Intro to HTML hypertext markup language Ted Nelson - xanadu Elements (tags, brackets, open and closing, beginning

and end brackets) () not all tags have attributes (<br />) Attributes (href) always followed by equals sign "=" Values - usually after = sign meta info such as <title> <body> consist of the websites content textual content should be in <p> the paragraph tags enclose links in "a" tags modify link to open in new tab/or window by adding tag after href="url" target="_blank" use html 4.0.1 transitional in bbedit ordered lists <ol> and unordered <ul> alt= adding description image size= percentage, pixels, height/width heading takes up whole line everything trying to go under heading table to position images - very old- not to be used in the modern world <tr> <td> can define size, background color or add border css -midterm coming up add plugins to edit

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