golf Workouts...........................481 C. Golf Fitness For Juniors...........................................................................484 D. Stay In The Game of Golf........................................................................486 E. The Big Five............................................................................................488


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71. Paula Jager A. Baby Boomer Fitness will Keep You Rocking........................................490 B. Free Weights vs. Machines......................................................................493 C. Women and Strength...............................................................................495

72. Peter Vasilis A. Oprah’s Doing It, How About You? Discover The Secrets Of The Latest Fitness Craze!...................................................................497 B. Weighing In On The Issues of Women & Weight Training The Fastest Way To That Lean, Fit, Sexy Physique!..............................499

73. Phil Beckett A. Basic Home Fitness Guidelines...............................................................501 B. Body Building Routines Made Simple But Effective..............................503 C. Body Building Tips And Tricks...............................................................506 D. Home Fitness Machines Shouldn’t Cost You A Fortune.........................508 E. The Best Body Building Supplements Can Make a Difference in Your Body Building Efforts.....................................................................511

74. Randy Gruezo A. How Not Working Out Your Lower Body Significantly Reduces Strength Gains For Your Upper Body!!!...................................514 B. Why Our Senior Population Should Train Fast and Why Training Them Not To Is Killing Them!!!..............................................516 C. WOMEN ONLY!!! Heavy Weight Training = Toned, Sexy Body!!! PERIOD!!!...............................................................................................519

75. Rani Yovetich A. Exercise for the Equestrian......................................................................521

76. Rita Jagodzinski A. The Exercise Secret..................................................................................524


- xiv –

77. Robert Collier A. Abdominal Training Tips for Injury Prevention and Improved Function...................................................................................526 B. Common Causes of Ankle Injury and How You Can Prevent a Re-Injury..................................................................................529 C. How To Keep Motivated With Your Exercise Programme.....................532 D. The Core - What Is It, How Does It Work And Why Is It Important To Connect To Your Core?......................................................................534

78. Robert L. Selders, Jr. A. Aging Gracefully. How Training Female Athletes Can Increase Your 'Gray'.................................................................................536

79. Robert Morrison A. Choosing a Personal Trainer....................................................................539 B. Egos and Heroes......................................................................................540 C. How Much Can Women Achieve?..........................................................542 D. Variation & Stagnation............................................................................544

80. Rodney Golden A. What Cardio Fitness Is All About............................................................546

81. Roxayn Daniels A. Get Lean & Fit With a “Mini-Circuit” Fitness Program: A Personal Trainer Shares One of Her Favorite Time-Saving, Results Generating Workouts!.................................................................549 B. Post-Pregnancy Fitness: A Personal Trainer and Mother of Two Provides 6 Tips to Help You Get Started on an Incredible Post-Pregnancy Transformation...............................................................552 C. Weight Training Advice for Women: How to Avoid 5 Very Common Mistakes Women Make in the Gym and Get Optimal Results in Minimum from Your Strength Training Program...................555

82. Ryan Kollock A. Fitness Success in 5 Steps........................................................................558 B. Training Guidelines for Pregnant Women...............................................561


- xv –

83. Shannon Corey A. Find the Best Personal Trainer For You..................................................563 B. No Gym? No Problem!............................................................................565

84. Shervan Khanna A. Strength Training is the Key to Successful Anti-Aging..........................568

85. Shondelle Solomon-Miles A. Bulking Up": Is This Really A Problem For Women?............................570 B. To Exercise or Not to Exercise?..............................................................572

86. Stan Small A. Fitness Can Be Fun! Really!....................................................................574 B. In Search of the Elusive Six Pack............................................................576 C. Pleasure, Pain, and Fitness.......................................................................579

87. Stephen Holt A. Fitness Program Tip - What to Stretch, What to Strengthen...................582 B. Get Off Your Rear!..................................................................................586 C. How You Can Get Your Fitness Program Back on Track with 8 Simple Steps.........................................................................................590 D. Inner Thigh Lies - Discover the Truth about Inner Thigh Exercises.......593

88. Tim Chudy A. Men's Fitness............................................................................................596 B. The 5 Deadly Sins To Avoid When Beginning A Fitness & Nutrition Program....................................................................598

89. Tim Rudd A. Best Exercise Ever For Flat Abs..............................................................600 B. Would You Like a Strong, Leaned Toned Body?; Got Core Training!...602


- xvi –

90. Timothy Kret A. How To Choose A Personal Trainer........................................................604 B. Special Report: Choosing a Personal Trainer..........................................608

91. Todd Elliott A. How To Create Awesome Abs, Just Like The Models You See In The Magazines......................................................................612 B. Position Your Arms For Maximum Growth............................................615

92. Todd Painter A. The 5 Best Exercises to Get a Higher Vertical Jump...............................617

93. Travis Speegle A. Stop "Working Out"!...............................................................................619

94. Velma Esprit Garnes A. Walking You and Your Family- Healthy for Life...................................620


- xvii –

Nutrition Secrets
1. Adam Kessler A. Fiber Does More Than Just Lower Cholesterol.......................................623

2. Alan Courtenay A. 7 Easy Ways To Cutting 250 Calories.....................................................625 B. Breakfast: It Really Is For Champions?...................................................628 C. Did the Cavemen Have it Right?.............................................................630 D. Nutrition Labels Revealed.......................................................................633

3. Alton Skinner A. Eating For Aces: A Quick and Easy Nutrition Plan for Junior Tennis Players...............................................................................636

4. Arnel Ricafran A. Six Pack Abs Expert Reveals His Eating Secrets In Achieving Six Pack Abs............................................................................................640 B. Six Pack Abs Expert Reveals The Truth on Fruit. PLUS What a Healthy Meal Should Consist of To Get Your Six Pack Abs...............644 C. Six Pack Abs Expert Reveals Why Weight Loss Shakes Are A Waste of Money...................................................................................646 D. Six Pack Abs Expert Reveals What You Need To Know About "Fat-Free" Labeled Foods.............................................................649

5. Babe Mooney A. The "Secret" Revealed.............................................................................651 B. Water - Too Little or Too Much?............................................................653

6. Bob Mittleman A. The Eight Deadly Pitfalls Of Exercise And Eating Right........................655


- xviii –

7. Brad Scott A. Eating Right Made Easy..........................................................................660 B. How to Eat on the Go...............................................................................662

8. Brenda Terry A. Do You Think Drinking Diet Sodas Will Help You To Lose Weight?...664

9. Brian T. Rurak A. Where Is The Sugar Hiding? 'The Truth About Low Fat Foods and How They Can Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Pursuit...............665

10. Camelia Herndon A. Your Fitness Grocery List........................................................................668

11. Carlos Torres A. Eating Out and Staying Healthy..............................................................670

12. Carol Klingsmith A. How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off-- Eat Your Vegetables!................672

13. Chad Cannon A. Fitness Recovery For The Recovering Low-Carb Addicts......................674 B. Keeping Kids Healthy During Halloween!..............................................676 C. Toning Up With Healthy Eating..............................................................678

14. Chris Hill A. Die With A T = Diet................................................................................681 B. How To Design A Nutrition Plan To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat All Year Around................................................................684 C. What Is A Calorie?...................................................................................690


- xix –

15. Crystal Quintana and Elaine Peabody A. Exercise Right By Eating Right...............................................................693 B. Grab N Go Snack Ideas............................................................................695 C. Never Diet Again.....................................................................................697

16. Curb Ivanic A. Does Everyone Need to Eat the Same Way? Part I.................................699 B. Does Everyone Need to Eat the Same Way? Part II...............................701

17. Dale Andrew A. Eat These 7 Energy Foods, Increase Energy Levels................................703

18. Daniel Remon A. Top 10 Nutritional Guidelines.................................................................705

19. Dave Gleason A. Guaranteed Weight Loss Success Starts with the Food You Eat!...........708

20. David Herber A. Snacking Through The Stress: Saying "I DO" to Healthy Treats............710

21. David J. Angiolieri A. Weight Management and the Glycemic Index.........................................713

22. David Wehrenberg A. Police Officers Pre-Fitness Meal To Out Last The Drill Instructor During Physical Training........................................................715 B. Supplement’s Are The Wonder Drugs!...................................................717 C. Water -A-Fluid Connection Keeping Your Body In Motion During Physical Fitness Training.............................................................726


- xx –

23. Dean Carlson A. Is Antioxidant Supplementation Necessary?...........................................728

24. Debbie Sproule A. You CAN Take it with You! Fatloss Meal Planning for Busy People....731

25. Doug Jackson A. Cortisol: How it Interferes With Fat Loss and What to Do About It.......733 B. Cortisol: How it Interferes With Fat Loss and What to Do About It (Part II).....................................................................................................735 C. Cortisol: How it Interferes With Fat Loss and What to Do About It (Part III)...................................................................................................737 D. How Alcohol Affects Fitness...................................................................739

26. Eric Sutton A. Super Fuel Boosts Fat Burning Capacity.................................................741

27. Erin Morgart A. Water: A Vital Component......................................................................743

28. Gary Giamboi A. Negative Calorie Foods... Where's the Beef?..........................................744 B. The Myth of Negative Calorie Foods......................................................748 C. The Not so Sweet Side of Sugar..............................................................752

29. Geoff Kalmbach A. Water and Fat Loss..................................................................................754

30. Han Ayden A. Soy: The Hormone Destroyer..................................................................756


- xxi –

31. Holly Leonard A. Discover The 9 Essential Strategies of Healthy Nutrition That Will Have Your Fit And Lean In Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible.............................................................................758

32. Hut Allred A. A Steady Diet of Advice..........................................................................761

33. Ibsen Alexandre A. New Diet, New Revolution, Is It For You?.............................................763 B. You Really Want to LOSE WEIGHT? Stop Counting CALORIES and Focus on INGREDIENTS.................................................................767

34. James Cipriani A. Total Body Transformation: Part 2 - Nutrition........................................770

35. Jane Westreich A. Do You Need a Breakfast Makeover?.....................................................775

36. Jason Goggans A. Nutrition: The Myths and The Truth.......................................................778

37. Jason Morgan A. Fuel: Fitness Meals In Minutes................................................................788 B. Fuel: Fitness Meals In Minutes PT.2.......................................................791 C. The Key To Weight Loss Success – Change Your Eating Behavior.......794

38. Jimmy Smith A. Low-Carb Craziness.................................................................................796


- xxii –

39. Joe Thiel A. Diets Not Only Do Not Work, They May Be Harmful To Your Health........................................................................................798 B. I've Had Enough With The Diets!............................................................800

40. John Kent A. Sugar –- The Hidden Enemy!..................................................................802 B. Surviving the Big Mac Attack in Our Fast Food World!.........................804

41. Jonathan Wong A. Best Healthy Foods - 9 Groups................................................................806

42. Josue Cano A. Why Should You Eat Breakfast?.............................................................809

43. Kenneth Reed A. Artery Clogging, Fatty, Greasy, Sugary Foods...Oh My!........................810 B. Personal Trainer In Baltimore Exposes What They Don't Want You To Know.................................................................................814

44. Kevin Valluzzi A. Strive For Five.........................................................................................817

45. Kim Ball A. Are You Eating Enough Protein?............................................................821 B. Why You Should Stop Focusing ONLY on Calories..............................824

46. Liz Modrell A. Eating to Lose Weight: Diets Don't Work...............................................828 B. 3 Reasons Why You Need Nutritional Supplements...............................830


- xxiii –

47. Marci Lall A. How to Snack For Optimal Weight Loss.................................................832

48. Mark H. Saunders A. Drink Up!.................................................................................................835 B. What Is Your Excuse For Not Eating Right?...........................................838

49. Matt MacLeod A. As Food Portions Increase So Does Our Waist Line...............................841 B. Fad Diets And Diet Centers Add To The Growing Problem of Obesity.....................................................................................................843

50. Max Hoyt A. Common Diet Myths Exposed.................................................................845 B. The Skinny on Fats: A Guide to Help You Understand How Fats Help & Hurt Our Health..........................................................849

51. Michelle Cox A. Nutrition Plan For Rapid Fat Loss...........................................................851

52. Paula Jager A. Nutrition and Fat Loss: Overcoming Obstacles.......................................854

53. Pete Piranio A. The Essentials..........................................................................................856

54. Peter Vasilis A. Fast Food And A Healthy Diet - How To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!........................................................................................859


- xxiv –

55. Rani Yovetich A. Calcium-Miracle Cure or Propaganda.....................................................861 B. Pure Sweetness........................................................................................863

56. Robert Francis A. Change Your Body TODAY...SUPERHYDRATE NOW!.....................866

57. Robert L. Selders, Jr. A. How to Eat During the Holiday Season: Tips for Enjoying Yourself Without Impacting your Waistline...........................................................870

58. Robert Morrison A. Diets - Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail..........................................872

59. Roxayn Daniels A. What’s In YOUR Supplement Cupboard?: A Nutritionist’s Recommendation for 5 Key Supplements that Will Make the Biggest Impact on Your Overall Health, Fitness and Energy...............................874

60. Ryan Kollock A. Have You Had Your Metabolic Tests and Received Your Customized Supplements?...........................................................................................878 B. Top 3 Supplements You Need, Period!...................................................881

61. Shondelle Solomon-Miles A. Airport Dining Sucks!..............................................................................883 B. Attention All Women: Diets Are A Recipe For Disaster........................885 C. Do Calories Matter?.................................................................................887 D. Do They Work? The Real Deal On Diets................................................889 E. Does Breakfast Really Matter For Weight Loss?....................................891 F. Stop Blaming Carbohydrates!..................................................................893 G. Weighing-In On Low Carb Diets.............................................................895


- xxv –

62. Thomas Christian Jensen A. Sound Fishy? This Stuff's for Real!.........................................................898

63. Tim Chudy A. Cholesterol: The Good, The Bad, And 4 Ways To Lower It...................899 B. Danger: Are Liquid Calories Sabotaging Your Diet?..............................901 C. Diet Ups And Downs...............................................................................903 D. 3 Fatal Nutrition Mistakes You Are Making Right Now Bringing Your Fat Loss To a Screeching Halt.........................................905

64. Todd Elliott A. Incinerating Body Fat Is Not Rocket Science..........................................907

65. Tony Falaro A. Optimizing Your Body Composition.......................................................917

66. Travis Speegle A. It's Your Diet, Stupid!..............................................................................921

67. Velma Esprit Garnes A. What's In The [Noni] Juice?....................................................................923


- xxvi –

Weightloss Secrets
1. Adam Kessler A. Eating Chocolate Ice Cream Every Full Moon Promotes Weight Loss.............................................................................927 B. How To Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Program......................929 C. Potential Diet Pill Might Cause More Harm Than Good........................931

2. Andrew Voris A. Obese Employees Factor in on Bottom Line...........................................933 B. Weight Loss Now, How Can I Lose Body Fat??.....................................935

3. Andy Salazar A. Burn Your Fat Pants.................................................................................948 B. The Secret Truth to Losing Weight.........................................................950

4. Babe Mooney A. Obesity Is on the Rise!!............................................................................952

5. Bob Mittleman A. The Three Keys To Any Successful Exercise Program...........................954

6. Bonnie Murphy A. 10 Things Regular Exercise Can Do For You.........................................956

7. Brad Scott A. Weight Loss and Fad Diets......................................................................959

8. Brian T. Rurak A. Weight Loss: Diets and Supplements and Their Ridiculous Claims! No More Bogus Claims About Weight Loss...........................................961 B. Women and Weight-Loss: Common Mistakes You Are Making............965
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9. Clint Howard A. 10 Tips to Achieving Weight Loss for Good!.........................................968 B. Achieving Weight Loss With Proper Nutrition.......................................970 C. How to Maximize Your Metabolism.......................................................972

10. Crystal Quintana A. Tips for Getting Swimsuit Ready............................................................974

11. Curb Ivanic A. Metabolic Typing and Weight Loss.........................................................976

12. Dale Andrew A. Top Ten Lame Exercise Excuses Why People Who Want A Better Body Don’t Want to Exercise..........................................978 B. You Want a Better Body, You Joined The Gym, Now What?................980

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........... The Evidence For Strength-Based Rehab For Back Pain.. What's up with Reiki?...... Focus For a Better Body...............................................................................1474 C.................................... Using Body Type to Create Realistic Goals....... Lasting Longer..1484 67........... Shondelle Solomon-Miles A...........................com .....1491 68.......... Eternal Fairways and Greens..... Visualization: An Effective Tool For Reprogramming Negative Belief Systems.....................1463 63.............................................1464 B......................FitnessExpertNetwork......... Do You Believe You Can Lose Weight?................... Jr.............. Motivated for Life........... A Better Body NOW!. Robert L................... Syndrome X? What Is It and Is It a Real Syndrome?..1493 www................ Who am I?.............................................. Shervan Khanna A......................1479 B.................1468 64..............................................7 Tips That Will Keep You Playing Golf for a Life Time............ Living Stronger................ Body Transformation Requires That You Set Goals......1481 C.......1477 66...........................................................1470 65............................. Robert Johnson Jr........................ Ryan Kollock A.......1489 C........................................................xliii – .........1487 B.............. Unstoppable! How You Can Chare Forward and Achieve All Your Fitness Goals Now....... Selders.1466 C.................62.... Health Promotion............................... Rodney Golden A................................................................7 Secrets to Creating a Better Body After the Baby..................................... A.................. A...................................................1472 B.... Stan Small A...

1495 B... Nutrition...........1500 70........................... PostMenopausal Women....................................1496 C..................................FitnessExpertNetwork............... The Effects of Decreased Hormonal Activity on Bone Loss and Muscular Development in Pre-...............1505 C......1502 B............................................. Believe.... and Menopause.................. How The Old Stay Young.......................xliv – ........ Tim Chudy A... The Power to Commit to a Decision: Have You Really Made Up Your Mind to Get the Body You Want.............................................1498 D...................... or Are You Just Wishing for It?................... Peri-...................................... The Ultimate Health & Fitness Secret.......................1508 www.... Velma Esprit Garnes A.. Exercise.................................69..............com ......................... How To Optimize Your Fat Burning Potential......................

FitnessExpertNetwork.com -1- .Fitness Secrets www.

you will first have to do some exercises with weights. like you are trying to shut a car door. don't let the knees go past the toes. keep your weight on your heels and stay flat footed. The following three exercises are killer shaping exercises for the butt: 1. for 3 sets. Whatever it is. rumpshaker. Remember to step a good length. Make sure you eat plenty of protein from sources like lean meat. Finally. but it will be well worth it. Find a weight that is challenging. push your hips backward. and whole wheat breads. this exercise will really firm up that back region. Lunges: Another great exercise for the butt. you have to watch your diet. keep your back tight. Stiff Legged Deadlifts: You will feel this all through the posterior region. you want to do 12 to 15 repetitions. Let's show you how to get that round. www. Summer is almost here. reduce the fat intake by avoiding saturated and trans fats. people want to make sure that they are looking good from behind. to really get the butt looking great. and go deep enough on your squats so the top of your thigh is parallel to the ground. Keeping your back tight. 3. This exercise will require you to hold weights in front of you. Now. Make sure your knees don't go out past your toes when you squat. Standing tall. Go until your hamstrings won't allow you to and then return to the starting position by bringing your hips in. this is a Jennifer Lopez favorite. For the longest time our society has had a fascination with the derriere. and bend at the waist. with your feet shoulder width apart. Find carbohydrate sources that are from whole fruits and vegetables. whole wheat pasta. Supposedly. shapely butt ASAP! To get the derriere in the best shape possible. not easy. If you were to just do lunges. you would make all your friends jealous of how firm your 'butt' has become. With bathing suit season right around the corner. chicken. I'm sure you don't want anything jiggling where it isn't supposed to be so that you are able to 'strut your stuff' so to speak. Don't eat a lot of processed foods. and explode back to the standing position. bend at the knees and thrust your hips backwards like you're going to sit in a chair.How To Get Your Booty In Shape Before Summer By Adam Kessler Getting your butt in shape have popularized the following terms: little junk in the trunk. To do this.FitnessExpertNetwork. you need to make sure there isn't a lot of bodyfat around the area. and Jennifer Lopez. and fish. so we have to work quickly. shake that booty.com -2– . keep the foot flat. turkey. 2. you have to make sure that area is shaped up nicely. if done properly. Squats: The king of all leg exercises. With these exercises.

His company focuses on speed and strength development for athletes as well as teaching people to safely and permanently lose weight. you could risk making your butt a tad bigger. If you neglect either of one of them.fitnessplanning. stay disciplined. Find a piece of equipment that will get your heart rate going for 25-35 minutes. walking.You will also need to do cardiovascular exercise so that you can burn away excess bodyfat. you will be able to show off that finely tuned rear end of yours because the body-fat will be gone. About the Author Adam Kessler is President of Fitness Planning Consultants. If you can combine your diet and cardio. He can be reached at www. elliptical machines are a great way to get your cardio work in and we'll help burn away that body-fat. Riding the bike.com -3– .com www. You want to be able to speak sentences and not gasp for breath as you are training.FitnessExpertNetwork. So. work hard. and I think you could have the derriere that you will gladly want to show off at the pool this summer.

Studies have shown that using weight-bearing exercises will help to increase the bone density and make them stronger. Weight-bearing exercises. Her options were drugs. These are the years where you are developing your bone mass.com -4– . She was in the early stages of osteoporosis. President of Two Men and a Truck®. Working with dumbbells. free weights. She decided to choose on a third option not as highly promoted as the first two. President of Sports Conditioning Specialists.FitnessExpertNetwork. adding an intensity that she wasn’t used to doing on her own. turned 50. Medical experts agree that osteoporosis can be preventable. to get her on track. so getting kids to eat diets rich in calcium and Vitamin D is a must."Pumping a Little Iron Might Just Prevent Osteoporosis" By Adam Kessler When Gail Kelley. If acquired. www. It is estimated that in the United States. this disease leads to deterioration of the bone tissue and could affect over 44 million Americans or 55 percent of individuals age 50 or older.” Kelley said. Other factors experts say that can help prevent osteoporosis are: • Doing weight-bearing and resistance training exercises • Living a healthy lifestyle with no smoking or excessive alcohol consumption • Taking bone-density tests when appropriate Kelley decided to enlist the services of Adam Kessler. 10 million people already have the disease while another 34 million are estimated to have low bone density therefore increasing their chance of acquiring the disease. Low bone mass is a typical characteristic of osteoporosis. Eighty percent of the victims are women. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Kessler put her on an exercise routine with weights. which she wanted to use only as a last resort.” Kessler also recommended combining the exercise with an improved calcium rich diet. but it starts during adolescence. “I am amazed at the difference of how I think I pushed myself when working out versus what these guys can get out of me. she had a base line bone scan performed. or increase her calcium intake. should develop increase the bone density enough to stave the onset of osteoporosis. and/or exercise machines at an intensity that pushes you. which she had tried calcium supplements before with poor results. They understand my goal and when I waver they refocus me to that goal. She learned that she was below minimum level bone density for her pelvis/hip and right at minimum level for her spine. “They just do not allow me to slack off. the disease leads to increased bone fragility and more susceptibility to fractures.

com -5– . “My mentality is that I will continue to workout with Adam and his group indefinitely.” said Kelley. What was the result? A year later Kelley went back and pestered her doctor to get another bone scan.’ About the Author Adam Kessler is President of Fitness Planning Consultants. but all races can be affected • An inactive lifestyle • Low calcium intake throughout your lifetime • Family history of osteoporosis Osteoporosis is often called the “silent disease” because there really aren’t any symptoms until it is too late.This included eating more dairy foods such as yogurt. almonds. buttermilk.FitnessExpertNetwork. He can be reached at www. you might want to ask your doctor for a bone scan: • Women over 50 and started menopause • Caucasian or Asian. molasses. To learn more about osteoporosis and other health and fitness concerns. Her second scan showed much improvement in both her critical areas. or salmon.com www. His company focuses on speed and strength development for athletes as well as teaching people to safely and permanently lose weight. an individual could acquire their calcium from sources such as baked beans. and sign up for their free newsletter. or cheese. moving her back into the normal range. If that is the case. let alone improve!” Kelley was ecstatic that she didn’t have to resort to drugs and has resolved that the combined diet and exercise will become a lifestyle habit for her to prevent osteoporosis. But.com. milk. oranges. It is recommended that if you have some of the following risk factors. So if you have certain risk factors it is better to be safe than sorry. Before you know it your bones are weak and you are getting fractures. it does not stop.fitnessplanning. the best thing you can do now is start pumping iron and eating right and maybe you won’t have to worry about ‘dem bones. “My doctor said that the usual scenario is that once bone density loss starts. But some people are lactose intolerant. They have become part of the team of professionals that are helping me reach my goal of staying active and healthy as I age. go to http://fitnessplanning.

On the spot with racquet: www. A dynamic warm-up. Warming up for tennis is an important part of your routine. preparing them for the forces experiences during tennis. 1. Repeat on left leg. Pre-practice and pre-competition warm-up routines for junior tennis players have typically focused on static stretching. An effective warm-up does five very important things for junior tennis players. Engrains proper movement patterns and the coordination needed in tennis. increase blood flow to the muscles and assist in injury prevention. Gets the heart and lungs ready for vigorous activity. 3. 5.FitnessExpertNetwork.com -6– . Increases body temperature allowing muscles to work more efficiently. While this type of stretching is still important for maintaining flexibility and joint range of motion. Start with low impact movements and gradually build to more dynamic movements that contract and stretch the muscles through their full range of motion. and alternate Lift right knee to hip level. Research suggests it can speed nerve transmission. Stretches muscles actively. The aim is to increase your breathing and warm up the specific muscles to be used in each stroke and court movement. not before practice or competition. 4. which involves stretching with movement. 2. then straighten knee. Start at the baseline and move forward to the net. then repeat each movement backwards to the baseline: • • • • • • • • • • • Walk on heels Walk on toes Right leg lunge. repeat on left leg and alternate Lunge sideways Skip Jog jog with knees high in front Jog with heels to buttocks Side steps Side step crossovers. accomplishes all of these tasks. Wakes up the nervous system and gets the brain talking with the muscles. then rotate upper body to the left.A Quick and Easy Dynamic Warm-up For Junior Tennis Players By Alton Skinner Dynamic warm-up and flexibility training is an essential element of any pre-practice or pre-competition routine and helps prepare the body for the demands of today’s tennis game. it really should be performed after play.

Accelerated Golf and Tennis. About the Author If you are a weekend tennis player. or professional player. reduces painful injuries. Alton Skinner. and reshapes your body so you can win more tournaments and play your best tennis all the time. a competitive amateur. a Raleigh.com. North Carolina athletic performance and nutrition specialist. www.FitnessExpertNetwork. practice better. repeat for backhand 10 times each side Split step then shadow forehand volley. to maximize your performance when it matters most to you. More information is available by calling 919-270-4658. It has been my experience that when junior tennis players follow a consistent dynamic warm up they play better. and experience far fewer and less severe injuries.altonskinner. Work with him directly or follow the guidelines in a personalized Tournament Player Performance Plan. Mention that you read this article and receive a complete tennis conditioning analysis and a copy of Alton’s quarterly conditioning and nutrition guide. can help you create a conditioning and nutrition program that adds endurance. a complete plan designed just for you based on your playing schedule and current body condition. Repeat for backhand volley 10 times each side.• • Split step then shadow forehand.com -7– . Or visit his website www. It is to a junior tennis player advantage to follow this quick and easy dynamic warm up program. a $40 value.

Total Body Stretch takes 5 to 10 minutes Although it takes a little longer than the other two. It is essential for an effective junior tennis fitness program to contain both strength and flexibility development. Usually it will be a lower body stretch or total body stretch. agility work or a match to speed your recovery. Quadriceps Stretch Hold 1 sec 15 sec hold 15 sec hold 20 sec hold 30 sec hold 15 sec hold 15 sec hold 15 sec per side Hold for 20 sec Hold for 20 sec www. it is important to perform it. It will leave you feeling refreshed. I have provided three programs to be performed after practice. 1. Keep you breathing slow and controlled through out. The one you perform depends on the kind of exercise you been doing. great flexibility and strength. Calf Stretch 5. This program is quick and time efficient for junior tennis players to fit into their hectic schedules. Outer Thigh Stretch 8. Spine Rotation 7. Inner Thigh Stretch 6.A Quick and Easy Flexibility Program For Junior Tennis Players By Alton Skinner The Junior Tennis Players that win the most tournaments these days have proven athletic ability. Hamstring Stretch 10. strength training. Triceps Stretch 4. Glute Stretch 9. This junior tennis flexibility plan has 3 stretch sequences for you. Chest Stretch 2. Upper Back Stretch 3.com -8– .FitnessExpertNetwork.

you can also perform each stretch on its own at other times.FitnessExpertNetwork. Quadriceps Stretch 4. building your flexibility. Chest Stretch Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your leg slightly bent. Upper Back Stretch Short Standing Stretch Ideal for cooling down after a cardio or when you are pressed for time. Hamstring Stretch Hold for 20 sec 3. 1. Calf Stretch Hold for 20 sec Hold for 20 sec Hold for 20 sec Hold for 20 sec Hold for 15 sec Hold for 15 sec 2. Chest Stretch Hold for 15 sec The Flexibility Moves By stretching the muscles in your arms. chest. the short standing stretch features a few quick exercises for all the major muscle groups. Quadriceps Stretch Hold for 20 sec 4. then return to start. Hamstring Stretch 3. 1.com -9– . Pull your tummy muscles in and keep your head.Lower Body Stretch takes 5 minutes When you have time after an intense lower body toning session or cardio. you are eliminating tension. 1. These moves are in order you perform at the end of each workout. back. lift your arms behind you until you can feel a stretch across your chest. This is useful if you find one area of your body is feeling stiff and sore. Clasp your hands behind your back. and legs. and shoulders relaxed. Keeping your back straight. and reducing your soreness. this sequence will give you the ultimate lower body stretch. Calf Stretch 2. Chest Stretch 5. Hold for 15 seconds. www. neck.

Straighten your arms out in front of you and clasp your fingers together.FitnessExpertNetwork. with arms stretched out at shoulder level. Keeping your lower back firm and your body upright. Hold the position for about 15 seconds or a little longer if you can. Feel the stretch in your bottom and your outer thigh. feeling the stretch down the back of your arm for 10 seconds. Slowly return to the start position. allowing the muscles to relax into the stretch as you do so.2. but don’t force the stretch. Hold for about 15 seconds and then slowly lower your arms to the start position. Hold your other leg with one hand behind the thigh and one hand behind your calf. Triceps Stretch Stand with your feet hip width apart and your legs slightly bend. Raise one arm and place the hand over your back (as if trying to scratch your upper back). then slowly return your legs to the start position. Hold for 15 seconds. Cross your other leg so your ankle is resting just above the knee. Clasp the thigh of your first leg firmly by both hands. Slowly return to the start position and repeat with the other arm. gently pull it toward you until you feel the stretch down the back of your thigh. Repeat the stretch using your other leg. gently push your hands away from you. then gently pull it toward you. www. Bend the knee of one leg. Hold the position. Keeping this leg as straight as you can. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Bend both legs to 90 degrees. then return to the start before repeating on the other side. 3. 5. Now increase the stretch by gently pushing the elbow back with your other hand. 6. Upper Back Stretch Stand with your feet hip width apart and your legs slightly bent. 4. Feel the stretch across your upper back and the back of your shoulders. Glute Stretch Lie on your back on the floor.com . then drop your knees to one side so one is touching the floor. Lying Down Hamstring Stretch Lie on your back on the floor with one leg bent at the knee and your foot flat on the floor. but keep your foot on the floor. Repeat with your other leg.10 – . Spine Rotation Lie on your back.

feet facing forward. Calf Stretch Stand with your feet together.com . Hold for 20 seconds. Keep your back straight. Place the soles of your feet together. Keep your head down and neck relaxed. and the back of your knee. keeping your back straight. 8. feeling the stretch in your calf. 11. Feel the stretch in your outer thigh. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with your other leg. Outer Thigh Stretch Sit with one leg in front of you and the other crossed over it. Imagine a straight line running from your back heel to your head. Quadriceps Stretch Stand up straight. Feel the stretch in the back of your thigh. pushing into the heel. and then repeat with the other leg. Keep your knees together. and back straight. Inner Thigh Stretch Sit with your back straight. 12. You can increase the stretch by moving your rear foot slightly back. then. keeping your supporting leg slightly bent. 9. You can intensify this stretch by placing your elbows on your knees and.FitnessExpertNetwork. use the other to ease your knee across your body. bring one leg behind you and hold the front of the foot. Keeping your hips on the floor. Bend your other knee and slowly bend forward from the hips. hips pointing forward. then slowly lean in a little farther to intensify the stretch. gently easing your body forward from the hips. 10. Standing Hamstring Stretch Place one heel in front of you and put your hands on your thigh. pushing into the heel and bending your other leg slightly. www. Hold for 10 seconds. and then repeat with the other leg. Bend your other leg and holding the front of your foot. Hold for 20 seconds. feeling it in your inner thighs as you relax your legs down towards the floor. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. then step back with one foot. pull your feet in toward you. Hold for 20 seconds. and holding for a few seconds.11 – . and heels on the floor. then repeat on the other side. Lying Down Quadriceps stretch Lie face down with your head on one hand. holding your ankles. Feel the stretch in the front of your thigh and your hip. calf. pull it up toward your bottom. Hold for 10 seconds.7. With one arm for support.

and reshapes your body so you can win more tournaments and play your best tennis all the time. a Raleigh. a complete plan designed just for you based on your playing schedule and current body condition. About the Author If you are a weekend tennis player. a $40 value. feel. Accelerated Golf and Tennis. North Carolina athletic performance and nutrition specialist. www. can help you create a conditioning and nutrition program that adds endurance. or professional player. Or visit his website www. More information is available by calling 919-270-4658.12 – . reduces painful injuries.com. to maximize your performance when it matters most to you. and perform in you next junior tennis match. a competitive amateur.com .altonskinner. Work with him directly or follow the guidelines in a personalized Tournament Player Performance Plan. Mention that you read this article and receive a complete tennis conditioning analysis and a copy of Alton’s quarterly conditioning and nutrition guide.Follow this program and notice how much better you look.FitnessExpertNetwork. Alton Skinner.

and conditioning required to ensure victory at each point. If I think you need more extensive consulting assistance. track and field and all the other major and Olympic sports to enhance performance. It is inevitable since it is part of the quest to become number one in most sports. Why Training is Necessary The available information on junior tennis conditioning is thin at best. What I plan to do is lay out a step by step plan for the junior athlete. Junior athletes are not little adults. physical abilities. I’ll tell you.com . By introducing this new generation to this type of conditioning for tennis. it can be draining due to the mental focus. baseball. It is grueling and mind numbing. and how to prepare for the big tournament. it will become so. It lays out a comprehensive. As a result you are not getting the most out of your abilities. we will see the development of stronger. skill. call or e-mail me.13 – . Playing tennis for a bit of fresh air is fun. pushing your threshold of both physical and mental fatigue. Junior players' needs are different than those of adult players. however. you must organize the training experiences differently. and psychological characteristics. Each day is laid out for you so nothing is left to chance. injury prevention. understandable plan and model for you to follow as you develop your skills and become a seasoned athlete. If.FitnessExpertNetwork. Fair enough? As a junior tennis player you have not had access to the powerful training techniques used for years by football. Each day you will take consistent actions that will create a winning junior player. faster. While it is not yet the norm for junior tennis players to follow a specialized training program. you're still unsure of a technique. I feel the best time to begin to introduce this concept of training for tennis is at the junior level. As junior tennis becomes more popular and as a consequence more competitive. I have a responsibility to my readers and I intend to meet it. If you want clarification. and healthier tennis players than ever before. At the highest levels tennis forces you to train like an elite athlete. This program comes as close to guaranteeing your success as any self help program can. When you consider the difference between young players and adult players. My phone number is listed at the end of this column and I answer my own phone. in size.Building A Better Junior Tennis Player By Alton Skinner Junior tennis players should treat their bodies like an athlete treats their body. more injury resistant. basketball. This plan will provide exact guidelines for nutrition. Not only at the junior level but over the course of their lifetime. ask me. it is important to prepare our athletes for the rigors of competition and the rigors of life. skill improvement. Training for tennis tournaments is not easy either. The same principles of training that help Michael Jordan excel at basketball or help Tiger Woods dominate his sport will boost your performance on and www. but for serious players.

Law Number Three: Develop the Core Your arms and legs are only as strong as the trunk of your body.com . Your abdominal and back muscles surround the core of the body with a tight and powerful support structure of muscle bundles running in different directions. Back Muscles. Any training program should apply the five basic laws of training to ensure improvement and keeping athletes free of injury. You must start developing ankle flexibility during pre-pubescence and pubescence so that in latter stages of athletic development it need only be maintained. are responsible for many movements such as back extension. extending and rotating the trunk. especially the knees. and limit your ability to perform to your highest level. Since many players have weak abdominals relative to their back. These same habits of planning and action will help you become more successful in adulthood. You can experience harder serves consistently. Law Number Two: Develop Tendon Strength Your muscle strength improves faster than tendon and ligament strength. and plyometric exercises. Ankle flexibility should be a concern for all athletes. Tendons and ligaments grow with anatomical adaptation. This is especially important for the young junior tennis player. and you will find your energy level remains consistently high throughout a tournament. www. Good flexibility prevents stress injuries. every week. You must pay more attention to your core if you hope to reach your tennis goals. collegiate. general and specific abdominal training is needed.off the court. and every year.FitnessExpertNetwork. Without proper anatomical adaptation. rebounds. Your training program must first strengthen your core before focusing on your arms and legs. Weak core muscles fail. Sometimes lack of a long term view or improper use of the principle of specificity cause coaches and trainers to overlook the strengthening of ligaments. Your core acts as a shock absorber for jumps. The core stabilizes your body and acts as a link between arms and legs. A poorly developed trunk is a weak support for your hard working limbs. ankles. Good joint flexibility prevents strain and pain around the knees. and the professional ranks. You can develop the type of habits that will improve you chance of success at the junior. You can play better and better every day. Training your tendons and ligaments causes them to enlarge in diameter and increases their ability to withstand tension and tearing. including the deep back muscles of the vertebral column. Your back muscles. Abdominal Muscles. Law Number One: Develop Joint Flexibility Most strength training exercises use the entire range of motion of major joints.14 – . and hips. especially beginners. strength training can injure the tendons and ligaments. elbows and other joints. you can play better in the heat.

A casual approach to this area will do a disservice to a serious tennis athlete. The iliopsoas is an essential muscle for hip flexion and running. in becoming the best athlete you can. Law Five: Train Movements. Stabilizers contract to immobilize a limb so that another part of your body can act. Let’s get started! www. Exercise performed with these devices allows you to mimic the tennis stroke more easily. called a kinetic chain.Your trunk acts as the transmitter and supporter of most arm and leg actions. there are costs involved in this process. and stabilizers should be developed using a long term progression. your body position and limb angles should resemble those for the tennis stroke. Your core muscles. your muscles are integrated and strengthened to perform the tennis stroke with more power. The purpose of strength training for tennis is to simulate sport skills. Improperly developed stabilizers may hamper the activity of your major muscles leading to reduced power and a risk of increased injury.15 – . Not Individual Muscles Players must resist training muscles in isolation as if you are a body builder. Tennis requires a well developed iliopsoas. but should broaden their training program to include medicine balls. there is nothing so potent realizing your full potential in order to carry yourself like a champion athlete. Time should be set aside at the beginning and end of the year for stabilizer training. It takes time and dedication to stretch each day.com . It is not a large muscle. and to feel the power and strength of your body and your mind. shots and plyometric equipment. To be sure. Law Number Four: Develop the Stabilizers Your big muscles work more efficiently with strong stabilizers or fixator muscles. Therefore. rotators. Unfortunately. By following the techniques in this article. few coaches take the time to develop the stabilizers. But in the final analysis. Tennis skills are multi-joint movements that happen in a certain order. tennis players should not use weight training alone. to lifts weight to increase your power and reduce the risk of injury.FitnessExpertNetwork. The Iliopsoas. responsible for swinging the legs forward. When you train movements. According to the principle of specificity. you will succeed. It will all be worth it if it allows you someday to stand there holding a championship trophy or sign a letter of intent to a major college as your friends and family watch you proudly and praise your for doing your best. rubber cords. like the thousands of others using them. it is the most powerful hip flexor. to consume a proper diet.

a Raleigh. More information is available by calling 919-270-4658. a $40 value. a competitive amateur. to maximize your performance when it matters most to you. and reshapes your body so you can win more tournaments and play your best tennis all the time.altonskinner.16 – . Accelerated Golf and Tennis. a complete plan designed just for you based on your playing schedule and current body condition. can help you create a conditioning and nutrition program that adds endurance. Or visit his website www.com .About the Author If you are a weekend tennis player. www. reduces painful injuries. Mention that you read this article and receive a complete tennis conditioning analysis and a copy of Alton’s quarterly conditioning and nutrition guide.com. North Carolina athletic performance and nutrition specialist. Alton Skinner. or professional player. Work with him directly or follow the guidelines in a personalized Tournament Player Performance Plan.FitnessExpertNetwork.

strength and endurance. agility. can this junior get from area a to b quickly and on balance and ready for the next stroke? These are just some of the question you a faced with when developing a speed and agility program for a junior tennis player. Unfortunately there is rarely time to develop all these attributes alone. Be careful not to slam the foot onto the ground. Keep the upper body in an upright and steady position at all times: the foot strike should be quiet but explosive. balance and quickness. Divide into 4 sets of actual work with a brief rest period. quickness.Quick and Easy Drills For Improving Junior Tennis Players Speed Agility and Quickness By Alton Skinner Junior Tennis is a complex sport.com . flexion strength. Perform Drills for 30 seconds with 20 seconds rest between sets Drill One: A-Skip For Height: Supplemental Speed Purpose Increase hip extension. When the recovery knee is at the highest point.FitnessExpertNetwork. Perform this junior program two times per week following a skill training session. agility and balance. the opposite “ground” foot should emphasize plantar flexion. flexibility in hips and footwork www. It requires speed. balance. Below is a sample program that addresses the need for speed. and ankle stiffness Procedure • • • • Skip using perfect posture and arm action The knee on the recovery leg should be brought high and stay fully flexed while keeping the ankle close to the gluteus and dorsiflexed. Can this junior player run down balls that the average player can't reach. It becomes crucial to use a training program that incorporates most of these areas of skill. power. Drill Two: 40-Yard Square Carioca-Cone Drill Purpose Improve ability to change direction. Those that are most important in junior tennis are speed. Perform each drill for 2 minutes total. reaction time.17 – . emphasizing muscle stiffness at the ankle.

Variations: Put the inside hand on the ground when making turns. Follow with the right foot until it is in front of the second square. Change distances to the cones. and quickness Procedure • • • • • • • • • Start in a two-point stance Begin standing sideways to the ladder. flexibility in hips and footwork Procedure • • • • • Start in a two point stance Sprint forward 5 yards to cone 1 and make a sharp right turn around it. Follow with the right foot into the first square. make turns on command. coordination.com . not at the cones. Each foot hits every box Variations: Perform the same pattern with each foot in a separate box. Reverse pivot and backpedal 10 yards to the next cone. Reverse pivot and carioca 10 yards to the finish.18 – .FitnessExpertNetwork. Sprint to cone 2. Begin on the right side of the square and sprint forward 10 yards. Lateral Skaters to sprint: Lower body plyometrics and speed www. located five yards to the right of the start and diagonal from the first cone. Start in a two point stance. Drill Five. and make a left turn around it Sprint 5 yards through the finish. with the ladder in front of you.Procedure • • • • • • • Place a cone at each corner of the court. balance. At the first cone make a reverse pivot Carcioca 10 yards to the next cone. use every other box to increase the length of your lateral step. Step with the left foot straight ahead into the first square. Drill Three: Carioca: In-out Shuffle Agility ladder Drill Purpose Improve agility. Step back and diagonally with the left foot until it is in front of the second square. Repeat this sequence throughout the ladder. Perform with the ladder behind you Drill Four: 15-Yard Turn Drill Cone Drill Purpose Improve ability to change direction.

com . and reshapes your body so you can win more tournaments and play your best tennis all the time.Purpose Improve cutting ability and first step lateral quickness Procedure • • • • Begin with both feet together and push off laterally with one leg. Plus you will give yourself every chance to perform better in every junior tennis match you play. to maximize your performance when it matters most to you. Work with him directly or follow the guidelines in a personalized Tournament Player Performance Plan.(ten seconds or less) At end of time sprint to opposite of the court. striking the wall directly in front of you. quickness. a $40 value. To develop quickness. www. More information is available by calling 919-270-4658. and agility improve. or professional player. Mention that you read this article and receive a complete tennis conditioning analysis and a copy of Alton’s quarterly conditioning and nutrition guide. Drill Six.com. Upon landing. Variations: Use different stances. Medicine Ball Wall Overhead Toss: Upper Body Plyometrics Purpose Enhance explosive power in throwing and overhead activities Procedure • • • Face a wall in an upright athletic stance with a medicine ball held over your head Throw the ball. immediately push off in the opposite direction and continue the drill for either reps or time. reduces painful injuries. Or visit his website www. step forward while throwing or throw from a kneeling position Follow this program and watch your speed.FitnessExpertNetwork.19 – . About the Author If you are a weekend tennis player. a Raleigh. North Carolina athletic performance and nutrition specialist. Alton Skinner. perform as many reps as possible for time. a competitive amateur. Accelerated Golf and Tennis. a complete plan designed just for you based on your playing schedule and current body condition.altonskinner. can help you create a conditioning and nutrition program that adds endurance.

" I agree with Ryan however shouldn't a trainer be able to address both better movement patterns and obesity in the same client? Maybe the client is obese due to poor movement patterns if the movement patterns have caused inflammation of a joint and now the client hurts to move and is therefore more sedentary.20 – . The inactivity will inhibit movement patterns just as poor movement patterns will cause a person to move less if they are in pain.Are Trainers Focusing on Functional Training too Much and not Enough on Fat Loss? By Andrew Voris The other day I read an article from a very successful fitness information guru addressing the "functional training" craze.com . Both become an issue equally. If I do not address movement patterns in a weight loss program the pain that could occur from the poor movement patterns may be the very reason the client stops training! Of course some athletes get an injury or develop a poor movement pattern and never get pain therefore never decrease activity but they can still improve performance by improving movement patterns. His concern was that when someone buys training and they are asking for a weight loss solution they are typically getting more of a corrective exercise program and not a weight loss program. www. "The fitness industry has swung so far to the realm of 'physical therapy' we are forgetting the reason why clients go to a gym or fitness professional in the first place.." And goes on to say. He wrote.FitnessExpertNetwork... "If I am fitness professional and the client pays me money to help them lose weight.. then it is my goal to help them lose weight! Period.. Some people get fat from less activity and as Ryan said poor nutrition but most of these people will quickly develop poor movement patterns. It's which came first the chicken or the egg with every client.

These trainers are hiding under a rock.21 – . His website is http://www. My job is to inform and educate. and so on. Maybe this is why we see so many trainers opt for "functional training" rather than being a fat loss guru. I recommend every client at least look at Prograde Nutrition. nutrition generator.com . When trainers start caring we will have a shift and a large impact on the obesity population. I help them decide how many calories they need and I share guidelines with them. IL. I agree with Ryan that obesity is a problem and that we do not have enough good trainers addressing obesity properly. Lee Taft. I can help someone overcome a movement pattern problem far more easily than I can help them overcome an issue with obesity.I hope I've proven my point! The larger problem here which Ryan is addressing is obesity. I have managed a few very large health clubs and am amazed how many trainers do not know of Ryan Lee.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. They either partake themselves or tell others. Pat Rigsby. The resources are available and I feel as soon as trainers catch on to these resources this will change.bodyformpersonaltraining. Every person in America needs to understand healthy eating and supplementation in order to be healthy and keep those around them healthy. This is what shows me that there are so many trainers that don't care. If you are not addressing the nutritional component with every client you make a big mistake. & Purfoods fitness. Obesity is much more psychological in nature and needs to be dealt with in a much different way. IL and owner of BodyForm Personal Training. The program needs to address the emotional reason they are obese as well. About the Author Andrew Voris is a certified personal trainer located in Glen Ellyn. This information they provide and resources should be a staple for any trainer. Eric Ruth. Brian Grasso. He is a former nutrition division coordinator for Health Track Sports Wellness in Glen Ellyn.

I have seen many trainer obtain a certification and then never crack the book open again. I also think that most training program is fairly sound as long as the trainer has a firm grasp of the concepts and more importantly the variables. Taking it a step further.com . Of course an athlete can settle for a mediocre training program/trainer and still possibly see some results but why would you? Author s resource box Andy Voris is a certified personal trainer/strength coach located in Glen Ellyn.22 – . What I mean is that the training program actually has progressions and a rhyme and reason for those progressions. A trainer must study continually in order to understand the variables in training program design. I would read every book I could find and download every new training www. I would read every book I could find and download every new training program available.bodyformpersonaltraining.athletedevelopmentinstitute.FitnessExpertNetwork. His websites are http://www.comI have been a trainer for about 12 years now and I feel that for the first 8 years or so I was just searching for the best training program for my athletes. IL. This is different than the training program having set time frames for each phase say 4 weeks for Muscular Development Phase. What I also know is that if the training program was created with the end in mind it will be even more successful. if the athlete is monitored by a trainer and the trainer determines when the next progression begins based on an assessment of the athlete the training program will be even better. The trainer interacts every day with the athlete and should be recording several variables throughout the sessions to determine the best time to make changes in the training program. He owns to companies. As an athlete it is crucial to have a trainer following these principles. He works with athletes of all levels including NFL players like Todd Sauerbrun.com & http://www. Of course I learned quite a bit but were my athletes really getting the best training program available? What I know is that if an athlete has a training program that they follow they can see better results than if they just show up to train and ho-hum around. What happens when an athlete pulls a hamstring playing around with buddies the first week of power and plyometric training program? What do you as a trainer do now? Stop the training program? Change the training program? How about regressions in some areas and progressions in others? If the trainer understands the variables for training program design he/she should be able to rehab the leg while not losing much ground in the overall training program. BodyForm Personal Training & Athlete Development Institute."Developing a winning training program!" By Andrew Voris I have been a trainer for about 12 years now and I feel that for the first 8 years or so I was just searching for the best training program for my athletes.

athletedevelopmentinstitute. Taking it a step further. What happens when an athlete pulls a hamstring playing around with buddies the first week of power and plyometric training program? What do you as a trainer do now? Stop the training program? Change the training program? How about regressions in some areas and progressions in others? If the trainer understands the variables for training program design he/she should be able to rehab the leg while not losing much ground in the overall training program.com & http://www. What I mean is that the training program actually has progressions and a rhyme and reason for those progressions. His website is http://www.program available. What I also know is that if the training program was created with the end in mind it will be even more successful. He owns to companies.23 – .bodyformpersonaltraining. I also think that most training program is fairly sound as long as the trainer has a firm grasp of the concepts and more importantly the variables.com . IL and owner of BodyForm Personal Training.bodyformpersonaltraining.FitnessExpertNetwork. IL. This is different than the training program having set time frames for each phase say 4 weeks for Muscular Development Phase. IL. The trainer interacts every day with the athlete and should be recording several variables throughout the sessions to determine the best time to make changes in the training program.com About the Author Andrew Voris is a certified personal trainer located in Glen Ellyn. Of course an athlete can settle for a mediocre training program/trainer and still possibly see some results but why would you? Author s resource box Andy Voris is a certified personal trainer/strength coach located in Glen Ellyn. A trainer must study continually in order to understand the variables in training program design. I have seen many trainer obtain a certification and then never crack the book open again. His websites are http://www. BodyForm Personal Training & Athlete Development Institute. He is a former nutrition division coordinator for Health Track Sports Wellness in Glen Ellyn. He works with athletes of all levels including NFL players like Todd Sauerbrun.com www. if the athlete is monitored by a trainer and the trainer determines when the next progression begins based on an assessment of the athlete the training program will be even better. As an athlete it is crucial to have a trainer following these principles. Of course I learned quite a bit but were my athletes really getting the best training program available? What I know is that if an athlete has a training program that they follow they can see better results than if they just show up to train and ho-hum around.

www. your muscle will turn to fat. Remember. Others reasons that people forego resistance training include not knowing how to do it. makes you physically stronger and improves your posture. Reality: A major factor in massive muscle growth is testosterone. There are many myths surrounding resistance training. fear of injury or intimidation. • • • • • • • Some benefits of weight training are visually apparent. Muscle cannot turn to fat.com . so don't worry about bulky muscles. I am going to discuss several reasons why everyone should train with resistance — and debunk several myths associated with lifting weights. It helps to improve your physique. With all that. along with the reality: Myth: Women will get big and bulky. the benefits of resistance training are worth the long walk from the cardio equipment into unfamiliar territory at the gym.Get Fit with Resistance Training By Andy Salazar Get fit incorporate resistance training. Myth: If you stop. Reality: Muscle and fat are different types of tissue. Women don't have as much testosterone as men. weight machines or bands. Here are a couple of those myths. When you are thinking about incorporating resistance training into your routine. and these hold people back. Resistance training is exercising to increase your muscular strength and muscular endurance by lifting weights repetitively with free weights. But it also: Lowers blood pressure Increases metabolism Increases bone density Helps with balance Improves body fat percentage Decreases risk of injury Helps the body work more efficiently. seek out the help of fitness professional. you may wonder why more people don't use resistance training in their fitness plans.24 – . If you are not weight training you’re missing the boat. These are all valid concerns.FitnessExpertNetwork.

About the Author Written by Andy Salazar C. Encina St.25 – . CA 93291 (559)636-3488 www.T. “B” Visalia. Owner: Empower Fitness Training 219 N.P.com .FitnessExpertNetwork.

This may seem like a hard workout concept to grasp. there are no rules to your workout. Throw all of your traditional ideas of weight training out the door."Multi-Set Training for Ultimate Fat Burning and Lean Muscle Mass" By Andy Salazar Quit wasting precious time at the gym wandering around aimlessly wondering which body part to work and follow my sure fire plan to get in killer shape faster then you ever thought possible. just do another exercise for the same body part. abs. Remember. Choose today to start working toward a new. legs). Here is an example of a typical circuit: dumbbell rows followed by. Workout faster and train more body parts during each workout. not to mention time efficiency. With this style of training you ensure optimal calorie burning and lean muscle building for your body. leaner. Stop your traditional style of weight training and start circuit training. The key to multi-set training is to keep moving. Your workouts should not be any longer than 30-45 minutes. Multi-set training involves three exercises that are performed back to back three to four times. Train every muscle group at least once every week with my three day a week workout plan. Depending on your size and sex you can burn anywhere from 350-550 calories a workout. If you are trying to lose weight and tone your muscles. Instead of having a strict workout plan that does not allow for change. you could do triceps kickback or bench dips. healthier you. dumbbell pullovers. You can call it multi-set training. then circuit training is a very efficient way to do it. so I will only say it once. abs. I'm not talking about your traditional style circuit training with time intervals. chest. biceps). For example if you were doing a triceps pushdown and that is occupied. and come back to the pushdown later. In a typical multi-set workout you will train three to four body parts each workout. This will ensure that you are burning a ton of calories during each workout session. (shoulders. Your time wasting days at the gym are over. Rest times should be kept to a minimum so your heart rate will not go up and down but stay level. time is of the essence. (back. with a 15-20 second break between each circuit. www. (triceps. The only concern you should have with this style of training is reserving equipment in a large gym. then a sumo squat or a flat bench crunch. wasting time or reserving equipment. If one of your pieces of equipment is occupied. Your possibilities are endless. Just move on.FitnessExpertNetwork. You can group your body parts like so. When no rules apply to your workout you do not have to worry about reserving equipment.com . This can be done by keeping all the exercises close together.26 – . No more waiting for equipment or chatting. and then come back to it later. have a workout plan that is an outline of body parts you want to work and design it as you go. like most gym goers are. legs). so you don't have to walk all the way across the gym.

Shoulders.Start your multi-set training today and transform your body into a calorie burning. Legs.com . Deck or dumbbell flies 3 sets x 15 repetitions Dumbbell front shoulder raises 3 sets x 12 repetitions Dumbbell shrugs or oblique crunches 3 sets x 20 repetitions Day Two: Back. Legs (Circuit # 1) Dumbbell rows 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Dumbbell pullovers 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Sumo squats 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions (Circuit #2) Cable lat. lean muscle building machine. Biceps. super set workout. Abs (Circuit #1) Flat bench dumbbell chest press 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Dumbbell military press 3 sets x 10-12 repetitions Reverse crunches 3 sets x 20-30 repetitions (Circuit #2) Incline dumbbell chest press 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Dumbbell side lateral raises 3 sets x 10-12 repetitions Decline crunches or regular flat bench crunches 3 sets x 20-30 repetitions (Circuit #3) Pec.27 – . Abs (Circuit # 1) Triceps cable pushdowns 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Leg extensions 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions Seated or standing calf raises 3 sets x 20-30 repetitions (Circuit#2) www. Pull downs 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Low cable rows 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions Cable curls 3 sets x 10-12 repetitions (Circuit #3) Dumbbell hammer curls 3 sets x 10-12 repetitions Bent over dumbbell rows 3 sets x 1215 repetitions Hyperextensions 3 sets x 15 repetitions Day three: Triceps. Day One: Chest.FitnessExpertNetwork. Here is a sample of a typical three day a week super.

T. Owner: Empower Fitness Training 219 N.FitnessExpertNetwork.Bench dips or dumbbell kickbacks 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions Dumbbell alternating step lunges 3 sets X 10 repetitions Dumbbell stiff legged dead lifts 3 sets x 12-15 repetitions (Circuit # 3) Leg press (Light) 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions Dumbbell single leg calve raises 3 sets x 15 repetitions Abdominals (your choice) 3 sets x 20-30 repetitions About the Author Written by Andy Salazar C.28 – .P. Encina St.com . “B” Visalia. CA 93291 (559)636-3488 www.

if you are going to be sedentary. Your body is a very adaptive machine. and it quickly adjusts to the stress of a regular workout routine. and it helps to remove toxins from the body. For example if you want to lose 20 pound break it down into 5 pound increments. With your weight training routine increase the weight amount. remember on day at a time. and don’t beat yourself up over one bad day. For example. and you will burn an extra 100 calories a day. look to mix it up a little.term goals and aim for them. with your cardiovascular training if you walk on a treadmill increase your speed and grade. Owner: Empower Fitness Training 219 N. look to increase the intensity. Encina St. About the Author Written by Andy Salazar C. Good luck. 2. This is why you should cycle your workouts every 8-12 weeks. duration. and try different exercises to isolate specific muscles. 1. 3.P. consume fewer calories. Water is a natural fat burner and has several other health benefits like healthier skin. then feel free to eat more calories.com . But. I am going to give you three tips to help you reach your fitness goals.Reach Your Fitness Goals By Andy Salazar Not sure where to start with your health and fitness goals. Here is what I recommend.T. Drink lots of water: Drink at least four 16oz. improved energy. The three hour rule: If you are going to be very active after a meal. “B” Visalia. or try another piece of cardiovascular equipment. If you’re not getting the results you did at the beginning of your fitness plan. In order to keep getting consistent results from all of your hard work. Avoid the pitfalls of doing the same workout routine every week. for optimal results. here are 3 more tips to boost your results. Set realistic goals: Write down specific short. I often come across clients that are not sure where to start with their fitness plan or are losing steam one month into their fitness plan. Always think about what you will be doing up to three hours after you eat. Along with mixing up your workout routine. CA 93291 (559)636-3488 www.29 – . this usually leads to a burn out. and difficulty.FitnessExpertNetwork. glasses of ice water a day.

which runs vertically and separates the rectus abdominus into a right and left sides. balance. The wrong advice will only lead to mistakes and possible injuries. The deep lying transverses. Wayne Westcott. landed at the bottom of the list. The transverse acts in the same way as a corset." Focusing on the external muscles alone. the risks outweigh the potential benefits. Electronic Ab Stimulation It’s hard to turn on the television on a Saturday morning nowadays without being flooded with offerings for electronic ab stimulators and weight loss devises. here are the 10 worst abdominal exercises you should be sure to avoid. Francis also ranked the exercises in order. Fitness Research Director at the South Shore YMCA in Boston states two primary concerns when considering an abdominal exercise routine.30 – .. They www. you want to be sure you limit the exercise movements using only the ones that are safe as well as effective. part of your core muscles act to stabilize. anything that doesn't involve a range of movement of the abdominal muscles against a reasonable resistance is not going to be effective. and some of the best selling infomercial products. the horizontal lines are the tendinous inscriptions There are a large number of individuals who seek "great six pack abs." When constructing your six pack abs program. in order to help you stay clear of ineffective six pack ab routines. neglecting the core muscles could lead to a look of abdominal distension.D. Ph. and support movement. His conclusion was that ab crunches on a stability ball proved to be the most effective and safe.” and the number is escalating.Six Pack Abs Experts Reveal The Top 10 Worst Abdominal Exercises By Arnel Ricafranca The six-pack. PhD. Something else that is escalating is the number of flawed ab training advice. which is also known as an "eight-pack" is the result of well-developed abdominal muscle and tissue made visible by having a low level of body fat. Secondly.com . A six pack does not consist of six muscles. compared 13 common abdominal exercise alternatives. In a nation where 80% of the population has back problems. The most important and valuable parts of a good abdominal exercise routine is the usage of the core muscles. According to Westcott. A large number of workouts and routine offerings pay no attention to the core muscles. of the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University. So. caution is required. and is one of the primary contributors to the ever popular "flat tummy. 1. "in a routine where any abdominal exercise movement places stress on the back. Peter Francis.FitnessExpertNetwork. It is one muscle separated into sections by the linea alba.. It is now clear that the solution to getting a six pack abs or weight loss does not come from a piece of equipment or machinery.

and the jerking movement used to lift your upper body off the floor can result in injury. In a straight leg double leg raise. begin twisting from left to right. Dr. John Porcari. He has said. you may remember back in high school when you had someone hold your feet down as you performed the sit-up." is referred to as a “bent over twist” This is done by holding a light bar or a broomstick behind your neck with your arms outstretched. knees bent. and optimally target the abdominals. while slowly raising your upper body. the exerciser should maintain a posterior pelvic tilt." Electronic Ab stimulation machine does not belong in a six pack abs workout routine. www. including your low back discs. the primary muscles being worked are the spinal erectors. causing what often equates to a painful contraction without fully activating all the neural and chemical signals that contribute to muscular development. Instructor for the National Council of Strength & Fitness in Miami. "All these machines are doing is telling your muscles to contract. which means the movement of this exercise places unnecessary and unwanted stress on the lumbar spine. 4. You are much better off doing sit-ups which have the feet unsupported. Respected researcher. the abdominal muscles have very little involvement. Professor. 2. Doing this exercise continuously over a period of time can gradually wear away soft tissue which can lead to serious back problems. 3. It is your Psoas muscles that are doing most of the work. the pelvis assumes a position where the pull of the psoas muscles increases the lordodic curve which the place most back problems occur in the general population. which strain to maintain force to keep your body flexed and stable at that 90-degree angle. Straight Legged Sit-ups A common mistake while doing sit-ups is performing them with your legs straight out in front of you perpendicular to your upper body. While this movement definitely requires some involvement of the obloquies. Also. "In order to effectively. says that electronic stimulation devices are certainly not the six-pack solution the ads promise. Many of these infomercials tell you that all you have to do is turn on the devise and it will do the work for you. bending forward from the waist so your upper body is parallel with the ground. A large amount of strain is placed on ligaments and connective tissue. Department of Exercise and Sport Science at University of Wisconsin. Bent Over Twist Another well known exercise that is used to "work the waistline. Damian Stephens. Straight leg double leg raises This exercise can be done on the floor or at the end of a bench.FitnessExpertNetwork. The Psoas muscles attach at the lumbar spine and the femur.are all usually something so simple too.com . and spinal ligaments. This is only causing unnecessary pressure to the lower spine. safely.31 – . but no matter where you perform it. states.

This is an exercise you will definitely "feel" in your abdominal region. They allow the exerciser to flex the lumbar spine while twisting at the waist.FitnessExpertNetwork. Seated Spinal Twist Machine These machines are the ones found in well-equipped health clubs. such as the seat. Ab rocker This is one of those exercise devices sold on those infomercials I talked about before. The ab wheel The ab wheel appears to be a great devise for burning the stubborn fat around the abs. mentioned earlier. While the "ab wheel" may have its benefits when being used in an advanced workout routine for a very conditioned athlete. lowers down backward. This device often results in low back pain. it is not the best route for the unconditioned user. Now don’t get me wrong. Improper use of the Nautilus abdominal machines I’m sure you all have heard of the popular Nautilus abdominal crunch machine it has been a favorite of serious exercisers for years. 9. this movement can put the lower back in a somewhat dangerous position. Try to steer clear of these also. Roman Chair Sit-ups This movement takes place when the exerciser's thighs are parallel with the floor.32 – . Most infomercial fitness products. resulting www. Out of the 13 exercises ranked in the study by Peter Francis. little range of motion is being conducted by the abs. Again the machines and devices are not the safe way to go about your routine 7. This means that if you have low shoulder and upper back strength. Let’s not forget about those other offers for devices that "swing” "glide" and "tighten" the abs to give you those lean six pack abs you’ve longed for.5." People must be aware that "feeling it" in the abs. When using the "wheel" or doing any rolling movement. 8. but one common mistake made by exercisers is not having parts positioned properly. This forces a great deal of pressure placed upon the spinal ligaments. he proved that the ab rocker is 80% less effective than the traditional ab crunch. this machine can be a good thing if used properly. sometimes beyond the point where the spinal vertebrae are aligned. The problem lies within the user of this machine. and the upper body. 6. If the body is not properly aligned. present their machine as an easy way to achieve quick results.com . the hip flexors wind up doing the most work while putting pressure on the discs of the lumbar spine. The obloquies can be worked without any machine. The Nautilus can provide you with an effective ab workout. The idea of this devise is that a rocking motion can be used to "smooth" the stomach and waistline. doesn’t mean the devise is giving you results. People who have claimed to use it explain that they "really feel it. beginning at 90 degrees to the lower body.

the hip flexors are being stressed.elitefitnessexperts. holding two dumbbells cause the resistance. and KTRE ABC 9 news.com. and Morris Health and Life Magazine.com . return movement is when bringing your body down backward. additional aerobic exercises. NBC KPLC 7 News. Two-dumbbell side bend When side bends are performed properly they can target the obloquies. 10.com www.5 FM. He has authored and co-authored several books including The Ultimate Weight Loss Success Strategies For Busy Men and Women Over 40 available online at www. side bends will not and can not reduce fat. author. fitness boot camp coach. Without the proper nutrition.FitnessExpertNetwork.in a full extension of the rectus abdominus. If you develop a muscle underneath fatty deposits. About the Author Arnel Ricafranca is a six pack abs expert. and a motivational speaker. Mr. Ricafranca has been featured as the fitness expert on numerous media such as Jersey 101. This exercise causes compressive forces to be placed upon the spine when it flexes or extends beyond the considered safe limits. Ricafranca can be reached via fitnessvip@gmail. and numerous websites such as NBC WALB 10 News.33 – . and resistance exercises for all major muscle groups. Mr. you may actually INCREASE waist size. It is a common belief that side bends will reduce the waist.

physical damage to the structure of fibers that make up a muscle. extreme fatigue. and the greater the damage done. 2.working consistently beyond your present fitness level. The greater the change in your routine.as well as sudden increases in the duration. and even inflammation if the damage is severe enough. Common amongst novice exercisers whom are exploring new movements or new exercise regimens.34 – .phase of a movement. this is a sure sign that you are overtraining. activities and exercises. 3. the amount of force that the muscle is exerting is somewhat less than the resistance being met the weight of one’s legs. Zanelli Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) refers to the pain one feels usually for 24-72 hours after a bout of particularly intensive or new exercise and activity. the landing phase of plyometric jumps. and intensity of activity can lead to small (micro) tears in the muscle structure. although certain to be part of the exercise experience at some point in time. exercisers will rely on how sore they are the next day to gauge the appropriateness or success of their workout session. of DOMS. while it is actually to contract and shorten. New and unfamiliar movements. This can occur during both resistance and cardiovascular training. and a dumbbell in the aforementioned scenarios. DOMS occurs in the eccentric. DOMS is a result of actual. However. if you are frequently sore after activity. Be a serious detriment to proper movement. Identifying what it is not will also be discussed. or a few bouts. it is important to stress that DOMS is part of an adaptation process by which we become stronger. The goal of a workout is not to be sore and it is certainly avoidable. and not allowing for enough recovery time between sessions. The resistance is moving one way (into gravity). Basically. DOMS can: 1. the weight of the body.com . while the muscle is unsuccessfully trying to pull the opposite way. frequency. as well as experienced individuals whom are increasing the intensity of their routine in order to enhance performance. Usually. the greater the likelihood of tearing. exercise. the muscles adapt to the new stress to which they are being subjected. and therefore discourage new comers or people trying to regain fitness.FitnessExpertNetwork. Impede potential performance of activities. weakness. leading to further injury. after a bout. overexerting. It may often be accompanied by feelings of stiffness.also referred to as the negative or lowering. and ultimately improve performance."Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)" By Arthur J. Create an obstacle to the enjoyment of exercise. DOMS is a result of overstressing a muscle or group of muscles. and will strengthen. and sport. and lowering weights are all eccentric movements.resulting in the muscles being stretched and lengthened. www. What can be done to avoid or minimize muscle soreness? Understanding what DOMS is and what causes it are a good first step. Running downhill. Too often.

In the positive or concentric phase of a lift or movement. Minimize eccentric tearing by slowly lowering weights. the muscle is exerting more than enough force to pull the resistance away from gravity. and eventually a big rip will occur. and they need to be repaired. and not to the point of constantly being sore. You need to tear a muscle in order to grow it. Not necessarily. when we gradually allow ourselves to fall into gravity. how can you motivate yourself to move again in your next exercise session? There is also the possibility of inflammation. Occupy your immune system with fixing your muscles. sometimes sudden or even violent tug-as in plyometrics.for better performance. Therefore. and it cannot fully fight off a cold. duration. or more gradually controlling your descents in plyometrics. Gradually increase the intensity. If you are always sore. Warm up thoroughly before activity and take time to cool down afterwards. and frequency of any activity.35 – .explosive movements that emphasize power. 6. About the Author For more information. 3. This is good? Many will think so. with no stretching of the muscle.that inflammation is a localized immune response that is part of the tearing down and repairing process. Incorporate high-speed isokinetics into your training routine.FitnessExpertNetwork. Always stretch at some time during your routine.com www. The muscle fibers rip. This is a vigorous. and even getting sick. 4. This is not the passive pulling on a muscle we associate with stretching. there is little or no tearing. Keep getting small tears. The inertia of the movement continues to pull us down even as we are trying to stop.com . What can be done then to minimize DOMS and maintain a consistently high level of performance in exercise and activity? 1. Gradually add new movements or exercises to your routine.a proper combination of speed and strength.VERTfitness. 5. please visit www. 2.

There are a few different types of joints in the body that are categorized by the degree to which they can move. To achieve this. you lift the restrictions on your ability to train. towards its own middle. or down at the shore. and lower back. broaden your outlook by thinking in terms of movements rather than specific exercises. Therefore. A muscle can only shorten. Instead. back. Do not limit yourself to a particular exercise or piece of equipment. or preferably. Do not reduce yourself to body parts such as chest. This increased intensity gets us into better shape. Your ankle is a joint.36 – . helpful lesson in kinesiology. you can aim to maintain your fitness level. no dumbbells. You would much rather break a bone than dislocate a joint. Summer is approaching quickly. upstate. What joint does it move? If you can apply this lesson. However. Whether we travel abroad for weeks at a time. and ankle."Fitness Tips for Travel" By Arthur Zanelli One of the most common questions that practitioners in the fitness field are asked is what people should do when they are away from the gym or are unable to get to a gym while traveling. if you had a choice. or contract. Here is a quick. A joint is the meeting of two or more bones. A muscle can never be actively lengthened by you. it can be difficult to replicate the intensity of the training sessions here. keeping fit can be a challenge. arms. limiting your soreness. What fitness equipment does is simply add resistance and increase the intensity to the body’s normal movements. The muscle is trying to shorten but you are not applying enough resistance to prevent the weight from being lowered. shoulder. be prepared to be a bit sore when training away from here. Gaining this type of knowledge will increase the benefits of exercise dramatically.a concentric contraction. not a bone. It can be lengthened by an external resistance sufficient to overcome the force it exerts. The job of your muscles is to move the joints. So. no bands. Do you know which muscles are located in each region of the body? Do you know which joints are surrounded by these muscles? Such as wrist. and with it. It is this eccentric contraction that results in the severe muscle soreness you feel after free weight training. or have weekend homes out East. think in terms of muscles and joints. you cannot fracture or break it. www. At VERT we work the concentric phase with the VERT machines. and at the very least keep in the habit of exercising. Remember that all the exercises you do are simply motions that the body does naturally on its own. legs. Why the lesson? Think about which muscle. You can think of exercise in terms of movement. elbow.com . no equipment. However. multiple muscles. many of us will be taking advantage of the warmer weather and time off to get away from the area.FitnessExpertNetwork. by adjusting one’s expectations. you can dislocate the ankle. knee. This is particularly true for our clientele here at VERT. hip. abdominals. you would like to work. this is what happens as you lower the resistance in a typical weight training session. You can fracture or break any of the bones that connect at the ankle.

with some form of consistent movement. An even more readily accessible source of resistance is? your body and its weight. Your rest will be from 20 to 40 seconds.think obstacle courses. resistance bands. You will perform eight to ten exercises. and running in place. jumping rope (okay. but only if you add activity to the rest period. wrestle with your significant other(Keep it clean although there could be an argument for increased motivation and core work).37 – . Think simpler and cost effective. With just a few light dumbbells. rest only means doing something different from resistance exercise. medicine balls. squat thrusts.com .both in your luggage. or else) Resistance Training: alternate between each column UPPER BODY Push-ups Body Rows Dips Upper Body Combo www.FitnessExpertNetwork. as well as less space consuming.varying jumping jacks. at VERT. Here is the minimalist approach to VERT style resistance training. Move as quickly as you can. A sample routine: DAY ONE Resistance Training DAY THREE Resistance Training DAY FIVE Resistance Training RESISTANCE TRAINING Warm-up: 3-5 minutes of moderate intensity activity (jogging in place. Same VERT rest principle applies now. Half will be primarily upper body. and mountain climber. half will be primarily lower body. various types of hopping. and your home/hotel room when traveling. First.no gym. jumping over objects.Let us take a look at the worst case scenario while you are traveling and develop a plan for exercise. Surely. another expense). Do each circuit two or three times. with 3-5 minutes rest in between them. getting your heart rate up. throwing objects. one more expense. jumping jacks) Stretch: Dynamic Stretches (you better know these by now. this will ensure the cardiovascular component of the session. running around things. You will perform each exercise for between 20 and 40 seconds (sorry. can do the trick.a stopwatch or a watch with a second hand). Finish up with some core work and stretching. i. or even better for hotel stays. Of course. You all know some basic drills. no equipment. your car.e. a little planning and a slight expenditure on your part can alleviate this. You may shorten the activity to 10-15 seconds. one can pay a guest fee at a hotel gym.

clamshells. 3. High-knee running (20 seconds).REST Jumping Jacks Mountain Climber Sprint/Jog in Place Squat Thrusts Lower Body Wall Squats or Body Weight Squats Hip/Thigh Extension Jump Squats Lunges BETWEEN CIRCUITS: 1. crossover shuffle (20 seconds). planks. About the Author For more information. high-heel running (20 seconds). Supermans. please visit www.FitnessExpertNetwork. Repeat 3X. Lateral leaps (20 seconds).38 – . carioca shuffle (20 seconds) CORE (30 seconds each): crunches. knee-tuck jump towards chest (20 seconds). Repeat 3X 2. reverse crunches. adduction (towel between knees). Russian/Torso Twists. bridges.VERTfitness. Side shuffle (20 seconds). forward/backward leap (20 seconds).com . side shuffling (20 seconds).com www. alternate arm/leg raises.

? Movement-based exercise is a phrase used to describe training that is specifically designed to improve performance in everyday life. Squat (think of your favorite exercise at VERT) 3. Our bodies are designed to operate as a unit. just one rep away from the emergency room? So what are we supposed to do. One-leg stance (think Daniel-san from The Karate Kid) 2.E.com ."Functional Training" By Arthur Zanelli One of the most significant changes in fitness trends is the rising popularity in functional training. Rotation (think trunk and hip rotation) At VERT we strive to incorporate all of these movements into your workout (I'm sure you’re all more-than-familiar with the idea of push and pull!). couch-sitting is not recognized by the AMA as beneficial to your health.39 – . Bend-to-extend (think about anytime you've picked something up) 6. of course. Obviously. at VERT your workout is designed and supervised by a trainer. sharing stresses across multiple joints. sit on the couch to avoid injuring ourselves at the gym? As fun as it sounds. Pull (think of moving things toward your body) 5. Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. that health and fitness are not one and the same.FitnessExpertNetwork. but think of how many people you’ve seen in the past at conventional gyms. It is clear now. founder of the C. you must be doing yourself some good. The answer.H. The VERT equipment is entirely based on multi-joint movements which allow you to improve your practical strength as well as aesthetics. www. Why does the way we train have such a major impact on our overall health and fitness? Popular opinion on training has historically been that as long as you look good. however. Push (think of moving things away from your body) 4. According to Paul Chek. is to train functionally. In fact.K. inappropriate training is potentially more damaging than relative inactivity. institute for personal trainers (a very smart guy in the health and fitness field). the six primary movement patterns are: 1.

About the Author For more information.com www.FitnessExpertNetwork.VERTfitness.40 – .com . please visit www.

I consulted Walter Theis. So. to name just a few of their big jumpers. Australia.com .Olympic lifts are the good and traditional method to develop power. jump.FitnessExpertNetwork. the depth jump focuses on the loading phase as well as the explosion phase of the jump. I spoke with Walter Osias. jump-specific. the speed at which your brain can fire muscle fibers. www. a sports trainer with a Master's Degree in Exercise Kinesiology from the University of Sydney. 3) Olympic Lifts . 2) Depth Jumps . you shoot free throws. This exercise is functional.Repeatedly jump from the floor to a plyo-box 24 in height. Olympic lifts only provide resistance in the initiation of the movement which limits range of motion. Walter told me that in addition to power. Athletes from every sport strive to improve their vertical each year. which is the combination of force and velocity. Next. CA which has an alumni list of pro athletes like Shaquille O’Neal. are not jump-specific. but beneficial movement that will help develop technique through repetition. and trains for both power and neuromuscular development. If you want to get better at jumping. Johnnie Morton and Holly McPeak. Dr Theis told me that the key to improving your vertical is not based on raw strength or speed. one must develop range of motion and neuromuscular facilitation. If you want to get better at shooting free throws. but there are a few limiting factors. then jump up to a 24 box. First.Slightly better than the box jump. such as the clean-and-press and snatch."How to Jump Higher" By Arthur Zanelli One of the most fundamental and functional movements in athletics is the vertical jump. what are the best exercises to improve power range of motion and neuromuscular facilitation? After testing numerous exercise modalities. manufactured by Shutttlesystems and available at VERT Fitness of Santa Monica. utilizes spring loaded resistance to create opposing force in both directions. 1) Box Jumps . Jump off of a 12 box landing onto the floor.41 – . Second.The MVP Shuttle Jumper. 4) Shuttle Jumper . This is a very basic. Olympic lifts. MD of the VERT Fitness Training Center in Santa Monica. hoping for just another inch or two. how can you dunk like LeBron James or leap like Marvin Harrison? I decided to do a little research and see what types of exercises would have me jumping higher in 2007. but power. I narrowed it all down to this list of the five best vertical leap training movements. So.

com About the Author For more information.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. Additionally. High-speed isokinetics provide constant resistance throughout a range of motion and force more fasttwitch recruitment than any of the other exercises I did.This is the Cadillac of vertical jump training. please visit www. Next time you're playing basketball.42 – .com . football. but explosive from start to finish.vertfiness.5) High-Speed Isokinetics . or volleyball with your friends. Tim Grover of Attack Athletics in Chicago.VERTfitness. For more information and to learn more about VERT's (Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training) unique performance program check out www. where greats like Michael Jordan have trained. This equipment is also used by Dr. remember that the difference between dominating and being dominated is separated by only a few inches. I performed a jump-squat movement at VERT Fitness of Santa Monica which not only made the movement jump-specific.

If a child stumbles in front of you. or hopping. Speed may also be defined as the rate of change in position. 3. rotationally.43 – . but to move quickly in all aspects of our lives.miles per hour. combining several limbs and several body segments. laterally. but vertically. the feet. we look at how long does it take for someone to get from point A to point B. or how quickly they jump. How can quickly can you step (or jump) back onto the sidewalk if a fast moving car on the street bears down on you? Speed is predicated on the rapid interaction between the nervous system and muscular www. how fast a person moves. such as leaping. 2. or how quickly they swing a bat or a golf club. A fast 40 does not tell us about that person’s ability to avoid obstacles or other people. in terms of distance and time. Also. The examples cited above come from the realm of athletics. The rate of motion or positional change in the limbs or body segments."Practical Application and Training for Speed" By Arthur J. but it does not tell the whole story of a person’s capabilities. such as a football lineman coming up out of his three-point stance. It is measured or expressed as the distance moved per unit of time. The rate of motion or positional change in a vertical direction. In terms of activity. We should also consider: 1. feet per second. we are interested in how fast does an individual move. This is also a rotational motion. but isn’t important for the average person to also have the ability to move with speed.com . and the legs. the arms. what does it mean to be fast. Life moves not only linearly and horizontally. even in reverse. or meters per second. This is rotational motion. or to have speed? Certainly we want to measure and state clearly. An individual’s 40 yard dash time is important.FitnessExpertNetwork. such as in throwing or kicking motions. Most often. These are just as important to human performance as the traditional view towards moving straight ahead. you would want good hand speed to catch and steady them.the hands. more practically. and sometimes. jumping.one’s rate of linear motion or rate of change in linear position. It is also strictly in a horizontal direction. When we are looking at people. The rate of motion or change from one position to another. kilometers per hour. Zanelli The technical definition of speed is a measure of one’s rate of motion. what do we know about the nonathlete and their ability to move through the normal daily course of events? It is not only important to run fast.

a group of muscles and the nerve that activates it is called a motor unit. and flexibility. The muscles ability to contract quickly depends on the energy system that it uses. and in the proper sequence.com . endurance. exercise sessions are dedicated specifically to strength. The goal of training should be the stimulation and excitation of those motor units to work together efficiently. Preferably. the stronger and more rapidly the muscle will contract. the energy stored in it.FitnessExpertNetwork. Range of motion. We develop a thought to move. please visit www. In traditional training methods. rapidly. athlete and non-athlete. also called flexibility. develop speed? We need to train those specific neuromuscular characteristics described above. The muscle’s ability to perform can be measured and stated in terms of muscular strength.com www. we should aim for activities that allow us to train all these aspects simultaneously. aerobic/anaerobic capacity. and repeatedly to the muscles to contract. and speed.VERTfitness. The stronger and more frequent those signals. describes how far the muscle can move the bones of the joint that it covers. and the type of fibers that compose the muscle.a tolerance for the build-up in heat and lactic acid as a result of energy metabolism needs to be in place. and the nerve must transmit that thought rapidly.system. training needs to be done at speeds closely tied to those of the activities that we perform.both as athletes and non-athletes. How can we all. and range of motion. Strength is the amount of force generated to match a weight or resistance when the muscle contracts.strength. endurance. Therefore.44 – . muscular endurance. strongly. The energy systems associated with speed also need to be trained and developed. Endurance is the muscle’s ability to repeatedly contract. About the Author For more information. and its ability to recover and repeat the process.

and a sensible nutrition plan. hamstrings How to do it: Stand behind a step or bench with feet shoulder width apart.FitnessExpertNetwork. Each muscle group should be trained two times per week. The Fall is the time of year when we start making sure that we not only fit into our favorite pair of jeans but that we also look great in them. apples or citrus fruit that you can carry with you in the car or into the office. nutrition is crucial. and elliptical machine. Step-up kick-back Primary muscles worked: glutes. well. Lastly. Always try to pre-pack your lunches and snacks for the day to make sure they are healthy and not too high in calories and fat. stair stepper.45 – . Getting in shape for “jeans season” can be done with three activities: cardiovascular exercise.balanced snacks/meals per day in order to keep your metabolism revved up. If you’re not prepared when hunger strikes you’ll tend to reach for the junk foods. You can also do 3-4 ten minute sessions throughout the day which is just as effective. and go backwards on the elliptical machine to target more of your glutes. fat free yogurt. I am going to explain which exercises are the best ones to target in order to get the most “bang for the buck” for your fitness training routine. thighs. butt. use the stair stepper on your toes at a fast pace to tone the calf muscles. Strength training must be incorporated with cardio in order to tone and build those muscles as well as increase your metabolism and burn more fat. www. Cardiovascular activity should be done at least 4 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. Here are five exercises that will help you tone your butt. In order to spice things up and burn more calories you can put an incline on the treadmill to work the thighs more. 2. Some good snack ideas are whole grain triscuits. hips. when doing cardio at the gym you want to make sure you hit a variety of cardiovascular machines that target the thighs. hips. Most of my personal training clients follow this program when they want to sculpt their lower torso and get themselves looking great in their jeans. 1. and calves and help you look great in your jeans. a handful of almonds. belly. strength training. You have to make sure that you are eating five to six healthy. Keep your glutes contracted throughout the exercise. and calves such as the treadmill. Butt Lift Primary muscle worked: Glutes How to do it: Laying on your back with your knees bent lift your hips off the floor while keeping your back straight. quads. with varying intensity or “intervals” to maximize caloric expenditure.Looking Good in Your Jeans through Fitness Training By Bob Keil How good we look in our jeans is something we all think about. Step up with right foot and kick back as high as you can behind you with your left leg.com . Firstly. Keep your upper body straight and hands on your hips throughout the exercise.

He is a fitness expert and nationally certified fitness trainer with over a decade of hands-on personal training experience. 3. having trained several thousand hours with hundreds of clients from coast to coast. Fitness training is your best solution to get you the results you desire with the help of a solid nutrition program. and is a public speaker on topics related to fitness and nutrition. By following these Top 5 exercises and incorporating a well-rounded nutrition program based on low-glycemic foods and cardio. Make sure to look forward at the knee throughout the exercise. He can be emailed through his Fitness Together website: www. extending your elbows to the side. 5. Hold this position for as long as you can.Return your left leg to the floor.46 – .ftwilmington. and abdominals How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder width apart in half squat position with arms at your sides.FitnessExpertNetwork. 4. Jump up as high as possible while swinging your arms upward. leave right foot on step and repeat 15 times then switch legs. He is a contributing writer to several regional publications. calves. Jump squats Primary muscles worked: Quads. Put your hands behind your head. About the Author Bob Keil is the owner of several Fitness Together Personal Training Studios in North Carolina. www. glutes. you will be maximizing your ROI in order to look great in your jeans. Contracting your abs crunch up and twist. Caution: Do not perform this exercise if you have knee problems. bringing your right shoulder to the left knee. Slide down the wall till your legs are at a 90 degree angle (like you are sitting on a chair) and raise up onto your toes to contract your calf muscles.com. and then go back to starting position. Bicycle Main muscles worked: all abdominal muscles How to do it: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet raised about six inches off of the floor. Wall sit with toe raise Primary muscles worked: Quads and calves How to do it: Stand with back against the wall with feet shoulder width apart.com .

more flexible and increases your stamina. Don’t worry. though.47 – . every five or six weeks. to design the routines that will meet your needs. that adaptation generally takes five to six weeks and is what makes you stronger. you have to change the stressors. you need a good coach. You don’t just recover from exercise. Once again.” he’d say. the desired weight loss or stamina or strength increase that you do exercise for in the first place really comes as a result of your body adapting to the stress of exercise. To understand why. change to different weights or machines and change the number of repetitions. you must first understand what happens to your body when you exercise. but how? That depends on what your goals and needs are and on how your body adapts to each new routine. If you exercise consistently. they have to adapt to that routine. sounds technical again. If you have been doing circuit weight training. So to keep progressing. So now you know that you need to change your routine regularly. actually. we need an expert to help us be truly effective. Have you ever noticed the neighbor who faithfully jogs but remains overweight? Or the friend who has been going to the gym for years but hasn’t really improved his fitness level? They have been exercising. That way your body will continue to adapt and improve. www. bones and connective tissues of your body to the stress of an exercise routine. change what you are doing every five or six weeks. if you stay with the same routine. I had to practice in such a way that it was effective in helping me improve. you improve to be able to deal with that exertion better next time. then ride a bike or swim. I’m not going into a technical exercise physiology lecture. Since none of us can achieve the “perfect practice” my father told me about. but their efforts have not resulted in the desired improvement. I know. It has already adapted to that stress and you plateau. the exercise routine. After those six weeks. change to straight sets or super sets. His point was that practicing wasn’t enough. Exercise is the same way.FitnessExpertNetwork. If you have been doing weight resistance exercise. a personal trainer. he tried to help you understand that practice does not make perfect.com . When you subject the muscles. exercise is like any other discipline you may choose to practice. “Only perfect practice can make you perfect. It’s quite simple. In order to really improve and meet your fitness and wellness goals. your body doesn’t need to change anymore. You see.“Practice Makes Perfect”----Or Does It? By Bob Mittleman If your dad was like mine. If you have been walking or running. The key is.

com.48 – .ftwoodbury.FitnessExpertNetwork. Long Island Business News. His approach to fitness combines extensive knowledge of physical training. PCC. He was recently involved with the development of “How to feel great at work everyday” authored by Deborah Brown. www. he is the owner/operator of Fitness Together in Woodbury.com . Southampton Press as well as being interviewed on WLIE 540AM. nutrition. part of the Fitness For Life Franchise Corporation. His website is www. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. NY. When not coaching.About the Author Bob Mittleman is the former coach of the Greater Long Island Running Club Men and Women’s racing teams. and motivation to ensure success.

That’s great if you must fight or run away from a physical threat. competitive and often troubled society.49 – . we need a proper balance of aerobic and weight resistance exercise for optimal results. emotional stress we are most likely to face everyday. plain and simple. and keeps hormones balanced. exercise calms our negative emotions and actually stimulates positive biochemical changes that improve mood and relieve pain. they react the same way to both. we remain sedentary. If we face prolonged or chronic stress. high tech. Too much exercise will only add to the stress. Second. Instead. and that gets stored too.Stress and Exercise By Bob Mittleman Let’s face it. Before discussing why exercise is the best antidote for stress. Too much stress can causes serious problems. Research has proven that the very best treatment for stress and all of its negative effects is NOT found at the drug store. the job of the third hormone released by the body. those with a Type A personality. I think it is helpful to understand why stress has these effects on us. It helps our bodies work efficiently and well. Often the result is chronic stress. but when was the last time you did that? Unfortunately. Doing an exercise improperly or doing the wrong exercise could hurt us. We don’t physically fight or run. most of it saved in the middle section of the body. BUT be careful. Since our bodies can’t tell the difference. The insulin often does this so well that we feel hungry. researchers have found that the people most likely to be stressed. but in the gym. Mentally. The best www. are two to three times more likely to die from coronary heart disease. stress can actually make you fat.com . First. we are sitting at our desk or behind the wheel.FitnessExpertNetwork. we live in a fast paced. So the insulin stores the fat and glucose as fat. So what happens to all that fat and glucose in our blood stream that was supposed to give us quick energy? Well. one we must physically fight or run away from. In addition. is to get the fat and glucose out of the blood stream and store it for future use. The result is 5 – 10 minutes of quick energy due to the release of stored fuel in the body (fat and glucose). So. It boils down to the simple fact that our bodies cannot tell the difference between stress caused by a physical threat. A fit person can deal with stress much better than people who are sedentary. this cycle is repeated over and over. exercise IS the answer. cortisol and insulin. storing more and more fat on our midriffs and sometimes even leading to an additional problem from insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. This is done by releasing the hormones adrenalin. Variety and periodic change in the exercise routine is also important. Our bodies react by providing maximum strength and energy to fight or run. and related. insulin. exercise burns fat and glucose. improves all cardiovascular functions. reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. Physically. when we face our most common stressors. We eat more because we are hungry. Exercise is the cure. and the chronic.

part of the Fitness For Life Franchise Corporation. About the Author Bob Mittleman is the former coach of the Greater Long Island Running Club Men and Women’s racing teams. His website is www. PCC. Southampton Press as well as being interviewed on WLIE 540AM. serious consequences to our health. a properly designed exercise program. We may not be able to eliminate the causes of chronic stress. NY. and motivation to ensure success. a certified personal trainer. consult with your physician before starting.50 – . When not coaching. The good news is that. if you have not exercised recently. he is the owner/operator of Fitness Together in Woodbury.com .com. www.FitnessExpertNetwork. The researchers continue to find more evidence of the harmful effects of chronic stress and its resulting. with each discovery. His approach to fitness combines extensive knowledge of physical training. Long Island Business News. And. The sooner you start the better.advice is to seek the help of a professional.ftwoodbury. but we can deal with it better. He was recently involved with the development of “How to feel great at work everyday” authored by Deborah Brown. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. nutrition. That’s the bad news. the best cure is the same.

51 – . working in this zone allows you to burn fat. If you keep going after that. There are 4 zones that are used as guidelines to train in. Runners tend to stay in this zone while doing their recovery runs. Phil Maffetone through years of research and has been used by world class athletes. fat www.60% to 70% In this zone you are developing basic endurance and aerobic capacity. That number. Subtract 0 if you have been exercising for up to two years with no real problems and have not had colds or the flu more then once or twice a year. The Energy Efficient or Recovery Zone . making progress in competition without injury. Add 5 if you have been exercising for more than two years without any problems. what do you do? Well.FitnessExpertNetwork. There are numerous other formulas that are used as guidelines. Subtract 5 if you have not exercised before. You then modify this number based on different categories. The zones are established to guide some one through a workout at the desired effort. For example. The goal of the workout will determine what zone you will be working in. One thought was invented by Dr. You can also use a fitness assessment to estimate your correct heart rate zone and certain heart rate monitors come with functions that allow you to establish a heart zone based on certain parameters. subtract 10 if you have or are recovering from a major illness or on any regular medication. 1. The monitor is a must have device.com . you have exercised but have been injured or are regressing in your training or you often get colds or flu or have allergies. Now that you have all these formula’s and tools to figure out what your target zones are. So what is the optimum heart rate you should be aiming for in your training? The common thought is to take your age and subtract that number from 220. it depends on what you want to accomplish. It’s a way to allow their muscles to re-energize. It is called the Maximum Aerobic Function. That number is your maximum heart rate.Want to improve your exercise routine and accelerate your ability to reach your goals? Train with a Heart Rate Monitor By Bob Mittleman How important is knowing your correct zone and owning a heart rate monitor… Extremely!!! A heart rate monitor will allow you to go Easy on your easy days and Hard on your hard days. whatever it is. The formula for MAF is subtracting your age from 180. now becomes the basis for which your target heart rate zones are established. Research has shown that fat provides about 50% of the calories you need to keep going for the first hour or so. For the non-running crowd.

Long Island Business News. His approach to fitness combines extensive knowledge of physical training. When not coaching. he is the owner/operator of Fitness Together in Woodbury. The Red Line Zone 90% to 100% Training in this zone will only be possible for short periods of time. His website is www. Southampton Press as well as being interviewed on WLIE 540AM. The good news is with training it is possible to increase someone’s ability to deal with lactic acid and increases one’s anaerobic threshold. providing around 70% of the total energy after two hours and 80% or more if your work duration exceeds three hours.com . Glycogen that is stored in your muscles is the main source. 3. One of the results of using glycogen as a fuel source is runners’ worst enemy. nutrition. If you increase the intensity then the Fat contribution decreases.com.52 – . He was recently involved with the development of “How to feel great at work everyday” authored by Deborah Brown. the working muscles can be developed and improved. 5. the amount of fat utilized as the main source of energy is greatly reduced. and motivation to ensure success. As you become fitter and stronger from training in this zone it will be possible to get the benefits of some fat burning and improvement of your aerobic capacity.ftwoodbury.FitnessExpertNetwork. NY. The Aerobic Zone . lactic acid. The Anaerobic Zone . part of the Fitness For Life Franchise Corporation. About the Author Bob Mittleman is the former coach of the Greater Long Island Running Club Men and Women’s racing teams. The body's ability to transport oxygen to. PCC. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. This zone is reserved for interval running and only the very fit are able to train effectively within this zone. 4. 2. www.becomes even more generous. and carbon dioxide away from.70% to 80% Training in this zone will help develop your cardiovascular system. It effectively trains your fast twitch muscle fibers and helps to develop speed.80% to 90% While training in this zone.

with more efficiency. Find a club that has a ball class and learn from a professional. Add a “sticky” mat under the ball before you attempt any exercises on hardwood/tile floors!! Another idea for the budding beginner is to prop the ball up against a wall…. Pump your ball to firm so that when you sit on it with your feet flat on the floor your knees are level or a little below the height of your hips..53 – . These core muscles are the ones that promote good posture while sitting or standing….FitnessExpertNetwork.Get on the Ball! By Bonnie Murphy There is a lot of talk today in the fitness world about the wonderful attributes of using a stability/fitness/Swiss ball. Don’t use the ball on a hard surface without a “sticky” mat. You can also order Fit ball Videos/DVD’s that will start you out slowly and progress you at your own rate. 55cm for 5’3” to 5’ 7”. Besides providing balance training the stability ball works the trunk in almost every exercise. stretching. The one big buzz word is “core”. When you are exercising on the stability ball as opposed to the floor or bench/chair the ball enables you to work more muscle groups. and 65 cm for those 5’ 8” to 6’2”. balance and toning exercises. The great thing about using a ball rather than a piece of workout equipment is that while on the ball you are constantly asking your abdominals and your back muscles to “fire” thus giving you a more intense workout in a shorter period of time.it’s very important to have a strong trunk. stick with easier exercises.you’ll eventually be able to use it free standing. The ball is a great tool for strengthening those hard to get to muscles……the deep muscles of the abdomen and the erector spinae muscles of the back as well as improving your balance and overall coordination. Most ball manufactures have certain designations according to your overall height: 45cm for 5’2” and below. be sure you keep www. Carpet is the best surface for ball use. Everything you can do with machines in a gym you can simulate by using a ball and hand weights. Core refers to muscles of the abs and back. Core strength refers to muscles of your abs and back and their ability to support your spine and keep your body stable and balanced. If you are still uncomfortable. If you’ve never used the ball before. for better and faster results. The ball can be used for strengthening.com . The ball tends to slip out from underneath you when used on a wood or tile floor.

The Association of Fitness by Phone Coaches (AFPC) and the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA).54 – . Anchorage (UAA).com . AK 99523-0165 www. Be sure to perform one set of chosen exercises 2-3 non consecutive days a week. So. I have my students put themselves between two chairs as “training wheels”. Bonnie writes regularly for the Alaska Wellness Magazine. Back pain is common because so many muscles have to contract and relax in order to allow you to stand and move. has written two E-books on exercise and aging. Bonnie has her own Personalized Fitness Studio located in East Anchorage and specializes is working with the Mature Female Body. The benefits that are derived from just sitting on the ball are phenomenal as compared to sitting on the floor or in a chair. and/or excessive weight your back will be one of the first places that feels the strain. adjustments of balance) by the spine may help reduce pain by stimulating natural pain inhibitors. the University of Alaska. Reminder: Always warm up with 5/10 minutes of light cardio to get the blood flowing to the muscles so that they are ready to be challenged. Your body responds naturally and automatically to the instability to keep balanced on the exercise ball.either your hands or your feet on the floor at all times. not straight down at your toes.bfitandwell. If you have weak muscles. Email:bonnie@bfitandwell.FitnessExpertNetwork. get on the ball!! About the Author Bonnie Murphy is a certified Fitness Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). make sure it is a little more firm than if you were using it to exercise.229. You build strength in important back muscles and abdominal muscles without even knowing it. Research shows that the type of movement induced by using an exercise ball (small range. Over time the muscles used to keep you in balance on the Swiss exercise ball become stronger.7652 PO Box 230165 Anchorage.com. Make sure you are looking about 6 feet out in front of you. All in all the exercise ball seems to be one of the best tools for targeting the most worrisome parts of the female anatomy. If you use the ball in place of a chair. publishes a monthly enewsletter and has various articles posted on the web.com Phone: 907. She has been in Anchorage since 1968 and has been in the fitness business for 27 years. Alaska Women Speak Magazine. the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). By strengthening your core you will also be eliminating back pain. poor posture. Visit her website at www. This practice improves balance while you are warming up your body and getting it ready for work. A great warm up is walking in a straight line touching your toes of one foot to the heel of the other.

now and Amy gets up off the floor with ease. Now I only assist her with the Universal Bench Press and Shoulder Press but all the other exercises she does by herself. I have had the pleasure of working with 100’s of people over the age of 50 for the last nine years. It’s only been a few short months since Penny started the class and already she has seen tremendous growth in strength and stamina. had a stroke about 6 months ago. She seemed OK with that and she enrolled in the Circuit Weight Training class. This same gal. I have between 18 and 25 people show up for these classes two times a week. I just had to put my hand on her biceps and WOW she has muscles! I was so excited for her!! She just beamed with joy. She is 82 and to begin with she was quite weak and kept telling me that she couldn’t do things. Amy. Penny came to me at the age of 81. It is just awesome to me to watch these gals and to know that their lives are better and richer because they enrolled in a strength training program. Yes! Another gal that I have to mention is in her mid 80’s and when she came to me she was only 79.55 – . She was only out of class for a month and then she came right back. I am compelled to write about one particular case just to let you know what I get to be involved with every day.com . She told me that she was ready to workout but that she couldn’t possibly get on the floor because she would never be able to get up. At the present time 3 of the ladies are over 80 and one is over 85. I just have to marvel at the abilities and accomplishments of each individual. without any muscle mass to speak of and very weak in her upper body--but that changed. She’s now 6 years older…. Yesterday as I was watching her do her preacher curls. It’s so rewarding to me to get to be part of the metamorphosis that happens. I helped her with the first few classes. It’s been over 6 years. I told her that that was not a problem and that I would teach her how to get up from the floor. It’s been said that Weight Training is the closest thing to the “Fountain of Youth” there is. I have a particular individual that I want to tell you about in this writing.but her abilities are like she’s 6 or more years younger! Weight training works. This lady’s name is Penny (fictitious). The doctors were astounded and she gives all the www. I told her more than once that can’t wasn’t in my vocabulary and that she wasn’t allowed to use that word while she was in my class.The Miracle of Weight Training By Bonnie Murphy I just wanted to share with you a few wonderful stories. I hold a Circuit Weight Training Class every Monday and Thursday afternoons and I have been doing this for close to 7 years. just like I would any newcomer.FitnessExpertNetwork. I have been blessed to work with seniors in both aerobic and strength training capacities.

Even though this lady is large. They bond with other class members and I hear them making plans for lunch. We just proved that with Penny and Amy. Email Bonnie at bonnie@bfitandwell. I am fabricating exercises with the Swiss Exercise ball. I am challenged because most of my equipment is not rated for the amount of weight that she has on her body. but the camaraderie is unsurpassed. many. I can’t wait to see the transformation that Gladys is going to make.com. Not only are the circuit class exercises beneficial. but not exercising makes you old”. CFT. About the Author Bonnie Murphy. A lot of my gals live alone and they join classes for human contact.FitnessExpertNetwork. This particular woman is very much overweight but has the desire to get better…. but when they started moving and doing resistance exercises they got stronger. socialization is very important for seniors. etc. Right now I am working with a gal (59 years old) in a one-on-one setting and it’s one of the biggest challenges of my career. too!! Website: www. a floor mat of many colors. Bonnie has her own Private Fitness Studio where she does Small Group and one-on-one Personalized Training. www. she has very little upper body strength. Yes. Bonnie can work with anyone from anywhere through her Fitness By Phone® system. I have many.bfitandwell. and balance will improve dramatically as she works out regularly and stays committed. a sturdy chair.com . She is so excited about her new path and I want her to stay that way so I need to find new and challenging exercises for her each week! Her strength.both physically and healthfully. Bonnie works with “Mature” women’s bodies and teaches them how to eat for health.7652 for more information.229.credit for her quick recovery to the fact that she had been faithfully strength training for the last 6 years of her life. Call 907.56 – . many more cases of people coming to me when they thought it was hopeless. Because of her size her knees are giving her trouble…so I have some limitations that I have to work around. stamina.com. I have always said that “You are never too old to exercise. and an elastic band. improved their balance and even noticed that they were able to do everyday things easier and for longer periods of time.

it ain't pretty! -Person A tried a personal trainer at a local Gold's Gym for just 3 sessions to help him get started and kind of show him the ropes of weight training. actually became disgusted by simply writing it!!! You. constant cancellations and not getting the attention you deserve while www. and found that the trainer was training another client on the other side of the gym!!! -Person B had a personal trainer at Spectrum Club. When the client complained of severe knee pain. Well. the trainer told the client "If you complain. because it is. Now." -Person D was extremely overweight and was having severe knee problems just standing and walking. on the other hand. No Gain. his personal trainer had him performing barbell squats.. During the training session. First and foremost.. as the consumer. This personal trainer never performed any measurements or strength assessments. many of you that have had a personal trainer in the past probably read through the above scenarios and laughed (or cringed) because it has happened to you.. this individual finally found a time that his trainer could finally make it in. the UnProfession" By Boyd Myers Although there are a select few personal trainers that strive to deliver above and beyond their clients' expectations. all too often the opposite is true." Unfortunately. his trainer kept walking away for 2-3 minutes at a time and saying "I'll be right back.57 – .." -Person C (a 57 year old female) also had a personal trainer at Spectrum Club. When the individual told the trainer that the exercise (which is usually reserved for athletes and well-conditioned individuals looking to increase explosiveness) the trainer replied "No Pain. We've all heard personal training horror stories. and I think they are very beneficial. but also understand that you need to have a certain level of condition before doing them (like no pain while standing upright). Be prepared .FitnessExpertNetwork. understand that I LOVE squats." Person A then decided to follow his trainer. decide that you want to use a trainer and you have certain expectations. the personal trainer replied "Because I said so. the trainer had this client doing JUMPING HACK SQUATS. During the first workout.com . I'll just add more weight. No showing... How do you track progression without having a baseline? When the client asked why she had her doing a certain exercise. after more than 5 cancellations.. but these are all things that clients have recently shared with me about their former personal trainers. I.. The true professionals in the business of health and fitness are sometimes hard to find.Sometimes. you deserve to be treated as if your time is extremely valuable."Personal Training . During her FIRST workout.

Unfortunately.FitnessExpertNetwork. For example. not only should you walk away with a dramatic change in your body (and life). they'll stick the client with the responsibility. www.. so a smile and a signature on a piece of paper can get them employed in most any health club. I tell all of my clients that it is my job to make them NOT need me. you're thinking I'm crazy. Anyone can do that. Person C and D are very similar to me.you cannot train a 55 year old female the same way that an 18 year old football player trains! I see too many personal trainers trying to train all of their clients like they are competitive bodybuilders and giving them competition style nutrition programs. how to execute it. I can't buy advertising like that.com .. the personal trainer is simply trying to keep you dependent so you have to continue using their service!!! I know. As a personal trainer. you just couldn't follow it (no matter how realistic it was). there isn't much regulation in this career field.you're being trained are unacceptable. Not just guide you through a workout. You aren't paying for a friend to count reps for you. if you sign up for a 12 week program. They gave the advice. Bodybuilders themselves can only diet like this for only a few weeks at a time. and that is FINE. When you're working with a trainer. You know what a personal trainer's job REALLY is? It is to EDUCATE you.58 – . and how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to KEEP making progress long after your sessions in. However. you have to start the client at a level that they are comfortable with and help them progress . Why? They know they're getting what they pay for and they never mind telling their friends about what we do and how I work. some people like the accountability and motivation that a personal trainer provides. A personal trainer should TEACH you what you need to know to move on and train without them by creating independence. so how on earth can they expect that type of eating to become a "lifestyle" change for their clients? They can't!!! And since they know no alternatives. "Because I said so" should never fly. it should be treated as if that 12 weeks is on-the-job training and the personal trainer should be teaching you all they know in that time!!! Of course. the trainer should make an attempt to teach you to become independent of their services. It seems that everyone that gets themselves in pretty good shape or has played competitive sports at some level determines that they're knowledgeable enough to be a personal trainer and help others with their fitness. and maybe just have you stop by for the occasional tune-up. you're paying for the knowledge of what you need to be doing. Let's be realistic: every human on this earth has the same type of basic make-up (we're all human beings) but we're all drastically different when it comes to what works best for each individual. If they aren't doing this.

the-personal-trainer.About the Author Boyd Myers is a certified personal trainer and performance nutrition specialist located in San Antonio.59 – .com .FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is www.com www. He is well-known for his work with elite athletes and magazine cover models. TX.

and you’ll not only have a bit of extra fat. I know people that put in the effort of training. www. they are no longer weaknesses at all. modify your nutritional plan. yet they can’t MAKE time to give their body the stimulus to change. Now. people choose to do things that they are GOOD at and avoid that of which they aren’t so good at.I believe this holds true in just about everything in life.FitnessExpertNetwork.everyone knows I advocate a cheat day once per week to keep you sane. missing meals. in many cases. give it special attention. You can walk in any gym in America on any five days and you’ll see. of course. I realize that much of this is because they don’t know any better. However. it is absolutely imperative that you focus on correcting those weaknesses so over time. Those two to three sessions here and there add up . Fortune 500 businesses have crumbled with weak accounting practices. When it comes down to nutrition. including fitness. I am. many people workout hard and are diverse in their training. not eating often enough.60 – . if you want to be successful in anything. I believe that an intelligent person knows their strengths and weaknesses. you’re going to be full EITHER WAY. If you realize that you're eating too many refined carbohydrates. remember that whether you eat the healthy meal or the pizza."What is Your Weakest Fitness Link?" By Boyd Myers We’ve all heard the saying that you’re only as strong as your weakest link . If your cardiovascular condition is limiting you. however. but are guilty of missing two to three training sessions per month. Training is no different. starch and grease will wear off quite quick. there are many people that could live off of boiled chicken and whole grain rice (yuck). Use the cheat day! It makes it a lot easier to bypass potential diet pitfalls when you know that in just a few days. or just flat out eating the wrong food. but more times than not. which is the absolute worst thing you can do! You MUST focus on strengthening your weakest link. Nothing will provide you with greater progress more quickly than the synergistic effects of a nutritional program that supports your weight training efforts. yet don’t have the discipline at the dinner table to avoid making bad choices that set their progress back weeks at a time. which is exercise. the excitement of the fat. gain muscle and lose fat. make it easy by becoming great at it! On a more macro-scale. talking about falling off track .that's a difference of missing 24-36 sessions per year. Determine your caloric needs and apply the discipline necessary to stick with your meal plan. If squatting is absolutely terrible to you. the same people doing the same things. If you want to change your body. you can have whatever you want. you’ll also have feelings of guilt.com . On the same token. Fitness and health are no different. I guarantee had you trained those 36 sessions you would be in better shape than you are right now. Sports teams can simply crumble with just one weak link.

find out what it is that is holding you back from reaching your goals and don’t use it as a crutch or an excuse. His website is www. Due to different lifestyles. This is one of many reasons why one exercise program that you may read in a magazine or on a message board does not fit all. weaknesses change and will evolve.FitnessExpertNetwork. make it motivation and overcome that obstacle.Of course.the-personal-trainer. You must identify what it is that is holding you back while not worrying about what Lee Priest or Jay Cutler is doing. so it’s important that your training does the same.com www. About the Author Boyd Myers is a certified personal trainer and performance nutrition specialist located in San Antonio.com . as you progress.61 – . TX. habits and exercise histories. what is a weakness for one person could be a strength for another. In summary . He is well-known for his work with elite athletes and magazine cover models.

lifting weights and working out has to be the overall most important factor. or increased strength. the actual labor that builds the house. you will come across the term "bodybuilder". That’s ok. this often comes from months. you have to plan on how you’re going to achieve one goal over time while not totally neglecting the others.Which is Most Important – Lifting? Diet? Supplements? By Boyd Myers Definitely. it says a lot about a person that will dedicate several hours a week to physical labor to make themselves stronger and more muscular. because building your body is what you are doing! Weightlifting and Resistance Training (Anaerobic) Lifting is definitely the catalyst that spurts growth. if not years of trial and error. whether it’s increased muscular endurance. Considering all of the above. one of the most common discussions that I encounter is “which element is most important while in getting in shape?” Some will argue that it’s 80% diet. Let’s face it. nor do they have any inclination to compete in an actual bodybuilding competition. increased muscle size. Each individual has to decide what is best for their body. Every single rep and set scheme is designed with a different objective in mind.FitnessExpertNetwork. I consider anyone that tries to stay “in shape” a bodybuilder. while others will say that it’s all training (amazing how often these individuals follow NO diet plan). Lifting is the construction of the body. The possibilities are endless. I realize that most that read this will never. but below is my opinion on which is the most important element of training. I don’t know that it’s possible to put a value on any particular portion of bodybuilding. think about this: How many people do you see in your gym regularly? Ok. There are more ways to split your training into different body parts on different days than there are people working those body parts. With that being said. But it isn’t as easy as just picking up a weight and moving it until you’re tired. In this writing. It takes serious planning and strategy to ensure the muscles react the way we want them to. it says a lot about an individual that dedicates several hours a week to physical labor to make them selves stronger and look better. now how many of them have changed the way they look over the last 3 months? I’d be willing to bet that there aren’t that many. To make a muscle achieve new levels of size and strength.62 – . you have to overload that muscle with a resistance that it isn’t accustomed to. and keep overloading the muscle to make sure that it doesn’t stop growing. right? Well… Diet As I mentioned before. www.com .

and it must be worked like any other muscle. Do you think it is possible to stay lean and gain muscle on a diet of birthday cake? If you do. amounts of those nutrients. even in the checkout line at the grocery store. What is the house worth if the electrical systems aren’t up to speed? www. on billboards. the gym would be full of overmuscled freaks. Do you know how often I hear that? Well. When we were happy. the only way (legally) to build muscle is to supply the body with the proper nutrients. You can’t beat the convenience. the diet is definitely the materials it takes to build the home. Ever feel that burn toward the end of a set? That’s lactic acid.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. It takes discipline to avoid the temptation of sweets and greasy fast foods that are everywhere: on television. we ate. But it is also a great way to increase circulation.you should always eat to fuel whatever your activity. Celebrations often offer birthday cakes and sodas. Outside of those few that were genetically blessed with great muscular development. If weightlifting is the construction of the home. In my opinion. we have been taught to eat everything in sight. diet is the most difficult aspect of fitness for the average person to adapt to. and when to have the nutrients it needs to grow: proteins. let me say this: it is dead wrong.63 – . Cardio Don’t do cardio if you want to build muscle. Remember. Although we have become a lazier society and do not exercise anywhere near enough. Don’t get me wrong. Practicing solid nutritional practices will help you accomplish whatever you're trying to accomplish faster. doing cardio will delay lactic acid accumulation! Ok.If it were only about going into gyms and lifting weights. increased circulation will suppress the point at which our muscles produce lactic acid. it is a great way to create a calorie deficit. or at least 30 pounds overweight. but most of the items at restaurants are designed to taste good. Its way too easy to stop at McDonalds on the way home or just order pizza and have it delivered to our home. Increased circulation will assist in the removal of this waste from our bodies. than cardio could be considered setting up the electrical in the house. let me sell you my bridge in Brooklyn. if lifting is the building of the house. When we were sad. the heart is a muscle. and fats. It’s nearly impossible to escape. From the time we were children. it couldn’t be further from the truth. waste is removed from our muscles. Also. How does that benefit you as a bodybuilder? When we workout. But bodybuilding aside . Four out of ten people in the United States are considered obese. a lot of that can be attributed to diet. Cardio shouldn’t only be considered as a weight loss tool. we ate. and diet is the materials of which the house is built. Actually. Wouldn’t it be nice if the point at which that lactic acid built up was delayed? Well. and it is the most important muscle. carbohydrates. You can’t build a home out of air alone. not to be bodybuilder friendly.

If you don’t take care of your inside and outside of your house by general repair and maintenance. there is a very good chance your body does not have the chance to ever recover and reach its optimum level of performance.com . This does not simply mean work a different body part the next day. you need to be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night.Supplementation To be perfectly honest. Contrary to popular belief. there are supplements that work. flax and other healthy oils. there are supplements that do have uses. As much as most people don’t want to hear this. I totally recommend a high quality multivitamin. I will also say that creatine monohydrate works. you shouldn’t lose more than 2lbs in a week (or you’re losing about 60% muscle). they would be illegal like steroids.FitnessExpertNetwork. bars and protein are definitely easy and convenient ways to assist us in getting both the necessarily calories and nutrients that we need. don’t think that sleeping 13 hours on Tuesday will make up the difference. but not as much too where you’re burning muscle. But if you’re looking for a supplement that will give you steroid results. you have to safely reduce your calorie intake beneath what you burn in a given day. Remember. If they worked like steroids. If you are lifting 5-6 days a week. Your body is NOT recovering if you aren’t sleeping at least 7-9 hours a night. To gain muscle. you must raise them the proper amount to be more than what you burn in a day. It actually goes deeper than that. I feel that this is the most over-emphasized portion of dealing a great body.64 – . Don’t get me wrong. Are the gains you receive (if any) worth your hard earned money? Again. Is the cost worth the gain? Most supplements are quite pricey. Working out not only taxes the body part you are working. rest is one. unless you’re trying to gain fat. Meal Replacement Powders. Typically. I pretty much stay away from everything else. more is not better when talking about fitness. On the same token. you shouldn’t be gaining any more than 1-2 pounds in a week. They should not be the cornerstone of any program. be consistent! The house Rest is definitely the maintenance. Using the house analogy. You have to allow your body to recover between workouts. but not totally essential. I always try to emphasize that supplements are just that: SUPPLEMENTS. but if you want to operate at your pinnacle. Both of these processes are slow. This part of this article alone is going to keep it out of any magazines. there still hasn’t been a magic pill created. especially with our jobs and families. They’re very nice to have. Other than that. it’s not going to be worth a www. I do want to mention that you cannot catch up on sleep. supplements could be considered a plasma screen television. and amino acids. but since I’m not trying to sell anything. I know that it’s tough to get to sleep. It means not breaking your body down to where it cannot recover. To lose fat. Rest If there are any X-factors in training. If you only sleep 4 hours on Monday. so I think I’m safe. it also puts incredible stress on your central nervous system. but not so much to where you put on fat. That word means “in addition to”. you’re going to be looking for a long time. some do. Always do a cost and benefit analysis on any supplement.

com . you have to incorporate all of the pieces. My opinion? Exercise.65 – . Basically.com www.whole lot down the road.FitnessExpertNetwork. diet and nutrition. His website is www. About the Author Boyd Myers is a certified personal trainer and performance nutrition specialist located in San Antonio. TX.the-personal-trainer. and rest are all pieces of a larger pie. If you want to reach your optimum level of fitness. I can’t say that one factor is more important than the other. He is well-known for his work with elite athletes and magazine cover models. Everyone seems to have a different opinion.

At a minimum. drive race cars. They read an article in a bodybuilder type magazine and try to apply it to their nonbodybuilding physique.com . its time to move on to the next step. Activities we do for relaxation and enjoyment are always more fun when we do them well. First. I am a Fitness Trainer. Often times when beginning with a new client whose main focus was on appearance. And at the far end of the spectrum. bike. These could be as simple as lowering your cholesterol or as major as physical rehabilitation after an injury. I was once approached by a club member who told me I did not look like a bodybuilder. or play intramural sports in a local league. Weight Loss. a secretary or salespersons biggest physical demand may be staying awake at their desk. water ski. When I first began training at a health club. Thirdly. ask yourself when your last physical with a doctor occurred. Running. Athletics. Sometimes our goals conflict with each other. hike. Weight Gain. This point is missed by so many people. but we can usually find a good combination to satisfy our needs. jog. renovate homes. do your means of income require a specific physical performance? A professional football player must maintain a level of performance required for the position he plays. This question is just as important as the second. Bodybuilding. A sprinters main goal is his/her speed. Have you visited your doctor in the past 12 months? Did you get a clean bill of health or does your doctor have concerns for you to address? If you have a clean bill of health."How to Define Your Primary Fitness Goals" By Brad Scott When setting up your workout program. you should at least understand why you are exercising.FitnessExpertNetwork. Modeling. I told him "I am not a bodybuilder. A groundskeeper requires lots of walking and moderate lifting. I would ask them are we going for Muscle and Fitness or Men's Health. it is very important to have your Primary Fitness Goals defined. In the next few paragraphs I will help you narrow your search. Second. and the list goes on and on and on. horseback ride.66 – . www. Workout programs will be different for General Health." I explained to him that I enjoyed basketball and martial arts and I trained to enhance my performance in those sports and not to have huge muscles. do your hobbies or social activities require a specific physical performance? Do you snowboard. most people cannot even describe their primary fitness goal. what type of performance you desire or how you want to look. address those first. Are you thinking Cosmopolitan or Shape? Your primary goal determines the foundation of your workout program. Power Lifting. If your physician has issues. Unfortunately.

The fourth point addresses our vanity. Brad offers a wide variety of fitness solutions for most anyone. but you can get off to a great start by following these five steps. you can't practice a lifestyle of daily drinking and carousing. What are the physical requirements of your hobbies? 4. What are the physical requirements of your job? 3. www. Live for the Moment?. What do you look like after your training is complete? 5. With over 20 years of experience. If you plan to perform well on game day. It's all related.com today and start your fitness journey. Get the picture. And good focus yields good results. although emotionally important. Power lifters are big and bulky while Brad Pitt is lean and toned.FitnessExpertNetwork. in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Conditioning with the International Sports Sciences Association. Lastly. what type of lifestyle do you lead and are you willing to change it to reach your goals. By defining your primary goal you will know where to focus the majority of your time and efforts. odds are working toward both goals will prevent you from reaching either. What do you want to look like? This goal.Exercise for Life.SportAndLifeFitness.67 – . may or may not be achievable when related to the first three points. 1. Visit him online at www. He holds a B. He is also a feature writer for the Rio Rancho Observer in New Mexico. Can you commit to the lifestyle changes you need to make? Of course designing a complete training program entails a little more planning.S. Have you been cleared for exercise by your physician? 2. Use this short checklist to aid you in defining your Primary Fitness Goal.. If you want to be a power lifter and also want to look like Brad Pitt. Lack of sleep equals lack of energy. About the Author Brad Scott is Owner and President of Sport and Life Fitness.com . Achieving both successfully would require you to be a freak of nature. Smoking limits lung capacity.

But have you ever just gotten stuck at a certain level? Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try. I could not get past 215 pounds. but I was stuck on 215. I could lift 205 pounds about 2-3 times and 185. c. Weight x Repetitions = Volume a. Lets take my previous self-experience as an example. You get stuck. 225 x 0 = 0 pounds 215 x 1 = 215 pounds 205 x 2 = 410 pounds 185 x 10 = 1850 pounds My goal was to bench press 225 pounds just one time.FitnessExpertNetwork. Because I had an engineering background. I could not reach my true potential. you just can’t lift anymore weight? This is called reaching a plateau and it happens to everyone. However. You exercise and eat right and see steady gains until one day you feel like you just can’t push any more weight. d.68 – . I looked at the situation logically and was able to set new higher goals and achieve them. but I was stuck on 215 pounds for 1 repetition. It just wasn’t going to happen. Let’s do the math to illustrate my point. So by using volume training.com . That is until I started “volume training. Volume training is a simple concept that is used to bust through a plateau to increase your strength. And by continually practicing with 215. b.” Volume training helped me increase my strength to some of my life time highs. Goal Volume = 225 x 3 = 675 pounds www. I wanted so badly to be able to bench press 225 pounds. Most people recognize this and work toward this goal.Lower the Weight and Increase Your Strength By Brad Scott Increasing your strength should always be a major goal. 10-15 times. I set new a goal of being able to bench press 225 for at least 3 repetitions. Practicing lifting 215 pounds 1 time was not going to increase my strength enough to lift 225 pounds. but no matter how hard I tried I could not do even 1 repetition. For several years I had a plateau on the bench press. My goal was to bench press 225 pounds for 1 repetition. I will explain it to you and then give you a good practical example on how to use it. I was able to lower the weight and increase my strength.

In the volume routine. But at 10 repetitions. lifted more total volume and actually increased my maximum strength. By simply throttling back just a little you can increase your strength to new personal highs. more motivation results in more increases and the cycle continues. www. I was lifting less total volume. the volume routine is 1335 more pounds. That’s over half a ton! The concept of volume training can be applied to any exercise and any muscle group.FitnessExpertNetwork. Plateau Routine: 135 x 15 = 2025 155 x 10 = 1550 185 x 10 = 1850 205 x 2 = 410 215 x 1 = 215 TOTAL VOLUME = 6050 Volume Routine: 135 x 15 = 2025 185 x 10 = 1850 195 x 6 = 1170 195 x 6 = 1170 195 x 6 = 1170 TOTAL VOLUME = 7385 As you can see by lowering the weight you can increase your strength. These increases will result in more motivation. I lowered the exercise weight. although I was lifting more weight per set.Now looking back at my past numbers only option “d” got me over goal volume with 1850 pounds. Now that you understand the science behind volume training and understand why it works. In the plateau routine. Then I started working out with 205 pounds and in a very short time I was able to bench press 205 pounds for 6 reps and 215 for 4-5 reps.69 – . a repetition range of 4-6 should be used. And by increasing my exercise weight to 215 pounds I reached my goal of 225 pounds for 3 repetitions and more. And since I could only do 205 pounds for only 2 repetitions. And 225 for 2 reps. Most people while exercising tend to push the limits constantly but fail to see the results of their labor. my exercise weight had to fall between 185 and 205 pounds. Then I re-tested and my new bench press maximum was 215 pounds for 2 reps and 205 pounds for 5 reps. let’s put it all together in an exercise routine to see how it works. So I started working out with 195 pounds until I was able to do 195 for 6 repetitions which gave me a volume of 1170 pounds. I new that 185 pounds was too light of a weight to develop the strength that I needed. In fact. In both routines I was performing the same number of sets. In order to develop maximum strength.com .

About the Author Brad Scott is Owner and President of Sport and Life Fitness.SportAndLifeFitness. in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Conditioning with the International Sports Sciences Association. this concept is for you.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. He holds a B.S. Remember to eat well. With over 20 years of experience.com today and start your fitness journey. get plenty of rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Brad offers a wide variety of fitness solutions for most anyone.If you exercise regularly and have reached a plateau. Visit him online at www. www. He is also a feature writer for the Rio Rancho Observer in New Mexico. Lower the weight and increase your strength.70 – .

How You Can Stick to Your Goals and Lose Weight By Brian T. socially. you and I both know somewhere at least one of those fell by the wayside and you didn't quite reach the heights you had hoped. This article will help you know why you quit before you even get started! I want you to reflect back to your New Year's resolutions regardless of what time of year it is. www. Then all they do is complain about how they can't lose weight and blame it on everyone and everything else but themselves. I am going out on a limb here to guess that it was the physical component of those New Years resolutions.71 – . Every time a new year comes around it promises huge benefits for you financially. whether you are new to exercise and started your weight loss program because of a new year's resolution or you are a re-starter and have decided to get going AGAIN. Perhaps you faded early or you made it to the first turn or even down the backstretch. it won't get done unless you actually do it.FitnessExpertNetwork. I am here to help you. Being a fitness professional for 16+ years. your weight loss and fitness goals. Whatever happened. However. Newport RI's fitness professional Brian T. But you have to remember one thing. this report will help you focus on what you need to do in order to succeed. something went wrong and you were off course. Below are several. I am sure you had every good intention right out of the gate. BAM!. You made your resolutions and you have sworn you are going to STICK TO THEM! Does this sound all too familiar to you? If it does.Exercise: The New Years Resolution. Rurak reveals the secrets of how to achieve your fitness success and get around the obstacles that prevent you from the weight loss and fitness levels you deserve. Now. that took a back seat to the chaos of your daily grind. Rurak New Years resolutions can work wonders for weight loss if you know why they don't work for you. spiritually and physically. Maybe you tried exercising and dieting and got frustrated with a lack of results or the gym scene.com . but somewhere suddenly or subtly. very simple steps to help you achieve weight loss and fitness success. how did you do? Hopefully you did great and you have succeeded at all of them. I know it was because I hear it all too often from either clients who eventually figure out that they can't do it on their own and seek our services or from all the others who continue attempting weight loss and fitness success on their own and are just so stubborn they would rather try and fail over and over again.

help you eliminate some if not all of them and set you on the path to weight loss and fitness success. so see if you can relate. safely and logically. etc? Was it the sweaty guy next to you? Was it that your regular program wasn't giving you the results you wanted and you hit a plateau? Were you spending too much time in the gym & not getting the results you wanted? Was it your daily living that got in the way? For the new exerciser was it the lack of knowing what to do? Was it the fear of failure of not getting the results you desired? Was it the fact that you don't want to exercise 'on display' in front of all the masses? Was it that you just hate to exercise? Or was it the lack of time? If you are like most people that last question is true for you. you MUST remember that you have taken time off so there have been some set-backs. www. three weeks. what you have done in the past or where you are going. These usually apply to everyone. This may or may not be able to be done thru this special report but it should get you thinking. You have to get a handle on this and you have to eat supportively if you want serious results from the investment you are going to put into yourself with an exercise program. Not knowing who you are. the first and most important aspect of your fitness program has to be nutrition. Many of our clients attribute their weight loss and fitness success to the accountability we hold them to as well as all the fun they have exercising with a purpose. was it for overall health and wellness? Now what kept you away from it? For the re-starter was it the long lines during the busy hours waiting for machines? Was it a week of chaos and hurdles in your life that suddenly turned into two weeks. There just isn't enough time in the day. Was it the weight loss? Was it the social aspect? Was it the desire to look good in a bathing suit? Was there a special event you planned to attend? Or even more importantly.FitnessExpertNetwork.t3fitnesss.72 – . we approach it the same way. I always approach everything with safety in mind and logical progressions. As you can see.com .com/contactus.html and we will do everything we can to help you get on track. Ok. there are tons of variables that can get in the way of an exercise routine and keep you from your weight loss goals. contact us for some lifestyle coaching at http://www. If you are a beginner. First you need to figure out the reasons you went to or are being drawn to the gym. so let's figure it out! Whether you are a re-starter or beginner. What we need to figure out is what your issues are so we can fix them. Our job is to sift thru the issues to get you on track and keep you on track.For the re-starter. I can't show you in this report how there is enough time in every day to succeed but if you need help now and just can't figure it out on your own.

please seek help from a professional. it supports your mission.Eating supportively is just that. The second part is getting back into your routine or starting one. it will all come back quicker than you think if done properly.73 – . you too will need to increase the amount of resistance for real results. Don't worry. So what are supportive foods and where do you find them? These are Mother Nature's goodies in their natural state: vegetables.849. For more information on this. This step alone will lead to huge success. If you are new to exercise you should also start out at about 50% of what you think you can do and progress from there. This holds true for the re-starter as well. light weights with a lot of reps before you increase the amount of weight.com/contactus. with compound movements. you run the risk of injury and burn-out. You want to return at about 50% for at least the first week or two to give your body a chance to get accustomed to the stressor of exercise again. if you don't know how to do this. You can contact us now for guidance and coaching at http://www. You do NOT want to restart where you left off if you have been gone for a while. seek help. Again. nuts.com/freereports. dairy. Success comes down to 3 major variables: preparation. Sometimes it just takes a little tweak to your program to help you succeed and enjoy it. meats and natures champagne: water. You don't want to bring your efforts to a screeching halt thru improper nutrition.t3fitness.com . The thing about exercise is that you have to think outside the box of traditional exercise. fish.FitnessExpertNetwork. setting goals and knowing how to get around the obstacles that get in your way. Walk before you jog.6030. quickly and efficiently so you are burning calories during your workout and continue burning them after your workout. You wouldn't try to fix your own teeth if you had a cavity would you? The next part is: where and when do you exercise? This is also very important to your success because you need to enjoy and feel comfortable where you are going to be exercising. Sometimes if all you have is 15 minutes. www. If you try too much too soon. that will work too and that can be done right at home or in your office. You want to make your exercise time efficient and beneficial. grab the special report. If you are not sure how to progress logically or just don't know where to start. And yes ladies. The key is to hit all the major body parts. grains. How to Boost Your Metabolism at http://www. fruits.t3fitness.html.html or call 401. Now as far as time spent in the gym or not having enough time in your daily schedule. you should be able to get in and out in 30 minutes and have had a killer fat burning workout.

they keep memberships low because they are in the business of selling memberships. Many times. and they actually anticipate you not using your membership within 90 days of signing up. His website is http://www. especially just after New Years. not anyone else's.If you belong or are going to join a health club. think about how much you will be able to use the facility vs.com. be sure to do a little homework and investigate what is going to work for you. Some other things to think about: What are the clubs hours of operation? How close is the club to your home or workplace? How many members do they have? Do they require long-term contracts or initiation fees? What are the peak hours of usage? Are you going to be waiting 30-60 minutes for machines to free-up? All of these can contribute to your lack of motivation and get in the way of your success.t3fitness. not fitness.FitnessExpertNetwork.74 – . EVERYONE is starting to use their memberships or new people are joining. not their own. 24 hour fitness center which allows you convenience and privacy. not just a personal trainer visit http://www. A couple things to realize about big health clubs are: they are membership driven so you end up paying for many services that you may never use. make an exercise and supportive eating appointments for yourself that you WILL keep. If you are thinking of hiring a fitness professional be sure they have your needs in mind.com . See more here at http://www. So when you make a commitment to change your lifestyle habits. www. One of the last and most important things to remember is that this is all about your success and your wellness. If it comes down to cost. No one has to know what you are doing during that time. About the Author Brian Rurak holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and Health. If you are in Newport. T3 Fitness has a very exclusive membership. it is yours! In closing. RI or the surrounding area. He is a published author for a local Women's Health Newspaper and regularly presents health and nutrition seminars to the local university freshman orientation classes. He is a certified fitness professional thru National Strength and Conditioning Association. be sure it is one that fits your schedule and your needs.t3fitness. This is why they hook you into long-term contracts.t3fitness. For a report on how to hire a fitness professional.com. You can get a great workout at home.html. This could be a nightmare and a major deterrent for your success. but if you need to leave the house to do so there are some communities that have a more personal venue or possibly 24 hour access that work nicely. Realize you may have other options to the bigger clubs.com/freereports.com/24hour. how much you won't because of the crowds and average that out over the course of a month or year. which many people will default to.

high intensity exercise isn't easy--it can even "hurt". frequently ends up burning more total fat calories as well as more total calories. is it considered necessary to distract oneself through the use of TV.75 – . if not more concerned. That is why so many revert to slogging away on the cross-trainer or bike with little or no focus or attention. or other medical contraindications www. if a low intensity exercise burns 100 total calories and 50% are fat calories then you burned off 50 fat calories. let alone exercise. with total calorie expenditure as opposed to fat calorie expenditure. That takes care of the ignorance component regarding high intensity exercise. get clearance from your physician. Why has low intensity exercise become the norm? Probably for two reasons: ignorance and laziness. what is high intensity exercise? For our purposes. First of all. Now on to the laziness component. Quite frankly. What they fail to grasp is that a lower percentage of a higher absolute calorie expenditure. in strength training people use music but more as a motivational/emotional mind set tool than as a necessary evil.e. They understand that lower intensity burns more fat calories (percentage wise) than higher intensity exercise as fat is the primary energy source at lower intensities. Many people are under the misguided impression that it is all about burning "fat" calories. This is just an estimate and if you are reasonably fit your maximum heart rate could be higher than that estimate. A high intensity workout might burn 300 calories but only 20% came from fat i. serious orthopedic issues. exercising north of the 75% mark should not create issues but if you have any doubt. Quite frankly. Those with heart issues. For example.age. and the like as when people do their "cardio"? Obviously. 60 fat calories. we as fitness professionals have been remiss in not educating our clients as to the benefits of high intensity exercise. Is it suitable for everyone? Absolutely not. In what other endeavor. People don't want it to hurt so they take the easy way out. This is only an illustration meant to demonstrate the point that people should be as concerned. In the long run burn the calories and the fat calories will take care of themselves.com . Theoretical maximum heart rate is defined at 220. iPods.High Intensity Training: Why You Should Do It By Bruce Kelly Why high intensity exercise? Notice I didn't say high intensity cardio because there are a variety of ways you can do high intensity exercise outside of standard "cardio" exercise.FitnessExpertNetwork. To distract oneself from the boredom of the exercise. If you have no health/heart issues. as in high intensity exercise. we will define it as any exercise that gets your heart rate over 75% of maximum heart rate.

lean appearance. here are some reasons you should include some high intensity workouts into your program: 1. plyometrics and strength training--all forms of high intensity training. even strength training if done in circuit fashion.aren't candidates for high intensity exercise. how quickly your heart rate recovers. In fact. In conclusion. squash. In either case. That doesn't mean do a world class sprinter's workout program but it does mean doing some high intensity work.FitnessExpertNetwork. The point is this: if you want to look somewhat like the sprinter then you have to do some of that type of training. Variety of modes to do high intensity exercise www. More time efficient: more calories burned per unit of time Improves both aerobic/anaerobic capacity Helps produce Human Growth Hormone which helps body comp "Afterburn" effect: more calories burned post exercise than steady state/low intensity exercise 5.com . But don't think you are limited to so-called traditional "cardio" as your only modes of high intensity training. Most marathon runners are merely thin with little to no muscle. or basketball can all induce the same results. In addition. One way to "sell" the concept of high intensity exercise to your clients is to ask them this simple question. 4. 2. can be a high intensity workout. most distance runners primarily run as in many circles strength training was considered unnecessary if not downright counterproductive. this is slowly changing but old habits die hard. On the other hand. A good group fitness class or a power based sport such as tennis. If you like to exercise outdoors. or swimming workout.76 – . etc. Why is that the case? Look at the way the two train: the sprinter does speed/interval work. you can start using the interval based programs that are on virtually all "cardio" machines. soccer. a digital watch and heart rate monitor are good tools to have especially if you like to quantify things such as length of interval. running. 3. many world class sprinters have lower body fat percentages than marathoners despite the fact they weigh substantially more. But for the rest of the population they should be including at least some of this type of training in their exercise program. Would you rather look like a sprinter or a marathon runner? For most people the answer would be the sprinter because of their muscular. In the endurance community. What does that mean for you? For starters. especially with free weights and bodyweight exercises. recovery interval. it means adding some sprints or intervals to your biking. rollerblading.

com .77 – . Pa.About the Author Bruce Kelly. He owns a Fitness Together training studio franchise in Media. completetrackandfield.com. MS. He has been a fitness professional/performance enhancement coach for nearly 20 years. NSCA-CPT. www. His website is www.com as well as local publications.ftswarthmore.com.FitnessExpertNetwork. NASM-PES has written articles for sportspecific. CSCS.

FitnessExpertNetwork.78 – . If we remember back to our initial power equation. Then the next step should be to hire a qualified fitness professional to assess your current fitness level and by that I mean not just your aerobic fitness. power is force times speed or the ability to produce force quickly. Nothing could be further from the truth. What do you think prevents you from falling when you stumble or trip? When you are coming down stairs or stepping off of a curb you ability to decelerate (produce power) is what prevents you from falling down the stairs or off of the sidewalk."Power: Why Everyone Needs It" By Bruce Kelly When most people think of power in terms of fitness they think it doesn't apply to them but only to athletes or those with athletic aspirations. The emphasis should be on quality of movement not quantity of time or repetitions of the movement. force was one of the components. Applying a professional athlete's program to the rest of us is a recipe for disaster and injury. So if you are not an athlete or you are older or have some orthopedic issues how do you go about developing power? Again. progressive program for you that will develop power without increasing your chance of injury. having a fitness professional/coach work with you is key as they can prescribe a good. Simply put. safe. and core strength. For lower body power work. you have to assess where you currently are physically. A fast movement with no force/strength behind it is like spinning your wheels: you are going nowhere fast. So what's a person to do? You recognize the need for this critical trait of power but how do I develop it. If you suddenly have to stop your car that calls for quick reactions and power. functional mobility. let's establish a working definition of power. www. First of all.com . First of all. If you are not very fit or haven't exercised in a while get clearance from your doctor to start an exercise regimen. Here are some ideas for power movements/exercises for those getting started. Or you could do simple 2 ft hops either in place or over a line or tape. Force is primarily a function of strength so it is hard to work on power if you don't have some strength to apply. body composition. you could use low box work (4" box) where you work on toe taps or foot exchanges. The amplitude and speed would be a function of your current capabilities. The fact is that power plays a vital though frequently overlooked role in our everyday activities. For many people they will need to develop a foundation of strength and functional mobility before they can think of embarking on developing power. and weight but also your current strength. These are just a few examples of the everyday application of power which aren't as dramatic as a Ryan Howard home run or a Tiger Woods drive but are done by everyone on a nearly daily basis.

and power. His website is www. chops. though. NASM-PES has written articles for sportspecific.com . I can't emphasize enough the value of a well qualified fitness professional to get proper programming and instruction. rope jumping is a great power development exercise that works on footwork. He has been a fitness professional/performance enhancement coach for nearly 20 years. MS.com. it is hard to beat medicine balls. passes. Exercise is like medicine in that it has to be prescribed properly by someone who knows what they are doing.com.com as well as local publications. Fighters have known for years what the rest of the world is slowly catching on to: what a fun and functional tool medicine balls can be to enhance core strength and power. they are likely to lead to pain and injury. He owns a Fitness Together training studio franchise in Media. tosses and the list goes on and on for as long as you'd like. Pa. In all of the above ideas on power training. I have used these methods with people in their 70's and 80's as well as kids so they can be used safely with proper knowledge and supervision. About the Author Bruce Kelly. www. NSCA-CPT. CSCS. dynamic balance. completetrackandfield. The list of medicine ball exercises is virtually limitless: rotations. puts.FitnessExpertNetwork. For upper body power development.ftswarthmore.For those that are fitter/more capable. The exercises can be adapted to the ability level of a person according to their needs and physical ability. throws.79 – . In the wrong hands. They could be integrated into the workout after the dynamic warm-up and all it takes is 5 minutes and then on to the rest of your workout. I hope the article convinced you of the necessity of incorporating some power training into your fitness or workout routine. coordination.

Make it a scavenger hunt. When the music pauses. here are some ways to begin your family fitness program and also stay together. they have to freeze. And then make snow angels and snowmen in the backyard.the parents. kids will eat more vegetables if they grow them themselves. Clear some space in your living room and play "Freeze Dance".begin to enjoy added benefits of health. Sign-up as a family and begin to train together. continuity and enjoyment from each other. Turn on the music. grab the dog and kids and walk around the block.and the ribbon or medal isn't so bad either!! They will deserve it!! Work in the yard. Your kids won't even know they are exercising. But don't wait until your kids are older. the first one to the yellow house wins. school age children should have a minimum of one hour of daily activity each day. Children need role models.and then jumping in the piles? Or planting a garden and watching the fruits of your labor grow. Or have mini races they first one to the corner wins.80 – . How can we make family fitness a priority? It all begins with you .. There are so many ways to include family fitness into your daily lifestyle.. (By the way. have the kids help you shovel. why not begin an exercise kick as a family.. Take an after dinner walk. families are getting larger (and I don't mean in number). Have someone teach a new dance every week. You just need to make the commitment. a family that plays together stays together? Well. Establish a regular schedule and keep it fun. Every community has some kind of race or Family Fun Run.. Many children are obese and families as a whole are unhealthy. You find time to eat. they need someone to set the example and follow through with the commitment.have the kids clean-up the house to the music. but do you think about making the time with your children to exercise? According to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education. So. Sign-up for a charity walk/race.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . start the good habits early. Have each child find a list of items. You can even play "Freeze Clean" .) In the winter."Exercise and Your Family" By Camelia Herndon Do you ever think about family fitness? It's a fact. Make a commitment to spend more time together. Have your kids www. Begin family fitness at an early age. What could be more fun than raking leaves. Children love the accomplishment they feel at the end of a race . Remember the old saying. On a beautiful day. it's been proven.

CT.com.FitnessExpertNetwork. She has helped over 200 clients achieve their health and fitness goals. If they're involved it'll keep them doing it. Her website is http://www.help you decide what things to do. About the Author Camelia Herndon is owner of Fitness Together is Darien and New Canaan.fitnesstogetherct. www. You can count on your children looking forward to the time you spend together as well as gaining the added benefit of exercise.com .81 – .

Slowly stand up.to strengthen your stomach and thigh muscles. Slowly bend one knee as far as possible so your foot lifts up behind you. 1. Chair Stand . Keep your back and shoulders straight throughout the exercise.Exercising and the Older Adult By Camelia Herndon Growing older doesn't mean you have to lose strength or your ability to do everyday tasks.to strengthen your shoulder muscles. 1. Here are some exercises to do to help you reach your health and fitness goals . 3. 5. 6.Strengthen muscles in the legs. Slowly lower your foot all the way back down. 5.even those who think they're too old or out of shape. Then repeat 8 to 15 more times. 3. Raise both arms to the side. Your back should no longer be leaning against the pillow. 2. 4. Hold the position for one second. 4. 7. 3. Exercise can help older adults feel better and enjoy life more . 5.FitnessExpertNetwork. use your hands as little as possible. Repeat with your other leg. Bend your knee only. Remember. Slowly lower arms to the sides pause and repeat 8-15 times. Hold this position. holding onto a table or chair for balance. Repeat 8 to 15 times. Raise your upper body forward until you are sitting upright. Do another set of 8-15 reps. always check with your doctor. shoulder height. Rest. when starting any exercise program. using your hands as little as possible. Alternate legs until you have done 8 to 15 reps with each leg. 7. even with your shoulders. 2. Slowly sit back down. Don't move your upper leg at all. Sit in the middle or toward the front of the chair. Place pillows against the back of a chair. Stand straight. feet flat on the floor. Rest.82 – 1. Sit in a chair with your back straight.at any age!! Arm Raises . 4. knees bent. 2. Keep your feet flat on the floor. And follow these other safety tips for optimal results. Knee Flexion .com . 6. Lean back on the pillows in a half-reclining position. Hold your hand weights straight down at your sides with your palms facing inward. . www.

Smooth and steady movements allow you to get the most out of each exercise. Don't be afraid to try physical activity. and extensive sore joints and muscles are not.FitnessExpertNetwork. CT. but it is more likely because you are inactive. Always remember good form. In older adults it will help to ward of diseases and disabilities. Never lock your joints. Beginning an exercise program will have you feeling healthy and fit well into your senior years. www. Holding your breath could affect your blood pressure. Her website is http://www. exhaustion. however.com .com. About the Author Camelia Herndon is owner of Fitness Together is Darien and New Canaan. Always be in tune with your body.Always remember to breath. Muscle soreness lasting a few days and slight fatigue is normal after muscle building exercise. not old.fitnesstogetherct. She has helped over 200 clients achieve their health and fitness goals. You may have lost your ability to do things on your own. always keep a slight bend in your arms and legs.83 – .

they have to freeze. families are getting larger (and I don't mean in number)..com .the parents. www. have the kids help you shovel. You can even play "Freeze Clean" -have the kids clean-up the house to the music. here are some ways to begin your family fitness program and also create a cohesive family unit. Sign-up for a charity walk/race.Family Fitness for the Entire Clan By Camelia Herndon Do you ever think about family fitness? It's a fact. school age children should have a minimum of one hour of daily activity each day.FitnessExpertNetwork. Or have mini races . Take an after dinner walk. Children need role models. What could be more fun than raking leaves. kids will eat more vegetables if they grow them themselves. continuity and enjoyment from each other.and then jumping in the piles? Or planting a garden and watching the fruits of your labor grow. So. grab the dog and kids and walk around the block.84 – .the first one to the corner wins. they need someone to set the example and follow through with the commitment. And then make snow angels and snowmen in the backyard. Have someone teach a new dance every week. (By the way. When the music pauses. Make a commitment to spend more time together.and they will deserve it!! Work in the Yard. You find time to eat. On a beautiful day. Have each kid find a list of items. Make it a scavenger hunt. But don't wait until your kids are older. Every community has some kind of race or Family Fun Run. start the good habits early.. Turn on the music.) In the winter. why not begin an exercise kick as a family. Our kids are getting obese and many families are unhealthy.. but do you think about making the time to exercise? According to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education. Every kid loves the thrill of winning a ribbon or medal at the end of a race .. the first one to the yellow house wins. Remember the old saying. Your kids won't even know they are exercising. Begin family fitness at an early age.begin to enjoy added benefits of health. a family that plays together stays together? Well. Clear some space in your living room and play "Freeze Dance". it's been proven. Sign-up as a family and begin to train together. How can we make family fitness a priority? It all begins with you .

Establish a regular schedule and keep it fun. About the Author Camelia Herndon is owner of Fitness Together is Darien and New Canaan. You just need to make the commitment. Have your kids help you decide what things to do. www.com.There are so many ways to include family fitness into your daily lifestyle. You can count on your children looking forward to the time you spend together as well as gaining the added benefit of exercise.85 – . CT. If they're involved it'll keep them doing it.com .fitnesstogetherct. Her website is http://www.FitnessExpertNetwork. She has helped over 200 clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

and so should you!! Why is senior fitness so important? Easy. Research shows that even a small amount of activity a day can prolong life . Try lifting weights for all muscle groups at least two days a week.Will allow you to gain freedom of movement. Start with light or no weights and then watch yourself progress. lately. (300.Senior Fitness. the mall or around your neighborhood. stay socially active and enjoy an excellent quality of life. Increase your heart rate by taking an after dinner walk. Start with 20-30 minutes three times a week. but believe it or not.86 – . I come across clients of all shapes. hold for one second then take three seconds to lower the weight. Aging Gracefully By Camelia Herndon Senior fitness. grandkids and hobbies that much longer!! The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends you focus on the following four areas of your health as an older adult: Strength .to build your leg muscles and prevent falls. Take three seconds to lift or push a weight into place. are the increasing numbers of older adults who have made health and fitness a priority in their lives. What Types of Activities Should I Do? Don't be afraid to try new things. good health allows you to remain independent.FitnessExpertNetwork. The average age in one of my studios is over 50!! More and more older adults are enjoying the benefits of exercise . What is fascinating to me.to build muscles and increase metabolism. golf or gardening.Increase your heart rate for an extended period of time.com . Activity can be fun!! www. Endurance . older adults will hurt their health more by not exercising than by exercising. ages.000 broken hips are reported each year) Stretching . Balance . Walk the beach. Try bowling. sizes . Always focus on good form and remember the slower the better. You may think that too strenuous physical activity will harm you. who would have thought that so many of us would be maintaining our health and fitness well into our 70's and 80's? As the owner of a fitness studio.and yes.you'll enjoy your kids. Fitness activities are safe for people of all age groups.

com . as always.Whatever you're doing. You'll see staying physically active and exercising regularly will help prevent or delay many diseases or disabilities.FitnessExpertNetwork.and one every older person can benefit from. Senior Fitness.87 – . always remember to warm-up before your exercise and stretch afterwards. be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise activity. And. www. Your doctor will be proud!! Growing older doesn't mean you have to lose your health and fitness.fitnesstogetherct. CT. a growing phenomenon . Exercise can help you feel better and enjoy life more .com.even those who think they're too old or too out of shape can make it happen! It's never too late to start!! About the Author Camelia Herndon is owner of Fitness Together is Darien and New Canaan. Her website is http://www. She has helped over 200 clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Weight lifting makes you bulky. I don’t care if you eat very healthy or not. If it was only that easy! Fitness myth #4 . Fitness myth #3 . You should eat the right kind of carbohydrates like whole grains. This is physically impossible. Fitness myth #1 .88 – . This is not true.Carbohydrates are bad.Higher repetitions burn more fat.com . white bread. Fitness myth #2 . vegetables. Here are some of the most popular fitness myths. The best fat burning cardio you can do is interval training which includes high intensity intervals followed by low intensity intervals.Long. It takes hard work. slow. If you stop working out for example you will lose muscle and gain fat if you continue to eat like you did before because you are not burning as many calories.The most important thing to remember is the amount of calories you take in. Strength training can help you build muscle to burn fat which in turn can make you smaller! Fat takes up about 3 times as much space as muscle.5 Biggest Fitness Myths By Carlos Torres There are many fitness myths spread in the gym. so if you gained 5 pounds of muscle and lost 5 pounds of fat. Women are usually worried about this. if you eat more calories than your body needs then you will gain fat. Using a heavier weight will stimulate muscle increase and your metabolism much greater than using a light weight and doing higher repetitions. and fruits and avoid bad carbohydrates like sugar. It is very difficult to build a lot of muscle. Think about a sprinter and a long distance runner. white flour.Muscle turns to fat or fat turns to muscle. These are some of the most common fitness myths. Applying this information should help you get better results from your own fitness program. Very few people have to worry about gaining too much muscle. If you eat less than your body needs then you will lose weight. Not all carbohydrates are bad. www. you would be the same weight but you would actually be thinner. Cardiovascular exercise at a higher intensity will burn more fat than lower intensity. Using a lighter weight and doing a higher amount of repetitions is not as effective in burning fat as using a heavier weight and doing few repetitions.FitnessExpertNetwork. heavy weights. You either lose or gain fat or lose or gain muscle. low intensity cardio is best for fat burning. It is true that low intensity cardio will burn a higher percentage of calories from fat but high intensity cardio will burn more fat calories overall. Fitness myth #5 . and an increase in caloric intake. etc…. Who has the best physique? The sprinter does because of the type of training done which is high intensity interval training.

For questions and comments. For more free articles and other free stuff check out www. Texas.com.com .About the Author Carlos Torres is a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science located in San Antonio.com/wealthmaker www.FitnessExpertNetwork.89 – .myspace. send an email to ct2288@hotmail.

Many people believe that using a lighter weight and higher repetitions will burn more fat. These mistakes can lead to injury and ineffective workouts. This can increase your chances of injury besides not getting you results. slow and controlled is better and safer. burning the fat. This is simply not true. I see people doing the same low intensity cardio and watching television all the time and these are the same people that never get results. It takes away momentum. I don’t care how hard and how long you workout. You should eat lean proteins. and getting the body you want.90 – . Most people perform exercises too fast and make the exercise less effective. eating too many calories and not eating the right foods will keep you from building the muscle. Workout mistake #6 is not combining cardio. You need to change up your workout frequently to get the best results and not allow your body to adapt. I’ve seen so many people make endless mistakes in the gym. and flexibility into your workout. but most people can’t. Some people can still get results despite their lack of knowledge on proper exercise. Momentum can take stress off the muscle and increase your chances of injury. Unless your workout is on a timed basis or you are training for power and explosiveness. Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen. fruits. cardiovascular exercise for fat burning and for your heart. you need to do strength training to build or maintain muscle which helps burn fat all day. Workout mistake #5 is not eating right and expecting that exercise alone will be enough to get you the results you want. If you want to get the best results. weights. vegetables. Workout mistake #4 is doing the same workout all the time.com . Workout mistake #1 is bad form. Workout mistake #2 is performing an exercise too fast. The basic rule for performing an exercise movement is one second on the way up and 3 seconds on the way down. and flexibility exercises to maintain and improve range of motion around your www. Most people have not learned proper form and perform exercises with incorrect form which makes the exercise ineffective and dangerous. Workout mistake #3 is using too light of a weight.8 Biggest Workout Mistakes By Carlos Torres Working and working out in the gym for years. The increase in muscle building and fat burning will be much more effective than using the high rep/low weight approach. Using a heavier weight that only allows you to do 8 -12 repetitions is the range you want to be in. & whole grains and eat the right amount of calories to achieve your goals.FitnessExpertNetwork. This is how you can make the exercise more effective and put more stress on the muscle. unless you have great genetics. If your body adapts then it won’t burn as many calories and your results will stagger.

These are some of the biggest mistakes made by people in the gym and hopefully now you can avoid them.91 – . send an email to ct2288@hotmail. doesn’t mean you should do what they do or take their advice. Texas. Compound exercises are exercises that work the large muscle groups and multiple muscle groups at the same time.. They use more energy and boost your metabolism greater than isolation exercises. etc… Examples of isolation exercises are inner & outer thigh. Workout mistake #7 is taking advice from the person who has a great physique but is no expert on fitness and exercise and this includes personal trainers! Just because someone has a great physique. lunges. Educate yourself or hire a QUALIFIED personal trainer. About the Author Carlos Torres is a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science located in San Antonio. biceps and triceps exercises. etc. For more free articles and other free stuff check out www. chest flys. Some people can get great results in spite of their efforts. Strength training should be done a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week. squats. For example.com .FitnessExpertNetwork.joints. shoulder press. would you take diet advice from someone who ate junk food all day and didn’t exercise but still had a great body? Of course not! So don’t assume that what works for one person will work for you too or that the person in the gym with the great physique knows what they are doing..com/wealthmaker www. Workout mistake #8 is doing too many isolation exercises and not enough compound exercises.com. You get more bang for your buck! Examples of compound exercises are bench press. For questions and comments.myspace. cardio 3 to 6 times a week and flexibility exercises should be done 4-5 times a week. Isolation exercises are exercises that only work one or a few muscles. Compound exercises are more effective and functional.

it will be on a time basis. or anytime you have 10 minutes free. Each set will consist of 25 seconds. Superset 2 Squat press & Bent over rows Squat Press – holding a pair of dumbbells on top of your shoulders. Don't let knees go past your toes. instead of doing repetitions. Superset 3 Bicycle maneuver & Superman (3 sets. Here is a sample workout: Superset 1 Pushups & Lunges on toes (3 sets each. bring legs back together then repeat with other leg staying on your toes the whole time. To make this a quick workout. This workout can be done first thing in the morning before going to work. during lunch.FitnessExpertNetwork. Lunges – step forward with one leg and come down to about 90 degrees. Make sure your knees do not go in front of your ankles.com . This quick workout is a great full body strength training. 25 seconds a set) Pushups – come down to till your upper arms are parallel to the floor and all the way up to near lockout. and cardiovascular workout for the person with limited time. You will do as many repetitions as you can in 25 seconds then move on to the next exercise with no rest between exercises. fat burning. These are called supersets when exercises are done in succession without rest. 25 seconds a set) Bicycle maneuver – bring your knee to your opposite elbow while lying on your back and www.10 Minute Workout By Carlos Torres Don’t think you have time to workout? How about a quick workout you can do in 10 minutes or less? This quick workout is ideal for someone with a very busy schedule.92 – . squat down like you are sitting back keeping your knees in line with your ankles then press the dumbbells above your head as you squat up and repeat.

Texas.Lying on your stomach.FitnessExpertNetwork. For questions and comments. Can't make the excuse that you have no time to exercise anymore! About the Author Carlos Torres is a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science located in San Antonio. That’s it! A full body workout in less than 10 minutes. For more free articles and other free stuff check out www.93 – . send an email to ct2288@hotmail.com .extend the opposite leg then alternate. actually about 9 minutes! This quick workout should be done 3 times a week with a day of rest in between.com/wealthmaker www.myspace. bring your arms and legs up as high as you can while keeping them straight and extended. Superman .com.

According to strength training expert Pavel Tsatsouline you need about 15 pounds of lean upper body muscle to add just one inch to your arms. Your tree is the spine and its musculature and the branches are your arms. These exercises will add mass to your upper body and at the same time put a lot of tension on your biceps and triceps. Most guys think they need to do endless number of sets of bicep curls.The Gun Show By Carlos Torres It's what most men want. Think of your body as a tree with branches. When you do this exercise. It's your body’s way of protecting itself from injury. and tricep exercises to build bigger arms. So how do I get bigger arms? The answer may surprise you. The eccentric portion (lowering) should be about 3 seconds and the concentric www. & rows using an underhand grip. much more than just doing a bunch of isolation exercises for your biceps and triceps. and dips. focus on exercises like pulldowns. If you are taller then it's probably more.com . So for biceps. you want to start with your base of support. You do not want to come up all the way because you will lose tension on the biceps. Whenever someone asks you to flex your muscle. overhead squat. First. supermans and abdominal exercises are a good start. you should do some bicep and tricep exercises to get the most out of your arm building program. make sure you come down slowly (about 3 seconds on the descent) and get a good stretch at the bottom then come up almost all the way up making sure not to lose tension in the bicep. etc? For your triceps. So it makes sense you should focus on the exercises that build upper body mass to build bigger arms. you usually flex your bicep. Exercises like the deadlift.94 – . To perform this exercise. pullups. shoulder press. the exercise that probably puts the most stress would be tricep dips. your core or spine. Second. the tree would lean over and possibly collapse. Your body works the same way. concentration curls.FitnessExpertNetwork. The exercise that puts the most stress on your biceps is the preacher curl. For triceps focus on exercises like the bench press. You want to do exercises that strengthen your lower back and abs before you do anything else. lower back extensions. Go down to almost 90 degrees or whatever your range of motion allows. Lastly. What a waste of time and energy! There is a much more efficient way to build bigger arms without having to do many isolation exercises for your arms. place both hands on the edge of the bench facing away from it and prop your feet up on another bench or chair keeping you legs straight. Your body will not allow you to build bigger arms if it doesn't have enough musculature and strength in its core. The muscles of our upper arms are the "show off" muscles. bigger arms. Go all the way up and contract your triceps hard at the top. you want to add muscle to your upper body. You can also mix in other exercises into your biceps routine like standing bicep curls. If the branches of the tree grew too large. You read in magazines and articles and see guys at the gym doing a whole workout just for their arms.

portion (contraction) about 1 to 2 seconds and pause at the top for a count of 1. Doing a total of 3 to 6 sets and 8 to 12 repetitions for your arms each time you work them out is more than enough since you get enough stimuli from working the rest of the body. For questions and comments. send an email to ct2288@hotmail.com . and tricep pushdowns. then the upper body. You can also mix in some other triceps exercises like close grip bench press. In summary. For more free articles and other free stuff check out www. About the Author Carlos Torres is a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science located in San Antonio.com/wealthmaker www. start by getting your core stronger.95 – . then finish off with some isolation exercises for your arms. skull crushers. Texas.myspace.com.FitnessExpertNetwork. to build bigger arms.

Some Boot Camps are done inside. shaping up and having a lot more energy! If you want to: 1. What's also good is that many Boot Camps include a team aspect for much of the class. His website is www. where one person might do jump squats until the other runs the stairs and back.com .5 Reasons To Join a Boot Camp Fitness Class By Chad Cannon If you want to tone up your muscles. weight loss expert. 5. no intimidating weight lifters. South Carolina.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. 4. There is no fancy equipment to learn. 3. A class like this incorporates LOTS strength training as well as LOTS of cardiovascular training into a full body. author. then they switch. lose stubborn fat. and director of Shaping Concepts in Hilton Head. jumping jacks to stair running.96 – . total body workout class you can find anywhere. The best part is that everyone who takes these Boot Camp Classes LOVE them! They are so much fun and you feel like a million bucks after each class. partner squats to planks. Boost your metabolism Become leaner and toned Improve your flexibility Strengthen your core muscles Have fun and be MUCH MORE motivated Get your kick in the butt with a Boot Camp fitness class today! About the Author Chad Cannon is a certified personal trainer. no crowded gyms. only people joined together with the common goals of losing fat.shapingconcepts. increase your energy and jump start your metabolism all while having fun with others. workout. such as relay races or partner exercises. a Boot Camp Fitness class may very well be the most important and exciting program you ever take! Boot camps are now the BIG CRAZE around the nation. Exercises where you have to rely on your partner(s) make the entire class much harder! A Boot Camp class is the best all-around. but most are outside. Exercises include anything from walking lunges to push-ups. push it to the limit. 2. speaker.

South Carolina. With all this cardio. it's time to get back to being FIT.97 – .shapingconcepts. Go outside. Having fun. and FIRM while having FUN. take a walk. Time to get to the beach to show off your hot body! Are you ready to shed the cover-up? Have your workouts been as dormant as your sod this winter? With spring here and summer hot on our heels. it might be time to try something else. shopping for a smaller clothes size. and FUN. Being fit means moving your body. FIRM muscles will be gained. With extra hours of sunlight and new found energy there's no excuse not to get moving. if you're not feeling the way you want to feel. Being FIT means you are in good cardiovascular shape. Remember all functional exercises can be performed anywhere.com . that's another sign to move on. the FUN and FIT is up to you. With summer coming. Not only that. You don't have to spend hours on a treadmill. Nike's got 'Just do it'.Fit. Tennis one day and a power beach walk the next. Fun By Chad Cannon Summer is coming! Time to spend more time in the beautiful outdoors. author. We feel good because the weather is more inviting with the sun shining and the warm breezes. FIRM. Just keep 'moving it' and you'll be fit. you can drop and do 20 pushups. The three F's are the words to remember when gearing up for summer. weight loss expert. The ladder is the key to it all. and director of Shaping Concepts in Hilton Head. Whether it is playing three straight sets of tennis. This warm weather also makes us stop and smell the roses. Don't forget the strengthconditioning! Perhaps when you stop to smell those roses. This time of year brings out the best in most of us. Get the heart pumping. Firm. play Frisbee. take a 'routine' vacation and mix it up a bit. The only thing left is FUN! Once you mix up your workout with doing the activities you like to do. or training your 'beach bod'. Firmer muscles and a firmer you will make you feel and look better which makes you all the more confident.com www. FIT. That's a great idea! Stopping and going while changing speeds is a great way to include intervals in your workout. If you don't enjoy your workouts. My phrase is 'Just move it'. then you'll be having fun. ride a bike. Now take a stand! Be FIRM and enjoy your summer shape-up! About the Author Chad Cannon is a certified personal trainer. not just in the gym. or shoot some hoops.FitnessExpertNetwork. speaker. His website is www.

NOW! Don't wait any longer. Then use it to get yourself started on the path of better health.com www. It can be a superhero like Superman. They inspire the best of us and take away the worst in us. find a way to make fitness happen for you. author. a coach. This is why we need an inspiration. or even a fitness professional like me. a neighbor. So. and director of Shaping Concepts in Hilton Head.98 – . It makes me get a quick burst of energy.com . It's not just making yourself do it. get it from something that is meaningful to you. No rhyme or reason for it. We all have our own reasons for getting in better shape and becoming healthier. I know you've been thinking about getting in shape because everyone thinks about it this time of year.Fitness Inspiration By Chad Cannon The new Superman movie came out not too long ago. Whatever you draw your inspiration from. Superheroes are not just for kids anymore. Time is-awaistin'! Use any type of inspiration you can to get out there and get fit. It makes me want to go out for a run or just drop down to do some push-ups right there. so as a population. we all worked out more and became a much 'fitter' nation. speaker. His website is www. a teacher. weight loss expert.shapingconcepts. except we all got inspired from it.FitnessExpertNetwork. It's time to do something about it. You just need to find your specific inspiration to make it happen. an athlete. Take a few minutes to reflect and find where your inspiration comes from. Starting is the hardest part of fitness. policeman. That made each and everyone of us want to be a superhero. That's where the inspiration comes in. Staying in shape is just as hard. whatever your inspiration is. We became a much fitter nation right after the 9-11 attacks. My point is that we can draw our inspiration for fitness from all types of things. your parents. About the Author Chad Cannon is a certified personal trainer. It's reasoning with yourself why you should do it. Every time I see an ad for it on TV or in the paper. I stand up taller just because the way Superman holds himself. South Carolina. Just by looking at the man of steel makes me want to be 'fit'. fireman. I really get inspired by it.

You can work the same muscle groups. An activity such as tennis is interval oriented already so no need to change anything. where you train the entire body. This is called Progression. make it into an interval program. swimming or running.FitnessExpertNetwork. Now come up with two to three cardiovascular exercises such as walking.99 – .com . This is why you will have three separate workouts. you have not given yourself any chance. the second workout on Wednesday and the third on Friday.Fitness Made Simple By Chad Cannon Put together three different 30 minute resistance training workouts. If you want to completely change every workout. tubing. biking and playing tennis. feel free. On Friday. A slow walk to one mail box. and Tuesday. never repeat the same workout two times in a row. Change it up as much as possible. free weights. Do one workout on Monday. On Wednesday. switch things up as much as possible. even if you are skipping days! You WILL hit a plateau if you keep doing the same thing! Proper Progression is VERY important! When doing a cardiovascular activity such as walking. NEVER do the same cardiovascular exercise twice in a row. On Monday. the better. go for a 30 minute power walk (or the first cardiovascular exercise you came up with). Thursday and Saturday are the cardio activities. then break up the resistance program and the cardiovascular activity into separate days. Basically. you will soon plateau! No one wants to plateau! To keep getting the results you want. The easiest is walking and biking. I know everyone has at least 30 minutes a day! Again. just with different exercises. play 30 minutes of tennis (or do the third cardiovascular exercise. If you do the same workout over and over again. bands. so Monday. or a 30 second fast bike ride into a slow 30 second ride. machines and of course your own body weight. Pick anything that gets your heart rate up a little. You owe it to yourself to at least try this. go for a 30 minute bike ride (or the second cardiovascular exercise you chose). biking. but you choose something that you know you will enjoy doing. after the resistance program. after the resistance program. Only 30 minutes each day. then fast to the next. after the resistance program. using stability balls. or repeat the first again). Again it's only a total of three hours each week! That's it! If you cannot do that. If time is a factor where a full hour cannot be done. You would not have this program in front of you if you didn't really want to do it! www. The more change. Wednesday and Friday are the resistance.

com .com www. speaker. author. His website is www.100 – .shapingconcepts. South Carolina.About the Author Chad Cannon is a certified personal trainer. and director of Shaping Concepts in Hilton Head. weight loss expert.FitnessExpertNetwork.

curling.FitnessExpertNetwork. That alone. Grab a medicine ball and slam it onto the floor as hard as you can 50 times. Grab a band and do some chopping movements. you will feel exhilarated after doing this stuff. is a reason to do functional training! www. To me that is not making common everyday functional movements better. but you'll never be fit if you don't get off your derrière and move around. move and move some more! You can get stronger from pushing and pulling. All this is called functional training. Learn to push yourself. There's nothing like it! Honestly. or just one foot.com . Read below! Functional Training is the way to go! By Chad Cannon Have you ever gone to a gym and watched someone workout? Do you ever see anyone really workout? I mean really workout where there is sweat dripping down their back and they are barely able to breath? Probably not too often.101 – . bending. The only reason to open your mouth is to catch your breath and to drink water. Try this just one time: The next time you go to the gym try not talking at all for just 30 minutes. medicine balls. Here is the honest to god truth about fitness: You are not working hard enough if you are not losing weight! We as a population have been taught to sit down on a machine and push and pull. where the machines are doing the movements for us. Lunge across the floor while twisting your upper body. This is how to lose weight. It's just fact that being fit means moving around. Forget sitting on a machine where the movement is done for you.Losing weight? If not. I've worked in gyms as a personal trainer for over 15 years. and move using cables. Instead stand up on your own two feet. You'll feel like you've accomplished something. Don't tell me you have to wait on a machine. Twisting. Don't use those machines. extending. Do a push up then bring your legs in. stand up and jump up as high as you can over and over again until you drop. and bands. And take no more than 30 seconds between exercises. turning. It's time for us to take charge of our own bodies and move. This is real exercise! I'm just telling it as I see it. and people just don't work as hard as they should. rotating. Put your hands on a bench and jump over it moving side to side. This is how to get fit. or even your own body weight. stretching.

shapingconcepts. South Carolina. His website is www.com .Try it! There's nothing like it! About the Author Chad Cannon is a certified personal trainer.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. author. and director of Shaping Concepts in Hilton Head. speaker.102 – . weight loss expert.

real hard and somewhat fast. and then perform 8 front alternating lunges while holding that medicine ball. legs. www. Of course we must finish that off with an abdominal exercise. to balance exercises. Go through those four exercises twice. shoulders. you took too much time between your exercises and between your sets. finish up with two sets of a tricep exercise. After. By this time you should be hunched over on the floor begging for mercy. Then a low back exercise such as superman's. The more muscle groups being worked at one time is great for weight loss. Thirty minutes is all you need to get a great strength workout.103 – . find four more exercises. such as walking lunges across the floor. and anything else you want to add to it. or superwoman's for all you women out there. How long does the average person spend in their workout? In my experience it's well over an hour to do all that in an entire body routine. a VERY effective thirty minute entire body workout. you've got 30 seconds to get a drink. strength. such as lunges with bicep curls. Chest. those four exercises are done with absolutely no rest. NONE! Now. I know. just like the first set of exercises.Thirty Minute Fitness By Chad Cannon How long does it really take to get a full body workout. Now tell me if you are getting that cardio workout you wanted to get. Of course. you're thinking how in the world can I finish a whole body workout. with lots of cardio.com . balance. what we all really need is only about thirty minutes. If not. like 1215 crunches on a stability ball. Next pick a big muscle group like the back. functional. another leg. However. from cardiovascular to functional exercises. Get right up to do a leg exercise. in only thirty minutes? This is how: Start with a simple warm up on the treadmill or elliptical for 3-4 minutes at a pretty fast pace. and start those same four exercises again. grab a light medicine ball and perform about 8 up and down chopping motions with a big squat. a bicep and another abdominal exercise. Only about 12-15 times. with the works? From strength exercises. Add stability exercises such as standing on something unbalanced while performing shoulder side raises. So there it is. with the works. and abs again. After that second go around. with the works! Cardio. Do the same diagonally both ways. Do a back exercise such as the lat pulldown. and another quick sip of water.FitnessExpertNetwork. After that. or try to combine 2 exercises into one.

FitnessExpertNetwork. weight loss expert.com . South Carolina.shapingconcepts.com www. His website is www. and director of Shaping Concepts in Hilton Head.104 – .About the Author Chad Cannon is a certified personal trainer. speaker. author.

FitnessExpertNetwork. There are so many forms of exercise now it is hard to know which form is good for what. So let’s shed some light on what will make the best return for your time when it comes to exercise. I get confused watching television or reading fitness magazines when it comes to all the options. The old phrase. don’t run. Our muscle system is highly adaptive and will adjust every four to six weeks to the same stimulus. looking at cardio-pulmonary strengthening. Another aspect when considering a fitness program is.com ."Are You Too Busy For Exercise?" By Chris Hill Are you too busy for exercise? In today’s fast paced society. So the one thing that suffers is our exercise time. (You do have an exercise time. Stretching. When choosing a form of exercise find a professional in that art who will sit down with you and design you a program. Whatever you select. it is all so confusing. Many of our professions require 40 hours plus per week. or elliptical can all be used to increase aerobic conditioning. For example. This will keep you from claiming you are too busy for exercise. when the muscles are warm. walking. Each individual’s goals and genetics really affect the outcome. use it or lose it. In order to get a return for our effort when it comes to stretching you must make it a habit to stretch regularly. This can be in the form of resistance training with bands. You can obtain significant change by performing resistance training 3 or 4 times per week for 45 minute sessions. is true when it comes to muscle. right?) This time is easy to give up. This is why it is vital to find a form of exercise that is forever changing. If you do not have time to www.105 – .run. I encourage my clients to stretch when they are finished with their workout sessions. We must find a form of activity that puts a load on the skeletal muscle. This is basically anything that elevates the heart for extended periods of time. because it is not the most pleasant or convenient activity we do. You read Pilates will do it all. One thing we know about fitness is in order to be in decent physical shape we must have muscle tone. jogging. or maybe a form of Yoga is the answer . it must be something you can continually adjust the resistance to create more of a stimulus to the muscle. dumbbells. or body weight. it seems we find ourselves taking care of everything and everyone except ourselves. aerobic classes. When it comes to aerobic conditioning you can achieve some amazing results with 20 to 30 minute sessions 3 to 5 times per week. biking. You want to look for activities that are going to use large muscle groups. it is by far the most effective thing we can do to keep healthy and perform the activities we find pleasurable. But. free weight machines. The last thing I will mention is definitely not the least important. This is the best time. If a muscle is flaccid it does not function properly. swimming.

For a stretch to be beneficial it must be held for at least 30 to 60 seconds in a relaxed state. He is the owner of Personally Fit by Chris Hill Inc. Great results can be achieved with no more than 15 to 20 minutes 3 times per week. With bathing and eating you use approximately 16 hours. then try to stretch while watching television.106 – . hire a personal trainer. leaving us with 72 hours. 2. Join a group exercise class. Reward yourself for accomplishment.FitnessExpertNetwork. 8. Then why we are watching television we can stretch two times for 30 minutes taking our total activity time to 4 hours and 45 minutes. and take care of family and many other duties. and 3 sessions of 30 minutes cardiovascular work we have used 3 hours and 45 minutes. It is amazing to know that 67% of Americans do not get regular exercise. The stretch does not need to be uncomfortable or bouncy. We sleep 35 to 40 hours per week. Don’t give up if you miss one workout. drive. 3. hire a professional to set up a stretching program specifically designed for your imbalances. Keep a daily exercise journal. Set weekly and monthly fitness goals. Join a local recreation league that meets weekly. There are 168 hours in a 7 day period. During this time we do recreational activities. and our children are falling into the same trend as their obesity rates continue to rise. Walk or jump rope while your kids perform their activities.personallyfitbychrishill. Make an appointment with yourself (and stick with it). To achieve maximum results in your flexibility. Here are some tips that will help you make exercise a part of your daily routine. His website is www. But surely we can find 4 hours and 45 minutes to get exercise. That leaves us with about 88 hours. Exercise with a friend 6.com . 10.com www. 7. If we perform 3 sessions of 45 minutes resistance training. 1.stretch after a workout session. Best of all. 4. We must find a way to schedule regular exercise into our daily schedule. About the Author Chris Hill is a NSCA certified personal trainer. 9. Let’s calculate what your fitness plan will take out of your week in order to be fit and healthy and see if you are too busy for exercise. If you look at it this way really exercise time is a small investment in the big scheme of things. 5. and work another 40 to 50 hours per week.

Any personal trainer will tell you that the time of day is not the #1 factor in weight loss. but there is a strong case for morning cardio. not tapping into your stored fat.107 – . On the other side of this issue. if you do your cardio before breakfast. your metabolism stays elevated for some time. if you do your cardio in the morning.com . allowing you to burn fat into the day. Here is a look at the case for morning cardio. but you lose the long term metabolism lift. There is also less glucose in your system in the early morning."Morning Fat Burn from an Orange County Renegade Personal Trainer" By Chris McCombs There are the people that get up at 5 or 6 am every day to jump on the treadmill. your body's store of glycogen is low. and the absence of glucose allows more fat to burn as well. especially if you are on a low carb diet. it does not matter when you burn them. you are already ahead of the game. there is the energy balance hypothesis that many trainers will argue which basically says that if you burn more calories than you consume in a day. And. Doing your cardio at this time will let your body burn more fat because the glycogen stores are so much lower. There are those personal trainers on the side of morning cardio who state that doing cardio first thing in the morning and before breakfast allows you to burn up stored body fat and increase your metabolic rate all day long. but if you are doing cardio at all. www. Insulin interferes with your body's ability to burn fat. you burn calories during your workout. it is a matter up for debate. due to the fact that you have been fasting for 8 hours during sleep. First. Doing evening cardio is good. there are two schools of thought that personal trainers seem to go back and forth on. when you wake up after sleeping and essentially "fasting? For 8 hours. Another argument for doing cardio on en empty stomach is that when you eat and then workout. and then there are those that go to the gym for their cardio on the way home from work. you are burning up what you just ate. Scientifically speaking. or if they come from fat or carbohydrate. In addition to this. lastly. and so doing cardio before eating any food will allow you to burn more fat. your insulin stores are also low. eating food increases your insulin production. Doing cardio at all and following a good nutrition plan is the way to lose weight. as your metabolism slows down once you go to sleep.FitnessExpertNetwork. Is one method better than the other? Well.

stronger. faster. You know how great you feel after working out. helping you to get up at the same time every day.Those are the scientific arguments. cardio. Getting up every day to do cardio also helps your body get on a schedule. and more of them! Now. Take this personal trainers word for it.FitnessExpertNetwork. when you get your cardio out of the way first thing in the morning you don't run the risk of not having time later after work. Starting out with cardio may also help curb your appetite for the rest of the day. your body adjusts to your routine. and may take you up a notch in your workouts -harder.com . He has helped an army of local Orange County residents lose fat. "real life reasons" can be a major benefit though. why wait till after work to get that feeling? It is also a "wake-up" to do a. go set your alarm for 5am! Those running shoes are calling your name! About the Author Chris McCombs is a personal fitness trainer and is the owner of Orange County's Positively Fit Personal Training. helping to burn up what you do eat. www. most importantly. You are energized and ready to go after a workout. The temptation of blowing your cardio workout off in favor of meeting friends for happy hour after your rough day is gone. You can always fit your cardio in when it is the first item of the day. tone up and get into mind blowing shape. the science behind morning cardio may benefit you and help you with your battle of the bulge. no matter what time it is. and it increases your metabolic rate for the rest of the day. Getting your cardio in the morning makes you feel great all day by releasing mood enhancing endorphins. there is nothing making you run late yet! And. You already did your cardio! While you are on the right track by doing your cardio. Check out his Orange County Personal Fitness Trainer website here for a ton of amazing client success stories.m.108 – . but let's take a look at the real life reasons.

"5 Tips for Fitness Success" By Clint Howard Studies show that following a detailed and complete fitness and nutrition plan will dramatically increase your success rate. and a host of other preventable diseases if we were only in better health. as well as tracking what you eat. Some days it will be fun. high cholesterol. you must take consistent action. 2. would you? So don’t miss your exercise appointment. Then comes February. So make your exercise appointments a priority. Nothing is more important than your health. Stay firmly rooted in your decision to achieve your goal. Many wait until a problem arises. Then the decision is made for them. 4.109 – . Make a decision to achieve fitness success. Having goals allows you to track your progress and keep you motivated during times that you may not feel like exercising. stress. make www. Change your thinking. Plan a schedule. I have some suggestions to help make your fitness program a success. hypertension. It’s crucial to record your “baseline” before you begin so you can measure success. Keep the Excitement! Everyone is excited about starting an exercise plan in January. Keeping a journal of your cardiovascular and resistance training workouts. Make Up Your Mind! Achieving a result starts with one thing – making a decision. You wouldn’t miss a business meeting or client appointment. Use Accountability to Help You! You can’t be overweight without a lifestyle that has supported you to become overweight. Schedule Exercise Appointments! Put them in your planner and stick to them. is truly a fitness success secret. 1. 5. change your lifestyle and change you result. Make Exercise a Lifestyle Change. gyms are flooded with new members and home exercise equipment is purchased. So how do you overcome this problem? Use common sense! Achievement of a weight loss or other fitness goal isn’t always fun and games. After all. Set Realistically Attainable Goals! You must have tangible short and long-term goals for your fitness program so you can gauge your progress. The emotion has waned and it has become boring. 3. Until a firm decision is made. You must remember to make your goals realistic and attainable. nothing changes. or even worse a heart attack. type 2 diabetes. others it may seem like work.com . You have to realize that lifestyle must change. But YOU have the power to do this the smart way.FitnessExpertNetwork. is there anything more important to you than your health? Virtually every day the news features stories and articles about the serious problems from obesity. heart disease. The gym members have quit going and treadmills have become expensive clothes hangers. but keep at it.high blood pressure. So here are some tips you can do to fulfill your exercise and nutrition goals.

He has been helping Oklahomans achieve their fitness and weight loss goal for over 9 years. It is too easy to rationalize.com. most important thing you can do to truly see results. Choose someone dedicated to your commitment and unwilling to listen to your excuses… such as a coach. to exercise regularly.com . Have someone to hold you accountable. OK. or someone else.personaltrainertulsa. He is the owner of Fitness Together in Bixby and Jenks/Riverside.FitnessExpertNetwork. Accountability is the number one. in turn making your goal to live a healthier life successful.110 – . How do you know its working? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you feeling better? About the Author Clint Howard is a certified personal trainer in Tulsa. or personal trainer. so enlist the help of someone who truly wants you to succeed. Accountability to yourself isn’t usually enough. His website is www. Use these tips to help change your lifestyle.appointments with yourself. www. workout partner. He is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Even though exercise is extremely beneficial. Make sure to get enough rest throughout the entire pregnancy. While you should not start a rigorous exercise program or veg on the couch for nine months. It is very important to listen to your body closely when exercising while pregnant. swelling. you may get hungry quickly so have a snack prepared to eat after your workout in case hunger strikes fast. so you do not get overheated.FitnessExpertNetwork. it is not too late to start after you are pregnant. It is best to begin exercising before conceiving. prevent excessive weight gain. it is very important that you eat a nutritious and well balanced diet throughout pregnancy. nausea. Exercise can also help increase circulation. constipation. Even if you have never exercised before. As mentioned earlier. The hormones of pregnancy make your joints and ligaments more relaxed and vulnerable to sprains or strains. but whether you have been exercising prior to conception or not. including cardiovascular exercise and strength training. You are more likely to sweat while you are pregnant.111 – . Regular exercise with or without pregnancy offers the same benefits. and improve posture throughout the pregnancy. Be prepared to adapt and modify your program according to your body. It is also more important than ever to make sure you have appropriate shoes and a supportive sports bra for your workout. so it is imperative that you dress in comfortable clothes."Tips for Safe Exercise in Pregnancy" By Clint Howard Beginning an exercise program before pregnancy and continuing throughout and after the pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your pregnancy. there is no evidence to suggest that you stop exercising during pregnancy. preferably layers. Exercise should be balanced with adequate sleep. back pain. Of course. risk of blood clots and the risk of preclampsia (high blood pressure). The exercises will just need to be light and walking is a great aerobic exercise. Make sure to slow down or stop completely if you feel dizzy. fatigue. it is recommended to discuss all exercise programs with your physician when you first become pregnant.com . Make sure to eat a light snack 30 minutes to one hour before exercising. or out of breath. The benefits of a cardiovascular and strength training program for expectant women are numerous. incidence of depression and postpartum depression. After exercise. so use extra caution and warm-up and cool-down along with stretching at every workout. but some are especially important in pregnancy. you need to be flexible in the level of exercise you do. risk of gestational diabetes. can help in pregnancy with decreasing the following. avoid any strenuous intense www. Exercise. Make sure that you do not deprive yourself and the baby of the nutrients you need. You may have to decrease the level of exercise you were doing before pregnancy. but it is critical that you let you appetite guide you throughout your exercise program.

com . shortness of breath. However. using the stair stepper. developed by a Swedish physiologist named Borg. It you are not familiar with lifting weights and would like to start. faintness. If you experience any of the following symptoms stop exercising immediately. or difficulty walking. and not to use weights that are too heavy.workouts. It is best to avoid activities like horseback riding. persistent nausea or vomiting. it is important to perform each exercise slowly and with control. Just remember you are strength training to maintain tone and overall fitness and not to resculpt your body so listen closely to what you body is saying. jogging. you may want to talk to your health care provider about letting your heart rate increase during exercise. It is an excellent idea to wear a heart rate monitor around your chest to monitor your heart rate. you may need to switch to lighter weights and easier exercises. cycling (preferably on a stationary bike).112 – . As your pregnancy progresses. It is recommended to stay around 12-14. A 6 or 7 would be considered very. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking. Pay attention to other people around you and watch out for flying weights. very hard workout. Save these for after the baby comes. and there are a few that are not recommended. It is also best to avoid exercising outside in very hot or humid conditions. using the elliptical machine. increased uterine contractions. With strength training. prevent back pain. back or hip pain. so if you feel that while you are exercising with a heart rate of 140 bpm and you are still doing a very easy workout. it is best to avoid doing any exercise in a supine position. Just remember to recognize any warning signs and then adjust your workout accordingly or stop if needed. www. palpitations. mountain biking. Hot tubs. vaginal bleeding. The Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE). A personal trainer may be more important than ever to utilize while you are pregnant. as well as build the muscles you will need to carry a baby around. Almost any exercise is OK to continue as long as it is in moderation. saunas.FitnessExpertNetwork. allows you to rate you own activity level on a scale from 6 to 20. After 12 weeks. dizziness. There are numerous exercises that are recommended during pregnancy. or laying on you back as it can cause dizziness and it is always best to avoid lying on your stomach. Cardiovascular exercise is an excellent warm up for strength training. a personal trainer would be of enormous benefit to ensure you are doing proper exercises with proper form. or swimming are excellent exercises to continue while pregnant. and skiing (water and snow). decreased fetal movements. Depending on age. very light workouts and a 19-20 would be a very. your resting heart rate can also be higher than normal during pregnancy. a 25-35 year old woman should aim to keep the heart rate below 140 beats per minute (bpm). Weight training is an excellent way to keep your posture. leaking of amniotic fluid. or somewhat hard while exercising. and whirlpools should also be avoided.

He has been helping Oklahomans achieve their fitness and weight loss goal for over 9 years. OK.com .113 – . He is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).FitnessExpertNetwork.About the Author Clint Howard is a certified personal trainer in Tulsa.com www. He is the owner of Fitness Together in Bixby and Jenks/Riverside.personaltrainertulsa. His website is www.

What can you do physically to improve your golf swing? A.com . less compensation for altered joint mechanics and less swing faults F. Increase endurance. Golf has become extremely competitive and as golfers search for ways to improve their game. The golf swing is an unnatural movement that is complex. Conditioning is recommended in golf because it provides consistency in the game.114 – . Prevent injury. and physically stressful. Improve muscular control. The help of a fitness trainer may likely be the best way to find a program that suits your game. golf strength and conditioning programs are becoming extremely popular. They must not only be familiar with what muscles are used in the golf swing but also be trained in overall golf-specific conditioning.a weak link can decrease drive by 20-30 yards C.FitnessExpertNetwork. Improve balance E. decrease fatigue & recovery time D. strong core www. Although experience and knowledge of the game are helpful. Velocities can sometimes exceed 160 mph with proper muscle strength and control.increase power and consistency. getting your body in the best physical shape possible will undoubtedly improve your game. Would you like to drop 5-10 strokes off your game? Establishing a successful program to improve your game is the key to how well you place your next ball in the fairway. Increase flexibility. to generate more power. In every golf swing. Golf requires coordinated movement of a lot of muscles throughout a large range of motion. Personal trainers don’t have to be skilled golfers but they should be trained on how to design a golf-conditioning program for a golfer. golf’s popularity is at an all-time high. Increase muscular strength. explosive.create more ‘coil’ or torque.How to Instantly Shave 5 to 10 Strokes Off Your Golf Game! By Clint Howard Did you know that some of the most elite golfers on the PGA Tour have established their own strength and conditioning programs with a personal trainer? Due to the success of Tiger Woods.well stabilized limbs and joints. power is transferred from the legs through the core and the rest of the body and out to the club. Since power is a function of force and velocity the importance of strength training cannot be overemphasized.5 mph can increase drive 40-50 yards B. Endurance is essential (aerobic and anaerobic) to make sure the last part of the golf swing is as effective and controlled as the first part of the swing and also to make sure the last drive of the day is just as powerful as the first one. and Annika Sorenstan.

There are many major muscles involved in a full golf swing. the ankles. and glutes are important for rotation and weight transfer. interior and exterior rotation exercises. low back exercises including spinal hyperextension. as well as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). hamstrings. The hips initiate movement down into the ball. shoulder rotation. thera-band exercises. trunk rotation and wrist strength are most important. It is extremely important to warm-up and stretch when golf-conditioning. and gluteals) play a major role. www. The quadriceps. ball tosses. back swing and downswing. rotator cuffs. Golf conditioning is also important for injury prevention. hamstrings. obliques. For the follow through of a golf swing. and rows are excellent to strengthen hip flexion and back extension. latissimus dorsi. generating a large portion of the golf swing’s power. and follow-through. delayed squats. For the downswing. Russian twists. He is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute. and deltoids) produces the actual swing and plays a big role in generating club head speed. and wrist rolls are excellent exercises for the back swing.115 – . oblique twists.. strength. the set-up. hammer curls. Hitting a golf ball consistently and effectively for 18 holes requires coordinated muscle control. and wrists are most important. These must be used in the proper sequence and to the degree necessary to achieve a fluid yet effective swing. and forearm flexors-extensors) control the accuracy of the club head on impact with the golf ball. Strengthening and increasing overall flexibility in all of the muscle groups used in golf will maximize swing power and club head speed. knees. abdominal flexion. and other isometric exercises are essential to strengthening these muscles. shoulder rotation.com . Finally.FitnessExpertNetwork. and erector spine) transfers force from the legs to the torso and is responsible for swing acceleration. and bridges are all good. For the back swing. right arm adduction. The stability ball. Right arm horizontal adduction. and help reduce the risk of injury. and hips should have strength and balance. A combination of a balance board and thera-bands are an excellent way to strengthen and balance these. the arms (biceps. Exercises such as good mornings. improve control. Shoulder exercises. the deltoids. and hammer curls are the best exercises for strengthening the downswing. The leg muscles (quadriceps. especially low back pain.All phases of the golf swing. The upper torso (pectoralis major. increase overall endurance. triceps. About the Author Clint Howard is one of the top golf-conditioning professionals in Tulsa as well as throughout Oklahoma. and stamina. while the mid-section (abdominals. and the lower back must be strong. left arm abduction. In the set-up phase. He had helped hundreds of Tulsans improve their overall fitness as well as their golf game. are all equally important when it comes to golf conditioning.

Memorial.com .369.For more information on golf conditioning.com www. contact Clint at 918.6090 (123rd & S.392. Jenks/South Tulsa) or email clint@jenksfitnesstogether.FitnessExpertNetwork.116 – .personaltrainertulsa.com. We are also online at www.3488 (97th & Riverside. Bixby) and 918.

A broomstick can help do torso twists.."At Home With Your Workout" By Crystal Reiber Don't have time or want to take time. You can sit and put your foot on top of the ball and extend your leg. kneel facing the seat.com . pull back. You can do ankle.. An "at home" workout can be inside or outside and can use anything and everything imaginable as long as you always think safety first..terrific for the quads! Feeling knots in muscles. Hulahoops have been around for ages and never go out of style and are one of the most versatile items a person can own for a workout. wrist. You can actually do bouncing exercises to keep the body's reflexes tip top and test your core's reaction time. Do chin tucks and "turtles". How about grabbing the desk. sideways. down. or skipping instead of walking. www. table.FitnessExpertNetwork. Walking stairs up. place your hands clasped together on the seat and then let the chair out from you and pull back in by contracting your abs and letting your arms come back into your body.. spasms. pushups.just a simple ball used to bounce around. tightness? Take a towel and do some assisted stretching. Oh. one step or multiple steps can be a great heart pumping cardio segment. Look around the room where you're sitting right now. mark a jump. or towel.. or you can build a tunnel.poke your neck out like a turtle does and tuck it back in to its shell. ankle circles and sideways to build up the ligaments that often easily stretch or "turn over" as in a sprained ankle. and hand exercises. squat thrusts. money. you can hulahoop. As can jumping jacks. use plastic handled grocery bags in which to place some canned goods or a book and lift away! For abs. rug.. or desk edge and do some triceps dips? How about balancing a book on your head and stand on one foot? How about sitting in an "imaginary chair"? With your back along the wall for support. look! A play ball.. and hold the weighted bags (mentioned above) to make a barbell. What can you use for an effective workout? How about that comfy chair on rollers. Let the little kid come out of you to "play". or be used to do wrist curls. but can break a slump in a workout regimen and make it fresh all over again.117 – . position yourself and "sit" and hold. Get the picture? Staying open minded and creative not only can be fun. there is no better equipment than your bodyweight and a mat. and travel to a gym or fitness center to get a good workout? Good! Stay at home and feel at home with your workout! What's that? You don't have any equipment? Oh yes you do! If you don't have any dumbbells stashed away somewhere you can use milk jugs filled to a comfortable weight. You can set up multiple ones to "run rings". Lower it to the lowest setting.

com .118 – . or run in the sand if you live close to the beach. PA. Working out at home saves gasoline and time spent in travel to and from a facility.Come on. Crystal is a product of her own fitness quest. Her website is www. Have fun and let your inner child explore and play. jump. keep looking.com www. it's fun! Keep thinking. Great way to add resistance. She is a sought after motivational speaker and her passion certainly is "crystal clear". skip.crystalreiber. are you using that thinking cap? Are you excitedly looking around the house or office right now? Yeah. In other words. You can have fitness equipment or improvise just: Always think safety first. job. About the Author Crystal Reiber is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Therapist located in Somerset. How about climbing a rope tied to the large oak tree in the back yard? Or walk. Let your feet get wet and cool off when you're done if you wish. Talk about saving time.FitnessExpertNetwork. feel at home with your workout.

I know it's hard with this fast pace we often live or think we live. and well.. and the eating disorders. so be it. garage. Crystal is a product of her own fitness quest.119 – . and the improved sense of health and accomplishment that goes with that. etc. get healthy. or yourself than to take time. let the kid out of YOU and see that kid of yours come to you! About the Author Crystal Reiber is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Therapist located in Somerset. How much time? 30 mins a day would be awesome. done in moderation. hiking. Make up games or contests.crystalreiber. take a look at another aspect. Kids learn by example and what kind of example is that if that is you? Encourage your kids to get outside.Family Fitness By Crystal Reiber Family fitness is not a new concept. So. but more is even better and if it has to be in smaller increments. especially your child/children.com www. television. potato sack races. Challenge them to a game of hoops.. it doesn't matter "what" just be like Nike says. hit the bike trail. peer pressure. Invite another family to join and play teams. 3-legged races. It is actually quite old and somewhat forgotten. biking.. as long as it is regulated.FitnessExpertNetwork. PA. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of it.. learning the healthy choices and putting them into practice. whatever and let the family join together.yard. Parents who work. attic. and much more in this throw away society is part of it. but there is no better investment you can give to anyone. trail blazing. and maintain that level for any length of time. "do it"! Join in community clean up projects or other interests. She is a sought after motivational speaker and her passion certainly is "crystal clear".com .you should be!!! With 85% out of 300. Just pick up any health magazine or youth-oriented statistic and you will be appalled. come home tired and may spend little or no time with their children and plop down to be a big sofa spud. go to the playground and just be a kid with them. go on a hike. hoola hoop. Why? The instant gratitude of society with the internet. and the list goes on and on. video games explosion. low self esteem. so can the lack of getting out and moving. badmitton. Today's youth are lacking in direction of creativity to "get moving". Go back to the basics of tug of war. Have a "clean up day" at your own residence. you get the picture and it isn't pretty. the average child taking in 5 hours of television PLUS playing video games. Her website is www. toss horseshows. Pretty soon you'll see your kid(s) creativity emerge as he/she/they think of activities that they want to explore and challenge you. Come on.000 school-aged children diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. Just as over-indulgence in food can lead to issues on the negative side of fitness. obstacle courses in your back yard or local park.

on average. grandma.crystalreiber. It's abundantly clear to me that it is quite the opposite. As with most special populations. Always a smile. No excuses from the seniors. 15 years. PA. here in the U. seniors are dedicated and give all they have. love meeting new people their own age. dad. one on one or in a group setting. Don't be surprised to see a grandma or grandpa in the gym enjoying the same benefits as the youth and athletes that have memberships. I'd have to say the winner. Check with their insurance and you may be delighted to find a participating facility nearby that won't cost them a cent or a very minimal cost and the gift you can offer them can have you enjoying the benefits of having that aunt or uncle. I'm not done yet anymore than the 90+ year old I've been graced to know along the way. Her website is www. It's a clear fact that. is a growing population on the fitness trail. or "lose it for not using it". ice. keep this little article in mind when you can't think of a gift idea for mom. Why sometimes I've had to call and literally beg an individual to please stay home that the snow storm. build new friendships.. challenging themselves. Compared to those able bodied. Insurance companies and doctors are finally seeing the results of many clinical studies as well as the benefits of "preventative care" in helping the senior population of our nation.120 – . I am.the "positive-ness" is purely contagious and I'm glad it is. She is a sought after motivational speaker and her passion certainly is "crystal clear". or even 10 years ago. goes to the seniors I've been graced in knowing among my clientele. Well. I've got news for them. just simply because I'm over 50 years old.S. I can tell you that they are energetic. we are living longer than we did 20 years. So. I'm not that far from being a "senior" and according to come organizations.FitnessExpertNetwork. always an appreciate word or even applause is given to their instructor of the day. those aged 65+. hands down. As a trainer and one who instructs such clientele.com www. It's catching. Crystal is a product of her own fitness quest. About the Author Crystal Reiber is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Therapist located in Somerset. Just because a person ages doesn't mean that he/she has to stop having fun.Senior Fitness By Crystal Reiber The senior population. parent. There are many programs to be offered by facilities everywhere. aunt or uncle so and so. or grandparent around on this earth a little longer. or other conditions aren't safe for him/her to attend. or grandpa. and are boosting their fitness level with the workouts and boosting there emotional/mental well being in the process.com ..

you can kneel with your forearms on the chair and let it roll out away from you and pull it back.. and output all at the same time.chin tucked and bow the head for 15-20 seconds. Now. arms.stress is helped by taking breaks and what was described here can be accomplished in as little as 10 minutes. Inhale going down and exhale pushing up. palms down and fingers pointing toward your buttocks. and improve the entire staff's posture.com . Knees should be nearly straight. You can take multiple breaks. You can lift one foot and do a repetition and then switch. relaxed and stress-free employee is a more productive employee.. literally. Squats can be done anytime too. then turn head to the right and then left for the same amount of time each side. shoulders are rolled back with chest lifted so that your spinal alignment is good and your ears should be straight in line with your shoulders. then look up without arching (hyperextending) the neck and count that one out. Ahhhhhhh. as in your body. attitude/outlook. if you have a lunch hour. etc.. www. Along with this make sure to power up with healthy foods for that lunch break and maybe even a good walk. and then do the same at 3 counts. always drink that water and stay hydrated. Now stretch forward and touch your toes. Of course..FitnessExpertNetwork. which I highly recommend as much as possible without interfering with the "task at hand" for you to accomplish. at work is definitely doable. employer. Now. This is great for the abdominals. This works the chest. Lower your torso and push up again. Then you can face your desk and place your hands on the desk and do a version of pushups or use a wall or if you're game. you know. Great for the triceps and rear deltoid muscles of the shoulders. getting the "kinks" out. Walk your feet out in front of you. resume a seated position in your chair.Working it at Work By Crystal Reiber Working "it”. You don't think so? Rethink that as you read on! If you sit at a desk you can't help but get tired of that desk position. up and out of that chair. OK. now if you do a lot of physical labor in your job then you should definitely take heed and adapt some of the relaxing and stretching tips contained here in this article for stress reduction. Standing burns more calories than sitting so why not take advantage of that when possible? Then before you sit back down into terrible posture again to resume the next round at your desk. You might be able to pass on the tips to coworkers or even to that manager.. and refreshing yourself to endure the day. All employers know that a healthy. and core. boss. Turn and face away from your desk and grab a hold of the desk with your hands. then 4 counts. inhale and circle your arms up over your head and back and around and forward for another time. take a few moments to stretch out your neck. If you have a rolling chair and you promise to be careful. use that floor space. foreman.121 – . 2 counts in and 2 counts out for 3 times. Inhale and exhale. You can easily save up calls and copies to be done all at one time to get yourself.

A win-win situation for you.Workouts should be creative and what fits a person's schedule. mental health. So. and stress management. That's what makes the workout doable and not a dreaded "other thing to do".crystalreiber. Give yourself a break and be surprised by the results. let me ask you.com . I guarantee it.122 – . your productivity. She is a sought after motivational speaker and her passion certainly is "crystal clear". Have you/are you rethinking since beginning the reading of this article? I certainly hope so! You deserve to be your best! About the Author Crystal Reiber is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Therapist located in Somerset. Crystal is a product of her own fitness quest. PA.FitnessExpertNetwork. Multiple times taken still is time taken to add up to that goal of improving your personal fitness levels. It doesn't have to be all alone or all on your own time.com www. and your sanity. Her website is www.

TFL and glute medius to stabilize the pelvis and help control the femur (thigh bone) as you run.123 – . to run well and injury free requires balanced and unified function of many muscles. Muscles in the hips and trunk work to stabilize the pelvis and lower spine. These are called the primary movers.FitnessExpertNetwork. and the gluteus medius on the side of the hip. One of the injuries that may develop is iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). The big muscles of the legs and hips (the glutes and hamstrings in the rear and quads and hip flexors in the front) are the ones mainly responsible for the forward motion. the adductors (inner thigh). If the system is in balance everything works fine and you run without problems. weakness and/or improper loading of the muscles. a band of fibrous tissue that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip www.com . The shoulders swing the arms to set the tempo as they move in time with the legs and the lats work in unison with the glutes in the rear. tensor fascia latae (TFL) on the front of the hip. This is often caused by a weak glute medius and consequently a tight iliotibial band (ITB). in many runners. Unbalanced Muscles Due to overuse. Yet there are many other muscles in the lower and upper body that aid the primary movers. with the major symptom being a sharp pain on the outside of the knee when running. Running Muscles Running requires many muscles to work together to produce efficient movement.How to Avoid Running Injuries By Curb Ivanic Runners have been told for years they need to cross train with other activities to avoid injury and improve their running fitness. However. Strength training is recommended though not many runners fully understand why and how this can help them. this system is out of balance which can lead to injury. One of the systems of special concern to runners is called the lateral sub-system. This system includes the quadratus lumborum (QL) located beside the spine in the low back. Lateral Sub-system Researchers have grouped muscles that work together into sub-systems to simplify and explain movement. The calves help with forward motion. often for very long periods of time as in marathon running. This article aims to answer those questions and provide an explanation how resistance training can help your running. So while your legs are primarily responsible for running. The QL on one side of the body works with the opposing adductors. the lateral sub-system can become unbalanced.

explosive movement such as squat jumps. These are jumping style exercises that involve fast. A personalized routine of exercises designed by a qualified professional is recommended. This is only one of several examples of how muscle imbalances can negatively affect runners. This will train your neuromuscular system to better recruit stabilizer muscles. www. running on a slanted surface (improper loading) and/or bad running technique (weakness and improper loading). You should incorporate full body exercises. using the arms and legs at the same time and coordinating movement between the left and right sides. preventative exercises that are done before you get injured. This is where strength training comes in. Workout Guidelines To properly balance your body you need to work your running muscles as well as your non-running muscles. Plyometrics should also be included to develop power. The ITB becomes tight because it is trying to do the work of a normally functioning glute medius. A rotational movement would be oblique twists. An example would be a forward lunge with an arm drive. A regular program of strengthening exercises. The Solution To correct these imbalances you need to strengthen the weak muscles. Often a combination of two or more factors is at work. weakness in one of the prime movers (improper loading). The ITBS example demonstrates how the body will always use what it has and conversely can't use what it doesn't have. These include a rapid increase in mileage or time spent running (overuse).124 – . dynamic flexibility exercises and stretching will help keep your body in balance.com . Don't neglect stabilization and balance training.to the knee. An even better solution is to listen to the old adage 'One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your strength training workouts are 'pre-hab'. Running is predominantly a forward movement so you should include exercises that work the two other planes of motion. A one leg squat with a toe touch is a good stabilization and balance exercise. lateral and rotational. Many factors can be responsible for the glute medius dysfunction.FitnessExpertNetwork. too much speedwork (overuse).' The best thing to do is avoid muscle imbalances in the first place or correct them when the differences are minor. This will train you to recruit muscles in a proper sequence and improve integration between the two sides of your body. Side lunges are a great example of a lateral exercise. stretch and release the tight muscles and teach the body to recruit the correct group of muscles in the proper sequence.

His company Ultra Fitness has helped hundreds of clients in Vancouver. A well designed program can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and can be done in a gym or at home.125 – . About the Author Curb Ivanic has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science. Proper recruitment of these muscles is important since good stabilization of the pelvis is needed when running. Contact him at www. A prone plank is one exercise that targets the core. Your body weight and a little creativity can go a long way. BC to reach their health & fitness goals. By following a proper strength training program you can bring your muscles into balance and continue to run injury free.FitnessExpertNetwork. Don't worry about strength training cutting into your running time. holds the highest level certifications from the NSCA and NASM and is a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1. www. Doing the workout in the gym gives you more tools to work with but you don't need a lot of fancy equipment.ultrafitness.com .Runners will benefit greatly from core stability exercises that specifically target the muscles of the hips and lower trunk (abs and low back).net.

I'd argue that it is. Nor am I against taking lengthy rest break if you’re training goals and phase call for this.FitnessExpertNetwork. 2. Your workout doesn't need to take a long time to be effective. It may seem rather odd to hear a fitness professional saying that going to the gym is a waste of time. You can do a killer strength workout in as little as 20 minutes that will work your entire body and leave you pretty well exhausted. Here are four simple things you can do to make the most out of your time in the gym: 1. Visualize your goal as if it's been achieved. I've seen some people who are dressed to workout and they're going through the motions of exercising but I'm left wondering if their time was better spent elsewhere. And then they wonder why they don't see any results. Would you go into court without an attorney? Would you file a complex tax claim without an accountant? www. speed or endurance? Improve on the court or on the field? Different goals require different techniques so do your homework and find out what's the best way to accomplish your goal. You could do an awesome fat-burning cardiovascular workout in the same amount of time as well. I see people using incorrect form. Align your methods with your goal. This will motivate you and drive you to push ahead. Bad technique means you aren't using the target muscle or group of muscles. Do you have a specific goal? If not. Review your goal(s) before your workout and then again afterward. Have a purpose for being at the gym. I know my opinion may be biased but let me ask you this. 4. Know why you're there.126 – . Know what type of workout is required and how to execute it. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Develop strength. Stay focused on the task at hand. lead to injury. Hire a fitness coach.Is Your Workout a Waste of Time? By Curb Ivanic Have you ever looked around the gym and watched people workout? I'll admit I have. But if you're after results that's not the way to get them. Incorrect form is at best counterproductive. 3. you better take the time to think of at least one. Now I have nothing against talking to other people and being friendly. And bad form may be the result of misunderstanding or simply not knowing. Visualize your goal during your workout to keep you from getting sidetracked. groove incorrect patterns in your neuromuscular system and in the worst case. You'll compensate by using other muscles which can overdevelop the wrong muscles. Know what you're doing. For some people though. taking rest breaks the length of an ice age and spending the majority of their time socializing.com .

FitnessExpertNetwork. Make each one count and you'll reach your goal that much quicker. A qualified and competent trainer can design an effective workout. Even the best athletes in the world use a coach. It doesn't mean you can't have fun. Athletes have coaches.127 – . And that's what professional trainers are.net. They understand the benefit of working with someone who will hone their skills and abilities to a peak in order to reach their goals. just realize your workouts are steps you take towards your goal.com . make sure you understand how to execute the exercises properly and progress you in a timely fashion. About the Author Curb Ivanic has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science. His company Ultra Fitness has helped hundreds of clients in Vancouver. Get the most out of your time in the gym. experts in the field of fitness. BC to reach their health & fitness goals. holds the highest level certifications from the NSCA and NASM and is a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1.Well you might but you're better off getting the advice of an expert.ultrafitness. www. Contact him at www.

128 – . energy. A goal without a completion date is absolutely meaningless to a successful realtor fitness program. When you feel great. and attitude. 2. It comes with a price. Know why you want it.com . If you’re not willing to do this. well. Your clients can see right through you. Realtors can improve their fitness. it’s a roller coaster of highs and lows. confidence. please don’t talk yourself into thinking that you’re doing everything you can to improve your fitness. you feel great. and money to be successful. That’s fine. Know what you want. and its part of what makes it such a joy for me to work so closely with them. Success rarely falls into our lap. Successful and fit realtors know this. 4. you get the idea. it’s crucial that you have peak energy. they not only get in better shape but they get more listings. as well. Know the price. The constant and changing energy demands of clients and brokers can be stressful. It’s been well documented that appearances effect sales. Whether it’s getting the body you want or selling 100+ houses a year. The first step to becoming a fit realtor is knowing what kind of shape you want to be in physically and financially. You must know why these fitness goals are important to you – before you’ll ever be willing to do what it takes to accomplish them and be a fit realtor. 5. Ignore this and it’s quite possible that you’ll end up broke and fat! www. Be willing to pay the price. But these are realtor fitness challenges that can be overcome. make more money and they enjoy it more. Isn’t that what every realtor wants? 1.FitnessExpertNetwork. Model success. chances are that it’s just not that important to you. When thinking about your realtor fitness program. realtors must invest time. I’ve found that when realtors consistently apply these 17 realtor fitness secrets to their careers and exercise programs. The hours are irregular. 3. remember success always leaves clues. But. Most realtors don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. When you look great. 6.Realtor Fitness: 17 Jealously Guarded Secrets for Smaller Waists and Bigger Profits for the Physically and Financially Fit Realtor By Dale Andrew Working as a realtor can pose several challenges to living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise. Like any professional salesperson. As a salesperson. Most meals are grabbed on the go. Know when you want it by.

Leverage your time. 9.FitnessExpertNetwork. This is the one secret that successful realtors everywhere have in common. is a fitness professional. This can be especially helpful when designing a fitness program. Measure progress. To get your copy of his free e-book 64 Must-Have Fitness Tips. Whether you’re marketing to get more listings or exercising to get a better body. What’s more important than your health? Fit realtors live for today but never stop planning for tomorrow when it comes to their fitness. M. Test. this is also the quickest way to become an expert. 17. regularly. Keep your commitments. it’s not how long you spend exercising that’s important – it’s whether what you’re doing gives you the results that you want! This is the last key to a successful realtor fitness program. author.129 – .better-bodytips. Become bigger than any problem. Fit realtors find a way to exercise AND fulfill work and family obligations. www. Always take time for self-renewal. Test. Likewise. and speaker. your personal integrity is the first casualty. Choose to get paid (and pay) for results not time. Think both not either/or.FAST. Realtors can never expect to get rich trading your time for money. hire an expert instead of wasting time trying to become one yourself. Realtors must reframe every fitness challenge as an opportunity. Take action in spite of fear. successful realtors always need to know if what they’re doing is working or not. (By the way. visit www. you must come through. If you’re not assessing. Get things done. When fit you make a commitment to yourself or others. 16. you have to be at your best. Don’t rely on hope. The law of attraction states that what you focus on grows. 15.7. Your self-esteem is the second. 13. yourself) 14. Think big and long-term. Realtors can’t be at your best if you’re stressed and lacking energy or confidence. you’re just guessing. Remember. Test. Fit realtors must always be open to learning and growing. For those things that fall outside your specialty. He is the fat loss expert busy professionals worldwide turn to for advice on how to build a better body . 12. Do what you know and do it very well. The number one limiting factor for people. If you don’t. is what they don’t know. it’ll drive people around you nuts! 8. The number two limiting factor is those things they know that just aren’t so. 11. to get paid the best. Focus on your goals not obstacles.com. and this includes realtors. But be warned. About the Author Dale Andrew.com . 10. Successful and fit realtors don’t let fear stop them from taking positive action steps towards their fitness goals.A.

you know that it’s a pretty hilarious movie about a guy named Peter Gibbons that hates his office job. Weak glutes.FitnessExpertNetwork. you can count on areas of weakness. Go to bed and repeat. When certain muscles are tight for prolonged periods of time. many people do. Tight hips. Do the points of the pencils point straightforward or towards each other? The more they point inwards. most office workers spend their day with their shoulders internally rotated. this sort of daily routine offers little in the way of physical activity. The greater the muscular imbalance is the more potential there is for injury. before you’re ready for more advanced strength training exercises. As I said before. If you stretch it too much or too often. As he says in the movie. Without strengthening the muscles and removing some of the physical imbalances that plague the office worker. extend their arms out to their sides parallel to the ground with palms facing downwards. “People were not meant to sit at cubicles staring at a computer screen all day.com . Ignoring these imbalances often makes them worse. If it’s overstretched for too long. They might not have the appeal of fancy “whiz-bang” machines. If one muscle is tight. I recommend short bodyweight strengthening and stretching circuits that can be done at the gym or during your day at the office.130 – . the greater the imbalance.” This couldn’t be truer. and rear deltoids are common. In particular. and front deltoids are not that unusual for the office worker that spends most of his or her day sitting and leaning forward typing. chest. However. Certainly. you’re probably going to end up in a physiotherapist’s office in the next month or so. the opposing muscle is being stretched. Then.The Office Workout: Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At The Office By Dale Andrew One of my favorite movies is Office Space. the band loses some of its elasticity. their opposing muscles are often weakened as a result. Muscles work in a similar way. hamstrings. it will be weakened as a result. which tightens the chest and weakens the rear delts and rotator cuff. They sit in traffic during long commutes to and from work. Why’s this important? Well. If you’ve seen it. What’s worse is that sitting all day can create some serious muscular imbalances. Bodyweight exercises help keep the body limber and the mind focused. but www. I’ve seen plenty office workers that join a gym and start training like they don’t work at an office at all – at least for a while. where there’s tightness. they sit at work for up to 14 hours or more. quads.” Get your client to hold a pencil in each hand. So what can you do about it? Well. Think of your muscles as an elastic band. Then. One way this can be assessed is the “pencil test. get them to close their eyes and let their arms drop to their sides.

that can be performed anywhere: Circuit #1: • • • • • • • • • • • Ball Squat against wall Alternating Bodyweight Lunges Incline Pushups 2-Leg Hip Lying Extensions Inverted Row with Bent Knees Push-Ups Split Squat Stick-Ups Bird Dogs Plank Russian Twists Circuit #2: • • • • • • • • • • • Bodyweight Squat Diagonal Bodyweight Lunges Pushups 2-Leg Stability Hip Bridge/Extension on Ball Close-Grip Pushups Prisoner Squats Inverted Rows Step-Ups Chin-ups Cross Body Knee-Ups Mountain Climbers . rather than the traditional bodybuilder body part training splits. many bodyweight exercises will help you build a better body faster than expensive muscle-isolation equipment at commercial gyms. vertical pulling. if underrated. role in the fight against fat. The key as always is systematic progression. Thus. more advanced workouts. quad-dominant. So. You’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to bodyweight exercises. office workers are not bodybuilders. but I tend to look at training the body in terms of movement patterns. Generally.com . The reason for this should be selfevident: With few exceptions. and rotational movements into each workout routine. vertical pushing. lets look at 3 sample office bodyweight workout circuits. there are almost always four ways to make a particular exercise harder and four more ways to make it easier. horizontal pushing. then moving up through the levels to more advanced exercises as you get in better shape.131 – www. It’s really just a matter of matching the exercise with your current ability. moving from basic to more advanced.FitnessExpertNetwork. In fact. I’m sure to incorporate hip-dominant. horizontal pulling. when designing programs to "activate" the correct muscle groups and prepare you for future.bodyweight exercises have a valuable.

better-bodytips. but with these powerful circuits you can lose fat as well. and finish with 2 sets of the ab exercises. and speaker. but the common thread in my program design is that they follow my colleague Craig Ballantyne’s bodyweight circuit guidelines. He is the fat loss expert busy professionals worldwide turn to for advice on how to build a better body .Circuit #3 • • • • • • • • • • • Y-Squat Reverse Lunges Pushups Step-Ups Decline Push-Ups Split Squats Inverted Rows 1-Leg Hip Extensions Shoulder Press Push-Ups Floor Wipers Hanging Knees to Elbows These are just a couple of examples of what you can do. author. alternating between lower and upper body exercises for a cardio effect. You then perform 6 main exercises. Office Bodyweight exercises will not only help to address common muscular imbalances. To get your copy of his free e-book 64 Must-Have Fitness Tips. The possibilities are endless. M.FAST. About the Author Dale Andrew.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. The first three exercises in each circuit are used to warm-up the body for the more challenging exercises.com.132 – .A. finishing with a couple of ab exercises. 1-3 sets of the six main exercises. is a fitness professional. visit www. Now you could do a couple giant circuits where you go through all the exercises without rest. or you could break it up as follows: 2 sets of warm-up exercises. www.

133 – . but the result of not having a goal to reach.What’s Your Fitness Goal? Why Are You Going to The Gym? By Dale Andrew Before you get to the gym. nothing great has ever been achieved without a sense of purpose. but not knowing almost certainly guarantees that you will fail.. There are many reasons for why someone joins a gym. Once motivation is properly identified. failure is not the result of falling short of your goal. These goal specific principles directly inform the selection. “Whys” are usually born out of a desire to change something that’s perceived as negative in favor of something that permits a better body image. it must be carefully nurtured and directed to bring about the desired change. You can’t reach a goal before you take the time to properly identify and set one. walk around the block without feeling out of breath. Knowing your goals for why you’re going to the gym doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in your quest for a better body. Know what you want and above all why it’s important. but you need to ask them and answer them if you really want to improve your fitness and build a better body.FitnessExpertNetwork. but you can bet that none of them revolve around being able to lift a 25-pound dumbbell or being able to run on a treadmill.” It’s important to know the difference between “whats” and “whys” when setting your fitness goals. For example. but their unspoken reasons are WHY they’re there in the first place. tone up. take the time to ask yourself. are more stable motivating forces that can lead to positive behavioral and lifestyle changes. or attract the attention of a husband or wife again. What’s your plan for success? You do have one.. “Why am I going to the gym?” What’s my fitness goal? If you don’t know why you are there. dose. “Whys. it has been my experience that these aren’t the reasons why people go to the gym. and frequency of the best fitness methods you can choose. “Whats” are superficial and always fade. You may retort that you are there to lose weight. they may want to lose weight so that they can play soccer with their kids.” on the other hand. Your fitness goal helps to determine which principles you must follow to achieve it. Your goals for joining a gym probably have a lot more to do with wanting to improve the life that you live outside it. Over the years. On the surface. sequence.com . right? www. However. In this sense. feel comfortable in their skin or in a two-piece swimsuit. These are “whats” but not “whys. I’ve learned that a person’s spoken reason or motivation for going to the gym may be to lose weight. or get stronger. these reasons appear to be obvious and compelling. How will you feel if you don’t reach your fitness goals? What’s the biggest obstacle to achieving your fitness goals? These are hard questions. then you lack purpose.

If your fitness goals are socially oriented.com. visit www. you may even know a few. there are many people. He is the fat loss expert busy professionals worldwide turn to for advice on how to build a better body . what you do at the gym and how you do it is infinitely more important than the amount of time that you spend there. About the Author Dale Andrew. To get your copy of his free e-book 64 Must-Have Fitness Tips. that approach may work for you too.A. author. www. and speaker. M. which spend time at the gym. is a fitness professional.Indeed.FitnessExpertNetwork.FAST.com . however.134 – . If your fitness goals are results-oriented.better-bodytips.

com . despite tremendous social pressure to conform. and masculinity are socially constructed.135 – . Much of the reason for this gender difference stemmed from the fact that only women experienced menstruation. Over the last hundred years. The invention of the bicycle broke down misconceptions about females and physical activity. but masculinity as well. In working mostly with women (and many of their husbands). In successfully doing so.Why Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights By Dale Andrew Today. Little attention was given to the restrictive corsets and heavy clothing that women commonly wore at the time. and adhered to what men had decided they should and should not do with their bodies. women have fought and gained many important social rights. They did not permit free movement and often caused women to pass out from exertion. so they sought to control female participation. When women became active participants in physical activities and sport. femininity. It was a widely held notion that exercise made men more virile. but the theory of vital energy supposed that physical activity or sweating was draining and dangerous for women. Most women accepted their social role. instead. Anything that interfered with a woman’s ability to fulfill this role threatened to destroy society. In Victorian society. But a few women challenged these traditional roles. Men could no longer keep women out of exercise and sport. To do otherwise was to be labeled inappropriate and unladylike. a woman’s social role was to produce and care for children. through their participation in exercise and sport. they not only challenged traditional concepts of femininity. Historically. Meanwhile. the more physically demanding sports were retained for the manliest of men. exercise and sport were an exclusively male preserve. for example. The male leaders of organized sport channeled women into genderappropriate activities like croquet. more and more women are beginning to exercise with weights. They are constantly www. The male medical establishment lent credibility and support to the theory and moved it to the realm of scientific truth. women now participate in just about any sport that men do. In sport. the theory of vital energy lost much of its validity. However. I can safely say that these fears are rooted in individual values about body image and femininity. Women were expected to be supportive spectators for men. There are many men and women who feel that this trend is an unnecessary and troubling one. tennis.FitnessExpertNetwork. These sports were reflective and consistent with male beliefs about femininity. historical and social forces are always acting on and shaping these values. figure skating. and some physical activity was deemed appropriate and even desirable. Values like body image. Female applause was the reward for male participation.

you have the power to define what makes you happy. You are free to choose education over ignorance. and calorie requirements. is this really a bad thing? Most women that I have trained say. For many women. torn down.FitnessExpertNetwork. and traps. I’ve trained many women who pound for pound are stronger than their male counterparts. I can’t say for sure that these women looked better naked. Resistance training not only increases strength. toned their thighs. shoulders. and try to preserve as much muscle mass as possible. but I mean what year is this? Some women let fear stop them from taking action. Rather. and tighten up their stomach. the answer is yes and no. Men and women both need to train hard. or even that of other women. Although. more energetic. and builds bone density to prevent osteoporosis. for example. but it burns fat. And it did so much faster than aerobics alone. health is a concern. you need to do something different. These women are committed to changing their body. and more alive.136 – . It makes me cringe when even today women are encouraged to exercise with cans of soup or cartons of milk. women want to get rid of the flab under their arms. You are free to choose your own www.' and drag others along with them. Both men and women need a reduction in calories and need to focus on eating nutrient dense foods. They both need some type of interval work to rev up their fat loss. I understand where it comes from. But do women need to train differently for fat loss than men? In my experience. They had a more positive body image and self-esteem. Females may have some more “stubborn” areas than males.” But. The only difference involves their specific dietary needs. But if you aren’t seeing the changes that you want. and tightened up their stomach. You are free to think that women shouldn’t lift weights. lift their butt. tone their thighs. Your body image and self-esteem are up to you. Keep doing what you’re doing. but the training would essentially be the same. hit the weights. I know they felt better about their body. Typically. Other women push through the 'b. This belief that women have that lifting weights will make a woman “bulky” or “look like a man” doesn’t seem to come from personal experience. This historical backdrop is the white elephant in the room for our current debate on why women should not lift weights. No matter your shape. Sure. lifting heavy weights in combination with energy system training actually got rid of the flab under their arms. They were more confident. lifted their butt. One of the more popular reasons for women to refrain from lifting weights is the belief that doing so will make a woman “bulky” and “look like a man.s. that’s great. If you’re happy with the way your body looks. it’s borrowed from the experiences of very few men and wrongly applied to all women.being built. but most women I’ve worked with simply want to look better naked! I don’t think men are all that different. The benefits of strength training for women can’t be denied any longer. In fact. “Yes!” They don’t want big arms. and none attained a bulky physique that made them look like a man. this involves participation a regular exercise program that includes lifting weights. as would the diet. and rebuilt.com . meaning preferences. allergies. challenged.

FitnessExpertNetwork. visit www.com .FAST.better-bodytips. He is the fat loss expert busy professionals worldwide turn to for advice on how to build a better body . www.137 – . author. and speaker. About the Author Dale Andrew. To get your copy of his free e-book 64 Must-Have Fitness Tips. But if you don’t.conception of what it means to be a beautiful woman.A. is a fitness professional. M. history shows that men will decide it for you.com.

Run! This may sound pretty obvious. so make sure you have a period of ‘active’ recovery. You will find your rhythm. The longer you’re training session. Aim for a 20 minutes cardio session with an interval ratio of 1:2. intensity and variety to keep your body guessing and prevent the onset of boredom. Set yourself a goal for the duration of the training session. the longer your recovery should be. Improved circulation. For example. Leaning on your elbows will support the extra body weight to allow your legs to move freely. Use your body weight to drive the pedals. but when I say run. this high intensity option will surely increase the excess levels of lactic acid and fatigue your legs. If you are limited on time.com .5 Ways to Vary Your Cardio By Daniel Remon Although integral to overall health and especially fat loss. That is 1 period of higher intensity training for every 2 parts of recovery. Get Out of the Riders Seat When using the upright bike for your cardio. use a manual or quick start program and take control of your cardio training program.138 – . increase cardiac output and faster recovery are all added benefits from ‘picking it up’. designed to walk and designed to RUN! Incorporating short sprints into your training allows for many physiological adaptations to occur. Play a Sport Learn a new sport like tennis or squash. My last game I recorded over 1000 calories in 50 minutes! Even a good game of tennis will probably get you up to 500-800 calories in an hour. and there are many ways that you can kick start your cardio training and add elements of challenge. Interval Training Rather than plug in a hill or interval program. This may be an interval of 15 seconds of higher intensity work followed by 30 seconds of lower intensity ‘active recovery’. and I guarantee I can burn more calories playing squash than traditional cardio training. Every worn a hear rate monitor while playing tennis. incorporate intervals out of your seat. Rest your elbows on the handles of your bike and crack up the resistance. improved anaerobic threshold. squash or badminton??? I have. It doesn’t need to be though. aim for shorter recovery periods. cardio training can be a real bore.FitnessExpertNetwork. Again. I mean RUN!!!! Our bodies are designed to move. Tabata www.

fitness & lifestyle company. I guarantee they will kick start your cardio training and help you break through your boredom and fat loss plateaus.com www.fitcorpasia.personaltrainingbangkok. he determined the optimal level for maximizing aerobic AND anaerobic capacity simultaneously in just 4 minutes! Tabata is a form of interval training with an interval ratio of 2:1. and make sure you have a bucket nearby for the one! Give these a try. Asia's leading health. Master trainer for Technogym throughout the Asia Pacific.com. Perform 8 sets. http://www. 20 seconds of ‘maximal’ all out exercise followed by a very short 10 second recovery.Hehe.com . Daniel is a contributor to many magazines. Tabata is a Japanese Physiologist and during his research. http://www. We will cover more options in the future.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author Daniel is the Managing Director of Fitcorp Asia. I love to surprise my clients with this one.139 – . golf fitness and fat loss specialist.

intermediate and long-term goals Set goals that are attainable. Time equals money! However. Successful business executives and managers exercise regularly.com .140 – . Get Serious Make a commitment Take responsibility Make it your Lifestyle Set Goals Your road map to success new investment project or product range without a business plan Set short.Exercise for Busy Professionals By Daniel Remon Exercise can be a time-consuming affair for people who lead busy lives. time also equals health! It is no use having all the riches in the world if poor health won’t allow us to enjoy it. our personal fitness will always be a long-term investment that requires a minimum amount of time and effort. Health is a priceless commodity.FitnessExpertNetwork. No matter how much money we spend on state-of-theart fitness equipment. Get Organised Schedule a daily appointment with yourself Make notes in your diary a week in advance Ask your assistant to remind you take a ‘fitness break’ Home exercise equipment in a corner of your office or at home Avoid going home before you go to the gym Get in the habit of packing your workout gear the night before Surprise Yourself Forget the rigid workout schedules Do whatever you can whenever you can Short bits of exercise are as effective as long workouts Don't Give Up www. expensive nutritional supplements or trendy health club memberships.

com. http://www. Asia's leading health. http://www.personaltrainingbangkok. fitness & lifestyle company.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. Daniel is a contributor to many magazines.Make up for it tomorrow Fitness is not an all-or-nothing affair! Have Some Fun Bring some fun into your workouts Train with a friend Try Boot Camp Create Corporate activities related to Health and Fitness – Everyone will benefit! About the Author Daniel is the Managing Director of Fitcorp Asia.com www. golf fitness and fat loss specialist.fitcorpasia. Master trainer for Technogym throughout the Asia Pacific.141 – .

This leads to much lower pressure on the lower back. it will create more efficient movement and biomechanics.com . especially later on in life. to prevent injuries. we must first establish the key components of fitness required during the golf swing. core rotation. we must break down the components of the sport and develop specific integrated movements and exercises that replicate the transition of each movement. Conditioning the body will not only improve the above mentioned areas of the golf swing. core rotation. forearm and wrist strength Down Swing Power. enhanced power to drive the ball further and perhaps most importantly. stability. www. lower back and shoulder flexibility. core rotation.Golf Fitness & Conditioning By Daniel Remon Golf fitness is a catch phrase these days. core strength. torque. A well designed golf fitness and conditioning program will help you play better golf in a number of ways. weight loading. just like functional training. core strength. Address Stability. better rotation and range of movement to create a longer smoother swing arc. When we look at the sport of golf. core strength. But how can exercise benefit the average golfer? And what ‘is’ a good golf fitness program and how can it help? Like any sport specific training programs. speed of contraction.142 – . causing the muscles in the lower back to work much harder. Back Swing Stability. flexibility. We take into account joint movement. forearm and wrist strength Follow Through Stability. These include improved core stability and posture. repetitions. fatigue faster and be more susceptible to injury. Those with a less efficient swing biomechanics will try to generate more torque and power from the lower back. posture.FitnessExpertNetwork. balance. range of movement and overall objective of the exercise.

Ever wondered why professionals seem so effortless off the tee yet drive the ball 300 yards? Swing mechanics. http://www.Research shows that professionals generate 34 percent more club head speed than amateurs. golf fitness and fat loss specialist. professionals are more efficient. Master trainer for Technogym throughout the Asia Pacific. yet amateurs produce spinal forces 50 to 80 percent higher.personaltrainingbangkok. fitness & lifestyle company.143 – . http://www.com . Daniel is a contributor to many magazines.fitcorpasia. therefore minimizing the strain and pressure on the lower back. practice and conditioning. About the Author Daniel is the Managing Director of Fitcorp Asia. After years of training. And making millions of dollars along the way! So make sure your ‘golf fitness’ program is specific to the game and work with a golf pro to work on your swing mechanics.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www.com. and 50 percent more trunk muscle activity than the professional. Asia's leading health. can achieve more power with less integration and better integration and co-ordination.

reducing the likelihood of colon cancer. Increases blood circulation and nerve function. Maintains. delivering more oxygen to all of the body’s tissues. Increases the thickness of cartilage of joints. Causes the development of new blood vessels in the heart and other muscles. Decreases and controls blood pressure. and strengthens muscle. www. Increases bone strength and reduces the onset of osteoporosis. Enhances your immune system and fights illness and disease. Decreases the tendency of the blood to clot in the blood vessels. Exercise also increases muscular endurance.144 – . Improves control of blood sugar and insulin.com . Reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Increases HDL (good) cholesterol. Improves sleep patterns.The Top 25 of Exercise By Daniel Remon Elevates your metabolism so you burn more calories and maintain body fat. Maintains good joint range of motion and stability. Increases your aerobic capacity. and reduces joint degeneration. Enlarges the arteries that supply blood to the heart and body increasing cardiac output. reducing the onset of diabetes. reducing cardiovascular disease factors. Increases hemoglobin concentration in your blood. Makes the heart a more efficient pump by increasing stroke volume. Increases the oxidation (breakdown and use) of fat. tones.FitnessExpertNetwork. Decreases blood levels of triglycerides (fat). Increases the efficiency of the digestive system.

com www. Enhances posture. golf fitness and fat loss specialist.com . http://www. Asia's leading health. spinal nourishment and mobility. Daniel is a contributor to many magazines. Increases the amount of blood that flows to the skin making it look and feel healthier.com.145 – . About the Author Daniel is the Managing Director of Fitcorp Asia.FitnessExpertNetwork.fitcorpasia. fitness & lifestyle company. http://www. Master trainer for Technogym throughout the Asia Pacific.personaltrainingbangkok.Decreases a woman's risk of developing endometriosis by 50%. Improves self image and self esteem. Increases the removal of lactic acid and other toxins.

com . work through all your exercises one at a time. it will become just as routine as cleaning your teeth – and you will feel fantastic! Here are some other tips to increase your physical activity while traveling on business: • • • • • • • Schedule your exercise sessions as you would business appointments. Walk instead of taking the escalator. in good spirits and mentally alert. Forget about your 3 sets of 10. Brainstorm while colleagues while walking instead of in a meeting room Walk around the airport while waiting to board the plane. Pack your jump rope. Traveling should not bring your fitness program to a grinding holt. greater energy expenditure. but once you have tried it once. Research shows that 4 x 15 minute sessions of exercise are just as effective as 1 x 60 minute session.Workouts that Travel By Daniel Remon With more people traveling on business and for pleasure than ever before. End result – more efficient use of your time. After lunch walk for 15 minutes around the hotel grounds. So how does this relate to exercise? Before breakfast. and a physiological production of happy hormones and endorphins throughout the day to keep you energized. alternating muscle groups. completing your workout in much less time and create a new training response for your body to adapt and respond to. Then hit the shower to get ready for your dinner engagement. It really is as easy as that! You will need to be disciplined to do it the first time. www. Be creative in your exercise choices. Circuit training will ensure your heart rate remains elevated. you will find that you get there faster than those who take the ride! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will also help the digestion process so you don’t feel full when get back to work again.FitnessExpertNetwork. boosting your metabolism four times instead of one. maximizing your energy expenditure.146 – . They are just as important and essential to your wellbeing especially while traveling on business. the greater the need to learn how to exercise effectively while away from home. put your trainers on and hit the gym for a 10 minute run and a stretch. or go for a swim. be realistic and manage your time more effectively regardless of how busy your itinerary is. or get off a few floors early and walk the rest of the way. Pack your resistance tubes. If you have access to a gym. Once your meetings have finished hit the gym for a quick 15-20 minute circuit blast of strength training.

Daniel is a contributor to many magazines. http://www.personaltrainingbangkok.com.147 – .fitcorpasia.Try these simple yet very effective steps to maximize your activity. About the Author Daniel is the Managing Director of Fitcorp Asia. Asia's leading health. golf fitness and fat loss specialist.FitnessExpertNetwork. Master trainer for Technogym throughout the Asia Pacific. productivity and performance while traveling on business.com www.com . http://www. fitness & lifestyle company.

Therefore you are not receiving a customized program or enjoying results! 2. The Principle of Progression The Principle of Progression states that the overload we just reviewed must be done at an optimal level and at the right time. Because every human being is different. another stimulus is needed to continue this pattern. Once the body has become stronger for example.148 – . without consistency physical improvement cannot possibly be accomplished. and consistency of volume. Consistency of intensity. Common sense will tell you that if your trainer does not have the opportunity to evaluate you on a consistent basis. (Get the hint!?) These principles are: 1.com . or how difficult you workouts are. The Overload Principle says that a greater than normal stress or load is required for a training adaptation to take place. the training has to tax the cardiovascular system enough to ‘make it’ change to a stronger system. A sound training program has to take in to account these differences and be modified to suit that individual. There are (at the minimum) 6 universally accepted scientifically based training principles that must be adhered to in order to improve your conditioning and get you’re to your goals. Consistency of frequency. many differences will never be exposed. advanced exercises cannot be performed before www. or how many sets and reps you perform in any given workout depending on the stage of your conditioning. or how many workouts you accomplish per week. and regular exercise. each person’s response to exercise will be different. In order to breathe easier during 3 mile run. unfailing. Simply put. dependable. The common thread of all of these is consistent. The same works for any muscle including the heart. The Principle of Overload. the weight or resistance cannot be increased to quickly. The following list is intricate to the planning behind your workouts not only in terms of the “big picture” but the actual day-to-day exercise prescription. The Principle of Individual Differences.Consistency in Exercise By Dave Gleason In the past I have written articles about the importance of consistency in your workouts. Again. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly outline some of the principles your trainer uses that serve as the backbone or foundation for all of your programming.FitnessExpertNetwork. 3.

down. 4. I hope this article gives you an inside look at the “method to the madness” as well as why I believe consistency is your biggest advocate. Common sense tells us if you want to be a great baseball player you probably won’t shoot baskets on a basketball court 3-4 times per week for your workouts. I strongly believe if you feel like you have a working understanding of the “why behind the what” you will stay consistent and reach goals you never thought attainable! About the Author Dave Gleason owns Movement 4 Life Personal Training serving clients in Massachusetts' South Shore and Metro West areas. The Principle of Use/Disuse I love this one! This principle says that you “use it or lose it.” Enough said. His website is http://www. suppleness and skill (sound familiar?). stamina. Much of the adaptation in the first 4-6 weeks of an exercise program comes almost exclusively from what I call “software issues. The Principle of Adaptation also ties into the Principle of Progression because there needs to be periods of low intensity as well as high intensity to let your body recover from all that hard work! 5.com www. The Principle of Specificity. Allow me to give you another example: If a 72 year old grandmother would like to work in her garden pain free for 1 hour per day. No goals will be attained. her training protocol will progress her to the point where she can get up.FitnessExpertNetwork.fitnessmistakes. bend and twist with and without resistance (weight).their easier counterparts are mastered. Also known as the SAID Principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) states that your body will become what you train it to be. and the proper amount of rest is required to allow for recovery. The Principle of Adaptation When adaptation occurs the body has responded to exercise in a positive way that may result in increased strength. speed.com . Unfortunately this is where much of the soreness from exercise comes into play.149 – . In the absence of consistent workouts no advancement can be made safely. After this period your body actually begins to change! 6.” In other words your brain sends better messages to your muscles allowing them to do what you are asking of them.

.at all! Sure you have but how does this relate to getting in shape? When the idea came to me to post this idea to my blog I was walking on our treadmill in our basement.. bike or cross-trainer. You are driving and you are thinking of something so intently that you at some point realize.Get Lost to Get In Shape By Dave Gleason Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered the ride? I'm not talking about driving and talking on your cell phone. Things you can do to get lost: • • • • • • • • • • Listen to your favorite CD Watch a movie or TV show saved on DVR or TiVo Pray Day dream Think of solutions to life issues People watch (if your in a gym or outside) Listen for a pattern of your steps or breathing Think of your dream vacation Repeat positive affirmations Be Creative! So the next time it seems as if life is winning and you cannot seem to fit in that workout.GET LOST! www.com . With my heart rate monitor from performbetter.win way to improve your life.I don't remember that drive . Reducing stress not only from exercising but also giving yourself the time to work through "life" can manifest itself in better emotional and physical health.com I didn't even have to think about my intensity. or creating other distractions.one business related and one family related .150 – . singing your favorite song.I looked down at the screen and 23 minutes and 48 seconds had gone by! I did not remember one step! My next thought was "wow I was lost in thought for almost 25 minutes and it went by in a flash"! Keep yourself consistent by "getting lost" in thought with anything but the time left on the treadmill. I set out for a 30 minute walk feeling like the next half hour would last a lifetime! After thinking my way through 2 separate issues ..FitnessExpertNetwork.. I have always viewed and promoted exercise as a win .

com www.fitnessmistakes.About the Author Dave Gleason owns Movement 4 Life Personal Training serving clients in Massachusetts' South Shore and Metro West areas.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is http://www.151 – .

but some is better than none!!!! www. Make sure you rest. Once repaired you increase your lean muscle tissue. or a new class. This translates into using more calories during adaptation. Take up a sport or activity Change the type of cardiovascular training you do. Employing a variety of exercises and activities is your best bet. • • • • Strength and Muscular Endurance Training Benefits Improve Joint Stability Improve quality and quantity of muscle fibers. The answer is simple. • • • • • • • • • • • Always work on flexibility after activity when your body is warm. Each Program should incorporate as many of the below items as possible. Capacity to perform work or activities for a longer period of time. Your body repairs and adapts during your resting phase. having a variety keeps you from having the "boring" same old. Having a variety helps stimulate your body and mind. more calories at rest (called your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR) and an improvement in activity and performance. the more energy is required for that adaptation during the repair process. I am often asked what the "BEST" exercise is to obtain results and prepare for the "bathing suit season". Physically. When your body has to adapt."Cross Training for the Summer" By David Bluman With the approach of warmer weather. These stresses placed on the body create improvement through adaptation. Mentally. variety employs various stresses (yes exercise is stress) on your body.152 – . There is NO best exercise. Try intervals. same old routine. MORE isn't BETTER.FitnessExpertNetwork. Cardiovascular Training Benefits Utilization of Carbohydrates Mobilization of Stored Fat Being Heart Healthy (The heart is a muscle too) Lower Risk of Injury Relax and Tension release Better performance in activities Increased Blood supply and nutrients Change the exercises you do in your strength routine.com .

Fitness Turk in Istanbul.com as well as several other online publications. He has worked with North Shore University Hospital's Eating Disorder program as a Martial Arts Instructor and Trainer. David has written for ECA News For Fitness Professionals and has written on behalf of ECA as the fitness expert for LongIsland. Turkey. He is a Flexibility Technician from MPI in Active Isolated Stretching. the 1999 Eastern Atlantic States Fitness Overall Winner. has consulted the 2006 NBI New York Fitness and Figure overall winner and pro competitor.ri-pt. and ECA NY 2006.com. adults and ADD/ADHD children in both martial arts and fitness.com.About the Author David Bluman's website is www. He holds a Powerstrike Impact Kickboxing Certification and was certified through Town Sports Internationals foundations (NY Sports Clubs).com . David oversees curriculum and program development for the East Coast Instructor Training School (ECITS) and has taught at educational conferences both nationally and internationally. the 2002 Natural NY States 2nd place fitness competitor. He has Presented at the ECA Miami Sports Training and Fitness Conference 2002. an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Continuing Education Provider. 2005. He trained the 1991 Bally's Best of the Best Light Weight Bodybuilding Champion. www. MEFIT 2004 in Dubai.153 – . www. a teaching certification in the martial arts. He has 18 years of training experience has worked in the physical therapy field in therapy exercise and specializes in post-rehab training. holds 2 Black Belts. and has developed and implemented programs for 3-5 year olds.FitnessExpertNetwork.ri-pt. David is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with ECITS. The 2006 NPC Garden State Figure overall winner. adolescents. UAE.

You should perform one set of 8-12 repetitions of eight to ten exercises that condition the major muscle groups at least 2 days per week Weight Training Helps Lower Your Blood Pressure: New research from Johns Hopkins University shows that six months of moderate exercise didn't strain heart health in 104 adults with mild. Older men and especially women are hesitant to start a resistance training program because of past myths and misconceptions they have about weight training.FitnessExpertNetwork. sums up the findings in a Johns Hopkins news release. Weight Training Helps Delay Osteoporosis and Increase Your Bone Density: Research has found that weight training can increase spinal bone mineral density (and enhance bone modeling) by 13 percent in six months.154 – . Decreases in total cholesterol and LDL-C have been reported for both men and women. the alteration of personal lifestyle habits in conjunction with a decrease in body fat and increase in fat-free mass may contribute to these favorable changes. www.. However. So I put together this primer in order to help them understand the many extra benefits they would receive by incorporating weight training into their daily exercise regimen. your bone density increases and may help delay osteoporosis. and high blood pressure often goes undiagnosed in people of all ages. Because you are using weight to perform exercise." Shapiro says.D.com .How Can I Benefit From Weight Training? By David Herber How Can I Benefit From Weight Training? New potential clients often ask me what other benefits of weight training there are besides an increase in muscle mass and strength. The new study asked if those temporary blood pressure spikes were safe for participant’s hearts. from resistance training (Goldberg et al. Participants were 55 to 75 years old (average age: 63). can be a women's best defense against osteoporosis. Resistance training or Strength training of a moderate intensity.. M. 1985). This. Weight Training Helps Lower Your Cholesterol: There are a few studies suggesting that resistance training may also improve lipid and lipoprotein profiles (Goldberg & Elliot. untreated high blood pressure. But each workout briefly boosts blood pressure a bit. Blood pressure tends to inch upwards with age. 1984). "Our study shows that the vast majority of older people with mildly elevated blood pressure can benefit from moderate exercise. coupled with an adequate amount of dietary calcium. with women also showing a significant decrease in triglycerides. Cardiology professor Edward Shapiro. Exercise is famous for its heart benefits. sufficient to develop and maintain fat-free weight should be an integral part of an adult fitness program.

FitnessExpertNetwork. Of course you should always see your physician before you start any exercise program and hiring a personal training for proper instruction and a structured exercise plan wouldn't hurt either! About the Author David Herber is a personal trainer located in New Castle. lunge and step up help develop and strengthen the muscles of the legs and hip which will improve your balance and make you less likely to lose your footing and fall.com www. His website is www.Weight Training Makes You Stronger So You Are Less Likely To Fall: Performing compound lower body movements that mimic everyday activities such as the squat.com . Strengthening the muscles of the shoulder and rotator cuff will decrease your chances of shoulder impingement from a lifetime of performing repetitive daily tasks.Exercise2U.155 – . PA. Exercising for as little as 30 minutes. two times a week can help you improve or prevent the conditions above.

along with taking into consideration your current responsibilities. simply subtract 150 from 180 (180-150 = 30) then divide the result by 2: 30/2 = 15. Is this realistic if you've never tracked your calories and exercised before? Which leads us to our final goal objective.. www..FitnessExpertNetwork. Weight loss goals should never be more than 10% of your current body weight if your wedding is less than 12 weeks away. Great. if your current weight is 180 and you want to weight 150 by your wedding date. Measurable: This one's a no-brainer. "I want to lose weight" is not specific. but that goal is at odds with where you are now. You should allow yourself a minimum of 12 weeks if you are going to aim for a weight loss of 20 pounds or more. A lot of people hire me or read my enewsletter to "get fit" or "improve my health". Progress needs to be measurable. its okay to dream about being 105lbs and a size 0 at your wedding in 6 weeks. Knowing that if your diet is perfect and you make time to exercise each week you COULD lose 2 pounds a week. And your measurements will provide you with the kind of feedback you need to make adjustments as you proceed with your program.Setting Realistic Body Transformation Goals In Preparation For Your Wedding By David Herber Setting Realistic Body Transformation Goals In Preparation For Your Wedding Setting body transformation goals usually takes a back seat with all the obligations and organizing that goes on during the months leading up to your wedding. 4. Specific: Your goals must be very specific and acute. You know your body is improving if your waist measurement and abdominal measurements decrease. but you can't measure "fitness" or "health" directly. 3. Unfortunately. Time-Related: Having a time frame attached to your goals is important. I want to go from a size 16 to a size 11 by 2 weeks of my wedding date IS! 2. If you're five feet tall and weight 180lbs. 1. Add a week of training and dieting for each 2 pounds you want to lose over 20lbs. at this rate is there enough time between now and your wedding to reach your goal weight/size? If not reexamine your time line and adjust your goal. Specific goals are measurable by definition. For example. Exercise2u has put together the following goal guidelines to help assist you in planning your body transformation so you reach your goals and look fabulous in your gown.com . It would take you 15 weeks to lose 30 pounds IF your diet is perfect and you are exercising. Attainable: Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably accomplish at this point in your life . 5. Realistic: Your goals need to be rooted in reality. this "Body Blitzkrieg" type of thinking leads to a lot of overtraining and a lot of underwhelming results that won't have you looking your best on your wedding day.156 – .

3. Since June is the most popular month for weddings I will use that as the example: Wedding Date: June 2nd . Below is an example training schedule according to your wedding date. you'll need to be stricter with your diet and more intense with your exercise or add a week for each 2 lbs.SMART GOALS WEDDING WORKSHEET 1. PA. If you want to lose more. = ____ lbs weight loss possible) 5.Training Start Date: March 24th Wedding Date June 30th .157 – . About the Author David Herber is a personal trainer located in New Castle. of weight loss you are planning. 4. Today's Date is: ___________________________ My Wedding Date is: _______________________ How many weeks are between today and my wedding day? ___________ If I lose 2 lbs.Exercise2U.Training Start Date: March 3rd Wedding Date: June 9th . a week how many pounds can I lose by my wedding day? _________ (# of weeks in question 3 X 2lbs.com www.FitnessExpertNetwork.Training Start Date: March 31st • • • • • If you start adjusting your diet and exercising by the training start dates that correspond with your wedding dates you should have plenty of time to reach your weight loss goals of losing 20 lbs.Training Start Date: March 10th Wedding Date: June 16th .Training Start Date: March 17th Wedding Date June 23rd . His website is www.com . 2.

Women need to stop thinking that every pound they gain is 100% fat. i. can you still gain muscle and will weight training benefit you? OF COURSE! First though. I would never recommend that women inject the male hormone testosterone into their bodies at any time. I wouldn't have to right articles like this to get new clients and would be living in the south of France! LOL! But seriously.158 – . bulky man-like muscles unless they introduce artificial testosterone into their bodies. well. It fluctuates daily depending on how much water your body is holding on to and is not consistent from scale to scale (properly calibrated medical scales might be the www. So if you do the last two things.FitnessExpertNetwork.' So. came up to me and said she was 'concerned' because she noticed a couple of women in the class using 'heavy' weights. I sat her down and gently debunked the misconceptions she had about women and weights one by one.e.Women Who Train With Weights Win Weight-Loss War By David Herber It often amazes me that some women are still hesitant about using weights to shape their body and lose weight. so why would you think the same when you gain weight? Scale weight is a very inaccurate measure of health and fitness. All three of these things have a synergistic effect to make female body builders as big and bulky as they are. those models train with 'progressive resistance' using weights that challenge their muscle and make them grow. we need to examine why women feel that by just simply touching a dumbbell they will look like the muscle bound models on the cover of Muscle & Fitness for Her or Oxygen Magazine. 'and if they have all those muscles they'll GAIN WEIGHT' and finally finished with my favorite 'don't they just want to TONE UP'? I could tell that she was getting frustrated at me smiling at her as she rattled off her 'concerns. If I had a nickel for every time a woman said this to me in my many years of training. 1. heavy or not. And lastly. I ignored the fact that the person speaking to me couldn't possibly know what ‘heavy’ weight to someone else was. I'll get big and bulky. Every pound you LOSE isn't 100% fat. DC a couple of years ago. Steroids. So if you don't do all of those three things. First of all. a heavy set woman. one of the participants. The weight you gain when you weight train is FAT-FREE muscle mass. because women have very low testosterone levels they cannot develop huge. Now. She started with this classic: 'Don't they know they are going to get BIG AND BULKY muscles if they use that heavy weight'? Then she proceeded with the next fallacy. I used to teach Body Pump at a corporate fitness center in Washington.com . and I let her continue. most of those models do follow very strict dieting guidelines that help them achieve that level of muscularity. One day after a class. She proceeded to list the top three excuses women use for not lifting weights. it was one of the first 'aerobics' classes to incorporate the use of weights. If you are not familiar with Body Pump. I'll gain weight. proper diet and train with progressive resistance you'll start shaping and firming up your body the way you want it to be! 2. Second.

after you are weight training for at least 12 weeks.e. If for some reason.FitnessExpertNetwork.exception). the muscle that you build will help you burn more calories while you are at rest. This is when hiring a personal trainer comes in handy. and getting sore after performing simple every day tasks? The stronger your muscles are the more you will be able to do on your own and the higher your quality of life will be. Hardly. When I finished debunking her third 'myth' the participant. you can prevent or at least delay the onset of osteoporosis. but even so it would be extremely difficult for women to gain big muscle like a man. see if they are realistic. I could tell she wasn't completely convinced so I debunked a couple of more myths for her. you need to increase your FAT-FREE muscle mass and decrease the amount of body fat covering those places. Using circumference measures. So if you have firmer thighs. But other than strong muscles. but it will happen faster than having no plan at all and trying to go at it alone! 5. They can analyze your goals. if you weight train. My definition is losing fat and retaining muscle mass so I jiggle less and I am more firm. and butt then you will be taking up less space and be more compact i. hesitantly agreed that she would try and challenge her body by using heavier weights and build more fat free muscle. If you are exercising with weights.159 – . and then develop a plan of attack for you. 4. smaller. how your clothes fit. you may have to put in more time than that.com . and how you feel as a measure of health is much more accurate than jumping on the scale. and a firmer butt. If you want firmer thighs. not being able to lift moderately heavy objects. abs. you feel you are getting big and bulky muscles like a man go to your doctor and have your testosterone levels check. weight training also affects bone density. firmer triceps (back of the upper arm). whose eyes were a little glazed over. There are a small percentage of women who have more testosterone flowing through their veins than average. spine and wrist. That's right. All I want to do is 'tone up'. What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease of the skeleton that results in low bone mass and an increased risk of fracture. triceps. Will it transform your body over night? Nope. Weight training only helps my muscles. a firmer tummy (abs). Nine out of ten osteoporosis sufferers are women. Studies have shown that the benefits of strength training can be acquired with as little as two thirty minute sessions a week! But if you have aggressive body shaping goals. www. and will ultimately lead to a lower body fat percentage (less jiggle) and a lower BMI. 3. Even if getting stronger muscles was the only benefit. yes. And because FAT-FREE muscle mass is MORE DENSE than body fat. Do they hunch forward excessively? Have they had hip replacement surgery? Do they often break bones or dislocate hips just by walking? If so. Everyone's definition of 'toning up' is different. having osteoporosis and weak bones usually are the culprits and can be prevented by exercising with weights. it takes up less space. Look at your mother and grand mother. especially of the hip. I have to go to the gym every day for an hour or more. why wouldn't you want to have them? Do you enjoy struggling to open jars.

com .Weight training also has been proven to elevate your high density lipoproteins (HDL) or the 'good' cholesterol. have stronger bones.com www. Not only will you win the weight loss war.160 – . His website is www. PA. You need to reinforce your calorie burning troops and build muscle mass with weights to declare weight loss victory and keep those pounds off. and better cholesterol! So what are you weighting for? About the Author David Herber is a personal trainer located in New Castle. ladies. This helps your veins and arteries stay clear and reduce your chance of having a heart attack.Exercise2U. the war on weight-loss isn't won by performing endless hours of cardio day in and day out. you'll also look fabulous. So as you can see.FitnessExpertNetwork.

By reducing your body fat levels your concentration will be given the opportunity to improve. By achieving your fat-loss goal you will be eating better quality.FitnessExpertNetwork."Announcing Four Important Reasons For A Fitness-Weight-Loss-Program In Your Bid For Superior Cricket Fitness. Your brain can now utilize more nutrients to fuel its operations. Motivation Your motivation will also pick up mainly due to your natural energy boost. You need to use your common sense. For yourself to do it or a friend you are setting yourself up for incorrect results and possible stress on your part worrying about the results (which are probably wrong anyway). You should know if you are carrying more than you need (body fat that is). 2. This would only cause anxiety and worry for people that didn't fit into the right percentage range. 1. healthy food which in turn will put more nutrients into your body for your brain to utilize. The completion of a fitness-weight-loss-program will allow you to increase your concentration.161 – .com . You will have a renewed vigor for training sessions and matches. Concentration is a major ingredient for cricket success and by achieving fat-loss your concentration will improve. I have purposefully left out a target figure for body fat levels. No longer will your body be expending energy on supporting and moving dead weight (body fat) around the training track and cricket field. Rather than drag yourself to training in anticipation of the struggle you are about to face in lumping yourself around the park www. motivation and your quickness." By David Virgo In your bid for superior cricket fitness you should be aiming for optimum body fat levels. If you want a reading get a fitness professional to take it for you. You need a correct measurement taken by a professional and then you need that measurement interpreted and conveyed to you in a professional manner. If you have excess body fat your performance and fitness won't be at its peak. Concentration. As well as your motivation and self discipline. However you don't need to see your six pack abs to be at an acceptable body fat level.

To take it one step further you can include resistance (weights or body weights) training in your fitness-weight-loss-program. Self Discipline To achieve your fat-loss you will need to change and sustain a new or improved lifestyle. A major differentiating factor in any dynamic team sport is speed and agility. lethargic and uninspiring fitness training sessions and start getting double the impact from your efforts in half the time.FitnessExpertNetwork. Your actions will be more authorities and intense in nature. Why wouldn't you be more motivated? 3. Unfortunately a lack of agility sticks out like the proverbial (dog's b---s). 4. You cannot expect to show these athletic attributes whilst carrying excess body fat stores. cricket training and playing life. With your increase in lean muscle mass and lost body fat your strength gains will quantify the benefit you have gained by losing that excess body fat. www. Most importantly you have attained a greater degree of self discipline. By doing this you will be losing excess body fat and helping to keep it off via an increase in lean muscle mass. Without completing a fitness-weight-loss-program to reduce your body fat you are starting well and truly behind the pack. By carrying excess body fat you adversely affect this important factor. So what's stopping you? Get out there and start your fitness-weight-loss-program. This is great for cricket fitness and also your health. By successfully completing your fitness-weight-loss-program you have increased and exercised that self discipline.162 – .lifelessly.com . You can forget the slow. These are just four compelling reasons to undertake a fitness-weight-loss-program to rid yourself of unwanted body fat. Because of the body fat shed in your fitness-weight-loss-program your energy levels will enable you to attack your fitness and cricket training with renewed vigor and motivation. Exactly the actions that are needed for cricket fitness and playing the game. You've eaten healthy food and increased the quality (not quantity excessively) of your exercise. All actions carried out in training and play involves speed and needs you to be agile. With your increased self discipline your chances of improvement increase dramatically. This will flow into your cricket fitness. The amount of lean muscle mass in comparison to fat tissue is swinging more in favor of the muscle tissue. If you lose body fat with the aid of resistance training you are now changing your body's composition. Quickness and Agility. And in the process improve your cricket fitness.

com . Injury prevention.com www.163 – . These are just related to cricket fitness. a boosted immune system and increased total body energy levels. About the Author David Virgo is a Certified Master Trainer who is registered with Fitness Australia as a Fitness Professional.FitnessExpertNetwork. The health benefits are endless and are big enough to write a book on. David has also played cricket with distinction at a high level.All of the above points are reason enough to lose body fat however check out these added benefits.cricketfitness. His website is www.

lunging."Discover A Simple Secret To Increasing Power in Your Shots and Adding A Yard of Pace To Your Bowling. hamstrings and quads and also your iliotibial band which runs down the outside of your thigh. From a batting view point. sprinting and so on will all be affected. Look at the position of your hips at the moment as you will be seated to read this newsletter. So your movements will feel normal to you.com . The hip region impacts on your lower back also. If they (hip flexors) are in this position consistently and rarely stretched. This is caused by the hip flexor and associated muscles not allowing the hips and leg to stretch out adequately to lock your hips in the side on position. adductors (inner thigh). Start with the basics and every night or every other night stretch out your hip flexors. You may not be aware of it because your body adapts to any stresses thrown at it. As stated earlier you may not realize it till you develop a greater range of movement and feel the difference. Your hip flexors will be shortened and won't go back to their optimal length until you make a conscious effort to lengthen them. The majority of you spend a fair portion of your time seated. Not to mention increase your chances of injury. The majority of your upper leg muscles (quads & hamstrings) involve the hips. How many of you find it almost impossible to keep your back leg straight or your back foot grounded? Or as I commonly see the back foot swiveling around to allow the hips and upper body to open up and face the bowler. So give it a go.164 – . If used with a strong and stable trunk or core efficient hip flexors make you a more powerful cricketer. www.FitnessExpertNetwork. As a bowler you can't be expected to generate maximum power output if you can't move your hip flexors through a full range of motion. your range of movement is going to be restricted in some way. Hopefully you can start to see how a lack of hip mobility seriously can impede your efficiency. Bending. That is why so many cricketers feel greater freedom in their normal running motion and movements after the simplest of hip mobility exercises. It goes without saying that your mobility and agility will be seriously impeded in the field because of your hip flexor limitations." By David Virgo Cricketers don't realize how much the hip and surrounding musculature are needed to generate power. See if you feel any difference in your movements. I'm betting after a couple of weeks you will. They are flexed at around 90 degrees meaning your hip flexors are shortened.

FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is www. David has also played cricket with distinction at a high level.About the Author David Virgo is a Certified Master Trainer who is registered with Fitness Australia as a Fitness Professional.com www.com .cricketfitness.165 – .

Your cricket's fitness will also reap the benefits so you will be achieving in more ways than one. Interval training is scientifically proven to be the best way to reduce body fat levels. These methods can also be used to achieve goals and benefits outside of the game of cricket."Discover The Different Forms of Physical Fitness Training That Will Boost Your Cricket Fitness" By David Virgo To allow your fitness sustainability in-season and dramatically increase your performances these tips will provide you with some ammunition to make your own informed decisions. www. A very important factor in everyone’s life is health (if not it should be) and by achieving desirable results in these other forms of fitness training you will also be improving your wellbeing. Your technique and skills work will also benefit from this training. This article will give you an insight into how some other fitness energy system training will compliment your current fitness regime if used appropriately. Let's now discuss aerobic fitness training. There is no need to run long distances at slow pace to develop this aerobic base. Your chances of injury decrease and your movements become more efficient. tendons. This incorporates flexibility as well as addressing muscle imbalances. The first type of training I am going to mention is Posture fitness training.166 – . The beauty of this type of training is that you will be able to achieve your goal by training aerobically which is the same energy system you should be training to increase specific cricket fitness To achieve a fat loss result you no longer need to train at certain fat burning intensities for extended periods of time as you are all conditioned to believe. Another major fitness focus that will increase not only your fitness for cricket but also your health in general is fat loss dominant training. ligaments and muscles. For cricket you immediately benefit from body fat reduction through increasing reaction times and speed. Aerobic utilizing oxygen to create energy for muscle contraction) fitness training is important because it initially enables the body to set an aerobic base in which all other fitness work can be built on. Now that you have transformed your physical fitness training for cricket to be of a more anaerobic nature. By completing this type of training successfully you will be setting solid foundations that will serve you for the rest of your cricketing life. I will go as far as to say it will prolong your cricket life. Not to mention the strain it will be taking off your joints.com .FitnessExpertNetwork.

FitnessExpertNetwork. In wrapping up this article please remember that your anaerobic system is going to be your dominant fitness training focus. Athletes underestimate the importance of this training point. By completing a low intensity longer lasting exercise session sometimes called an active recovery session sparks up the immune system to speed up the regeneration process. However if you don't factor in other forms of physical fitness training you could be setting yourself up for a range of negative outcomes. About the Author David Virgo is a Certified Master Trainer who is registered with Fitness Australia as a Fitness Professional. Even just to give the body a break from the intensity of anaerobic training.cricketfitness.com www. Things such as injury. So have an open mind with your fitness work for cricket and take a holistic approach rather than just the all or nothing approach. His website is www.167 – .Longer interval type of training progressed over a period of time will set you a good fitness base that will allow recovery from all of your anaerobic work in future weeks and in season. Aerobic training in this way assists in the removal of waste products produced from anaerobic training aiding the recovery process.com . David has also played cricket with distinction at a high level. sickness. All of these factors will affect your fitness negatively and in turn your cricket performances. Aerobic fitness work can also be used in a manner that allows your body to recover from game or training situations. lethargy and a lack of motivation.

Speaking from experience I didn't give it a thought when I was playing. This may also assist in producing compensatory movements within the body to cover for these bad movement patterns. Fist of all a common scenario is as follows. Your incorrect movement patterns will not allow you to move efficiently and get into positions ideally required for optimal skill and technique adoption."How Solid POSTURE Fitness Training Will Help Determine The Quality Of Your Cricket Fitness Foundations. I bet there is one in your team. Even doing sit-ups and push-ups is a very demanding exercise and if not done properly can increase your chances of injury. All in all not a good scenario for you the cricketer that is aiming for improvements. Instability in your joints and muscles due to bad set up will be creating incorrect movement patterns and setting you up for major injuries. If your body has problems with its alignment and set up. The first day of pre-season training and we run for an extended period of time pounding the oval or the pavement.168 – . Great however if your alignment isn't correct you are going to be recruiting muscles that you shouldn't be. As an example I think every one knows someone with a back complaint. The next factor is when you set yourself to get fit and ready for cricket it usually involves some sort of strength training even if it is just push-ups and sit-ups.FitnessExpertNetwork. The last point I feel very strongly about is the big focus of pre-season training (apart from getting fit for playing the game) is bettering your technique for the upcoming season. by training in this manner you will be causing micro traumas (little injuries) to your body. Here is where the trouble starts. The following information will tell you simply why conditioning programs for cricketers at present are not creating great results due to the lack of proper body alignment. I am going to leave it there however I will definitely be covering other issues www.com . You may even have taken yourself to a gym to further your preparation." By David Virgo There is a fair chance throughout your playing life posture hasn't been a focus for you in your fitness preparation for cricket. That is why I am convinced this factor contributes highly in skill and technical deficiencies in cricketers today. All in the name of trying to get fit for cricket season. What I am trying to rectify is that as a cricketer you become informed of this extremely valuable training phase and begin to at the very least investigate how it can help you. I can't say I regret not thinking about it because it just wasn't considered as a means of improving yourself physically and unfortunately still isn't. In fact a lot of problems are being created because of this fact.

David has also played cricket with distinction at a high level. Posture fitness training for cricket is a must if you are serious about your cricket.involving this topic in depth.cricketfitness. His website is www.169 – .com . So why do we try to become fitter and more skilled in this great game of cricket before we build and set our own proper foundations.FitnessExpertNetwork. The effort spent on doing this will be a smart investment in your life as a cricketer. About the Author David Virgo is a Certified Master Trainer who is registered with Fitness Australia as a Fitness Professional. Would you build a house with a faulty foundation? Cracks in the concrete slab and uneven in places? Of course not (Not deliberately anyway). I will leave you with this thought.com www.

Because there will be days www.7 Secrets to Beating the Police Drill Instructor at His Game in Physical Fitness Training and Graduate the Academy By David Wehrenberg. 2. physical discipline and confidence. I remember my first day of physical fitness training in the academy as if it was yesterday. Practice focusing on the end result of graduating the academy while you’re being screamed at to do more physical fitness exercise than you have experienced before. That way there will not be the shock factor during physical fitness training. 4. I was dressed up in my professional business attire my (suit). His mind did not know if it was real or not.170 – . Did you hear of the story of a prisoner of war who practiced 18 holes of golf in his head everyday and when he was released. 3. there will be days you don't want to work out but. that's why he was successful. I wished I would have know these 7 mind training performance tips before hand. Get a friend to yell at you when working out.FitnessExpertNetwork. Prepare your mind before you get into academy. My next thought was what did I get my self into I was not prepared for this kind of physical fitness training. Because on the street your life will depend on your partners focus. Visualize your self getting stronger and faster through the physical fitness training regime with ease. Mind games of a law enforcement agency start from the first contact you make with them when applying to their agency. Help your partner by encouraging them. so that you condition your mind to be in that type of environment. he played with his buddies and won.com . In 1994 I graduated from the police department in Maryland and if I had the information your about to get it would have made my time in the academy SO Much easier. Police Training Performance tips to improve your mental game! 1. The number one tool these agencies use during your first day of physical training are the mind games then placing stress on your body until you scream. If you have problem focusing light a candle and stare at the flame each day this will help your mind improve on your goal. doing so will build mental. Train consistently. ATC Are you having problems staying motivated for physical fitness training in police academy or police entrance exam. And the next thing I new I was face down sweating like a pig with the police drill instructor screaming in my ear to do more push ups. Luckily I had a mind shift right then because I wanted to quit! and many people did. if you focus on something else than the physical pain it will be easier. they are trying to determine if you will qualify for their department. Understand that there goal is to break you down and build you back up as part of a team.

171 – . Get proper sleep.Commit to improve your fitness before entering the academy or taking the physical fitness entrance exam. visit my website http://www. Positive attitude. but I encourage you to make the investment in yourself . I realize that starting a new career in law enforcement is not easy especially if your mind and body are not in excellent shape. Once you push through the mental and physical barriers.during the academy you will not want to work out. There you have it. If I can be of any assistance to you.for your career choice . I can't stress this enough. If you're trying to make it in the NFL National Football League and score the highest possible points in the combines. Eat six small meals per day that include nuts. Stay hydrated as well. www. Electricity shuts off. That's why I encourage you to get help. Bonus Tip . 8 glasses of water per day.com 7. Maintain a diet that will power your body all day long.com . For more information visit sportsperformancecoach. I'm happy to speak with you without any sales pressure (I don't like it when I'm "sold" to so I won't try that on you). Your car breaks down see a mechanic. The fuel you eat will make you feel better. Look for more free reports on law enforcement physical fitness coming in the future. call the electric company. then you go to NFL trainers to improve your game. if you sweat a lot drink Gatorade. This will drag you down and make you cynical quicker than anything. So why do so many people struggle to start a new career that involves being fit without consulting an expert? I'm not exactly sure. please don't hesitate to call me. you see a chiropractor. and fresh fruits.S. click the link below to see what I drink. If you have a back problem.policefitnessbootcamp. 5. cardio and flexibility training at least three times a week are important. fish. 7 essential strategies for beating the drill instructor in physical fitness training to graduate the law enforcement academy.usana. your whole life will change for the better.com or healthylife. chicken.FitnessExpertNetwork.com call 240-416-0288 Classes are now forming! P. A combination of strength. work on this daily because police agencies have a lot of negativity with in the department. Drink post work out protein shake. this will help you be mentally sharp and physically stronger. pasta. 6.by hiring an experienced qualified professional to educate you and help you get started? because starting a fitness program for a new career is hard and understanding what to do and stay motivated until you reach your goal.

FitnessExpertNetwork. District of Columbia.172 – .com www. His website is http://www. and Northern Virginia.About the Author David Wehrenberg is a certified Athletic Trainer and Former Police Officer located in Maryland.policefitnessbootcamp.com .

Sprains are caused by trauma such as a fall or blow to the body that knocks a joint out of position and. in the worst case. bones. Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. a cord of tissue connecting muscle to bone. Using the RICE method to start the healing process. lack of conditioning. the term is usually reserved for injuries that involve the musculoskeletal system. increasing numbers of police recruits and officers have been paying the price of physical training fitness with increased injuries. (relatively rare during sports or exercise) and bruises are common sports injuries. the band of connective tissues that joins the end of one bone with another.173 – . in the broadest sense. Fortunately. A strain is a twist. ruptures the supporting ligaments. knees. refers to the kinds of injuries that most commonly occur during sports or physical training exercise. or joint looseness. and most police recruits and officers who suffer injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activity after an injury. inability to move a limb or joint. Common Physical Training & Sport Injuries Sprains and Strains A sprain is a stretch or tear of a ligament. Although virtually any part of your body can be injured during physical fitness training or sports. pull. non-contact injury that results from overstretching or over www. or instability. Signs of a sprain include varying degrees of tenderness or pain.com . many police fitness sport injuries can be prevented if people take the proper precautions. or tear of a muscle or tendon. bruising. Even better.FitnessExpertNetwork.Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part 1 for Police Recruits and Officers By David Wehrenberg In recent years. Sprains can range from first degree (minimally stretched ligament) to third degree (a complete tear). swelling. inflammation. and associated tissues like cartilage. most police recruit and officers sport injuries can be treated effectively. which includes the muscles. laxity. others are due to poor training practices. Some physical training and sport injuries result from accidents. For more severe sprain. or insufficient warm-up and stretching. It is an acute. and wrists. For some recruits -particularly those who overdo or who don't properly train or warm up-these benefits can come at a price: sports injuries. improper equipment. What Are Sports Injuries? The term sports injury. consult a doctor. Areas of the body most vulnerable to sprains are ankles.

The resulting painful condition is referred to as compartment syndrome. Shin splints are primarily seen in runners especially police recruits and officers. or exercise technique. When muscles become swollen. What to do: Put the muscle in a gentle stretch position and begin using the RICE method to start the healing process. severe strains not treated professionally can cause damage and loss of function. or muscle contusion. consult a doctor. in long-distance running. overtraining. Symptoms of a strain include pain. warm-up. and running in shoes that don't have enough support. including the foot and ankle (anterior shin splints) or at the inner edge of the bone where it meets the calf muscles (medial shin splints). or another player while participating in sports.contraction. the large bone in the front of the lower leg. This pain can occur at the front outside part of the lower leg. For more severe strains. such as a fractured bone or a hard blow to the thigh. improper stretching. and loss of strength. For more severe bruises. The RICE method I have been referring to stands for: R=Rest the injury www. muscles (along with the nerves and blood vessels that run alongside and through them) are enclosed in a "compartment" formed of a tough membrane called fascia. Most bruises are minor. Bruises A bruise.FitnessExpertNetwork. Shin Splints While the term "shin splints" has been widely used to describe any sort of leg pain associated with exercise. While it's hard to tell the difference between mild and moderate strains.com . causing interference with nerves and blood vessels as well as damage to the muscles themselves. Compartment Syndrome In many parts of the body. These injuries are often associated with flat (over pronated) feet. A bruise results when muscle fiber and connective tissue are crushed. Risk factors for shin splints include overuse or incorrect use of the lower leg. which may occur. by repeated hard blows (depending upon the sport). a piece of equipment. Compartment syndrome may be caused by a one-time traumatic injury (acute compartment syndrome). torn blood vessels may cause a bluish appearance.174 – . they can fill the compartment to capacity. for example. muscle spasm. can result from a fall or from contact with a hard surface. but some can cause more extensive damage and complications. or by ongoing overuse (chronic exertional compartment syndrome). Using the RICE method to start the healing process. running or jumping on hard surfaces. consult a doctor. the term actually refers to pain along the tibia or shin bone. particularly those just starting an intense running program.

knee C=Compression.com . About the Author David Wehrenberg is a certified Athletic Trainer and Former Police Officer located in Maryland.175 – . ALWAYS USE ICE for the first 24 to 48 hours of an injury and after physical activity when you return back to physical participation.I=ICE. so don't use it when injury occurs. Part 2 I will discuss knee injuries. I. ALWAYS. place ice on injury for 20 minutes than off 40 minutes DO NOT put ice directly on skin use a damp towel. of the injured body part the lower limbs. Always consult a doctor or certified athletic trainer when an injury occurs.policefitnessbootcamp. E=Elevation. ankle.com www. and Northern Virginia. His website is http://www. There you have it you PART 1 of understanding basic police and sport fitness injuries. wrap the injury with an elastic bandage: Note do not wrap the bandage to tight and cut off circulation or sleep with it on. District of Columbia. NEVER USE HEAT WHEN A INJURY JUST OCCURED this will bring more blood to the the injured area causing more swelling.E. There are many doctors today who are still misinformed about the use of heat. Compression will assist the body to push swelling out of the injured area.FitnessExpertNetwork.

This is the most common tracking problem. Each year. knee problems: Police fitness training recruits have there share of knee injuries. Once the cartilage is damaged under the knee cap it can not be repaired. For some recruits -particularly those who are pushed hard and overdo or who don't properly train or warm up-these benefits can come at a price: Severe knee injuries. yet still painful and functionally limiting. The reason for the poor knee cap tracking is the inside (medial) thigh muscle is weaker than the outer (lateral) thigh muscle. Increasing numbers of police recruits and officers have been paying the price of physical fitness training in the academy with increased knee injuries.176 – . Some of the less severe. most police recruit and officers training academy knee injuries can be treated effectively.FitnessExpertNetwork. Knee injuries can range from mild to severe.com . Knee Injuries Because of its complex structure and weight-bearing capacity. Thus causing the cartilage under the knee cap to wear away causing bone to bone rubbing and pain. many police fitness knee injuries can be prevented if recruits and officers take the proper precautions. In Part 2 we will Examine the Knee and injuries. bruises and other common injuries if you didn’t read it check it out part 1. sprains. and most police recruits and officers who suffer injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activity after an injury. Runner's knee also known as chondromalacia (pain or tenderness close to and under the knee cap at the front or side of the knee). Fortunately. SO what do police fitness training recruits to do? There are two solutions: www. The cause of this pain is due to poor knee cap alignment (tracking). more than 5.Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part 2 Examining Knee injuries for Police Recruits and Officers By David Wehrenberg In part 1 Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part for Police Recruits and Officers we discussed the definition of strains. But this alone will not solve the problem because the knee cap is still tracking improperly.5 million people visit orthopedic surgeons for knee problems. the knee cap is constantly rubbing over side of the femur (thigh bone) where there is no cartilage. however on rare occasions it can occur that the knee cap is pulled to inside. a surgeon can clean up and smooth out the cartilage. Even better. the knee is the most commonly injured joint.

More severe injuries include bone bruises or damage to the cartilage or ligaments we discussed what bruises were in part 1. also called tendonitis (marked by degeneration within a tendon.177 – . allowing them to glide against one another. This should be a last resort. That is where they cut part of the lateral quad tendon to allow the knee cap to track properly. The other is a surface-coating (or articular) cartilage. I have 59 year old male client who was having knee pain for years and his doctor told him what the cause was but did nothing to help him.by performing a quad leg extension. then start with legs at 45 degrees and extend to 1 degree never completely lock your knee it will cause undue stress on the joint. usually where it joins the bone). This was such the case with my wife. Week 1 perform leg extension 1 set of 15 repetitions (times) week 2 perform 2 sets 15 reps and week 3 three sets 15 reps. Start conservatively-Strengthen the medial muscle . To start the police fitness correction exercises and solve this problem you can implement this workout. 2. too much. Remember use R I C E method then www. The most common surgery is called lateral release. There are two types of cartilage in the knee. Use a weight that will not hurt your knee when it is easy to get 15 reps increase the weight by 5 pounds .1. cause is usually due to overuse not allowing the knee to rest enough between work outs.com . Tearing of cartilage will usually require what I consider minor surgery only because recovery time is quicker usually weeks not months. Once I evaluated him and showed him how to perform the exercise correctly in four weeks the pain was completely gone from both knees. In some cases medial muscle gets stronger but the knee cap still will not track right. she ended up have a congenital knee problem which caused her pain and after the surgery she still has some pain. This is important key. a crescent-shaped disc that absorbs shock between the thigh (femur) and lower leg bones (tibia and fibula). Surgery would be the next step if strengthening the medial muscle does not work. Ok. always use surgery as a last resort. When performing the exercise your feet MUST be pointed toward the outside of your body. It covers the ends of the bones where they meet. One is the meniscus. so isolating the medial muscle will strengthen it and as the medial muscle gets stronger it will pull the knee cap back into its correct alignment and if you haven’t shredded the cartilage the pain will go away.FitnessExpertNetwork. or without proper warm-up. I trained her but two no avail. She takes supplements to help keep knee lubricated to ease the pain. This is an inflammation of the tendon. Note check with your doctor before rehabbing your self. Answer: Rest and Ice See RICE method as described in part 1 More severe police recruit fitness training knee injuries can result from a blow to or twist of the knee or from running to hard. Police fitness recruits should Always. Patella tendonitis.

FitnessExpertNetwork. 3 sets x10 reps x 1 minute hold. The force then causes the tear. www.178 – . Then in three weeks use a weight you can lift 8 times for three sets. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) is the common knee sprain. The most common knee (sprain) remembers the definition of sprain is a stretching. Wall squats are easy to perform and it will increase strength quickly plus there safe. So do 3 sets of 10 repetitions one minute in position and thirty second rest between each rep. tearing or complete rupture of a ligament which is attaches bone to bone. Start with a weight you can lift 15 times for three sets. Do these for three weeks. Exercise number #1 This exercise does not require any equipment. and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL).see your doctor. you may have to work your way up but the best you can.com . In between sets move off the wall and give your self 1-2 minute rest than move onto set two and three. A grade 1 tear is slight stretching little swelling and you recover with in a few weeks. you probably will not be able to hold hit that long. they occur when there is a blow to the outer part of the knee and the knee is in slight flexion stabilizing the knee or a quick twist if the knee foot planted in a stable position. The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) are not that common of an injury except in the rare cases of such forces that all ligaments and cartilage are damage. Important I can’t stress this enough when injury occurs use R I C E method and see the DOC. Grade 2 is partial tear and Grade 3 complete tear these require surgery and you are out of action up to a year or more. the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). The four major ligaments that support the knee are the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). As far a prevention there really isn’t much you can do to prevent a tear except keep the knee muscle around the knee strong to minimize the occurrence and good support work out shoes. the medial collateral ligament (MCL). So find your self a wall slide down the wall to 90 degrees like your sitting in a chair and stay in that position for 1 minute. From this exercise move to leg presses I do not recommend squats not only can it damage your knees but also injure your back. Okay as I said before the best way to prevent injuries is to keep the muscles strong so here is a police fitness training routine to start working out the knee. if you have knee pain give your self a little more angle for less pressure on knee by stepping a few more inches away from the wall.

wrap the injury with an elastic bandage: Note do not wrap the bandage to tight and cut off circulation or sleep with it on. place ice on injury for 20 minutes than off 40 minutes DO NOT put ice directly on skin use a damp towel. If you missed part 1 here is what RICE means. ankle. E=Elevation. District of Columbia.179 – .policefitnessbootcamp. of the injured body part the lower limbs. and Northern Virginia.Ok that’s it for PART 2 watch for PART 3 of our series the ANKLE. I.com www. The RICE method stands for: R=Rest I=ICE. knee C=Compression.FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is http://www.com . About the Author David Wehrenberg is a certified Athletic Trainer and Former Police Officer located in Maryland.E.

com . One that breaks the skin is especially dangerous because there is a high risk of infection. Common Types of police physical fitness training Injuries • • • Fractures Tears of the ligaments that hold joints together (Sprains) Dislocated joints Fractures A fracture is a break in the bone that can occur from either a quick.. Part 3 we will discuss the ankle. Police recruits and officers who suffer injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activity after an ankle sprain injury relatively quickly. primarily running/jumping training such as jumping fences or hoods of cars. The mechanism for police recruits www. Ankle sprains Occur most frequently to the outside of the ankle and the ligament injured in a mild sprain is the (ATF) anterior talo-fibular ligament.Fitness Injury Prevention Series Part 3 Ankle injuries for Police Recruits and Officers By David Wehrenberg In part 2 Fitness Injury Prevention Series for Police Recruits and Officers we examine the Knee and common injuries. There is added stress for police officer due to the thirty extra pounds of equipment officers must wear everyday. Stress fractures: Stress fractures occur largely in the feet and legs and are common in police fitness training and sports that require repetitive impact.180 – .. For the police recruit who prevention steps are able to minimize an ankle injury occurrence. Tenderness and swelling often accompany the pain. Most acute fractures are emergencies. one-time injury to the bone (acute fracture) or from repeated stress to the bone over time (stress fracture) such as hard running during police fitness training for unconditioned recruits. The most common symptom of a stress fracture is pain at the site that worsens with weight-bearing activity.FitnessExpertNetwork. Running creates forces two to three times a person's body weight on the lower limbs. Acute fractures: Acute fractures can be simple (a clean break with little damage to the surrounding tissue) or compound (a break in which the bone pierces the skin with little damage to the surrounding tissue).

Compression of the injured area may help reduce swelling. Compression can be achieved with elastic wraps. or wrist elevated on a pillow. If possible. four to eight times a day for the first 48 hours.181 – www. as well as high-impact training can result in excessive stretching or falling cause the majority of dislocations. Aversion exercise also known as peroneal strengthening. to help decrease swelling. Three exercises to decrease likelihood or severity of police recruit ankle injury: 1. Toe raises. Elevation.getting injured is stepping in a pot whole or on some other recruits foot causing the body to lose balance and the bottom of the foot turning inward. Walk backwards up stairs 3 sets of 10 repetitions. ice bag. like ankle weights.hold in up position for 2 seconds then back down and get an easy stretch on calves.com . plastic bag filled with crushed ice or a frozen bag of vegetables and wrapped in a towel can be used. crutches may help. use it on the uninjured side to help you lean away and relieve weight on the injured ankle. (Note: Do not use heat immediately after an injury. Ok that’s it for PART 3 Ankle injuries for Police Recruits and Officers watch for the last report PART 4 of our series chronic vs. knee. Take a tube tie it to chair leg while sitting place opposite end outer border of foot as tight as you can then move foot slowly up and out as far as you can. 3. If you cannot put weight on an ankle or knee. If you use a cane or one crutch for an ankle injury. acute injuries. 2.FitnessExpertNetwork. do not apply the ice for more than 20 minutes directly to the skin. A cold pack. Heat can be used 48 hours later to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. . Ask your health care provider for advice on which one to use. Reduce regular exercise or activities of daily living as needed. Contact training such as recruit self defense. I like my clients to perform them on steps with heels hanging over. Dislocations When the two bones that come together to form a joint become separated. If you missed part 1 here is what RICE means. This tends to increase internal bleeding or swelling. • • • • Rest. In a moderate or severe injury the ATF. Work your way up to 3 sets of 15 reps then add weight. hand to hand combat. keep the injured ankle. This will improve range of movement in ankle. and splints.) Compression. air casts. above the level of the heart. Ice. To avoid cold injury and frostbite. Apply an ice pack to the injured area for 20 minutes at a time. Tibiofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligament partially tear or completely rupture will require cast time and most likely surgery. special boots. Start 1 set 15 reps and one set each work out. A dislocated joint is an emergency that requires medical treatment. the joint is described as being dislocated. elbow.

About the Author David Wehrenberg is a certified Athletic Trainer and Former Police Officer located in Maryland.policefitnessbootcamp.com www.FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is http://www.182 – . and Northern Virginia. District of Columbia.com .

can occur suddenly during activity. What is the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Injuries? Regardless of the specific structure affected. strained back or any muscle that suddenly hurts with a sharp pain or fractured hand. Signs of an acute injury include the following: • • • • • • • Sudden.Injury Prevention Series Part 4 Acute vs. (can be visible to eye or touch. Police recruits and officers who suffer initial acute injuries can return to activity level quickly if the injury is not severe. The following are signs of a chronic injury: • • • Pain when performing an activity A dull ache when at rest Swelling. such as a sprained ankle. however if the injury is not properly diagnosed and treated it can evolve in a chronic state and be very frustrating not only physically but mentally for the police recruit. Acute Injuries Acute police fitness training injuries. Chronic Injuries Chronic police fitness training injuries usually result from overusing one area of the body while participating in physical training over a long period. Part 4 we will talk about acute and chronic injuries. severe pain Swelling Inability to place weight on a lower limb Extreme tenderness in an upper limb Inability to move a joint through its full range of motion Extreme limb weakness Visible dislocation or break of a bone. Chronic injuries for Police Recruits and Officers By David Wehrenberg In part 3 Fitness Injury Prevention Series for Police Recruits and Officers we discussed the ankle.FitnessExpertNetwork. This often occurs after an initial acute injury which was not treated properly.com . physical training injuries can generally be classified in one of two ways: acute or chronic.183 – www. or internally in a joint where it is not visible) .

com .184 – . special boots. To avoid cold injury and frostbite. (Note: Do not use heat immediately after an injury. Use the RICE method to relieve pain and inflammation and speed healing. Reduce regular exercise or activities of daily living as needed. Compression can be achieved with elastic wraps. there is never a good reason to try to "work through" the pain of an injury. Follow these four steps immediately after injury and continue for at least 48 hours: • • • • Rest. and splints. four to eight times a day for the first 48 hours. it's best to check with your health care provider. This tends to increase internal bleeding or swelling. crutches may help. If you cannot put weight on an ankle or knee. above the level of the heart. If you use a cane or one crutch for an ankle injury. ice bag. When you have pain from a particular movement or activity. elbow. Elevation.What Should I Do if I Suffer an Injury? Whether an injury is acute or chronic.) Compression. The Body's Healing Process www. plastic bag filled with crushed ice or a frozen bag of vegetables and wrapped in a towel can be used. or wrist elevated on a pillow. use it on the uninjured side to help you lean away and relieve weight on the injured ankle. air casts. Compression of the injured area may help reduce swelling. knee. When to Seek Medical Treatment You should call a health professional if • • • • • • • The injury causes severe pain. STOP! Continuing the activity only causes further harm. If possible. If pain or other symptoms worsen. Heat can be used later on to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. keep the injured ankle. A cold pack. Ask your health care provider for advice on which one to use. it's probably safe to treat the injury at home-at least at first.FitnessExpertNetwork. Apply an ice pack to the injured area for 20 minutes at a time. do not apply the ice for more than 20 minutes directly to the skin. Loss of function Pain in a joint that last two or more weeks Any injury that does not heal in three weeks Any infection in or under skin that that has pus and red streaks When and How to Treat at Home If you don't have any of the above symptoms. to help decrease swelling. Ice. swelling. or numbness You can't tolerate any weight on the area The pain or dull ache of an old injury is accompanied by increased swelling or joint abnormality or instability.

allowing other specialized cells to start developing scar tissue.From the moment a bone breaks or a ligament tears. Who Should I See for My Injury? While severe injuries will need to be seen immediately in an emergency room. However. The amount of scarring may be proportional to the amount of swelling. RICE is often just a starting point. www. Depending on your preference and the severity of your injury or the likelihood that your injury may cause ongoing. torn. How Are Sports Injuries Treated? Although using the RICE technique described previously can be helpful for police fitness training injury. you may want to see. and nerves. most sports injuries can be evaluated and. in many cases. In the next few weeks. particularly if they occur on the weekend or after office hours. muscles. Within days of injury: Scar tissue is formed on the skin or inside the body. Blood vessels at the injury site become dilated. the damaged area will regain a great deal of strength as scar tissue continues to form. one of the following: • • Orthopedic surgeon: A doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. or bleeding within. which includes bones.185 – . Here's what happens at each stage of the healing process: At the moment of injury: Chemicals are released from damaged cells. Within hours of injury: White blood cells (leukocytes) travel down the bloodstream to the injury site where they begin to tear down and remove damaged tissue. Your primary care physician may refer you to a physical therapist/Athletic Trainer after you begin to recover from your injury to help strengthen muscles and joints and prevent further injury. or separated tissues back together. triggering a process called inflammation. tendons.com . joints. ligaments. Within a month of injury: Scar tissue may start to shrink. it may be several months or more before the injury is completely healed. blood flow increases to carry nutrients to the site of tissue damage. Physical therapist/physiotherapist/Certified Athletic Trainer: A health care professional who can develop a rehabilitation program. inflammation. or have your primary health care professional refer you to. your body goes to work to repair the damage. bringing damaged. treated by your primary health care provider. long-term problems.FitnessExpertNetwork.

As damaged tissue heals. the injury site becomes tight or stiff. avoid painful activities and concentrate on those exercises that will improve function in the injured part. and strength. With most injuries. tender. As a result. instruction in balance and proper body mechanics related to the sport. Throughout the rehabilitation process. weights may be added to your exercise routine to further strengthen the injured area. This triggers the first stage of healing: inflammation (see "The Body's Healing Process" above). Nuprin).FitnessExpertNetwork. or restricted www. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) The moment you are injured.1 Motrin IB.186 – . Once your range of motion is good. You should continue to stretch the muscles daily and as the first part of your warm up before exercising. To reduce inflammation and pain. which shrinks and brings torn or separated tissues back together. Start with just a few exercises. if you have a sprained ankle. scar tissue forms. chemicals are released from damaged tissue cells. A complete rehabilitation program should include exercises for flexibility. and painful. With most injuries. Inflammation causes tissues to become swollen. do them often. and damaged tissues are at risk of re-injury. you may be able to work on range of motion for the first day or two after the sprain by gently tracing letters with your big toe. When you are ready. doctors and other health care providers often recommend taking an over-the-counter (OTC) non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as aspirin. The key is to avoid movement that causes pain. Don't resume your sport until you are sure you can stretch the injured tissues without any pain. remember that progression is the key principle.com . That is why stretching and strengthening exercises are so important. For example.Here are some other treatments your doctor may prescribe. When planning your rehabilitation program with a health care professional. it can actually slow the healing process if left unchecked. Although inflammation is needed for healing. early mobilization getting the part moving as soon as possible-will speed healing. and then gradually increase how much you do. Rehabilitation (Exercise) A key part of rehabilitation from sports injuries is a graduated exercise program designed to return the injured body part to a normal level of function. swelling. early mobilization starts with gentle range-of-motion exercises and then moves on to stretching and strengthening exercise when you can without increasing pain. Generally. and a planned return to full participation. you can start doing gentle stretching and strengthening exercises. Precaution NOTE: Always check with your Doctor before taking any over the counter medication! Questions about the appropriate use of NSAIDs should be directed toward your health care provider or pharmacist. endurance. ibuprofen (Advil. getting the part moving will speed healing.

Please keep in mind to prevent injuries you need to improve your flexibility.com . It is worth the extra time to follow this information to improve your police fitness level when it comes to your health and new police career. and monitor any other symptoms.FitnessExpertNetwork. Rest Although it is important to get moving as soon as possible. When you do return to your sport. All injuries need time to heal. you must also take time to rest following an injury. endurance as well as using proper form. see the "Tips for Preventing Injury" box. That’s why I encourage you to seek the help of a certified athletic trainer.187 – . start slowly and gradually build up to full participation.movement. District of Columbia. strength. His website is http://www.com www. and Northern Virginia.policefitnessbootcamp. About the Author David Wehrenberg is a certified Athletic Trainer and Former Police Officer located in Maryland. Well there it is. For more advice on how to prevent injuries as you return to active exercise. These recommendations will help you prevent. understand and care for injuries series. Your health care professional can guide you regarding the proper balance between rest and rehabilitation. proper rest will help the process.

So if you want to improve your cardiac output you would www. SECRET #1 Secret of Overload-To improve in any fitness program you must start with the basic of overloading and stressing the body or specific muscles. or sets put some different exercise in your work out. Here is where many trainer and people miss this principle. The overload principle does not mean you have to work so hard that it is painful and you quit working out. For muscles to increase in strength it must work against a heavier load than it is used to. reps.This is the area that most people and many trainers seem to miss.Five Secret Principles of Physical Exercise Training! By David Wehrenberg The five secrets to physical fitness principles are the same in general. For example you wouldn’t expect your cardio to get better by shooting basketball jump shots. You will receive benefit from not putting your body through agony of “NoPain NoGain principle. There are hundreds of different ways to change you work out use your imagination! SECRET #3 Secret of Exercise Specificity-is when an exercise workout affects specific muscles involved in training. SECRET #2 Secret of Progression. This principle is a continuation of overload. specificity. You MUST do something different.com . progression. In order to continue progression of your training routine you must change the routine every three weeks.FitnessExpertNetwork. To do this you would either stretch the muscle to longer lengths or hold the stretch position for a longer period of time. This is the only way to stimulate your muscle growth and improve your cardio. The five secret training concepts are overload. Another way of overloading is by increasing the duration of exercise. After the initial phase of overload a steady progressive rate for the next eighteen to twenty weeks of training is key. recuperation and reversibility. I can’t count how many times a client has told me they have been doing the same routine for the last two years and expecting the a different results.188 – . You do this by increasing the intensity of the exercise by using heavier weight. specific conditioning programs will vary from person to person depending on there fitness level. You want to gradually increase the overload on the body to have continued muscle and bone growth in the first four the six weeks. So if you want to increase muscle endurance works out longer by adding repetitions. increase weight. Another example would be to increase flexibility through the overload principle.

com www. If you stop weight training in eight weeks studies show that you lose 10% of muscular strength and 30-40% of muscular endurance. Noland About the Author David Wehrenberg is a certified Athletic Trainer and Former Police Officer located in Maryland. It took me a long time to get my wife to understand this principle.policefitnessbootcamp. she was constantly breaking down her body and not giving it time to recovery properly. do something physical your health is price less. she loves to work out but she couldn’t figure out why she was not improving. take off twenty four hours in between workouts sessions. The good news is that every cell in your body has memory and if you happen to stop working out for a period of time you will get your strength back fairly quick.practice running longer distances or performs interval training. I urge you to stay involved with you program even when you get busy.com . you must make it a habit for life. Proper rest is essential to improved fitness and to reach your goals. Source p70-72 Total fitness and wellness 2nd edition Powers.FitnessExpertNetwork. Once you stop you will lose everything you worked so hard for.189 – . and Northern Virginia. it will do your body good. District of Columbia. Dodd. That’s because she was overtraining. SECRET#4 Secret of Recuperation-To receive maximum benefit from your physical training routines your body needs to rest and recovery from all of the stress placed on it during training sessions. SECRET #5 Secret of Reversibility of training effects-Once you reach your fitness goal. If you want to pass a police fitness test than you need to work specific exercises that police departments require you to pass. Your body needs rest in between work outs for your program to be effective. His website is http://www.

PAIN. • Lie on back on firm. Muscles remember and hold on to the misalignment. More then hundreds of thousands of Americans are experiencing it right now! The question of the day is: why do you feel the pain and what is the solution? THE CAUSE OF PAIN: In majority of cases (95%) lower back pain is caused by improper posture. injuries) your body becomes misaligned.stop and skip it. Neutral Back: stay in this position for 2-3 minutes.com . resulting in compensated movement.Postural exercises . As the body go back to balance the lower back pain will leave you alone forever! Following exercise sequence will help 95% of those who are experiencing sporadic or chronic lower back pain: Following sequence is generic sequence that will work for most people with lower back pain. Compensated movement simply means that one muscle is doing the work of some other muscle. We need to show muscles how to engage properly. flat surface with both legs supported on a stable object. If any exercises cause pain and discomfort . By Denis Kanygin You're not the only one with lower back pain. But when they do . 1. It is true that if your lower back is strong the muscles that are compensating will take longer to get tired.the result is always the same . www.FitnessExpertNetwork.solution to your lower back pain. Through prolonged inactivity and various traumas (surgeries. For custom postural program that addresses your unique posture contact me directly.190 – . As a result of compensations one certain muscle or muscle group becomes overworked and then complains to you in the only language that it knows . Notice that the pain is caused not by back weakness but by imbalance.pain! SOLUTION: The only way to solve the compensation is to re-balance the body by providing muscular re-education to the body.

Keep back of head on the floor. • It is important to isolate the outward movement in the thighbones. 4. release. • Arms are place to the sides at shoulder level and right angles to the torso. Pullovers in Neutral Back Position 3 sets of 10 Note: skip if you have hyper extended elbows. The ankles are horizontally aligned with the knees. 2. tight enough so the knees are in line with the hips when pressed out. Reverse Presses in Neutral Back Position 3 sets of 30 • Align yourself in Neutral Back position.com . • The palms are facing toward the feet with the elbows bent at right angles. • The knees are pressed out against the strap for two seconds and then fully release.• • • • The legs should be supported in position that places the knees vertically over the hips (perpendicular to the floor) without effort. hold for 2 seconds and the fully relax the muscles. Place your arms on the floor in comfortable position or out to the side with palms down. www. Knee Pillow Squeezes in Neutral Back Position 3 sets of 30 • Align yourself in Neutral Back position. • Place firm block (7x9x12) or equivalent between the knees. including both shoulder blades in contact with the floor. • Squeeze shoulder blades together toward your spine. Breathe from your abdomen and simply let everything relax and 'settle' into the floor (absolutely no voluntary muscle contraction). • Place a strap around your lower thigh just above the knee. 3. • Squeeze the object with your inner thigh muscles.191 – . • Keep back flat on the floor through the exercise. • Align yourself in Neutral Back position. • Lift both arms over the chest until they are perpendicular to floor with elbows locked and fingers interlaced with palms facing together. • Do not allow the object to fall. 5. with forearms perpendicular to the floor. Abductor Presses in Neutral Back Position 3 sets of 30 • Align yourself in Neutral Back position.FitnessExpertNetwork.

8. • Relax the spine into an arched position (like a dog stretching) with head and sit bones upward. repeat. Pelvis should remain flat on the floor and the hips stay squared. • Keep 'pulling' with the left leg. Hip Lift hold for 60 seconds each side • Lie on your back with knees bent and feet squared.• • The arms are extended overhead until they touch the floor or until the end of your range of motion (without compensation) is reached. hip width apart. 7. ensure the weight is in this hip. • Alternate back and forth between the two positions. Breathe with the movements. • Maintain this position and rotate pelvis to the left so that right foot ends up on the left side of the body. • Lift the left leg so that the thigh is perpendicular to. • Place ankle of right leg on the left knee and rotate the right leg outwardly to the end of its end of range of motion.FitnessExpertNetwork. elbow.com . and gently 'pushing' out with the right knee. • Relax and repeat the position with the opposite leg. NOTE: If you feel your elbows bending or your lower back arching or your shoulder lifting . and the lower leg is parallel to the floor (Ninety degree angles at hip and knee joints). hip width apart. Hip Crossover hold for 60 seconds each side • Lie on your back with knees bent and feet squared. • Make sure that hips stay squared rather than rotating with the knees.stop! You're compensating and reached your end of range of motion. flat on the floor. Cat and Dog stretch • Begin on hands and knees with wrist. • Shoulders should be flat on the floor and the arms are out to sides with palms down. Initiate the movement with the pelvis and let the rest of the spine follow. • Reverse directions and repeat to the other side. Keep gently pressing the right knee out and keep the right foot flat on the floor the whole time. 6. www. and shoulder in line and the knee joint directly under the hip joint. • Place ankle of right leg on the left knee and press right knee out toward the feet. • Move into an arched position (like a 'scared' cat) with head and sit bones downward. Return to the starting position.192 – . The outer side of the left leg is flush with the floor and relaxed.

com www. until the knee joints are slightly above 90 degree angle or modified as discussed with practitioner.com . hip socket width apart and straight. • Press sacrum region of the lower back to the wall. Wall sit • Stand with back against the wall.workoutiq.9. His website is http://www. This exercise requires a stable wall and a firm floor surface. • Maintain vertical alignment of the ankles. • About the Author Denis Kanygin is a Postural Therapies and Personal Trainer located in Mountain View. exerting the force through the heels and quadriceps (thighs) muscles evenly. Rubber soled shoes can be worn if necessary. and hip joints. Denis will help you be pain free and in the best shape of your life. knees. • Slide back down the wall.FitnessExpertNetwork.193 – . CA. • Place feet away from the wall.

It is important because many of us become 'disconnected' as a result of inactivity and the lack of functional movement in our lives. Our levers are different. Due to the higher center of gravity most guys like doing upper-body workouts but hate working on their lower body. compensations and postural deviations (look for my article on proper posture and why it is important).194 – . when done properly. My definition of 'disconnection' in the human body is the presence of muscle dysfunctions. Kettlebells promote balance and function. That is what Russian Kettlebells look like. Let me give you a couple of examples. History of Kettlebells is a long one as this ultimate training tool goes all the way back to Czarist Russia. Russian Kettlebell exercises. Workout machines force the body to use specific angles and levers. many become upper body dominant. I've seen many chronic pains go away as a result of proper kettlebell training. Lower body has no choice but to start doing it's share of work and upper body dominance is gradually dissolved.FitnessExpertNetwork. As a result.com . Russian Kettlebells on the other hand force your body to work as a single unit. Upper body dominance is just one example. It's simple and effective. Majority of kettlebell drills and exercises work the body as a single unit.What are Russian Kettlebells and Why It is The Ultimate Training Tool By Denis Kanygin Imagine a cannon ball with a handle. So what? What is the benefit of training with Russian Kettlebell? How are they different from workout machines and free-weights? Russian Kettlebells are considered The tool for functional training because they engage your whole body. Imbalance or 'disconnection' between upper and lower body is the cause of many injuries and a source of much pain and discomfort for many. www. Machines and typical free-weight exercises only make things worse because they build strength on top of dysfunction by further isolating muscle groups and allowing people to workout within their comfort zones. and the way we engage our muscles also varies from person to person. zoom in on the weak link of the body. The fact is that none of us are alike. Upper and lower body must work together to properly complete the exercises.

In other words when they stand. CA. it will make your body strong. flexible and immune to injuries. His website is http://www.com . Machines and popular free-weight exercises (squats for example) do not fix faulty loadbearing. Kettlebells on the other hand address dysfunctions and compensations (in this case an improper load-bearing) and help body to re-educate and re-balance the muscles. Russian Kettlebell training is a wonderful tool.195 – . Not bad for a little ball with a handle! About the Author Denis Kanygin is a Postural Therapist and Personal Trainer located in Mountain View. Thus solving and fixing the root of the problem. one side does more work than the other.In my postural therapy practice I see a lot of clients with faulty load-bearing. They actually promote it and make it stronger and more embedded by putting more strength on top of dysfunction.FitnessExpertNetwork. walk or do anything else they put more weight on one side of their body.workoutiq. It will make your pains go away.com www. When such a person does leg press or squats. Denis will help you be pain free and in the best shape of your life. As a result all of their movements contain compensation.

breathing easier and being able to use your muscles through a full range of movement. limits your ability to take in a full breath (making it more work to get the air you need). try the five tips below – just not all at once! Pick one tip to work on for a week worth’s of runs –or until you become comfortable with it and then move on to the next. 1.196 – . helps make running more enjoyable and can lead to personal bests on the roads & trails. The Bad News: Poor posture leads to a host of problems.Posture on the Run By Diana Rochon The pictures of sprinter Marion Jones and distance specialist Paula Radcliff highlight what I believe is good upper body posture in a runner. The Good News: Even if we are a postural mess at this point. On the Run: Maintaining a good running posture is one part of gaining a smoother & more efficient stride. Chest open – keep the breastbone gently lifted up towards the sky 4. and does negatively change muscle flexibility & function (increasing the risk of running injures in the lower body in particular). As small children we typically have excellent posture. Making small consistent changes. Good posture is simply the ability to hold the spine in its natural curves whether sitting. Head Up – eyes looking at the horizon 2. things can change. leaning over or running. Shoulders relaxed –shoulders should be away from your ears (hands should graze hips or waist) 3. The benefits include lessening the wear and tear on joints. physical demands. however as we age. hips and shoulders.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . Consistent faulty posture causes an increased stress and strain on joints like your feet. Core/Kegel Connected – gently “hold onto pee” 5. If your running posture leaves something to be desired. such stretching tight areas daily & lengthening the spine from time to time while at your desk do make a big impact. Shoulders in line with hips – not too far forward or leaning back www. knees. This efficiency reduces the risk of injury. gaining muscle energy. Half the battle is thinking about your body throughout the day and correcting bad habits such as slouching & hunching. injuries and (mostly) bad habits alter the way we hold ourselves.

CSCS.FitnessExpertNetwork. BPE. Canada.com . IDEA ELITE PFT is the Director of Dynamic Core Fitness in Whistler.197 – .dynamiccorefitness.About the Author Diana Rochon. To learn more check out www.ca www. BC. NCCP.

80 or 100.com . especially in the shoulders to allow for a full. smooth back swing. These are true golf enthusiasts! Golf enthusiasts pour over magazines.Strength Fore Golf By Diana Rochon In the snowy sections of North America as winter begins to wane. or Miss Olympia’s body. in all his/her research for that certain something to break 90. Each sport has a different set of skill sets. maintain a consistent swing and help transfer all that power from the hips to the club head. Sport-specific conditioning focuses on functional training of athletes (of whatever level) to meet the demands of their activity. Exercise . Training a lineman for football is not the same as training a cross-country mountain biker. Interestingly enough. stretching and strength training . They reminisce about last year’s beauty shots and missed putts. However. helping the golfer achieve personal success. And mountain bike conditioning is not the same as preparing for the greens.198 – . Oh and the clubs! Clubs may as well be miracle granting religious artifacts for the reverence paid them. I have met many a golfer who is afraid to step into a weight room to give strength training a try. I’m talking about sport-specific conditioning for golf. either passes by or totally misses a key piece of information known by the pros.cardiovascular endurance. allowing for better play through an entire round. the average recreational golfer. there are those who eagerly await the opening of their favorite golf course. For all you Tiger Woods “wannabes” out there. www. You can’t blame them actually. It is easy to misunderstand the concept of strength training for golf when your mental picture of you on weights is you’re head on top of Mr. mental game or the clothes on their back. These are people who sometimes can’t remember where they have placed their car keys. They drool over hints on anything – their grip.improves anyone’s game. • Developing solid core stabilization to help prevent low back injuries.FitnessExpertNetwork. I’m not talking bodybuilding here. books and videos for any tip to improve their game. a good golf-conditioning program should focus on: • Bettering your aerobic and muscular endurance to help delay fatigue on the back 9. but can go into great detail about the exact direction of the wind and the lay of the green on their most infamous shot. • Improving flexibility. A well designed golf-focused exercise program takes into account the demands of the game.

Canada. Scared you will need to spend hours in the gym? A now famous 1995 study led by Wayne Westcott.• Creating strength. IDEA Elite PFT is the Director of Dynamic Core Fitness in Whistler. What is particularly important is that during the time the subjects were participating in the study they did not practice their golf. meaning you’ll miss less golf days this year. To learn more check out www. for 8 weeks. back up the golf pro’s teachings and the fancy clubs with the most important tool you have to make your golf game great – your body. Good muscular strength also reduces the risk of injury.com . But. BPE. NCCP. PhD showed that a modest general strengthening program could significantly improve golf performance. most importantly. Strength = power = greater distance on tee shots. A follow-up study by Westcott also found the same results.ca www.FitnessExpertNetwork. The results of the study showed an increase club head speed by as much as 5 mph in these serious golfers (equates to approximately an extra 15 yards). CSCS.by all means get the best instruction you can to develop your skills and purchase the right equipment for you.199 – . In the study.dynamiccorefitness. 3 days per week. My advice to golfers everywhere . master golfers trained for 1 set of 8 – 12 reps on selected exercises (about 30 –40 minutes). About the Author Diana Rochon. BC.

For those of you who have seen me lift. while others became pregnant during the time span they were working with me. Avoid exercise in the supine (lying) position after the first trimester. right? You don't want to allow muscle to atrophy because of lack of strength training. take extra caution to minimize excessive ranges of motion or uncontrolled lifting which may damage the joints. M. Large increases in body temperature should be minimized through adequate hydration. There is a lot of confusion regarding exercise and pregnancy. so the following is information on the subject from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. it's when my face becomes bright red and the veins start bulging in my neck and face.. appropriate clothing. and activities that have high risk for loss of balance or for falling should be discontinued prior to the third trimester. While the above guidelines do not specifically address strength training.com . days of the week. Joints become less stable due to the hormonal environment conducive to child birth. When strength training. here are some further tips and ideas regarding strength training and pregnancy: • • • • It makes sense to continue strengthening all major muscle areas during pregnancy.. I have had the opportunity to work with a few clients who sought out my professional guidance to make sure they were doing safe exercise during pregnancy. Exercises that present potential for even mild abdominal trauma should be avoided. Because the joints are more lax. • • • • • • Perform 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise on most. Doug's note: Frequent readers of my newsletter know that I'm a strength training advocate.How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy By Doug Jackson. make sure to avoid the Valsalva maneuver. Non-weight-bearing exercises such as cycling or swimming are favored for reducing injury risk.Ed. if not all.CSCS While I've never been pregnant. Some of these women came to me once they were already pregnant. and optimal environmental surroundings during exercise.. nor have I contributed to a pregnancy.FitnessExpertNetwork. This is the technical term for when you hold your breath while lifting a heavy weight. Pregnant women should not . Eating: remember that pregnant women typically need about 300 extra calories a day to meet increased metabolic requirements. Use it or lose it.that increases blood pressure to a dangerous degree during pregnancy (or if you have hypertension). Exercise should not continue past the point of fatigue and should never reach exhaustive levels.200 – www.

visit www.com. www. contact the best trainer in your geographical area. NSCA and ACSM certifications are considered the most reputable.FitnessExpertNetwork. Florida. M. To receive his Ten Secrets to your Best Year Ever mini-course. Make sure the trainer has worked with pregnant women before or is willing to learn the exercise modifications necessary during pregnancy.Ed. Pregnancy is not a good time to try to get "ripped". CSCS.. For further guidance regarding pregnancy and exercise.com .201 – . About the Author Doug Jackson.PersonalFitnessAdvantage.restrict calorie intake. He also operates a fitness consulting business in Weston. This becomes even more important when making up for the calories expended during exercise. is the author of Fitness Now and Forever and the co-author of Family Fit Plan.

Something I like to do is to hit three different forms of cardio in the same session.FitnessExpertNetwork. followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical. To keep that heart working effectively. and stress relief purposes. It gives you a mental break from the same old thing. 3. 'familiarity breeds contempt' so try some things you're not familiar with. 2. use an I-Pod. thirty-minute cardio workout. Make a CD. Also aim for about a total of at last 1. finishing with 10 minutes on a stationary rower. doing a different activity or the same activity in a different way will be an effective stimulus for new levels of fitness and help you avoid overuse injuries. Listen to motivating music! "Rising up. Lastly." Yes. Assuming a wellbalanced diet. health benefits. Here are my top three strategies for staying focused and getting the job done during your cardio workouts: 1. the following points seem to be accurate for my clients: • For weight management and slight decreases in body fat and increases in muscle mass. This is good for both psychological and physiological reasons. took my chances. Just a man and his will to survive.Ed. consistency is key so the majority of the time.202 – . Did my time. and ‘this is better than that'. medium intensity. you need to be getting your heart rate up substantially for a continued amount of time at least every 48 hours. For a traditional.000 calories expended through exercise per week for weight management. Mix it up! As the old saying goes. I might do 10 minutes on the treadmill. aim for at least three days of exercise per week for approximately one hour. M. put together a play list of your favorite workout songs. so find something you enjoy! Don't get too caught up in all the dogma about 'do this'. Went the distance. I have a unique perspective on keeping people motivated during cardio sessions.. the old Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky movies is my personal favorite. Find something you enjoy! Many people find cardio cumbersome. as well as a trainer who deals with cardio exercises issues everyday with clients. or for you technologically-savvy out there. I like to see people use the first thirty minutes for strength training and the second thirty minutes for cardio. www.com . back on the street.How to Stay Motivated During Cardio By Doug Jackson. remember the last couple of ideas that I teach my clients. focus on exercises that you enjoy. Plus. 'don't do that'. My personal philosophy is that we won't stick with something for the long term if we don't enjoy it. Just get moving and have fun! With cardio. Music can make or break workouts.CSCS Being someone who gets bored out of my mind doing traditional cardio. now I'm back on my feet.

com.203 – . Have I been getting my heart rate up for a consistent time period.• For significant fat loss. Maybe the image of a slowly atrophying heart will get you moving. M. He also operates a fitness consulting business in Weston. The style of cardio may be staggered. www. Here is a typical program layout for someone with a goal of significant fat loss who is committed to working out six days per week: Day 1: strength training (30-45 minutes) + 15 minutes of cardio interval training Day 2: bike (45 minutes/ medium intensity) Day 3: strength training (30-45 minutes) + 15 minutes of cardio interval training Day 4: walk (60 minutes/ low intensity) Day 5: strength training (30-45 minutes) + 15 minutes of cardio interval training Day 6: elliptical machine (45 minutes/ medium intensity) Day 7: off To make this information work for you. To receive his Ten Secrets to your Best Year Ever mini-course. I may have them strength train 2-3 times per week. visit www.com .000 calories per week. every 48 hours or so? Remember. there is some flexibility in program design which is dependant on the forms of exercise a client prefers. what can I do TODAY to make sure my next workout is more effective? 3. Have I worked out in the last couple days? Will I be working out in the next couple days? Get to it! About the Author Doug Jackson.PersonalFitnessAdvantage. In this scenario. Have I been performing effective cardio workouts or have I just been going through the motions? If my workouts have not been up to snuff. If someone really enjoys cardio and doesn't enjoy strength training. Florida. is the author of Fitness Now and Forever and the co-author of Family Fit Plan. The heart muscle actually weakens when we are inactive for more than a couple days. and perform cardio six days per week. people are best served by aiming for six days of exercise per week with a total caloric expenditure of at least 2. ask yourself the following questions: 1. 2. "use it or lose it".FitnessExpertNetwork.Ed. CSCS..

it makes sense to train to improve strength and function at the same time. This one can be bent over or standing. These can challenge the body to help build rotational stability when pulling.com . Most of our movements in life take place using one limb at a time. This will allow you to function even better in the real world and give you the full body connection that you need to increase your functional strength output and either burn calories for fat loss or build muscle. Rotational throws with medicine balls is a great way to train the trunk.FitnessExpertNetwork. One arm overhead presses provide a great way to train the shoulders. • • • • • • • Try one legged squats. Use an individual dumbbell one at a time. Again."Do you know where to go next? Use these 6 exercises to bring your body to the next level" By Eric Johnson The idea is simple you did everything good with two hands and two feet the first time around. so take advantage of outside help. Some form of a squat should be included in just about everyone's program. Using the 'Primal movement patterns' map you can create more exercise options to choose from. Now try similar exercises using only one limb at a time. So. This motion will help horizontal pulling strength. Moving from a bilateral stance (2 feet) to a unilateral stance (1 foot) is a great challenge to face. to focus on your form use some sort of assistance for this exercise. which great for holding or pulling objects in close to the body. This will help increase shoulder stability as well as give you better strength in each arm. You can take just about all the foundational exercises that should have been in your first program and break them down to one side of the body. Using a cable machine to perform a standing chest press allows you to build a strong foundation for pushing movements. One legged deadlifts are a great exercise to help develop the hamstrings and hip dominating movements that is needed in most sports. www. Unilateral pulldowns help use each arm independently of one another in an overhead pulling motion. Hold on to something to help stabilize the body and help you develop better form. These functional exercises will help get you started on the road to better balance and strength using unilateral movements.204 – . Now you have the ability to develop more functional strength. Not mention the side benefits of better hand and eye coordination and faster reflexes. Standing one arm cable row. Listed below are 6 exercises. Functional strength is something that can be used in the real world. Standing one arm chest press. More than likely you will not be able to do one without assistance at first.

Ca. He manages Fitness Together in Stockton. and Certified Z-Health Instructor. His website is http://www.com www.About the Author Eric Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer.stocktonft.com .FitnessExpertNetwork.205 – . Russian Kettlebell Instructor.

body composition change. Ca. Including other activities while throwing the ball such as running. speeds and angles (on the ground and in the air). Again. so watch how you react to the ball. be creative! Throw with different size balls to challenge your unilateral skills. Use these drills together with other training tools or as a whole training program by itself. Medicine balls are also a great tool to take out a little frustration on too! My clients love the challenge of throwing medicine balls at my head as fast as they can! About the Author Eric Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer. or to either side.com . give you greater perception and decrease startle of athletes. His website is http://www. Coordination is pretty important in most sports. but the main idea is to start slow and get comfortable with different weights. and Certified Z-Health Instructor.com www. Your partner can also throw the ball at different angles to increase the challenge. These drills can be used as to help build strength.206 – . or other similar tools: • • • • Throw a medicine ball to your partner or a wall while focusing off target. this is another important skill to have in most sports.stocktonft. using different directions and using different footwork patterns can help build full body coordination. You can also use different weights to develop the ability absorb and redirect force. wouldn't you agree? There are many combinations of foot work patterns and directional exercises to choose. Do not hesitate to combine any of the above drills to help progress you to higher levels. and conditioning. He manages Fitness Together in Stockton. Small sizes can be useful to work hand and eye coordination while emphasizing one limb over the other. do not worry! Tools like medicine balls and other objects can be utilized to improve reaction times. not to mention they are pretty fun to challenge yourself with. Challenging your eyes is a great way to improve athletic performance. Find a center point on your target or partner and look above. Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Here are several drills you can use with medicine balls. below."Faster Reflexes now!" By Eric Johnson How fast are your reflexes? Do you startle easily? How are your visual perception skills? Do you have trouble reacting to fast movements? If components like this lack in your athletic talents. Other ways to increase you visual performance include closing one eye while catching and throwing the ball either at a partner or a target. One point of medicine ball training is to decrease startling.FitnessExpertNetwork. The combinations can be intimidating.

it is very deceiving. jump rope. Be cautious of this method. Solution 3: Add cardio in between sets Do you want to maximize your cardiovascular output and strength at the same time? Try integrating a bodyweight cardio move in between sets. no more excuses. That basically means you will be able to do more work in the same period of time. Try incorporating one of these training methods to either burn fat or build muscle faster! Here are 3 solutions to maximize your time spent in the gym. You can use jumping jacks.207 – . The best advice on this one is to start with a very short time period and then progress slowly to increasing the total time or the high intensity time within the time period selected. step ups. monster sets or circuit training. tri sets. And. Solution 2: Use interval training with weights This is using time as a means of progression. You can use super sets."Spend Less Time in the Gym! Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Faster!" By Eric Johnson Are you frustrated. you will be able to burn more calories in a shorter time frame resulting in better gains. Pick a full body exercise. footwork drills. These are all very effective methods to programming. Now with these methods you do not have that option anymore. Solution 1: Use a different format for your exercise selection. that is what you want right? Now.com . etc. Be creative and have fun with this one. Using any of these methods will allow you to create more density in your training program. Burn more calories and build more muscle using these tips to accelerate your progress. as well as a less intense movement like walking in place. Your basic format would be to alternate between 'Thrusters' and walking in during the time period specified. something like a 'Thruster'. for reasons why you can't train. Burning calories and building muscle is hard work and needs a systematic approach. head to the gym and get busy! www. Perform short intervals of the exercises within your selected time period. Time is usually the biggest excuse I hear the most. and then pick a time period.FitnessExpertNetwork. In turn. spending more time in the gym with slow or no results to show from it? Getting the most out of the time you spend in the gym can be hard if you do not know how to maximize it. that is where knowing how to use different formats to train by come in. Leveraging your time wisely allows you to burn more calories and build muscle faster.

and Certified Z-Health Instructor.About the Author Eric Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer. Russian Kettlebell Instructor.stocktonft. His website is http://www. Ca. He manages Fitness Together in Stockton.com www.FitnessExpertNetwork.208 – .com .

1. And then down the road compensations are built and injuries occur. The more comfortable your body is at moving in all directions the easier it will be to adapt to a given stimulus and create faster progress.com . Using the primal movement patterns can help you achieve the balance between movements and ensure that you look good both front and back! 4. you need to balance it out with doing something the other way. Focus on the length. alignment and posture during movement. if you bench press. One of the hardest parts of beginning a fitness program is trying to figure out where to start. if you perform poorly executed movements. Move: Implement some sort of joint mobility training into your program like ZHealth. Next. Also. This should help you achieve proper alignment and posture. Create better posture: And also help build a solid foundation. lengthen from head to toe creating space through all your joints. your body will store poorly executed movement patterns. 2. do you want that? I hope not. continually program this into your brain by reinforcing it every exercise. Now. 3. The main focus here is 'Perfect practice makes perfect!' Make sure you use the tips in #2 to help create a perfect www. There is one catch though. you will create a body that is more functional and is more resistant to injury. not just at the beginning and end. then you need to perform something like a bent over row in order to create that balance we are looking for. Balance: Basically. Repetition: Get your reps in! Continue to repeat the same movement over and over again and guess what? Your body gets better at it. Finding out a clear starting point and knowing what to include in your fitness program can help relieve some of the frustrations it takes to get started.FitnessExpertNetwork. This can cause most people to give excuses not to train.Start Here! Read these 5 tips before you begin your training program By Eric Johnson Do you want a stronger healthier body? Of course you do! Here are 5 tips to consider when creating your training programs. if do something one way. Start within the body.209 – . For instance. Use these 5 tips to help get you headed in the right direction on your fitness program.

His website is http://www. So. perform better while reducing the risk for injury. Russian Kettlebell Instructor. And.210 – . frustrations can all add up to being a big ball of tension. home life. work.FitnessExpertNetwork. great performance is what you should expect out of your body.movement technique and then continue to practice them perfectly every time you execute them. 5. An easy way to achieve this is to use this tip in conjunction with tips #2 and #4 to increase your efficiency. not just at home or at work but in your training program as well. Take your time during your 'perfect practice' to focus on areas that may have excess tension in them. Take advantage of the beginning phases of your fitness training program to get a solid foundation built. If your foundation is not solid and aligned properly it is going to be harder to build on top of it and expect great performances out of your body. About the Author Eric Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer. Being able to emphasize important points like these can help you achieve faster results and more importantly. Relax: Most of us are already good at being tense. and Certified Z-Health Instructor. Stress.com .com www. learn to relax.stocktonft. Learn to recognize and release excess tension in your movements. Any excess tension will decrease your efficiency and can add to poor movement patterns. He manages Fitness Together in Stockton. You only want to use 'just enough muscle' to safely perform your exercise. Ca.

I for one have all my clients burn their calories thru resistance workouts but if you love cardio. better eating habits and increased activity. Don't fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over and over. These 5 fitness tips should definitely get you off on the right foot. Keep it safe and simple. the time or the distance in order to ensure continued success. Drink Water and Eat! The best advice for those of you starting an exercise program is to train yourself to drink 1 gallon of water every day and eat 4-6 supportive meals. Geoff has incorporated health and fitness into thousands of lives all over the world. machines. fats and carbs with portions aligned correctly with your goals. 3. and Certified Fitness Professional. keep it short. Bodyweight moves first then a steady combination of bodyweight moves. Train for your goals at your pace. intense and always progress. 4. You don't live life sitting down.getfunctionallyfit. free weights and cables. Once you can ride the bike for 5 miles you must increase the resistance.com www. Be sure those meals consist of whole food sources of proteins. Remember that your long and short term success will be guaranteed by the consistent incorporation of resistance training. There is no point in doing bench press if you can't do perfect push-ups. machines and cables. 2. Quick Intense Cardio! As for cardio. It's useless to perform leg extensions or leg curls if you have yet to perfect free squats with your own bodyweight (stay away from leg extensions regardless). In no particular order here are some great fitness guidelines to keep in mind when beginning an exercise program. if you have to do it. 1. speaker. do it quick. columnist. First problem with this is most likely everyone else is doing something wrong.211 – . mix it up. First and foremost get clearance from your Physician before starting any and all fitness programs. Master Bodyweight moves first! A lot of beginners make the mistake of doing what everyone else is doing.com . 5. Master your own bodyweight before you jump into free weights.5 Fitness Tips for Beginners By Geoff Kalmbach There are hundreds of tips to follow when taking on a fitness program and I felt it was my turn to throw out a couple. 30 minutes of intense interval type 'stuff'.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author Geoff Kalmbach is a Fitness Expert. Sign up for his FREE monthly newsletter at http://www. so don't train sitting down.

Especially when there are dozens of alternatives that are much more effective and best of all. If you’re looking to get a rock hard midsection keep it simple and stay strict on your form and don’t go overboard on the sets and reps (2 www. (Holding a plank for 1 minute or performing PERFECT military style push-ups non-stop for at least 45 seconds would gauge adequate strength). stronger core or lean out your midsection you’re wasting your time.Stiff leg crunch 4.Reverse Swiss ball crunch 3. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping exercise simple and safe and the Ab Wheel is NOT safe and simple.Swiss ball crunch 2.com . I have nightmares about the lawnmower wheel or its more famous fitness retail name the Ab wheel. It fails to take the abdominals thru a full range of motion and the risk to reward isn’t worth it. hip flexors and shoulders just to name a few are all especially vulnerable during this exercise if adequate strength is not present. 8-pack. if you’re NOT a professional rock climber or mixed martial artists what in the world are you looking to achieve from using the Ab Wheel? If the answer is rock hard abs.212 – . You need to have a certain level of fitness and strength before you even consider a move like the Ab Wheel calls for. upper back.Captains chair-advanced Now I know all you AB Wheelers that religiously roll to and fro have a different opinion and that’s all fine and dandy but 95% of you are performing the move incorrectly which can lead to some potentially serious injuries that will have you out of the gym for months. SAFE! 1. I have personally witnessed people tear shoulders and blow backs a part while ?trying? to master it and herein lies the problem."Ab Wheel Insanity" By Geoff Kalmbach With all the fitness gadgets. Lower back.Bicycle 6. Furthermore. toys and fads out there these days it's no wonder why most people go about achieving a strong fit set of abs incorrectly and the Ab Wheel is no exception.Hanging leg raise-advanced 7.FitnessExpertNetwork.V-up 5.

com www. Sign up for his FREE monthly newsletter at http://www. Geoff has incorporated health and fitness into thousands of lives all over the world. and Certified Fitness Professional.com .different exercises 2-3 sets each 15-18 reps). speaker.FitnessExpertNetwork.213 – . Be sure to clean up your nutrition as well as increase your activity levels to burn up stored fat and reveal those washboard abs.getfunctionallyfit. About the Author Geoff Kalmbach is a Fitness Expert. columnist.

You have to be aggressive with your approach to these stretching sessions. One of the main causes of shin splints is a mechanical breakdown where the attachment of the calf muscle to the tibia or the shin bone is strained because of the excessive pounding of running on pronated or flat feet. When I personally had my bout with shin splints I didn't waste any time and went directly to a Doctor and followed their instructions to the word. This can be made worse by a sudden increase in the duration and intensity of running.com .How to Deal with Shin Splints By Geoff Kalmbach Shin splints are a common overuse injury in recreational runners but I know plenty of weekend gym warriors who experience this injury as well. If pain persists STOP and go see a specialist immediately. Play it safe. I know it's frustrating to rest your body especially when you strive to live and be active but the only way to get back on the road pain free is with rest. If the pain subsides after a week or two try an easy jog. Notice I mentioned seeking out the help of skilled specialists twice in this column. If no pain occurs gradually increase your intensity. Nine times out of ten a new pair of good running shoes or an arch support prescribed by your Doctor will have you back on your feet. Other factors that can potentially lead to shin splints are: • • • • • lack of support in shoes bad running form tight muscles lack of recovery time excessive body fat Most people have no idea they have shin splints and ignore the pain while continuing there activities. Podiatrists or an Orthopedic specialist will be able to pin point the problem and hopefully get you back up and running. STOP running. If you screw around and ignore this type of injury you’re going to be dealing with them the rest of your running days.214 – . Along with rest you need to concentrate on stretching your calf muscles out and icing twice daily.FitnessExpertNetwork. I have come across too many people who ignore this pain and keep running creating additional postural and bone imbalances. allow your body some time to rest and recover and seek out some medical care to make sure it's nothing more serious than shin splints. www. Really concentrate on deep breathing and 30-45 even 60 second holds. there will be plenty of time to run after your shin splints are gone.

speaker.About the Author Geoff Kalmbach is a Fitness Expert.com . Sign up for his FREE monthly newsletter at http://www. and Certified Fitness Professional.215 – .com www.getfunctionallyfit. columnist. Geoff has incorporated health and fitness into thousands of lives all over the world.FitnessExpertNetwork.

Water aerobics There are countless activities that will help keep you fit after 50 in addition to the ones listed above so its up to you to find out which ones you like most and start to incorporate them into your life. body composition and most notably our activity levels.Cycling .FitnessExpertNetwork.Walking . and any of you who saw the movie no doubt would agree.216 – . However.Jogging . cardio) and just about two and a half months into it she came in one day and during our warm up started crying.Pilates . slower metabolism. Here are some great examples of activities that will stoke the fires for fitness after 50 and aid in keeping balance between the calories you take in and the ones you use up."Keeping Fit After 50" By Geoff Kalmbach Wouldn't it be great if taking care of ourselves in our 20's 30's and 40's all but guaranteed we wouldn't have to worry about it in our 50's 60's and 70's? I'm a firm believer in "age is just a number" and that keeping fit after 50 is a lot easier than people make it out to be. . our metabolism slows down and the body uses fewer calories to keep it running.Weight training . www. the biggest reason we have such a hard time keeping fit after 50 is that we burn fewer calories simply because we tend to become less active. My client worked very hard in the gym and out (nutrition.com . A number of reasons contribute to the difficult time some people have staying fit after 50. Physical activity and exercise without a doubt. There was quite a buzz being made about Linda Hamilton's body in the movie. As we age.Swimming . Most are natural changes that occur such as different nutritional needs. she had built quite a physique. are the best ways to keep fit after 50 and counteract the natural decrease in our metabolisms and sticking to a supportive eating plan ensures your body is getting the right nutrients to maintain lean muscle mass. Several years ago right about the time "Terminator 2" came out I was training a 68-yearold retired attorney.Yoga .Gardening .

Geoff has incorporated health and fitness into thousands of lives all over the world. Sign up for his FREE monthly newsletter at http://www.com .com www. and Certified Fitness Professional. Did I mention she was a 68 year old grandmother? I love that story and get goose bumps every time I think of it.I asked her what was wrong and she replied nothing. So for anyone out there thinking you can't get fit after 50. your arms look just like the ladies in T2". as long as you are performing it correctly.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author Geoff Kalmbach is a Fitness Expert. columnist. Keep it simple and safe and remember there is no such thing as bad exercise.getfunctionallyfit. "grandma. Her granddaughter gave her a big hug and kiss and when she let go said.217 – . believe me you can. speaker. it was just something her granddaughter had said to her right before she left the house to come workout.

This is perfect posture and the only way to maintain this position is with your core muscles. Internal Obliques. Another example to help you better understand how the core works is to hold a push up position (up) for as long as you can. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and your toes are pointing straight forward. Core training refers to working the core musculature not just the abs like a lot of people think. It seems like a fair question to ask since they just finished working that group of muscles but most people have no idea what in the world you're talking about. Core training is the hottest thing in fitness and millions upon millions of dollars have been thrown into the fitness fad fires of "core" training. one thousand two rep tempo up and down (concentric/eccentric). but the key muscles responsible for maintaining this position are the core. Transversus Abdominis. Before we go any farther please understand that core training has been around for nearly a hundred years."More to Core Than You Think" By Geoff Kalmbach Ask anyone just coming out of a "core" conditioning class at the health club how there erectors feel and most likely you will get a blank stare or slapped depending on how you asked. Think of your core as an internal girdle made of muscle. Rectus Abdominis. Core training includes the muscles of the trunk and pelvis ( External.com . it just never had a fancy name (core) until about 15 years ago. Believe it or not this is an example of core training. The first place you start to feel muscle fatigue is in the shoulders and triceps. Any and all activities involve core muscle so. For your next workout try performing all your exercises in a standing or seated position like we just discussed. Your back should be in a neutral position (natural arch). These muscles are responsible for maintaining the stability of the spine and pelvis and are critical for the transfer of energy from large to small body parts during many sport activities. Right now as you read this column slide to the very edge of your seat. Try sitting like this for 5-10 minutes without breaking form. The easiest way to understand how your core muscles work is to focus on posture. if your core is weak you must train to strengthen it.218 – .FitnessExpertNetwork. Quadratus Lumborum and Erector Spinaes). Each and every exercise you choose to perform I assure you www. Perfect posture must be maintained throughout the entire movement with a full one thousand one. Now bring your shoulders back and draw your stomach in nice and tight. and once you understand how your core engages you will soon understand how the majority of exercises performed all involve core. and once they give out your stomach drops and you lose the ability to hold form without risking injury. Iliospoas.

com www. Why not go the whole nine yards and trim off the body fat so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor? You've come this far haven't you? . Sign up for his FREE monthly newsletter at http://www. Geoff has incorporated health and fitness into thousands of lives all over the world. Core training alone WILL NOT give you a visible 8 pack of abs so you MUST include better eating as well as muscle sparing cardio. . Finish it! About the Author Geoff Kalmbach is a Fitness Expert. Too many of you out there bust your butt getting your muscles hard and just leave it at that.involves core when executed correctly.com . columnist.219 – . and Certified Fitness Professional. speaker.FitnessExpertNetwork. Remember there is a great deal more to core than abs.getfunctionallyfit.

The following paragraphs will examine this principle in more detail. If you stay there though. if not imperatives. The question isDoes it make sense to expose yourself to explosive. Some have said that this poses a risk in regard to the stress exceeding the connective tissues ability to withstand it. it is true that lifting a weight as quickly as possible generates more tension in the muscle than lifting the same weight slowly. then this form of exercise can provide a progressive exposure to the explosive/ballistic forces the athlete must exert and absorb in the playing arena. Is performing a barbell snatch potentially more dangerous than doing a bicep curl locked into a Nautilus machine. with the rate of loading determining how the different tissues are conditioned.com . This adaptation occurs with a certain amount of specificity as to the type of stress that is imposed. if a load that allows emphasis on bar speed is used. For this reason. you sure won't accomplish much! The point I am trying to make is that you have to weigh the potential risks vs. And. if you are engaged in a sport that requires ballistic muscle contractions and the absorption of ballistic forces by the www. This law basically states that tissue adapts to the stresses and tension placed upon it. the athlete is more prepared than he or she would be had they not trained in this manner. progressive manner. Let's get one thing out in the open-explosive (or ballistic) training CAN BE more dangerous than doing slow. We will examine several effects that explosive training have on both performance and on qualities that may aid in the prevention of athletic injuries.220 – . That depends on your definition of dangerous. or even a set of low velocity upright rows? This might be so. In this way. For example. but competing in a contact sport like football or basketball is more dangerous than walking down the hallway at school. There is a principle in orthopedics known as Wolff's Law. it is important to use a wide variety of loading rates and durations to offer all-round musculoskeletal training. let's look at some of these potential "risks" and see how they can be positives. As Dr. controlled lifts and drills-relatively speaking.The Case for Explosive Training-Part 1 By George Hearn Many of you have no doubt either come across someone or read an article warning you of the dangers of explosive training. However. Let's first look at progressive overload from a connective tissue standpoint.FitnessExpertNetwork. are there benefits that are derived from such progressive ballistic loading that cannot be had via any other method? It could be said that getting out of bed is also relatively more dangerous than staying there-you could fall down. the rewards in anything you do-training for sport is no different." So. What I want to do in this article is examine some of these "dangers" and show you why they indicate that you SHOULD train explosively. ballistic loading in a relatively controlled. Mel Siff covers in his book Supertraining-"Graded progressive explosive training causes adaptation in the entire musculoskeletal system. have a greater chance of suffering a heart attack due to increased stress or any more of a number of "dangerous" things. Now. This MAY be true if an inappropriate load for the athletes present ability is used. and good technique is observed.

let’s examine the action which takes place at the shoulder when a pass is thrown in football. You can learn more about George at www.FitnessExpertNetwork. as well as the trunk extensors go through a phase of eccentric contraction to stop the movement of the shoulder and trunk respectively. with a degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University and over 20 years clinical and training experience. tackling etc. it makes sense to expose yourself to those types of stresses in training. Ballistic exercise is much closer to actual sports function in terms of the way muscles contract in its performance.com www. In part 2 of this article.221 – . the external rotators and abductors of the shoulder. the action is initiated by the internal rotators and adductors of the shoulder. what is happening is you are conditioning your muscles to function in a manner closer to what is demanded of them in your sport. As you can see.com . we will look a little closer at how this type of exercise can affect the way you perform on the playing field. but it does illustrate how your muscles function in a practical sense. TN. About the Author George Hearn is a fitness and performance consultant in Nashville.MaxximumPerformance. As the arm is brought forward. This is an oversimplification of what occurs. So. followed by a strong eccentric contraction of the antagonist muscle groups to slow down or reverse the initial motion.body (blocking. Upon release of the ball. with additional contributions from the trunk flexor and rotator musculature. For example.). Ballistic exercise produces an initial burst of activity and high tension in the prime movers. He works with clients both locally and online. This should give you a glimpse into the way your muscles and other soft tissues respond and perform in an actual sport activity. To not do so may result in your joints and muscles being more vulnerable to injury. This is exactly what happens in most sporting actions. explosive exercise can be used to reproduce those responses in a controlled training environment.

you must maintain a stable torso to effectively and safely transfer the force from your lower extremities to your upper body. In our examples of the power clean and snatch. your muscles become more efficient in their contraction patterns. this is exactly what is required. gross pattern of these lifts may not appear at first glance to be specific to sprinting. We also need to examine the types of contraction patterns that take place in various muscle group complexes for specific components of sport actions. as well as other important characteristics of explosive training that make it especially applicable to potentially improving performance and reducing injuries during sports activities. safe loading protocols can allow your body to be conditioned to transfer these forces in a way that allows for gradual adaptation. Let's examine what occurs when you perform a lift such as a snatch or a power clean. Many of the lifts associated with explosive training actually train your body to function as a unit. While the entire. when you break down what is happening at the hip it obviously requires the same type of muscle contraction and stabilization in the hip-pelvic-lumbar spine complex. This can be applicable in some instances.222 – . Many people confuse sport specific with motion specific. proper running form requires powerful hip extension while maintaining the correct degree of extension in the lumbar spine. Progressive. but in this case we are talking about muscle-contraction specific. we looked at some of the ways our bodies adapt and respond to the stresses we place on them playing sports. but also require incredible torso stability and expose him to the shock of accepting the load at the top of the lift? All in a gradual. I think the answer is obvious.com . Another benefit is that some people actually feel that they attain an improved "explosive mindset" from training in this manner. There is also the effect of neural adaptation. we will look a little more closely at how the muscles and joints function together. Does it make sense to have a linebacker sit in a leg press and train his legs with the spine supported externally and then ask him to go out on the football field and take on an offensive lineman or fullback? Or does it make more sense to incorporate exercises like power cleans or snatches which not only require powerful muscle contractions. In part two. As with any other skill. By training explosively. In order for these lifts to be performed correctly. This basically refers to the fact that you can learn to contract what you have more effectively. This adaptation not only has the effect of potentially improving speed and quickness. For example.The Case For Explosive Training-Part 2 By George Hearn In part one of this article. the more repetitions you www.FitnessExpertNetwork. but also can reduce the incidence of injuries produced by "being out of position". progressive manner.

After all.How could you not train in an explosive manner? Of course it is important to keep in mind that the loads used should be appropriate and that proper technique is observed at all times. The bottom line is that. In light of what has been discussed thus far. TN. such as football. The fact is that most sports require very intense.MaxximumPerformance. ballistic muscle contractions. Many sports. it is very difficult to perform sitting on the bench! If you are playing a sport that requires you to exert.223 – .com www.have that exercise your explosive force producing capabilities. He works with clients both locally and online. let's revisit the idea that there is some inherent danger in performing ballistic exercise as a form of training. the question I would ask is . absorb or otherwise deal with explosive/ballistic forces.com . You can learn more about George at www. the better you will become at expressing this type of athletic movement. This is just another example of that principle. So. don't you think it makes sense to prepare yourself to do that in a gradual manner that will allow your body to adapt and excel at what you are asking it to do on the playing field? I'll leave it up to you to consider the evidence and decide for yourself.FitnessExpertNetwork. there is a little inconsistency in the argument that to train ballistically is dangerous while letting athletes compete in those sports that subject them to those sorts of forces on a regular basis. But. proper technique should be observed no matter what type of exercise/drill you are performing. using forceplates and other such devices. Objective measurements. an equally important reason to train is to prevent injury. while we think the primary purpose of training is to increase performance. About the Author George Hearn is a fitness and performance consultant in Nashville. Lastly. I'm sure you have heard many times that much of quickness is "in your mind". have shown the forces generated during normal running and jumping to be oftentimes higher than those generated during the performance of olympic lifts. also require the body to absorb ballistic forces from other athletes. with a degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University and over 20 years clinical and training experience.

like golf.FitnessExpertNetwork. Yoga has different words for the same thing that golfers experience when they hit a great ball. The spinal alignment is also key! Everything rotates around that strong center fulcrum of the core. creates balance and also helps to focus the mind. The flexibility gained through a gentle yoga practice improves the mobility through the hips and shoulders. this is not true. lower your blood pressure and improve your relationship with fellow golfers. Many people do not think that yoga generates much strength. balanced and strong. but the shoulders and hips are also a part of this commonly used term.Improve Your Golf Game With Yoga By Gwen Linden-Bruzek Whether it is your driving. You are in the zone. thus creating strength. or patience with yourself. If the muscles are loose.com . This is called meditation at work! When the mind is quieted to focused concentration. The entire body gains strength as well as flexibility! The mental part of golf is also so important! Let’s face it. In order to hold various poses. the less desirable the outcome? Yoga increases strength and flexibility in key muscle groups. Many think of the core as the stomach and back.224 – . is called Dyana. focus and letting go of self-judgment are keys to yoga that translate brilliantly to the game of golf. The ability to play the game if golf without wanting to throw your clubs after a poor shot is also a wonderful skill to improve your game. golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical one! Yoga teaches the practitioner to not focus on the outcome of an action. the muscles are asked to secure and hold the body to allow for time under tension. Strength is also a part of golf and yoga. this. Yoga. at one with the ball. strength. as much as being in the moment of what you are doing. all of those Zen-type things. should be fun and not taken too seriously! Have you noticed that the harder you try to hit well. Try a yoga class and see how it can improve your game! www. the swing will have more power and also be more balanced. putting. Avid golfers know how glorious it feels to connect with a ball perfectly. yoga can help you improve all three! Time and again I have heard my yoga students say that an unexpected positive side effect of their practice has been improvement in their golf game. Flexibility. two main focal points of a great golf swing. in yogic terms.

com .About the Author Gwen Linden-Bruzek is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor who work out of the Life Wellness Center in Lakeville Minnesota Her website is www.empowerypt.225 – .FitnessExpertNetwork.com www.

However. that many misconceptions regarding weight training have arisen.com .Ab Training Increases Waist Size By Han Ayden Lean and hard abdominals are definitely in! A vast majority of the women I've trained have the same goal in mind. excessive abdominal work leads to overdeveloped abdominal muscles and enlarged obliques. I've rarely. keeping proportion in mind. You simply cannot possibly expect to slim down when you follow a regime that is geared towards a gain in muscle mass. of course is dependent on individual body types.FitnessExpertNetwork. even the abdominals. come across a woman pining to look like a Ms Olympia hopeful. That look certainly isn't in vogue for those dreaming of a celebrity-worthy physique. Endless repetitions of squats and lunges do not make the killer gams! Cranking out a couple of hundred crunches will not get you the abdominals you've been dreaming of. Most importantly. there is a need for greater awareness of the type of training plans to choose in order to achieve your fitness goals.that hot trio of Jessica Simpson. Similarly.a tiny and taut midsection. it is the choice of training plan that should be faulted. In fact. The loss of body fat will reveal the sleek and www. I cannot stress enough the importance of abstaining from a high volume of abdominal work. resulting in a noticeably more muscular and thicker waist. Higher volumes and frequencies of training promote muscular hypertrophy (a fancy word for an increase in the appearance of muscle) and this principle applies to fitness enthusiasts of both sexes and for all body parts. overdoing the leg work will result in thicker. The training plan you pick should be designed specifically to build up certain parts of your physique. They want the look that the famous Jessica’s of Hollywood have. women are able to make muscle and strength gains that are comparable to that of men. One can hardly blame weight training though.226 – . such as the upper body while strengthening other parts of your physique without adding bulk to it. training programs must be backed up with a nutrition plan that is geared towards reducing body fat. a quick survey of the training methods employed by these women yields surprising results. Step into the gym and you will see these very women adopting training programs specifically designed to add bulk to their muscles. if ever. bulkier quadriceps and hamstrings. Perhaps it is unsurprising then. contrary to prevailing beliefs that women cannot add on as much muscle even with intense training programs. This. with killer thighs and a tight derriere to boot. Do not make the mistake of making abdominal training the cornerstone of your resistance training. Those looking for a small and shapely midriff should focus on exercises that strengthen without adding undue bulk. Thus. Wider shoulders create the illusion of a slimmer waist to attain the much-coveted hourglass figure. In fact. Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel.

physiquemakeover. His website is http://www.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . About the Author Han Ayden is a certified personal trainer and a body transformation specialist located in Singapore.227 – . creating a silhouette that will be the envy of all your friends.com www.shapely appearance of those muscles you've been putting to hard work at the gym.

most efficient way of incinerating our much-loathed excess body fat. bodybuilders and those looking to gain mass often shun cardio. For the rest of us.com . Are you trying to obtain your optimum body composition? Or do you want to make some significant strength gains? Or even just an improvement to your general fitness? If body composition and fitness goals are your primary concerns. hard look while maintaining optimum fitness. long bouts of cardio can be detrimental to your body composition goals as it promotes muscle catabolism (or muscle loss. hard body. aerobic training is on the menu for you. There is sufficient evidence to link increased cardio activity to a decrease in strength gains as the recruitment of slow-twitch muscle fibers during cardio work can interfere with the development of fast-twitch muscle fibers. it has become the exercise of choice for a vast majority of female gym goers as it is touted as the fastest. What's the deal.Cardio Confusion. Unsurprisingly. combine cardio with resistance training and a proper nutritional plan to achieve that lean. Yup folks. for the uninitiated). also known as aerobic training. don't neglect your Cardio. To get that coveted lean. you'll have to preserve all the muscle that you have or risk having the skinny-fat physique. where moderate intensities (of around 3 min) are alternated with very high intensities for a short period of time (around a min). The Verdict: For those aiming for a better physique.228 – . then you do not want to neglect your cardio training.To Do or Not To Do? By Han Ayden Cardiovascular exercise. for that slack and pudgy look. then? Should you do it or ditch it? In order to answer that question. where you carry a substantial amount of body fat together with reduced muscle mass. has long been considered the most efficient way of burning body fat.FitnessExpertNetwork. cardiovascular fitness can come at the expense of strength gains but this is more applicable to athletes who require maximum strength for their sport. On the other extreme. but don't focus on it exclusively either. Those looking for strength gains should minimize their cardio work and leave it out of their training plans if need be. However. you'll need to ask yourself what your fitness goals are. which are crucial for making strength gains. which is often much higher than that expended during a session of weight training or yoga. consider high intensity interval training instead. believing it to be catabolic and counterproductive to their efforts in packing on the muscle. Those seeking to gain maximal strength and power might want to scale back on their cardio. www. In fact. Thus. In order to reap all the benefits of cardio without risking a loss of lean mass. This belief stems from the calorie expenditure of cardio exercises. the most beneficial form of cardio would not be the customary one-hour jog on the treadmill or the ninety minutes on the Stairmaster. This succession of cycles should be repeated for a total duration of 20-30 minutes per session and can be performed on any cardio machine.

physiquemakeover.FitnessExpertNetwork.229 – .About the Author Han Ayden is a certified personal trainer and a body transformation specialist located in Singapore.com www.com . His website is http://www.

Start by imagining exactly what you want your body to look like. These secrets you will skyrocket your energy. Eating less and working out more will doing nothing but decrease your metabolic rate. The single most vital factor to increasing your metabolism (the speed at which your body burns through calories) is to increase the frequency of your meals. how will you feel. I know you've been told that you must cut down on your calories and exercise more. what will others say to you. You've simply been lied to.FitnessExpertNetwork. Consume 5 .com ."7 Secrets to Getting Maximum Results In Minimum Time From Your Health And Fitness Program!" By Holly Leonard If you’ve tried more than a few fitness and fat loss programs in the past and continue to fail time and time again. Enlist the help of a support team or fitness coach. 3. Use accountability to stay on track with your goals to prevent frustration and weight loss plateaus. but that will not work. It's impossible to achieve a healthy and fit body when you have no idea what that means to you. After you have a clear picture in your mind take a moment and write your vision down. To achieve significant. long term results. confused. However. if you eat the right foods in the right amounts it'll remain high while still www. mislead and ripped off by the weight loss industry.230 – .what will you look like. 2. Begin by creating your new physique in your mind first. If you are frustrated. you are not alone.6 small meals per day. One of the key qualities of all success achievers is that they enlist the help of people who have already achieved what they themselves seek to accomplish. and seeking results. These 7 fat loss secrets will eliminate any possibility of failure and help you to achieve your fat loss goals quicker than you ever thought possible. I'm about to let you in on the real secrets to getting maximum fat loss results in minimum time. While this may seem silly at first. the guidance of a fitness expert will put you on the path to success. stoke your metabolism and help you sculpt lean and sexy muscle fast! Here are the 7 fat loss secrets: 1. In fact. the mind cannot distinguish between an actual event and something that you imagined. Without support and regular accountability it's too easy to get distracted and forget about your goals. However. this failure is not your fault. Be very specific . Visualize Your Goals. The truth is most people who start an exercise or diet program fail. it is a critical component to your success. You will be 90% more likely to succeed if you write your goals down on paper.

healthy and energetic physiques. Water is a vital component to life. Interval training simply refers to a series of intense activity separated with short rest periods (active recovery).by 100 calories every day.com . 4. but you'll increase metabolism by the exercise itself and the recovery process. increased soreness and much more. Start by incorporating one secret and once you've mastered it move on to the next until you've mastered them all. 5.allowing you to burn fat. Perform Interval Training. By drinking a shake of fast acting protein and carbohydrates you'll ensure that you start to rebuild muscle tissue immediately and prevent any unwanted muscle soreness. It's impossible to survive without clean water every day. The only way to increase your lean muscle is to perform resistance training. you'll burn about 300-400 calories during your workout and another 100 -200 calories per day even when you are sitting on our butt.com www. 7. owner of BeFit Health and Wellness Solutions. By consuming adequate amounts of proteins. starchy carbohydrate and fibrous carbohydrates you can boost your metabolism 100-200 calories per day. The complete formula will help you achieve maximum success from your fitness program.FitnessExpertNetwork. As a general rule of thumb you should take your bodyweight and divide it by two to get the ounces of water your body needs daily. After your resistance training or interval training it's critical to put your body into a recovery state and maximize metabolism. please visit http://www. About the Author Holly Leonard. flues.befithealthandwellness. and be more susceptible to colds. Metabolism is largely related to the amount of lean muscle you have on your physique. appear fatter. If you don't consume enough water your body will age quicker. For more expert fat loss advice. Increase your lean muscle. long-duration aerobics. In fact. 6. Not only will you boost your RMR by burning more calories all day and night.231 – . Increase your water intake. Consume a post-workout shake. An increase in 5 pounds of lean muscle will stoke your resting metabolic rate (RMR) the amount of calories you burn just to sustain life . Intervals not only improve your cardiovascular fitness. is a body transformation specialist who has helped hundreds of men and women reclaim their attractive. This is known as "the after burn" and it's the most important factor to burning fat. but burn way more calories and fat than slow. By using interval training you are able to exercise at a higher intensity without burning yourself out in minutes since you alternate between high intensity and low intensity efforts. Remember these 7 fat loss secrets only work if you follow them consistently.

but over time it will be just a normal as getting up in the morning.com . Realistic Goals. there’s no way you can say no.Make a commitment to working out consistently for three months. here are a few things you might want to try to help you stay motivated. If you fall of the wagon. Records.Keep records of your workout routines and any progress or changes you might need to make. so you decide to skip working out and blow your diet. what can it hurt. It may not feel like it at first. you get asked out on a date by that special someone. Convenience. so do the trips to the gym. Fitness doesn’t have to end after three months if you give it a fair try.Make your workout routines fun. It’s just one night.FitnessExpertNetwork. and by April they’re not exercising at all. This will make it easier to stick to. If you can’t afford a trainer. Fun. Trainer. Three Months. just like brushing your teeth. “New Year’s Resolution”. don’t try and do five. try getting a workout partner. sticking to your routine. When you workout with someone. Keeping fit and staying in shape is a lifelong commitment whether it is through diet. but after two or three months they find that it gets easier and easier to make up excuses why they shouldn’t have to work out. If you’re thinking about cutting out your exercise routine. eating right. www.Try working out with a fitness trainer. Making a commitment to commit is the first step in the right direction to a successful exercise regimen. If it’s fun. you’ll look forward to it more.Make exercising as much a part of your daily life as you can. It’s so often than not that one excuse to go off your diet or skip going to the gym starts to turn into a regular habit.Fitness Doesn’t End After Three Months By Hut Allred You’ve been working out on a regular basis. Once the exhilaration wears off. Give yourself a chance to make working out a habit in your life. you can help keep each other motivated. the more likely you are to stick to it.Choose a time and place to exercise that is easy for you and fits well into your schedule. It’s their job to help you stay motivated and teach you training techniques that are the most beneficial to your success. or a combination of both. Most people when they first start working out are really motivated. • • • • • • • Routine. Fitness doesn’t end after three months. exercise.If you can only work out three days a week. It’s safe to say that 75% of people who start to work out will fizzle off within three months. Most people get started in January. The more of a routine exercising is.232 – . by changing routines or adding some kick boxing in with your weight lifting. get right back on. don’t beat yourself up. and before you even know it. you’re not even going to the gym at all.

Inc.FitnessExpertNetwork. His company provides in home personal fitness coaching throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His website is www.233 – . TX. located in Dallas.bestdallaspersonaltrainer.com www.com .About the Author Hut Allred is the President of New Wave Fitness.

but a mental level as well. For one reason or another New Years seems to be the perfect time of year to start your nutrition program and get back into shape. and even how to deal with stress. It all depends on what works best for you. When you first meet with your fitness trainer. and you are compatible with is an important part of maintaining a successful workout routine. they will go over your personal needs. and you won’t feel offended when your trainer tries to push you to the www.234 – . Some People Need a Push" By Hut Allred From October through December you often hear the words “I’ll start my nutrition program after the first of the year”. Trainers work with you one on one. motivation. working out with a fitness trainer can be just the thing you need in order to jump start your fitness & nutrition program. Your personal trainer can teach you exercises that will target all the spots you need to work on without the use of gym equipment. Personal fitness trainers can meet you at the gym or workout with you in the convenience and privacy of your own home. your workouts will be more enjoyable to you. Finding a personal trainer that you like. can communicate with. that you might have. your personal trainer will teach you the proper way to execute each exercise in order to obtain the maximum benefit. you will be more likely to want to work out. and what limitations. you might want to workout at home."In Fitness. health reasons due to injury or medical conditions. It takes more than one session to figure out exactly what your fitness needs are. If you would like the option of more equipment. don’t be concerned about not having enough exercise equipment.com . No matter when you decide to start your nutrition program and exercise routine.FitnessExpertNetwork. if any. If time is an issue. Once you have determined a game plan. review your nutrition program and discuss your desired goals. If you like your personal trainer. evaluate your fitness level. When you workout with a personal trainer you not only develop on a physical level. or just because you need more energy and would like to get into better shape. teaching you specific exercises and techniques. Personal trainers will help design a workout and nutrition program that is suited to meet your specific needs. Your personal trainer will learn when you need that extra push. you might want to work out at the gym. diet and nutrition. You may have decided that you want to lose weight for a special occasion. If you do decide to workout at home. Your fitness trainer can teach you the best exercises to lose weight that help you deal with your problem areas. what your strength’s are. when he’s pushing you to hard.

and the motivation of a personal trainer. His company provides in home personal fitness coaching throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. discipline. you can achieve your goals of health and happiness. With commitment. His website is www.com www. Your own personal health is priceless.next level. Inc. You can look at working out with a personal trainer as an investment in your health and well being.235 – . About the Author Hut Allred is the President of New Wave Fitness.FitnessExpertNetwork. TX. located in Dallas.com .bestdallaspersonaltrainer.

so in order to avoid this pitfall you need to start your workout program at a pace that you can keep up with. Having a sense of accomplishment is one way to stay motivated. They can help you set up a workout routine that will enable you to achieve your goals.com . and target health problems such as high blood press. but the problem is that many people expect too much. you set a larger goal. tone and tighten. get back in shape.FitnessExpertNetwork. The biggest fitness mistake that I see is when people set unrealistic goals for themselves.236 – . not to mention others etc…. Many people when they first come to the gym are really motivated and excited to start their workout routine. www. But who would think that there could be a wrong way to exercise? Any kind of exercise is better than no exercise. it makes you feel good about yourself and helps inspire you to the next level. This is all great. Setting unrealistic goals is a recipe for failure. Avoid the biggest fitness mistake by talking to someone who is familiar with customizing workout routines. It’s like learning to walk before you can run. Gaining all that weight or getting out of shape didn’t happen overnight. and diabetes. cholesterol. but that’s an unrealistic goal. hoping to get dramatic results in a couple of workouts. Right? While any type of exercise might be better than no exercise at all. Nothing is more defeating than setting goals that are unattainable and when you first start to workout you’re there because you want to feel better about yourself. As a fitness trainer myself I see these mistakes all the time. but it can also increase the chance of injury involved when working out if you’re in too much of a hurry. Not only can setting unrealistic goals discourage you from wanting to work out. It’s easier to stick to a workout routine when you set goals that you know you can achieve. too soon. not worse. especially when someone is just getting started with a new workout routine. so what makes you think you can get rid of it overnight. Fitness trainers are great motivational tools as well as being knowledge in the area of exercise and nutrition. I ask all of my clients what they hope to achieve before committing to a workout program.The Biggest Fitness Mistake By Hut Allred We all know that exercising has many benefits. It can help you to lose weight. It’s natural to want to drop those extra 40 pounds in a month. it just doesn’t work that way. there are fitness mistakes that can in one way or another keep you from getting the ultimate benefits from your workout routine. You set a small goal and once you achieve it. such as a fitness trainer.

bestdallaspersonaltrainer. If you find a workout routine that suits your needs you’ll be more inclined to stay with the program and achieve those realistic goals that you set for yourself.237 – . TX.FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is www. About the Author Hut Allred is the President of New Wave Fitness. His company provides in home personal fitness coaching throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Inc.Working out with someone who knows what they’re doing will help you get started on the right foot. located in Dallas.com www.com .

70% or 97. The statistics alone prove that we are a Nation well on our way to a society that is out of shape and overweight. With a proper health regime of exercise and nutrition you can develop a personal fitness program that will provide you with good ways to lose weight and keep it off.1 million of the American population has a weight problem. Everyone loses weight at different rates. Getting to the point where you begin to see the results from your efforts is sometimes the hardest part of losing weight. especially if you’re slow in seeing your results."Working Toward Fitness" By Hut Allred Do you need a personal fitness trainer? Statistics show that 1 out of 3 people in the United States today are overweight. By committing www. Your personal fitness trainer works with you on a personal level to help keep you motivated at times when you just feel like giving up. Your first step to losing weight is making the commitment to do what it takes to take those unwanted pounds off. so it’s not going to come off overnight either. 60% of people aged 20 and older are overweight while children between the ages of 12 to 17 are 12% overweight and children between the ages of 6 to 11 are 14% overweight. Fast food restaurants. Sometimes all you need is a little extra push to get over the hump. A personal fitness trainer can help you decide what workout and nutritional program will work best for you in order for you to achieve your fitness goals. over 44% of Americans are considered obese with a body mass index of 30% or higher. But you must remember that you didn’t gain the weight overnight. but they are also there to help motivate and challenge you during your workouts. Men usually can lose weight faster than women. fast paced lifestyles. I cannot stress enough the importance of health related fitness. and lack of exercise are all common contributors to this growing epidemic.FitnessExpertNetwork. but young children as well. It is your personal fitness trainer’s job to help you with both physical and emotional issues that may keep you from sticking to your workout routine. Once you’ve made that decision. When you take a good look at these statistics it’s hard to ignore the fact that there is definitely a problem where weight is concerned. the good news is that there are things you can do to control your weight if you really set your mind to it. which means 35. There are days when you just don’t feel like working out or going to the gym. sometimes life just get in the way. poor eating habits. It is not just a problem that affects adults anymore.238 – . While there is no secret cure or miracle pill that you can take to lose weight. Out of these percentages. you might want to consult with a personal fitness trainer.com . Staying focused and motivated is not always. Not only will a personal fitness trainer work with you one on one.

About the Author Hut Allred is the President of New Wave Fitness. and thinner life. His company provides in home personal fitness coaching throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.com www.com . healthier. located in Dallas. Inc.239 – .bestdallaspersonaltrainer. TX.FitnessExpertNetwork.to make changes in your lifestyle you can be on your way to a happier. His website is www.

On top of that. This is critical because you want to increase your heart rate and start increasing your body core temperature. the muscles warmer. view the demo. have your bottle of water ready or some sort of fitness water. Okay! Now it is time to take you to your 20 minutes medicine ball exercise routine. Medicine ball training is very advantageous for anyone who wants to lose weight and increase aerobic capacity (the total amount of oxygen that your body can take up)."Medicine Ball Training At Home" By Ibsen Alexandre Medicine ball is by far one of the best ways to train at home and see tremendous results.240 – . you can draw a little square somewhere at your place that is very comfortable and use it as your work out space to use the medicine ball to perform various exercises. training with a medicine ball will also help enhance your cardiovascular system. Go to www. or just your radio. Normally you want to start up with a dynamic warm-up. Yes! These cold muscles of yours need more oxygen and need to get warmer so you can get ready to start your training. get the joints to be more lubricated.bodybuzzfitness. The abdominal regions and the lower back region are also consistently engaged because they work as a core support during most of the movements.com . If you are looking to shape up in a short amount of time medicine ball training at home is one of the safest and best ways to do so. and the ligaments ready to operate. which requires lost of space to develop many exercise skills. If you have any questions please email us at info@bodybuzzfitness. like Gatorade or Propel (help balance your electrolytes for you. the park.com and visit our Health Library page. Keep in mind it is critical that you perform the routines at least three times a week for 30 minutes with 30-60 seconds for rest. In fact. or your own backyard to start seeing tremendous result with medicine ball training. Pump up your music if you have a good CD. thus having more musculature contraction of the muscle groups being engaged. To view the examples of some of the exercises you can perform at home.FitnessExpertNetwork. Training with a medicine ball allows you to activate more motor neuron from the Central Nervous System (CNS). and start enjoying a better you. and prevent muscles soreness. The multiple movements around the joints that medicine ball allow you to do is phenomenal. iPod. decrease stress on the joints. Go to www. Stretching about 10-15 minutes should be done following the exercise routine just to elongate the muscle fibers more. There is a very simple way to get these routines.com www. and core strength.com/ibalexandre . Unlike being at a traditional gym setting. Usually a warm up will be about 5 to 10 minutes.fitnessgenerator. Medicine balls can be carried around very easily at your home and do not require a lot of space. so you can keep your energy up).

ibsenbodysculpt.241 – .com .About the Author Ibsen Alexandre Health and Fitness Professional Bodybuzz Fitness LLC www.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www.bodybuzzfitness.blogspot.com www.

I saw her with the same figure. Many of you who want to lose weight.242 – . In this sense cardio = heart. "You can't be serious? I have been taught and heard this is how I can lose weight rapidly."Why Avoiding Cardio and Focus More on Weight Training Will Help YOU get Better Results and Lose Weight Faster" By Ibsen Alexandre What exactly is cardio anyway? Many of you go to a fitness facility or a gym without a good understanding of the word cardio. vascular = blood vessels. It is mainly a short-term use for cardiovascular. lubricates the joints. I approached her and said. She replied. nothing really changed." I told her. By this. I worked with many clients who I have helped with this scenario here. or treadmill. it is simply a descriptive term for the heart and the blood vessels. cardiovascular has to do with pertaining or involving the heart and blood vessels via some form of activity. "Yes! I love it. Six months later. where exactly I am going with this article? Keep reading to find out.com . and the message on her face was simply. So. I'm referring to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood vessels. I always see a lady doing cardio. some of these people will either read it in a magazine or get the advice from someone with a totally different body type. warm up the muscles via thermo genesis (rise in body temperature." www. So again. just jump on an elliptical. Usually. If I were to break this word down for you. therefore it's a bigger waste of your time if you want to see results fast. Everyday I walked by on the second floor of a fitness facility I used to work at. cardio. Some of you don’t even challenge your central nervous system enough or the body when you use the upright bike or the treadmill. or an upright bike and spend 1 to 2 hours on it and doing Cardio. Let me tell you a very short story. but I'd like to use Barbara this time. or lack of knowledge about how the body works.FitnessExpertNetwork. "If you're serious about losing weight and see results faster. promote more elasticity for muscle fibers. This is a very nice piece of equipment you are working on today. Listen! I am not implying here that doing cardio is bad for you and you should avoid it entirely. Doing cardio every single day without doing some form of interval and circuit training on them (the machines that you usually use) will only jeopardize your results and weight. that’s when you start getting hot and sweating too). That's all she did. especially the knee joints for injury prevention. but I can't seem to lose weight on it. but you should know first and foremost why you are running on the treadmill and using the elliptical to begin with. We won't go in too many scientific details here. loosen up the heart muscles. Performing cardio exercises is essentially good to improve your cardiovascular system." She was socked. For the sake of examples let's just call this lady Barbara. then let's try to avoid the cardio for 1 hour everyday. not to mention genetics factor is also involved.

in fact I gain weight instead. I simply showed her 7 exercises that she can literally execute in just 5 minutes by using mostly her body weight as resistance. and then fat will be its last resort. However. For men. If you ever heard of the term Plateau. In fact. do only 15 minutes or cardio then I will pick you up and take you to a 7 minutes work out. fats hormones are taking over. with a high tempo. 15 or 30 minutes of cardio. and get involve in an group exercise class and a yoga class. enough all of this gibberish scientific jargon. and much.Here's a great message for you and if you are reading this far. doing only 2 sets.243 – . You see! The myth about our industry is that the majority of women think and even some men think. much more. if she was on medication and so forth. or shoot me an email. there is a typical saying that goes like this what you don't know you don't know?. especially at a medium to high intensity.com . It's a belly fat hormone. I just screened her very quickly to find out if she had any joints injury. After it breaks down carbohydrates for fuel. What you need to keep in mind is that avoiding too much cardio and focus on weight training instead is better for you if you want to lose significant amount of weight and feel better. and then you have lipase. ?well I do cardio all the time and I don’t seem to lose weight. And once they do my friend. it didn't take her 2 months to shed a lot of weight off and get a little toner. The next day. I said ?Barbara. so they can take the stage and be in control. and interfere with protein synthesis. The message: There are many physiological changes that occur inside the human body after just doing. what’s going on?? All right. all you need to do with these 7 exercises I’m going to prescribe you is changed the orders and the intensity every time you come in. fat is actually a main source of energy for the human body. These hormones just love to wait when estrogen and testosterone is giving up.FitnessExpertNetwork. For argument sake. and I want you to perform them 3 times a week for just about 15 minutes. Do you know what happens after that? You guessed it right. shorten her resting interval. getting your mind more involve in the process is easier and faster to lose weight rather than spending an eternity www.45 minutes doing cardio. reaching up to 45 minutes and more. if you say. No wonder why many of you keep on saying. increase muscles mass. let us get back to analyze the situation of our lady. you can always visit my website at the end of this article to check out my testimonial page. After 30 . it is merely different and a little more complicated than that with doing cardio for a very long period of time. then it will start attacking your protein level. She did just that. in order to keep you going. and guess what. women shouldn't be lifting weights because they will end up bulky or looking like a muscle head. at least in my opinion. Cortisol is one of the most disgusted and annoying hormone. get your muscles to work harder. your attitude about losing weight faster and get better results will change and have an impact on others. your amount of estrogen start lowering. and she agreed. You see my friend. another fat hormone. rather than losing. any pain. you actually put yourself in a situation to gain weight. then you know exactly what I am referring to. I told Barbara. listen. Barbara. and sustain that energy. Now. Yes. I don't know how many times I met a woman who wanted to lose weight and get toner and shove this statement right in my face. going on a strength and conditioning resistance program where you are putting stress on the body. the level of testosterone stop dropping significantly and other fat hormones will start taking over. for women. tomorrow when you come into the club.

The only thing the scale will do for you is increase your stress hormones more. it would be wiser to safe your hard earn money and run up the stairs of your house everyday. some of you might have worked with someone who didn't have the adequate knowledge about the science and philosophy of exercise and sound nutrition.FitnessExpertNetwork. and I am sure you are not paying a membership fee just to go to a gym to perform cardio everyday. Also. Take a yoga class every week if you can. This is a reason why when a woman starts a new exercise regimen. Get involve with other outdoor activities. follow some sort of programs in a magazine that wasn't even met for your needs to begin with.blogspot. or even worse. don't be shy and afraid to ask someone to show you an effective weight training exercise. and I'm not talking about going from one treadmill to an elliptical or the stair climber. Go on a machine and perform an exercise you love.45 minutes.com www. Find something else to do after that.ibsenbodysculpt. The training staffs are getting paid to help you as well.com www. it decreases the percentage of fats and restricts more water. get lean. and put the scale in a corner and stop worrying about it. she notices she feels lighter. like hiking. If there are training staff on the premises. jump in place for 2 minutes or so and see better results.com . About the Author Ibsen Alexandre Health and Fitness Professional Bodybuzz Fitness LLC www. then your stress hormone will increase your fat hormones. and stay involve with an exercise program regimen. Control what you eat each day.on a cardio machine. Your goal on a cardio piece should be 5 .244 – . and the truth is if your truly desire to tone. When you gain muscle mass. and lose weight faster. My advice to you is let the body and your brain do their jobs with your effort. next time you go on a piece of cardio equipment do not stay on it for 1hr and 30 minutes. If this is the case.bodybuzzfitness. The reality my friend. then these bad boys will be laughing at you trying to lose more weight. even loses 3 pounds or more but weighs the same numerous times. and then you end up being bulky. then you will know exactly why avoiding cardio and focus more on weight training will help you get better results and lose weight faster. firm up quicker.

I am giving you a very valuable tool . If you do . I will explain each principle in detail. I tell you this because as I lay the program out for you.FitnessExpertNetwork. upside and down. But. month after month. Overload Training Before I dive in. learn it inside and out. for over a decade now."Total Body Transformation: Part 1 Training" By James Cipriani Are you frustrated with all of the conflicting information about how to train for a true total body transformation? Are you frustrated with busting your butt in the gym hour after hour. one hundred.. The scope of this article is going to cover the one true variable in all the phases of my total body transformation training programs .GUARANTEED!!! I am confident that you will see me as a source for all of your muscle building. I want everyone reading this to do one thing for the rest of his or her training life . Through trial. How do I plan to do that? Simply by providing you with the truth and a plan that will work at least three times faster than anything else you have ever tried before. fat loss.Always.S. If you do not have a logical.a tool that has created some of the greatest drug-free body transformations ever! Is my way the only way to produce results. and year after year with little or no results to show for it? I AM PROMISING YOU RIGHT NOW THAT IF YOU FOLLOW THIS ARTICLE TO A TEE. YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN THE SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE . Put it to use 1000% and reap the rewards.whether that be just one. and research I have formulated the perfect cycling method for everyone. If not. approach to weightlifting. I has taken the combination of scientific knowledge and real world trial and error (through not only training myself. health. Overload is the #1 factor in all training. or one thousand. as proven by the countless training styles of such great physiques throughout history.245 – .com . My mission is to spread the word and educate as many as I can. The body is a very adaptive organism and to insure that we avoid the dreaded "plateau" as well as injury.great. error. What I am going to uncover in this article is the basis for all my total body transformation training. scientifically proven reason to your "why."overload. and fitness pursuits.. You will www. but hundreds of others) and provided our industry with a no B." do not do it. smart/calculated changes need to be made on a consistent basis. I did not create the following concepts that I am about to dispel to you." You may or may not know what the definition of overload is. always ask yourself "why" you are doing something. Obviously there isn't.

reps. Let's take a look at the principles behind this phase: www.com . etc) than it was previously used to. Guess what? That right there is overload. some straight sets. sets. one thing remains constant . We are unfortunately involved in an activity that allows us to do things (for lack of a better word) "wrong" and still get some results.Maximum Strength Phase. Train the BEST way possible and maximize your results. Whether you train using a cycle training approach or not. Everybody has their own way of how to build muscle and they all work to some degree.the overload principle." To understand the principles behind Overload Training. the principles behind my Strength and Growth Phase should be respected and followed at some point in your training. cycle training is your best approach. Some people use supersets. Well if you are like me you are not after just some transformation you are after MAXIMUM TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION! And if you are anything like me you are after it in the shortest possible time. and even some 15 reps or more. One thing and only one thing is responsible for building muscle. That is why so many people can train so many different ways and achieve some sort of body transformation response from it. All phases (outside of transitional phases. it is going to respond.not just walk away knowing the "what's. You may be asking what difference does it make how you train if all training has the ability of stimulating a muscle transformation. Increased weight used 2. My Total Body Transformation Training System usually starts with the pivotal Maximum Strength and Growth Phase.FitnessExpertNetwork. some 12 reps. Hypertrophy (or Muscle Stimulation) Phase." but you will be educated in the "whys. and stay mentally stimulated (just to name a few). The Cycle Training Approach As mentioned. you must first understand the physiological process of building muscle. Do not settle for some results.246 – . train all muscle fibers for maximum response. Doing the same reps with a certain weight in a shorter period of time. providing your muscle(s) with a stress that it is not used to and this is accomplished three different ways: 1. Cycle training allows you to avoid injury. no matter how you stimulate it. which are more of an Active Rest phase) are based solely on one of these three phases or a combination of two. No matter what phase I am in or what the priority of the phase may be. avoid plateaus. Increased reps done with a certain weight 3. and the Muscle Defining (or Fat Burning) Phase. some drop sets. Some will do 6 reps. I virtually use a 3 phase system . How can that be? If you are providing your muscle with more work (weight.

Principle #5 www. overload builds muscle.Principle #1 Do Not Train For More Than An Hour.your white. Also.FitnessExpertNetwork. For you to get the most muscular stimulation possible. you will hinder your performance and shortchange your overload.. This allows you to take advantage of Principle #1. If you are constantly pulling lactate into the muscle. Training any longer is going to increase your secretion of cortisol. Honestly if you are pouring maximum intensity into your workouts. Any other fiber has minimal response potential in comparison and it is scientifically documented that the way to hit these white fibers is with a heavy weight in a 4 to 6 rep range. Note: if you are only able to get to the gym 2-3 times a week. If you train too long you are going to pace yourself. then this principle is obviously obsolete. whether that be consciously or subconsciously. the less you will need. Principle #2 Train Only 2 Major Muscle Groups In A Workout. It is one of the principles that separate it from other phases. this is generous. Lastly. with the given rest periods that will be prescribed. thus fatiguing the muscle. Principle #3 Do No More Than 6-8 Total Heavy Sets Per Muscle Group.247 – . a catabolic hormone. It has psychological benefits. you probably won't need much more than 4-6 heavy sets. the added benefit of the 4 to 6 rep range is the "focus" element. Your routines also need to have a "sprint-like" quality to them to maintain maximum intensity.com . Remember. This is the heart and soul of the Strength and Growth Phase.. this is about all you could accomplish in the recommended time frame. It is scientifically proven that this shorter duration training maximizes your hormonal spikes. you want to attack the muscle fibers that have the most growth potential . as well. Principle #4 Do 4 To 6 Reps Per Set. The stronger and more experienced you are. not fatigue. You are more apt to pour more into your workouts if you know you are only hitting a couple of muscle groups in a given workout. yet still take a multi-angle/multiexercise approach to training your body parts. Note: "Heavy" sets do not include warm-up sets. I will tell you right now. any higher rep range is going to draw excess lactate into the muscle. It is a lot easier to put forth 100% mental intensity into a set that lasts 20 seconds than a set that would last two to three times that. Also. fast-twitched muscle fibers. No matter what phase I am in. I try not to go over the one hour mark..

This routine is a great template for all of you to start with in your quest for MAXIMUM TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION ! Mondays . Optimal rest-time between sets in a Strength and Growth Phase would be 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. if you do not fully recover between sets you are going to compromise your next set performance.Legs Squats (4 warm-up sets) 3 x 4-6 Leg Press (1 acclimation set) 2 x 4-6 Stiff leg Dead lifts (1 acclimation set) 2 x 4-6 Standing Calf Raise (2-3 warm-up sets) 3 x 6-8 Seated Calf Raise 2 x 6-8 Tuesdays .WE DO NOT GROW IN THE GYM! Our lifting is just the stimulus for muscle growth. you will impede your growth and soon venture into the realm of overtraining. If you do not allow full and complete recovery of your muscles.. It has been shown time and time again that a muscle can take up to 9 days to fully recover from a heavy..248 – . high-intensity workout. depending on the muscle being worked.Chest & Biceps Incline Bench Press (4 warm-up sets) 3 x 4-6 Bench Press 3 x 4-6 Decline Press 1 x 4-6 Barbell Curls (4 warm-up sets) 2 x 4-6 Hammer Curls 2 x 4-6 E-Z Bar Curls 1 x 4-6 Thursdays . Now that I have laid out the principles of Strength and Growth for you. readying itself for future stress. you are probably asking yourself what a typical routine would look like. so set your stopwatches. Principle #6 Train Each Muscle Once Every 5 to 7 Days. would shortchange your overload on your target muscle. Get this straight if you don't already know it. and the exercise being performed. Thus. Another element critical to the Strength and Growth Phase.Rest 2 Between Sets. Below is one that I have used myself as well as with my personal training clients with great success. the amount of weight used.Back & Abs Bent Rows (3-4 warm-ups) 2 x 4-6 V-bar Pull downs 2 x 4-6 Weighted Pull-ups 2 x 4-6 Straight-bar Cable Rows 1 x 4-6 Weighted Leg Lifts (1 warm-up set) 2 x 12-15 www. A scientifically proven aspect of performance is that it can take anywhere from 90 seconds to 3 minutes for your Krebs's cycle to recover maximally. Again. in turn.FitnessExpertNetwork. The recovery process is where the muscle responds by growing stronger and bigger.com .

supplement reports.FitnessExpertNetwork. Each monthly issue is crammed with training tips. He is a featured writer for many fitness websites and magazines.com Log on now! Filled with articles. it is your guide towards health and fitness RESULTS! While you are there.Jim Cipriani's Cutting Edge Fitness Chronicle.Shoulders & Triceps Seated Dumbbell Press (4 warm-ups) 3 x 4-6 Seated Military Press 2 x 4-6 Side Laterals (1 acclimation set) 2 x 4-6 Lying Extensions (1-2 warm-up sets) 2 x 4-6 Pushdowns 2 x 4-6 Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extensions 1 x 4-6 Be sure to read Part 2 of this article.jimcipriani. subscribe to one of the internet's Most Popular Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletters . and much more. nutrition articles. www. CT. exclusive discounts. About the Author James Cipriani is a certified personal trainer located in Danbury.com .249 – . e-books. His website is: http://www.Cable Crunches 2 x 8-10 Fridays . It's FREE.

we are going to cover what supplements to take and how to take them. In a quest for a total body transformation or not. But before I get into the nitty-gritty of supplementation. supplements. not all proteins are created equally.FitnessExpertNetwork.250 – . There is no such thing as a magic bullet in the supplement industry that will make up for sub-par workouts and poor eating habits. let's envision a three level pyramid with the base being our "foundation" supplements.. whey protein isolate. shall I say it.needed by) everyone."Total Body Transformation: Part 3 Supplements" By James Cipriani In this installment of the Total Body Transformation series. l-Glutamine. I don't view meal replacements or whey protein isolate as supplements at all. just like fats and carbohydrates. The proteins found in these two products are the highest quality available on earth. Our Base Your foundation level represents supplements that will not only help in accelerating muscle growth and fat loss. If you read Part 2. There is nothing magical here. these supplements are beneficial to (and in my opinion . Level Two www. and the top level being the "fine tuning" level. Use of these supplements alone form the basis of a highly effective nutritional program. the middle level representing our "performance enhancement" level.com . and your multivitamin and minerals. supplements are virtually worthless. Now that this is fully understood. It is virtually impossible to match the low calorie/nutrient denseness of MRPs and you won't find a better protein for building/maintaining lean body mass then whey protein isolate. you will recall that I am adamant about the importance of protein in your diet to augment your body transformation efforts. Don't get ripped off! Do your research and go with a credible company. let us build a hierarchy of supplements based on importance and effectiveness. WORD OF CAUTION: Not all supplements are created equally. This level is your meal replacement powders. I find myself taking about 40-60% of my total protein intake in the form of these two. I view them as food. either. let's make one thing very clear . Well.If your training and nutrition are not in order. but they optimize personal health and well being. In fact. Train right! Eat right! Then supplement right! Supplements should be considered the last leg of our body transformation tripod. To start.

but I recommend everyone start with the first two levels of our pyramid and work from there.just to name a few. science has opened our eyes to important supplementation tactics that stimulate this powerful muscle building mechanism that will. Timing Your Supplements To Build Muscle There is a crucial time period shortly after your workouts that is a make-or-break period for muscle. Included here would be alpha lipoic acid. I find myself at times only using these supplements. betacarotene. you can't stop there. faster. researchers showed us that ingestion of a supplement consisting of amino acids and simple carbohydrates directly AFTER training is the most potent stimulator of muscle growth.Our "performance" level of supplements will be our thermogens/workout enhancers and micronized creatine. I have to put one more category of supplements in this level and that is antioxidants. RESULTS! Top Of The Supplement Pyramid Our last level in our pyramid. and NAC.251 – . but are not obtainable from a regular diet.FitnessExpertNetwork. determine your goals and supplement needs and the devise your plan. Will they be beneficial? To some. In the past couple of years. So you would be wise to consume a pre-workout shake consisting of protein and simple carbohydrates. CLA. stronger. This is mandatory for prevention of protein degradation and stimulating synthesis. and DHEA . www. Make that most of the time. the "fine tuning" level. but research has shown that these little free radical fighters and cystiene enhancers can make or break your recovery process. There are so many other supplements I could go into. in turn. Research has also shown us that amino acid transport and uptake into muscle is 300% greater during the three hours post workout than any other time of the day. These are the supplements that help you maximize every minute you are in the gym. Next. and leaner .otherwise known as those who desire a total body transformation. You will not necessarily feel these working. vitamin E. specifically vitamin C. a.com . lead to overall gains in muscle growth. This will flood your muscles with valuable building materials they need while working. First we were enlightened to the fact that a pre-workout protein/carb supplement BEFORE your workout increases the flow of amino acids to working muscles during training. Glucosamine formulas.a. are supplements that MAY provide some benefit. These are the supplements that you can feel working. These are for those who have the desire to be bigger. Instead of going nuts and purchasing every product out there.k. The timing of the insulin spike is important for needed amino acid transport. But. Are they needed? No.. It would then make sense to consume the same type of shake post-workout as you did pre-workout.

subscribe to one of the internet's Most Popular Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletters . A good ratio is about 35-45 grams of protein and 25-35 grams of carbs with 5-10 grams of creatine. complex carbohydrates.com . and much more. Here is what it looks like: Step 1. Step 2. CT. About the Author James Cipriani is a certified personal trainer located in Danbury. Each monthly issue is crammed with training tips. and low in fat. exclusive discounts. so you will want to have a whole food meal rich in lean proteins. His website is http://www. Use a protein/carb liquid 30-45 minutes preworkout. Log on now! Filled with articles.com. it is your guide towards health and fitness RESULTS! While you are there. Ingest the same shake immediately post-workout.What does that mean to you? You need to feed and supplement yourself properly and frequently throughout these three hours to maximize your total body transformation. Step 3. It's FREE. nutrition articles.jimcipriani." This is also a good time to utilize creatine and glutamine again.252 – . glutamine. He is a featured writer for many fitness websites and magazines. These first two steps are your "total body transformation bracket. supplement reports. as well as taking your antioxidants. preferably whey protein isolate and a glucose mixture. www. You still have time left in your three hour window to capitalize on. e-books.Jim Cipriani's Cutting Edge Fitness Chronicle.FitnessExpertNetwork. Now is also a good time to use creatine. and thermogens as well.

The Good.Total Body Transformation: Part 4 Cardio. minimizing it. execute the information presented to you and reap the rewards. let us first examine the three main benefits of incorporating cardio into your fitness program: 1. For the majority of you reading who are out to get the most fat burning from your cardio and the most muscle building from your weight training. long duration. some cardio should always be done.the expenditure of energy in an effort to burn fat. From a health standpoint alone. we are going to answer all of these questions.. A lot of you will do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with the notion that you will burn 300% more fat than you would any other time of the day. but I realize that the majority of you that are reading this article have a great deal of desire to incorporate cardio for the first reason listed . cardio on an empty stomach. Who Should Do Cardio? Simple answer.com . The list is endless. Cardio exercise enhances cardiovascular health. 3. Cardio improves our endurance. short duration. high-intensity.. www. etc. frequency. In part four. To understand the information presented to you fully. Of the utmost importance is the fact that cardio enhances our cardiovascular health. And by that I mean doing so without impeding upon or having a negative impact whatsoever on muscle growth or. and intensity levels. yet reduce the negative impact cardio can have on building muscle.FitnessExpertNetwork. at the very least. and The Best! By James Cipriani Walk into almost any gym in your area and you will see as much confusion as to how to incorporate cardio into a body transformation program as you would see in the mass confusion of how to weight train correctly. Most will get on the bike or treadmill and do their time in an effort to lose their love handles or get that six pack of abs.. Read it. And to top it off. no matter what their goal may be. 2. The difference in the program design across goal levels will be in duration. If you are looking for a TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION..253 – . EVERYBODY! Cardiovascular exercise is very important for everyone's overall health. you have to strike a balance between the two that will maximize the benefits of both. there are the growing numbers of different machines that are available to us that add to our confusion as to what is the best way to do cardio and what do we do it on. Low-intensity.fat burning. then you must incorporate cardio intelligently and with reason. Cardio burns calories . The Better.

keeping weight training to 40-45 minutes is most optimal. but your metabolism stays amp'd up throughout the next 24 hours.FitnessExpertNetwork. you will see that it is much more result producing. I thought you said high intensity is best. Honestly.15-20 minutes! "Wait a second. low intensity cardio that most so called "fitness experts" would prescribe. has little to show for muscularity at all.254 – . by the way. Hence. the duration of each session. How long should that be? This is no different than your weight training. I wean people into that concept. Properly done. you would not be able to last that long with high intensity cardio. Well. Long duration. but it is hard to tell the high volume advocate who does 2 hours a day that cutting their weight workouts in less than half would produce more results. So. and not post exercise. They will even provide you with scientific studies to prove that low intensity cardio is the best for utilizing fat as fuel during your exercise bout. Sure you utilize much more glycogen as your fuel source during the exercise itself. Why are you recommending guidelines for lower intensity cardio?" www. That is a generous time length and takes into account variables such as crowded gyms and loading and unloading your weights. HIC should be kept at half of that . and the time you do it in relation to your weight training.com . Thirty to forty minutes is plenty! And that is for a lower intensity cardio. cardio should be kept to a time length that would not send you backwards in your efforts of maximum muscle. a better utilization of calories ingested and increased fat mobilization. same holds true for cardio. whom. What is wrong with that? Post exercise oxidation of fat cells is much less during the rest of the day in low intensity exercise. Need proof? Look at the physiques of sprinters compared to marathon runners. A sprinter is much leaner and muscular than the marathon runner. The studies that they are quick to quote only test the oxidation of fat DURING exercise. Well. Those who read part 1 of the Total Body Transformation series know that I recommend keeping weight training to under an hour. Let us look at each one individually: Intensity Of Cardio: Which is best? High intensity or low intensity? Most people will opt for the longer duration. If you look at the studies done on the fat loss potential of high intensity cardio/exercise.How Do You Do That? The most important aspects in regards to maximizing the benefits of cardio and minimizing the negatives are the intensity of your cardio. low intensity cardio will not cut it! The Duration Of Cardio: Keeping with the idea of not inducing catabolism (not to mention the example of the marathon runner above). the problem with that is within the studies.

Just as weight training. How grueling can cardio possible be? Well. I recommend up to 5. This way you get the best of both worlds without impeding on the muscle growth process. As you can see. If fat burning is low on your priority list. this is not something you would want to be doing everyday. For those who have fat burning as their main goal. or up your level of resistance. As you can now see. How can you do this when I am recommending that you rest between 1-2 days between HIC sessions? That is where moderate intensity cardio sessions come in. then I would do 2 sessions a week and spread them out enough to make them both HIC sessions. you should be trying to travel further in the same amount of time and same level of resistance. this is what a typical HIC session should look like: 1-2 minutes at a moderate intensity (around 70-80% intensity) amping up in resistance and speed. Saturday and/or Sunday: Same as Wednesday.com .High intensity cardio IS best. What is that exactly? Read on. you do not want to do too much or do it too often. Before Or After: When To Do You’re Cardio www. Frequency Of Cardio: Anyone who has done high intensity cardio knows how grueling it is. then alternate between 1 minute of 100% intensity and 1 minute of moderate intensity (repeat this around 6-9 times). but lower intensity cardio does have some merit and there is use for it. you can fit in 1 or 2 moderate intensity longer duration sessions.FitnessExpertNetwork. or level of resistance. Also. just as you do in your weight training. you are going to want to do more cardio sessions in a week.255 – . burn more calories in the same amount of time and same level of resistance. How much rest? Let 1-2 full days go by before doing another session. What this means is each time you do cardio. Too many sets of sprints are counterproductive as are too many sessions without adequate recovery between them. striving to increase my calories burned. proper rest between high intensity cardio is needed. A typical week would look like this: Monday: 16-20 minutes of high intensity cardio on a recumbent bike Wednesday: 35-40 minutes of moderate intensity cardio walking on a treadmill with a steep incline Friday: Same as Monday. In between those HIC sessions. miles traveled. you should try to be progressive in your high intensity cardio session. then cool down 1-2 minutes at moderate to low intensity. this is like doing "sets" of sprints and just like doing "sets" of reps in any resistance exercise.

hence impeding on your recovery and growth. Immediately after your workout.FitnessExpertNetwork. Not the ones reading these articles who have the interest in preserving/building muscle. Secondly. More muscle? 4 days of weights and 2-3 days of cardio. But if you choose to. you are going to use up quite a bit of stored glycogen in the process. Since then.. we will not do. then you will want to implement cardio the "Best" way. Think about this one. Those who want it all (5 days of weight lifting and 5 days of cardio) without the time need to prioritize their training.just doing it. SEVERELY CATABOLIC!!! Nothing will impede our muscle building process more. your metabolism). This may mean switching to a three day weightlifting schedule for many of you who do not have the time or enthusiasm to workout twice in your day.it measured scale weight.256 – . finish cardio www. Say your last meal was at 8pm. for the three reasons stated above. That way is the "Better" way. the recommendation of doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach came from a Swedish study done on obese women and weight loss. Why not? Think about it. The time after your workout is the most crucial time in your day to stimulate muscle growth and recovery. you go to bed around 11pm. realize that you will be burning muscle in the process. So. Now I am not saying that you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT do cardio after your weights.. Obviously if you did cardio directly after. When we wake up. what is wrong with applying this idea to our training? It can be severely. For the BEST way to implement cardio. we are already in a muscle starving/catabolic state. And for the record: For those who are wondering what the "Good" way of incorporating cardio would be? Well.If I had to give you the BEST recommendation on to when to do cardio. not just body weight. So no matter when you do it or how hard. you should be feeding yourself and you should be feeding yourself throughout the next three hours (see part 3 for more details). the control group was obese women. do it on your days off and at least 4-8 hours before or after you plan to train with weights. Why isn't the "typical" cardio directly after a weight training session considered the best? Anyone who has read Part 3 of this series can answer this one. a little cardio is always good.com . the study did not measure body fat levels . The effect this would have on your performance would be negative and anything that inhibits overloading our muscles (we know about the importance of overload by now). More fat burning? 3 days of weights and 3-4 days of cardio. If you want to minimize the burning of muscle tissue (and. you would not be taking advantage of this crucial time period and in addition you would be furthering the fatigue factor. Not the ones reading this who want to shed body fat. you wake up to do cardio around 6am.. some cardio is better than no cardio. Why I Don't Recommend Doing Cardio On An Empty Stomach! To the best of my knowledge. in turn. Bill Phillips helps spread the word among the fitness world. If you do cardio right before your weight training. You see. I would say not to do it anywhere within about 4-8 hours of your weight training workout. Not anyone with any muscle tissue to speak of. First off.

Until next time.. CT. you may even want to have the same shake as you did prior to busting your butt on that bike or treadmill (serving size of these shakes can be altered to fit your caloric needs). e-books.around 6:30am. Do it and do it HARD!!! After. it is wise to incorporate a post-cardio shake to save that muscle you work so hard for. He is a featured writer for many fitness websites and magazines. exclusive discounts. Each monthly issue is crammed with training tips. supplement reports. have your normal breakfast and take it from there. Even if you do your cardio later in the day. Do your cardio. Any place.com . and you wait a half an hour before you feed yourself (because you heard you are still burning fat in that 30 minutes after). www. There it is! Everything that will help you incorporate cardio into your total body transformation routine.257 – . I am not talking about a stroll through the park.Jim Cipriani's Cutting Edge Fitness Chronicle. An hour later.com Log on now! Filled with articles. What you should be doing is getting out of that catabolic state by waking up and washing down a whey protein isolate shake (preferably with added glutamine) and maybe taking a thermogenic. Train Hard! Train Smart! And Train with Passion!!! About the Author James Cipriani is a certified personal trainer located in Danbury. That is 11 hours without food PLUS a workout. subscribe to one of the internet's Most Popular Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletters .. His website is: http://www. Any intensity Better Cardio: High or Moderate Intensity done immediately after a weight training workout Best Cardio: Carefully planned High Intensity Cardio done either on non-weight training days or 4-8 hours before/after a weight training session. Good Cardio: Any time.jimcipriani.FitnessExpertNetwork. and much more. you will be breaking down muscle to help you get through that cardio you woke up early to do. Any length. How catabolic does that sound? Not only will you be burning calories. Follow these guidelines and within no time you will be amazed at how muscular and lean you can be. it is your guide towards health and fitness RESULTS! While you are there. nutrition articles. It's FREE. Remember.

258 – . at the Olympic level. You have managed to deceive yourself into a certain belief system that prevents you from seeking a way out. I began cycling workouts by accident. Then. To really take your Total Body Transformation to its highest level. strength. or above. This takes periodization. This meticulously planned variation is sure to elevate your gains in lean muscle. Obviously. A lack of planned cycles of progression and regression keep a majority of you frustrated with your lack of progress. During the down phases. it is very difficult to resist the temptation to train all out. The "down" phases are as important to your overall progress as the "up" phases. This more relaxed training revitalizes your body and mind. was developed in Eastern Europe and applied to the sport of Olympic lifting as well as track and field sports. or periodization. divided into phases. The classic model of cycle training. A workout plan incorporating periodization creates synergy between the "ups" and "downs" to propel you towards your ultimate goal. after the competition was over. For some of you.FitnessExpertNetwork. a leaner and more muscular physique. I am sure most of you are familiar with this term.com . and leanness while limiting the chance of staleness or overtraining. It provides valuable ideas to our total body transformation training. Pushing yourself to stay at. you need to avoid plateaus at all cost. Each phase focused on a specific goal with all phases working as a stepping stone towards peak performance. Periodization incorporates some techniques that many of you may already use. I stumbled across the advantages of periodization while competing. When a solution is presented. many of your responses are "that doesn't apply to me. It has long been recognized by the most successful fitness enthusiasts that they can't train at 100% intensity all the time. no one can help them! But it doesn't have to be that way." It's very similar to talking to an alcoholic until they admit that they need help. The object is to progressively increase the level of each current "up" and "down" cycle. something unexpected www. When I began competing. But periodization is more than just a new term for an existing practice. both physically and mentally. Cycle or phase training is synonymous with periodization. the athlete benefited from peaking just once a year. The introduction of periodization into your training will interject a variation of training styles. It was defined as a one year plan of training.Total Body Transformation Training: Part 5 Plateau Busting Through Periodization By James Cipriani Plateaus! By now. 100% intensity trainer for years. maximum levels results in complete overtraining. your body recuperates and gains momentum to attack a new period of gains. I was an all out. all of the time. It requires a long term commitment. I had to change my training style to one of a little lighter weight and higher reps to prevent injury in my low energy/low calorie state. This worked pretty well in my early days of competing.

But. Periodization requires that you have periods of progressive resistance followed by planned "down times" where strength gains are not the focus. I don't think we should be reaching a training peak just once a year. The last two weeks of the progressive phase should be conducted with weights that exceed your previous rep maximums. and leanness. Sometimes. And. they could be looking at significant gains in muscle. more and more fitness enthusiasts have been making consistent. Now. if someone could complete this cycle just three times a year. As I switched from my "off season" training to my "precontest" training. When I would switch back to my standard training schedule. but there are numerous adaptations to the model. This progressive phase is followed by 6 weeks of training that focuses more on volume. I also like incorporating reduced rest intervals between sets.com . This promotes greater results as well as keeps motivation at its highest level. Going heavy sometimes and lighter others is not what cycle training is all about. This phase should start out quite easy for the first two weeks then gradually progress towards training at max effort by the fourth week. and improve their leanness." but I finally got over that when I realized I was making more gains by not going heavy all the time. It's about having a plan. this is possible through the use of an effective periodization program! Over the past decade or so. This really changes the prime fuel source and stimulates the muscles. Even the best plan is worthless if not adhered to. allowing the body to adapt gradually to higher reps. This was contrary to what you would expect on a calorie restricted diet. The increase in reps should come bi-weekly. however. Much more beneficial is the condensed version of reaching a training peak a few times a year. How long do you make the training period? Contrary to the classic model. How long has it been since you've made that type of progress? For many of you.259 – . Let's take a look back. After completing a 12 week cycle like this. increase their lean muscle tissue. This is not realistic towards the application of total body transformation training. I had found that the regular variation in training styles was providing my body with the stimulation it required to make gains and stay lean. Here the reps might start around 8 and progress to 10 and then 12.happened. The classical model of cycle training employs five specific phases. I recommend anyone using the Total Body Transformation Plan to use a 12 week periodization cycle with the first 6-7 weeks being a progressive resistance phase. This phase should allow plenty of time to build momentum so a person can blast past their previous best's.FitnessExpertNetwork. developing your own plan is no easy task. the rep scheme should be low. my body would respond and my mind was always recharged with new intensity. this would be a lifetime's worth. I found it difficult to let go of my heaviest weights for fear of looking "weak. Following a cycle/periodization plan takes patience. And. strength. Something starting around 8 and moving down into the 6 and 4 range (such as the workout presented in Part 1). one should expect to increase their strength. more and more fitness enthusiasts training for total body transformations have been following a prescribed periodization program of one kind or another. During this phase. my strength and muscle mass soared!!! My gains peaked when I competed a few times a year. rewarding progress month after www.

It's FREE. and much more. He is a featured writer for many fitness websites and magazines.FitnessExpertNetwork. CT.com .com Log on now! Filled with articles.260 – . The type of progress that was previously only seen by those who were using anabolic steroids. His website is: http://www. www.jimcipriani.Jim Cipriani's Cutting Edge Fitness Chronicle. nutrition articles. exclusive discounts.CYCLE TRAINING is the key that many of you have been looking for to help open the gate to a Total Body Transformation! About the Author James Cipriani is a certified personal trainer located in Danbury. subscribe to one of the internet's Most Popular Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletters . Listen up. e-books. it is your guide towards health and fitness RESULTS! While you are there. supplement reports.month. Each monthly issue is crammed with training tips.

The joint that is affected the most when carrying excess weight is your knees. Utilize low or no-impact cardiovascular exercises like swimming. M. A third to half of doctor visits deal with musculoskeletal issues. the more weight a joint has to carry the more damage it experiences.com . elliptical and walking.FitnessExpertNetwork. Maintaining muscle mass through resistance training will allow your muscles to absorb the pounding instead of your joints. inflammation. Studies show a weight loss of even 10 pounds can reduce pain by 50% for many.D. Variety encourages you to not overtax any one area during exercise. Additionally. They’re one of the most common health problems. Exercise Variety Vary your exercise routine. About 21 Million adults have osteoarthritis—the wear-and-tear condition that causes these achy joints and can lead to pain in life activities. loss of muscle mass and excess weight are all factors that contribute to osteoarthritis. The pounding from daily life on your joints and not your muscles contributes to more damage. Cartilage thins as we age which makes it easier to damage. A healthy weight will reduce the small tears that break down cartilage. Eat Healthy Foods www."Keeping Joints Healthy and Strong" By Jane G. Loss of muscle mass that everyone naturally loses as they age can cause osteoarthritis. There are several common-sense steps you can take to prevent or reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Muscle Consistent resistance training helps strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joints. Joint pain can affect anyone but typically age is what makes osteoarthritis prevalent. This protects the joints from damage. Maintain a resistance training routine which also emphasizes range of motion and flexibility exercises. previous injuries.261 – . Westreich Have you ever had achy joints? If you do you are not alone. Maintain a Healthy Weight Keeping your weight at a healthy level is one of the best things you can do for your joints to preserve them. Muscle. and associate professor of clinical medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Minor joint injuries that happen earlier in life can also be a factor. cycling. Aging. These small injuries can also upset the mechanics of your joints. Just because this condition is prevalent doesn't mean it’s inevitable. says Sharon Ko-lasinski. Muscle.

com www.3530 www. Mequon. proper nutrition and quality supplementation.Mequon 10974 N.241. Disability risk is reduced by 47% by exercising three times per week among men and women with diagnosed osteoarthritis of the knee? states the archives of internal medicine.223. flexibility. WI 53092 262.3482 www. Fish oil slows the production of inflammation signaling cells. Joint Health Complex improves the cushioning in joints for more comfortable movement. Port Washington Rd. a concern for muscle. Menomonee Street Milwaukee.Studies show the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish or found in a quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement like OMEGAGuard by Shaklee can help reduce symptoms associated with joint pain but also change the levels of inflammation that may be causing the pain. The best natural sources are fish like salmon and tuna. Glucosamine can be found in Joint Health Complex by Shaklee.com . Joint Health Complex helps the body build cartilage for joints to promote comfortable movement and supports function and facilitates range of motion.mequonfitness. About the Author Jane Westreich Fitness Together . and range of motion. Conclusion Anyone who experiences joint pain should consider the benefits of a complete wellness program which includes variety.Third Ward 411 E.thirdwardfitness.FitnessExpertNetwork. Research indicates that the improvements you will see if you take the appropriate action will be life changing.com Fitness Together . There are many reasons that a complete wellness program is important but for many of you who complain of joint pain it is important that you take a proactive approach to your wellness.262 – . WI 53202 414. Specifically. Supplements The University of Utah School of Medicine found in a study of osteoarthritis knee patients that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate two of the most popular dietary supplements used as alternative therapies to treat osteoarthritis provided a modicum of pain relief for patients whose arthritis was deemed moderate to severe.

Resistance training preserves muscle mass and strength. of all ages. appropriate exercise for all populations are indisputable. Improving your strength helps you live actively with vitality and energy! The benefits of regular. flexibility and strength. • Strength training improves glucose metabolism Researchers found that glucose uptake can increases by 20 percent after just 3 to 4 months of strength training. • Strength training increases the body’s metabolic rate During each decade. These benefits include weight management.The Pros of Strength Training By Jane Yogel It is no surprise that adults. • Strength training reduces body fat People who strength trained for 3 months lost 4 pounds of fat.FitnessExpertNetwork. • Strength training increases bone mineral density www. stress management. increase muscle mass when they start a weight lifting program. the average adult has 2 to 5 percent reduction in metabolic rate. feel strong and burn calories faster! Strong muscles improve our posture make us feel more confident and masterful.com . Muscles make us look good. give every exercise participant a powerful fitness program that is low cost and portable. Adding three pounds of muscle however can increase metabolic rate by 7 percent. cholesterol and blood pressure. You can exercise at home or in the office with noticeable results. range of motion. • Strength training increases lean muscle mass while preventing muscle mass loss Adults lose an average of six pounds of muscle per decade. The benefits of exercising with weights. balance. lower resting heart rate.263 – . and improved reflexes. delayed progression of osteoporosis and arthritis. amazing benefits and with little space requirements.

Email or www. What are your three greatest concerns that affect your well being that you would like to change? Contact Jane and subscribe to her free newsletter.diamondfitnessandwellness.FitnessExpertNetwork. ASK Jane Now…… and have YOUR answer selected in her next newsletter topic.264 – .Studies show that strength training can increase bone density in the spine and upper femur. o o o o o It can reduce low back pain It can reduce the pain of arthritis It can improve blood lipids It can reduce the risk of many forms of cancer It can lower resting blood pressure About the Author Jane Yogel is a 20 year Master Personal Trainer and Licensed Wellness Coach in the Suburban Philadelphia Area.com www.com .

Some of them include: Lower blood pressure Increased HDL levels (good cholesterol).FitnessExpertNetwork. Some examples of cardio activities are walking. and helps our body process and deliver nutrients more efficiently (VERY IMPORTANT) All of the above benefits lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing factors like: Obesity Hypertension High blood cholesterol Some additional benefits are: www. and swimming. elevating your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximal level. and depression Increases blood flow which keeps muscles and organs oxygenated. Decreased LDL levels Decreased body fat Increased heart and lung function and efficiency Decreased anxiety. biking.com . They all refer to exercise that requires large muscle movement over a sustained period of time. While there are numerous activities that could be considered cardiovascular in nature. jogging. not all cardio activities are created equal. Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are enormous.265 – . HDL (high-density lipoproteins) is responsible for removing LDL (bad cholesterol) from the cells in our arteries and transporting it back to the liver for removal from the body. tension."Cardiovascular Exercise" By Jason Goggans The terms cardiovascular exercise. cardio respiratory fitness and aerobic exercise are all synonymous. The purpose of this chapter is discovering what type of cardiovascular exercise is best for you.

confusion. Now that you feel guilty and wish you had never started reading this chapter. You begin to say things like. Hopefully by now you have a good grasp on the concept that lean muscle (NOT CARDIO) is our body's primary fat fighter (discussed in the January and February chapters).) If you fall into this category. Moderate cardio is what 95% of the population does to 'get in shape'. In fact. lose fat. This is called moderate/low-intensity cardio. misinformation is one of the main reasons that we have a worldwide obesity epidemic. Why not? The evidence is overwhelming.cardiovascular exercise tremendously helps your immune system perform effectively and fight off infection Increased stamina Disease reduction Increased life span If you are not doing cardio regularly. I am focusing on those who want to lose weight. they are forced to give up.266 – . I am going to limit the types of cardio I discuss to two: moderate intensity high intensity A third type of cardio training is primarily for the endurance athlete (marathoners.com . For decades now we have been taught that long. These are the people that you see walking or lightly jogging around the neighborhood at a seemingly swift pace for hours on end. You are only doing what you thought was right. etc. slow. let’s discuss how to design an effective cardio plan.Weight loss (when combined with strength training and proper nutrition) Improved function of the immune system . methodical cardio workouts are necessary to loose weight and get in shape. However. You have been given misinformation for years without even knowing it. and ultimately an end to your exercise program. after trying diet after diet and exercise routine after exercise routine with little to no success. Moderate cardio consists of performing a cardio exercise for an extended period of time (45 minutes to 2 hours) elevating the heart rate only slightly. You see them day after day yet there bodies never seem to change. Types of Cardio For the purposes of this chapter. 'I’m different. and exercise does not work for me. This leads to frustration. Muscle is www.’ Well guess what? It is not your fault. I believe most people want to loose weight and feel great. this chapter is not for you. You may even be one of them or know someone doing this. triathletes. Let's discuss why moderate cardio is not very effective in the fight against fat. and get in good cardiovascular condition.FitnessExpertNetwork.

Fat loss is our goal. They lost all of their metabolically active tissue and did nothing to gain it back. The body stores sugar all over the place for situations just like this. the fat weight will sky rocket again. In fact. liver. If you gain 10 pounds of muscle. It will render your resistance training workouts obsolete.FitnessExpertNetwork. thirty. As a result the body goes straight to the muscle. For the first 20 to 25 minutes of cardio. Depressing isn’t it? Many people do lose weight doing moderate cardio.metabolically active tissue that raises your RMR (resting metabolic rate). Your body is steadily burning away that sugar and that is a good thing. At this point you are obliterating your muscle tissue. The body still needs sugar for energy. If you continue on for fifteen. You are only 32 minutes into your cardio session and you have burned away all of your glucose and glycogen. NOW WHAT? If you keep going your body will still need sugar to burn so it has to get creative. you can kiss that beautiful muscle goodbye. So What Should I Do? www. Sugar stored in the muscle is referred to as glycogen. long distance cardio continues to be the method choice for most people. We have all been misinformed. It is also burning a LITTLE BIT of adipose tissue (fat). we must do EVERYTHING in our power to salvage that lean muscle. Weight loss is not our goal. all for nothing. After about 25 minutes the glucose has been completely burned away. That is a very good thing. Unless these people are engaging in extremely intense weight training programs. they are becoming what I refer to as 'skinny fat people'. I see countless people in my studio that used to be long distance runners and am now extremely overweight. convert the amino acids into sugar molecules and burn them off as energy.267 – . however. Yet moderate. At about the 25-minute mark your body will begin to burn the glycogen from the muscle and this is a very bad thing if you are trying to salvage lean muscle for fat loss. The minute they stop the long distance cardio. That being said. Another negative is that glycogen burns away very quickly (3-7 minutes). but the muscle weight will not. Weight loss from moderate cardio is typically water weight. That includes eating properly. however. Imagine all that hard work you put into your workout. brain. It stores it in the muscles. one pound of muscle will burn between 30 to 50 calories per day. conversely. This means that it has to go get it. you body is using glucose (blood sugar) as its primary energy source. and doing cardio properly. or forty-five more minutes. This means you burn fat as energy all day. The next step for the body is to go into the lean muscle and pull out the amino acids (the building blocks of muscle protein).com . etc. muscle weight. Remember it will not go to the brain and liver. and a small amount of fat weight. your METABOLICALLY ACTIVE muscle tissue. one pound of fat will burn 2 calories per day. This means that they look skinny but they have very little muscle and poor body composition. that can add up to 300 to 500 extra calories expended per day AT REST! An additional 500 expended calories per day equates to one pound of fat loss per week. The body is not going to touch the sugar stores in the vital organs unless it absolutely has to. Let's go step by step through the energy processes that are going on inside your body when you do cardio.

This is often referred to as HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training).FitnessExpertNetwork. It is something that should be built up to over time. HIIT is very challenging and is not intended for the beginner or the meek.The second type of cardio is called high intensity interval cardio.com . An example would be as follows: Minutes 1-4: Warm-up at 50% of perceived maximum effort followed by: Minute 5: Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Minute 6: Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Minute 7: Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Minute 8: Sprinting for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Sprinting for 20 seconds www. intense bursts of cardio followed by a very short rest period. HIIT training means performing short.268 – .

This means www.269 – . Tabata and associates pitted two groups of subjects against one another. That is very good news. When HIIT training is used. the more oxygen your lungs can take in. Their conclusion. In fact. This is the best measure of aerobic fitness. but since your cardio (HIIT) sessions are less than 25 minutes. you loose the extreme aerobic effect and only get the anaerobic (muscle building) effect. Dr. it also burns fat tissue more effectively. It is the best of both worlds. Dr. The second group performed the HIIT program outlined above (8 INTENSE 20-second sprints with 10 second rest periods) five days a week for six weeks.com . Izumi Tabata. and calories than the low-intensity training. elliptical. HIIT also burns far more calories (142% more) than low-intensity training which results in more FAT loss (since the majority of calorie burning occurs after the workout.HIIT is the only way to go.D. the percentage of fuel from carbohydrates is increased (remember carbs are sugar so if you are burning your carbs you will not store the sugar as fat). This means that it helps you build muscle while improving your VO2Max. the more oxygen your body has to utilize). while the amount of fat utilized is greater than or equal to that burned during low-intensity exercise. Tabata also found that HIIT training increases your VO2Max (your maximum oxygen capacity. HIIT speeds up your metabolism and keeps it stoked for an extended period of time after the workout. This means that you do not have to cardio near as long to get even better results. you do not burn muscle either. or stationary bike). In their research. for six weeks. The moderate cardio group recorded a rather significant increase in VO2Max (about 10 percent). 1Recently. and colleagues from the National Institute of Health. the HIIT training burned more fat. Not only does it build muscle. the HIIT group recorded an amazing 14% increase in VO2Max and a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity. and Nutrition in Tokyo. As I mentioned above. On the other hand. Research has shown that HIIT not only burns more fat than low-intensity cardio. ignore the calorie counter on the treadmill. it burns fat up to 50% more efficiently. The key is to keep your rest periods very short. Ph. The results were not very surprising. Japan set out to discover an aerobic program that would most efficiently increase fat burning and cardiovascular fitness.FitnessExpertNetwork.Rest for 10 seconds Minutes 9-12: Cool-down at 50 % of perceived maximum effort HIIT training has many benefits. HIIT also increases your anaerobic capacity. The latest research shows that HIIT training actually keeps your metabolism raised for up to 48 hours after the session. carbs (sugars). It is the best of all worlds. The moderate regimen had absolutely NO impact on anaerobic capacity. one hour a day. If you extend your rest periods. One group performed low-intensity (moderate) cardio five days a week.. Dr.

To me the proof is in the pudding. You may want to do sprints that are at 80 to 90% of your perceived maximum effort to begin. HIIT training is an absolute must. Moderate cardio coupled with resistance training will strengthen the ligaments. when it comes to fat loss and sculpting the perfect physique. how could you not. A fitness professional or doctor should be consulted. Sprinting is very. and more carbs than traditional lowintensity. If you are currently unable to perform a HIIT program due to health complications or your current fitness level. Also. long-distance cardio. Your body will need a rest after that. if you cannot see your abs. As I described above you cannot just delve into this type of program. and muscles so that you can begin a HIIT program. Anything more will lead to overtraining. While your ultimate goal is to perform each sprint at a gust-busting pace. When people ask me whether or not they should do HIIT training. extremely muscular body? Sprinters never do long distance. This is believed to be the first study showing that a single cardiovascular regimen improved both aerobic and anaerobic power so significantly.270 – . low-intensity cardio. To me that says it all. If the proper foundation is not laid. To sum up. There are also several health conditions that will prevent you from taking part in a HIIT routine. Even more exciting is the fact that the 14% increase in VO2Max in only six weeks in the HIIT group was one of the highest ever recorded in exercise science. HIIT training is very demanding on the body. Now. As much as I preach against moderate cardio. You should see a skinny. However. they also built lean muscle (our fat burner). very difficult. Make no mistake. your current body fat percentage. Maintaining a moderate cardio routine www. burns more fat. salvages lean muscle. it is suggested that you engage in HIIT training for a maximum of eight weeks at a time.FitnessExpertNetwork. it may not be realistic to start out that way. Be sure you are doing HIIT training only on your off days from weight training. almost emaciated person. That is one thing I could NEVER do. Do you see a lean. it is the only way to go if you are a beginner. more calories. HIIT training is extremely demanding and taxing on the body. Applying What You Know It is easy to see why HIIT training is the best way to go if fat loss is your goal. They look gaunt and sometimes unhealthy. Once your body has recuperated. begin another eight-week cycle.com . tendons. You must first set the foundation. Close your eyes and picture the body of an Olympic sprinter. Repeat this over and over until you have achieved the body of your dreams. I have the utmost respect for marathoners. move to moderate cardio for a month or month and a half. it increases lean muscle. however.the HIIT group not only increased their cardio level. HIIT training dramatically increases your VO2Max. If you are unhappy with your current physique. I would prefer the body of a sprinter. do not get discouraged. my response is. injury is a strong possibility. In essence you are accomplishing in 10 minutes what would take two hours with moderate/low-intensity cardio. picture the body of a marathoner. if you get winded walking up the stairs. It is all personal preference. Following an eight-week cycle.

It is just not AS effective. There are a few ways to do it.271 – . It is a great goal to shoot for. cardio solutions another day. It will be more effective than doing it on a machine. and a moderate cardio session on the last day. Once you are doing three days a week of HIIT training you can start to up the intensity to 100% of perceived maximum effort. You can do two days of HIIT training and one day of cardio solutions (see below). You can mix and match any way you like as long as you are getting in at least two days of HIIT training. It is best to do a 5-minute warm-up then pause for the stretching. Warm-up/Cool-down Always remember that a cardio session should always be preceded by a warm-up and stretch. Once you feel that you are able to perform the HIIT program. Failing to cool down can lead to some potentially serious health risks including heart attack! www.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . low-intensity cardio session the other day. or Stationary Bike Performing HIIT on one of these machines is quite easy. If you fit into this category. Do it for one full month. and able to perform the HIIT programs. slowly begin to make the switch. Cardio Workouts Below you will find some sample cardio programs. willing.that does not exceed 25 minutes in your target heart rate zone in conjunction with supervised resistance training. I would begin immediately. The cooldown should last until your heart rate is back down below 100 BPM. move it to two days a week and one day of moderate cardio. As a result you will want to up the intensity level on the machine. I highly recommend it. Treadmill. The default setting will be at level 1. To stay consistent you must enjoy what you are doing. If traditional sprinting is an option for you. and end with a cool-down. if you are feeling good. begin with the moderate cardio program. You should never stretch a cold muscle. You can do HIIT training one day. Perform HIIT at 60-70% of your perceived maximum effort one day a week and do moderate cardio the other two days. and proper supportive nutrition is still VERY effective. make your goal to work your way into a fitness level that will allow you to perform HIIT training. Find a combination that you enjoy and will stick to!!! If you are just beginning or have a health condition that prohibits you from HIIT training. The only real difference is that the 'sprint phase’ on these machines is a little easier than doing it on the street or on stairs. Wait two more weeks and add in a third day. If you are ready. After two weeks. There are a couple of ways to implement them. After a month begin to increase the intensity each time by going faster. HIIT on the Elliptical. If you just love your long runs it is okay to do HIIT training only two days a week and a longer. Up the intensity to a minimum level of 5. That can lead to injury. You can perform the HIIT training three days a week (only on off days from weight training). From there it is done exactly as described above.

"Effects of Moderate-Intensity Endurance and High-Intensity Intermittent Training on Aerobic Capacity and VO2max. GA.FitnessExpertNetwork. Sci. et al."Med.com .FTalpharetta. He owns a Fitness Together personal training studio in Alpharetta.1I.10 (1996): 1327-1330. His website is http://www.com www. Sports Exerc.. October 2001.272 – . Guerilla Cardio. Senior Science Editor David Kennedy. Muscle Media Magazine. GA. About the Author Jason Goggans is a certified personal trainer located in Alpharetta. Tabata. 28.

When you properly weight train your muscles break down (microfiber tears) and have to rebuild themselves. As a result. it is important that workouts are kept to a 35-minute max."Resistance Train To Loose Fat and Look Great" By Jason Goggans FITT is an acronym that makes it easy to understand and remember the variables of an exercise program that can be manipulated in order to keep you interested and keep the results coming. The goal is to stimulate your muscle fibers in the shortest amount of time.How often you workout Intensity .How hard you work out Time . a good rule of thumb is to give yourself at least 48 hours rest between workouts. If you workout the same muscle too soon. This is a phenomenon referred to as overtraining. FIIT stands for: Frequency .How long you work out Type . Intensity refers to how hard you exercise. etc. and a compromised immune system. Blood sugar is your body’s energy and it is needed to recuperate after a www. If you train too quickly again they will break down further and further and so on. The studies show that blood sugar levels (energy) start to deplete after 30-35 minutes. Overtraining results in less muscle mass. many people believe that the only way to success is down the road of 1-2 hour weight training sessions.com . it just means you should not train the same muscle on back-to-back days.FitnessExpertNetwork. This is obviously a negative. however. Time refers to how long you workout. you will break them down even more. This does not mean that you cannot workout on back-to-back days. untrue! Studies have proven that the best way to train is by INTENSE 30-35 minute workouts. Many people believe that they must weight train everyday for hours to achieve maximum results. increased recovery time. Once again.273 – .What exercises you do Workouts which apply these four principles properly will result in magnificent results. When muscles rebuild themselves they rebuild slightly bigger and stronger (see the section on the Overload Principle). more fatigue. This could not be further from the truth. while the microfibers are still torn. The fact of the matter is true results occur when there is proper rest time between workouts. Frequency is a very misunderstood aspect of exercise. Let's address each one separately. There is not set rule to how many times a week you should train a muscle group. As I said above. Actually the opposite is true.

Glutes. Triceps) Incline bench press (same as above) Squats (Quads. This is not to say you should completely eliminate isolation exercises. Always try to do exercises that maximize your intensity. www. Forearms) Close grip bench press (Triceps. triceps) Barbell curls (Biceps. Hamstrings. You must also be selective with the Type of exercises you perform. It just means they should not be the core of your workout all the time. Multi-joint exercises are usually best. it is much easier to commit to a 35 minute workout (remember: you should always warm-up. Chest) Bench Dips (Triceps. Besides. Below are some examples of multi-joint and isolation exercises: Multi-joint Bench press (Chest. By utilizing multi-joint exercises. This will make your time in the gym a little longer. with the demands we all have on our time. they do have their place.com . stretch. If you try to isolate every muscle in the body. Calves) Military or Overhead press (Shoulders. and cool-down during a workout. Biceps) Isolation Leg extensions (Quads) Side-lateral raises (Shoulders) Dumbbell flies (Chest) Concentration curls (Biceps) Tricep Push-downs (Triceps) These are only a few examples but hopefully you get the point.FitnessExpertNetwork. Back) Lat Pull-downs (Back. This is in contrast to isolation exercises which only work one muscle at a time. A multijoint exercise is one that requires the use of multiple muscles groups at the same time. Shoulders. You do not want your sugar stores depleted. you will be there for hours.workout. you can train multiple muscles at the same time so your time in the gym is decreased. but that is okay).274 – .

you can change the frequency. swim 50 laps. If you have any questions about an effective cycling program contact a fitness professional in your area. A muscle grows by splitting (microfiber tears) under the strain placed on it.275 – . the microfibers in the muscle breakdown (muscle soreness). Intensity. This is because it has adapted to the task of walking. This means that your exercise routine must stay ahead of the curve and be changed up every four weeks. When you ask a muscle to perform a task (i. If you are a Fitness Together client you are already on a cycling program. is that once the muscle is able to perform the task it STOPS RESPONDING. Those of us who have exercised for any extended period of time know the frustration of seeing results for the first couple of months and then hitting that proverbial wall. The next logical question is what and how do you change a workout.FitnessExpertNetwork. run 3 miles. That is a good thing. etc. A good example is your calf muscle. the number of reps or sets performed. the type of exercises you perform. It can be infuriating to work so hard and continue to get no where. Remember this rebuilding requires energy which is derived from FAT!!!! www. You now have to introduce a new stimulus to get a new response. The microfibers then rebuild themselves bigger and stronger. Lean muscle is built and fat is burned when you call upon your body to perform a task it is unable to perform. you must push your muscles beyond what they are currently capable of so they will break down.e. This is where the FITT principle is applied. Stated another way. however. This principle applies to weight training AND cardiovascular exercise. The four variables of FITT (Frequency. your body will plateau and results will disappear. then 'healing' or rebuilding in the days to follow.) and the muscle is unable to perform that task. This plateau effect occurs anywhere between four and six weeks. The bad news. This is the Overload Principle. The muscle is attempting to get to a level that will enable it to perform the task you desire. You can change how intense you workout. More lean muscle means more fat burning. The calf is one of the main muscles used when you walk. This is when the theory of periodization or cycling must be incorporated.Cycling to Avoid Plateaus The next concept to discuss is cycling. Time. lift a heavy weight. Overload Principle The overload principle is the most important principle when it comes to weight training. and Type) should be manipulated every four weeks. A weighted calf raise is an example. your results will begin to suffer.com . and rebuild a little bigger and stronger. If you are doing the same cardio machine at the same intensity everyday. The more technical name is Periodization. It refers to overloading your muscles beyond their normal demands. You now have to introduce a new stimulus to the muscle and ask it to do something that it has never done. Walking is an exercise. This means that if you continue to exercise the way you always have been. I am willing to bet that you walk every single day but your calf has not changed in years. etc.

and tendons. months. The muscle actually fails.FitnessExpertNetwork. Many people make this mistake. After one week of cardio you should progress to a light circuit program consisting of 8 to 10 exercises.276 – . Principle of Specificity The last principle I will discuss is the Specificity Principle. A person who needs to loose weight has no purpose performing a sport-specific routine and vice-versa. Circuits should be done with light to moderate weight. No matter what your goal you must always train with that goal in mind. The cardio should last about 12 to 15 minutes and not be overly challenging. Once you are cleared by your doctor you should start with a few days of light cardio to get the body moving again. etc (remember the cycling principle discussed above). how do I start training after weeks. If it's weight loss that you want you should perform a workout that maximizes weight and fat loss. Remember this the next time your trainer tells you FIVE MORE!!!? even though it burns so bad. it would be incredibly irresponsible for you to jump right into lifting heavy weights. Any thing less than that and you’re not asking your muscles to do anything beyond their normal demands. This puts heavy strain on the tiny stabilizing muscles. some want to tone. you will not get the splitting and rebuilding. nor the nice cut arms. Some want to loose weight. however.com . You should always consult a doctor before beginning. I understand that the burn is not very comfortable but stopping at the burn means you are not overloading the muscle. It is a great way to jump-start the metabolism. If it has been a while since you have lifted weights. sets. chest. the ligaments. The repetitions should be kept at 15 to 20 reps pre set. You MUST train the muscle to failure. or even years of inactivity. A workout that overloads your muscles now will not do so in 4-6 weeks. The light circuits www.In order for this splitting to occur you must push your muscles to a point where they actually fail. During my years in this industry I have noticed that people working out. the weights. If great muscle tone is your wish. The result can range from extreme soreness to major injury. etc. As a result. especially those who are new to it tend to stop their workout once they feel the burn. As a result. I believe that anyone beginning a weight-training program should start very slow and very safe. We all have different goals and different reasons why we workout. while others want to train for a particular sport or race. How to Begin A common question I receive is. legs. or the added lean muscle. Training to failure means performing an exercise until you cannot do even one more repetition. If you are training for a sporting event you should focus on sport-specific training (performing exercises that mimic the movements of the sport). The burn you feel is the lactic acid release in the muscle. This will begin to build muscles as well as give you a cardio work out. some want to be fit. must be changed for results continue. reps. you must train in a manner that adds and shapes lean muscle and maximizes fat loss. A circuit program is one in which you perform the prescribed exercises back-to-back without rest. speed. Your workouts should be tailored to your goals. or the exceptional fat burning.

2. Do not be afraid of the burn.FitnessExpertNetwork. This is especially true when you are exercising. and starchy carbs. Never train with the flu. There are four main variables to change.com . When you perform an intense workout. Always cool down and reduce your body heat after a workout. Remember to begin very slowly. If you are exercising regularly you need even more. ligaments. 5. Your program must be changed regularly. you must train with intensity. Stretching also transport oxygen to muscles (esp. Review There are many things to consider when embarking on a weight-training program. Since your heart is in a weakened state when you have the flu exercise will put more strain on it and this could be fatal. where you go from there depends upon your goals. at least every six weeks. Be sure you are eating supportively. A lack of water will result in muscle fatigue and decreased performance. This can cause symptoms like faintness. and tendons to slowly build up and strengthen. Wait to train at least 48 hours after you recover. Muscles are weakened when you have the flu and the heart is a muscle. dizziness or at worst. Intensity. When you finally move to heavier weights. Time. You must push or Overload your muscles. Keep up your intake of lean protein. Once you are used to training again. the blood vessels in you muscles dilate to deliver more blood to the muscles.allow the stabilizing muscles. This is why your body becomes flush during a hard workout. Stretching helps prevent injury and maintains flexibility. you need at least 100 ounces of water per day.277 – . Be absolutely sure that you are getting enough water. The skin vessels also dilate to increase the heat loss from your body. So if you weigh 200 lbs. This is the FITT principle. You need a minimum of an ounce of water per pound of body weight. If not your skin vessels will dilate even further causing your heart to go into overdrive to pump blood throughout the body. Stretching gives renewed life and energy to your muscles. and Type. Miscellaneous Tips 1. 3. www. You must give your blood and skin vessels time to recover before you jump into a hot shower. This is where a fitness professional comes in quite handy. Eat low fat and at least 5 times a day (see article one). There is no need to push things too quickly. fibrous carbs. The four variables are Frequency. you could even collapse. It also increases your risk of injury. Once you have completed one month of circuits. sore muscles) to quickly remove toxins so they recover faster. Stretch everyday. your body will be ready. 4. It will only compromise your immune system further and make you sicker.

This is despite the fact that they have tried many times in the past and failed.278 – . Below is a sample cycle program: Phase/Cycle Weight Reps Cardio Beginner (Weeks 1-4) Light to moderate (Circuit) 15-20 to failure Moderate 20-25 minutes in Target Heart Zone Muscle building (Weeks 5-8) Heavy 4-8 to failure High Intensity Interval Training Muscle shaping (Toning) (Weeks 9-12) Moderate 8-12 to failure High Intensity and Moderate cardio Fat Burning (Weeks 13-17) Light to Moderate 12-15 reps to failure High Intensity and Moderate cardio *Be sure to change the exercises as well. but when their bodies are broken or out of shape they rely on their own knowledge to fix it. It has always baffled me why people will call the plumber when the pipes break. you now have some insight into designing and implementing a weight training program. or taxes are more important than their health. or the accountant when the taxes are due. His website is http://www. There are dozens of other ways to do it. pipes. GA.* *This is only one example of a Cycling program. He owns a Fitness Together personal training studio in Alpharetta. Nobody ever said that getting fit is simple.FTalpharetta. Hopefully.You must train consistent with your goals. If you are unsure how to do this contact a fitness professional. or the mechanic when the car breaks.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. Remember.* Many people wrongly believe that getting in shape and building lean muscle is as easy as joining a gym and throwing around weights for an hour or two. GA. we are always here to answer any you may have along the way. About the Author Jason Goggans is a certified personal trainer located in Alpharetta.com . It can’t be that people believe their car. Those same people are the ones who wonder why they work so hard but their bodies never seem to change.

loose fitting clothes that can breath. Also. Aside from being nutritious. Try to eat small meals 5-6 times per day. Include lots of fruits and vegetables. For many. Wear light. Ignoring your body’s signals could be dangerous. Cotton is always a good choice. . Stick to exercises that you are very familiar and comfortable with.FitnessExpertNetwork. no gain” motto. Don’t adapt the “no pain. if the sun can reach you then you can get burned. fruits also tend to help with hydration. consider clothing that is designed to wick the sweat away. Just because your body is surrounded by water does not mean that you are well-hydrated. If your outdoor activity produces a lot of perspiration. Not only is a sunburn bad on the skin and potentially dangerous but it also hinders your bodies ability to stay cool. Summer offers extra daylight and the opportunity to spend even more time enjoying outdoor activities. preferably water). The heat can decrease your appetite. Use common sense and don’t attempt strenuous activities that your body is not accustomed to. Check the weather forecast.Can You Stand The Heat? Exercising Safely During the Summer Months By Jason Morgan It’s important to remember there are potential dangers that come with exercising in hot conditions. Don’t forget to drink plenty of liquid when swimming. then you can fully take advantage of all the fun of summer. Be sure to drink throughout the day (stick to non-caffeinated beverages. Summer is officially here. As with any land exercises. drink before you feel a need to. you need to regularly replenish lost fluids when in the pool. It’s extremely important to stay hydrated. drink 15-20 minutes before beginning your workout and every 15 minutes throughout the exercise. What you should do: • • • • • • Drink plenty of fluids. but it’s important to eat normally. Heat-related illnesses come with warning signs. Be sure to learn how to recognize them and what actions to take. Any decrease in the scale would simply be a result of water loss. Even if you exercise early in the morning or late in the evening. not fat reduction.com . If you’re thirsty then you are already dehydrated.279 – www. What you should not do: • • • Don’t try to diet by sweating. this means more time doing physical activities and playing sports. It’s best not to participate in intense outdoor exercise sessions when the heat index registers in the dangerous zone. Excessive perspiration is not the key to permanent weight loss. Wear sunscreen. As long as you know the dos and don’ts of working out in the heat. Eat regularly. Finally you can pack away your jackets and break out the bathing suit.

FitnessExpertNetwork. Try to spend only a few minutes per day in the hot conditions for the first couple of weeks and then add time gradually each day. He is a featured writer for Snows Cut Monthly and various fitness publications and web sites. Try to cool your body down slightly before exposing it to the extreme temperature variation.280 – .com . Whether you have to work outside or do it for enjoyment. His website is http://www. which usually is between 10 a.com www. Now get out there and have some fun! About the Author Jason Morgan is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and owner of Muscleworx Personal Fitness Systems located in Carolina Beach. If you want (or need) to be working in very hot temperatures.m. Avoid extreme changes in temperature.muscleworx. NC.m. air-conditioned environment. following the above tips will help you stay cool and safe during the dog days of summer. and 3 p. Don’t hop from being extremely hot and sweating excessively right into an ice cold.• • • Avoid physical activity during the hottest part of the day. don’t do it until you become acclimated.

The more physical fitness one has the more adept at maneuvering the human form and the healthier each physiological system can become. quite literally a foundation for living that is connected to all we do. in fact. "that which is used develops. Even the dancing rituals and cultural games of celebrating tribes were physically demanding and contributed to the necessity of a high level of physical fitness as well as being a factor for social acceptance. legend has it. Hippocrates described the philosophy behind early forms of strength training as. Through hunting and gathering. In the dawn of the human race. In essence. The means and the motivation for fitness have changed dramatically over time. the celebration of the human body through muscular development was. water. the functional need for a fit body has maintained an integral level of importance for us as humans. It is however.com . serve the same basic purpose that they www. one of the Greek ideals. Dumbbells and other weight training equipment. humans developed fit healthy bodies through daily tasks. physical fitness was motivated by survival needs. The aim of the Greeks was to develop a balance between the mind and the body. although showing significant advancements since that time. equal to that of developing the mind. These variables combined provide the greatest opportunity for surviving and thriving. and laboring lifestyles. Perhaps this is the reason that physical fitness appeals to something very deep in many people and has thus been correlated in numerous cultures with spiritual and mental development.The Evolution of Physical Fitness By Jason Morgan Everything known about the evolution of physical fitness in human bodies reveals the idea that physical capabilities contribute to the ability to survive and have since the beginning of time. Ancient Greeks beyond any other civilization regarded the development of physical beauty.FitnessExpertNetwork.281 – . Researchers recognize that primitive lifestyles dating required regular physical activity as a component of everyday life beyond just the pursuit of food. progressively strengthened by carrying a growing calf every day on his shoulders until it was an adult bovine. Ancient Greeks were believed to have developed methods of strength training such as that of the wrestler Milo of Croton who. and shelter. physical fitness in primitive cultures was a defining factor of human life. the physician Galen supported the use of the halt'res which was an early form of the dumbbell. and is. Disciplined training of the physical body was also equal to the development of moral values. The idea of physical perfection in Ancient Greece is recorded as being held in very high regard. nomadic journeys. supported by the following assertion. and that which is not used wastes away". important to note that from its earliest beginnings to the most current trends and fads. Also in the 2nd century. as relating to the human physique.

282 – . and capabilities. a famous drawing with accompanying notes by Leonardo da Vinci from 1490. People became fascinated with amazing feats of strength as the competitive strongman became a popularized display of power. the trend of maintaining physical fitness as a virtue and a form of moral excellence prevailed. that progressive incremental increases in working a muscle will strengthen it. Michelangelo saw the human form as the physical symbol of soul and character and believed that if the mind were strong and the soul pure. though amazingly powerful physically. and did not exhibit a look of health or leanness. fatty limbs were commonplace among these competitors.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. vaulting. muscular. The drawing itself is often depicted as a symbol of the essential symmetry of the human body and. of a naked male form in two superimposed positions. and poets to explore its workings. grew quickly and soon coincided with the advent of photography and ultimately inspired a new level of egocentricity among the competitive strongmen. artists. the Vitruvian Man. as in the case of physical strength and skill continued to be a significant component of social standards. and poet who had an unparalleled influence on establishing a cultural opinion of the ideal physique. as is well known today. to the universe as a whole. The Renaissance period brought with it a renewed interest in the human body and inspired scientists. With a renewed interest in the human form. with Vittorino da Feltre. The concept was clear then. meanings. there arose a need for structured education and further development of the various systems that were being encouraged to promote strength and health. Images that caught the attention of the www. Muscular and lean bodies were a sign of the working class in men and considered unladylike for women. architect. fencing. jumping. Repeated advice and guidance can be found throughout 14th and 15th Century literature regarding the value of physical activity.originally did. defined form. Physical education became the means to further the cognitive recognition of the importance of physical fitness in cultures throughout Europe. The practice of weight lifting. being the first to initiate childhood physical education classes in 1420. painter. which became popularized as bodybuilding. climbing. swimming. and wrestling. often portrayed physiques that were overweight and unsightly. weight training in particular took on a different kind of cultural intent. and consequently in fitness. there was also an inspired need to educate people about the necessity of developing strong lean bodies. by extension. a sculptor. and so the virtue of achieving one's potential. In the late nineteenth century. such as running. an Italian physician. Also. his depiction should capture that with a lean. For example. is described as a study of the proportions of the (male) human body and a fusion of scientific and artistic objectives. Another example of this burgeoning interest during the Renaissance period is represented in the work of Michelangelo. many of the famous strongmen. Although rather than being associated with the enhancement of health or of creating an ideal physique. A protruding stomach and thick. As interest in the capacities and functions of the human body subsisted.

now 91 years of age and still exercising rigorously every day often states. largely perceived as egocentric and vain at that time due to the exhibitionist nature of famous physiques. Sandow had pioneered much of what has made bodybuilding a profitable enterprise and apparently what originated the concept that the male physique could provide viewing pleasure for Americans.com . La Lanne also brought weight training and fitness to television in the early 1950s and created live fitness expertise and guidance performances which he continues still today. Bodybuilding. and popular strongmen became inspired to compete. or weightlifting. and motivational icons to ever grace the fitness world. born in 1914 and one of the most renowned fitness experts. Posing contests. but for the adoration that only physical perfection could yield. "I can't die.283 – . Sandow came to America in the 1890s and was billed by Florenz Ziegfeld as "The World's Strongest Man". evolved into a performance not only of masculinity and power but of an achievement of a god-like physical structure and a new means for achieving fame. Eugene Sandow was the first famous bodybuilder and somewhat of a cultural icon. La Lanne was the originator of much of the standard equipment that many gyms continue to use today and is also credited with the creation of the popular Jumping Jack exercise among many others. as it became commonly known. These expressions of the cultural fitness trends were especially popular at the famous Muscle Beach situated in Santa Monica. By his death in 1925. La Lanne opened the first health spa in the United States and began approaching clients with the idea of utilizing weight training to improve their overall health.world were of muscular. celebrities. The use of gyms and www. and group training became common around the world. La Lanne. it will ruin my image". yet lean and defined men. Sandow often posed imitating ancient Greek sculptures and even measured the marble male statues to help develop a formula for the perfect male physique. He developed his own physique to match those proportions and became known as the "Father of Modern Bodybuilding". beach-front weight lifting. and was the first to include women among his clientele. California. The 1970s became known as the golden age of bodybuilding as people interested in the sport became enamored with building balanced physiques and losing body-fat. added immensely to the popularity of gyms in America. not only for recognition of physical power. The growing awareness of strength training. The bodybuilding culture solidified itself between the 1930s and 1970s. Another father figure in the industry of fitness is Jack La Lanne. What gave Sandow his strongest appeal however was not his amazing feats of strength but the aesthetically pleasing quality of his physique. Reintegrating some of the ancient Greek's love of the physical form.FitnessExpertNetwork. A professional strongman in Europe. Sandow almost single-handedly made it fashionable for a man to have a muscular physique at a time when men were typically quite thin or too-well-fed and overweight.

NC.284 – . The film popularized the concept that human bodies could be sculpted almost like art. Creating works of art through the development of the human body represents a continuing theme from the paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo. The progression of weightlifting was greatly impacted by first the book (1974) and then the documentary film. For thousands of years these statements have held true.muscleworx. They have existed since before the time of Christ.machines such as Nautilus had a profound impact upon the physical fitness norm and contributed to physiques that far surpassed those just a half century before. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what occurred in history to literally catapult America's fitness lifestyle into the popularity it now enjoys. participants grew to utilize a variety of practices not only in regard to health concerns but for pleasure and recreation.com www. Fitness. yet there was certainly a recognizable advancement in the culture of fitness that became commonplace among the vast majority of United States citizens. The film gave the general public a glimpse inside a world previously viewed as more or less a sub-culture which was often neglected and misunderstood. Pumping Iron also piqued the interest of a more public audience that began to see strength training as a potential tool for health and vitality. He is a featured writer for Snows Cut Monthly and various fitness publications and web sites. Integrating strength and fitness became a challenge toward self-determination for some and for others it became even a path toward curing stress and improving mental health. His website is http://www.com . like other cultural movements. Pumping Iron (1977). As awareness of exercise evolved. to Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous bodybuilder's stage presentation of muscular physiques. Strength training and fitness concepts are nothing new. became fashion. produced by Charles Gaines and George Butler. and became "what people do to fit into the social norms".FitnessExpertNetwork. At what point do you get on board and take control of your fitness destiny? About the Author Jason Morgan is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and owner of Muscleworx Personal Fitness Systems located in Carolina Beach. became a trend.

Whether it's doing too much strength work or not enough recovery work. Nutrition & Regeneration 4. On the other hand athlete number two may lack speed due to the fact that he/she doesn’t have sufficient maximal strength. For example. & Quickness Training. but training programs results need to transfer into the sporting arena) I know! I know! The components listed above sound interesting but what are they? Let's take a closer look at what each component entails and learn exactly what every athlete must "NOT" neglect in order to develop into the complete athlete."7 Components To Optimal Athletic Development" By Jason Zaretzky There is a common flaw I see with the majority of athletic performance enhancement programs today. what exactly are the components.) Speed. The first athlete may lack speed due to poor flexibility. there is typically no balance. and flawed technique.FitnessExpertNetwork. and then a secondary goal of increasing performance (and not just in the weight room. Now the question at hand is. the amount of emphasis can and should be altered based on an athlete's current abilities. you may have two athletes who lack speed. For any athlete trying to improve their performance there should be an equal emphasis on every component of performance enhancement training. Remember sports performance enhancement training should have the number one goal of decreasing injury rates of athletes.) Strength & Power Training 7. Now comparing these two athletes. However. but there should be more flexibility and technique emphasis with the first athlete. there are 7 basic components to "Optimal Athletic Development" and they are as follows in no particular order of importance: 1. Agility. It is the over emphasis or under emphasis on different components of strength & conditioning. and how do we structure what should be emphasized? To answer.)Warm up & Activation 3. how should they be incorporated into an athletes training program. It's also important to realize that most sports training facilities will hit some of these components but their programs will almost always lack and underemphasize one or two (usually more) components. & Stability 6. www. Mobility.com .) Assessments & evaluations 2. you should incorporate all components of athletic development.285 – .) Recovery.) Flexibility. And by doing so it produces a less than optimal training environment for athletes. and a focus on maximal strength work with athlete two.) ESD (energy system development) 5.

Yoo-hoo is a cheap good source). Many people think that they are actually getting better while they're training. and what performance based tests are lacking. If you're not taking the appropriate time to go through an assessment process. then you will never really know what limitations you have. After that you will then have the data needed to see muscle imbalances. we also need to perform a variety of exercises that wake up those muscles that don't fire correctly usually due to tightness in the antagonist (opposite) muscle group. For example.1. 3.Often over looked and never incorporated into a program.Warming up or as I call it "workout preparation" should have the goal to wake the body up.) Assessments & evaluations: If you not assess. instead of what is fun. 2) Post workout stretching/soft-tissue work. and activate the glute muscles. you just guessing (Paul Chek). 3) REST!!! Remember what I said. Aside from your workout prep. and Performance/Field tests. weaknesses. tight hip flexors usually lead to glute (butt) muscles that are weak. So what we need to do is stretch the hip flexors (which should be taken care of during the warm-up) and wake up. Nutrition & Regeneration . But to get the best results. or the in thing to do.) Warm up & Activation . especially post workout. you need to do a couple of things: 1) You need to "eat to compete".FitnessExpertNetwork. along with some form of soft-tissue work (message/self massage with the foam roller). Now is where we put back in our static stretching? after workouts or even on off days. In order to precisely dial in and target the results you want out of a program you need to know what you are dealt with first. it's a must. you know the "static" or stretch and hold routines. With this data you will then be able to design a RESULTS oriented program based on what the athlete needs. and that don't fire correctly. Posture Length tension relationships Force Couples Core Function Movement. speeds.286 – . or better yet do it after you workouts! To prepare for you workouts we need to emphasize on an active warm-up that puts your body moving through full ranges of motion while actually moving in various angles. Try to get a carbohydrate/protein mixture of 3-4:1 carbs: protein (quick tip. lengthened. In addition. The traditional stretching routines that are usually seen are in my opinion useless. "MORE IS NOT www. Nope that's not the case! You actually attain results from all of your hard training. strengthen. That's right. 2.com .) Recovery. Proper nutrition is critical in complete athletic development. We need to throw that static stretching stuff away. and directions. you attain results from your hard core training after you workouts. where injuries may occur. engrain this in you head. In my experience when talking about evaluating athletes and designing performance enhancement programs you need to assess the following.

Agility. With the combination of maximal strength and power training modalities used in the "Optimal Performance Training System". you can't expect anything but freaky strength & power! 7.) Speed. There is usually a tremendous amount of starting and stopping along with rapid amounts www. as well as provide optimal postural alignment.Strength & explosive power training is just what the complete athlete ordered. mobile hips. However. stable neck (cervical spine). stable lower back (lumbar spine). and then in most cases you get some sort of break.) Strength & Power Training." Without the control factor it's just plain dangerous! In addition the stronger you are the more explosive you have the potential to become. but under control. Mobility.287 – .com . When talking about strength & power training for athletes it is a must to incorporate exercises that provide you with the most bang for your buck! We are talking about structured progressive plyometrics and total body exercises (like Olympic lifts and variations) geared towards transferring tremendously high amounts of power onto the field or court. 6. 5. or at least require rapid bouts of fast powerful movement. It's extremely important to be as efficient as possible in order to get optimal results. Anything less can result in anything from reduced force output. let’s not forget about how most sports are played. & Quickness Training.Another component that is often done wrong! Most conditioning programs emphasize on running at a moderate to slow pace for longer distances to get in shape. ESD training performed the "Optimal" way will provide you with proper conditioning to improve work capacity. For instance. 4.) ESD (energy system development) . "WOW that guy is to fast!" There is always room for speed improvement.BETTER"!!! Give yourself at least 1-2 days off per week and never train more than 3 days in a row. & Stability: Muscles function best when they have an optimal length tension relationship. you want to look for mobile ankles.FitnessExpertNetwork. Having optimal mobility and/or stability in the correct joints and muscles will also aid in all the above. and a combination of mobility and stability through out the shoulder girdle.In sport speed kills! A colleague of mine always says you never here any body say. Explosive or power in my opinion is defined as. "as fast as possible. mobile mid/upper back (thoracic spine). That's how we have to train. to a career ending injury. We're also looking for exercises like Squats lunges pushing and pulling. Well is sport done by moving at a moderate to slow pace for long periods of time? NO! Sports are usually played fast with short bursts of high energy output. Most sports are power sports. a reduction in strength. speed and endurance. stable knees.) Flexibility.

and provide pretesting performance data. Power Development 4. PERIOD!!! We have found that manipulating this structure has only decreased results in one or more of each area of emphasis. can simply be done by improving running mechanics from arm action to leg drive. You now know the 7 components to Optimal Athletic Development! You also know how to structure your training program.off-season. increase performances and lengthen careers. and agility training. Hip & Ankle stability Shoulder stability Core Strength & Stability Balance & Proprioception Utilizing these 7 components will absolutely allow anyone to achieve "optimal athletic development".e. Now all you have to do is find you weak links and develop a plan to work on those weaknesses so they become just as strong as your strengths. Agility & Quickness 3. muscle imbalances. Warm Up /Activation: which includes Regeneration. Our Training system at Optimal Performance has the goal to decrease the potential of injury for our athletes. ***BONUS*** . It is important to realize that each component needs to be emphasized in a format that will yield the biggest payoff. The scientifically prepared athlete knows no limits. This will lay the ground work for designing the best program for each individual athlete as it will determine weak links. unless you want inferior results. Speed work. but only when incorporated into a program correctly. etc?). in-season. Stability & Mobility 2. which includes static stretching and/or soft tissue work (i. I have found that you need to structure each workout with the following order: 1.Injury Prevention: A solid physical preparation program will drastically reduce all injuries. ESD. Flexibility.FitnessExpertNetwork. and incorporating any kind of cone drills. Speed. . Recovery & Regeneration. that's the key to staying injury free and increased sports performance. then even further broken down into phases of an actual training session. using the agility ladder. Strength Development 5.com . IT GETS THE BEST RESULTS. After the assessment we now can design a long term program with specific phases for each component of "optimal athletic development". The program will include a strategy that is geared to enhance each component listed above. By now you should also realize that it is almost necessary to seek the advice from a qualified high www. So the take home message is "if it isn't broke don't fix it". Through my experiences over the years of producing some great results (well get into more off that later).288 – . developing quickness. all sports performance enhancement training programs need to start with an assessment. foam rolling) This format was selected for a reason.e. These components should be systematically placed into a progressive program that is broken down into different phases throughout the year (i.of changes in direction. based on the energy demands of the respective sport 6. For example. post-season. Preventive measures are incorporated into training are to improve the following.

and corrective exercise.) Develop a strategic long term plan that focuses on all areas of athletic development (the 7 components above).) Assess and 2. Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming. and more importantly puts the right emphasis on the areas that need more attention. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). www. Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). physique alteration (weight/fat loss).FitnessExpertNetwork. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement.performance sports conditioning coach that can 1.com . The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach.289 – . About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center.

290 – . everything has its place. humans have always done some form of activity. I think it’s time to re-evaluate and determine what went wrong.com . nothing will yield better results than hard work. your stabilizer muscles (muscle that surround your joints and protect them from injury). Well. Exercise machines are great for isolating specific muscles (i. do NOT get developed. Machines actually are an inferior method of exercise. – the standard leg extension machine for the quads).) Exercise machines are NOT an optimal form of exercise for most. And due to the fact that our society has always been in search for the ’quick fix’. It has been during the past twenty five to thirty years when our obesity problem really started to take off. It’s time to go back to our roots and look like we did hundreds of years ago. When you think about it. Instead of boring you anymore than I already have I’ll provide you with my top five. being that our population’s obesity epidemic is spreading world wide. us now or mankind hundreds of years ago? Now I’m not saying exercise machines are useless. arms etc…” This has been the biggest indicator when clarifying a gym’s effectiveness. you usually look for the amount of equipment or how many resistance training machines there are on the exercise floor. exercise machines are an inferior method of www.FitnessExpertNetwork. but when it comes to getting healthy and more physically fit. So my question to you is did we have machines hundreds of years ago? My next question is as a whole. but because exercise machines are anchored to the ground. If you’re like most. not gimmicks or machines. and motivation."Exercise Machines Suck" By Jason Zaretzky Discover The 5 Reasons Why Exercise Machines Are A Waste Of Time In today’s day and age we live in a technology dependant society. and fitness levels have dramatically declined in the past twenty five years or so. Almost everything we do revolves around some kind of mechanical or electrical device. when you walk into a fitness center. Since exercise was “in”. Exercise machines do not allow you to stabilize the weight you are lifting in three dimensions and since daily activities such as work and athletics do require you to use these important muscles (the stabilizers). This includes what just about everyone looks for in a gym. exercise really started to take off as well. I hate to break it to you. but I can come up with a couple of dozen reasons why exercise machines are not optimally efficient. and we desire the “magic solution. back legs. who looked better as a population. resistance training machine companies are heavily marketing their equipment. and we have always been obsessed with strength and physique. “Is there a machine for my chest.e. Here we go: 1. dedication.

By performing exercise on machines your body does not have to fight gravity. and agility. Over the years in the fitness industry. It was hilarious. motivation. ground based exercise machines DO NOT require the use of your stabilizer muscles. I would sit and watch people go through their work outs.FitnessExpertNetwork. and other misalignment in spinal curvature. making it hard to fight gravity. With that being said.) Exercise machines are just flat out BORING! I can remember a couple of years ago when I worked at a large health club filled with fancy ground based machines. and on most traditional gym equipment your body doesn’t have to stabilize itself. He actually appeared to be falling asleep. or supine position.) You can mimic any exercise machine exercise without the machine and get the same benefits plus a lot more. stability. One day I saw a gentleman working on the chest press machine. As I stated earlier. but they also are responsible for your ability to stabilize and balance.exercise 2. try to incorporate some non-traditional methods of exercise like the use of a stability ball. or doing some low level plyometrics.com . by performing exercise in a prone. What I see is always a look of determination. and the list goes on and on.) Exercise machines are NOT ideal to improve posture. No machine can give you any of these qualities by itself. This is due to the lack of strength in postural muscles. and enthusiasm. it not only forces you to concentrate and work harder. Let’s not forget that when you perform body weight or free weight based movements. This includes forward head.) Exercise machines CANNOT improve balance or stability. but it’s more fun. I have in the past and still do observe exercisers on the free weight floor. or balancing on one leg. Now let’s analyze that situation. The chest press machine is essentially a bench press. Instead. flat lower backs. resulting in better posture. However. If he were on a flat bench performing dumbbell chest presses. you can perform any exercise machine exercise without the use of an actual exercise machine.291 – . My point here is that by participating in a free weight. do you think he would have been in that state of mind? Only if he wanted a nose job by dropping the dumbbells on his face. I think if the guy was on a lying leg press he may have actually dozed off. rounded shoulders. you can engage and load postural muscles to help with fight gravity. These muscles not only protect your joints. you will always www. But the catch is that when you do these movements with body weight or free weights you get all the same benefits plus the development of balance. those who can’t fight gravity efficiently will almost always have poor posture. 3. These types of exercises are extremely beneficial to increasing balance. Every exercise machine that is on the market today has been developed based on movements that the human body does naturally. and the feeling of accomplishment is far superior than just going through the motions on exercise machines. nonmachine based program. I mean yawn after yawn during repetitions. I have seen an incredible amount of people that have poor posture. 5. and definitely more calories burned. stability. 4. and since gravity is almost impossible to escape. the leg press machine is a squatting motion. the rowing machine (you know the one for your back muscles) can be done with free weights. upright.

Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).engage you core muscles. or even a twisting. Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming.com . some form of a press. I don’t know about you. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach.292 – . Now. About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. a lunging motion. physique alteration (weight/fat loss). and corrective exercise. or would you like to get more bang for your buck by getting more out of one exercise like a squat. or bending motion? Instead of using one to two dozen boring exercise machines all you have to do is have fun while incorporating the six movements I just mentioned and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals more efficiently and faster than ever before. but if I have my choice I’m sure you can guess what it is. www. free weight. That’s right good old fashioned body weight. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement. or other non – machine based movements. a rowing motion. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). but would you rather work out for hours at a time with boring exercise equipment. it’s important to realize that I’m not saying that exercise machines are useless. as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES).FitnessExpertNetwork.

increased coordination. in sports when was the last time you were sitting down with your back supported pressing a heavy weight in a fixed path? I can’t think of any. pull. The only benefit machine based exercise has is that it makes the exercise fool proof. increased muscular endurance. So instead of machine based training. we need to be coaching and implementing exercises and programs that reflect the actions needed not only for sport. A matter of fact following and executing a proper resistance training program will lead to improved sports performance. Is this kind of exercise the most beneficial with regards to improved performance and/or function? Think about it. Even if that baby were to successfully stand up.293 – . it is probably close to a maximal lift right? See where I’m going with this? The biggest problem we face in regards to weight lifting is what type of resistance training is best for our young athletes. or whatever. isn't their own body weight sufficient enough to be a form of weight bearing exercise.FitnessExpertNetwork. but as long as the appropriate considerations are taken into account. So how do you do that? It’s simple. The belief that the use of fitness machines is safe and effective due to the fact that they remove the need for stabilization couldn’t be further from the truth. increased bone strength. Exercising on a fixed piece of equipment that puts you in a guided range of motion without the need to stabilize your body just doesn’t make sense to me. Try free weight based training www. the above statement is completely inaccurate. grab the handles and push.com . In today’s society the overreaction of the perceived benefits of machine based weight training is astronomical."Lifting Weights For Youth Athletes is Dangerous?" By Jason Zaretzky Lifting Weights For Youth Athletes is Dangerous? When it comes to lifting weights and the youth athlete. What we see in sports is free ranges of movement in all directions with only the support of your own body. a huge red flag goes up. All you have to do is sit down. but for life in general. Believe it or not the demands of some of the most common sports kids participate in today place a lot more strain. increased muscular strength. It is usually believed to big a BIG NO! It is said that lifting weights is potentially dangerous to the growth plates for these youngsters. Well I hate to break it to ya. and most importantly a decreased injury rate for the youth athlete. Think about it if weight lifting was dangerous for the youth athlete then wouldn’t it be just as if not more dangerous for a baby that tries to stand up for the first time only to find him/herself fall back down. wear and tear on kids than a properly executed resistance exercise. After all for a baby.

or ‘functional’ movements like squatting. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach. See past all the hype of machine based training. movement skill. In another article coming soon we will cover how to structure a youth athlete training program to ensure “optimal” athletic development. Performing these types of lifts is extremely beneficial to the youth athlete as they will accomplish everything a machine exercise does plus a whole lot more. and corrective exercise. However. and twisting. lunging.FitnessExpertNetwork. For example. About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. it has been proven that Olympic lifts and functional movements will help develop coordination. physique alteration (weight/fat loss). or coach do yourself a favor. Snatch and variations). Machine based training will only provide local muscular strength/endurance. pulling. bending. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement. Jerk. It takes a highly qualified strength and conditioning coach to teach and implement these exercises correctly. So if you’re a youth athlete. Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming. as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). parent.com . motor skill. seek out and higher professional help from a qualified strength coach to ensure that you or your kids are exercising correctly. Free Weight lifts like Olympic lifts (Clean. pushing. safely. www.294 – . there is a slight draw back towards Olympic lifts and functional movements.with correct form and technique. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). and with the attention to actually improve performance. as well as muscular strength and endurance.

athletes now realize that in order to drastically increase their athletic performance. Today strength training has been proven to increase performance. It will also increase bone density at sites of muscle www. but tendons and ligaments (the body’s muscle attachments) as well.4second 40-yard dash. it is a necessity to lift weights and to participate in a conditioning program. No matter what the sport. Well. agility. and NO! Than why are these amazing increases in sports performance happening? Why are athletes able to smash records that have been previously held for decades at a time? The single most positive contribution to the increase in athletic performance is Strength Training. For example. We have sprinters breaking records year after year. and running backs that weigh what lineman did 20 years ago. That in mind it is important to realize that strength training will obviously increase your strength. That just goes to show that strength training is a superior method to increasing athletic performance. most coaches frowned upon strength training because it was said that lifting heavy weights would cause athletes to become too muscle bound or bulky. The only thing that separates the winner from the loser is that the stronger and faster athlete will prevail almost 100% of the time. that was a crock. What was considered to be un-herd of10 to 20 years ago is a norm today. there are a number of other benefits of strength training such as increased speed. NO. Athletes who strength trains tend to have fewer injuries mainly because strength training not only strengthens muscles. women tennis players serving over 100 mph. An added bonus to strength training is the number one goal of any conditioning program. Today every athletic program and athletes of all ages and levels are greatly influenced by strength training.com ."Strength Training For Athletes" By Jason Zaretzky Strength Training For Athletes Does it Increase Performance Or Not? Over the past decade. male. and power. but running a 4. Not to long ago. leaving athletes unable to perform their sporting activity correctly. That was just narrow minded thinking. Why is this? Are human genetics any different than they were in the past? Are there really people with super human powers? Are the rules in sports changing so athletes can achieve these amazing feats? NO. or female. jumping ability. That is injury prevention.FitnessExpertNetwork. However. look at two athletes that share identical technical skills in their sporting activity. the improvement of performance in sports has been ridiculous.295 – .

FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). www. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). athletes who have been participating in a strength training program properly tend to recover faster than athletes who have not.origins and insertions. take it with a grin of salt. So the next time someone tells you weight or strength training is just for bodybuilders. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach.296 – . and corrective exercise. A proper strength training program executed correctly just may be the missing link in your training and conditioning program. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement. And in the event that an injury does occur. Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming.com . physique alteration (weight/fat loss).

examine each ability more closely. If you're serious about your sport. speed. For instance. The easiest way to initiate this part of the process is to picture the top athlete in your chosen sport. coordination. Superior physical conditioning. and agility. who are the most flexible athletes in the world? Gymnasts! So gymnasts require a number 10 level of flexibility for successful performance.com . The abilities are what underlie each skill. Now."The 7 Secrets To Developing The Complete Athlete" By Jason Zaretzky Let me ask you a few questions. Compare two athletes in any sport. at an age when most professional athletes are stuck in their armchair counting their pension checks? How did Emmitt Smith play at the caliber he was able to year after year for as long as he did? Three words. Given equal talent and skill. and play successfully. Think of the extreme of each ability and rate that level of ability a 10 on a zero to 10 scale. you must know and live these 7 principles that I call the 7 Secrets to Developing the Complete Athlete 1. reaction time. if you are examining flexibility.FitnessExpertNetwork. endurance. Abilities are things like flexibility. a basketball player must be able to dribble while running up the court. Power lifters would be a 10 for strength and so on for each ability. That's a sportspecific skill. not ability. the player with superior physical conditioning will win every single time. Ask yourself what abilities they possess that make them the best at what they do. power. balance.297 – . Don't confuse abilities with skills that are specific to the chosen sport. Olympic weightlifters would be a 10 for power. www. Identify the abilities of the ideal athlete in your sport. For instance. How does Tiger Woods consistently play his last hole as strong as his first? How is it that Michael Jordan could consider a comeback in the NBA. strength.

shoulders. So while it may not require a level of 10 in flexibility we can estimate the ideal level of flexibility as a 7 or 8 out of 10. Let's use Lacrosse as an example. They quite often can provide you with the objective eye you'll need for proper self-assessment. Now you have to be honest with yourself.8 Speed ---------. you should end up with a chart that looks something like this. Optimal Abilities for Lacrosse Ability ---------. When you've rated your own abilities. Your Current Abilities www. lacrosse does require some pretty significant amounts of flexibility in the spine. take your chosen sport and compare it to the extreme. Here's the hard part. If you need to. Realistically assess your current abilities. Keep in mind that the scores will be different for different sports.8 Endurance ---------.FitnessExpertNetwork.Optimal Score Strength ---------.298 – . It's time to compare your current abilities with those of each extreme. they're your friends after all). When you finish you should have a chart that looks something like this. and hips.8 Flexibility ---------.Next.7 Agility ---------.com .61 2. BE HONEST! You gain nothing by overestimating or intentionally underestimating your own abilities.8 Coordination ---------. In fact.8 Reaction time ---------. get a second opinion from a trusted coach or mentor (friends tend to rate you favorably even if you lack a certain amount of ability.6 Power ---------.8 Total Score ---------. Does lacrosse require the same level of flexibility as gymnastics? Of course not! But. It doesn't matter. Repeat this process for each ability to create your ideal athlete. You may or may not be a strong as a power lifter. in this case a Lacrosse player. At this point don't worry about trying to be exact when establishing the ideal abilities of a lacrosse player (or any other athlete for that matter) as your best estimation will not vary much from the ideal unless you really have no understanding of a lacrosse player's needs (or your specific sport). overestimation or underestimation of your abilities will promote absolute failure of your sports conditioning program.

Simply put your abilities up against what you determined to be the ideal for your sport.5 Agility ---------.3 Reaction time ---------.61 ---------. However.8 Endurance ---------. I think this is one of the most common areas where athletes make mistakes in their sportspecific conditioning program design. the majority of your sports-specific Lacrosse conditioning program should revolve around improving those ability scores to achieve optimal levels.5 Flexibility ---------.3 Reaction time ---------. Optimal Abilities for Lacrosse Compared to your score Ability ---------.299 – . in this case.8 ---------. For the example we'll just continue to use our lacrosse example. Design an individualized training program to focus on your weak points. endurance and agility ratings fall below the ideal for Lacrosse.5 Coordination ---------.Optimal Score ---------.8 ---------. as a Lacrosse player.7 ---------.Your Score Strength ---------.8 ---------.6 Speed ---------.8 ---------.6 ---------. Therefore.43 Identify your weak points compared to the ideal. "Your score" for strength was 6 out of 10 but the optimal score only requires that you possess a strength ability of 6 for successful performance. Any more than that will not improve your performance.43 3.5 Coordination ---------. Then just highlight those abilities that fall below your estimation of the ideal level for your sport.5 Agility ---------.8 ---------.6 Power ---------.5 Total Score ---------.8 ---------. So how much time and effort should you be spending on strength? Enough to maintain your current levels.FitnessExpertNetwork.8 Endurance ---------.5 Flexibility ---------. This part is easy. Look at the example.Your Score Strength ---------. It is a waste of valuable time to focus your conditioning program on your abilities that are already at optimal levels or higher.5 Total Score ---------.Ability ---------.6 Speed ---------.6 Power ---------.com . "your" speed. www.

assuming our Sprinter has plenty of gas left in the tank after his short race. A marathon runner and an Olympic Sprinter. To do this correctly. So what do you do about it? What you have to do is stretch the pushing muscles and strengthen your pulling muscles to create a balance between the two muscle groups. To find out if you have any imbalances it's a good idea to seek a qualified professional that has experience with assessing athletes and determining muscle length and tension relationships. screw up this part of their program design on a regular basis. Research shows that basketball actually relies most heavily on short-term energy sources (85% ATP/CP and anaerobic glycolysis) and a little www.FitnessExpertNetwork. A marathon runner relies very heavily on the aerobic energy system to provide energy over 26. you must understand the physiology of the main energy systems and how they are used in your chosen sport. This is probably the biggest flaw in training and conditioning programs I see. even some of those who are considered experts in the field of sports-specific conditioning. For example. producing less stress on the shoulder joint resulting in an INJURY FREE Shoulder.4. It sure looks like a lot of running. let's say that your pushing muscles (chest. That means you have a common imbalance between these two muscle groups and you are likely to hurt your rotator cuff (common shoulder injury). Get it? Now these examples are extremes at opposite ends of the energy spectrum. It doesn't matter how strong you are in one movement.com . so it's kind of easy to identify appropriate energy system training. To compete at optimal levels there must be a balance throughout your entire body. but it's not marathon-style running now is it. Muscle imbalances are the main culprit when talking about injury. A Sprinter uses primarily the ATP/CP system to provide energy to run as fast as possible over a very short amount of time. Identify and train in the energy system used in your sport. It's actually a whole lot of repetitive sprints followed by a lot of standing around and occasionally some light jogging. Let me use two examples. Now this example is quite basic but you should get the point.2 miles of running in about two and a half hours. So how much distance running and endurance training should a Sprinter do? Minimal. Most trainers. Most injuries occur because there is a significant imbalance between antagonistic (opposite) muscle groups. 5. shoulders and triceps) muscles are far stronger and tighter than the Pulling (upper and mid-back) muscles. What about sports with mixed energy needs? Take basketball for example.300 – . it matters how strong you are as an entire unit. Identify current muscle imbalances you currently have.

but it does very little toward improved sports performance. Focus on the wrong type of strength training may improve performance in the weight room. For instance. Identify and train the type strength used in your sport. In other words. Most athletes equate strength or being strong to maximal strength. 7. consult with a professional sports performance coach or strength and conditioning coach to make every play your best. Without proper guidance. therefore. explosive strength. OR more likely. 6. Most of a golfer's strength training should. speed-strength. it doesn't take a 300-pound bench press (high levels of maximal strength) to drive a golf ball 300 yards. strength-speed.com .301 – . If you have learned anything from this special report. there are many different types of strength such as maximal strength. Only those who are trained to identify these abilities and needs can truly provide you with an optimal training program. be designed around increasing levels of speed-strength if the goal is to increase driving distance. so "cookie-cutter" programming doesn't work. Each sport has very specific needs for optimal performance. You may get lucky and actually improve your athletic performance. a poorly designed sport-specific conditioning program can actually reduce your ability to perform at your best on game day.from intermediate energy systems (15% aerobic glycolysis). starting strength. do nothing to improve performance. proper design and implementation of a sport-specific conditioning program is not as simple as it seems. A sprinter may need to improve his strength endurance to prevent slowing down at the end of a 200-meter dash.FitnessExpertNetwork. and strength endurance. but it does take higher levels of speed-strength and explosive strength than the norm. By the way. Hire a professional sports performance coach to design your individualized program. Yours in Athletic Success. If you haven't realized by now. In other words. Jason Zaretzky CSCS Corrective and High Performance Exercise Sports Conditioning Coach "Your Sports Performance Coach" www. how much weight can you lift? However. Each individual athlete brings a unique set of abilities to the table. A baseball pitcher may need to increase explosive strength to increase throwing speed. if your coach is having you run laps for conditioning you are wasting your time. your conditioning program becomes a "crap shoot".

as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES).com . He specializes in athletic performance enhancement.About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). and corrective exercise.302 – . The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach. physique alteration (weight/fat loss).FitnessExpertNetwork. www.

com . Every athlete needs to realize that they should always be searching for new ways to improve their speed. So let’s cut right to the chase… Here are the top ways to enhance your sport specific speed for any sport: 1. Find you weak links. try some multi-muscle movements like squat. You can never be fast enough. and muscles imbalances will always lead to weak links in your body.The Need For Speed What Every Athlete needs to apply to their training in order To enhance their sport specific speed By Jason Zaretzky Sports Performance and Corrective Exercise Expert I’ve got the need…The NEED FOR SPEED!!! And you should too. Not only are these exercises better than any kind of isolation based exercise (hamstring curls and leg extensions). 3. Stop training like a body builder – Instead of training on that hamstring curl machine. However. For example. while athlete 2 has weak hamstring muscles. and single leg deadlifts. You won’t get faster by simply running around a track . and correct muscle imbalances – You are only as strong as your weakest link. While you’re at it incorporate some single leg exercises such as lunges.A major misconception to speed training has been to just run like a maniac around a track and expect to get faster. You have to be able to be as fast as possible while moving in various directions. Take 2 to athletes that are the same speed. they actually strengthen you leg muscles and train them to work together as a unit. the type of speed needed for a football defensive lineman are totally different than the speed needed for a midfielder in lacrosse. what sport do you know of where change of direction doesn’t happen? Not Many. The problem here is that you may need other methods of training such as stretching. After all. balance and/or stability training in order for you to get faster. and tight www. and dead-lifts. That’s because in sport speed kills. strength training. starting and stopping constantly. it’s not just how fast you can run from point A to point B.FitnessExpertNetwork. Athlete 1 has poor hip flexibility and weak abdominals. So your speed training must reflect the demands of your specific sport 2. 4. or a forward in basketball.303 – . By doing so you will further mimic your body’s running actions. core training. Be specific – to the demands of what type of speed you need in order to excel at your respective sport.

I know what you’re saying.quads. About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. Yeah. and corrective exercise. “But how do I know what my weak links are. as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). physique alteration (weight/fat loss).FitnessExpertNetwork. The only thing left to do is ‘Just Do It’! Yeah. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). they specialize in sport performance enhancement. There you have it. Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). www. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement. and what the best exercises for me to do?” The easiest way is to seek the advice of a highly qualified professional who has experience assessing and training athletes.com . Athlete 1 may get faster. www.com. and all of their programs are completely customized to the individual athlete.optcfitness. while athlete 2 may actually decrease performance. If all these athletes did was work on hip flexibility and core strength. Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming. 4 easy ways to immediately increase you speed through proper training and smart programming. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach.304 – . Visit. they have the information you need.

305 – .The Significance of a sound Strength & Conditioning Program By Jason Zaretzky If you’re reading this. coach. I would like to see the quality of reps performed on that squat. However. your search is over. The following is what a good solid sound strength & conditioning program should do for you. or parent that is always searching for new ways to gain that competitive edge over your competition. club just about every high school strength program has. Everybody jumps onto the band wagon when they hear a strength coach say. That’s obvious. Imagine this. What about the most important reason why one should participate in strength and conditioning program? Do you even know what it is? I’ll give you a hint…It’s none of the above features. or how would you like to increase you bench press by 50lbs in only 6 weeks?”. and coaches seem to miss the boat when it comes to the ‘why’. athletes.536 seconds”. Increasing speed. strength. Now that we have a clear understanding and set the priorities of what the objectives of strength and conditioning program are. at least if you are ready and willing to hear the truth! I’m sure you’re familiar with strength and conditioning. and why it’s critical to participate or implement a sound strength and conditioning program into your quest to becoming a superior athlete. & power may sound good (and increasing these numbers is great). Well.com . in my opinion is a complete waste. 1. but what about INJURY PREVENTION.FitnessExpertNetwork. The significance of a sound strength and conditioning program is essential in today’s day and age for athletes of all ages and levels. Prevent potential for injury: www. I’m sick and tired of seeing the “how much can you bench” program that your team is probably on. than you are most likely an athlete. parents. there’s no excuse. And the 1000lb & 1200lb. Once this becomes the focal point than a secondary focus on improved performance can take place. Instead I’m going to fill you in on the basics. or Athletes in my program are seeing an average increase of 5 inches in their vertical jump. A sound strength and conditioning programs main goal should be to reduce the injury potential thus increasing career longevity. your star player can’t play due to an injury that occurred due to lack of conditioning or strength. agility. With the advancement in strength and conditioning over the past 10 years. However. I think it’s important to realize that there is a lot that needs to be incorporated into a sound strength and conditioning program. Ok enough ranting and raving. “I can improve your 40 yard dash by . you’re a coach and you’re getting ready for the big game.

Having great amount of power and strength is great. as well as proper nutritional strategies that will also aid in recovery. Envision a rubber band. Now let go and let that thing fly.306 – . and straight ahead speed. I hate the term ‘sport specific’. Increase Performance that actually transfers onto the field: Now we can get into the fun stuff. What’s the use if you have a 400lb bench press. agility. or where ever your sport is played. Imagine you being the rubber band. 3.e. and of course speed. Compare the first scenario with the second and what happens? Yup. This result will without a doubt result in fewer injuries. Develop powerful elasticity. Take that rubber band and sling shot it across the room.com . I can’t believe I said it. elasticity. Again. along with increasing maximal muscular strength and endurance. while increasing the recovery rate from injuries that are unavoidable IS the main focus of YOUR strength & conditioning program. Who cares if your weight room numbers are shy high (i. strengthen tendons and ligaments. and the faster you will run. A sound program will also address flexibility issues. Build Strength. It should be designed around focusing on your bodies own weak links. You need to realize that the more force you can produce.FitnessExpertNetwork. power. do the same thing but this time really stretch that rubber band back far. the harder you will hit. but only throw 60 miles per hour? A sound strength and conditioning program shouldn’t include the things you like to do. regeneration. Now what in the world can you train to decrease and/or prevent injury? Well. the second rubber band goes further. but if you really want to excel in your sport. or the things that you’re good at. However. Powerful elasticity is another factor that will aid in improving performance in you respective sport. power. Sport specific speed is basically a combination of change of direction speed. and Increase Sport – Specific Speed: Strength. but sport specific speed is important.As I stated earlier preventing injuries from occurring and decreasing the risk for potential injury. The stronger you are as an athlete the more force you can produce. Ok. www. and injury prevention 2. court. when training for improved performance you have to realize that your goal is to improve performance where it counts most. and exercises that will transfer your gains onto the sporting arena. than you need to be elastic as well (for most sports anyway). and progressive program will prevent and eliminate muscle imbalances. you know the 1200lb club). well designed. and speed are what sport is all about. along with razor sharp change of direction skills. That’s elasticity. an athlete who follows an individualized. What I mean here is that you need to develop technically correct mechanics of running straight ahead. You really need perform drills that will allow you to perform your specific demands of sport faster. Now this doesn’t equate to running until you puke. balanced. the higher you will jump. That’s right… On the field. a sound strength program needs to focus on appropriate strength.

com .4.FitnessExpertNetwork. www. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement. I can’t even tell you how many times I have seen an instant jolt of confidence from an athlete who follows our program at OPTC. Visit www. Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). physique alteration (weight/fat loss). Confidence & self Esteem Booster: This is one that never gets mentioned. The hard work and discipline it takes to do things not only for sports but in life are the things that make you a better person. I think a sound strength and conditioning program is just that. but the payoff is worth it. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).307 – . busts his/her butt and gets the job done. and corrective exercise. but as a strength coach I think its importance is invaluable. Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming.optcfitness.com for more information regarding you sports performance About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach. as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). It may not be the most pleasing at times.

"Turn Your Golfing Partners GREEN With Envy" By Jason Zaretzky There you are standing at the tee with all the latest gadgets and golfing gear that guarantees to increase your golf game. Instead. When your joints have optimal ranges of motion it will free your muscles up and allow for more powerful drives off the tee. All the big time pros like Tiger Woods have revolutionized the way we look at and play the game. your arms which are the main body part moving in golf will never be able to generate the force you need them to. your backswing looks like a ¾ draw back and the ball ends up somewhere in the deep rough. He has literally changed the way golfers prepare for competition. You set up and start to swing that $500 driver back across your body. and shoulder/hip mobility.com . and back muscles). That’s why is important for any golfer to address flexibility throughout the entire body (especially in the shoulder and hip regions). This is why an exercise program can be extremely beneficial to success on the links. abdominals. Hip and Shoulder Mobility – As a golf swing should be fluid and smooth if you lack the proper range of motion in the shoulder and hip joints. can actually decrease you performance on the golf course. endurance. www. In any golf specific program this should be a main focus. but has poor fairway – hitting percentages. So to successfully implement golf specific conditioning programs here are a few tips to consider: Core Training – Known as the area that covers your midsection. Without strengthening and stabilizing the core (hips. it is strength and conditioning. or you just do not have the range of motion in your shoulders and hips to get that powerful backswing needed to drive the ball down the fairway. your typical bodybuilding based exercise program that most golfers resort to. your swing will just be plain out rigid and your strokes will suffer. There is a new solution to increasing your golf game. but something seems to hold you back… It appears that you can’t draw the club past your belly. get ready because a big change is about to take place. Golf is comprised of power. Does this sound like you? Well. Even Phil Mickeleson who can whack the ball a ton.FitnessExpertNetwork. Tiger Woods and his peers continue to excel in their golf game due to participating in a serious strength and conditioning program. has incorporated a conditioning program into his training regimen and has reaped the benefits.308 – . See the core is the central part of the body where all movement is generated and controlled. However. It’s not another gadget or device you see on the shopping network.

can be very deceiving. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach.com . stretching. and total body work. About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. Just realize that the secret to enhancing you golf game requires a full spectrum of proper training. golf conditioning is quite unique. physique alteration (weight/fat loss). A well balanced conditioning program will only reduce injuries and improve you golf scores.309 – . Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming. It’s the golfers that are driving the ball just as far off the tee in the 18th hole that they do in the 1st are the golfers that prosper. Just being Powerful won’t cut it. Conclusion As you now see.FitnessExpertNetwork. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). As golf fitness is now booming beware that machines.Power + Endurance = the Superior Golfer – A combination of some intense resistance training coupled with endurance work will address the energy demands of the golfer. By simply following these steps you can develop into a complete golfer. www. and corrective exercise. or devices that guarantee to enhance your golf performance. gadgets.

Well if the task at hand was stretching tight muscles… great mission accomplished. it will boost heart rate. If this is true then why do we insist on warming up by performing these static stretching routines? Sounds like a contradiction to me! : ) 3) Similar to my first point sports are done by moving in various angles. but you’ll also notice a dramatic increase in speed and power out put. However. www. By transitioning from going through your traditional warmup and replacing it with workout preparation. If you follow these basic guidelines with the exercises and movements provided not only will you be more mentally and physically prepared.com . I believe this to be true for a couple of reasons: 1) Static stretching is done without movement in a stretch and hold fashion. What I mean here is that it’s time to change our mind set for the better. So how do you warm-up. Warming up or as I call it “work out preparation”. This is then followed by the traditional “static” or stretch and hold routine where eight of the ten stretches are different types of hamstring stretches. so it only makes sense to me. like I said it’s time to start Preparing for our workouts. and directions. Moving very explosively I might add! 2) The “Experts” say it is best to stretch after the body is loose and the muscles are already warm. Instead of doing our static stretching first in our workout.FitnessExpertNetwork. we are talking about getting athletes ready for performance right? The last time I checked most sports are done moving. increase blood flow to working muscles. performing this type of stretching routine as a warm-up can be very counter-productive in getting athlete’s ready for practice or competition."Workout Preparation for Optimal Sports Performance" By Jason Zaretzky Workout Preparation for Optimal Sports Performance The biggest mistake I see on nearly every athletic field today is the approach of the “warm-up”. and most importantly it will improve function of the nervous system. the goal is to wake the body up. you ask. we need to be doing this type of activity postworkout as a recovery/regeneration tool (more on this in another article to come). The traditional stretching routines I’ve been talking about are in my opinion useless. You know coach blows the whistle and say’s take lap. We do this by performing a “workout preparation” program. to warm-up that way. speeds.310 – . practice or competition. While static stretching does have its benefits. We need to think Workout Preparation rather than warm-up. This program will get athletes ready for more intense activity by moving the body through full ranges of motion while dynamically moving.

as well as a Performance Enhancement Fitness Specialist (PES). physique alteration (weight/fat loss).com .311 – . and corrective exercise. He specializes in athletic performance enhancement.About the Author Jason Zaretzky is Owner and Program Director of Optimal Performance Training Center. and through the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). www. The CHEK Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Exercise Coach. Jason is certified through the NSCA as a certified strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Jason is committed to optimizing your results as he has helped a countless number of individuals and athletes reach their fitness and training goals by improving functional movement and through scientific results oriented programming.FitnessExpertNetwork.

tone and strength of the body. will I?" "One year of doing high-intensity strength training can lower a woman's risk of osteoporotic bone fractures in more ways than any single thing she can do for herself. associate chief of the Physiology Lab at Tufts University in Boston. along with heavy weight training." This is a quote from Miriam Nelson. I wish I had a dollar for every fitness consultation that began with this question: "Now. even while we are at rest). add muscle tone and improve endurance from weight training without becoming "masculine" looking. When women lose fat and gain muscle tissue.com . they use anabolic steroids. Yet.I Don't Want Big Muscles! By Joe Thiel I regularly find myself dealing with the persistent myth that lifting weights will produce bulging muscles in women making them less feminine looking. in spite of many well-publicized studies. but men have a much higher level circulating within their bodies. There are many benefits that can be gained through a consistent program of weight training. Both men and women secrete this hormone.unless they have an unusually high level of testosterone (rare) or. Studies indicate that a pound of muscle may use up to 45 calories per day just to maintain itself. It stresses just one of the many important reasons women should be engaged in a regular strength training routine. if not impossible. In practical terms. but one has 5 pounds more muscle than the other. lower body fat content) uses 225 more calories per day at rest! www. It is physiologically very difficult. the one with the greater muscle weight (thus. Lean tissue (muscle) gives the body shape. The facts are: • • • Strength training is the best (and only proven) way to improve the shape. bulging muscles (without anabolic steroids). Thus women seldom experience dramatic muscular development from weight training -. Let me mention just one here that most of you will find significant.FitnessExpertNetwork. as stated above. Testosterone. Muscle is a very active tissue (most of our daily caloric expenditure is due to muscle activity.312 – . the feminine physique truly emerges. the message is apparently not getting through to many women. This is why most women can increase strength. increases muscle mass. I won't get big muscles. for women to develop huge. that means that if we take 2 women (or men) of identical weight. male or female.

com www.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author Joe Thiel is a certified personal trainer.313 – .If you're ready to commit to a serious strength training program. He has personally trained hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Midwest.com and http://www. I encourage you to contact a fitness professional who has the knowledge and experience to get you started on a safe and effective exercise routine.ftspringfield.com . IL and Chesterfield. He can be emailed here. He currently owns and operates personal training studios in Springfield. MO.ftchesterfield. His websites: http://www.

Myth No. However. since they can't do all of that. there is no such thing as 'lower abs. rest for a day or so and then do the same exercises that caused you to be sore in the first place.women typically don't gain size from strength training. I didn't workout hard enough. muscle soreness is caused by tiny tears in the muscle fibers and. you should do exercises to target all four muscles: the rectus abdominis. To prevent soreness. doing crunches will not help you get a 'six-pack' if you have a layer of fat over your abdominal area. Myth No. To work your abs. because compared to men. Being physically active is proven to reduce stress and make you healthier. being sore for days after your workout most likely means you overdid it. while some soreness is expected if you regularly change your program.314 – . weight training expert and PhD. 1: I need exercises to work my 'lower abs' and reduce my pot belly. strength training is a critical element to maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your body. If you experience soreness. which is when you experience the most muscle growth. that extends from below your chest to your pelvis. but lower the intensity. Second. 4: Strength training will make me "bulk up" Some women avoid weight training because they don't want to bulk up. you must reduce your body fat.com .. First. researched the effects of weight training on women and found that "the average woman who strength trains two to three times a week for eight weeks gains 1. In order the see the muscles.75 pounds of lean weight. internal and external obliques and the transverse abdominis.. you're not allowing your body time to recover. The general rule for weight loss is to do cardio 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes as well as weight training 2-3 times a week.and loses 3. women have 10 to 30 times less of the hormones that cause bulking up. If you're sore after every workout.. 3: If I can't workout often enough and hard enough. 2: If I'm not sore the next day. even if it's only a 15-minute walk. you have no excuse not to do something active each day.FitnessExpertNetwork.. you should warm up before your workout and stretch before and after. So. Wayne Wescott." www. why do ANY of it? Remember: Any exercise is better than NO exercise. I might as well not even do it. However.The Top 5 Training Myths By Joe Thiel Myth No. Many people use muscle soreness as a gauge of how good their workout is. Myth No. even if you can't make it to the gym.' The six-pack you're going for is actually one long muscle.5 pounds of fat. called the rectus abdominis. Some people simply don't have the time to workout that much and they think.

His websites: http://www. If you have a question about a particular topic that relates to health and fitness.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author Joe Thiel is a certified personal trainer.com . as well as a workout that combines cardio exercise as well as consistent weight training. muscles work on calories "which should be predominately carbohydrates.Myth No. or dehydration. I could create 10 "Top 5 Lists" of myths I've heard in my 20 years in the fitness industry.ftspringfield. He currently owns and operates personal training studios in Springfield. Building muscle mass involves two things: Using enough weight to challenge muscles beyond their normal levels of resistance and eating more calories than you burn. I can build big muscles.ftchesterfield. kidney strain. I'd be happy to research it for you and give you my opinion. He has personally trained hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Midwest. it's easy to believe that protein is the best fuel for building muscle but. The remainder of the calories are divided between fat and protein." If you consume too much protein. I'll give you my best guess and tell you so. My goal is to cut through the myths and help you experience your best life possible. according to the American Dietetic Association.com www. you run the risk of creating nutrient imbalance.315 – . IL and Chesterfield. He can be emailed here. MO. With all the hype about high protein diets lately.com and http://www. If I don't know. Plus. excess protein results in extra calories that are either burned or stored. 5: If I eat more protein. For muscle mass. you should incorporate a healthy eating plan.

who wouldn’t blame her for being sick and tired and just giving up and settling back into her old habits? So what are these tiny changes that can make a HUGE difference? First things first.Are You Sick & Tired Of Not Getting The Results You Want From Your Exercise Program? By John Kent Are you sick and tired of not getting the results you want from your exercise program? If this is you. but I think 12 miles a day is an awful lot and I can think of a whole lot of other ways I’d rather spend my time! The sad thing about this woman though is that after three months. So how do you know what the right portion is for your body? I recommend having your resting metabolic rate analyzed with metabolic testing www. And we all know that beef jerky doesn’t stretch! Secondly. There are tiny changes you can make that will make a huge difference in your results.FitnessExpertNetwork. I can’t stress enough the importance of water. There was one woman in particular though who wasn’t really dieting but was on a very strict exercise program.com . we recommend eating 5-6 small meals a day to ease hunger and keep your metabolism burning. she was running up to 12 miles per day. We must feed our body properly in order for it to function the way it was designed. At John Kent Fitness. What we put in our body is just as important as what we do with the outside of our body. If you want to drive your car. This means primarily fueling your body with quality lean proteins and quality carbs in the right portions for your body. pay close attention. she was quite frustrated that she was putting in all of this energy and effort into something that wasn’t producing the results she expected. At this point. Recently.316 – . Now I don’t know about you. if you’re not used to drinking this much you may have to ease your way into it. she had lost the LEAST amount of weight. I was watching a popular nightly news program that profiled several individuals from the same high school. Of course. Our general rule of thumb is 3/4 gallon per day for women and 1 gallon a day for men. Think about it. In fact. it’s like trying to train with beef jerky for muscles. leave it completely empty. fuel your body with the proper nutrition. Needless to say. she was training for a marathon! After three months. But. Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue. Most of them were combining both diet and exercise to achieve a healthy amount of weight loss. do it! If you are dehydrated and you are resistance training. They were all trying different diet and exercise programs to lose weight before their 25 year high school reunion. you don’t fill the tank with syrup or worst yet.

FitnessExpertNetwork. He has contributed articles to various publications and has been featured on Bay News 9. You should be between 8-10 on the intensity scale by the end of your set. He can be reached at 727-420-8139 or on the web at www. Remember.317 – . Next make sure you cycle your workouts and make them progressive. We usually use a self-perceived intensity scale with our clients with one being low intensity and 10 being high intensity. FL. Channel 10’s Life Around the Bay and in Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine where they named him “Tampa Bay’s Body Transformer”.com www. design a program specifically for you and provide accountability. low calorie and taste great! You also need to make sure you are taking whole food vitamin supplements so that your body can properly heal and recover from your workouts. don’t always do your exercises in the same order.JohnKentFitness. I also recommend the use of quality meal replacement bars or shakes for some of your meals. What do I mean by making them more progressive? Add more weight as you get a little stronger. speaker and owner of John Kent Fitness. if you’re new to working out or if you just want a get yourself out of a rut. What do I mean by cycling your workout? Don’t always do the exact same exercise for the same body part. or maybe your just too embarrassed to go to the gym because you don’t know how to use the equipment. friendly. John has become a captivating and much sought after speaker on the topics of nutrition and health. You must keep your body guessing to keep progressing. This is by far a better method than using some chart that could be off as much as 500 calories per day! For convenience. as well as warm.so you can zero in on exactly how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight. try a personal trainer. My favorite is Shaklee products because they are low glycemic. And. located in Clearwater. Use a controlled tempo during both the lifting and lowering phase of the weight.com . Finally. and approachable character. With his fitness expertise. About the Author John Kent is a writer. A personal trainer can educate you on proper technique. Inc. you want to train the muscle not just lift the weight.

Why? Your body has been at rest all night and has been using up your glycogen stores for energy during the night.FitnessExpertNetwork. You will find many different opinions on this topic all over the internet. your primary fuel source is sugar (glycogen).318 – . As I mentioned. there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years in working with my clients . moderate aerobic exercise is a vital component for health. aerobic exercise is exercise in which oxygen requirements are being met.sugar stored in our muscles and liver (called glycogen) or fat. But regardless of how you view it. Earlier we mentioned that aerobic exercise has two choices for fuel -. Effective cardio exercise alone will most likely not get you the sleek. let me explain a few things about aerobic exercise. the more aerobically fit you are. The second most effective time is immediately following your strength training workout which is also called anaerobic exercise. Knowing this. During this type of exercise. It has two choices for fuel -. but as the saying goes. The more effectively this happens. it will then start to use the fat stored in your body for fuel.sugar (glycogen) or fat. we can determine the most ideal times to do cardio. After a good strength training workout.When Is The Best Time To Do My Cardio? By John Kent As a certified personal trainer. It is also pivotal for delivering nutrients to the cells and getting waste out of the cells. And. "the proof is in the pudding" and my clients always see better results when their cardio exercise is performed during one of these two times.either you love it or you hate it. The first choice would be to do your cardio in the morning as soon as you wake up and on an empty stomach.com . your glycogen fuel is used up for energy and then your cardio can be performed and immediately starts using your fat for fuel. You can achieve all of your health and fitness goals using a synergistic www. oxygen is taken in and delivered to your cells. one of the questions I’m most often asked in reference to aerobic exercise is "When is the best time for me to do my cardio for weight loss?" Aerobic exercise a/k/a cardio is simply exercise in which oxygen requirements are being met. toned look you are looking for unless you combine it with the right strength training program and supportive nutrition. The same theory applies here except that during your strength training workout. Aerobic exercise is the exercise for our heart and lungs. Notice that I said "most" effective. Before I answer the question. If the glycogen stores are empty. There are actually two times in which aerobic exercise is most effective. Most of my clients want to lose fat so the times that I’m presenting here are based on those goals.

Channel 10’s Life Around the Bay and in Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine where they named him “Tampa Bay’s Body Transformer”.com www.com . With his fitness expertise. The three components for fitness synergy work for EVERYONE! I guarantee you can achieve remarkable results if you properly apply the components. FL. friendly.319 – . speaker and owner of John Kent Fitness.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author John Kent is a writer. Inc.JohnKentFitness.approach with three key components: Moderate aerobic exercise. and approachable character. John has become a captivating and much sought after speaker on the topics of nutrition and health. supportive eating program and the right strength training program. as well as warm. He can be reached at 727-420-8139 or on the web at www. located in Clearwater. He has contributed articles to various publications and has been featured on Bay News 9.

you should already be feeling more energy and your weight should be beginning to drop. All of the information in those articles has been related to cardiovascular exercise. sets. If you’ve never participated in a resistance training program. These are two very important results of cardiovascular exercise. In future articles I will discuss each variable in more detail and www. Perform one set for each major muscle group with a light load (weight). There are an endless number of resistance exercises. Rest periods are the time between each set. While there is still more to address regarding cardiovascular exercise. Rest periods are necessary to allow for muscle recovery. this article will focus on integrating resistance training into your workout.Designing Resistance Training Workouts By John Preston Incorporating resistance training into your overall workout plan will make all the difference in the world. In other articles I have discussed setting goals and establishing a timeline to reach those goals. To start out the set should consist of about 15 reps and the tempo should be moderate (1 to 2 seconds in each direction).com . but a 30 pound dumbbell can be very intimidating to a beginning exerciser. firm your body. You should rest about one minute between each set. Always allow a day of rest between resistance training workouts. add a set to the next workout. Then things will get a little more complicated. start slow. load. Tempo is the speed in which the exercise is performed. Think about it. I wish I could present them all to you but that will fill up an entire text book and then someone would create a new one. Load is the amount of weight or resistance you use during a given exercise set. Repetitions or reps are the number of times you perform an exercise in succession. Many people are intimidated when it comes to beginning a new workout routine.320 – . I also began to talk about how to make changes to your workout to avoid becoming board and to avoid a plateau. improve posture. So I will discuss other resistance training variables that will help you to design an effective routine. If you experience mild or no soreness or fatigue. and tempo. rest periods. and then begin to increase the load (weight). But if you really want to look your best you will need to incorporate resistance training into your routine. Typically this intimidation is related to concerns over beginning a resistance training program. Without resting you will not be able to perform the next set properly. Rest the next day and monitor how you feel. and allow you to focus on changing the shape of specific areas of your body. this will allow for muscle recovery. Those variables are repetitions. You will see results for several weeks with this approach. Eventually work up to three sets.FitnessExpertNetwork. Resistance training will help to increase lean muscle. most people are totally comfortable with working out on an exercise bike or treadmill. When you stop performing an exercise you have completed one set. If you’ve begun exercising in the past couple months.

com .FitnessExpertNetwork. some exercises performed incorrectly can lead to injury.com www. He holds certifications from both the American Council on Exercise (ACE). pain and injury. So if you perform an exercise wrong 300 times it is ingrained and will be very difficult to correct. So learning how to do it correctly now will save you years of frustration in the future. This will help you to continue to see results all the way to your goals. exercises performed with bad technique are not as effective and ultimately can lead to muscular imbalances.johnprestonfitness. Movement patterns become efficient in as little as 300 repetitions. I want to discuss the importance of technique and exercise selection. as well as a B.how changing each variable will affect the others. Once you understand each resistance training variable you will know how to periodically manipulate each variable.A. and The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). If you don’t know what your major muscle groups are. please seek out an exercise specialist in your area.321 – . Second. His website is http://www. If you establish bad technique early on it will be very hard to correct it later. or you know your triceps but haven’t a clue which exercise will strengthen them. First. in Kinesiology for Long Beach State. If you are hurt you can’t workout and if you can’t workout you will never reach your goals. About the Author John Preston is a Certified Personal Trainer with 14 years of experience. In fact it can take up to 5000 repetitions to reeducate a new movement pattern.

Specifically I will discuss mode or type of exercise. cycle. Start with three days a week.322 – . Once you have increased www. It is possible you will be able to do this during your first workout. When you are beginning an exercise program allow for a day of rest between each workout. But few people know how to design a fun and effective program that will help them improve their health and achieve their goals. How long your workouts become will depend on how much time you schedule for workouts and how quickly you want to lose the fat. the goal will be to perform 20 continuous minutes of exercise.com . It is important that you start out slow and “progress” over time to avoid over training or injury. But feel free to swim. In this article I will discuss how to progress with the cardiovascular or aerobic portion of your exercise plan. The first variable of cardiovascular exercise is the mode. Pick an exercise that you enjoy. The longer you go the more total calories you will expend. take an aerobics class.How to Develop an Effective Cardiovascular Exercise Program By John Preston Everybody knows that cardiovascular exercise is good for them. increase the duration each cardiovascular exercise session until you can do 30 to 60 minutes. In other words the results you get from cardiovascular exercise are not determined by what exercise you perform but the other variables. If you haven’t been on an exercise bike in years your thighs will probably be on fire after a couple minutes even on the easiest setting. the most common being walking. By choosing an exercise that you like you increase the likelihood continuing to work out over the long term. If you exercise for 30 minutes with a heart rate of 130 you will expend the same number of calories regardless of what movement you are doing. Another perk of having so many options is that if you do become bored. By making regular changes to these variables you should be able to continue to see progress all the way to your goals. or what exercise you will be doing. This will be the first thing that you will want to manipulate. the duration of each workout. An important thing to know about mode is that they are all the same. jump on a treadmill or any other cardiovascular equipment at the gym. If you feel fine the next day. The next variable of cardiovascular exercise is duration or the length of each individual workout. There are many choices. Now that you’ve decided which exercise you enjoy and you’re slowly increasing the duration of your workouts the next cardiovascular exercise variable is frequency or the number of workouts each week. how often you should be working out or the frequency and intensity of your cardiovascular exercise. But stop after 20 minutes. jog. hike. do some of your joints ache? Your body will tell you if you can do more the next workout. A 20 minutes walk may be very easy if you don’t have any joint issues or chronic illness. If you are just starting an exercise program. See how you feel the next day. all you have to do is switch to another mode of cardiovascular exercise. Are your muscles sore.FitnessExpertNetwork.

So what should your training intensity be? There is some controversy over this issue. plus your resting heart rate (RHR) equals training heart rate (THR). subtract your resting heart rate (RHR).323 – . 220 subtract your age. I’m not recommending that you jump right in to high intensity cardiovascular exercise. At rest the body will use almost entirely fat. Although you will be taxing your cardiovascular system six days a week you will reduce your risk of injury from doing the same repetitive motion. When you are comfortable at that intensity increase it www. Change your mode. Subtract your age from 220. On days when you lift weights only do 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. 75-85+% high intensity. Simply stated the lower the intensity. By doing a variety of exercises you will use different muscles. Now you don’t want to workout at your maximum heart rate. INTENSITY! Intensity is determined most easily by monitoring your heart rate. Another option would be to alternate duration. It is true that fat is the body’s fuel of choice at low intensity exercise. while the body utilizes more carbohydrate with high intensity exercise. Here are a couple ideas to help you from becoming bored. So what is considered high intensity? I will give you some ranges. but it doesn’t. 65-75% medium intensity. the higher the percentage of fat and conversely the higher the intensity the lower percentage of fat. So here’s the formula. Add one day to your program. 50-65 % (of maximum heart rate) low intensity. during a sprint almost entirely carbohydrate. At higher intensity exercise you will expend far more total calories. If you follow the logic that low intensity cardiovascular exercise is the answer then you should be able to sleep the fat off. on the other days do 45 to 60 minutes. It never uses one or the other exclusively. Instead you want to workout at a specific percentage of your maximum. calories in being food and calories out being movement/exercise. You will need to build up to it over time. times the percent you want to workout at. First of all you’re probably bored out of your wits. Try taking a couple aerobic classes.com . Let’s look at the body’s sources of energy along a continuum.FitnessExpertNetwork. and riding a bike (yes outdoors) twice. It is safe to do aerobic exercise up to six days each week.the duration of your workout to the maximum your schedule will allow it is time to increase the number of times you workout each week. swimming twice. What should your heart rate be when you are exercising? I’ll give you a formula to estimate your proper training heart rate. You’ve probably heard that low intensity exercise with a long duration will burn more body fat. If you have progressed to the point where you are working out six days a week doing the same exercise for 60 minutes it’s time to make some more changes. And now I want to focus on the final variable of cardiovascular exercise. Give yourself three to four weeks to adapt to four workouts then add another workout session to the week. this is your theoretical maximum heart rate. Start by finding out what your percentage is currently then increase it by 5%. because at sleep almost all the body is using is fat. On the surface it would seem that working out at a low intensity would speed fat loss. If you’ve read my other articles on FEN you might remember that I stated that weight loss is as simple as calories in versus calories out. This will lead to a larger caloric deficit thus more fat loss.

johnprestonfitness.com www.FitnessExpertNetwork.5(THR). cancer. About the Author John Preston is a Certified Personal Trainer with 14 years of experience. and a lower body fat percentage reduces the risk of diabetes.again. It will look like this 220 .26(age) .324 – . stop if you have to. These include. By following this progressive approach to your cardiovascular workouts you can safely lose body fat and increase your aerobic capacity while keeping your risk of over training and injuries low. You will continue to see results. one of the adaptations to regular cardiovascular exercise is a lower resting heart rate. Assume your 26 with a resting heart rate of 64 and you want to workout at 75% of your maximum heart rate.64(RHR) X . Keep that in mind when you are designing your program. in Kinesiology for Long Beach State. Take your heart rate for 15 seconds while exercising.75 + 64(RHR) = 161. as well as a B. It will be next to impossible to maintain exactly 161. and ultimately reach your goals. increased aerobic capacity. then multiply by four(double twice). decreased risk of heart disease. So set a range. Intensity will have an effect on your duration. His website is http://www. say 158 to 163 beats per minute.com . He holds certifications from both the American Council on Exercise (ACE). You may be able to exercise at a low percentage say 50% during a hike for several hours. avoid plateaus. Also you may want to alternate high intensity short duration workouts with lower intensity long duration. Most people can’t go hard every day.A. and The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). In addition to increased weight loss you will also enjoy greater health benefits with higher intensity cardiovascular exercise. If you are running at 85% you may reach exhaustion after 20 or 30 minutes. Also check your resting heart rate periodically.

wedding. the sooner you start the sooner you will get to your goals. start today.) then my recommendation to you would be to give yourself as much time as possible. people do not know how to workout. etc. you will lose one pound of fat in a week (500cal X 7 days = 3500cal). The plan is the easy part. It takes a long time for some people to see results. your weight. In other words. Many people conclude that if you don’t see any results then exercise must not work. The majority of people who start an exercise program drop out in the first six weeks.FitnessExpertNetwork. Think about how long it took you to get fat or out of shape. Fat loss is as simple as calories in versus calories out. Therefore you will need to eat less and move more. Now for planning your exercise routines.325 – . It is a lot easier to maintain the fat loss. Most drop out because they fail to see results. exciting. You will not reverse all those years of inactivity in two weeks! Second. This would www. you will lose two pounds of fat in one week. The trick to having the body you desire is no different than the trick to succeeding at anything you do.e. dress size. It’s all going to start with nutrition. In fact it is one of the few guarantees in life. There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat.com . Let’s assume you have the time to take two aerobic classes everyday and lift weights every day. If you create a caloric deficit of 1000cal each day. Here’s why. With this information it is easy to figure out how long it will take you to achieve your goal. your body will adapt and become more fit. If you decide to open a business but don’t create a business plan. and effective exercise routines? You are not alone. To make it simple. and or your body fat percentage. You will have to have a plan and you will have to follow through. So why don’t people see results? First of all they are impatient. The purpose of this and future articles is to provide you with enough information so that you will be able to create exercise routines properly and get to your fitness goals. Then decide what your ultimate goal will be for yourself.Introduction to Workout Design By John Preston Are you having trouble creating fun. It is fairly well accepted that fat loss in excess of two pounds a week will be temporary. count on one to two pounds of fat loss each week. This is because calories are too restricted and when normal amounts of food are consumed again all the fat will come back. Why go through all the trouble if it doesn’t work? The truth of the matter is that it does work. I guarantee this. If you exercise at intensity beyond that which your body is accustomed. If your goal is tied to a specific event (class reunion. it will take 15 to 30 weeks. If you don’t know what you’re doing then chances are you will fail. If your goal is to lose 30 pounds. If you create a caloric deficit of 500cal each day. your chances of success are minimal. You need to know what you’re starting with i. But how will you begin? This is the hard part. If you get to your goal several weeks early. Calories in equal’s food and calories out equal’s activity. If you are not getting in shape for a special occasion. you simply have to maintain until your event.

and life that you want.expend thousands of calories. To lose weight you will have to consume fewer calories than you expend. which include the following. Resistance training also will increase caloric expenditure as well as increase your metabolism due to the increase of lean muscle. It can become somewhat complicated and a little confusing. right? Not necessarily. which would lead weight loss. Tempo is the speed that each repetition is performed. sets. by exercising at a different heart rate. But you want to avoid settling into an exercise routine rut. If over the course of the day you eat too much food. With cardiovascular or aerobic exercise there are a few variables that can be changed to help you avoid a plateau. Another change can be made to your exercise frequency or the number of workouts each week. and tempo. These exercise variables are interrelated.326 – . but you will have the same amount of fat. But eventually you will have to develop exercise routines. In my series of articles I address each exercise variable in more detail to help clarify any confusion. If after a while you stop progressing you will probably need to make more changes to you workouts. or the length of time each aerobic workout lasts. Cardiovascular exercise will increase caloric expenditure as well as boost your metabolism for a short period of time after each workout. With resistance training the easiest way to avoid a plateau is to select different exercises. rest periods. You will be stuck in a dreaded plateau. health. making changes to any one of them will affect the others. But what should you be doing for exercise? If you are not currently exercising it’s very simple. instead of cycling try swimming. You should see progress for a long time if you simply change exercises periodically. You will be aerobically fit and perhaps strong. Rest periods are the time between each set. you won’t lose an ounce. There is not a single path that will lead you to your goal. You can also make changes in exercise duration. repetitions. try something different.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . Repetitions are the number of times you perform an exercise which will comprise one set. changes in load. www. The body is very resilient. start. it will figure out the exercise routine and only adapt enough so that the routine can be completed. creative. Doing any physical activity at this point will help. With this information you should be able to design fun. Exercise makes it easier to create a caloric deficit. Anyone who tells you that they have the perfect exercise routine to get you to your goal is full of it. After that it will stop adapting and you will stop seeing results. and effective exercise routines and achieve the body. The first is the mode or type of exercise you are doing. Load is simply the amount of weight you are working with. To avoid a plateau and to see continuous results you will need to make frequent changes to your exercise routines. And lastly you can make changes in exercise intensity. Instead of the treadmill try an aerobics class.

His website is http://www.327 – .com www.com . in Kinesiology for Long Beach State.johnprestonfitness.FitnessExpertNetwork.A. as well as a B.About the Author John Preston is a Certified Personal Trainer with 14 years of experience. and The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He holds certifications from both the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Use a light load and a low number of repetitions (reps) and sets. You will take the information I have provided in other articles I’ve written for FEN and periodically (this is why it’s called periodization) change your exercise routine. Undulation simply means to go back and forth. You should begin with linear. But to keep it simple I will only present only three phases or types of training.FitnessExpertNetwork. hypertrophy. and strength phases. www. But they never progress. the one you will read about in almost every magazine this and every month. You will want to perform a lot of sets of each exercise and have very long rest periods (2-4 minutes). even linear periodization will stop working for you eventually. linear and undulating. and start out light which is good. The world’s greatest workout. It is the focus of this article. Then over a period of weeks increase the weight. Not making these changes is the biggest mistake I’ve seen people make in the gym. Everybody wants to know. the personal trainer’s secret to designing exercise routines. It will only work for a short period of time. Remember that with a lighter weight and higher reps you typically will perform fewer sets and have shorter rest periods (30 seconds). The hypertrophy (muscle growth) phase uses a medium load and fewer reps (8-12). isn’t so great. Your body will adapt to it and then you will stop seeing result. Unfortunately. If you are trying to firm up your triceps with one set five pounds and you don’t see any results. The changes you make to these three phases will focus mostly on changing the load or the resistance. endurance.328 – .com . The strength phase will require heavy weight and low reps (4-8). When this happens it’s time to introduce undulating periodization to your exercise routine. They join. number of reps. The endurance phase simple means that you will use a lighter weight and increase reps (15-20). Having a plan to make frequent changes to your exercise routine is called Periodization. If you really want to push yourself during this phase keep the rest period short (30-45 seconds). There are two types of periodization. This is called a plateau If you want to break out of your plateau then you will need to do something else. There are an endless number of ways to adjust workouts and continue to see results. You will have to progress to a more intense exercise routine. In this phase you can do more sets and have slightly longer rest periods (60 seconds). Linear simply means that you should start out light.Periodization: The Personal Trainer's Secret to Designing Exercise Routines By John Preston Periodization. and sets of your exercise routine. doing one set with five pounds for a year won’t do anything for you. what is the best exercise routine to get in shape? The truth is that here is no single workout that will get you to your goals.

A simple guideline to ensure that you are using the proper weight (load) is that if you can’t perform the least amount of recommended repetitions for each phase the weight is too heavy. If you are a beginner it could be 12 to 16 weeks or longer before you need to make this change to your exercise routine. He holds certifications from both the American Council on Exercise (ACE). please contact me and I will make sure you receive copies of those articles.FitnessExpertNetwork. Then move on to the hypertrophy phase for the same period of time. His website is http://www. Within each phase you should be pushing yourself to increase the load. In this article I referred to a lot of information that was presented in other articles I’ve written for FEN. The bottom line is that your body is very resilient. The longer you workout consistently the shorter the period of time you will stay in each phase. Once you make the change stay will the endurance phase until you feel as though you are not progressing. It will adapt to the stresses that are placed upon it only enough so that those stresses stop being stressful.com . Your signal to move to the next phase will be when you no longer can increase weight and stay in the proper rep range. After you stop seeing results from linear periodization it is time to move on to undulating periodization. About the Author John Preston is a Certified Personal Trainer with 14 years of experience. This time period should be no longer than six weeks. Finally move on to the strength phase. as well as a B.329 – .A.com www. Experienced exercisers may rotate every week or two. and The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). If you didn’t get a change to read those and are a little lost. To keep things simple rotate between the three phases forever. Conversely if you can perform more than the recommended maximum numbers of repetitions for each phase the weight is too light. If you want to get in better shape you need to change the stress (workout). in Kinesiology for Long Beach State.johnprestonfitness.

The more repetitions you perform each set. In other words a weight you can do at least 8 times but will take everything you have to do 12 times. When planning your www. There is also an inverse relationship between reps and sets. rest periods and tempo and how they affect each other. you needed to change what you were doing six months ago. The truth of the matter is that if you haven’t done any weight training for a long time you probably could just randomly lift some weights and see some results. and in my opinion you will see little or no results. Performing high intensity short rep sets will require longer rest periods between sets. If you are just beginning.com . the fewer total sets you will need to perform. Meaning that the fewer reps you perform of each set the more sets you will perform of that exercise. What does all of this mean to you? As far as sets go three is the magic number. When you perform an exercise in succession and then stop that would comprise a set.330 – . and then to three. A repetition (rep) is the performance of an exercise one time. With this basic information you should be able to create fresh and effective weight training routines that will ultimately lead to you reaching your goals. Sets of 8-12 reps will increase muscle size. Designing your own weight training workout should be fun and easy. load.Understanding the Variables of Weight Training By John Preston Many people are confused and intimidated by weight training. while lower intensity high rep sets will require much shorter rest periods. But with a little information there really is no need to be confused or intimidated. when that happens what do you do? By changing the way you workout your body will continue to adapt. With rare exceptions if you can perform more than 15 reps the weight you’re working with is too light. sets. The number of reps will also have an impact on rest periods. If you are working within the 4-6 rep range you will have to select much greater resistance than if you plan on performing 15 reps. Sets of 1-8 repetitions will increase strength with moderate muscle gains and muscle endurance. In this article I will focus on the five weight training components. My goal with this article is to give you the information you need to reach your goals and ultimately have the body you want. start with only one set. Also if you are planning on doing 8-12 reps you will need to pick an appropriate weight. repetitions (reps). The number of repetitions you perform will dictate the load and vice versa.FitnessExpertNetwork. with some increase in strength and muscle endurance. But increase to two when your body is ready. And sets of 12 to 20 will increase muscular endurance with little muscle growth or strength increases. So if you’ve been doing 3 sets of 12 reps for eight months and you haven’t made any progress in the last six. Your goal will determine the proper amount of repetitions. But eventually you will stop seeing results.

If you can do only seven it is too heavy. in shape person you want to be. i. if you don’t stress your body beyond that which it is accustomed. Even though this seems obvious I have seen up to forty women in a group strength training class use the same www.com . no results. So it’s okay to start out light and prepare the body for the hard workouts to follow. When you finish a set of twelve if you could have done one more then the weight is too light. There are many misconceptions when it comes to load. elastic tubing. The lower the load and higher the reps the shorter rest periods between sets can be. Tempo or speed of movement is also affected by load. it is the only way to be the lean. First let’s look at how load will affect the other weight training variables. Are they the same size? NO! You will be able to pick up far more weight from the floor (dead lift) then you will ever be able to curl with your arms. Load will have the most obvious impact on repetitions. no adaptation will occur. As you can see each exercise variable has an effect on the others. It can come from your body weight. This is called the overload principle. By the time you finish a set you should be experiencing a burning sensation in the muscle(s) you are exercising. and rest is mandatory not optional. If you do this on every set for every exercise you will see results. If you are working with a light resistance and a high number of repetitions you will need to perform fewer total sets for each exercise and vice versa. you are going to have to push yourself a little. Load. cables. If you what the shape of your body to change. now look at your upper arm. You also want to work with a resistance that you can control and perform with correct form. and free weights. Both your heart rate and breathing rate should be elevated. machines.e. You need to select a weight that will stress your muscles beyond their current abilities. strong. If you are new to weight training this intense of a workout may leave your muscles sore for several days. simply put is weight or resistance. But if you plan on doing eight to twelve reps each set eventually you will want to select a weight that you can perform correctly at least eight times. The higher the weight and lower the reps the longer rest periods should be. the weight is too light. Look at your thigh. changing one thing will affect your workout. Logic dictates that the more weight you select the fewer repetitions you will be able to complete.weight training routine keep the total amount of sets between 30 and 36. Typically women select resistance that is far too light. In this case men typically will select weight that is far too heavy. If you are having a conversation with your friend during a set of weight training and when you finish the set you don’t even need to pause to catch your breath. It is important that your understand how to consistently make changes. An important thing to know about choosing the proper load is that selecting the same weight for every muscle is a huge mistake.FitnessExpertNetwork.331 – . If you are working out at the proper intensity you should be adequately fatigued at this point and any more sets could lead to injury. The easiest way to select the proper weight is to slowly progress to using the correct resistance. There is a small window for selecting the proper resistance. in fact that is the smart way to begin weight training. The heavier the weight the slower you will be able to move it.

if you are working out with a medium amount of resistance and shorten the rest period the workout can become very intense. So when working with machines it is important to select the proper resistance based on the number of reps you want to complete and not get caught up by the number on the weight stack. Please don’t make the same mistake. About the Author John Preston is a Certified Personal Trainer with 14 years of experience.com . Rest periods can be very simple. Another important thing to know is that all weight machines are not created equal. He holds certifications from both the American Council on Exercise (ACE). in Kinesiology for Long Beach State. Therefore you may use fifty pounds on one leg machine and one hundred fifty on another that exercises the exact same muscle. Unlike aerobic exercise. This advice will come in handy when you travel and find yourself using a brand of equipment you are unfamiliar with. This rest allow for muscles to recover so that the next set can be performed with nearly the same efficiency. rest periods should be relatively short (30 to 60 seconds). I have also seen women come into the gym and pick up an eight pound dumbbell and use it on every weight training exercise for over 30 minutes. Rest periods are simply the time between sets when you are resting.johnprestonfitness.A. And for higher intensity (1-8 reps) rest periods can be long. They all are designed with different mechanics.com www. For lower intensity exercises with low weight and higher reps (12-15 reps). (2 to 5 minutes). His website is http://www. For medium intensity (8-12 reps) rest periods of about 1 to 2 minutes are appropriate. and The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). weight training requires rest after short bouts of exercise.332 – .FitnessExpertNetwork. where you want the exercise session to be continuous. as well as a B. It does get a little tricky though.resistance for an hour.

3 Real life reasons not to jog By Jonathan Wong Jogging (any other kind of long. the main reason people want to start an exercise program is to look good. So if looking good is a goal. But this kind of long slow activity really isn't effective in real life and here are 3 big reasons why! 1. "Oh but maybe they are just starting out". let’s be honest.. bored and unhappy (oops that's just their faces). Sure most people don't want to look like a professional bodybuilder and most simply want to look toned. That's fair! But that's not what jogging provides. Well look at the people who have a jogging routine. how many people who jog (see the treadmills in gyms.. same gym etc.. More muscles (yes even women . These results can be seen empirically by you in your friends who jog. jiggly and not particularly impressive.com . not many (if any at all!). Here is why. But lets take a step back and ask what exactly toned is? I would guess that an ideal "toned" physique for most people would be something like the bodies of those models on a health magazine like "Men's Health" or "Shape". Their bodies look soft. Same look or even fatter! No personal offense intended but isn't that a pretty sad result for such dedication and determination? Indeed it is. Hey. I like it that I look healthier than the average man on the street as well.in the right places). or the jogger on the street) look like those cover models? That's right. OK. Without getting too science-nerd-geeky (which I actually enjoy) here are some results from those studies. distance training) is not an optimal training method. There I said it. slow. Same people. same place.333 – .. Nothing wrong with that. and real world evidence shows us that jogging provides neither. as well as by me in my clients who used to jog before they found out the truth. Scientific studies. In fact most joggers look tired. Yup. Check them out 3 months or even 12 months later. I would suspect that all of us want RESULTS for our hard work. www. and less fat. What do most people need to look better than they do now? 2 simple things. at least lets go after that goal in the right way.FitnessExpertNetwork. It doesn't help you look good (this is a big one isn't it?) Time for more honesty. Now for the reality check. It may be downright bad for you. same distance. When somebody mentions "so and so is such a fit guy/gal" this usually gives the impression that this person is good at distance running of some kind or that they hit the road or treadmill/StairMaster/elliptical trainer for many hours each week.

Only muscles use calories! Oops there go your fat burning.com . Oh no! The reality of this is that you need to run further and longer just to use the same amount of calories as you used to. and lifting and shifting loads in construction and assembly of equipment (takes 2 second bursts of effort). and nice looking muscles. This doesn't just mean that jogging doesn't work. When was the last time you had to wake up and run 10km? Never? Yup.FitnessExpertNetwork. This can cause head-aches. I am an army engineer. So jogging makes a bad situation worse! www. So far. jogging is zero out of two in the looking good score. it works in reverse! 2. this head forward posture is efficient for taking in oxygen while jogging and many joggers do this. All the males in Singapore have to do this service to our nation. sprinting after the bus when you are late. Efficiency in jogging to look good is bad! It means that you use FEWER calories as you get "better" at jogging. We build stuff and we blow up stuff.Result A: Jogging does nothing more for fat loss than a good diet. Most people have poor posture. The body thinks "I'm lost in the jungle that's why I'm jogging so much to find my way out". calorie using. pushing and pulling equipment into place (takes about 2 min of intensive labor). Unfortunately. However just like my army story. We slouch way too much due to a lot of time spent at a computer at work and school. Efficiency in car petrol consumption is good. shifting furniture. Shocker!! This isn't some 10 min a week either. From carrying heavy loads across distances of about 200-500m of rough terrain (takes about 5 min of hard work). climbing stairs when the elevator is crowded this list can get very long. Another real life consideration is posture. Jogging adds NOTHING to it. carrying groceries. How do we achieve that? Your body commands its calorie using parts to be jettisoned. me neither.334 – . Eating healthy is great for fat loss. and back-aches (in addition to not looking as good as we could). Result B: Jogging does nothing for muscle gain. Jogging doesn't help you in the "game" of life OK more real life. your chest . Whets the best way to survive in the jungle? It's to use as few calories as possible so we can live off less food. It’s the same for almost any of us. and our shoulders are slouched. At no time would jogging have helped my men or I perform those tasks successfully. So is changing a car tire. This means our heads are forward of our body (when you enter a room. neck-aches. Jogging prepares you not at all for real life. And it gets worse! As you jog.should enter before your head). you get more and more efficient at jogging. real life stuff is strength related! Carrying a growing child is a strength task. I just got back from my stint in the army reserve. Its 30-50 min 3 times a week! More than most joggers do. In our training we NEVER had to jog to succeed in our missions. Jogging puts your entire body into "starvation mode". All our critical tasks were strength related.whether you are male or female .

Let’s move up to the knees. I spent some time helping out at a place where elderly people gather for social support and to play simple games. jogging scores poorly as well when compared to other.FitnessExpertNetwork. I want to be strong till my last breath and I assume that you do as well. not more slow jogging. These are indicators of lower and upper body strength and power (strength and especially power are lost rapidly if we do not training specifically for them as we age). Each foot strike has an impact 3-6 times body weight. American football.335 – . didn't think so. Guess what. Jogging isn't that great for your health Health really should be number one. I could tell by their handshakes who were still in good shape and who were having poor health. poorly chosen shoes. Ankle. There is a saying that I like "you don't run to get fit. Many elderly are made immobile because of falls and accidents that are due to a lack of strength. It was very clear that the happy and healthy elderly were those who were strong. Firstly there is the issue of foot strength. I'm not a doctor but these are just some of the many injury issues that I have seen in joggers who become my clients. you get fit to run". better activities. more than half of all people who start a jogging program get an injury within 6 weeks. rehab www. That's higher than most contact or high risk sports like rugby. Most people wear shoes all day and thus have weak feet. 3. Combine this with poor technique and muscle firing (again caused by poor posture and an inactive lifestyle) and the knees take more than their fair share of impact. not because they ran out of breath as they climbed a flight of stairs. I'm not willing to risk my clients’ health or my health with such an activity. And many elderly are left bed ridden or immobile due to crippling health conditions. 2 major determinants of quality of life for an elderly person are leg power and grip strength. Poor pelvic alignment means even the lower back is taking too much of the ground impact. their naturally wider hips and less ideal bio-mechanics mean knee issues are even more prevalent among lady joggers.com . and overly hard surfaces. It takes a well conditioned and trained person to jog without getting injured. The game of life is a long one. and sole injuries like plantar faciatis (really sucky injury!) are common because most people's feet are not ready to take the pounding. the shoe. mobile and able to take care of themselves without assistance. And in health. These are maintained by resistance training. For ladies.This next point is a sobering one. aerobic capacity is not a big determinant in our quality of life as we age. heel. All this depends on the running mechanics. 3 times is a low estimate. With correct training. But looking good gets more attention. or car racing! Is that a risk you are willing to take? Nope. Many times we have poor mechanics. and the running surface. It’s true.

His passion is to ensure that his clients get the results they desire. and other lifestyle related health conditions.com . take less time (VERY important for long term success). and are more fun to do (also important for long term success). 90 sec walk. Or sprints on a stationary bike for the ladies and less experienced clients.coachjon. 30 sec run/sprint. not only do these issues go away. fast running (if you are a well conditioned athlete). or whatever other contraption.FitnessExpertNetwork. and there is total less number of impacts) and give great results (there we go. All these alternatives give far greater benefits than jogging. obesity. I certainly don't mean it that way. cycle. and total body resistance training with low rest intervals. There are far better alternatives like sprint cycling. distance activity. So what can we do? Well I always suggest sprints (fast striding or faster) for my more experienced clients. long. About the Author Jonathan Wong is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Specialist located in Singapore. www. but they get great results (i. His website is http://www. These are done in interval fashion e. Conclusion: I hope joggers don't take this article as a personal attack. Jogging is certainly better than watching TV or surfing the Internet all day. It’s just that in a fast paced culture (with so little time to exercise) and with the current levels of inactivity. the problems of jogging are the same as those related to all slow. why would we do anything less than what is ideal! Get off that treadmill and into a well designed resistance and interval training program! P.S.336 – . they look great and are pain free).e. It doesn't matter if it’s a StairMaster. we cannot afford to do anything less than optimal training. results again! they are important!). There may be less knee impact but there is still the issue of overloading and creating muscle imbalances simply because of the amount of times the same repetitive action is performed. But it’s really quite a low benefit activity compared to the potential risks. Even if we are blessed with loads of time. elliptical trainer.com.and changes in their exercise routine. Clients from all walks of life come to him for fitness solutions. These save our joints (running fast is tough on our muscles not our joints.g.

that means speaking about your fitness goals as if you have already achieved them. These guys who excel in tough situations are those who have the champion mentality. That means touching your waistline and "feeling" the hard muscles below.5 Factors for Fitness Success By Jonathan Wong Reaching fitness goals is what training should be about. that may even mean buying clothes 3 sizes too small because you WILL get there. All the people who I have worked with who made awesome. muscles. o o I choose a few meat and leafy vegetable dishes from the restaurant. While trying to avoid getting too abstract or weird with this.337 – . What does it take to reach your goal? Will you do whatever it takes to get the job done? Champions have a positive view of the end point. It's a battle and there are times when it's easy to give up. I know many people who have been fat for years and only think of themselves as fat. I know that means no starchy foods unless I just did some exercise. positive changes to their bodies had set their mind to do so. You have to "experience" it before the fact. So what is going on inside the minds of these "success stories"? Here are some of the key things that I have noticed. healthy and strong. At the risk of sounding like meaningless psycho babble. Our conscious mind wants something (money. But is a value in the champion mindset. Very interesting. they believe they will win. They refuse to lose. There is a key difference between players that play late in the fourth quarter and those who sit on the bench in critical situations. it's about mental stability and strength. I have to say that the mind really is the most powerful key to reaching these fitness goals..com . 1.. I want to get lean. Part of the champion mentality is to have only a positive image of what the end result should be. It’s the same with reaching fitness goals. The other thing is to avoid what are known as self-sabotaging thoughts. I read about them in a book about marketing or earning money or something. I begin to sit down and look at my plate www. and they will do whatever it takes to get the job done. THAT HAS TO STOP. It's not about skill. here is an example.FitnessExpertNetwork. You not only need to think of yourself as lean. (Conscious thought): I need to eat well to lose some fat. fat loss whatever) but there are those sub conscious thoughts that get in the way. A champion mentality I coach basketball as a hobby.

It means making the change permanent . As nutritionist John Berardi suggests. none of us are. and it cannot continuously overcome them.(Sub-conscious. 90% perfect is pretty much good enough. where is the pile of rice I usually eat? (To me. 2. and spend our money on food that makes us fat and weak. self sabotaging thought): This is not going to make me feel full. Only a spirit of excellence will help you reach your fitness goals. The second is intervention. The final stage actually makes or breaks the process. No we don't need to be perfect. The realization that there is a need for change and that change will bring about positive effects. It's common to meet people who think they are meeting the 90% healthy meals requirement. "I want to lose 5 kg in the next 2 months". there will likely be self sabotaging thoughts that come up. Some things that help: Write down you goal and read it 100 times in a row. We need to be clear. Moderation is actually a set up for failure. the most damaging thought): "What is a meal without rice/noodles/potatoes?" With all those self defeating thoughts. As you read it. For this. But we do need to be perfect at adhering to this 90%. Cut these down by focusing on the image of what it will be like to have achieved your goal easily and painlessly. In this case it may be hiring a personal trainer. First is awareness. There is a saying that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. The Visualization of your success helps to cut out the negative nonsense. We need to aggressively take massive and decisive action.long term success is what counts when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. You need excellence. or starting a good diet and exercise program. a positive community is extremely important.338 – . Social support for Success Human beings need a community for continued success. But it's a really war out there against a world full of marketing and old habits that want us to spend our limited free time doing unfruitful activity. but closer analysis reveals an adherence of only about 40-50%." If your family and closest friends are all pizza and beer fans whose idea of excessive exercise is golf www.com . It is called sustenance. In this way both your conscious mind and sub conscious thoughts work together for success Champions have a desire for excellence. Changing a behavior has 3 components. The actually change of behavior. And people quickly fall off the clean eating plan. You can't live a healthy lifestyle in moderation.FitnessExpertNetwork. the conscious mind can only overcome for a while. This probably isn't' what most people want to hear. Moderation is not the way to win a war.

What makes a person change his/her actions? Often it is not persuasive arguments but rather experiences that make a profound impact. more muscular. step aerobics and boot camps are so popular.com .on the Nintendo Wii. A will to learn Desire to do something is directly co related to competence in that activity. If he did not absolutely love the results of these 8 weeks. Physically I knew exactly what he needed to do. and leaner. stronger. I don't think excessive jogging will ever be a problem again for this man. But they do have a community element that keeps people coming back. Are their training programs better than a top end personal trainer? Certainly not. People tend to do things which they know the outcome of because it’s safe. This builds the client's knowledge base and makes them more and more competent so that they are more and more likely to do healthy activity. how your body works. 3. There are so many definite benefits to getting fit and lean. Similarly the TV watching and potato chip eating protocol isn't going to get the jog done either. One example is a client of mine who simply loved to jog. 4. Change is needed. A Will to change While this is linked to no. what do you think your chances of keeping to an exercise plan will be? Yup. Even if you are not employing a trainer or fitness coach. I believe community is one of the reasons that fitness classes like Pilates. That's why part of every session I coach is a review and education session as to why we just did what we just did. Trainers who simply count reps and cheer-lead clients are just not doing their jobs. He had knee.1 I think it bears special mention. back and lower leg problems but just would not stop.339 – . close to nil. he became pain free. sure it took some incentives but incentives are never a real problem. Good personal trainers and coaches care that clients continue with a healthy lifestyle even when they are no longer employing them. nutrition. He had the will to change. but he just wouldn't.FitnessExpertNetwork. And deep inside I believe that he knew that the painful and stagnant jogging protocol wasn't getting the job done. That's certainly a positive thing. I would give him a full refund of his money as well as a free session with a top physio therapist in the area. yoga. He agreed and after 8 weeks. However there are some changes we cannot afford NOT to make if we want to reach our fitness goals. I challenged him to stop and trade jogging for 8 weeks of sprint cycling and weight training. I guarantee you that as you continue to www. learn all you can about fitness. Change is a scary thing for many people because it can be uncomfortable and it brings about uncertainty.

Its actually very quick. exercise contraptions and diet pills promise (without any real science or guarantees to back them up). It really doesn't matter which one because you never ever get dumber by reading a book. I believe coach Mike Boyle once said "don't believe everything you read. But still its 16 weeks. fighting spirit is still in fashion.340 – . That's what this is about. And the uninformed customer may choose based on this "promise". but don't just read things you believe". but you will be found out in the bright lights of the stadium. Clients from all walks of life come to him for fitness solutions. Sorry. It's this kind of fight that will get you to your fitness goals. www. 5. instant downloads (how long did it take for this page to load?) and quick fix fitness.coachjon. You will be rewarded. consistent will to make the choices that get you to your fitness goals. a person may spend 30 years getting fat. Are the results awesome yes. They love to play in games but they don't want to put in the hours and effort in training. However take heart.com. Pushing hard to the finish point is very much part of the champion mindset. and see how it helps you reach your fitness goals. In this age of 5 minute meals. the next greatest determinant of IQ is the number of books a person reads (ALOT you can do about that!). after all. A champion boxer once said that you can cheat on your training in the darkness of the early morning. They are closely linked. It's a great attitude to learning. what’s 16 weeks for fat loss? But! That's 8 times longer than what some slimming centers fad diets. His website is http://www. How long does one of my fat loss programs last? 12-16 weeks. In fact studies show that after genetics (not much you can do about that).FitnessExpertNetwork.com . you will want to train and you will feel compelled not to put rubbish food into this amazing machine.com and buy a book about a fitness topic. I have met some of my athletes who have the will to win but not all of them have the will to PREPARE to win. A will to fight through to the finish Easier said than done. Right now go to amazon. His passion is to ensure that his clients get the results they desire. Stay strong and good luck! About the Author Jonathan Wong is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Specialist located in Singapore. the long haul.learn how wonderfully your body is created. Get learning. the will to "finish strong" is very much overlooked.

social etc commitments.. I find this a much easier way to stay on track. But experienced coaches know that unless nutrition is on target. even these highly motivated people fall short where nutrition is concerned and end up with sub-optimal results (that’s why they need this fitness gift).already impressive for a person with job. compared to training which is only a "one-off" activity.. Not only that. 4. This is hard. there is plenty out there. we have found that habit formation is by FAR the better way to be consistent. I have had periods www. The focus of the whole package is habit formation rather than calorie counting... Yeah it sounds a bit "fan-boyish" but it’s true. the package comes in a 3 ring binder and a ring bound book (the gourmet nutrition text). Peripheral stuff first. but for my clients and I. Berardi giving a seminar and teaching us how to shop and cook. Also there are 2 audio CDs and 2 Video Discs of Dr. Sure there is fundamentally sound diet info in the PN package. it’s near impossible to achieve an awesome physique (drugs or extremely good genetics aside). Like Dr. That's because eating right is 6 times a day. even kitchen-illiterate men can fix up these meals! (You know who you are!) Personally I have never had a longer period of leanness (sub 10% fat) or so as when I apply the PN habits. (Paraphrased by me).com . Here are the top 7 gifts I would consider giving a friend who has just started the fitness journey. 1.341 – . Berardi says in the manual. Precision Nutrition by John Berardi This fitness gift has got to be the most important resource I bought in the past year. every day of the week making sure that nutritious food is in order and on time. I have purchased and used some pretty darn good stuff over the last year or so but the Precision Nutrition (PN) course is the one that I would recommend to a client or athlete as a starting point for physical transformation. fitness junkies included. or even more days of training to achieve their goals . However. "information is not the problem. I know many clients and athletes who are willing to put in 3. religious. family.FitnessExpertNetwork. There is a place for calorie counting of course. it's a constant grind.7 Great Gifts For The New Fitness Junkie By Jonathan Wong Everybody likes gifts. the recipes provided in the package make it tasty (impressively so) and yes.when it comes to diet.. adherence is the problem".. And that's what PN does. But what makes it groundbreaking is the way perfect nutrition is made doable and practical.

EASILY. the recommended foods are very nutritious so I feel that my strength levels and recovery were even better.. not the chapter headings) Why some people are just the "thin kind" and how frustrating it can be Exercise technique (with a emphasis on compound movements which are EVEN more necessary for thin people) How to approach cardio (ok. This results in long term good health.. 2. even though I was eating clean and getting (and staying) leaner. The key components of the package cover: o o o o o Habits and habit formation 5 Minute Meals and nutritious Shakes How to shop quick and smart Daily food preparation (Easier than you would think!) Individualization (for that extra edge once you are already lean) In the end. My clients are finding the same to be true. ok its cool to call it energy systems work nowadays) as a thin person www.. PN has mad a big impact in the way I eat..of extreme leanness before but this is the first time I was able to sustain it (8 months now and counting). What's not to like! I lifted the same weights at 80kg body weight and sub 10% fat as I previously did at 89kg body weight at about 13-15% fat. high performance and great appearance. As the name implies. Often the focus is so much on slimming down and fat-loss that the thin guys get overlooked. While no book can replace quality coaching especially in the areas of assessment and exercise technique (heck for these things even a DVD is better than a book) this book does cover the basics for those of us who feel we may be destined to be thin forever. It's an awesome fitness gift. Scrawny to Brawny by Michael Mejia and John Berardi Scrawny to Brawny (ok it’s a catchy name).FitnessExpertNetwork. The cool thing is that. this book is for that sometimes neglected part of the population that doesn't gain weight no matter what they do. The habits that are formed really do "stick". The book covers (In my own words.com . and in the way I teach nutrition to my clients. is one of the best books for a total beginner and the ultimate fitness gift for the naturally skinny.342 – . with better recovery and better strength to body-weight ratios (looking prettier as well I have to admit!). This is the first product that I have ever given a 10/10 rating to and I feel it fully deserves such a rating because the impact it makes to the success of a client or athlete. I was training as hard as ever and yet staying leaner.

it also explains the rationale and reasoning behind each movement. www. Happily the video is not just a catalogue of different movements.. exercise technique. For example . the New Rules of Lifting is an excellent book. Magnificent Mobility DVD by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson Magnificent mobility (MM) is a very focused product. Overall a very complete book for an underweight guy who is just starting out.343 – . Berardi also addresses one common problem that I have noticed as well. I would say that MM is second to none in addressing the needs of the athletic community for a good dynamic warm-up video.FitnessExpertNetwork. It covers myths and misconceptions. Many people are deficient there and really need this fitness gift. I like the "here is what a 4600 calorie day looks like". People don't really know what "Eating enough" means. 3. The "common mistakes" section is spot on when I compare those to the stuff I see as a coach in real life. It will be a valid fitness gift for years to come. it’s a key point to address and it’s not in any diet textbooks. Sure there are some upper body movements as well but the "meat" really is in the lower body warm-up movements.com . I personally think I could have cut down perhaps 3-4 years of my own learning journey if I have this book when I first started out.. The New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove This fitness gift is for the non scrawny beginner to fitness. Its main focus is mobility from the hip down. With fundamentals like those taught in the book. its a book about basics) Nutrition for the ectomorphic The strongest part of this fitness gift is the part by Berardi on nutrition for muscle gain in the case of the ectomorph. and movement patterns.Assessment and testing before starting a program Some Dynamic mobility work Sample workouts in 4 phases from preparation to more advanced (the book never really goes into VERY advanced workouts that advanced athletes would be doing. The stuff inside is similar to the things I use with my clients this day (years later) that's how up-to-date the book really is. there is only laziness and closed -mindedness to blame if muscles don't start growing. but its not meant to. program design. and its way more than the misconceptions of most people who think they are eating enough.one of the mistakes mentioned is "mood eating" mixing emotions with nutrition. 4.

Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey also do a good job of teaching and performing each exercise that is in the DVD.344 – . Each year. A good set of basic supplements. they should be fine. I can't stand to see people cheated by fake claims. Your fitness gift will really be appreciated. These genuinely work and as long as you get them from a reputable brand. we had only one injury that kept a player out for more than 4 weeks.It’s tough to get enough quality protein in our diets. a proper warm-up certainly adds to the "luck factor". too little truth.a shoulder fracture from a collision while chasing a loose ball. Just choose a few exercises (do vary them over time of course!) that work on each movement and get your clients started on them. I have to highly recommend this DVD as a fitness gift. While "luck" may be involved. coach or just somebody interested in fitness.The production quality is good. And that was a freak accident. Here are the 3 supplements that all fit people should use. I found the introduction very useful because it explains the necessity and the benefits of a dynamic warm-up. physical training. and games. The general flow of the DVD is a progression of difficulty. I can give credit to the drills we do as part of a dynamic warm-up for the low injury rates in the teams that I work with. Some of the "difficult" movements are pretty challenging and might be discouraging to newer clients or athletes.FitnessExpertNetwork. then to moderate.000 man hours of court work.. these teams log over 45. Not that the benefits are not known (I'm pretty sure all decent fitness/performance coaches.com . then to difficult exercises. A blend of slow and quick digesting protein is your best bet. It allows us to pick those that are suited for the fitness level that we are at.. 5. That sums up the supplement industry as a whole. Last season. If you are a personal trainer. www. Some of the exercise that I picked for use with my own clients (above their previous warm-up) are the spinal flossing movements and several of the movement drills which I believe really get the hips ready for explosive change of direction work that is needed in most field/court sports. Too much advertising. It’s also very good that the exercises are arranged in level of difficulty. MM is a product that will enhance your workouts and keep you injury free (FURTHER enhancing your workouts of course!). A Protein Supplement . and even trainees know them) but rather how it is explained comprehensively and concisely. to easy. From an introduction to the DVD and to dynamic warm-ups in genera.

This book gets you on your way there. Its main purpose is to improve the quality of your soft tissue. Stretching didn't help but daily foam rolling did. Pain free living is a good enough reason for me! 7. A Multi Vitamin Supplement . www. His passion is to ensure that his clients get the results they desire. posture. I'm sure the items on this list will be of value and help to you. When you can't get those in at least the Multi Vitamin can help keep you healthy. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Claire Davies Knowledge of trigger points has caused many clients to love me. About the Author Jonathan Wong is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Specialist located in Singapore. It helps joint pain.345 – . Its also allows you to do self massage at home for a much cheaper cost.The benefits of healthy fat supplementation are well documented. chronic pain. Freedom from pain is really a priceless thing to have and a priceless fitness gift to give. 6. If you go to pub-med (an online medical journal publication site) there are THOUSANDS of articles about the benefits of fish oils. Clients from all walks of life come to him for fitness solutions. These 7 items would make a great addition to anybody just starting out in fitness.A Fish Oil Supplement . mobility and just feels good. The best thing is that all the techniques in this book can be done by yourself. In the past month alone I have helped 4 clients with shoulder pain and numbness resolve it with training AND trigger point therapy.com. Get one of these and use it for a month.For optimal health we need about 10-15 servings of fruits and veggies a day.coachjon. I can guarantee that with the correct technique.com . My previous knee pain is due to tight quadriceps muscles. A Foam Roller This is a cheap (20 USD or so) fitness gift and an investment in long term health. Even if you are an experienced lifter. In as little as 10 minutes total per day for 2-3 weeks.FitnessExpertNetwork. athlete or coach. Not kidding. you will feel a lot better. It’s not a replacement for real food. chronic pain issues that have bothered people for months or years can be resolved. but it does help when we are just not able to get the nutrition we need. His website is http://www. It’s all fixed now. at home with only basic and cheap equipment.

It surprises me that there are athletes who swagger from side to side when running forward.346 – . Reduce the amortization phase and you'll go faster. The contact time to liftoff is called the amortization phase. C. upon takeoff you want to achieve a 45 to 50 degree angle during your acceleration phase before coming up and maintaining your top speed.com . 3..A.josuecano. During your stride.FitnessExpertNetwork.C. Decrease contact time They call it having soft feet and what they mean is to minimize surface contact time upon foot touchdown. Lateral movement such as swagger. your feet make contact with the ground. arms flaring out. Body at 45 to 50 degrees Upon initial take off.H. When you are running and your body is straight. the more time that you can keep your body in the 45 to 50 degree angle while accelerating will allow you to achieve maximum acceleration faster. It's the minimal time from the eccentric contraction to a powerful concentric contraction. Put these 3 tips to use into your speed program. Arms at 90 degrees. Eliminate any side to side arm movement and keep all your body parts moving forward. Basically. For more information visit www. you are no longer accelerating.: Drop body fat fast and get fit quick.com. One thing you can do immediately is to run with your arms at 90 degrees and making sure that all arm movement moves forward.A. you are maintaining your top speed. with the most power. You will achieve faster acceleration and you will dust your competition. 2.3 tips to achieve maximum acceleration for athletic performance By Josue Cano B. What your feet are supposed to do is to 'claw' the ground with the greatest amount of force and with the smallest amount of time to move your body in forward momentum.S. bobbing your head up and down will increase drag on the body and prevent you from ever achieving top acceleration.S.P. 1. Therefore. www. As you are accelerating your body is coming straight up. About the Author Josué “Cap” Cano is a professional speaker and author of the book Don’t Wait Get in S.E. At that point.

com .200 calories. Let’s take a look at what 800 calories looks like. Extra energy is burned when performing other activities that complement a fitness boxing workout. Fitness boxing: 800 calories burned Fitness boxing is an all-conditioning exercise that incorporates the use of your arms in ways that other methods of cardiovascular exercise may not. it is forced to utilize energy from calories to meet the demands that it faces. that would be 3. abdominal exercises. Because of the body’s constant movement. it would cost you about 760 calories. But don’t take my word for it. The “venti” size is the largest offered by the chain at 24 ounces. Many of them state that boxing workouts amount to 800 calories burned. Get some lessons before you begin.FitnessExpertNetwork. But the best way for you to know is to experience it. Anyone who has ever done any kind of boxing can tell you that legs start getting fatigued as the intensity increases. Google “boxing” and “calories burned” and you will find several articles on the subject. A 16-ounce (grande) Caramel Frappuccino (with whipped cream) from Starbucks would cost you about 430 calories. If you ate a Whopper with cheese from Burger King. www.347 – . Go to a local boxing gym and take a class. If you ate a Cheesecake Factory slice of cheesecake that would set you back 610 calories.500 calories is equivalent to one pound. push-ups. moving your body from side to side and bobbing and weaving (that’s dipping under punches) — and you are also engaging your lower body. squats and other exercises. If you burned up 800 calories in four days. That’s only 300 calories away from one pound. right? Think again. and I’m not even going to mention the calorie content in that one. Just coffee. such as jumping rope.Boxing your way to fitness: burning the calories big time By Cap Josue Cano Do you burn 800 calories in your current workout? Would you like to know what exercise allows you to burn 800 calories in 60 minutes? Imagine how much faster you can drop body fat if you burned 800 calories. With boxing. Try a session with a trainer. you are constantly active — by throwing punches. if you’re new to it. according to the eatery’s Web site. considering that 3.

P. And try it today.com .: Drop body fat fast and get fit quick. About the Author Josué “Cap” Cano is a professional speaker and author of the book Don’t Wait Get in S.A.josuecano. making it safe to do.348 – .Hitting something and releasing all that stress is a relief — not to mention that fitness boxing places little if any impact on the lower body’s joints. For more information visit www.E.FitnessExpertNetwork.com. Try it. www.H.

training on a stability ball is very helpful. walking and bending without discomfort.FitnessExpertNetwork. lower back even your toes simultaneously to quickly stabilize your body and keep yourself from falling. like standing and bending and carrying stuff. For those trying to lose weight.Functional Fitness Training Will Take You To New Heights For Real Life Situations! By Kenneth Reed Have you ever felt like climbing a flight of stairs was a chore. pain or injury. and more muscle is built due to the increased of muscle activity.349 – . While working on the ball you activate muscles deep in the pelvis. this is critical for everyday life. Your body needs to work as a unit. balance and posture. abdominals and hips every time the ball moves.com . abdomen. this was originally developed for bodybuilders to get stronger and bigger. and improving balance and coordination. Training for life will prepare your body so it can perform daily activities like climbing stairs. Did you know that form follows function? Older adults require better coordination. A well rounded fitness program should incorporate some functional fitness training. When training you should use multiple muscle groups in an integrated fashion to get real life benefits of resistance training. Stronger muscles further enhance function by stabilizing joints. Weight training machines isolates single muscle groups. reducing the risks of falls. Functional fitness should be a priority along with weight training and cardiovascular training. To get the total synergy your body needs you need to have functional fitness training in your exercise program. This is an essential component for any fitness program. Exercise equipment needed for functional fitness training • • • • • Resistance bands Exercise balls Body weight Medicine balls Dumbbells www. firing up the muscles in the correct pattern unlike machines. Muscle strength can be greatly improved by as little as eight weeks of resistance and functional training. If you are walking down the street and you slip on a patch of ice you will need to fire muscles in your legs. carrying groceries were like carrying an overweight child or doing yard work was like working on a farm? These activities require you to support your own bodyweight. More calories are burned. back. lifting things. Functional fitness training challenges the body to work as a whole.

Author of the book Entitled ?Which Strengthens Me Founder and Owner of Fit For Life Personal Training Center 9006 Liberty Road .Randallstown. MD 410-922-2858 Office Visit me on the web at: www. About the Author Kenneth Reed is a AAAI-ISMA Certified Personal Trainer.350 – .KennyFitForLife.With functional fitness training you'll have more fun and maximize human performance for real life situations.FitForLifeOnline.com or www.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www.com .

By constantly moving. you hopefully start to loosen up with these common. I can do in just a few minutes of dynamic stretching.' Restriction in one or more muscles will create over compensations in other areas making a consistent swing impossible. but the brain is constantly being updated of the changing muscle length. loss of coordination.FitnessExpertNetwork. Never move quickly or bounce. I am an avid golfer myself and the last thing I want to do is waste time when I'd rather be on the course. and never stop moving for more than 1-2 seconds.com . Dynamic stretching is definitely part of my pre-golf routine now. This prevents you from experiencing joint stabilization and coordination deficits that can come from stretching with prolonged holding techniques. and improper swing timing because the nervous system cannot control the lengthened muscles fast enough to respond appropriately. shoulder. 'My swing was drastically better with dynamic stretching. race to the tee box which everyone has hit off already. Identifying your short tight muscles that need to be stretched is the next crucial step. David Quinn 2005 PGA Philadelphia Sectional 'Player of the Year' analyzed his swing on video with his normal hitting 50-60 balls as a warm up and then another day with dynamic stretching . enhance balance. and activate your nervous system. Static stretching can result in stress to muscles and joints. not only do you warm the muscle. Static stretching lengthens the targeted muscle without the brain being able to effectively monitor the length change. one practice swing. Dynamic stretching is the best way to warm-up before golf. Admit it. The following dynamic stretches target all the major muscles groups involved with the golf swing that are the most responsible for swing www.351 – . Performing traditional stretching with prolonged holding positions as a pre golf warm-up may cause more harm than good to your swing. By the back nine and numerous wasted shots. Move into and out of the stretch position approximately 10-15 times until you loosen up. warm your muscles. and then it's go time 2. yawn-like stretches in the parking lot to prevent your low back.WarmGolf Warm-Up Exercises By Kevin Hensel Shave strokes off your game with a 5 minute golf specific warm-up that will lubricate your joints. Hit a bucket of balls only to get to the first tee box and feel like you never swung a club before. Attempt a few feeble. Ever start your back swing and by impact felt something go very wrong with the swing but couldn't correct it in time? The misinformation between the muscle length and brain is to blame. let alone 15 minutes ago. flawed warm-up strategies. Specific stretching techniques must be utilized as part of your pre-golf regimen to optimize golf performance. What it took me to warm up with 50-60 balls. and elbow pain 3. You fall into one of the following warm-up pitfalls before playing golf: Arrive at the golf course five minutes before your tee time.

or uncomfortable. follow this same progression with your driver. Dynamic stretch 2 targets the low back. Keep knees slightly bent as you lower the golf club to your feet as far as you can comfortably. Repeat as required. Lie on your back. Your balance will also be challenged which helps the body better prepare for a changing center of gravity your golf swing produces. shoulder rotators. Stand shoulder width apart. Discontinue if pain arises with any of the stretches. Step back to start position then cross right foot over left while you side tilt your upper body to the right. knees bent. Follow dynamic stretching with gradual swing progressions. Move into and out of the position. Return to start position and repeat to same side as required.352 – .com . never stopping for more than 1-2 seconds. Dynamic stretch 1 targets the low back. outer hip. shoulder region. most inexpensive way to shave shots off your score. Remember. Cross right knee over left. Dynamic stretch 3 targets the hip. neck and hip rotators. Next. Tight www. static stretching plays a key role in golf recovery and optimal swing mechanics.imbalances. Simultaneously side tilt your upper to the left as far as you can comfortably. no bouncing or jerking and never move quickly. feet on the floor. and arms straight out to the sides palm up. A golf specific warm-up includes dynamic stretching and gradual swing progressions that should take no more than 10 minutes to perform. Switch legs and repeat. Incorporate them into your pre-golf warm-up routine. Finally. Dynamic stretch 4 targets the lateral torso (love handle area) and outer hip areas. Dynamic stretching should be performed immediately before all golf activity. left palm facing you. Rotate legs to the left then right keeping both shoulders attached to the floor at all times. Stand shoulder width apart grasping a golf club at each end with the shaft resting on the back of your neck. upper back (latissimus dorsi). and calves. Step back and to the right with the right foot only. This method is the easiest. Start with a 7 iron and take 10 swings starting at 50% effort. hamstrings. Repeat 10-15 times in each direction or until the area loosens. restricted. Rotate head the opposite direction of your legs. Take note of stretches that feel tight. Fifteen minutes of inactivity is enough time for the body to start cooling down and lose all the benefit of dynamic stretching. Cross left foot over the right and step slightly forward. Simultaneously reach golf club up and over your right shoulder like you are shoveling over your right shoulder. Grasp a golf club standing shoulder width apart. then gradually working up to 100% by the tenth swing. Then raise back to start position and reach golf club up over your head tip toeing as high as you can with balance. Holding a stretch for 30-60 seconds after golf is still the best way to reduce and/or alleviate post golf muscle soreness. Switch palms and step back to the left with the left foot only reaching golf club over your left shoulder. A daily static stretching routine is also the best way to correct your muscular imbalances and achieve optimal golf performance. Grasp a golf club right palm facing forward. left stays stationary.FitnessExpertNetwork. and inner thigh (adductors).

NJ. For the past 11 years he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals at his personal training studio called Fit-4-Life. Inc. www.com . restricted muscles.muscles will restrict joint range of motion. See your doctor. chiropractor.353 – . or personal trainer for a joint range of motion test and postural assessment to identify all of your tight. About the Author Kevin Hensel is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist located in Cherry Hill. physical therapist.FitnessExpertNetwork. Movement restrictions cause the body to compensate during the swing. leading to poor swing mechanics.

I only need to stretch a few times a week after a workout or when I am hunched over my www. low back area (spinal erectors). If you feel tightness. and pectorals because theses muscles have the highest probability of being tight. let out let alone feel like you're not doing very much while stretching. these stretches have been selected specifically because they are the most common areas to get tight. This is completely normal. deep hip external hip rotators (piriformis). and perform better.FitnessExpertNetwork. If you do not feel a stretch in the intended area. Which unfortunately means they feel tight. Let’s face it. Selecting the proper stretches targeting the tight areas of the body is instrumental to an effective flexibility program. and injuries create very predictable patterns of tightness. restricted.net and perform the stretches that target the neck region (upper trapezius. Which muscles need to be stretched? We only need to stretch the muscles that are short and tight with a limited range of motion. I was tight everywhere when I first started. Do not feel bad if you are tight just about everywhere. This stretch will not be a part of your corrective stretch phase. and pay attention to the key points. A well designed stretching routine targeting your tight areas will enhance your workouts and even save you time in the long run. Forget it and move onto the next stretch position. levator scapula). The single most overlooked component to any fitness program is flexibility. calves. forearms. view the helpful photographs.exrx. it describes the most effective way to start and maintain a stretching regimen to function.354 – . Take note if you feel a muscle tighter on one side of your body more than the other. hip flexors. Visit www. Maintaining my flexibility is much easier now that I am in the maintenance phase. I couldn't spend my whole day in the gym. Before each position carefully read the guidelines. I know it's hard enough trying to find time to workout. repetitive stress. Stretching usually takes a back seat to strength and cardiovascular conditioning. restriction. Certain muscles have a higher probability of becoming tight and restricted including the following: How do I get started? We first need to identify all of the areas that you have tightness or limited range of motion before we can get started on your corrective stretching phase. so I had to cut back on other exercises to squeeze in all the stretches.Stretching 101 By Kevin Hensel This article isn't trying to convince you to stretch. Review the guidelines and key points to make sure you are doing the stretch correctly. Stretching a muscle that has a normal range of motion and 'feels good' has little if any positive effect and in some instances can over time lengthen a muscle to the point where it cannot stabilize the joint it surrounds and lead to possible injury. fear not. Common postural imbalances. there's nothing glamorous about stretching and frankly it's pretty boring too. scalene. I had to do all of the stretches. and uncomfortable. I progressed very quickly because I religiously followed the guidelines set in the next few sections.com . quadriceps. Still not feeling anything? Congratulations! You are not tight in this area. feel. and/or pain then that stretch will now become a part of your stretching routine for the next 2-4 weeks. But within a few weeks I was a stretching believer because all of my chronic aches and pains just disappeared.

By now you know all of your tight areas and are ready to get started on your corrective stretching phase. never pain. If you notice a discrepancy. When we exhale our body naturally relaxes and that is the best time to try to increase range of motion. with no jerking or bouncing. How Much Is Too Much? The stretch position should have a tight feeling. stretch the tighter side an extra 20-30 seconds. If you wake up with muscle tightness and soreness. Keep track of the imbalances between your right and left. The cornerstone of stretching is relaxation. Achieve the stretch position slowly and gently. How long should I hold each stretch? Hold each stretch a minimum of 30 seconds. When pinched for time. always warm up with a 5-10 minute light warm-up of walking or biking to increase muscle temperature and muscle flexibility. just doing it is the most important. never pain.com . Just breathe.355 – . How quickly your body adapts will depend upon the www. Focus on relaxing the muscle you are stretching. Try not to stretch a cold muscle. It is a fine line between pain and tightness so always ease into each stretch with less intense effort. ten in a real rush. The problem is not holding the stretch too long. 4-6 days per week for 2-4 weeks. Take deep inhalations and slowly count to four on each exhalation. After the initial 2-4 weeks you can transition into a maintenance stretching phase of 3-4 days per week holding each stretch 10-30 When should I stretch? The best time to stretch is when you can actually fit it into your daily schedule 4-6 days per week. For optimal flexibility gains stretch 1-2 hours before going to bed. In a nutshell. because not every muscle in your body is going to have the same flexibility on both sides of your body. The cornerstone of relaxation is breathing. When do I progress to the maintenance phase? This will be different for each individual and each muscle. you must chill. Stretching each side the same amount of time will maintain the imbalance. The greatest benefit of corrective stretching is creating muscular balance on both sides of your body. then stretch in the morning preferably after a hot shower or bath. tight state it provides optimal flexibility the whole next day. 'When' is not the most important factor with this phase of stretching. When a muscle repairs itself in a lengthened. Each muscle and person will progress at a different rate.FitnessExpertNetwork. Now I can bang out a quickie full body stretch in just about fifteen minutes. but not holding the stretch long enough especially when just starting because it will take longer for the muscle to relax. The following are the best case scenarios. Holding your breath or moving too quickly during each stretch will instinctively tighten up your whole body to protect itself. 1-2 times daily. It is very easy to overstretch a muscle and cause more harm than good. When we sleep. With each exhalation. Never hold your breath. Stretch after a workout or physical activity because a warm muscle can stretch further than a cold one and it also helps prevent muscle soreness. Perform each stretch 30-60 seconds.computer for too long and I'm completely pain free. just do the tightest areas in a shortened format. An area that feels exceptionally tight you might want to hold for 60 seconds time permitting. relaxed state instead of a shortened. gently deepen the stretch but never to pain until you can go no further. our muscles repair themselves from the day’s activities.

once daily. Some muscles will progress so quickly that you can move into the maintenance phase within only a few weeks. More ways to ease the pain. genetic and structural limitations. myofascial release. Oh God. Other areas will progress much more slowly and might need to stay in the corrective phase for several weeks. • • Topical treatments like Bengay or Capsaicin excite sensory nerve endings in the skin. tightness. What is the maintenance phase again? When the muscle no longer feels discomfort. Since you are not getting rid of the reasons why your body got the imbalances in the first place. rhomboids. or fitness professional. or restriction then it is time for the maintenance phase which will vary with each different body part. The stretches remain the same in the maintenance phase. may alleviate some discomfort. 3-4 times per week. how many times a day you are stretching (twice daily is quicker than once). and mid/lowertrapezius. tightness. such as ibuprofen. just pinch your shoulder blades back and down. Just a little bit goes a long way. and injuries. For example when you sit a desk all day your chest and upper neck muscles get very short and tight. When can I stop? Never! Not the answer you were probably looking for. how long you are able to hold each stretch (60 seconds yields quicker results than 30 seconds). try these common remedies.com . Your muscles have a very bad short term memory. all of your original short.FitnessExpertNetwork. Expect to have some body parts in the corrective phase and others in the maintenance phase. If increased ranges of motion are still required more advanced stretching techniques (PNF. When the muscle no longer feels discomfort. Regular strength workouts 2-3 times per week reduce the likelihood that you'll get a muscle imbalance that could cause pain. chiropractor.356 – . These stretches are a great way to lengthen those short and tight muscles. The only difference is you hold the stretch 20-30 seconds. The good news is that you can very easily maintain your new found range of motion by continuing with the maintenance phase. but it is the unfortunate truth. If you stop stretching. If a day or two of stretching does not help your sore muscles. Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids). and the resulting tingly sensation overrides your ability to feel as much pain. or restriction then it is time for the maintenance phase which will vary with each different body part. It is that easy. But we also need to strengthen those weak areas in order to maintain our new found flexibility.following: how many days a week you are stretching (Six days/week will yield quicker results than four). Don't worry it's not as technical as it sounds. and dynamic) should be utilized under the guidance of a qualified physical therapist. but stopping all at once will drastically reverse all of your progress in a few short weeks. other muscles get lengthened and weak. there's more? As previously mentioned when certain muscles get short and tight. You need to stretch those areas and strengthen the muscles that help pinch your shoulder blades together called your posterior deltoid. they will always try to come back. Incorporate strengthening exercises to target these weak areas to maximize your performance. tight muscles will slowly creep back. www.

www.357 – . some believe the needles stimulate pain-suppressing neurotransmitters. It's not known exactly how it works. NJ.. Hot tubs are saunas are great post workout.com . Physical therapy can help rehabilitate specific injuries. Massage promotes blood flow to sore areas and relaxes muscle tissue. Inc.• • • • • Heating pads and heat wraps help relax muscle tissue and increase blood flow to the area.FitnessExpertNetwork. Acupuncture has been show to help certain types of pain. Therapists can also teach you exercise to relieve and prevent everyday aches. About the Author Kevin Hensel is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist located in Cherry Hill.. For the past 11 years he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals at his personal training studio called Fit-4-Life.

If you meet the criteria listed under 'Incorporate Stretch If' then that stretch will now become a part of your stretching routine for the next 2-4 weeks. Regular strength workouts 2-3 times per week reduce the likelihood that you'll get a muscle imbalance that could cause pain. Review the guidelines and key points to make sure you are doing the stretch correctly. Research shows that the best way to stretch is to hold the position for minimum of 10 seconds-or.Stretching Survival Guide: Lower Body By Kevin Hensel This book is a relief manual of lower body stretching and strengthening exercises that doctors say need it the most. After the initial 24 weeks you can transition into a maintenance stretching phase of 3-4 days per week holding each stretch 10-30 seconds. view the helpful photographs. modern life contorts your muscles into knots. Still not feeling anything? Congratulations! You are not tight in this area. The stretches within this manual are a great way to lengthen those short and tight muscles. Each muscle and person will progress at a different rate. Before each position carefully read the guidelines.FitnessExpertNetwork. stiff neck and tight joints may be a result of tight or unbalanced muscles in those regions. But we also need to strengthen those weak areas in order to maintain our new found flexibility. Perform each stretch position located in this manual for no more than 10 seconds. and pay attention to the key points. Perform each stretch 30-60 seconds. marching around in too-high heels.com . This is completely normal. We first need to identify all of the areas that you have tightness or limited range of motion before we can get started on your corrective stretching phase. or doing a marathon session on the treadmill. Whether you are hunched over a desk. This stretch will not be a part of your corrective stretch phase. If you do not feel a stretch in the intended area.358 – . Let’s get started. fear not. Forget it and move onto the next stretch position. www. Under each stretch is a list of common weak muscles that usually coincide with the tight area. Incorporate strengthening exercises to target these weak areas to maximize your performance and function. 4-6 days per week for 2-4 weeks. By now you know all of your tight areas and are ready to get started on your corrective stretching phase. Take note if you feel a muscle tighter on one side of your body more than the other. better 20-30 seconds known as static stretching. But did you know that your sore back. 1-2 times daily.

Switch and repeat to other side.359 – . Key Points: • • Must keep both arms and shoulders on the ground at all times. Keep tailbone attached to the floor do not let it roll upwards off the ground Keep knees together as best as possible Discontinue if back pain arises then attempt single leg into chest. Key Points: • • • • • • • Pull legs in from behind knees. Medius) Hamstrings Low Back Twists Target Areas: Hip/Low Back Guidelines: • • • • Lie on back Knees bent. buttock area.com . Cross left leg over right then rotate legs and hips to the right until a stretch is felt in left side of lower back/hip area. sciatica pain Strengthen: • • • • Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins. Incorporate Stretch If: Discomfort. feet on floor. SI irritation. Push top knee downward with hand if deeper stretch is desired. Minimus.FitnessExpertNetwork. Which is tighter? Right Left www. disc herniations.Double Knee to Chest Target Areas: Low Back/Hips/Buttocks Guidelines: • • • Lie on your back Feet both on the floor Bring both knees to chest until a stretch is felt in your low back. Internal/External Obliques Gluteals (Maximus. tightness and/or restriction in low back or buttock area Knees do not comfortably come into the chest You have a history of low back pain.

Minimus. Straight Leg Ham Pull Target Areas: Hip/Hamstrings Guidelines: • • • • Lie on your back both legs out straight on floor Bring one straight leg back towards chest with a towel/strap around heel until a stretch is felt in the rear of the thigh. Shift your weight when standing. Bend knee slightly if pressure/pain directly behind knee. Keep other leg completely on the floor toes pointing upward Switch and repeat to other side.Incorporate Stretch If: • • • • Discomfort.com . tightness and or restriction in lower back or outer hip If top knee cannot reach the floor without arm or shoulder popping off the ground You have a history of low back pain. disc herniations. SI irritation. If the chair back doesn't curve in to support the natural s-curve of your spine.360 – . Key Points: • • • Do not lift either hip/buttock off floor. Stabilize hip. Medius) Hamstrings Preventing lower-back pain • • Use an adjustable desk chair that allows you to sit against the back of the chair with your feet flat on the floor. sciatica problems Hip height imbalances one side higher or lower than the other Strengthen: • • • • Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins.FitnessExpertNetwork. Standing in one position can make you unconsciously hold tension in your lower back. try rolling up a small towel and placing it horizontally behind your lower back. Right Leg Left Leg Which is tighter? www. Using a stability ball as a desk chair is also a great economical way to engage your core muscles while you sit protecting your low back. Internal/External Obliques Gluteals (Maximus.

straight leg does not point directly to the ceiling without other compensations 70-90 degrees is normal range of motion Sit for prolonged periods of time Strengthen: Hip Flexors Quadriceps The Pretzel Target Areas: Hip/Piriformis Guidelines: • • • • • Lie on floor Knees bent feet on floor Cross right knee over left Gently pull both knees into chest from behind the knees until a stretch is felt in hip/buttock area of top leg.Variations: • Vary the foot position of the elevated leg (Inward and outward). Incorporate Stretch If: • • • • Discomfort. tightness and or restriction in hip/buttock region Knees do not comfortably come into chest History of sciatica or SI pain www. tightness and or restriction in rear of upper thigh Elevated.361 – .FitnessExpertNetwork.com . Switch and repeat to other side. Key Points: • • Do not round up low back to the point where your tail bone raises off the floor Try to maintain a slight low back curvature Right Left Side Which side it tighter? Incorporate Stretch If: • • • Discomfort.

Strengthen: • • • • • Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins. tightness and or restriction in hip/buttock region of involved leg Should be able to bring involved leg (knee) into your chest without hip rotating or shifting Strengthen: Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins.FitnessExpertNetwork.362 – . Internal/External Obliques Gluteals (Maximus.com . Minimus. Key Points: • Avoid hip shifting or rotating with stretch Right Side Left Side Which side is tighter? Incorporate Stretch If: • • Discomfort. tightness and or restriction in hip/buttock region of involved leg Should be able to push involved knee perpendicular to other knee without hip shifting or rotating Incorporate Stretch If: • • Discomfort. Medius) Hip Internal Rotators www. Minimus. Internal/External Obliques Gluteals (Maximus. Cross right ankle onto left knee. Gently push right knee away from the body until a stretch is felt in the right hip/buttock area. Switch and repeat to other side. Medius) Hamstrings Hip Internal Rotators Figure 4 Push Out Target Areas: Hip/Internal Rotator Guidelines: • • • • • Lie on floor with hips and knees bent 90 degrees Feet supported on wall.

Minimus. Keep shoulders over hips. disc herniations.Lunge Stretch Target Areas: Hip/Hip Flexor Guidelines: • • • • • • Kneel on floor close to wall for balance. sciatica problems Sit for prolonged periods of time.363 – www. SI irritation. Have an exaggerated low back curve (If you wear a belt your belt buckle is lower than the back of the belt) Strengthen: • • • • Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins. Tighten abs and buttocks then lean forward without arching your low back until a stretch is felt in the front of left hip/thigh. Shoulders and hips stacked on top of one another Right leg forward left leg underneath you Rotate left lower leg away from the body. Medius) Hamstrings Standing Quad Stretch Target Areas: Hips/Quadriceps Guidelines: • • • • • Stand upright close to a wall for balance Bend right leg Grab right ankle with right hand Pull foot into buttock Keep bent knee aiming straight downward towards the floor. Must keep low back flat throughout entire stretch Right Side Left Side Which side is tighter? Incorporate Stretch If: • • • • Discomfort. tightness and or restriction in front of the hip/thigh of rear leg. . Switch and repeat to other side Key Points: • • • Maintain upper body posture. You have a history of low back pain.com . Internal/External Obliques Gluteals (Maximus.FitnessExpertNetwork.

Maintain good upper body posture.364 – www.com . then turn outward to isolate different areas on your calf Perform stretch in the direction with the most discomfort .Key Points: • • • Squeeze/contract buttocks together. Do not arch low back. tightness and or restriction in front of upper thigh Heel of bent leg should be able to get 1-2 inches from buttock with knee straight to floor History of low back tightness and/or exaggerated low back curve Strengthen: • • • Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins. Key Points: • • Maintain good posture.FitnessExpertNetwork. Internal/External Obliques **Hamstrings Straight Leg Calf Stretch Target Areas: Ankle/Gastrocnemius (Upper Calf) Guidelines: • • • • Assume a staggered stance one foot slightly in front of the other on a stair of slight elevation. Stand with rear foot hanging quarters off the edge. Right Side Left Side Which side is tighter? Incorporate Stretch If: • • • Discomfort. Switch and repeat to other side. Lean forward to intensify stretch or drop heel lower to floor Right Side Left Side Which side is tighter? Variations: • • Slightly turn upper body and hip inward and hold. Reach heel to floor until a stretch is felt in the upper calf of the rear leg.

About the Author Kevin Hensel is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist located in Cherry Hill. Minimus. tightness and or restriction in upper calf You are physically active Wear high heels Plantar Fascitis (Pain or irritation in the arch of your foot) Everyone should incorporate this stretch Strengthen: Core stabilizers Transverse Abdominins. Medius) **Tibialis Anterior/Posterior (Shins) ** Preventing ankle and foot pain • • Wear shoes that support both the arch of your foot and your ankle. Inc. first thing in the morning and after wearing high heels for several hours.365 – . For the past 11 years he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals at his personal training studio called Fit-4-Life.FitnessExpertNetwork. www.Incorporate stretch if: • • • • • Discomfort. NJ. calf. Stretch your ankle. Internal/External Obliques Gluteals (Maximus. and foot.com .

It actually helps reduce tension. I used to be like everyone else and never stretched. but never even listened to my own advice. I admit it. or doing a marathon session on the treadmill. I started an intensive flexibility program focusing on the areas I felt pain or tightness. I was a complete mess! I knew if I did not change my ways I would cause irreversible damage. I will not admit how long ago that was). Your sore muscles and tendons can actually heal quicker if you incorporate stretching into your fitness routine. Even if you are in pain. My infinite wisdom was about to catch up with me. my joint pain disappeared. Whether you are hunched over a desk. And some studies suggest that you may be able to recruit more muscle fibers during your workouts through stretching as well. but I was too macho for that 'sissy' stuff. which helps with posture and balance. I wouldn't waste my valuable workout time stretching when I had a ton of manly weight to lift. Shortly after the initial 3-4 weeks. I am still stretching ten years later in half the time and haven't had joint pain since. I would stretch for approximately 30 minutes after my workout when my muscles were warm and pliable. Back in my mid twenties (No. I felt like a new man. marching around in too-high heels.Stretching: the Forgotten Workout By Kevin Hensel Stretching: Is It Really Worth Your Time? Have you ever had the intent of stretching.com . I was maintaining my new found flexibility in half the original time only a few days a week. but it was a great way to relax and release my stress. After only 3-4 weeks. I would always stretch my clients. Let's face it. Should you really stretch? The single most overlooked component to any fitness program is flexibility. I used to workout at the gym like a madman. it is never too late to feel the pain-reversing benefits of a www. I'm guilty.FitnessExpertNetwork. But did you know that your sore back. I was in constant pain from head to toe.366 – . First I got bicep tendonitis (front of the shoulder pain) in both shoulders that were shortly followed by patellar femoral syndrome (top of the knee pain) in both knees and the trifecta was complete with chronic back pain. I was a little embarrassed because I had been touting the importance of stretching. stiff neck and tight joints may be a result of tight or unbalanced muscles in those regions? Stretching does more than increase flexibility. So much for the best shape of my life. and a certain question that I am asked often. I also threw in a few stretches throughout the day if I felt pain or stiffness. there's nothing glamorous about stretching and frankly it's pretty boring too. modern life contorts your muscles into knots. Not only did I see immediate improvements in my range of motion. but you never seem to actually get around to it? This brings up an interesting topic.

Stretching helps remove the metabolites and bring fresh blood to the tissues. 1. ligament. chemicals called metabolites accumulate in the muscle tissue. 3. which leads to stiffness or soreness that you feel a day or two later.well balanced stretching routine. Uninjured muscles will start to perform the function of other muscles that were injured (synergistic dominance) which creates several compensations throughout the entire body. Any position you stay in for more than an hour will play havoc on your muscular system. Seek the guidance of a qualified physical therapist. such as sitting at a computer all day. you'll be better able to treat it. unless www. chiropractor. However. too. arthritis. raking leaves. awkward sleeping positions. and/or performing the same exercise routine for months on end are the most common culprits. Research shows that the best way to stretch is to hold the position for a minimum of 10 seconds-or. tendonitis. If you can identify the source of the pain. How did I get so tight? There are three common causes of muscle pain and tightness. When a joint. If static stretching does not provide adequate results in 2-4 weeks these other forms of stretching should be the next progression. because it often makes you unconsciously clench and tense your muscles. poor posture. pulled hamstring. Certain muscles will get short and tight while others will get lengthened and weak. myofascial release. or trying a new exercise may result in delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) within 24-48 hours. In addition. 2. out of the ordinary exertion.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . get started stretching today. Why stretching matters? When you overuse muscles. Avoid bouncing while stretching (ballistic stretching) which can strain muscle tissues. and active-isolated also have a growing pile of positive research behind them. Strenuous. Don't wait until you are in pain to start a stretching program like I did. preventing or easing soreness. stretching lengthens muscles improving posture and balance while alleviating discomfort after physical activity. This creates tremendous stress on the joints and if left unchecked leads to eventual pain. Everyday injuries or sports related injuries like a sprained ankle. Repetitive or everyday activities. microscopic tears occur in the muscle tissue that trigger an inflammatory reaction. But you should know that all stretching exercises are not created equally. driving in a car for extended periods. Stretching retrains the brain and muscle to go back to its normal length. safest technique to get started with. and other inflammatory conditions. better 20 to 30 seconds known as static stretching. When you work the muscle the same way repeatedly. Other stretching techniques such as dynamic. like moving furniture. or fitness professional for specific guidelines. or tendon is injured the body tightens all of the muscles around the area to immobilize and protect it from further injury. restoring normal muscle balance and function. These chemicals build up and trigger pain receptors that are responsible for the pain you sometimes feel after exercise or physical activity. or whiplash from a car accident may in time even years later cause all kinds of trouble. These imbalances don't just go away after you have healed. PNF. static stretching is still the easiest. Stress falls under this category.367 – .

But we also need to strengthen those weak areas in order to maintain our new found flexibility. You are now committed to get started on your corrective stretching phase.you are under the guidance of a physical therapist or qualified health practitioner. Common postural imbalances. Regular strength workouts 2-3 times per week reduce the likelihood that you'll get a muscle imbalance that could cause pain. Selecting the proper stretches targeting the tight areas of the body is instrumental to an effective flexibility program. repetitive stress. former NYC health commissioner www. 4-6 days per week for 2-4 weeks. In a nutshell. When not to stretch. For more information on how to better prepare yourself for an athletic event or sport contact a qualified physical therapist or health/fitness professional. Don't worry it's not as technical as it sounds.FitnessExpertNetwork. and injuries create very predictable patterns of tightness. 'The human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts. Perform each stretch 30-60 seconds. You need to stretch those areas and strengthen the muscles that help pinch your shoulder blades together called your posterior deltoid. Each muscle and person will progress at a different rate. 1-2 times daily. After the initial 2-4 weeks you can transition into a maintenance stretching phase of 3-4 days per week holding each stretch 10-30 seconds. Stretching regains mobility and stability preventing the muscular imbalances throwing us out of whack. Which unfortunately means they feel tight. Oh God. other muscles get lengthened and weak. Stretching a muscle that has a normal range of motion and 'feels good' has little if any positive effect and in some instances can over time lengthen a muscle to the point where it cannot stabilize the joint it surrounds and lead to possible injury. That is why injuries when we were younger can come back to haunt us because our bodies have been compensating over time. Biggs. Which muscles need to be stretched? We only need to stretch the muscles that are short and tight with a limited range of motion. and uncomfortable. Stretching is a great way to lengthen those short and tight muscles.368 – . For example when you sit a desk all day your chest and upper neck muscles get very short and tight. Dynamic stretching and active warm-ups targeting all of the tight areas have become the gold standard in athletic preparation. there's more? As previously mentioned when certain muscles get short and tight. Incorporate strengthening exercises to target these weak areas to maximize your performance.com .' Hermann M. Studies have shown statistically significant decreases in power production in sporting events directly following static stretching. restricted. and mid/lowertrapezius. rhomboids. And to make your life even easier there will another e-book coming out shortly which will cover all of the strength exercises for these weak muscles. There is mounting research that static stretching right before an athletic event might be a detriment to performance and power production. just pinch your shoulder blades back and down.

Inc.com . www. NJ. For the past 11 years he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals at his personal training studio called Fit-4-Life.369 – .FitnessExpertNetwork.About the Author Kevin Hensel is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist located in Cherry Hill.

" Let's explore that myth a little. yet so many women seem to not be “hitting the weights” for one reason or another. etc. So. look better and feel better about yourself.com . magazine articles. radio shows that explain all of the benefits of lifting weights. This first myth is the "biggie" and it has prevented many women from strength training. It sounds a little something like this. pay close attention.CAN WOMEN GET BULKY FROM LIFTING WEIGHTS? SLIM CHANCE By Kevin Valluzzi Strength training or weight lifting is the lifting of weights and/or resistance in a prescribed manner as an exercise or in athletic competition. whether you're new to strength training or you've been doing it for years. There are three reasons for this: www. "I don't want to lift weights because I don't want to get bulky.370 – . how many repetitions.FitnessExpertNetwork. It doesn't have to necessarily be a weight plate or a dumbbell. you probably think of body builder's. Even if you are. We will go over some "myths" about strength training and the real facts behind them. I'm sure it is going to have you thinking differently about why you should be lifting weights from now on. This article will help shed some light on why it is so important that every woman be involved and adhering to a strength training program. add some muscle tone. One very good reason is that they don’t know how much lifting weights will actually change their body (more so than even running or any of the other cardiovascular activities). You actually might be involved in a strength-training program right now. how many sets. Another reason is that a lot of women are confused about what to do exactly (what exercises. Myths Let's first clear up some of the misconceptions about strength training and the truth behind these myths. Notice I said weights and/or resistance.). When you think of weight lifters. We're going to talk about why developing a strength training program will ultimately help you lose weight. right? You think of the men and women on ESPN parading around in little swimsuits with big bulky muscles popping out all over the place. I want you to really pay attention to what we're going to cover for the rest of the article. There are numerous TV reports.

) Most of them are using performance-enhancing drugs (steroids.) These people are an extremely minute percentage of the population." This is also a myth. of muscle would be about the size of a baseball. you will see why the myth about getting bulky is just that. a myth! What we're going to talk about next is simple. since they were just sitting and not moving. Woman #2 does not lift weights or do any kind of strength training. Muscle is much more compact than fat. If www. Let me give you another example to clarify this a little more. and I'll tell you why for one simple reason. "muscle weighs more than fat. That makes sense. Now let’s use this as a real life example using woman #1 and woman #2 in an example again.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . Her dress size is a size 12. The more muscle you have. of fat and 10 lbs. 3. of fat might be the size of a bowling ball. "What weighs more--10 lbs." That's like the old joke. both women are 5' 5" tall and both weigh 140 lbs. I will appear big and bulky. etc. of feathers?" Hopefully by now you know that the answer to that question is that they both really weigh the same. Let's examine this point in a little more detail. and wind up weighing more.1. the 10 lbs. Let’s say for arguments sake. After an hour of watching T. which is. Woman #1 strength-trains 3 times a week. "But if I lift weights. THE MORE MUSCLE YOU HAVE THE MORE CALORIES YOU BURN!! Now you might say to yourself. of muscle and roll each of them into a ball. the 10 lbs. Woman #1on the other hand lifts weights and follows a strength-training program each week. Let's say two women are sitting on the couch watching some T. no matter what it is made of. Her dress size is a size 8. When you lift weights your body builds muscle. In comparison.) to look like that. right? Fat. the more calories you burn (even at rest). 10 lbs. So if you can get that image of the "bodybuilder" out of your head and think in terms of the average everyday person. my muscles will get bigger. That myth being one of the most popular in the world of exercise. but woman #2 does not.371 – . But the actual answer would be that woman #1 burned more calories.V. who will have burned more calories? The common answer to that would be that they both burned the same (almost nothing). 2. on the other hand.V goes by. The more calories you burn the less you weigh. of steel or 10 lbs. is very soft and jelly-like and occupies more space than muscle does. is 10 lbs. Let me give you an example of this that might make it a little easier to understand. If you were to take 10 lbs. It actually takes up less space than fat does because of its density.) That is their livelihood and they spend 4 to 5 hours a day in the gym.

This is not the ‘wrong’ way to lift. That brings up another good point I’d like to make. You probably couldn't even get big and bulky if you tried to. it’s great at that. Every good strength training program should include light weights with more repetitions and heavier weights with fewer repetitions. but it is certainly not the only way to go about strength training if your goal is weight loss. and I guarantee that your clothes will be a lot looser on you and you will look a lot better. muscle takes up less space than fat. Muscle is more compact and denser than fat and actually takes up less space than fat. you say. Well all right. what’s the percentage of fat and muscle on each woman? I would venture to guess that woman #1 has a very low body fat percentage and woman #2 has a much higher body fat percentage.FitnessExpertNetwork. The weighing scale is the worst indicator of losing FAT. www. How did woman #1 get such a low percentage of body fat? Two words—STRENGTH TRAINING (in addition to cardio exercise and eating healthy. If you can do one thing with your scale I would recommend throwing it in the garbage.com . "I'll lift weights. but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do with weights. or at least getting rid of it. Of those 140 pounds that each woman weighs. But what if you lose 10 pounds of fat and replace it with 10 pounds of muscle? Will you have lost weight? According to the scale.372 – . is it all right for you to lift heavy weights with fewer repetitions? ABSOLUTELY!! Let's take a moment now to recap some of the main ideas to take away from this article: • • • • Lifting weights will not make you bulky (it will make you leaner and more toned). There is and should be a place in your fitness program for higher repetitions. but I'm only lifting light weights and doing lots of repetitions. NO! Will you have lost FAT? Absolutely. Women do not have enough of the male hormone.these women were standing side by side people would definitely think that woman #1 weighed less than woman #2. testosterone. It will tell you that you’ve lost weight. to get big muscles." This is another mistake a lot of you are making. but this article is just touting the immense benefits of strength training). the more calories you burn (even at rest!). So. How can that be? Think of what I said before. The more muscle you have. But in reality they both weigh exactly the same.

373 – .thefitnessleader. He has helped hundreds of women lose fat and redesign their bodies through training. www.com and www. More information can be found on his web-sites: www.About the Author Kevin Valluzzi is the owner of “The Fitness Leader. You can reach Kevin Directly at: 201-638-1902.” an in-home training business located in Bergen County NJ. motivating and empowering.redesignyourbody.com .com.FitnessExpertNetwork.

most of the calories you burn off will come from fat. That's it right there. Like I said. So many of you have been told that there is a "fat-burning" zone and in order to lose weight you need to train in that zone. they have pre-set programs and one is almost always a "fat-burning" program. But what they don't tell you is that this is not the best way to burn the MOST calories. www.WHY INTERVAL TRAINING IS THE BEST FORM OF CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE FOR BURNING CALORIES AND LOSING WEIGHT! By Kevin Valluzzi First off let me just say that any and every form of cardiovascular exercise will burn calories. When you exercise at a low intensity. Do you have to train in that zone to lose weight? NO. Nonsense! Part of that is true. This is the program that has you go at a slow speed for a long time. So get the whole "fat-burning" thing out of your head now. Let's go over that right now. somewhere around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.com . most of the calories you burn will come from fat. most notably the TM.FitnessExpertNetwork. that part is true. By going at a slower speed. That's the secret. there is such a thing as a "fat-burning" zone. Is it the best way to lose weight? NO again. But wouldn’t it be great to learn there is something you can do to keep burning as many calories as possible even after your workout is over? Go faster to burn more calories. Going faster for intermittent bouts during your cardio work is called interval training.374 – . That's why on some cardio machines you see at the gym.

Let's get back to cardio and how to go about pumping up the intensity. www. I've just burned a lot of calories and they mostly came from fat since I was in the fat burning zone. Let's say you go out for a somewhat easy run for 45 min. It prevents you from losing lean muscle. your heart rate is higher and in turn you burn more calories (especially after your workout is over). You think to yourself." Now let's say on another day you went for a run but decided to cut it a little shorter.. "Great. I just want to make sure you are aware of how important it is to do both the weights and the cardio. slow "fat-burning" zone. In everyday terminology this means GO FASTER! Let's look at how this works. That's one reason that strength-training is so important. you will burn more calories total then you did at the slower pace. you will burn more calories TOTAL from a faster pace. losing weight is merely a matter of burning more calories than you take in.com . It's just the opposite of the long. What you do want to make sure of is that you are not burning lean muscle. Training this way.Let's focus now on how you can burn the most calories from your cardio exercise. or a faster speed than you are accustomed to. A combination of a strength training program and cardio will ensure that your weight loss is fat weight and not lean muscle. In that run you keep your heart rate at 70% of your maximum heart rate. When you exercise at a higher intensity. In order to burn the most calories you should increase the intensity. let's say 40 min.375 – . and did some interval training and got your heart rate up much higher than 70%. slower pace. Even though more calories from fat will be burned at a longer. I went a little off topic there with the weight lifting. Don't be concerned with where those calories are coming from. And like I've said.FitnessExpertNetwork.

This one is easy. Using the interval training method. how can you expect me to go any faster? I don't know anything about heart rate and percentages of maximum hear rate.5. etc. Let's say you walk on the treadmill for 30 min at a speed of 3. biking. so how fast will I know how to go?. Once you hit the 6th minute you bring the speed back down to 3. If you go for a 30 min. what you can do is increase your speed slightly every 5th minute.A lot of you might be thinking 2 things right about now. whether it's walking.5 5th minute to 6th minute = 4. swimming.0 6th minute to 10th minute = 3. I'm going to use walking/running as my example here.5. walk at a nice leisurely pace. I can barely go much faster than a walking pace right now. The pattern would be as follows: Start to 5th minute = 3.FitnessExpertNetwork. Let me also say that what we're talking about applies to all forms of cardio.0 11th minute to 15th minute = 3. Remember the old saying that you have to crawl before you can walk? We'll start out with a person who can only walk at this point and we'll work our way up from there.5 10th minute to 11th minute = 4. It will be easier if we use the treadmill for this example. running.5 www. What we're going to talk about now is interval training in action.376 – .0 at the 5th minute mark and keep it there until you reach the 6th minute mark.0 16th minute to 20th minute = 3. Let's address that first concern right now.5 15th minute to 16th minute = 4.com . you would increase your speed to 4.

By training this way. rowers. A lot of people make that mistake. running. This way you know when you need to increase the speed. you know that even though you are at the high speed for 1 minute it is still only 1 minute and you will be able to recover at the slower speed very soon. but not too much that you can't sustain it for the full minute.com . is what often prevents a lot of people from "kicking it into high gear". With today's high-tech watches you can even set it to go off every 5th minute so you don't have to constantly look down to check it. Out of the 30 minutes. let's say you enjoy bike riding. 100% for that 5th minute. And for that reason also. etc. If you are going outdoors it is helpful to use a watch. www. but just increase your speed slightly. You can also put this to work outdoors. biking or even swimming. or what I like to call "mental intimidation". it is not too tough to handle mentally. The mental part.5 Let's look at a couple of reasons why this is beneficial. it's not physically over demanding.0 26th minute to 30th minute = 3.FitnessExpertNetwork. steppers. Of course. or whatever duration you choose. You want to increase your effort enough that you feel like you are pushing yourself.20th minute to 21st minute = 4. In keeping with this type of training. All you would do here is pedal faster every 5th minute. First off as you can see. only 5 minutes are spent at the higher speed.5 25th minute to 26th minute = 4.0 21st minute to 25th minute = 3.377 – . it's up to you to bump up the pace. by training outdoors like this. whether it's walking. There are no buttons to push like there are on fitness center machines that will force you to go faster. Let me also say that the goal here with this type of training is not to go all out. even popular equipment found at fitness centers such as elliptical machines. As I said this can be applied to any form of cardio exercise.

you might decide that you can increase the pace every 7th or 8th minute instead of every 10th minute. it’s not the only way to do interval training. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be every 5th minute.Every 5th minute they think they should go all out. And as time goes on. and your progress will come easier and faster. more enjoyable.FitnessExpertNetwork. If you’re just starting out you can simply do every 10th minute for 10 seconds. The nice thing about this is that it’s almost like playing little games with yourself and it takes your mind off of the actual intense part of the walk. Don’t let that happen. maybe you can break out into a little jog or run every time you come to a street light. I would not recommend that you do this every single time you do your cardio.378 – . bike. run.com . Or if you are walking at a pretty good pace to begin with. You might decide to walk a little faster every time you come to a telephone pole. especially as you get into it a little more. just be as creative as you like. not does it have to last for 1 minute. you might one day feel that you can go for 20 seconds instead of just 10. The options are endless. www. What is so great about this is it’s very easy to make progress. but don’t overdo it! As good as the “5th minute” increase of speed is. etc. especially if you are outdoors. Doing it too often can become somewhat physically challenging. It’s a great way to make your cardio sessions more intense. Push yourself. Using the above as an example. You won't last through the workout this way and probably end up discouraged. full speed. Before you know it the time you spent at your “fast pace” will become faster and longer and the time spent at your “normal” or “slower” pace will become shorter. The main point that you should take with you after reading this article is to pump up the intensity during your cardiovascular workouts.

redesignyourbody.FitnessExpertNetwork.com and www.All this adds up to a fun.com .379 – . motivating and empowering. So don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little the next time you set out on your daily walk or run. More information can be found on his websites: www. enjoyable. The sky’s the limit – Push Yourself! About the Author Kevin Valluzzi is the owner of “The Fitness Leader. You can reach Kevin directly at: 201-638-1902 or kevin@thefitnessleader.com. He has helped hundreds of women lose fat and redesign their bodies through training.thefitnessleader.” an in-home training business located in Bergen County NJ.com. effective cardio session. www. You’ll be surprised at what you can actually do.

com . GYM WORKOUT THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME By Kevin Valluzzi You pull into the parking lot to find that there are no spots left. During free weight exercises (dumbbells or bars and weight plates) you are forced to balance the weights thus forcing you to use more of your muscles including the supporting muscles. When you workout on machines you’re usually sitting down and only using the targeted muscle. On the contrary.FitnessExpertNetwork. it will always be clean (provided you keep it that way) and you did not have to pay a monthly membership fee to use it. free weights. Just the opposite happens when using free weights. free weights and stability ball (on a side note you could probably get all of these pieces of equipment for the price of one machine). etc.380 – . But if you want to get the most out of your workout you’re better off with a simple bench. And that’s without mentioning that you don’t have to deal with the annoying people that do nothing more than socialize and talk your ear off while you’re trying to work out (I’m assuming you’re one of those annoying people!). then you’re in business. Since we’ve covered the obvious “extra” benefits of home workouts let’s talk about how and why working out at home is the best thing you can do to change your body. Before we get into the actual training benefits of a home gym let’s discuss some of the things mentioned in the very first paragraph. barbell. Once you do park and get inside you see that it is very crowded and not only are all of the machines in use but the only treadmill that’s available is not working. L Let’s look at an example: doing a chest press sitting down on a machine that you would find in most gyms with your back supported. Your own home gym is always going to be right there for you open 24 hours a day and even on holidays. Now that’s not to say that machines are bad and you shouldn’t use them for some exercises. when you do the chest press www. The reason for this is because exercise machines are designed in such a way that only allows you to push the weight in a set path or set direction. thus only using the targeted muscle. Does this sound familiar? In this brief article I will explain to you how and why setting up a small gym in your home his one of the easiest and wisest things you will ever do. you’ll never have to wait to use a piece of equipment. This chest press machine does little more than just work your chest muscle.HOME WORKOUT VS. The main reason is functionality. Assuming you don’t have a home gym full of machines and all you have is a bench.

etc. As of this writing stability balls are around $30. Depending on how strong you are will determine the amount of dumbbells you need. So the next time you get stuck in traffic on the way to the gym or wind up next to the chatterbox ride on over to the sporting goods store and setup your home gym ASAP. etc. The most expensive item might be the dumbbells.with dumbbells lying on a stability ball you now have to balance the weight in each hand causing you to call on the supporting muscles like the shoulders and triceps. you can find a nice bench/weight bar combination “home gym” for usually under $200 (on sale). etc. This is not to say that you can’t do free weight exercises at the gym. etc. Remember you can always get heavier weights as time goes on and you get stronger. www. Prices vary depending on style. If you go to any of the national sporting goods stores like Sports authority. initiation fees. you won’t have to deal with any more monthly membership fees..FitnessExpertNetwork. These bands are color coded and can be paired together to add tension and make the exercise harder. running into that girl that always wants to chat. Another great thing to have it is a set of exercise bands. You most definitely need a few pairs of dumbbells. on my “Products” page. A stability ball is also a great piece of equipment to have. But as I mentioned earlier you run the risk of getting stuck in traffic on the way. If you get more advanced and are looking for more diversity or a little more of a challenge you might want to consider purchasing a weight bar and weight plates. This information is usually listed on the box of the ball. Remember the chest press is just one example. This applies to a lot of other exercises as well. You can check them out that my web-site.381 – . The first thing you need is a bench (preferably one that inclines and declines). You will also use your core (abdominal muscles and low back) and your legs to help keep you balanced on the ball. the gym being very crowded. Modell’s. Of course depending on your financial situation you might be able to get a little more than we mention here. weight. The other things mentioned are all relatively inexpensive. Which way do you think will give you more of a workout? Looks like the free weights to me. www.com .com. A great company that makes bands is Bodylastics. But keep in mind. the exercise bands come in a package that is a great value at under $50. Why not get all the benefits of a great functional workout that will get you the results you want in the comfort of your own home? Let’s now talk about the specifics on what you should have in your home gym. but this is really all you need. Of course you can. This can be used for lots of exercises and you should look for a ball that is right for your height. In the long run you will be saving a lot of money.thefitnessleader.

382 – . motivating and empowering.freeweightlossreport.com.” an in-home training business serving Bergen County NJ.com.com. He has helped hundreds of women lose fat and redesign their bodies through training.FitnessExpertNetwork. Also be sure to check out Kevin’s other web-sites at: www. If you’re interested in your own 13 week home workout program. www. visit www.com .About the Author Kevin Valluzzi is the owner of “The Fitness Leader.redesignyourbody. www.thefitnessleader.

383 – . we see more flab than fab because it's difficult to create a flat stomach! In order to achieve washboard abs or a smooth waistline. Now. sugary drinks. you want to eat foods that slowly elevate your blood sugar to a moderate level. which gives you more energy and allows you to more quickly recover from activity. and the desire to change old habits and behaviors. Each type of food that you eat affects the amount of sugar in your blood (not just foods that contain sugar). But if this does not describe you. With the exception of trans fat. it does you no good to complain and gripe about your rotten luck while you continue to follow the same old counterproductive habits! Do you want a flat stomach? It's time to develop some new habits! Step 1: Clean Up Your Diet. (Keep reading to find examples) Are all other foods bad? Not necessarily. foods containing fiber. at some point in their lives. if you www. then insulin stores any excess sugar.FitnessExpertNetwork. foods with protein and healthy fats. then why do we see so few yummy tummies? Why are flabby bellies becoming a normal sight to see? Honestly. what does your blood sugar have to do with a flat stomach? Well. Ironically. What foods are those? Whole foods. pillowy midsections or hard. Your body uses the sugar as fuel. there will always be those genetically-gifted individuals whose midsections remain svelte no matter what they do. high doses of sugar in the blood invoke the hormone insulin.com . To have a lean body and a flat stomach. and fruit. distended bellies. foods high in sugar or flour. you want to 1) minimize the foods that quickly raise the blood sugar to substantially high levels. a barrage of deliciously flat tummies flashes in front of your face. vegetables. 'high-glycemic' carbohydrates. and alcohol. Of course. whenever you turn on the TV or open a magazine. it takes hard work. But here's the cool part! If you have just exercised or completed any sort of strenuous physical activity. In other words. you should simply eat these 'other' foods less often or at specific times. What foods will fall into these categories? Processed foods. discipline. reminding you of our culture's obsession with a toned abdomen. if we're so enthralled by the look of a tight stomach and the healthy benefits that come with it. You're probably wondering. However.How to Get a Flat Stomach By Kim Ball Doesn't everybody. 'low-glycemic' carbohydrates. wish for a flat stomach? Yet everywhere you look nowadays is a collection of people with soft. or 2) eat the bulk of these foods after physical activity. insulin stores the extra sugar in the muscles! This allows the muscles to have access to more fuel. You may even be one of them.

You will want to work the muscles of your whole body .384 – . But for our specific tummysculpting purposes. fish. Less white bread and pasta b. sweet potatoes / yams d.1.com . simply because 'ab' exercises are for strengthening your abs. to ultimately create this 24-hour commotion in the body. let's recap our diet Do's and Don'ts: 1. Eat more foods that slowly raise the blood sugar a. More healthy fats Examples: Fish. brown rice. fish oil. seeds. turkey. maintaining spinal health. and alcohol Step 2: Increase Your Activity If you do not yet have a scrumptious flat stomach to brag about. low-fat dairy. Less cookies. beans b. I strongly believe that it is essential for everyone to work on strengthening the abdominal muscles. popcorn. that's for sure! In fact. Less soda. More whole veggies and fruit c. low-fat dairy 2. nuts. Now don't get me wrong. primarily the fat cells in the abdomen. Therefore. and alleviating lower back pain. the more calories you burn throughout the day. avocado. you need to add whole-body strength workouts at least 3 times per week. olive oil. So. beware. the fat that accumulates in your stomach because of poor diet can become very dangerous! It can lead to many ugly health problems. and sugary cereals (notice: all of these are processed) c. I recommend enlisting a combination of high-intensity strength and aerobic exercises. flaxseeds. insulin will push that extra sugar right into the fat cells to be stored. beans. not for creating a flat stomach. unprocessed protein Examples: Chicken. sugary drinks. And. I'm not even going to prescribe any abdominal exercises.000 crunches a day. your stomach will flatten out only if you get rid of the fat that is covering those muscles. fruit juice. crackers. eggs / egg whites. then you need to get moving! Physical activity will help you burn extra calories so that you are using up more than you are taking in (creating a caloric deficit). to specifically achieve your flat stomach.and work them hard! The more intense the exercise.FitnessExpertNetwork. include intense interval sessions on the cardio equipment during the days in between. and simply attempt to be more active altogether! www. lean red meat. pretzels. Minimize the foods that quickly & severely raise blood sugar (OR eat these foods within 2 hours after strenuous physical activity) a. oatmeal. So.have not exercised. These core muscles are key players in preventing injury. What do I recommend by way of physical activity? Not 500 . baked goods. flax oil. and the more fat you will shed off of your midsection (and everywhere else!). More lean. More low-glycemic carbs Examples: Whole grain breads / cereals / pastas.

pull-ups. multi-joint strength exercises like squats.385 – . more intense 20-minute interval sessions not only burn more calories over the course of the day. So. or a new breathing technique. She holds a masters degree in both exercise physiology and nutritional sciences. our bulging bellies are often the result of 1) too much cortisol. Sign up for her FREE monthly newsletter at www. So. I described how specific dietary practices can affect the secretion of insulin. Through simple timing of carbs.com. And it's the only plan that really works. what else can we attempt to control? Well. and strength training! Good sources of fat and protein are described on the previous page. Now. dips. Foods w/ healthy fats and lean proteins should be included in every meal throughout the day (even snacks!). Get Going! So. We can also employ less obvious solutions as well.com . too! In regards to waning testosterone levels (which applies to both men AND women). a fancy abdominal exercise regimen. strategies to elevate testosterone include: eating a variety of fats. especially if you adopt these new habits for the long haul. It is a plan that requires consistent effort and a break away from unhealthy habits. In my previous example. About the Author Kim Ball is the owner and sole trainer of Deliberate Movement in Long Beach. So. but they keep cortisol levels under control. you can control how insulin responds. including sufficient protein in the diet. finally. We often hear about excess cortisol these days because it's linked to stress and lack of sleep. And. lunges. Compound.FitnessExpertNetwork.Step 3: Attempt to Control Your Hormones Were you aware that you have some power over those pesky hormones that dictate how your body functions? That's right! Your actions can and do affect your hormones. She specializes in fat loss and spends much of her focus on correcting poor nutritional habits. get to work! And simply understand that dietary choices and strenuous whole-body exercise are your must-have tools for a healthy. gorgeous midsection. So. there's your flat-stomach plan! It's not a magic pill. how do we decrease our cortisol? We aim to get sufficient sleep (7-9 hours / night) and we find ways to manage stress. Supplementing with 6-10g of fish oil / day can aid in the cortisol reduction. and 2) not enough testosterone. pushups.deliberatemovement. and mountain climbers are also great ways to get the testosterone flowing. California. Implementing a post-workout nutrition supplement (I recommend Biotest Surge) during and immediately after strenuous exercise can maintain cortisol levels as well. shorter. eliminating the marathon cardio sessions can keep cortisol under control. www.

How can this be? Why long 'cardio' may lead to fat gain? Let's think of how the body works. some exercisers perform aerobic activity whenever they have a spare moment. or just lose fat in general. Sure. An example of these people? Overweight individuals who perform marathons? Three. But. get lean. That leads to three possible problems. And it did! But that wasn't only because of my athletic ability.com . Are any of these people seeing results? Should I inform them that they're wasting a bunch of precious time? Two. They also continue to believe that this approach is still helping them. many men and women implement an exercising strategy that includes walking. running. one has to add more time or more intensity. Yet. measurable results over time were minimal. and long sessions on the cardio machines at the gym. So I just kept blaming my lack of results on my high fitness level. aerobics. the human body adapts to exercise over time. most exercisers run out of time and simply stop progressing at a certain point. Over the www. I've performed massive amounts of long cardio sessions in an attempt to lose fat. most people continue to do the same exact cardio routine week in and week out. They don't add more time or intensity. I'm a former high-level athlete. no matter what your fitness level. Once the body adapts. With aerobic work. the body immediately responds by breaking down its muscle. exercisers tend to simply add more time. I've chosen aerobic exercise ('cardio') instead of strength training in order to get that slim. With a goal to shed excess fat. Did it work? It worked in the beginning. That means it burns less calories for the same activity. I thought that maybe my body needed more challenge than I had been giving it. They are still putting a lot of effort into a strategy that they believe is beneficial for fat loss (this was my approach!). it becomes more efficient. They are still dedicating large amounts of time to aerobic activity.Is Your Cardio A Waste of Time? By Kim Ball Yes. I've done it before. See.FitnessExpertNetwork. obviously. it seems that these hard-working exercisers find it more and more difficult to stay lean. In order to burn more calories. They might include some strength training. There were some initial results.386 – . When an exerciser performs a fairly intense strength training session. but aerobic exercise seems to take priority. Aerobic exercise is all they ever have time to do because they've progressed so far! These are the troubles in which so many exercisers face. Plain and simple. their efforts are insufficient. One. But actual. lean look. The body always needs a new stimulus in order to keep progressing.

no. the more lean muscle you have. In addition to the many health benefits of aerobic. many. I've even tried this faulty approach before.com .48 hours after that exercise session. This is why strength training results in increased strength and increased muscle mass over time. strength training doesn't seem to compare to cardiovascular exercise on a fat burning basis.387 – . This is why the 'fat burning zone' was created. the purpose of strength training is to build muscle. Like I mentioned earlier. However. Many add this type of cardio to their strength training programs as a source of extra calories burned (especially fat calories!). steady-state cardio burns a larger percentage of calories from fat than strength training. you won't magically turn into a bulky bodybuilder over night!) If we focus on the exercise session itself. lower cholesterol levels. Is this why the 'cardio junkies' make little to no progress in the fat loss department even after hours of exercise every week?! It's time for us to really re-evaluate this 'cardio' obsession. Why strength training should be emphasized for fat loss instead? Yes. Target ranges of 50-70% max heart rate or even 60-80% max heart rate have been suggested because these 'zones' of low to moderate intensity were shown to burn the most fat calories. This is simply not true. muscle is the body's fat-burning equipment. Muscle burns calories 24 hours a day. over the same time span. most trainers and exercisers have been going about this fat loss thing ALL WRONG. I won't deny that.FitnessExpertNetwork. By this same principle. Therefore. Simply put. many people have interpreted this information by deciding that aerobic training is superior for fat loss. Strength training is usually performed at a www. Let's determine how we can all reach our goals the right way! Why long 'cardio' became such a popular choice for fat loss? The cardio obsession is not unfounded. then shouldn't the body adapt to that fat loss by storing more of it? That extra fat will ensure that the body has enough fuel for the next mega cardio session. and the more fat you are able to burn. cardiovascular exercise (decreased blood pressure. steadystate aerobic exercise. but because of how the body adapts after the strength training. It doesn't just sit around in your body all day like an annoying houseguest. If a cardio session primarily breaks down fat. improved blood flow and heart function. long cardio does burn calories and it does burn fat. Not just because of the strength training itself. However. (And. increased control of blood sugar. etc). the body adapts to this muscle breakdown by building more muscle (and stronger muscle). it is NOT easy to put on muscle? ladies.24 . In fact. the higher your metabolism. They believe that strength training solely grows muscle and cardio solely burns fat. many top-notch fitness experts believe that the body adapts to aerobic exercise by storing more fat. This research data caused most exercisers and trainers to implement lots of long. It's time to put aside outdated methods and attempt new strategies for fat loss.

This increase in metabolism causes extra calories to be burned for up to 48 hours after strength training! The higher the intensity of the strength training session. and we look at the bigger picture (what our bodies are doing over a 24-hour period). Steady-state cardio can also be used in an initial program for beginners or as a way to increase one's overall activity..FitnessExpertNetwork. running. & the inability to lose weight Excess cardio can decrease fat-burning hormones and enzymes (harder for the body to burn fat) Excess cardio increases the hormone cortisol? Cortisol is a major culprit of belly fat Performing excess cardio w/ improper walking/running/movement patterns can create injury The new 'cardio' prescription for fat loss? www. frequent illness.. continuous aerobic exercise as a beneficial fatloss weapon has been greatly over-emphasized for way too long. NO! Walking. there is also a phenomenon that is coupled with strength training. Otherwise. the longer the metabolism remains elevated. Eating a Big Mac every day for lunch is bad for your body. And long cardiovascular exercise has its place.higher intensity. and the more calories burned during exercise recovery. marathoners. which can lead to fatigue. Let's look at the reasons why steady-state cardio can be ineffective toward our fat loss goals: • • • • • • Excess cardio can stop muscle growth or lead to a loss of muscle Excess cardio can speed up the muscle loss that happens w/ dieting (leading to a slower metabolism) Excess cardio puts extra stress on the adrenal glands. this does not appear to be optimal for fat loss. anxiety. Following high-intensity. However. then we can clearly see that strength training causes you to burn a large amount of calories and body fat over the course of the day. and those who run in 5K and 10K charity events need to train aerobically for long periods of time. depression.com . Aerobic exercise is 100% healthy. To most.388 – . so it burns more carbohydrates and less fat. If we zoom out from our close perspective on what happens only during exercise. insomnia. swimming? None of this is bad for your body. Why are so many exercisers eliminating strength training from their arsenal? Seems silly. Endurance athletes. anaerobic exercise. doesn't it? Is 'cardio' bad?. metabolism increases for an extended amount of time. decreased memory/concentration.

a series of short. Sign up for her FREE monthly newsletter at www. In following weeks. This type of cardiovascular training is so much more effective for fat loss! The intensity of the exercise causes you to burn more calories in less time. high intensity bursts and longer low intensity intervals are performed. the low intensity intervals can be progressively decreased. the high intensity intervals can advance to greater intensities. lengthy cardio sessions are completely ineffective. When an exerciser begins HIIT. If you implement interval training on the days in between your strength training. and more interval sets can be completed. and it helps to raise your metabolism for a period of time after you have finished.Since adding more time to your aerobic exercise simply makes you more efficient at aerobic exercise (which means that you burn less calories). California. faster. High intensities of strength training and interval training are your most beneficial weapons against fat. if your primary goal is fat loss and overall weight loss.389 – .com . However. Your cardio needs to be shorter. HIIT involves performing your preferred cardiovascular exercise for only 15-20 minutes. During that shortened time frame. Quality of your workouts over quantity? That’s the new golden rule! About the Author Kim Ball is the owner and sole trainer of Deliberate Movement in Long Beach. She specializes in fat loss and spends much of her focus on correcting poor nutritional habits. your new strategy should include an increase in intensity.com www.FitnessExpertNetwork. She holds a masters degree in both exercise physiology and nutritional sciences. and more intense. It is an important training modality for specific sports and activities. you will be sustaining an elevated metabolism all week! The take-home message? Long 'cardio' is a completely healthy form of exercise. Do you want to burn a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time AND experience an elevated metabolism for the rest of the day? Then your best bet for a cardio workout is High-Intensity Interval Training (often referred to as HIIT).deliberatemovement. the low intensity intervals will be fairly long.

The following is an example of what type of workout you can expect at camp. Example workout: “Group Combat Training” Game www. I also use this time to show the options for the more difficult exercises. We begin with mobility exercises and then progress on to more challenging moves that get the heart beating and the muscles warmed up. There are several ladies just starting out and many returning campers. organize teams or pair up with a workout buddy for the day. My ladies feel empowered by that. Our motto in camp is “show me what you can do”. sizes and fitness levels. health conditions or other “limitations”. shapes. We will talk about what we will be doing for the day. After campers arrive they are expected to sign in for roll and then set up their mats and weights. The workout is tons of fun and makes the hour fly by. I have ladies enrolled in camp with prior injuries. Once everyone is prepared mentally it is time to warm up. gets their heart rate up but never puts them in danger.Are you afraid of boot camp? Don't be afraid.FitnessExpertNetwork. We do fewer reps and work at a reduced intensity to get their body ready for the workout. For them instead of Burpees or Mountain Climbers I have them do standing “Steam Engines” (quick alternating elbow to knee).390 – . By Kristin Goodenough At Collin County Adventure Boot Camp you will see women of all ages.com . Ladies that physically shouldn’t do something are always given something else to do that is better suited for their body. During the final phase of the warm-up we cover each exercise that we will do during the game or circuit we have planned. “Group Combat training” is camp favorite! It really challenges them and they love the teamwork and camaraderie aspect of the workout. As campers arrive I will discuss the “game plan” for the day. I always keep my ladies working at a level that is appropriate for them. We don’t get caught up on what they can’t do but rather concentrate on doing what they can. Our goal is to deliver a quality results producing workout but our bottom line is always to keep our people safe! For example: I have a several ladies in camp who have high blood pressure and need modifications to keep them safe. By knowing their medical conditions and/or injuries I challenge everyone at the level they need to be challenged at by showing appropriate options. This still works their “core”. it isn't as scary as you think it is! What to expect from your fitness boot camp experience.

com . The first person back starts the timer. Example: Kettlebells.FitnessExpertNetwork. Example assignments: • • • • Grab 4 friends and run the hill 3 times. The focus then shifts to quality of movement over quantity and technique improves. partner and group “assignments”. • • • • • • • • • • Each team has 8-10 cones with “assignments” hidden underneath. We typically do this workout on a Friday to allow Saturday and Sunday to rest those sore muscles (it really WORKS you!). This is a free for all. I also move the “assignments” around to avoid people picking and choosing which exercises they want to do. Campers are encouraged to “high five” everyone they pass and to help motivate their team mates. Jump Ropes.391 – . Each team is provided chalk to score their points and an area to score them in. Grab a friend and do 30 Kettlebell Swings Grab a friend and do 25 push ups Grab 3 friends and do 60 jump ropes You mix things up offering both cardio and strength exercises as well as individual. Once time is called the game ends and campers score their points. they feel it more and no one ever feels like they can’t do it. Campers complete the exercise and score a point for their team. Team members are not required to go in any particular order they are just required to keep moving. Equalizers. Bands. It is a lot of fun and really brings out the best in everyone. complete the loop and return to home base. www. Sometimes I substitute in different exercises in for the 2nd game. Each team has its own equipment with different stations. For another option I actually lower the required amount of reps to only 10. Dumbbells or whatever equipment planned for the day. If they pick a cone they MUST complete the assignment for their team whether or not they have done it once or 5 times before. Before we start our rematch we begin with another 1/5 mile walk/run.Group Combat Training • • Divide your group into two teams. We play two 15 minute games (though can adjust time to accommodate your training goal) As campers return they lift up a cone that reveals their “assignment” or exercise that they need to complete. Both teams are given orders to walk/run the hill. The goal is to move quickly from one exercise to the next scoring as many points as possible for your team. Medicine Balls.

392 – .FitnessExpertNetwork. Pretty cool! Partner and team races are huge in my camp because it brings out the best in ALL of my ladies regardless of fitness level. To make sure I brought a smile to everyone’s face I brought in hula hoops that lit up and big brightly colored “pokey” balls to play with. They all work hard to win “the treasure!” Another “reward” for the team with the most points is to allow them the opportunity to “count out” the reps as the other team completes 10 push ups. join the fun! www. On this day campers receive a great workout but the emphasis is on fun. Another way to bring out the best in each other is to have a special “party day”. My runners who love to run are often recruited to do the bulk of the running drills. They loved it! They were amazed at how much harder they worked because they didn’t want to let their team mates down (it is much easier for them to not push themselves when the workout is just about them). This makes the runners very happy and the walkers in camp relieved that they don’t have to do as much running. Absolutely amazing to watch! What’s really cool is that you start seeing teams determined to win and actually develop strategies. to be able to go at your own pace and to have fun! So don’t be afraid. It is not uncommon to see “sympathy pushups” as teammates from opposing teams do push ups with their friends as a show of support (even though they were not required). We ended up doing team challenges with the toys and it was really cool watching them play. You actually see campers motivating and pushing like personal trainers refusing to let their tired team mates quit! To spice things up I bring inexpensive “prizes” to give to the winning group (Christmas bows with sticky backs or party bead necklaces). Camps are held under a covered pavilion area so that we stay dry but we don’t get the chance to move as much as we normally do and moods are usually pretty sour. Like campers who feel that they just can’t finish out their reps can have other teammates complete their reps for them to score the point. Rainy day workouts are typically something none of us look forward to. Everyone got a great workout and had FUN! Hopefully this gave you an idea as to what to expect from Collin County Adventure Boot Camp.com . Group Combat Training is always good natured competition that actually helps people challenge themselves like nothing else I have ever seen. You can expect to be challenged during every workout.I was a bit nervous the first time we did this workout but was thrilled when every single camper raved about group combat training. Example party days include: • • • • Dance party workout Super Bowl Football Workout Shamrock games Easter egg and bunny hop workout My personal favorite was actually a rainy day workout.

Certified Personal Trainer in McKinney.com . Visit her website at www. TX.C.FitnessExpertNetwork.393 – . She owns the Collin County Adventure Boot and specializes in women's only fitness programs. www.E.About the Author Kristin Goodenough is an A.com.bootcamp4women.

But I watched my friends study more and move less until finally as adults most of them eventually became inactive.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . Knowing that I would NEVER let them turn ME into a couch potato. I loved my friends but I would have much rather have been able to talk AND play basketball. jump rope. You could see the “light” return to their eyes as the 10 year old resurfaced. Thinking to myself how crazy adults were expecting us to just sit all day.394 – . I remember coming home from school dying to go outside and ride my bike. kickball it really didn’t matter just as long as you were with your friends and you were playing. hadn’t exercised in years or had NEVER exercised consistently were now excited about working out. we were supposed to just sit and talk with our friends. We also implement a lot of partner and team building drills to keep the motivation levels and the intensity high. By watching all of the people around me becoming disinterested in working out I decided that I would come up with clever ways of making exercise fun and “trick” them into working out. The following are examples of “play time” in boot camp: www.Are your workouts boring? How to bring out your "inner child" and learn how to play and have fun again while working out! By Kristin Goodenough Remember when you were a kid? How you used to love running and playing with your friends on the playground? Tag. I quickly learned that most women beginning an exercise program needed to be distracted from their “pain. the good old days! I remember the warm sun on my face. my outlet for play. We always mix things up and offer a lot of variety to keep the body guessing and the mind from getting bored. So I learned to develop exercise programs that were disguised as play time and it worked. their consistency would improve and they would get the results that they were looking for. They needed that 10 year old girl inside of them to come out and play and have fun again. By doing so they were more likely to enjoy exercising. Good times! I also remember entering junior high and being shocked by the fact that we were no longer able to play at recess. Workouts in my boot camp always have fun factor planned in. Ah. Well.” They needed more then just exercise. They learned to enjoy working out and as a result they were attending consistently and getting RESULTS. Instead. Ladies who were overweight. the laughter and the serious need to “play hard”. Sports and dance became my escape.

Usually we do this game on party days (Birthdays.This is a quick game that we do after our warm up to wake everyone up and get them ready to have fun.com . and having a blast! 2. With this game a “sense of urgency” is created as participants are encouraged to keep moving quickly from one location to another. Valentine’s Day. laughing hysterically. Take a picture of the hanging monkeys.m. They know that they have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time so they really kick up the intensity and challenge themselves (and each other).!) Each group is given a list of places to go. Instructions are given to the ladies letting them know that their job is to stomp the balloons of the other ladies while staying inbounds. Fitness Scavenger Hunt . Smile pretty for the camera! www. How to play: o o o o Small groups of 4-5 are formed. Patrick’s Day etc. St.). This game is simple yet extremely fun. You can assign teams but I like to let them choose who they will be working out with for the day. How to play: o o o o Each lady is given a balloon with a string tied to it.395 – . an exercise to do at each location and a reminder to take a picture at that location as proof that they completed the exercise. Task #3: Go to the stairs and run up and down 5 times.Definitely one of my camper’s all time favorite workouts. With all of their running around trying to keep their balloons safe they are getting their heart rates up. The last one standing at the end of the game with their balloon unharmed is the winner. This is a great team building activity. Each group is given a disposable camera with a flash (It is pretty dark at 5:30a.FitnessExpertNetwork. Boundaries are defined by placing cones down forming a small rectangular area.1. Balloon stomp . Don’t forget to take a picture! Task #2: Go to the monkey bars and see who the last monkey hanging is. Usually I make a list of 10 locations with 10 exercises. She takes the string and ties it to her shoe laces. Halloween. Here are some examples of what you may find on a list: Task #1: Go to the “hill of pain” (marked with a cone) and walk/run the hill 10 times.

They continue down the hill and repeat for time. Visit her website at www. How to play: o o o o Usually I break my camp into small groups of 3 or 4.At our location we have a very steep hill that is perfect for running drills. 3. When ladies come into camp most of them are not ready to run yet and are intimidated by the hill. Even my ladies who “hate to run” love this drill.396 – . She owns the Collin County Adventure Boot and specializes in women's only fitness programs. This is a great team building drill.C. www. Certified Personal Trainer in McKinney.E. One way that I introduce them to the hill slowly is to have tire races. Remember. • Depending on the size of my group I may have another circuit going on at the same time so that half the group is running the circuit and the other half is racing the tires.FitnessExpertNetwork. Each group is given a tire and instructed to roll the tire to the bottom of the hill.bootcamp4women.My ladies have so much fun with this game that they forget they are working out. TX. have fun and play hard! About the Author Kristin Goodenough is an A. After 10 minutes each group will switch.com. really gets their heart rate up and is a lot of fun.com . “Tire races” . Once at the starting line members of each group take turns rolling the tire up the hill racing to the top. The group rolling their tire up the hill the fastest wins.

but it will also help speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout the day. For instance.com . But what they don’t know is that the exercise is a great advanced exercise and they are not ready for it. When you actually take the time to think about what muscles you are using and concentrate on activating the correct muscles and proper breathing you will improve the quality of your exercise every time. Eat quality food. 3. We go through each exercise mindlessly thinking about our “to do” list for the day. Limit eating out and consume nutrient rich foods throughout the day. Think quality over quantity.397 – . Usually we do not get the most out of an exercise because we don’t think about what we do when we are doing it. By performing their exercises this way they are only building stronger pouches and totally defeating the purpose of the exercise. But when they do their exercises they are not pulling in their abdominals before they lift their shoulders off of the ground. Maintain proper form throughout the exercise. You can not have a six pack if you eat bad food. Mindless exercise is a waste of your time because it isn’t efficient. Engage your mind while you exercise and focus on the muscle being worked. Technique is everything! Most women need a modification of some kind to make the exercise most effective for them. if I can slow the exercise down and get them to focus on maintaining correct form throughout the exercise they will feel it. Not only will you feel better. 2. Because are working so hard to maintain correct form they end up doing fewer repetitions of the exercise.FitnessExpertNetwork. As a personal trainer I have seen women do countless crunches and never feel the exercise. If that woman suffers from any back pain taking on an exercise that her body isn’t ready for will only result in back pain not stronger abs. Usually. Fewer exercises at the proper intensity and in good form are always better then many reps of a poorly executed exercise.Attention women: Are you building a strong “pouch” or a “six pack?” 8 Tips to losing your Belly Bulge once and for all! By Kristin Goodenough Why is it that even with a wealth of fitness and nutrition information available can’t women achieve those perfect abs? Genetics do play a role but there are many other variables to consider as well. But that’s okay. and be less bloated. women are always complaining about their “pouches”. Don’t forget to say goodbye to sodas (including diet) and replace them with lots of fresh water to drink. www. Many women try and take on to much to soon because they see an exercise in a book or magazine. 1.

and V-sits. Women in group exercise classes. 8. controlled exercises for your lower back. I love all of them but my favorites for abs are defiantly Kettlebells and Pilates based exercises. www. Make sure not create muscular imbalances by only working your abdominals and neglecting your lower back. Burpees. She owns the Collin County Adventure Boot and specializes in women's only fitness programs. Only once you have the correct form down and you feel comfortable with the exercise should you add the “toys”. Kettlebells. To fine tune your diet and improve your eating habits try keeping a food journal. About the Author Kristin Goodenough is an A. If you know that you will have to write down that you ate that Oreo Cookies and Crème Blizzard at Sonic then you are less likely to consume it.com . 6. it is fun to play with all of the great equipment out there. medicine balls. sandbags. Some great exercise include: superman. 7. This is the best way to discover patterns in your daily eating so that you can then create strategies to break any bad habits. That's the theory anyway! 9.C.398 – . Pilates “Criss Cross”. It is a real eye opening experience for most people and a great tool for holding you accountable to yourself.FitnessExpertNetwork.bootcamp4women. It doesn’t matter how strong your abs are if you are eating poorly you will NOT have flat abs. 5.com. TX. Create Balance. Balance those strong abdominals by performing slow. Yes.4. Visit her website at www. and Swiss ball. strength and proper form aren’t there you shouldn’t add anything to the exercise to make it harder. Certified Personal Trainer in McKinney. what you put in your mouth will determine what your body looks like. You are what you eat! Again. But if the coordination. with trainers and on their own who try adding extra resistance before they have the proper technique down and basic foundational strength. Bosu. Bicycles. Great bodyweight exercises for stronger abs. swimming and bird dog. I see it all the time.E. Fun “toys” to use to create those great abs. Planks are great so are “gut busters”.

Mckenzie thankfully isn’t sitting on the couch next to the boys but isn’t one for being active unless it is an organized activity or group class. the jumping stops and they need to go inside and “rest”. Don’t get me wrong. His brother Alex (11) feels the same way. It was so much fun! My mom never once had to encourage us to play. But times are different now. I encourage them to go outside and jump on the trampoline. When I was a kid my siblings and I were always outside playing with our friends. By Kristin Goodenough Do you have kids? I’ve got 3 beautiful kids.V. sometimes I look at my precious boys and see 45 year old men instead of little boys. playing baseball and enjoying a good game of “cops and robbers” at night. www. Zack is 13 and believes the best form of exercise is sitting on the couch exercising his hands playing video games. swimming. Climbing trees.FitnessExpertNetwork. kids are spending less time playing (moving their bodies) and more time sitting on the couch. I look out the window and see them sitting there poking one another and laughing (not swinging). I go outside and see them either laying on the trampoline resting (not jumping) or “ninja kicking” one another until someone gets hurt.” Most of the moms are concerned because they too have a hard time getting their kids more active and do not know how to make much needed changes in their home. At 8 years old my youngest child. As a mother AND a personal trainer it is shocking to me to see the “couch potato” in my children. Instead of swimming and diving they are “floating” in the water. taking long walks. Swimming in the pool is just as frustrating. After talking with my friends. roaming the creek. How could they NOT want to go outside and play? My entire childhood was spent outside roller skating. boot campers and personal training clients most of us are a little worried about how we will keep the kids occupied and “out of our hair. again.com . I was always on the go. poking one another until someone gets hurt. we just did.399 – . Scary! Now that summer is fast approaching I admit that I am a bit freaked out knowing that I have almost 3 months of kid frustration ahead of me. that was our job and we were very happy to do it. Video games and T. We were kids.How to keep your kids from driving you insane this summer!” The smart mom's survival guide to getting kids off the couch and moving their body. jumping rope and riding my bike. playing basketball. I swear. tend to be the main source of entertainment for kids and because of this. I LOVE my kids but they drive me insane! I send them outside to swing on the swings.

o Jump ropes are great fun. They were very motivated to move because they wanted to reach the magic number and earn their time. My kids love video games. Don’t forget to purchase both short and long ropes. Kids are natural explorers and love discovering new places.000 steps was a lot of steps and difficult to do we decided that a goal of 20. Find whatever pushes your child’s buttons and use that to motivate them. I have tried many things and am happy to have actually found several “tricks” that have worked. Take a hike! Go explore with your kids. Find out what is fun to THEM. They wanted more time playing video games. All kids are different but I am happy to report that I have made progress in our home and have shared some of my tips to other moms who have had great success with their kids as well. mom fun and kid fun are usually different. For a shield you can use a cardboard box or a trash can lid. o Toss a large exercise ball in the pool to throw around. anything convenient. So what I did was require them to “earn” their video game time. Kids have a natural curiosity and are drawn to toys. They make some really cool extra large size exercise balls that have a fabric covering over the plastic ball for protection. My mission: to get ALL kids off of the couch and moving their body. Pack a lunch and make a day of it. 2. more active lifestyle for their children. It must be fun! If it isn’t fun they will NOT do it. throwing and chasing after.400 – . Bring on the toys. Realizing that 15. Mom and kids will have a blast throwing it around and get a great workout. The following are some suggestions: o Provide balls of all sizes. 4. o Water guns are a summer must have for every child. Introduce your kids to their new best buddy.000 steps. I had never seen my kids move so much. bring the boom box outside with some great music pumping and watch those kids jump like crazy. my personal “guinea pigs” or “test subjects”. I consider our family a work in progress. For instance 30 minutes of video game playing would require my kids to wear their pedometer and walk 15. For kids like mine it has been a long process of figuring out how to “change their evil ways”.000 steps would earn them 1 hour of video game playing.FitnessExpertNetwork. Encourage your kids to grab some neighborhood friends. They wanted to play more so they moved like crazy to get those steps in.This article is being written as a way to help moms every where create a healthier. These are great for kicking. a water gun and a shield for protection. They went nuts with this. the pedometer. Tips for getting your kids off the couch and moving: 1. But it got better.com . Remember. Better yet. forget the shields and just run for it! 3. If they didn’t move they wouldn’t get any steps which would result in no video game playing. You can substitute in any suitable reward for your child. I make a game with my www. Make sure to send them out with “rules of engagement” (no shooting at anyone’s face or “taking out an eyeball”).

The stopwatch helps motivate the kids to beat their time each time out. Have a dance Party. 7. 8. Form a circle and let each kid get the chance to show off their best moves. Slip and slide. 4. Use: • • • • Swings Trampolines Hills Stairs Sample kid friendly obstacle course: 1. going down slides. They had a blast and didn’t want to leave. 3. climbing stairs. wild flowers.5. squirrels or turtles. We start looking for hidden treasures like cardinals (her favorite bird). We put a “shop light” on the top of the enclosure so that the entire trampoline looked like it had a spotlight shining down on it. She loves it and distracts her enough to continue on and enjoy the hike. 6. 6. We discovered the key to trampoline jumping was making it an evening event.com . Find a water park and spend the day swimming.401 – . daughter when she starts to get tired and cranky. Equipment you can use includes: • • • • • Sidewalk chalk Cones Jump ropes Balls Hula Hoops Incorporate your environment. 8. running.FitnessExpertNetwork. Put on some great music and let the kids “break it down”. 2. 5. 10 Push ups 10 Jump rope 10 Bear crawl 10 Jumping Jacks 10 Crab Walk 10 Hula hoop 10 Skips Dribble a basketball and run from cone to cone www. They had so much fun they jumped non stop for at least 2 hours and slept really good that night. Turn your trampoline into a stage. and having a blast with your kids. My husband took the kids on Saturday (an early Mother’s Day present to me) and my kids didn’t stop moving the entire 6 hours at the park. We then put on our kids favorite music and watched as the kids “performed” for us. This is great for mom too so don’t be afraid to join in! Make a backyard boot camp and invite the friends over. 7. Create an obstacle course and provide a stopwatch so that they can time themselves running through the course.

Organize a game of baseball done boot camp style. Create a baseball diamond. Play the game again and try and beat your original score. to ride his bike with me when I run.” Wii. Very cool! About the Author Kristin Goodenough is an A. My kids SWEAT now when they play their video games.402 – . That makes me REALLY happy! Finally. Certified Personal Trainer in McKinney.m. and Dance Dance Revolution are great ways to sneak some exercise in while they play.C. Even at this early hour it is not uncommon to see other parents running with their children riding their bikes. Invite the neighborhood kids over and form two teams. You can use orange cones or sidewalk chalk to mark the bases. This is an individual effort so the kids can go at their own pace. The “eye toy. This is how to play: • • • • • • • Run to first base and do 10 jumping jacks Run to second base and complete 10 jumping squats Run to third base 10 jump ropes Run to home and complete 10 star jumps Every time they make it around the bases they score a point for their team. www. Play the game for 10 minutes and see how many points each team can score. We both get our exercise and enjoy some quality bonding time. She owns the Collin County Adventure Boot and specializes in women's only fitness programs.E.com . Realizing that video games are very important to my kids my husband and I decided that if they were going to play them then we would #1.com.Repeat and time how long it takes. Kids are more likely to take a walk if they know that YOU are going with them.FitnessExpertNetwork. if you really are serious about getting your kids moving then move WITH them. I like to use sidewalk chalk to mark the points but if you are on grass you could use play gold coins. limit their time playing to 1 hour and #2 we would change the way they played their games. Visit her website at www. TX. scooters or running alongside them. My son loves getting up at 5:30a.bootcamp4women.

FitnessExpertNetwork. fitness levels and body types. There is no substitute for exercising consistently and eating healthy.Real Women Getting Real RESULTS at Boot Camp! By Kristin Goodenough For as long as I can remember women everywhere have been searching for the secret formula for changing the way they look and feel. The only way to actually get more then your big toe into your “skinny jeans” is to work hard for it. and sleep deprivation it would be easy to make excuses why not to exercise. What Tonya wanted more then anything was for a chance to be a fitness model. But we all know that life isn’t perfect. But the ones who get results are the ones who do not make excuses. But Tonya was able to stop dreaming and take action. Keeping focused on what she wanted helped Tonya persevere. shoulder pain. Instead of feeling defeated they feel empowered because doing something is always better then doing nothing. and back pain every kind of pain imaginable. This was a lady on a mission who was determined to get results.000 other ladies finishing 5th overall. We all want so bad to believe that there is a magic pill or formula out there that will leave us feeling a little bit more like the person we used to be and less like the stranger staring at us in the mirror. I can’t recall ever meeting a single woman comfortable in her own skin. She had stopped making excuses and was ready to change her body. She “walked the runway” and competed against 1. They just show up consistently. She used to say that she knew that she was doing something right because Satan was defiantly trying to mess her up.403 – . But they don’t. In a perfect world it would be easy to make that transformation happen. www. When she started her journey at 185 lbs she had no idea that she would ever achieve her dream.com . kids. Was it easy for her? Absolutely not! In a 6 month period of time she had one obstacle after another thrown her way including a death in the family. I’ve had ladies with high blood pressure. We would all be walking around in our “skinny jeans” and driving our Barbie Corvettes. When I first met Tonya she was so excited about starting up boot camp. Showing up is half the battle. Here’s a secret for you. After 6 months of hard work Tonya got her chance. As a personal trainer who works exclusively with women I have worked with a variety of women of all ages. Let’s face it with chaotic work schedules. For many they have legitimate health or physical reasons that they could use as an excuse. But instead of concentrating on what they can’t do modifications are shown to show them what they can do. struggling to pay the bills as a single mother and severe knee pain (former knee injury and surgery on both knees). knee pain.

If she knew that a certain food or social situation would set her off course then she planned an alternate path to avoid that situation. Jennifer is feeling strong. She is awesome! When I met Sydney she informed me that she was not a morning person. Throughout camp Sydney was sleep deprived. Celeste showed up every day and worked with intensity and determination. Beyond that though Jennifer is the inspiration for many of the women in camp because she is the perfect example of what you can do when you work hard for what you want and refuse to make excuses. she just completed her first half marathon with a time of 2:15! She is also training to run her first marathon. By the way. fit and a whole lot less stressed now. As a result Sydney ended up losing a total of 4 inches from her waist and finally fitting into her “skinny jeans” at the end of 6 weeks of boot camp.404 – . She would come to camp and she would work hard but she would NOT be perky at 5:30 in the morning. Celeste came to camp because her doctor diagnosed her with an enlarged liver and told her that it was vital that she lost weight.” That was the “pat on the back” she needed that let her know that all of this was for something. She was determined to fit in them. No excuses were ever made. Sydney learned how to increase her daily activity throughout the day. “I hate you but the only reason why I’m here is because I have lost 2 inches in my waist in 2 weeks. 5 months later she has lost over 8 inches in her waist and over 40 lbs making her doctor happier and Celeste a whole lot more comfortable in her own skin. Recently. and how to improve her diet. she registered for our 3 day camp (she wasn’t to sure if she could do it) but quickly switched to the 5 day program after seeing how much fun camp was. She took what her doctor said to heart and started making changes to her diet and enrolled in camp. And even though her primary motivation for coming to camp wasn’t about weight she was pretty darn happy to finally fit back in her size 6 jeans.com . She came to camp wanting to feel stronger and to get rid of some of the stress in her life. she just really hated the cold and the www. To motivate her to come to camp she hung her “skinny jeans” on her bathroom door as a reminder of why she was doing boot camp. She loved how strong it made her feel and discovered that she loved to run.That action opened her eyes to the possibilities around her and helped her bring out the 135lb woman she used to be (50 lbs lighter). The program and her lifestyle changes were working and her body was beginning to change. One morning she looked at me and said. I don’t think she truly expected to enjoy boot camp as much as she has.FitnessExpertNetwork. She looks and feels fabulous! Jennifer is another example of an amazing woman getting results in boot camp. This helped motivate her to not only attend camp consistently but also make real lifestyle changes. pre-plan her meals. Like most of my campers she has a very demanding high pressure job that takes up most of her time. create a “plan b” workout just incase of bad weather. she also made sure to let me know that she “really didn’t hate me. But for Jennifer it quickly became an addiction. she was sore but she always came to camp. Initially.

leaner more fit body.C.com . But when the day is done they have made fewer bad choices and more good choices and they have gotten results! About the Author Kristin Goodenough is an A.E.FitnessExpertNetwork.com. Visit her website at www.bootcamp4women. But they would all tell you that they didn’t get results from a magic pill or formula or by sitting on the couch wishing about being in better shape. Stories of creating a stronger.405 – . Are they perfect? No. they have times that they still struggle with chocolate and hitting the snooze instead of working out just like the rest of us. She owns the Collin County Adventure Boot and specializes in women's only fitness programs. Stories of learning how to be consistent with their workout and actually learning that working out can and should be fun. All of the women who have come to camp have amazing stories of success. She really did enjoy me and the other ladies as well as her boot camp experience.early hour”. Certified Personal Trainer in McKinney. They would say that their journey to becoming the woman they used to be was not an easy task but they are better women because they were not afraid to begin the journey. www. TX.

Cardiovascular endurance is considered by most exercise experts to be the most important indicator of fitness. close to one-half of all people with mental retardation are overweight. therefore. and there is a relationship between good muscle strength and good performance of people with mental retardation in industrial work settings. Women with mental retardation are more overweight than men with mental retardation. people with mental retardation can make significant gains in fitness. How do the fitness levels of people with mental retardation compare to the general population? It is important to note that most of the research on the fitness levels of people with mental retardation is for individuals with mild or moderate mental retardation. Several studies have shown that the fitness levels of people with mental retardation are significantly lower than the general population. good upper body muscles increase vocational opportunities. and people with mild mental retardation are more overweight than people with severe mental retardation. A large number of adults with mental retardation are overweight. Studies have shown that after several weeks of training. Most people with mental retardation lead an inactive lifestyle. performance of daily living activities and negatively affect other quality of life areas. more likely to develop hypokinetic diseases. In one study it was shown that the cardiovascular endurance of adults with mental retardation was as low as people with heart problems. Whereas one-third of all Americans are overweight. participants with mental retardation showed a dramatic www. and are.FitnessExpertNetwork. The majority of researchers who have tested the cardiovascular fitness levels of people with mental retardation have reported fitness levels similar to those of the most inactive people in the general population. Most people with mental retardation have much lower strength levels than the general population.com . a few questions come to my mind. A low level of muscle strength and endurance also makes it difficult to perform activities such as lifting or carrying objects or walking up a flight of stairs. Researchers have shown that: body strength is valuable for recreation activities and activities of daily living. which may limit their employment opportunities in work settings that require a high level of muscular fitness.Fitness and People with Mental Disabilities By Larry Johnston Since working with people with disabilities. participation in leisure activities.406 – . In one study it was found that after a nine week strength training program. Some experts consider physical inactivity a major health risk among people with mental retardation. There is very little research on people with severe mental retardation. The high levels of obesity (excess fat) reported in a large number of people with mental retardation can create barriers to successful employment.

Another problem is that most direct service staff who work with people who have mental retardation have little physical fitness training and. stationary cycling.improvement in strength. health clubs and other fitness centers must offer programs that are appropriate for people with mental retardation. This should be done five to seven days a week. In addition.407 – . and are often reluctant to work with special populations because of this lack of knowledge. About the Author Larry Johnston is a certified personal trainer and owner of Fitness Together in Dallas Texas. Two major barriers to improving the fitness levels of someone with mental retardation are motivation and opportunity. Other good fitness routines include: • • • • • • Carrying groceries to and from the store Going hiking on the weekends in a local park Walking through malls during the winter months Taking the stairs at all times instead of the elevator Lifting light weights (or soup cans if you don't have weights) while watching television Doing an exercise video that is not too strenuous People with mental retardation should also be encouraged to participate in community exercise programs. ranging from 25 percent to over 100 percent in several different muscle groups. Visit him at www. more than likely the person with mental retardation will mimic this behavior and have little interest in improving his or her own fitness. This includes people with mental retardation.fitnesstogether. injury-free and successful. Recently published guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that all Americans should have a minimum of 30 minutes a day of physical activity. if staff are inactive and uninterested in fitness. and they cannot add a surcharge to that person's fees. Many adults with mental retardation are not encouraged by others to join health clubs or to exercise on their own.com . preferably every day of the week. therefore.FitnessExpertNetwork. most instructors in health clubs and other fitness programs do not understand how to develop an appropriate exercise program for someone with mental retardation. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that recreational buildings and programs should be accessible to people with disabilities. or climbing stairs. Therefore. Furthermore. In another study. participants made a lot of improvements in cardiovascular endurance by training on stationary cycles. A good starting point would be to have fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the evening of some type of physical activity such as walking.com www. do not know how to develop or modify fitness programs to keep them challenging.

there is a solution: Tap into your fat stores with 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. If you’re already doing this. they may be found in most books on strength training. perform one set of exercise A. alternate intervals of higher exertion with intervals of moderate exertion within your workout. Emmy. (You know what they are!) Then do the workout program for your type of dress. stepper. now is a great time to start. keep up the good work. First. When the big day rolls around. and perform the workout 2 to 3 times per week. Rest/stretch one minute. and look your best. Giant Set Workouts: In each giant set. perform one set of exercise A. Descriptions are given for exercises . Just as you can do hundreds of ab crunches and still have fluff on top of your rock-hard abs. Rest/stretch one minute. For best results. you can do hundreds of arm curls and still have fluff on top of your rock-hard arms. I know you’ve heard this before. biking. Remember. This fat “belongs” to the whole body. but you can’t “spot reduce. not just to the muscles underneath it.408 – www. Note: I have not provided descriptions of common exercises. Do a total of 2-3 sets per exercise pair.The Fabulous Five: Smokin' Hot Cocktail Dress Workouts By Linda Copeland Make the most of your assets. too—those impromptu trips to the coffee bar add up. rowing. but I’m going to say it again: You can “spot tone” your muscles.com . Many machines have an “interval” program for this purpose. then one set of exercise B. then repeat. with one of our cocktail dress workouts. then one set of exercise C. Have an Oscar. or more. pick out a dress that showcases your best assets. treadmill. or Citizen of the Year Award to pick up? Just got a hot date to the prom? Meeting your boyfriend’s ex at a family wedding? Going to your (yikes!) 25-year high school reunion? These workouts were inspired by some of my favorite clients and the occasions (and dresses) that motivated them. start four to six weeks before the big event. If not. If this is your problem. For best results. stair-stepping.) Superset Workouts: In each superset. elliptical. you’ll be looking lean and mean and ready to make your big entrance. 3 times per week.FitnessExpertNetwork. then immediately perform one set of exercise B. or an elliptical trainer. Do a total of 2-3 sets per exercise trio. then repeat. Watch your food and beverage intake. you’re in training for an important event! How to Perform These Workouts • • • • Begin with a 5-minute walk or warm-up on any cardio machine (bike.” A thick body fat layer will hide your muscle definition. etc. however. such as walking.

good control. and arms (biceps.” can give the appearance of more cleavage. unless otherwise specified. (Cardio is OK. please consult a certified fitness professional in your area. 8-12 reps per side) Cocktail Dress Workout 2: Halter or Backless www. If you have any questions about how to perform these exercises. And of course toning the arms will complete your sizzling strapless look. These can be done on the same day or on alternating days. such as lunges. Superset 1A: Dumbbell Pec Flye (8-12 reps) Superset 1B: Dumbbell Incline Press (8-12 reps) Superset 2A: One-Arm Dumbbell Bent-Over Row (8-12 reps per side) Superset 2B: Lying Dumbbell Pullover (8-12 reps) Superset 3A: Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curl 21’s (21 reps): Perform 7 bottom-half-reps (curl dumbbells to about 90 degrees. rhomboids).• • • • • • that may be unfamiliar. finish by stretching the muscle groups you’ve worked.FitnessExpertNetwork. However. you shouldn’t work the same muscle groups with weights two days in a row. For some exercises. and proper form before adding weight to the mix! Lift the weight (or your body weight) to a count of 2. upper back (lats. beginners should use no weights.) Not all exercises are appropriate for everybody. Cocktail Dress Workout 1: Spaghetti Straps or Strapless This workout targets the chest (pectorals).409 – . pause and lower to a count of 4. the bottom half of your range of motion). triceps). however. Please be sure to check with your personal physician before starting any exercise program. if your dress requires it. or email me (my contact information is listed below). then 7 full range reps Superset 3B: One-Arm Dumbbell Triceps French Press (standing or seated. or prior surgery that may affect your ability to perform these or other exercises. Toning the pectorals will help you hold that dress up.com . Use a weight that brings your muscles to fatigue within the prescribed rep range. When you’ve completed all of your exercises. If you have any health condition. Sculpting the upper back will balance your physique and improve your posture. movement restriction. and if you’re “cleavage challenged. Most strength training books contain stretches for the major muscle groups. then 7 top-half-reps (starting at 90 degrees. this is not the time to take your advice from a do-it-yourself article! Do your body a big favor and consult with your physician or a licensed physical therapist. and many gyms have stretching posters for your information. Work on completing all reps with balance. Feel free to combine an upper-body workout with a lower-body workout. work at the top half of your range).

front foot elevated on step (10-15 reps per side. bend knee no more than 90 degrees) Superset 1B: Body-Weight Jump Squats (10-15 reps) Superset 2A: 4-point Kneeling Hip Extension (10-15 reps per side) Kneeling on hands and knees. rhomboids). alternating legs. seated or lying) Giant Set 2C: Dumbbell Single Leg Standing Calf Raise (10-15 reps per side) Cocktail Dress Workout 4: Tight through the Booty This workout targets the buns. rotator cuff). performed with no rest in between exercises Superset 2B: Dumbbell Concentration Curls (8-12 reps) Superset 3A: Dumbbell External Shoulder Rotation (sidelying. squeeze glute. It also tones and defines the calves. then 7 reps of front raises. Prepare to show off your hard work in that sexy halter or backless dress. lower & repeat. accentuating the definition between the front of the thigh (quadriceps) and back of the thigh (hamstrings). beginners use no weights) Giant Set 1B: Machine Leg Extension (Knee Extension) (10-15 reps) Giant Set 1C: Plie (Ballet) Squats (10-15 reps. 10-15 reps per side) Superset 3B: Triceps Dips on Bench (8-15 reps or to fatigue) Cocktail Dress Workout 3: Sexy & Short. and arms (biceps. keeping weight secure.This workout focuses on the muscles of the shoulders (deltoids.FitnessExpertNetwork. lift leg up & back from the hip joint.410 – .com . tuck a 2-5 lb. tight. Sexy & Slitted This workout emphasizes the legs and buttocks (glutes). beginners use no weight) Giant Set 2A: Dumbbell Bent-knee Deadlift (10-15 reps) Giant Set 2B: Machine Leg Curl (10-15 reps. use light weight. Superset 2B: 4-point Kneeling Hip Abduction aka “Doggy Fire Hydrants” (10-15 reps www. Put on your dancing shoes and get those legs in the spotlight! Giant Set 1A: Dumbbell Walking Lunges (10-15 reps per side. beginners use no weight and step is optional. dumbbell (optional) into the crook of one knee and hold it there. trapezius. then stand tall and do 7 reps of lateral raises. back (latissimus dorsi. toned look. for a smooth. Wouldn’t you like to give up those asphyxiating control top pantyhose and bionic undergarments for a naturally toned rear? I thought so! Superset 1A: Dumbbell Stationary Lunge. triceps). Superset 1A: Lat Pulldown to the Front (8-12 reps) Superset 1B: Dumbbell Upright Row (8-12 reps) Superset 2A: Dumbbell Shoulder 21’s (21 reps): Perform 7 reps of rear deltoid (reverse) flies.

lift the right arm and left leg.411 – . & repeat. step is optional) Superset 3B: Bridging on mat (10-15 reps) For more challenge. and set a great example for your friends and family. step out into a lunge. back. It helps to do an up-up. Superset 3A: Superman. Conclusion Many people begin a lifetime of fitness with one special. Switch to the opposite sides to complete 1 rep. Why not seize the moment and get your body ready? You’ll feel good. or to fatigue) Giant Set 1B: Dumbbell Squat. Better yet. with dumbbells in both hands. keeping weight secure. return to start position. palms facing your sides. rotating through the waist towards the side of the lunging (front) leg. holding two dumbbells with palms toward thighs. return to start. and Overhead Press (10-15 reps) Begin in a squat. lower. glutes). alternating) Giant Set 2A: Dumbbell Bent-over Rear-Delt Row (10-15 reps) Standing. then press both dumbbells overhead. look great. bend the elbows to perform a hammer curl. pause and hold your balance. with special emphasis on the torso or “core” muscles (chest. Giant Set 1A: Push-ups (on knees or toes) (10-15 reps. this workout will smooth things out. lying on step (10-15 reps. pick out your cocktail dresses and work out together—you’ll multiply your fun and rise to any occasion! www. If your dress fits snugly through the torso. Reverse the motion to return to the starting position.per side) With weight tucked behind knee as above (optional). lift leg up & out to the side from the hip joint. Giant Set 2B: Alternating Lunges with Torso Twist (10-15 reps per side) Holding one dumbbell in both hands. squeeze. down-down count with this exercise. Giant Set 1C: Bicycle Crunches (15-25 reps per side.FitnessExpertNetwork. pull dumbbells up & out wide alongside the shoulders. return to start. hinge forward from the hip joint. do 1-leg bridges with uninvolved leg pointed toward ceiling. Curl. highly-motivating occasion. abs. Giant Set 2C: 4-Point Kneeling Opposite Arm/Leg Raises aka “Pointer Dogs” (8-12 reps per side) Kneeling on hands and knees with a neutral spine. stick your butt out!) Squeezing shoulder blades together. maintaining neutral spine (no rounding or hunching.com . As you rise up out of the squat. pause. Cocktail Dress Workout 5: Form Fitting All Over This total-body program works a bit of everything. repeat on other side for 1 rep.

com or email her. visit her website at http://www.FitnessExpertNetwork. MD. www.About the Author Linda Copeland is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Clinical Exercise Specialist. a personal training studio located in Upper Marlboro. For more information.breakthroughfitness.com . She owns Breakthrough Fitness.412 – .

stepper. You can improve your posture by strengthening the correct muscles. "Are you including strength training in your program"? The answer is usually the same. You will be stronger. for thirty to sixty minutes three to five times per week. Strength training can lessen arthritis pain by strengthening the joints. Everyday tasks like lifting children or carrying the groceries will be easier. "Are you serious? Can you really do that?" Yes. bike. heat disease or osteoporosis. I can really do that and women will gain many more benefits from strength training than weight loss including: • • • • • • • By strength training just two or three times a week and building some muscle. but I do occasionally use some three pound dumbbells to work the flab on the back of my arms." My second question is. etc. Because muscle is more compact than body fat you will actually look smaller. You will reduce your risk of developing diabetes. "Heavens no. Adding new muscle increases your resting metabolism so you will burn more calories even while sleeping. several times per day? I have been exercising for three months and I still haven't lost any weight!? The first questions I ask are "Exactly what type of exercise are you doing and how often are you working out"? I usually hear. How does that sound? Are you ready to get started? www. elliptical.Lift to Lose: The Importance of Strength Training for Women By Liz Modrell Why do women still refuse to do strength training in their quest for weight loss? I hear it everyday.FitnessExpertNetwork. The best part though. women can lose three to five pounds of body fat in four weeks without gaining bulk." As if three pound dumbbells are going to do any good! My next question is. "I have been walking on the treadmill. You can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. "What would you think if I told you I could set up an exercise program for you including strength training and you would start losing weight (body fat) and you wouldn't get 'big' muscles"? The answer to this question usually goes something like this. I don't want to look like a man with big muscles. strength training will work no matter how old you are.413 – .com .

414 – . Enlist the help of a qualified personal trainer to customize a fitness program for your specific needs and goals. This means you are burning body fat even while you are sleeping.com . As your metabolism slows down more of the food you eat is stored as body fat.Healthy muscle tissue is very active and uses up to 45 calories per pound per day just to maintain. It is important to get some guidance. Her website is http://www. Strength training is one of the most important steps in a permanent weight loss program for women. overweight and sedentary individuals in Burlington. About the Author Liz Modrell is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience working with those new to exercise. This only adds to your weight loss efforts. starting over.uniquely-yours-personaltraining. you are losing muscle tissue as you age which results in a slower and slower metabolism.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. If you are not maintaining or increasing muscle tissue through strength training. You should also check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program especially if you have any medical conditions or concerns. IA and surrounding communities. Just because someone looks like they are in shape doesn't mean they are performing the exercises correctly.

internal organs. A fitness program should include strength training. but once you rehydrate the weight is back.com .com www.FitnessExpertNetwork. so you can gain muscle tissue and lose body fat without any change in the numbers on the scale. The numbers on a scale can fluctuate by as much as three to five pounds per day due to fluid gain or loss or the food you've eaten.uniquely-yours-personaltraining. Lean muscle tissue increases your metabolism. The scale measures total pounds but does not distinguish between muscle weight and body fat weight.Measuring Fitness Production By Liz Modrell Most individuals measure their fitness progress by standing on the scale. If you are doing an intense strength training session two or three times a week you are probably gaining lean muscle. overweight and sedentary individuals in Burlington. When you lose weight it doesn't necessarily mean you've lost body fat. IA and surrounding communities. yet you may still go down one to three pants sizes. you are making fitness progress! Your focus should be on losing body fat weight. yet you are probably losing body fat. Look in the mirror? Has your body changed? How do your clothes fit? Are they looser? How do you feel? Do you have more energy? Do your muscles feel firmer? Are you stronger? Is your blood pressure lower? Is your blood sugar lower? If you answer yes to any of these questions. You might have just finished an intense fitness session and the scale shows you've lost two pounds. SO DO YOU REALLY CARE HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH? About the Author Liz Modrell is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience working with those new to exercise. starting over. You can use body fat testing or body girth measurements but these two methods are not 100% accurate either in measuring your fitness progress.415 – . Scales are a poor indicator in measuring the effectiveness of your fitness program. body fat and water and lumps it all together in one number. not scale weight. bone. The scale may show you are gaining weight. Strength training increases lean muscle tissue. meaning you burn more calories. How can you tell if you're making fitness progress? It's very simple. Muscle tissue is more compact than body fat. Her website is http://www. It weighs muscle.

Don't try to copy them. there is no quick and easy way to lose weight and get in shape. the more calories you will be burning 24 hours per day. build muscle or just feel better. Your exercise program must include all the components. especially if you have a medical condition or other concerns. chances are you won't be able to keep up and you might get hurt. move. In either case you will probably end up lost and frustrated because you are not reaching your destination.com . Don't be afraid to ask for help. The idea is to keep the body doing what it was meant to do. You need the total package. The truth is aerobic exercise does help to burn body fat. If one component is missing chances are you will not get the results you are after. Many beginner exercisers believe they need hours and hours of aerobic exercise (cardio) for fat loss. popping a pill. Find a qualified personal trainer to design an exercise program of strength training. Many of them have been working out for years. drinking a shake or undergoing a surgical procedure. strength training. You need to start slow and increase as your body responds. When you step into the gym don't compare yourself to other exercisers.Starting an Exercise Program By Liz Modrell You have a goal to lose weight.FitnessExpertNetwork. but most started in the same place you are now. aerobic exercise. You should always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. but where do you start with your exercise program? Going into the gym can be overwhelming. www. Also try to be active on the other days as well. aerobic exercise and flexibility based upon your health and goals. but going without a plan is like taking off on a trip without a map. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or park at the far end of the lot and walk. but does very little to increase metabolism and too much cardio can actually slow down your metabolism by burning precious muscle tissue. You need to set realistic goals to keep you motivated and focus on what you want to accomplish and not what others are doing. Strength training is especially important in your exercise program if weight loss is your goal.416 – . No matter how many infomercials or advertisements you see promising quick weight loss by buying some new exercise device. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving when you can. Starting an exercise program takes steps in progression. The personal trainer should also be knowledgeable in basic nutrition. Muscle tissue increases your metabolism meaning the more muscle you have. flexibility and balanced nutrition. Optimally you need three to five exercise sessions per week depending on your goals.

starting over.FitnessExpertNetwork. overweight and sedentary individuals in Burlington.417 – .uniquely-yours-personaltraining.About the Author Liz Modrell is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience working with those new to exercise. IA and surrounding communities.com www. Her website is http://www.com .

build muscle. laborers and all individuals wanting to improve their appearance. Whether you want to lose weight. Personal trainers care deeply about their clients and are committed to helping you reach your goals. including housewives. Personal trainers can help you with the total package. body composition. how to do exercises correctly to prevent injury and reach the desired outcome. Once the assessment is completed the personal trainer will spend time with you on strength training and cardio. executives. Personal trainers work with men and women of all ages with varying fitness levels and goals. At your first session your personal trainer should perform an assessment including weight. how much weight you should lift and what types of foods you should be eating. You will be spending a few hours a week with your trainer. You will be working very close with your personal trainer so it is important to determine if you are a good match. A competent personal trainer will: • • • • • • • • • • Provide a positive lifestyle program Get you the best possible results from your exercise program in the safest and most efficient manner possible Provide variety in your exercise program to prevent boredom Keep you motivated Challenge you Explain how your body really works Respond to your questions and concerns Not judge you by your appearance or lifestyle Keep you accountable Train you in such a way that you will be able to train on your own if necessary Before beginning your program with your trainer you will need to fill out a complete health history and determine your specific goals and why you want to achieve them. recover from an injury or improve your overall health and fitness. www. fitness and self esteem. creating and implementing a customized exercise and nutrition program based on your health and goals.FitnessExpertNetwork. reshape your body. make sure it is someone you like. During your workouts you will receive undistracted attention and genuine concern for you and results you are working towards. measurements. A personal trainer will work with you one-on-one in the gym or in your home. You will learn how your body works. retired individuals.Why Work With a Personal Trainer? By Liz Modrell Working with a personal trainer can help you to achieve your goals.com . a personal trainer can help.418 – . and photos. how many exercises and repetitions.

overweight and sedentary individuals in Burlington.About the Author Liz Modrell is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience working with those new to exercise.FitnessExpertNetwork.com www. IA and surrounding communities.419 – . Her website is http://www. starting over.uniquely-yours-personaltraining.com .

Performing resistance training and cardiovascular training will of course yield the best results. Reps: 8 Seated shoulder press with resistance band. By following this prescription you will get a nice defined feminine look to your arms. This circuit will last for 30 minutes with a 45 second rest after you have completed all 4 exercises. This type of training involves moving through different exercises without any rest in between. 3. So there you go. try to do more "pushing" exercises. doing a simple push up works your chest right? Well? Yes and no. For example. This dynamic way of training will keep your heart rate up (cardio) due to the fact that you will always be moving.How to Get Rid of Your Arm Flab for Good! By Marci Lall Extra weight on the back of the upper arm (tricep) is a problem part of the body that ALL women want to get rid of. it will also tone and strengthen your muscles at the same time. 4. You just don't have time to do weights and cardio.5 lbs. QUICK NOTE: When you want to work the back of your upper arm. As you may already know there are numerous exercises women can do to tone and decrease the fat in the back of their upper arms. Obviously the majority of women out there don't want to end up with big freakish arms with veins popping out from every angle. But hey. 1. Solution? Do them both at the same time! This form of training is commonly called circuit training. 2. Any "push" exercise will extend the arm and ultimately fire the tricep muscle group. are traveling on the road. or are just too busy to do a boat load of exercises? The solution is to do compound exercises. being too busy to actually exercise is a common problem with many women these days. Because you will be performing different exercises. Here's a quick circuit of 4 exercises that you can do right in your home to get rid of your arm flab. Get in as many sets as you can in 30 minutes. Narrow push up on the wall. However. Reps: 10 Tricep pull down with resistance band: Reps 10 Tricep dips on a chair: Reps 5 www.com .420 – . so they tend to stay clear of resistance training altogether and only do cardiovascular work. the clocks ticking and you've got to pick your kids up from school. The secret to weight training for women is to use a light weight (example: 2. Compound exercises are exercises in which you work more than one muscle group at a time. This is a great way to get a lot done in less time. While doing a push up the primary muscle group you're working is your chest but the secondary muscle group you're working is the back of your upper arm.FitnessExpertNetwork. So what happens when you can't go to the gym. This is a common situation for any women to be in. 5 lbs) and perform 12-15 repetitions for a minimum of 3 sets. This is HUGE mistake by many women. Resistance training has numerous benefits that will increase an individual's level of fitness drastically. in 30 minutes you have successfully done your cardio and resistance training which gives you more time to do thing's you want to do.

About the Author Marci Lall is a Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Specialist for women.FitnessExpertNetwork. Visit his website at www.lallpt.421 – .com to get his FREE special report "How to Get Maximum Weight Loss & Fitness Results in Minimum Time" www.com .

Before I get into the basic guidelines of how to structure your workouts.stop keeping your heart rate up and increasing your lean muscle that will help kick start your metabolism over a period of time.FitnessExpertNetwork. Just remember consistency as well as patience will give you the best results. right after that you would do bent over rows for the back muscles as well as your biceps. Now just imagine what would happen if you did this type of training for 30 minutes 3 time a week. When you circuit train you combine these two elements together to produce a high quality workout. The way you want to structure your circuit training is to do an upper body exercise followed by a lower body exercise. lets first take a detailed look at what 'circuit training' and 'super-setting' really is. Circuit training can be simply defined as working the cardiovascular system and the muscular system all at the same time. You can take quick 10 second breaks in between if your just starting out. Super-setting is similar but when you superset you perform exercises for the opposing muscle groups. Can you smell the new clothing? Can you see your confidence growing? In a matter of time you'll be in the best shape of your life. Here's a quick blueprint to help you structure your circuit training. Now take both these principles and combine them together.422 – . as well real life case studies show that 'circuit training' combined with super-setting produce amazing results for women who want to lose weight as well as tone and define their muscles.com with any questions you may have. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to email me at support@lallpt. I know you're sweating just thinking about it. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with exercises you feel are right for you. so many in fact that's it's really difficult to choose the type of training that's right for your goals. Research. In this case you will be going 30 minutes non.com .Why Circuit Training Will Help You Lose Weight Faster By Marci Lall There are many forms of training. So for example lets say you did push-ups for your chest and triceps. www. See how you work the opposing muscle groups? This is good because your muscles will get a rest before going on to the second set. Circuit training is great for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to go on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then lift weights for another 30 minutes.

423 – . 3.lallpt. 6. Upper body exercise Lower body exercise Upper body exercise Lower body exercise Upper body exercise Lower body exercise Upper body exercise Lower body exercise Do each exercise for 1 minute X 3 times ~ 24mintues Cool down 5 minutes About the Author Marci Lall is a Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Specialist for women.com to get his FREE special report "How to Get Maximum Weight Loss & Fitness Results in Minimum Time" www. Visit his website at www.Aerobic warm up 5-7 minutes 1. 7.FitnessExpertNetwork. 4. 5. 8.com . 2.

Being active and using your muscles and joints is not the same as brushing and flossing them. creating mis-alignments in your joints that wear them out.424 – . Age is not the reason we get arthritis. it should be no surprise that they will start to hurt before long. our posture. dim sighted. it needs to be updated regularly. Not only was life harder in those days. "you are not a kid anymore." Eating is what our teeth do. painful joints and muscles.Exercise away your aches and pains! By Mario Hostios In middle age Europe the common description of a man over 40 years old included being bald. that software program can be corrupted. Ideal posture is like a software program on the hard drive (brain). when you get older. Look at someone with perfect posture and someone else with terrible posture and you will see that in both cases the brain is trying to keep the eyes parallel to the ground. When you finish this article you will never be able to say "I don't know what I can do about my pain. Instead. posture. No one in today's world assumes that we are destined to be toothless by middle age. posture. plain and simple. you will feel it in your joints.What is posture? Posture is the neurological relationship between your muscles and brain that is run on your automatic pilot. www.FitnessExpertNetwork. many were ignorant of how to care for themselves in ways we now take for granted. Pay close attention because I am about to offer you the toothbrush and floss to keep your body pain free for the rest of your life. it is neglect of our bodies. in particular. Here is the key thing to address and three ways to do it: Posture. For many reasons. In the case of the person with bad posture (software viruses) the brain has to automatically twist and distort the muscle tensions in the body to accomplish this. and brushing and flossing is how we maintain them so we can eat. just like your heartbeat and other automatic functions. Virtually all of us have never done anything to maintain our muscles and joints. So why is it that we continue to assume that maturation beyond early adulthood inevitably brings pain? We all have heard the notion that "well.com . Keeping your posture software free of viruses will keep your muscles closer to their ideal length/tension relationships allowing them to move your joints pain free thru ideal alignment. Just like any computer. Your back and neck (and everything else) are no different. to keep your posture software free of viruses. We all know that some regular brushing and flossing of our teeth is the key to keeping them and that daily maintenance is more important that going to the dentist if one had to chose between the two. When you understand this." Well. and adopt the stooped shuffle of an "old man". and toothless. in which case the hard drive develops compensations in the program to do one simple thing: keep your eyes parallel to the ground." We accept becoming stiff when we wake up in the morning. because. it is not true.

FitnessExpertNetwork. this exercise reboots your posture software program in 2 minutes with immediate and noticeable changes.com.livefitla. Instead. Find a personal trainer with some specific training in functional movement. Once you understand how powerful it is. If you want your body to look and feel like a mint condition classic car 50 years from now. www.html and download my free e-book (you can listen to the audio too!) that explains what Chi gong is and how it works. it requires more time and effort to learn. However. Cutting edge "bio-mechanics" like Paul Chek and Gray Cook have developed testing protocols and programs in the rehabilitation and athletic arenas that are have been funneled into the personal trainer community and are now more widely available. shorten loose muscles. and align crooked joints. you will be eager to devote 15-20 minutes a day to do it. The third way to do it is: Functional exercise: Weight training can be used to buff up. go to www. Ca. core conditioning. The second way to do this is: Tai Chi/Chi Gong Exercises traditions from Chinese medicine.livefitla. and audio. Unfortunately there isn't enough room in this article to teach it to you. To get more Mario.425 – . free e-books. Ted Morter.The first way to do this is: The Morter March Developed by a chiropractor. go to www. and also like putting braces on teeth to lengthen tight muscles.com .html and click on "Mario explains the Morter March" for downloadable instructions. slim down.com/tai-chi. Go to www.livefitla. Your bio-mechanic is at least as important to your body as your car mechanic is to your car. you will get a qualified mechanic to maintain it so you can enjoy driving it! About the Author Mario Hostios is a certified personal trainer in Los Angeles. or corrective exercise.com/freestuff. Chi Gong is like the Morter March in steroids.

The hormones or your body ignites the flames of your fat burning engine. 2. but you know it isn't true. hormone levels fluctuate over time so the ideal timing and ratio of wood and air to keep the fire burning does vary over the day. Eat Less + Increase Activity DOES NOT EQUAL Weight Loss. Phantom weight loss: some fat burning yes. What is it? Eat less + increase activity=weight loss. You gain all the weight back plus more once you quit due to a depressed metabolism. I repeat. or the month. So what happens when we chose to cardio ourselves to death for 1 hour or more a day while cutting our food intake in half? Well let's compare it to the campfire scenario. What happens to the flames of the campfire when you take half the wood out and point a strong gust of wind at the campfire? That's right you got it. it is an urban myth. you may will circle the world of mainstream empty weight loss promises and come back to where you started. To avoid weight loss plateaus. Follow this urban myth of weight loss and you will end up stranded somewhere.FitnessExpertNetwork. looking good. To turn the engine on you will need the proper mix of wood (nutrition) and air (exercise) to keep the flames (metabolism) burning fat. and feeling good all the days of your life: Your body has a fat burning engine that we can compare to a campfire. 3. Let put this urban myth to rest once and for all.com .426 – . This is the typical outcome of any diet and cardio scenario. we need to account for this. and paste it on your bathroom mirror? Your body is not a calorie checkbook! Treat it like one and three things happen: 1. It appears to be true just like the world appears to be flat.Too much cardio can make you fat! By Mario Hostios You know the commonly understood formula for weight loss. the world is round. This is the truth of burning body-fat. the week. Why? Here is the answer: Print this out. Without fuel to sustain the fire. However. frustrated that you didn't reach your weight loss goal. It is the premise that virtually every mainstream fitness routine accepts. Weight loss plateaus are the body's hormonal (and enzymatic) tolerance to what you are doing. underline it. Weight loss plateau after 2-3 weeks due to your body developing a tolerance to what you are doing. This is not true. and a www. As most women are keenly aware. more overweight than when you started. and staying lean. Even worse. but more muscle wasting and dehydration.

Most people fail because they focus on burning calories.com. Not a criticism. This is where the cutting edge lies. Some exercise (air) is necessary to burn fat. Get rid of the notion of the calorie checkbook because that is bleeding edge of yesterday that leads to nowhere. but it has to hold up under application. like the people who have developed the zone and south beach diets don't recognize the application of their hormonal science to exercise. However. most of them don't even follow their own advice. and audio.livefitla. About the Author Mario Hostios is a certified personal trainer in Los Angeles. just a acknowledging that they face the same challenges we all do. To get more Mario. Bye. Hey.FitnessExpertNetwork. like a hurricane wind.427 – . Even hormone conscious experts. in the trenches applying proven strategies for results. doctors are disease specialists and clinical nutritionists are food chemistry specialists. We look to science.com . hello slow metabolism. it has got to deliver. go to www.strong wind blowing on the flames. Personal Trainers are health and fitness experts. Excessive cardio. and weight training with accessory cardio accomplishes this. So this is the cutting edge on burning off body fat. www. This preoccupation with the calorie checkbook idea and endless cardio + hardly eating to "bring down the balance" continues to be accepted despite the fact it fails miserably to deliver. They focus on the science of the chemistry of the human body. free e-books. not the art of applying strategies derived from science to a person's lifestyle to get fat burning results. fat burn. the fire will burn out. blows out the fat burning flame because it because the body's hormones to "bottom out" and metabolism goes south. and its interrelationship to nutrition and the body hormonal clock. Ca. This response is even more severe if you "go on a diet" and the same time. Who cares about burning calories? We want to burn fat not calories.

428 – . There are five major factors of recovery. 4. If you have less than 2-3 years of experience.FitnessExpertNetwork.. As the Tucson personal trainer. they keep adding total sets to their routine until their bodies can no longer recover between workouts. Tuesday. 2. There are a variety of ways to split it up. Thursday and Friday.Overtraining By Mark H. An example of this is to train Monday. you will probably do best with a 4 day a week routine. Whether you are trying to gain 5lbs. Many athletes frequently overcome sticking points when the rest. Rest and recuperation are very important. the more time you need to recover and recuperate. and that the actual muscle growth takes place. Avoid overtraining Sleep and rest Plugging physical energy leaks Peace of mind Constantly monitoring your diet The harder you work. it is during the rest period. for an example see the chart below: Monday workout workout workout workout workout workout workout workout workout workout Tuesday Wednesday workout Thursday Friday workout workout workout workout workout Saturday Sunday www. Saunders As the Tucson personal trainer. They are as follows: 1. you stimulate growth during the workout.com . It is a physiological fact that a muscle cannot hypertrophy (grow) until it is fully recovered. 5. They will make no additional gains and in many cases will regress in strength and development. I believe. We monitor your workload as this is crucial to avoid overtraining. of muscle or 50lbs. you must remember that muscle growth does not occur until the body has recovered from the previous workout. I will explain how you can avoid the common pitfalls of overtraining. The goal is to strive for a maximum workload without overtraining. The rest gives them time to fully recuperate. The most common mistake aspiring fitness enthusiast make is overtraining. Dynamic Bodies is the leader in Tucson personal training. They are so enthusiastic. 3.

Saunders is a certified trainer and owner of Dynamic Bodies personal training in Tucson Arizona. as long as you can completely clear your mind of all thoughts as well as rest your muscles.thetucsonpersonaltrainer.com . This will help you achieve your physique enhancement goals.com. His website is http://www. www. Rest is almost as important as sleep. It should be relatively easy to fall asleep. About the Author Mark H. we will help you pay proper attention to your recovery cycle.BELOW IS MARK SAUNDERS’ SUGGESTED PARAMETERS FOR TOTAL SETS: BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED LEGS BACK CHEST SHOULDERS TRICEPS BICEPS FOREARMS CALVES ABDOMINALS 7-10 7-10 6-9 6-9 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 3-5 10-12 10-12 9-11 9-11 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 5-6 13-15 13-15 12-14 12-14 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10 7-8 If you are wired at night and find it difficult to fall asleep you are probably overtraining. We at Dynamic Bodies. As the Tucson personal trainer.FitnessExpertNetwork. believe that food supplements can also protect you from not getting your full recovery. You will most certainly come closer and closer to reaching your genetic potential. Just by kicking back for 10-15 quite minutes is almost as good as a short nap. At a minimum you should be taking a multi-vitamin and getting regular balanced meals every 2-3 hours.429 – . the Tucson Personal trainer.

yet it is essential in order to avoid injury. stripping.The basic principles of Training and Nutrition. correct form stresses the muscles in the most effective way possible. PROPER TRAINING PRINCIPLES .Using the proper form in training is something that is often over looked. Imaging Now with that behind us. This makes for a more complete program. we will make sure you train with a level of intensity that is appropriate for your level of fitness. VARIETY -Variety in your workout routine is the key to guaranteeing your body will respond continuously to exercise. There are many different exercises and as the Tucson personal trainer.FitnessExpertNetwork. once the body adjusts to that initial level. Saunders 5 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF TRAINING (An overview) 1. 5. we can be a big help with adding variety to your workout. 3. Another benefit of variety is muscle fibers will get stressed from different angles. CONSISTENCY. www. 4.com . the body will respond to any level of exercise intensity. As the Tucson personal trainers. we will help you incorporate a variety of proper training principles into your exercise program. super sets. As the Tucson personal trainers. the Tucson personal trainers will help you do the proper form. This principle (and nutrition) is probably one of the most overlooked from people who have been exercising under two to three years and are struggling to make progress. As the Tucson personal trainers. Also. negatives. However. let’s take a look at nutrition. you encourage additional response from the body. By Mark H. giant sets. pyramiding and rest/pause training into your routine. I will make sure you are doing them correctly. cheating. peak contraction. an adjustment in intensity is needed in order to continue to obtain results. 2. Dynamic Bodies.A well-planned and consistent exercise program that works all the muscle groups in your body is necessary in order to obtain the best results possible without over training.430 – . PROPER FORM . By incorporating principles such as burns. INTENSITY -When you first begin to train.Different training principles are also a vital part of a complete training program.

The obvious answer is oak wood. When eaten in excess. Ideally we should keep our blood sugar and insulin stable. Eating like this consistently over time will bring significant results. sweets. the Tucson personal trainers will help you along your path to your dynamic body.com . -----------------------------------x-----------------------------------------------------------x-----------------------x--------------x-----------x-------------x------------x------------x------------x-Of course the bottom line will have the most efficient metabolism. When this happens our metabolism is increased.431 – . The x’s represent the meals. The length of the line represents all day long. Hopefully. Dynamic Bodies.. In order to keep our blood sugar and insulin levels stable. 4.NUTRITION The way we eat affects our bodies in many ways. will likely store as fat. Metabolism Energy Levels Blood Sugar Levels Insulin Levels Metabolism Each time we eat we get a metabolic boost. 1. We will discuss four ways briefly. and we want to have a fire going all day long. Choosing foods that burn slow will help you keep your hunger down. breads. See if you can tell which person will have the highest metabolism based on the meal patterns. 3. This means we are burning calories. Why? Oak wood will burn longer. Below is a graph of three different meal patterns. 2. In your fireplace. it is winter-time. we should eat foods that burn like the oak wood (slow). we are burning fat. www. (high blood sugar)_________________________________________ (stable blood sugar)______optimal fat burning___________ (low blood sugar)___________________________________________ With all the work you put into your program. Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels Some foods enter into our bodies faster or slower than others. fruit juices. faster burning carbohydrates like most cereals. To enable the body to access and burn fat you must control the amount and type of foods you eat. would you rather burn paper or oak wood? I know it sounds silly. Pretend for a moment that you have a fireplace.FitnessExpertNetwork. etc. Our bodies must work to digest the food. make sure you put your energy into the right areas.

432 – . Check to be sure you are putting your energies in the right places.thetucsonpersonaltrainer. His website is http://www. recovery. supplements and mental techniques. www.Stay focused on the basics of proper training.com.FitnessExpertNetwork. About the Author: Mark H. Keep first thing first and continually reevaluate yourself.com . Don’t lose sight of the forest for all the trees. Saunders is a certified trainer and owner of Dynamic Bodies personal training in Tucson Arizona. proper diet.

Your desire to run will most probably decrease as you become heavier and things become more difficult. with a reduction in the instances of colic. and without question you must be prepared to reduce your distances. Your body experiences many physiological changes during pregnancy and your goal should be to maintain your fitness level and not increase it. If you are fit.433 – . aerobic type exercise on 5 or more days of the week throughout their pregnancy experienced improved well being. reduced constipation. Added to this. Running when pregnant seems like a good idea. makes your joints more susceptible to injury. serious racing will be off the cards for a while. Whilst competition can be motivating and challenging. runners are probably the most dedicated. and greater neurodevelopment in language and motor skills by the age of 5. and used to exercising regularly then there is no reason why you shouldn't carry on with your normal routine. so pregnancy does offer a dilemma."Running when pregnant and after the birth? Is it safe?" By Mark Hibbitts I often get asked by female runners if it will be dangerous for them to continue running when pregnant. babies of exercising mums have been shown to have less body fat at birth and be less cranky. Because of this it is also necessary to be very careful when stretching. There was also a reduced risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension. and the thought of taking time off from training is often not an option. James Clapp (2000) states that women who performed 45 minutes of weight bearing. Old myths that stated "the jarring of running when pregnant could hurt baby" or "running when pregnant may cause miscarriage or early labor" have proved unfounded. www. During the second trimester. It does seem that of all athletes and fitness lovers. Current research by Dr. This is all good news for the pregnant runner. it is normal for most women to cut back the length of their runs by 30-40% and by the third trimester by up to 75%. Maintaining good posture is essential as your shifting centre of gravity will make falling or stumbling a whole lot easier than usual. so only stretch through your normal range of movement and avoid any developmental stretching. Can they continue running or not? Well in most cases the answer is yes.com . there are some very good reasons for you to continue. and the hormone relaxing that softens your tendons and ligaments to aid the birthing process. In fact it is now known that in the absence of contraindications. but on a more cautious note certain guidelines should always be adhered to. healthy.FitnessExpertNetwork. reduced leg cramps and a quicker return to their pre-pregnancy weight than their non-exercising counterparts.

Your feet are likely to grow too. and much more recently Paula Radcliffe made headline news when admitting to starting training less than two weeks after an arduous 27 hour labor. Although "I'm eating for two" is a great excuse for you to eat whatever you like during pregnancy.com . or overheating. so avoid interval training or sprints that may take you into an anaerobic state. Other things you'll need to consider may be some new kit. Try and choose from nutritionally beneficial foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. you must stop straight away. when planning your route. Dr.Always remember that it's the aerobic effect of exercise that is beneficial to you in pregnancy. If running when pregnant does become too uncomfortable. getting exhausted. Elite athletes such as these will always make the news. poultry and fish.FitnessExpertNetwork. During pregnancy there is no room for a "no pain no gain" mentality and if you feel yourself hurting. This will not only have an effect on your joints. and have little or no nutritional value. so some new running shoes may be in order later in your pregnancy. Clapps research has shown that women who stopped exercising late in their pregnancy quickly lost all the benefits they had gained up until then. Whenever possible avoid refined. Norway's Ingrid Kristiansen won her first race less than two months after the birth of her first child. your fitness level at the time of the birth will determine how early you should start running afterwards. That's something like 2 slices of toast and a banana per day. In short. Dehydration has been known to cause early labor. A good sports/maternity bra will be essential for comfort as your breasts will be expanding along with your bump. it's always a great idea to know where the toilets are! Running after the birth Back in the 1980's. but also on your pelvic floor muscles. already weak from pregnancy and birth. and brown rice. the recommendation is only for an extra 200-300 calories a day after the first trimester. processed foods that are full of additives. so keep well hydrated at all times and listen to the feedback from your body. The relaxing hormone mentioned earlier can stay in your body for several months and possibly as long as you are breastfeeding. then do look for another means of aerobic exercise such as walking. although no studies have focused on exact requirements. My advice would be to spend a minimum of a month enjoying your new baby and exercising your pelvic floor and other core muscles regularly before www. Women who run need more than the recommendation as exercise burns calories. pasta. Pounding the pavement too early after childbirth could result in stress incontinence or even prolapsed.434 – . The best thing is to listen to your body and don't let yourself get hungry. but stories such as this can be misleading and possibly even dangerous. and wholegrain bread. or possibly a stationary bike or elliptical trainer. and this may need surgery to put right. lean meat. And finally.

It will be pleasing to know however.435 – . It is important that you consult your doctor/midwife before starting a pregnancy or postnatal exercise program.uk and look under info and advice www.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . To read the contra-indications to exercise during pregnancy.venturing out onto the open road.newbornfitness. visit www. and also to see when you should stop exercising. the ACOG guidelines. He is also founder and director of Newborn Fitness and a full member of the UK's guild of pregnancy and postnatal exercise teachers. that many women find their race results after baby substantially better than before! About the Author Mark Hibbitts is a personal fitness coach specializing in pre and postnatal fitness.co.

FitnessExpertNetwork. All we need to do is workout safely and properly. a flexible body is the result of several factors. and their bodies have become so inflexible that have great difficulty walking up and down a flight of stairs. Combine this with a more sedentary lifestyle. the clients are amazed when a dramatic improvement in flexibility is demonstrated after only a few sessions with me. Others cannot clasp their hands behind their backs due to chest muscles that are too tight to allow the shoulders to properly retract. you can’t. and other degenerative diseases. I have worked with clients who have had back surgery. and most important. First. And the tragedy of this is that it can be easily fixed. it would tear very quickly. and you have over 80% of US citizens that either have or are expected to suffer from some type of lower back pain in their lifetime. arthritis. our flexibility has taken a major hit. Some of my clients are extremely overweight. Take that same rubber band. and try to stretch it while it is cold. one that was in a freezer for instance. So how does a person become flexible? The answer is really very simple. sitting on the couch in front of the television.com .436 – . If you were to take a cold rubber band. is to properly warm up the muscles prior to performing weight bearing exercises and/or stretching exercises. In a world where we are spending more time sitting in front of a computer screen. and make sure that stretching our muscles is a daily routine. Nearly all of my clients suffer from tightness in both their lower backs and hamstrings (the back of your thighs). In most cases. and then try to www. Just as a fit body requires a series of good habits to achieve. And the reason for this is simple: too much time sitting down. There is one segment of our society that is affected by a lack of overall flexibility more than any other: the elderly. and as a result they were unable to reach down to tie their shoes.Flexibility: The Cornerstone of Any Fitness Program By Mark Mogavero Are you able to reach down and touch your toes? I’ll bet that if you cannot answer this question without standing up and trying. and in some cases I will agree with them. where our bodies are not forced to physically perform through our musculature’s natural range of motion. and sitting in out cars while commuting to and from work. Experts can claims that much of this can be related to osteoporosis. soak it in some hot water. You are not alone. The sad part is that in most cases. the condition could have been avoided. Yet it is my opinion that a large majority of the elderly who struggle to walk and show a “hunched over” appearance are suffering from the culmination of inactivity and lack of adherence to a flexibility program. I was fortunate to be under the tutelage of a fantastic football and track & field coach who related the muscles in your body to sharing the characteristics of a rubber band.

or until you have a decent sweat built up. Significantly improving your joints’ range of motion without also improving the strength of your surrounding musculature can be an invitation for injury. This is fine. About the Author Mark Mogavero is the owner of Dynamic Personal Training. and you would find that the rubber band is quite pliable and easy to stretch. but will require a bit of patience on your part. Warming up is very simple. Some people choose to perform the exercises in their routines with a very light weight and gradually build up to heavier weights. and prepare the muscle tissue to work through a full range of motion. This warm-up will allow your body’s temperature to elevate.dynamicpersonaltraining. There are times when we are pressed for time and need to rush through a workout. Failing to do so will result in injuries. it is easy to see why it is so important to properly warm up our muscles before exercising or stretching. but the warm-up could be the most important part of a workout. If we use that analogy.com .com www. NJ.stretch it. His website is www.FitnessExpertNetwork. and can work for some people. My recommendation is to perform very moderate cardio work for approximately 5-10 minutes. There are many ways to warm up.437 – . located in Verona.

Which joint is placed in the most dangerous position? They are all working together naturally to minimize the risk of injury. Here’s an example. Normally. and lower back are not involved. They may have LCD screens at each piece of equipment. and weight properly. The position that the machine has forced you into has removed and kind of distribution of stress.Machines are NOT safer than Free Weights By Mark Mogavero Who wants you to believe that selectorized fitness machines are safer than free weights? Simple. your lower back from forward and backwards movement in addition to your shoulders. and the rest of the movement is taking place at the elbows as your biceps contract and relax. During the motion. etc. and try to impress you with all of their new. range of motion. Let’s say you are going to perform curls for your biceps. to keep the body stationary.” you say. etc. Is your joint able to handle this stress? Perhaps the machine forces you to reach forward with your upper body. very few of these machines have the adjustability to allow everyone to position themselves safely. weights. inseams. The major problem is that all of the stress is being routed through one joint. and expensive equipment. This places all of the stress on the muscles of the biceps. and is quite effective in doing so if you can adjust the seat. and the latest in digital displays on their pieces of cardio equipment. It’s the companies that produce the machines.FitnessExpertNetwork. But what does all of that mean? They facility will have to pay some hefty bills in order to afford all of that shiny equipment. By properly. “why would they offer machines if they are not better than free weights?” I’m still trying to figure that out. It is impossible to design a machine that allows so much adjustability that everyone can use it properly. shoulder structures. knees. plasma screen TV’s for you to watch. Very impressive to potential members. The major problem concerning exercise machines is not really how they are manufactured. Now. hips. it should allow your body to move in a matter that is natural to you and your flexibility. your ankles and knees are working to balance your body from side to side movement. Now let’s perform that same exercise using a machine. This can place a tremendous amount of stress on the Thoracic Spine as the shoulders are drawn forward. but the biggest reason is that very. the machine curl is performed from a seated position. “But. shiny. or triceps. so your ankles. The problem is that we are all built differently. the elbow. hip structures. widths. Different heights. and where will they get that money? From www. handles (to allow for the length of your arms).438 – . Your upper arm is placed against some sort of pad that rests against the back of the upper arm. The only movement that is allowed to take place is at the elbow.com . and the fitness facilities who spend all kinds of money on shiny new equipment. You choose to do standing dumbbell curls. and positioning. allowing for proper form. realize that many fitness facilities are going to give you a tour of the gym. and placed it in one small area that may or may not be able to handle it.

Those pretty pieces of machinery will require a hefty monthly or annual rate. Don’t get me wrong.com www. there are some benefits to using some of the machines. you’ll love the difference. I carry this over when working with a client: concentrate on free weights. Yet I only use that machine to supplement the work that I do with barbells. exercise bands. located in Verona. and bodyweight exercises. Trust me. About the Author Mark Mogavero is the owner of Dynamic Personal Training. Leave the machines to those who don’t want to achieve real results. I love to use a specific preacher curl station.FitnessExpertNetwork. dumbbells. and is very adjustable. due to the chance of injury I face because they simply do not adjust to the contours of my body. Most of the weight machines I will not use. and what purpose does it serve? Will the gym guarantee you the results that you want? Will that beautiful machine designed to work you glutes lead you to a ripped body? I doubt it. His website is www.dynamicpersonaltraining. but my love for the machine comes from the fact that it fits me very well.439 – . NJ.the membership dues. and cables. cables.com .

I want you to picture the physiques of two different types of athletes that perform cardiovascular exercise in their workouts. look good when they are fully clothed. A real Catch-22. Many marathoners do very limited www. and blood vessels are incredibly fit. Picture a marathon runner: thin. Burning body fat is great. When you are performing cardio exercise. It uses up the sugar in your blood stream. small hips. had already coined the phrase.com . Moderate paced. but I will summarize. etc. unbeknownst to me that one of the top trainers in the industry. They may be thin. causing more of the food you eat to be stored as additional body fat.” I use this term to describe people who are relatively thin. talking on the phone. Each pound of muscle in your body will burn 50 calories per day while at rest. but most lack the ability to run for extended periods of time. which solidifies my conclusion that most people do not understand how their bodies work. sometimes they look emaciated. Muscular. chiseled. 50 calories per pound while sleeping. is people who spend most if not all of their workouts performing cardiovascular exercise. Muscle is the tissue in your body that you most rely upon to burn calories and excess body fat. and then it starts to go after body fat as well as muscle tissue. So what has happened in these cases? It’s a valid question that most people do not understand. lungs. very lean and athletic looking. fit body.Moderate Cardio. I understand that there are some inherent genetic differences between the two athletes. extended period cardio based workouts produce the body of a marathon runner. Are they healthy? Their hearts. isn’t it? Not really. toned body. you will know that too much cardio can derail all of your other efforts to achieve that lean. You muscles need fuel to work. Light Weights—How This is Keeping People Fat By Mark Mogavero It always amazes me what people will do in their quest to have that lean. They are capable of incredible explosive power and short distance speed. but this has more to do with genetic potential than it does being a product of their respective workouts. as they have been trained to be through hours upon hours of running at a moderate speed. I am not going to spend much time with the scientific process of how this happens. Excessive cardiovascular exercise (anything more than 20-30 minutes in a workout) will burn muscle tissue.440 – . small arms. Two different types of bodies built by two different types of workout programs. Phil Kaplan. The one that I see most often. I began using a term a few years ago. sitting. that described the condition that people who spend too much time performing cardio work: “fat-skinny. but carry 20-30% of their weight as fat!!! The reason for this: too much cardio. Now picture the body of an Olympic sprinter. but losing muscle tissue will cause your metabolism to slow down. Pay attention here. Just for a moment. If you take nothing else away from reading this article. your body starts to look for alternative fuel sources. but when they are wearing their workout gear or a bathing suit they do not have a toned body. it does not take long for the fuel stored in your muscles to become depleted. After about 10 minutes or so. shoulders.FitnessExpertNetwork.

So how much cardio do you need? That’s the million dollar question. NJ. it is very important to improve your cardio fitness level.FitnessExpertNetwork. 20-30 minutes per day is all that is needed for long term results. intense.com www. explosive. as they do not wish to carry any more muscle than they have to during a race. Why is that? When you first get started. high speed but relatively short duration workouts have built the bodies of sprinters (or you can picture the body of an NFL Running Back or Linebacker). About the Author Mark Mogavero is the owner of Dynamic Personal Training.resistance workouts. If this is the first time in your life. This is achieved through intense cardio activity. If you were to add up the total time that the average sprinter’s cardio workout takes. but I have the answer to it.com .441 – . This allows your muscles better circulation when you begin the resistance training portion of the workout program. His website is www. Once this is achieved. It makes sense for this type of competition. you will need more cardio early on than you will a few weeks into the program. On the other hand. and to increase the efficiency of delivering oxygen throughout your body. I doubt the total would reach 15-20 minutes. the major focus of your cardio workout will be to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.dynamicpersonaltraining. located in Verona. or a year or more since you last exercised.

etc. kettlebells. www. Romanian. I failed to hear the particular body part mentioned. narrow stance. position yourself so your Shoulders are aligned over the bar.442 – . cars. as to keep the muscles guessing and placing them in a state of perpetual progression. car-seat. push through your heels and straighten the legs and hips simultaneously. abs. stiff-leg.The Best Exercise Out There? The Deadlift By Mark Mogavero "What's the best exercise for???? Answer: The Deadlift I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked what the best exercise is for arms. When asked this question. The real key to developing chiseled abs. opposite arm-leg. my normal response is that there is no best exercise for any given part. performed with dumbbells. without question I would recommend the basic deadlift. legs. the chest over the bar. But one day. Knees just short of locked out. bands. As you begin to lift the weight. while I was being asked this question. rocks. there is no more pure form of exercise and no other exercise come close in terms of improving one's life outside the gym. and all the remaining body parts. 'What is the best exercise for the body. In an average day for the average person. how many times does one pick an object up? Regardless of whether the object is picked up from the floor. period'? If I had to recommend one exercise. the back stays flat. not hyper extended. bags of sand. but outside as well.FitnessExpertNetwork. the back is flat. the deadlift is an exercise where dead weight is simply lifted off the floor to a standing position. chest once again over the bar. the exercise for the most part. barbells. the fact remains that any person lifting an object in this manner is performing a deadlift. Any competent fitness professional should be able to understand this and make that same recommendation. broad shoulders. Is a parent who lifts a toddler off the floor doing anything mechanically different from picking up a loaded barbell in the gym? With the variation in hand placement and perhaps a little change in depth of movement. the goal of the movement pattern is the same: lift the weight. Here's the basic exercise: the beginning of the movement. and I thought to myself. couch. and chest up. hips back. garbage can.com . and only one exercise to someone that will provide the most benefit not only inside the gym. cables. At the top of the movement. There are various ways to perform the dead lift such as sumo-style. and killer arms is to perform a wide variety of exercises on a regular basis. the task is the same. Why? In the most basic element. To me. Yet. etc. single-leg.

The translation is that not only will you be burning more calories during the workout. and after the workout. but your body is repairing itself in a way that will make you burn more calories on a more permanent basis. • • • Lifting a baby out of a car seat? It's a deadlift. and the result of that increase will be a higher basal metabolic rate. Start very light until you have the movement down. your transverse abdominus and rectus abdominus (your 'Abs'). tendons.When considering the fact that nearly every muscle group in the body is involved in the exercise. one can see that the deadlift is a real total-body exercise. The deadlift really is the perfect exercise! I am sure that some of you are questioning the safety of the exercise. These include all of the muscles that stabilize your spine. but a very demanding cardiovascular exercise as well. but as a response to the strain of the deadlift. Since the exercise is so demanding. If you are unsure of your ability to perform this exercise. Not only will your metabolism be higher. your body will release a higher dose of hormones into the bloodstream to help repair muscle. I would estimate that some 90% of the muscles in the body are involved in this lift. www. as it can be quite taxing on the cardiovascular system and briefly elevate blood pressure. This helps to increase the lean body mass of an individual. and can say in each case. but you are burning fat for a long period after leaving the gym! Talk about a double whammy. Not only are you developing strength and flexibility in the muscles.FitnessExpertNetwork.com . then add weight as your body gets stronger. seek the guidance of a qualified fitness professional and have them make sure your form is perfect. and are concerned that you will hurt your back performing this lift. even those who had a 'bad back' saw results from doing deadlifts. but the real benefit comes from all of the various stabilizing muscles that are called upon to maintain proper form throughout this exercise. Not only is it very taxing to the muscles. your body's metabolism will remain elevated for several hours to almost a day in some cases after performing the lift. I have worked with hundreds if not over a thousand clients. If you have any type of health issues. make sure you get clearance from your doctor before performing this exercise. Make sure you practice perfect form as shown above. You could argue that sweeping the dirt from a floor into a dustpan. The barbell version targets the muscles of the lower back and hamstrings as the primary movers. or the overall number of calories that your body will burn over the course of a day to maintain the same bodyweight. and then lifting the dustpan and emptying it into the garbage is a form of a deadlift.443 – . and other soft tissues. internal and external obliques (the side of your abdomen). your lats and traps (the large muscles of your middle and upper back. Taking a full garbage bag out of the can? It's a deadlift. Picking up groceries off the kitchen floor? It's a deadlift. There are other benefits to performing the deadlift that are overlooked by the average fitness enthusiast. and to some extent your pectoral or chest muscles.

NJ. If it can work for me and my clients.com www. and lots of deadlifts. The deadlift was a key component in my recovery from a lower back injury that I suffered when I was 18 playing college football.I have complete confidence that this exercise. nor have I ever been this strong. arthritis developed. but it has paid huge dividends for me as well. when performed properly. located in Verona.444 – .FitnessExpertNetwork. His website is www. can help anyone.dynamicpersonaltraining. Ten years after the injury. it can work for you. I can honestly say that my back has never felt better. Not only has it helped my clients. severely limiting my flexibility (I was barely able to reach my feet to tie my shoes). With a little bit of Chiropractic care.com . About the Author Mark Mogavero is the owner of Dynamic Personal Training.

If the resistance training program is continued so that the muscle tone and strength can be maintained.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. nervous system and cardiovascular system. Personal trainers are a good idea for those that have trouble sticking to a designed program or have very little knowledge of safe and effective resistance training. As I said before. to improve muscular tone. the body must raise the amount of calories that it burns through out the day. These three things are going to cause the muscles to tone. the body to burn more fat and the heart to work more efficiently. cardiovascular training AND resistance training to obtain the desired results. raise metabolism and strengthen the body. The adaptations include muscle and bone strength. Muscle tissue must burn a certain amount of calories to exist on our bodies and the amount and tone of muscle is directly proportionate to metabolism. the cardiovascular system replaces oxygen used by the muscles in the lifting process. the muscle tissue grows to meet the challenge. or personal trainer. Resistance training consists of moving the body against a force. either gravity or a resistance band. when muscle tissue is challenged it will grow stronger and more toned. If a program is to be the www. A well designed training program includes diet. Thoughts of stronger and more toned muscles should be synonymous with a higher metabolism and weight loss. all of which are going to raise the metabolism. better control over the muscles and improved circulation. Too many health conscience people are leaving out this major part of their training program because they do not understand how it works and thus do not grasp the benefits."Resistance Training and What It Really Means" By Matt Hill Resistance Training and What It Really Means When most people hear the words “resistance training” they bring to mind visions of heavy weights and bulging blood vessels. When implementing a program of this type a doctor and fitness professional should be consulted before beginning. Training with resistance challenges the musculoskeletal system. The body will be burning more calories than it is taking in and the caloric deficit will cause a body fat percentage loss. This is the body raising its metabolism and when combined with diet and cardiovascular exercise the body will begin to burn fat.445 – . A certified fitness professional. As these systems are challenged in the correct manor they will adapt to overcome the resistance. When a muscle is challenged through resistance three things happen: 1. is trained to prescribe a safe and effective resistance/cardiovascular training program. when they should think of weight loss and heart health. 2. These same trainers can work with clients to insure proper form and safety while training. the nervous system recruits more muscle fibers to improve strength and 3. become stronger.

He is a trainer and manager at Fitness Together-Hoover. Alabama.446 – . resistance training must be included along with diet and cardio.com .FitnessExpertNetwork. bones will strengthen and the heart will beat more efficiently. www. By challenging the body to adapt and overcome gravity or an artificial force muscles will grow.most effective. He specializes in helping busy men and women develop muscle tone. About the Author Matt Hill is a certified personal trainer in Hoover. nervous and cardiovascular systems can someone obtain optimum results. Only by challenging the musculoskeletal. He can be reached for a free consultation at or (205)981-9775.

Evans and Rosenberg 1992).com . Increase Metabolic Rate Research reveals that adding 3 pounds of muscle increases our resting metabolic rate by 7 percent and our daily calorie requirements by only 15 percent (Campbell et al. That is. Avoid Muscle Loss Adults who do not strength train lose between 5 and 7 pounds of muscle for every decade (Forbes 1976. This is the typical training response for men and women who do not do 25 minutes of strength exercise. Although endurance exercise improves our cardiovascular fitness. (1973) and Evans and Rosenberg (1992) indicates that the average adult experiences a 2 to 5 percent reduction in metabolic rate every decade of life. Increase Muscle Mass Because most adults do not perform strength exercise. 2. Information from Keyes et al. they do not first replace the muscle tissue that has been lost through inactivity. muscle loss is accompanied by a reduction in our resting metabolism. 5. a pound of muscle requires 35 calories per day for tissue maintenance. Key researchers have provided a wealth of data on the positive physiological responses to basic programs of strength training. it does not prevent the loss of muscle tissue. thereby reducing the likelihood of fat accumulation. At rest. 4. IFPA-CPT During the past few years."12 Reasons Every Adult Should Weight Train" By Max Hoyt Presented By Max Hoyt. 3. Avoid Metabolic Rate Reduction Because muscle is very active tissue. Because regular strength exercise prevents muscle loss. Reduce Body Fat Campbell and his co-workers (1994) found that strength exercise produced 4 pounds of fat loss after three months of training. 4 pounds less fat. and 370 more calories per day food intake. and during exercise muscle through sensible strength exercise use more calories all day long. Only strength exercise maintains our muscle mass and strength throughout our mid-life years. a basic strength program resulted in 3 pounds more muscle. 1994). research (Westcott 1995) shows that a standard strength training program can increase muscle mass by about 3 pounds over an eight-week training period. more and more studies have shown that sensible strength training produces many health and fitness benefits. Fortunately. www. it also prevents the accompanying decrease in resting metabolic rate. three days per week. Consider these 12 reasons to strength train: 1.447 – .FitnessExpertNetwork. even though the subjects were eating 15 percent more calories per day.

Because poor glucose metabolism is associated with adult onset diabetes. because most men and women who suffer from arthritis pain need strength exercise to develop stronger muscles. 10. 12. This is good news. After two months of combined exercise.com . The same training stimulus that increases muscle myoproteins also increases bone osteoproteins and mineral content. and connective tissue. sensible strength training eases the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Because 80 percent of Americans experience low-back problems.6. our program participants dropped their systolic blood pressure by 5 mm Hg and their dystolic blood pressure by 3 mm Hg. Improve Blood Lipid Levels Although the effect of strength training on blood lipid levels needs further research at least two studies (Stone et al. This is significant due to the fact that delayed gastrointestinal transit time is related to a higher rise of colon cancer. bones.FitnessExpertNetwork.448 – . A recent study by Risch (1993) found that lowback patients had significantly less back pain after 10 weeks of specific (full-range) strength exercise for the lumbar spine lumbar spine muscles. Improve Glucose Metabolism Hurley (1994) has reported a 23 percent increase in glucose uptake after four months of strength training. Reduce Low Back Pain Years of research on strength training and back pain conducted at the University of Florida Medical School have shown that strong low-back muscles are less likely to be injured than weaker low-back muscles. www. improved glucose metabolism is an important benefit of regular strength exercise. 1988) have revealed improved blood lipid profiles after several weeks of strength exercise. it is advisable for all adults to strengthen their lower-back muscles properly. 11. 7. Reduce Resting Blood Pressure Strength training alone has been shown to reduce resting blood pressure significantly (Harris and Holly 1987). Increase Bone Mineral Density The effects of progressive resistance exercise are similar for muscle tissue and bone tissue. Menkes (1993) had demonstrated significant increases in the bone mineral density of the upper femur after four months of strength exercise. Hurley et al. Increase Gastrointestinal Transit Time A study by Koffler (1992) showed a 56 percent increase in gastrointestinal transit time (transit time is faster) after three months of strength training. It is important to note that improvements in blood lipid levels are similar for both endurance and strength exercise (Hurley 1994). 1982. Our study (Westcott 1995) has revealed that combining strength training and aerobic exercise is an even more effective means of improving blood pressure readings. 8. 9. Reduce Arthritic Pain According to a recent edition of the Tufts university Diet and Nutrition Letter (1994).

CSCS About the Author Max Hoyt is an IFPA certified Personal Trainer training in Orlando. He is a regular contributor to Ch.13 Health & Fitness TV segments.com . and shock absorbers of our bodies. Wayne L.FitnessExpertNetwork. feel better. Consequently. On a more basic level. PHD. and improving our self-confidence. chassis. Remember that our skeletal muscles serve as the engine. Westcott. strength training is an effective means of increasing our physical capacity.orlandofitcamp.com www. Article written for IFPA by. it is important to understand that proper strength training will help us to look better. reducing our injury risk. and function better. improving our athletic performance.There are 12 physiological reasons to perform regular strength exercise.449 – . his website is www.

you can try and return to the activity you were doing. but some of these fit myths can lead to real problems for fit minded people that take what they hear to heart. depending on the type of pain) then go to a doctor. What running does for your heart. bones and joints. This myth is true. Wayne Westcott. Your metabolism slows down once you hit 30. The age that this starts varies from person to person. but if the pain is there again. If you think you can. fitness professionals have learned that this approach is not the most affective way to get rid of extra weight. if you're hurt. In the last few years. No Gain! WRONG. In fact. Some of these are funny. resistance training does for your muscles..450 – . This myth doesn't take into account that resistance training has unique benefits that aren't provided by any other type of exercise. But rest assured because if you are active and include resistance training as part of fitness regimen.com . Stay in your "Target Heart Rate" to burn more calories from fat. Thirty is not some magic number that signals the downfall of your body. If the pain persists after basic first aid (cold. WRONG!! This is a myth that should've died in the "80's". you can't train! Running is the best way to stay fit. heat. Remember. elevation etc. It is not however. Running (and cardio in general) is a necessary component of total fitness. then stop for good. you should stop what you're doing and take stock of what you're feeling. your metabolism slows down because you lose muscle mass as you age unless you do something to prevent it. Without going into all the details (you can reference the other article I presented called "12 reasons why everyone should resistance train" by Dr. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong! When you feel pain during an activity. WRONG. This fitness myth is dangerous because pushing through pain can lead to an injury that will sideline you for a long time versus a couple of days or a week. No Pain.FitnessExpertNetwork. lungs and your circulatory system. A complete regimen to ensure total fitness: cardio work + resistance training + sensible eating habits. For years THR was the mantra in the fitness world. Those three tied together will lead you to a place of fitness and wellness. all you need to do. www. you can and will keep your muscle mass and therefore you will keep your metabolism up and not experience the downward slide that so many do. but the reasoning behind it is flawed. (along with big hair & Aquanet) but unfortunately we still hear this ethos espoused by so many in the gym and it is very dangerous. For the specific benefits) just realize that this myth provides you with only part of the fitness solution."Fitness Myths Exposed " By Max Hoyt Here is a collection of various fit myths you might have heard around your gym.

The total volume of calories will be lower than as if you ran with a higher intensity. Don't stretch too much before a workout because heavy stretching can cause micro-tears in your muscle that can then be worsened by heavy lifting. that's how you lose weight! You don't need to warm up if you're careful when you exercise. The best time for you to exercise is whatever time you will be able to exercise consistently. It does not matter whether the calories you burn are from fat. Well.When you are in your THR zone you will burn a greater percentage of your calories from fat. The reason women don't have to fear bulking up is because they don't have the massive amount of testosterone in their bodies that men do. carbs. Now if I burn 200cal running at a higher intensity (85% of my MHR) and I only burned 10% of my calories from fat then I still burned 20cal from fat. The best time to exercise is early in the morning. Men have anywhere between 10x to 40x the amount of testosterone than women. glycogen etc. your body will tap its fat stores to kick in the difference.451 – . if you're pressed for time. This myth was created by those that don't have the patience to do things the right way.. They will justify themselves by saying that they are pressed for time. Active people will need even more. If once is good then three times is better right? WRONG! This fitness myth is dangerous because overtraining a muscle is a major contributor to sports and gym injuries. Remember that thirst is your last indicator of your hydration level. If you drink water when you exercise. All muscles need time to recover from the stress you place on them during your workout.com . you're already dehydrated! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. you'll get cramps. not your warm up. Warming up before you exercise is the best way to be careful! Just a quick 10min warm up on the treadmill can suffice. You want to warm up your core temperature a little before you begin. Time of day is not important. and most supplement with testosterone to build the masculine muscle frame that most women worry about getting. Fitness professionals hear this one all the time. That means I burned 20cal from fat. so don't worry ladies! Exercising the same muscle every day is the fastest way to gain strength. glasses. The exact opposite is true for this fitness myth. The latest studies www. Calories in versus calories out is what does it. The way you lose weight is by burning more calories than you take in. Women that eat right and work out will develop muscle tone that is feminine in appearance. getting regular exercise is. bulky muscles. Not drinking enough water can cause cramping. For example: say I burn 100cal in my THR zone (50-60% of my MHR) and 20% of those calories come from fat. shorten your workout. That means that by the time you realize you're thirsty. Women body builders severely restrict their calorie intake. but I burned 100 more calories in the same time! That means that at the end of the day when you came in under what your body normally gets to survive. Women who lift weights will develop big.FitnessExpertNetwork.. fat intake. The recommended amount is eight 8oz.

but trust me.452 – . It's true that different exercises can make you feel the work more in the lower part of the rectus abdominus. then you did too much. Sometimes it's a victory just to get into the gym and when you do that. Remember.com . You can have muscle growth and strength gains with only mild soreness.suggest that a muscle isn't fully recovered until 72hrs. When you adapt to one level. The rectus abdominus has the "6pack" look because of the way it lays over your ribs. YOU CAN NOT SPOT REDUCE! You have no control over where your body pulls fat from as you burn it off. Everyone has areas on them that are more stubborn than others. You can make great progress in www. You can't see the abs if they're covered by fat. Okay. THERE ARE NO LOWER ABS!! There are three muscles that comprise your mid section. I advise everyone to take a week off after six weeks of training for just that reason. The supplement ads want you to believe that you can do this much faster but that's just not true. you should increase the resistance to make sure you make steady progress. You can't live right for three or four months and then stop because you haven't achieved your goal. Rectus abdominus. I can "Spot reduce" by training an area over and over again. you will find that your body heals faster. It's okay to be tight the next day from your workout but if you are sore for 3 or more days. If you want a 6-pack (it's very hard for women to achieve this look due to the amount of essential fat a woman carries versus what a man carries) then you need to burn fat. If you are strength training and you have hit a plateau. you should be happy that you pushed to go. There are ways to maximize your time in the gym. after your last rep. Real progress takes a long time! Most people you see that have achieved great results have been working at it for around a year or more. We all know that one spot that seems to resist our best efforts but the key is consistent exercise and nutrition for the long term. but you can't always rely on muscle soreness as your barometer.FitnessExpertNetwork. Not every session in the gym has to be Herculean in order to benefit your health & fitness. Most people will achieve their results from long term effort. take one week off from all lifting and when you come back I bet you that you'll notice a difference in your ability in the gym. When you first start a workout program. that's like saying you wouldn't want to win the lottery because of all the taxes you'd have to pay. However. it's all the same muscle. Not being sore means I didn't work out hard enough. I train most of my clients for 30min sessions and we get a lot accomplished. Don't believe the hype when it comes to a new you in three months. It's not uncommon to be pretty sore. I don't go at all. If I can't workout enough. no pain no gain is not the way to go. Some rare people can and they're usually the ones that you see in the magazines. I understand that the demands of a family and a job can make it hard (I have a two month old and I train full time) but remember. not upset because you couldn't stay for an hour! I need to work my 'lower abs' to shrink my belly. anytime you can get in the gym (or workout anywhere for that matter) it's a good thing. as your level of fitness improves. obliques (internal and external) and your transverse abdominus.

453 – .FitnessExpertNetwork.that time.orlandofitcamp.13 Health & Fitness TV segments. He is a regular contributor to Ch.com .com www. his website is www. but can you imagine the changes in your body from a whole year of making the right choices? It's something powerful to see! About the Author Max Hoyt is an IFPA certified Personal Trainer training in Orlando.

While many (e. but what is it and why do you need to include it in your fitness arsenal? If you're reading this article. it's actually a type of training that's been around since. www. thereby stabilizing the spine. Where's Your Core & What's It For? Think of your core as either your 'muscular corset' or the 'hub' of your body much like the hub of a wheel that consists of six muscles located in the torso designed to stabilize. all human movement is initiated and originates from our core muscles. When they swam across the river. you're probably both! Whatever your persuasion. The internal obliques run beneath the external obliques from the top of the hips up to the lower ribs and are responsible for trunk flexion and rotation (e. towards your body's midline) and are also involved in trunk rotation and flexion.e. 2) rectus abdominis. core again.FitnessExpertNetwork. fitness marketers) regard core training as this new. 4) external obliques. crawled through the mud under barbed wire and climbed high walls to rescue damsels in distress (I've been watching way too much Shrek!).com . bending forward). the function of the rectus abdominis is to allow trunk flexion (i. Aside from attracting others due to 'six pack' appeal.g.454 – . 3) internal obliques. While you scratch your head & wonder. you've no doubt read many recent articles and have watched enough late-night infomercials (you know who you are) to know that core training is the 'latest' craze in fitness. you're probably either a fitness fanatic looking for an inside tip on how to shred up your midsection or a sports enthusiast seeking a competitive advantage for your upcoming event! heck if you're on top of your game. everyone's into core training. When our ancestors chopped down trees for firewood.e.. technologically contrived phenomenon. 5) erector spinae & 6) quadratus lumborum. generate multidirectional force and neutralize external forces..Core Training: What Is It and Why Do I Need It? By Dr. Michael J.. The external oblique muscle fibers run diagonally down and medially (i. Norwood Okay. core again. 'where is he going with all of this'? You guessed it: you're using your core! In short. the beginning of time. The transverse abdominis runs horizontally beneath the internal and external obliques and is designed to pull the abdominal wall inward. The six muscles are 1) transverse abdominis.. well.g. When they fought game for food and dragged it back to the cave. baseball swing or tennis swing). a golf swing. yep. the core was involved.

agility. the core-specific muscle groups are responsible for trunk extension. What is Core Training and How Can It Improve My Performance? As I described earlier. 'chin up. Brian Hainline. In short. shoulders back and chest out' at least a thousand times per session. arms. power and balance. No matter how solid those spokes are. cites that recent surges of injuries amongst elite tennis players may be attributable to weak cores resulting in too much stress placed on the hips.e. these muscles serve as the foundation from which to launch all movement by stabilizing the spine. Similarly. the quadratus lumborum runs from the hip to the ribs and acts to stabilize the lumbar spine (located in the lower back region) and also serves to flex the trunk laterally. As I train my clients. back and legs without loading their core in a sport-specific manner (or a functional "daily activities" manner like picking up groceries) will not realize their full potential and may even be setting themselves up for injury. Hainline is seeing with several tennis players. groin. coordination. speed.455 – . legs and wrist (i. the Medical Director for the U. many of which I will be addressing in upcoming articles.com . shoulders back and chest out--it's an excellent and empowering way to go through life! www. then the performance of the wheel is compromised. you could think of solid spokes attached to a weak hub. Dr. rotation and stabilization which are all functions essential for both functional & sport-specific performance--stability. flexion. 'having strong limbs without having a solid core is like shooting a canon out of a canoe.' This type of anatomical disharmony leads to decrements in performance and certain forms of injury that Dr.. I recommend that the next time you're in the gym to keep your head up. Finally.The erector spinae muscles run along the spine from the sacrum to the skull and act as spinal stabilizers which also enable trunk extension and lateral (i. This anatomically correct posture consistently engages the core and typically puts the client in perfect lifting position which invariably translates into enhanced activities of daily living and sport performance as well. athletes (or individuals who want to improve their activities of daily living) who spend most of their time training the traditional body parts like bodybuilders: chest. I must say the mantra. If we refer to my earlier 'hub of a wheel' analogy. Dr. if the hub is not strong. In the meantime. Core training is little more than progressively loading sport-specific movement (or functional movements) which stimulates the core to adapt to the training stimulus thereby improving energy transfer from core to limbs. My close friend and colleague.e. an exercise physiologist and sport performance specialist puts it aptly. Gerald Larson.. side-to-side) flexion.FitnessExpertNetwork. poor transference and expression of energy from the core to the limbs). There are numerous ways in which to engage the core. Open.S. shoulders.

He also helps athletes of all levels compete consistently in their ideal performance state by combining and applying his vast knowledge of sport-specific training and performance psychology to each training session.lasvegaspersonaltraining. Norwood. Visit: www.com . and is a highly sought after fitness and peak performance consultant specializing in teaching busy professionals and their families how to effectively incorporate fitness into their busy lifestyles. Michael J.About the Author Dr.FitnessExpertNetwork.456 – .com www. NSCA-CPT is the Founder and President of Dynamic Edge The Peak Fitness Professionals.

we need to look at the following criteria. CRF can appear suddenly and is different from fatigue of everyday life. We review pharmacology and other treatments.Cancer Related Fatigue and Exercise By Michael P. Fatigue was not only the most prevalent cancer side effect. This article is a testimony to those who refuse to quit! Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) is defined as a reduction in physical. Clients report fatigue is a major obstacle to maintaining normal daily activities and quality of life. Sixty percent went on to say that fatigue affected their daily lives more than any other symptom. Keenan I have had the privil