The Proverbs of Peace

A heart filled with peace can do much good, a heart filled with strife can do little. Seek after peace. Strife is an external obstacle to peace, Pain is an internal one, yet one can have peace with both. Avoid fighting when one should submit, as well as submitting when one should fight, but perfection is not required for peace. Perhaps there is a God, then all things are in His hands. Rest in His peace. Perhaps there is no God, then no pain shall last. Rest in that peace. Anger, shame, fear and grief are painful. Each tells a different tale. The tale of grief is less untrue. If you are angry at another, perhaps your anger is just, yet whom does it profit? War is the tale of history. Victory lies not in winning, but in choosing what is right.

If you feel shame in yourself, remember we all fail to do right, why this need to be superior? If you wrestle with fear, remember you can master it one step at a time. If you feel grief, your loss is indeed real, yet joy rides the train of acceptance. One mourns a spouse at night. The long hours pass and then the sun comes up again. The seasons never fail. They turn in endless order. Never has Winter come without Spring. Consider the stars. The world's end would not dim their light. They would shine even on Earth's tomb.1

1 © copyright Joseph G. Pugh 2011 all rights reserved.

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