Scenic Visualization

Posted 17 days ago

Travel is truly a mystical journey as well as awe-inspiring. World travel has brought me places and lots of education to your lowly eSniper, however staggered and limited my travels were, but the quality of each opportunity undoubtedly has made lasting impression on the subliminal and somehow influenced the artistic compartment of an otherwise cold, dull and gray walls of the innermost gallery of my collective consciousness... The photographs posted here (not including the long-kept memorabilias of the long past that Hurricane Katrina woefully processed into mucks and mud as well as those not captured by the current digital accesories of neo-photography) mirror some of these impressions painted in innocence and framed unrelentlessly with the passing of time. (11/18/06)

Fro's Music

Posted 31 days ago

Fro's Music is all about passion. Passion for the arts and music. The lyric, the melody and the music... It's a story. Behind every song is a story. Behind every melody is a soul driven to be heard. Behind every inspiration is a hand who makes things come to be for a purpose. Copyright © 2006 Fro's Music | Foreign Brain Music

Melody Fair

Posted 24 days ago

My knack of humming, whistling, and even transcribing, melodies into notes has led me, more often than not, to setting previously written and/or published lyrical works to music... unknowingly one day I'd come across with some of the works of the Salesian Missions, who eventually, gave me permission to set to music some of the poem I excerpted from quite a few of their books on Christian Poetry. Hence, evolved my Volume-CD, "Christian Art Songs," which, by definition, are previously published works your lowly eSniper, Fro, set to music... hahaha! (I laugh too much) Click samples here: The Path Of Life | By And By | God Smiles | To Our Lady | Dreams

Foreign Brain Music - The Reason Behind

Posted 12 days ago

I have friends I grew up with who I considered way ahead of their time. All were into arts and music, and were totally passionate about it. At different times and stages in our life, they all went into creative writing all armed with their God-given talents and skills they've developed over the years. To me, they were all legends in the making, and still is, legends in their own rights, having accomplished what they have so far. I feel so privileged and very much honored to have come across these special people in my lifetime, even more so, "growing up" with them, literally and artistically. (11/21/06)

Lyrics in PDF Format

Posted 17 days ago

As the old cliché goes, "words are getting harder to find." Amen to that. Especially "home-made," "original," "non-commercial," "truly special" type of lyrics most of the world don't even know exist except a few opportuned ones the so-called "accidental" enlightened (jokester!) and "rare stuff" collectors. Have fun! (11/19/06)

The Digitized Imageries

Posted 24 days ago

The accessibility of today's modern technology and processes (uploads, postings, etc) make things easier for the present generation to get creative and productive in the area of arts and imaging. The photographic challenges today, though they still exist, I believe, lie primarily on the artistic and aesthetic compartments one one's resolve to produce and present images of satisfying standard... hence, the effort of your lowly eSniper here to offer semblance of what I consider acceptable takes (".)

Trodding On A Unique Journey (Genre)

Posted 24 days ago

Worship is an integral part of the life of a Christian, hence, your lowly eSniper also trodded on this musical genre early on his youth. As a beginning songwriter and arranger much of the influence were liturgical melodic patterns and vocal arrangements of the time and earlier influences. Recorded at a much later date (when I got my first HRS), I clumsily turned my early works into some fixed form that they are now today. Maybe in the future, God willing, some improvisations will come forth as they are intended to be right from the very beginning. For now, let's live and let live!

Music Archives for Original Notations

Posted 17 days ago

Just thought of making musical notations and piano arrangements available too in my eSnipsyt for the pure and skilled hobbyist in the musical field - notes transcribers, vocalists, piano and some guitar players, etc - its limit set by the availability of these arrangements. Thanks for visiting. (Fro)

PB Music Int'l

Posted 17 days ago

Tracing its roots from the same alma mater, the Ayechemes; formed and molded by similarly resilient and committed servants in God's vineyard but with varied influences... the Paring Bo-anon has the reputation of being a well-disciplined lot, possessing a uniquely close-knit camaraderie and friendship , an unexplained sense of fidelity to one another and to its Alma Mater, a nonlethargic resolve for success, popularity and world travel (LoL), and more importantly, the subject matter of this folder, a MUSICALITY that knows no bound and popularity (be it self-made, encouraged or hard-earned) at every level in the field of music... hence, the undying, ever-growing and perpetuating music of the Paring Bol-anon. Ergo, the Paring Bol-anon Music lives on, strong as ever!


Posted 2 days ago

After the Philippines and Hong Kong, Singapore is the 3rd country I set my foot on, in 2005. Our flight via Silk Air took us directly from Mactan International Airport (Cebu, Philippines) to Chiangi Airport in no time, less than 3 hours. We were billeted at Royal Plaza Hotel in downtown Singapore and everything took off from there, in packages of 4 days and 3 nights - the downtown city tour, visit to the merlion, the Chinatown, sentosa, the night safari and a full Sunday of real shopping, gifts for family, foods and clothes and a souvenir that lasts forever, a diamond ring (".). I find Singapore super exotic and gorgeous with its rich greeneries and multi-colored architecture; super clean, very classy and wellmaintained, almost to perfection, spots for wide-eyed tourists like yours truly. Although a little expensive than my Hong Kong experience, it turned out to be one of my most memorable trips thus far. I wonder where's next? :-)

Bohol Tour 2005

Posted 4 hours 3 minutes ago

August 2005 was the most recent tour to Bohol we've made since 2-3 years ago even if I visit the island-province every so often. With friends visiting from the USA and Mindanao it gave us another excuse to make another trip to the island and gave us one more opportunity to check out its historical and scenic sites, Bohol being known as the #1 tourist destination in the Philippines. And true enough, we've had the blast of our lives especially with the kids with us who experienced it for the time. (12/4/06)

A Truly Special Place

Posted 1 day ago

Bohol has truly become a special place for me. It's where I've found my heart and has become synonymous to home. Since 2001 I've been a regular Bohol visitor and hope to make it my home in the near future. The photos in this folder prove Bohol's loveliness and specialness as seen beyond what is actually seen. (12/2/06)


Posted 10 days ago

Memories are profound events in one's life. They are always worth reminiscing. They live forever. They are irreplaceable. They served the joy of youth. They remind...

Self Portrait

Posted 5 days ago

That's it, for lack of a better word. Self-portrait. Coz I don't really exist, not as a person, but as an entity that's never meant to be. I'm only a memento of what people wants to remember and know. I simply am not nor a be (LoL). Respectfully...

The Cabawan Summary

Posted 6 days ago

"It's a dream that went berserk . It's a thought that just couldn't stay put. It's a challenge that kept on popping right before your very eyes 'til you take notice of it. It's a temptation that you could never say no to. It's a house that wants to be built."

Just Anything

Posted 14 days ago

That's the best way to put it... just anything means just anything. WYSIWYG kind of thingy. These are stuff I thought worth posting, presenting or browsing whatever the case maybe. But like I said, primarily, it's a place to archive-retrieve file for easy access, on the net. Right?

Painting Colours

Posted 10 days ago

Besides crying, to gain attention, combining colors has been my other favorite pastime making almost just anything I could set my eyes on as this giant palette: walls, floor, cabinets, blackboard, white board, pads, papers, etc. Even my sister's art works and my mom's make-up sets ... yes, they all have been part of my early artistry's repertoire. +++ Colours are truly evocative of feelings and quite challenging to one who hasn't been to formal art school or attended some workshop on painting. And yet the thrill as well as the challenge of placing colours into something fresh and unique visual format or art form truly remains the undying call that kept me going these days in the field of art. +++ A lot of the paintings here are, of course, not my handiwork (as of yet) but from significant people who have been most helpful to me in my growing-up years as well as in my pursuit of something beautiful in the area of creative art - my uncle Brydz whose works are second to none, uncle Raul who went into painting not too long ago and my Tito Fro who's got knack on art designs but who's trying his luck on landscape and all that. And of course, my uncle Romeo who's our #1 fan and supporter in all that we do! And to my other fans club members, Mama, ate Princess, ate Bebe, ate Judith, ate Maribel, kuya Neneng and all the rest of them.(11/25/06)

Foreign Brain Artistry

Posted 7 days ago

The collection in this folder are some of my favorite artworks by some of my closest friends - guys I grew up with - who are not only excellent songwriters and musicians but also excel in creative arts. My long years of association with them has given me this special privilege of experiencing first-hand their thought processes, and principles in life, as well as the visual produce of their out-ofspace (not oil or acrylic canvases), foreign brain, way-ahead-of-their-time personas or idiosyncrasies. (11/27/06)

ToYeM Pics

Posted 18 days ago

This is a place where you can find and browse over my well-kept memories that stood with time. Not much to present but whole-heartedly shared for you to check out.

ToYeM's FaVeZ

Posted 18 days ago

Simply a lover of music, a fan and fond of almost any-kinda-music, I purposely archived some of my most favorite original music, created by friends, as it's forbidden to post copyrighted materials. By permission of its respective composers, the songs I've archived in this folder are some of my favorite ones, plus bonus tracks for archive purposes. Hope you find something that suit your taste. Arrividerci! (Toyem) Sources: Fro's Music | Dr Brydz Music | Jaycees

Family First

Posted 10 days ago

That seems to be a good motto, family first and foremost. Family is flesh and blood... thicker than water. Family is life, it's everything. And life's full of memories-made-for-family... that's worth keeping!

ToYeM's PaNdoRa BoX

Posted 10 days ago

This is where I keep files ready for online access at any time; not something for someone to be curious about though, just simple stuff I thought I might need to remind me in case this down sledding memory starts to fail, hehehe. (11/23/06)

The Doctor Is In...

Posted 24 days ago

When the doctor is in, it means jazzin' time. A jammin' graduate of Street University and colour analyst of combo-lata fame, music has been a passion that remembered no beginning and smells no end. Music is alpha and omega. Music as the universal language of the soul is eternal. Does it make sense? Maybe not. But what the heck!

Defining Moments

Posted 14 days ago

Art defines moments, both inspired and unintrused spells, when one's creative adrenalin crosses path with one's aesthetic and imaginative rituals lying underneath the busyness of everyday life.

My Favorites

Posted 6 days ago

Like most people I do keep favorites in my closet. I particularly like anything sexy, colorful and vibrant. Like mom, I like feel good about things coz they make me happy and make life easier. In this folder are some of my favorite takes.

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