 Established

since 2000, The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company promotes fishing the environmental way by making a functional fishing lure with recycled bottle caps.  Bottle caps ranging from popular brands to custom printed brands.  Endorsed by the 4 time Canadian Sports Fishing Champion, Andy Vander Ploeg.

The Product
 The

Original Bottle Cap Lure catches the following:

Custom Printing
Plain bottle caps are available for printing your company logo.


Popular Brands
Many popular brands are available
Coors Molson Dry Bud Bud Light Canadian Miller Miller Lite Corona Blue Kokanee Jolt Black Label Sleeman Mikes Hard Big Rock & more!


Founder CEO Walter Hachborn

3034 31A St. S.E. Calgary, Alberta, T2B-0S9 Phone (403)366-0464