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The president of the most aggressive and war-loving nation on this planet is merely a puppet figurehead leader.

The real power lies in the hands of the group of men and women who constitute the 1% of the country. The group of powerful people who act as the wheeler-dealers of the so-called american democratic system of the nation. These powerful people who truly exercise power behind the scenes form the entrenched right-wing political and big business representatives present today in the most aggressive and war-loving nation on Earth. They are the decision makers. The boss is just a figurehead. A puppet controlled by the elite 1% . The right-wing elite. The right-wing elite that truly controls the country is always wanting to impose its will not only on all of US society but also on the rest of the world. This right-wing elite or neo-fascists or neocons (a politically polite term) cannot tolerate any challenges or forms and shapes representing practical alternatives. As far as they are concerned they are the only road or the only choice available. All others are either illegitimate or illegal. But these neo-fascists are blind to their evil ways and fatal shortcomings. They have totally closed minds and fixed opinions and cannot tolerate any need for change and confront or face real situations. For them change means more of the same. More of the old ways. More killings. More use of force. More use of lies and brazen bullshit. More destruction. More manipulation and more blackmailing. Ultimately leading to the very doorways of hell. The current global situation is the handiwork of all these hell-loving neo-fascists. As for their puppet leader, he is merely seeking his personal piece of fame or his place in the US national history. A history filled with artificial beginnings and artificial endings. Nothing more. This is the very recipe for reaching hell. And never mock destiny. Mock on your own peril. Hell is real and it exists.