(500) DAYS OF SUMMER by Scott Neustadter & Michael H.


First Draft 2006







SIMPLE BLACK ON WHITE CREDITS ROLL TO BIG STAR’S “I’M IN LOVE WITH A GIRL.” When all is said and done, up comes a single number in parenthesis, like so:

EXT. PARK - DAY For a few seconds we watch A MAN (20s) and a WOMAN (20s) on a park bench. Their names are TOM and SUMMER. Neither one says a word. CLOSE ON her HAND, covering his. Notice the wedding ring. No words are spoken. Tom looks at her the way every woman wants to be looked at. A DISTINGUISHED VOICE begins to speak to us. NARRATOR This is a story of boy meets girl. CUT TO:

INT CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY The boy is TOM HANSEN. He sits at a very long rectangular conference table. The walls are lined with framed blow-up sized greeting cards. Tom, dark hair and blue eyes, wears a tshirt under his sports coat and Adidas tennis shoes to balance out the corporate dress code. He looks pretty bored. NARRATOR The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up believing that he’d never truly be happy until the day he met his... “soulmate.” CUT TO: INT LIVING ROOM - 1989 PRE-TEEN TOM sits alone on his bed engrossed in a movie. His walls are covered in posters of obscure bands. From the TV, we hear: “Elaine! Elaine!”


NARRATOR This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music and a total misreading of the movie, “The Graduate.” CUT TO: INT OFFICE CUBICLE - PRESENT DAY The girl is SUMMER FINN. She files folders and answers phones in a plain white office. She has cropped blonde hair almost like a boy’s but her face is feminine and pretty enough to get away with it. NARRATOR The girl, Summer Finn of Shinnecock, Michigan, did not share this belief. CUT TO: INT BATHROOM - 1994 Teenage Summer stares at herself in the mirror. Her hair extends down to her lower back. NARRATOR Since the disintegration of her parents’ marriage, she’d only loved two things. The first was her long blonde hair. She picks up scissors from the counter and begins to slice. NARRATOR The second was how easily she could cut it off... And feel nothing. CUT TO: SPLITSCREEN. INT BOARDROOM/ INT CUBICLE - SAME On the right side of the screen, Tom continues to listen to some boring presentation. On the left, Summer answers a call, takes a message, and walks out of her cubicle down a long narrow hallway.

about to come face to face with Tom for the first time. he’s interrupted by: . NARRATOR Tom meets Summer on January 8th in a San Francisco office building. She rings the doorbell. Paul is a doctor and wears hospital scrubs. GIRL You did the right thing. Where is he? Tom is in the kitchen breaking things and basically going insane. These are Tom’s best friends since birth. (240) EXT STREETS OF SAN FRAN . But before they do.5. She arrives at an apartment complex.LATER PAUL and MCKENZIE open the door. In an instant. PAUL I didn’t know who else to call. McKenzie works in the cubicle next to Tom. The Girl removes her bike helmet. About to smash a plate on the floor. NARRATOR This is a story of boy meets girl. this is not a love story. NARRATOR You should know up front. INT TOM’S PLACE .NIGHT A 12 year old GIRL rides her bicycle down the block. jumps off the bike and races up the front stairs. he will know she’s the one he’s been looking for. CUT TO: BLACK. CU Summer opening the door to the boardroom.

Tom drinks it down. Tom sits next to the young girl. RACHEL Drink this. .6. put down the plate. TOM Help me how? RACHEL First. Paul and Mckenzie sit on either side of them. RACHEL TOM (grimacing at the taste) More. TOM Does Mom know you’re here? It’s gotta be past 10. GIRL TOM Rachel? What are you doing here? GIRL (RACHEL) I’m here to help you. She hands him a glass of water. Tom slowly obliges. RACHEL The key is not to panic. Thomas. He gulps another down. MCKENZIE What is that? Vodka. Tom freezes. RACHEL Now come here and sit down. TOM I think I’m gonna be sick.

.O.) We had coffee.O. she reads a novel. TOM (V. INT RECORD STORE . TOM (V.) We bought music.7. Tom excitedly shows Summer a Ringo Starr solo album.O. EXT OUTDOOR MARKET .. TOM (V.DAY Tom and Summer eat sandwiches in the park.DAY Tom and Summer seated outside drinking coffee.) We saw a film.O. Tell us what happened. RACHEL Don’t worry about it.DAY Tom and Summer walk out of a movie theatre.) We went shopping. Tom takes a deep breath.O. Start from the beginning. EXT COFFEE HOUSE .) We spent the whole day together. . TOM (V. He reads the newspaper. EXT MOVIE THEATER .DAY Tom and Summer walk through the stalls. EXT PARK . TOM (V.LATER Tom and Summer shop for music.

Aren’t you happy? . TOM (to WAITRESS) Um. RACHEL And then what happened? INT DINER .. How great is this? SUMMER I think we should stop seeing each other.AS BEFORE SUMMER This thing. Do you think this is normal? TOM I don’t know. I love eating pancakes at night. You and me.8.. PAUL Did she say why? INT DINER . (to Summer) God. INT TOM’S PLACE . It’s like the greatest thing ever. Who cares about normal?! I’m happy.NIGHT Tom and Summer in a booth ordering dinner.let’s go crazy..AS BEFORE RACHEL Just like that? TOM Just like that. This whatever it is. I’ll have BOTH.. INT TOM’S PLACE TOM I thought it was a great day.you know what.

P. SUMMER You’re happy? TOM You’re not? SUMMER All we do is argue! TOM That is such a lie! INT TOM’S PLACE . I’m Sid. TOM Summer. we’ve been like Sid and Nancy for months.. SUMMER No. . We’ve had some disagreements but I hardly think I’m Sid Vicious.. Oh my god. PAUL A hormonal thing. INT DINER .S.AS BEFORE RACHEL Maybe she was just in a bad mood. Sid stabbed Nancy seven times with a kitchen knife.M.9.? RACHEL TOM (to Rachel) What do you know about PMS? RACHEL More than you.AS BEFORE SUMMER This can’t be a total surprise. I mean. TOM MCKENZIE Please continue.

Without another word she goes back to her pancakes. . you’re so right. TOM I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Jesus. don’t. INT TOM’S PLACE . SUMMER (mouth full) Mmm. TOM (beat) So I’m Nancy?! The Waitress comes out with the food. He may never eat again. Come back. I’m starving.AS BEFORE Silence for a few beats. Tom and Summer stop their discussion until the meal is served and the Waitress leaves. You’re still my best fr--THE SCENE FREEZES AND WE ZOOM IN ON TOM’S STUNNED FACE. Summer starts to eat. These are great! Tom looks at his food in disgust. SUMMER Tom. SUMMER (innocent) What? Tom stands up to go.10. Tom watches her eat like this is the worst travesty in the history of mankind. SUMMER Let’s just eat and we’ll talk about it after. PAUL MCKENZIE That’s harsh. RACHEL You’re gonna be fine.

DAY Tom walks alongside his friend PAUL. Here. PAUL You know what they say.. CUT TO: (86) EXT SIDEWALK . No.there’s plenty other fish in the sea.. TOM (beat) I’m gonna throw up...11. They say that. I’ve jumped in and swam in that sea! I’m fucking Aquaman! (to Rachel) Sorry. MCKENZIE RACHEL Tom drinks more vodka. You’ll be ok. What I mean is. I’ve fished in that sea. TOM PAUL Sure they do. You’re the best guy I know. Out of nowhere. MCKENZIE Come on Hansen. . You’ll find someone. TOM Well they’re wrong. This was my fish. It’s not true. he says: TOM I’m in love with Summer. there are no other fish. Paul and McKenzie share a very concerned look. Or that.

(beat) For real? PAUL CUT TO: CU .) I love how she looks in my Clash Tshirt.SUMMER’S KNEES TOM (V.) I love her knees. . CU .SUMMER’S HAIR TOM (V. CU .SUMMER’S NECK TOM (V.SUMMER’S EYES TOM (V. CU .) I love how one eye is higher up on her face than the other eye.O.) I love how she looks when she’s sleeping. CU .SUMMER’S LAUGH TOM (V. play the middle 8 of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police.O.) I love the scar on her neck from this operation she had as a kid.) I love the sound of her laugh.O.O.) I love her hair.O. CU .SUMMER’S BREASTS (UNDER A BLACK T-SHIRT) TOM (V.) I love her smile.SUMMER ASLEEP TOM (V. CU .12.O. CU . OVER BLACK.SUMMER’S SMILE TOM (V.O.O.

TOM (V.13.like life is worth it.. TOM (V.O. PAUL (1) INT CONFERENCE ROOM . I’m madly in love with that girl. and the kid from “Jerry Maguire”. Mckenzie is in mid-presentation. CU . STARING DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA.SAME Paul and Tom. Like. Mckenzie holds up a home-made photoshopped family portrait of Martina Navratilova. TOM For real.. Oh shit. I don’t know.O.DAY Tom as we saw him earlier. Bored.. In the boardroom. right-wing neo-Nazis at Hallmark. maybe playing it safe is the wrong approach. MCKENZIE Now I know this may be a little risque. Paul.. .) I love how she makes me feel. The nuclear family is dead and we need a new holiday to recognize that.) I love how I hear this song every time I think of her.but if New Hampshire Greetings wants the jump on those conservative. Ellen DeGeneres. Like anything’s possible. Paul is silent for a beat. CUT TO: EXT SIDEWALK .TOM.

the door opens. That’s an intriguing idea McKenzie.. And in walks this girl. SUMMER VANCE Right. Mr. everyone. VANCE Hmmm. VANCE is the head of the department. We’ve met her by now but Tom hasn’t. She doesn’t notice Tom whose face looks like he’s just seen God. Summer. SUMMER Nice to meet you all. Summer gives a little wave before following Vance out. he can’t take them off her. Summer. Vance? There’s a call for you on line 3. This is the first time. Summer just moved here from. MCKENZIE May 21st. . His eyes go wide and from that moment on. Excuse me.. SUMMER Excuse me. Along with Grossman’s “Magellan Day” I’d say we’ve got some potential here.14. Michigan. Other Mother’s Day. Everyone. Well. VANCE (to the table) Everyone this is Summer. Summer.. I have to take this. What do you think Hansen? Could you write up some prototypes for these? Tom is about to answer when. Michigan. my new assistant. The co-workers nod and digest this idea..

15. She’s pretty hot. better than everyone. Damn. TOM That makes me so mad! Why is it pretty girls always think they can treat people like crap and get away with it? . 4. In Vance’s office. OFFICE . Summer. superskank. TOM MCKENZIE I know. MCKENZIE Dude. 5) INT. TOM What do we know about this new girl? Who? MCKENZIE TOM The new girl. I hear she’s a bitch from hell! TOM (disappointed) Really? MCKENZIE Patel tried to talk to her in the copy room. (3. MCKENZIE And maybe she’s some uppity. She was totally not having it. And failing. TOM Maybe she was just in a hurry.DAY Tom trying to work. He turns to McKenzie.

Summer hears the music. Summer enters the elevator and Tom actively puts on a show to ignore her. still pretending. I love The Smiths.and really good teeth.LATER Tom is listening to headphones..Just cause of that stuff. . just cause she has high cheekbones and soft skin. You know what? Screw her! We haven’t even met and I can’t stand her already.16. pretending not to hear or care. TOM And maybe the world’s most perfect breasts.. SUMMER I love The Smiths. Tom. ELEVATOR .. You have good taste in music. SUMMER The Smiths. Dunno. TOM Ugh. A beat as Tom processes this information. gives her an unenthusiastic wave.. she can walk around like she’s center of the universe? MCKENZIE (as explanation) Women.. INT.. Sorry? TOM SUMMER I said. MCKENZIE TOM Like. takes off his headphones. Tom. MCKENZIE .

17. Tom finds himself standing next to Summer. TOM (amazed) You like the Smiths? SUMMER (singing) “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die. The elevator doors open and she gets off. Summer. Hi. Hello. SUMMER TOM Yeah! How’s it going so far? SUMMER The city or the firm? TOM Both.. everyone else just there for the cake... Tom. everyone digs in. Either. TOM SUMMER TOM So. Still getting situated. How long have you worked here? . SUMMER I’m happy.” Love it. (8) INT OFFICE LOBBY . Tom is the only one who knows it. Song over. uh.DAY The office sings “Happy Birthday” to a FEMALE CO-WORKER. When they get to the part about her name. TOM (accidentally out loud) Oh my god..

Got me this.adequate. I’d say you’re a perfectly . SUMMER Really? Jesus. you know. greeting card writer. SUMMER I meant. Same old story. TOM Oh. Did you always want to write greeting cards? TOM Are you nuts? I don’t even want to do it now. Needed a job.” TOM It’s a big seller. years. SUMMER And are you any good? TOM (points to a framed card) Well I wrote that one. are you any good as an architect? TOM Oh. No. SUMMER What is it you want to do? TOM I studied to be an architect actually. 5... I doubt it. SUMMER (reading) “Today You’re a Man... .. you know.18. SUMMER That’s so cool! What happened? TOM Eh. My friend worked here.. Moved to the city to work for a company.. SUMMER Well.. Company went under. 4. Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah.

“Perfectly adequate” Hansen.” Tom does a spit-take and almost chokes. Tom watches her walk away.. RACHEL Your favorites. his eyes fall on a sketch he drew of a house. That’s what they called me in college. TOM We’re so compatible it’s insane! Seriously! It doesn’t make sense! She’s not like I thought at all. Her desk is lined with Magritte posters and Edward Hopper. He sits down at his desk and sets out to work. I should get back. But before he does. I’ll see you around.. TOM And it turns out she’s read every Graham Greene novel ever published. It’s dated 2001 and it’s the only architecture sketch on his wall. SUMMER They used to call me “Anal Girl. SUMMER (explaining) I was very neat and organized. There’s an awkward silence. (11) INT TOM’S PLACE . . TOM Ok.19.DAY Tom is playing Playstation with Rachel. well. completely enamored. She’s. SUMMER Anyway. amazing. TOM Why thank you. She walks back to her cubicle at the other end of the hall.

. Dinner! SARAH (O. RACHEL He met a girl. a quiet.” TOM (beat) Of course it does. 60s. They do. 50s.. Tom and Rachel’s mother.) SARAH. TOM Hey Martin.S. Tom enters the living room area and sits down next to his stepdad MARTIN. SARAH (excited) Yeah? (grim) Yeah. RACHEL Sarah grows serious too. Oh boy. SARAH Pause and come eat.20. ANGLE ON RACHEL and Sarah. What? RACHEL TOM RACHEL You know.just cause some cute girl likes the same bizarro music you do doesn’t make her “the one. Oh shit. SARAH CUT TO: . stands in the doorway. professorial Southern gentleman type.

Galileo.21. The Little Girl stands up and walks the picture over to ANOTHER BOY. END ON: LITTLE TOM. (-5313) . it takes overwhelming contradictory evidence to change their minds. NARRATOR Exhibit A: Lisa Rayner.DAY Little Tom stares at a LITTLE GIRL. Heaven’s Gate. STOCK FOOTAGE. CUT TO: (-8914) INT CLASSROOM . The Wright Brothers. Satisfied. It’s a boy and a girl with a giant heart over them. putting the picture on her desk.” NARRATOR Tom had always been a devout believer in the idea of “true love. NARRATOR When one strongly believes in something. age 6. Tom draws a picture. Neil Armstrong. He stands up and walks over to the girl. Tom is mortified. mesmerized by a vinyl album cover of Olivia Newton-John in “Xanadu. 6. who has the same hairstyle and dress as Newton-John on that cover.” (beat) The evidence did not support him. The OTHER BOY eats the drawing. Not a word is spoken. he returns to his seat and waits to see what happens.

I know we’ve only been dating a few months but it’s been. Once Tom is out of frame. you and me. 8 days in Mexico. TOM And now. EXT FOOTBALL FIELD . He says goodbye and walks off.NIGHT A BLONDE CHEERLEADER leads the crowd in a cheer. 15... Then they start making out. a SECOND BOY approaches Wendy... His smile gleams. NARRATOR Exhibit C: Rebecca Myles. finishing making out with a homely HIGH SCHOOL GIRL. TOM I’m so glad we decided to go away together Bec. PAN ACROSS to find TEENAGE TOM. looking back longingly. best spring break ever! Across the aisle Rebecca makes eye contact with three COLLEGE DUDES.22.awesome. (-2825) INT AIRPLANE . (-734) .DAY COLLEGE TOM sits next to his girlfriend REBECCA MYLES. NARRATOR Exhibit B: Wendy Wilson. REBECCA I think we should see other people.

the biggest music nerd I’ve ever met. I don’t understand. finally. it’s complicated. Exhibit D: Amanda Heller.NIGHT Younger Tom sits in the passenger seat.. this can’t be. It’s all you wanted to listen to for weeks. EXT CAR . Tom is confused. They listen for a few beats. Raven-haired AMANDA drives.. . A pop song begins to play on the stereo. AMANDA It’s just. like. AMANDA Because you’re. AMANDA TOM What’s this? She puts a disc into the cd player. I think this should really help explain where I’m coming from...23. Everything was going so great. (beat) Here. NARRATOR And. TOM No.. AMANDA You remember how much I loved this song when you first played it for me? TOM Sure.. TOM What’s complicated? Last week you said you loved me! AMANDA I know it’s sudden but.

It’s off. it slowly sinks in for him. don’t get me wrong. And with that. MCKENZIE Was it ever on? . What? TOM PAUL TOM Me and Summer..24.. TOM (still confused) Ok.HAPPY HOUR Tom removes his headphones and sits defeated with McKenzie and Paul in a booth.... It’s just. I don’t feel the same. And I still like it. TOM But Amanda. AMANDA Right.. this is a great fucking song! (22) INT LOCAL DIVE BAR .rush. Still Tom doesn’t understand. TOM What does this have to do with--? AMANDA I’d rather listen to something else... AMANDA I press the skip button. When I hear it now.

. INT LOCAL DIVE BAR . Yeah? TOM SUMMER TOM (beat) So how was your weekend? SUMMER It was good..) So there we are. TOM You believe that shit? .. Plenty of time. No. In a world where good things happen to me. In walks Summer.THE DAY BEFORE Tom is alone. TOM (V. But it could have been. The door opens. All alone. that’s not really where we live. PAUL Yeah well.O.this is my chance.AS BEFORE The friends wait for more.. TOM No. I figure. TOM MCKENZIE So what happened? TOM You ready for this? INT ELEVATOR . If not now when.25. Nine more floors to ride. right? They ride in silence for a few beats. Summer.

MCKENZIE . Everyone’s silent. she said “hey” instead of “hi” cause that totally means she’s a lesbian. PAUL Like what. INT OFFICE .DAY Tom types at his desk.” Emphasis on the good..”it was good?” TOM And some other things.” She didn’t say “It was good. It’s over. Anyone need anything? No thanks. MCKENZIE What the hell is wrong with you?! PAUL Dude. Screw her. There’s nothing I can do.. TOM “It was good. What shit? MCKENZIE PAUL I think I missed something. TOM I gave her all sorts of chances.” She said “It was good. TOM She’s not interested in me. you got problems.” Fucking whore. MCKENZIE Based on. SUMMER I’m going to the supply room. She basically said “I spent the weekend having sex with this guy I met at the gym. Summer approaches the cubicle Tom shares with McKenzie.26.

sure. There’s a beat. Not once. INT SUMMER’S DESK Tom is there.27. he smacks his head a few times with his palm. TOM SUMMER Oh ok. Only a few people remain but Tom and Summer are two of them. Screw it. . It’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. It’s over. Tom turns it up. I’m done with her. “But we’re already out!” They both laugh.AS BEFORE TOM Not once did she take the bait. Tom takes this opportunity to put a CD in his computer and play the song really loud. no prob. TOM I think you know what I need. TOM Do you want to go out with me? A beat. TOM And the Priest says.LATE IN THE DAY The office is emptying out. Summer says nothing. defeated. Still nothing. INT LOCAL DIVE BAR . Toner. INT OFFICE . No reaction from Summer. SUMMER That is hilarious! I know! TOM And when she walks away. Tom turns it down.

and then threatened to burn the place down before passing out on the sidewalk. TOM Not at all. MCKENZIE I wasn’t that bad. TOM No way McKenzie. he’s having a hard time concentrating. (27 & 28) INT OFFICE . . TOM We are not going back there.TOM’S CUBICLE .28. But with Summer down at the end of the hall. You just threw up on the stage. MCKENZIE (reverential) You saved my life that day. Absolutely not. Tom’s friends all look at him like he’s crazy. 10 bucks all you can karaoke at The Well.DAY Tom sits at his desk with headphones on trying to work. MCKENZIE This Friday. McKenzie shares a cubicle with Tom. MCKENZIE Come on! (singing) “Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and they got big titties!” TOM They won’t let you back in there after last time. tried to fight the bartender. Quiet night for you.

it’s kinda sad. There’s a lot of stuff I gotta take care of. INT KARAOKE BAR .. it’s interrupted by.my plans got cancelled. . TOM I really can’t. well. The whole office is going.NIGHT Summer is in a back booth with some co-workers when Tom walks in to the crowded place. He’s real into it and. Thankfully. Tommy.. MCKENZIE This is a work thing. There’s yet another awkward silent beat between them. Tom waves to McKenzie and walks over to the booth.. MCKENZIE (already drunk) Goddamn that song is brilliant! What’s up Hansen? Summer sees the next song come up on the screen... TOM You asked if I was coming? (beat) I mean.. And realization dawns on him.. TOM SUMMER Hey! They said you weren’t coming. MCKENZIE You’re not listening to me. It won’t be like that. Tom looks over to where Summer sits. Even if I wanted to.29. Hi.. McKenzie has the microphone and he’s singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison. What? TOM MCKENZIE The whole office is going. Tom is at a loss.

SUMMER Well you can’t go wrong with The Boss. Summer is there in mid-conversation with McKenzie. MCKENZIE Hey. She doesn’t. LATER. Tom can’t help but stare at Summer. TOM (sitting down) I hear that. hopeful that she’ll come over. She downs a shot and jumps up on stage. the sunset. SUMMER Ooh that’s me. TOM You were great up there. SUMMER (into mic) Ok. and a midget in a tuxedo.) LATER. Her co-workers whistle and cheer her on. did you know Tom here’s from Jersey? Yeah? SUMMER TOM Lived there til I was 12. TOM No kidding? What’s his name? . Tom sits in the booth with McKenzie (doing a shot) as Summer chats with co-workers at another table. I’m the new girl so no making fun of me.30. He hides his disappointment. SUMMER I named my cat after Springsteen. He smiles. by the way. She takes a deep breath as the opening bars of “Born to Run” begin to play and Summer starts to sing. She notices and waves. Tom walks back to his table with drinks. Tom sees Summer as the actress in whatever nonsensical karaoke video accompanies the song (it’s something to do with an old convertible.

I don’t believe that. SUMMER It sounds selfish. Why not? MCKENZIE SUMMER Don’t really want one. Who needs all that? We’re young.31. We’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. SUMMER TOM (beat) That makes sense.. She laughs. SUMMER Tom shoots daggers at McKenzie for that comment.” I don’t want to be anybody’s anything. you know? MCKENZIE I have no idea what you’re talking about. but. McKenzie mouths “what?” Summer sees nothing. MCKENZIE So you got a boyfriend? Me? No. (MORE) . She’s really cute when she laughs. Bruce. I just like being on my own. I’m not a lesbian. SUMMER You don’t believe a woman could enjoy being free and independent? MCKENZIE (beat) Are you a lesbian? SUMMER No.. MCKENZIE Come on. I know. I’m just not comfortable being somebody’s “girlfriend. Relationships are messy and feelings are always getting hurt.

32. SUMMER (cont'd) I say, let’s have as much fun as we can afford and leave the serious shit for later.

TOM But...what if you meet someone and fall in love? SUMMER (laughs) Love? You seriously believe in that stuff? TOM Of course I do. SUMMER Interesting. A real romantic. MCKENZIE Oh you have no idea. This one... embarrassing. There was this one girl, (to Tom) I gotta tell this story -Tom elbows McKenzie hard in the ribs to shut him up. TOM Summer, hold on... you don’t believe in love? SUMMER I don’t even know what that word means. I know I’ve never felt it, whatever it is in all those songs. And I know that today most marriages end in divorce. Like my parents. TOM Well mine too but -SUMMER Oh yeah, And I read in Newsweek, there were these scientists who found that by stimulating a part of the brain with electrodes you can make a person fall in “love” with a rock. Is that the love you’re talking about? Well... TOM


SUMMER Why, what’s your take on it? CUT TO: AN ANIMATION SEQUENCE, real quick. AN EXPLOSION OF MANY DIFFERENT COLORS, COMPLETE WITH A CHOIR AND A CHURCH ORGAN ALL BUILDING TO A HUGE CRESCENDO. BACK TO: INT BAR On Tom: TOM I think it’s...kind of a huge thing. SUMMER (beat) Ok. Looks like we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. McKenzie senses some discontent. MCKENZIE So, uh, who’s singing next? SUMMER (re: singing) I’d say it’s your turn loverboy. TOM Nooo. I don’t sing in public. SUMMER Sure you do. I see you lip-synching to your headphones every morning on your way in. I don’t... TOM

MCKENZIE You really do. SUMMER It’s ok. I like it. Takes a lot of self-confidence to look ridiculous.


MCKENZIE (can’t help himself) Self-confidence! Ha! Tom elbows him in the ribs again. TOM Anyway, I’m not near drunk enough to sing in front of all these people. SUMMER Ok then. Let’s drink. TOM It would take at least ten shots to get me to sing. Bartender! SUMMER

TEN MINUTES LATER. Tom is up there singing The Clash’s “Magnificent Seven.” You wouldn’t think so but Tom is a ROCK STAR up there! He’s dancing like Jagger, he’s got everyone in the bar singing along to the audience-participation parts. It’s a sight to behold. Summer is all smiles watching. LATER. Tom and Summer back at the table. Summer is humming something. TOM That’s not it. SUMMER What is that then? TOM I have no idea. They’re both having a good time. SUMMER I used to watch it every week. TOM Me too. Why can’t we think of the stupid A-Team theme song. Pathetic. SUMMER

TOM This is gonna bother me for weeks.

35. Or that one. At any minute he might start to cry. Hey. SUMMER They share another laugh and then it gets quiet. Summer is with them. In that good way. Totally. EXT KARAOKE BAR . What’s up? MCKENZIE TOM . MCKENZIE “And I’d proudly stand UP!” (aggressive drunk) I said stand! BACK ON TOM and SUMMER. Tom and Summer help McKenzie inside. let’s get you in a cab. (dramatically) He’s the best. I’m gonna walk. ANGLE ON McKenzie. I live right down that street.LATER Tom helps a nearly comatose McKenzie exit the place. wasted. TOM Oh here we go. MCKENZIE No.” He really means it. singing the shit out of “Proud to Be an American. MCKENZIE (to Summer) This guy. A cab arrives. TOM Ok. SUMMER (laughing) Is he gonna be ok? TOM He’ll be fine.

Tom shuts the door on McKenzie as fast as he can. I mean. SUMMER As a friend.. TOM Sorry you had to see that. You. (beat. Tom talks a mile a minute to try and erase McKenzie’s last exchange from her mind. Now it’s just Tom and Summer.like me? TOM Yeah. goodnight McKenzie! MCKENZIE I mean. For real. Yes.. MCKENZIE Not you. But at least he didn’t -SUMMER Is that true? What? TOM SUMMER You know what. Tell her Tom. to Summer) He likes you. Something about that guy and singing for people..36. likes you. I haven’t really thought about.. Of course I do. SUMMER Just as a friend? The wheels are spinning in Tom’s head.. Happens every time we come here. It’s unbelievable. Why? . TOM Right.. I like you. TOM (quickly) Ok. As a friend. likes you. I don’t know. What’s the right answer here? TOM Yes... Do you.

TOM Oh yeah totally. out of the blue. He hides his disappointment the best he can... But then he realizes. Tom watches her walk away for a beat before he turns to go the other way. SUMMER TOM (29) FADE UP: “YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE” by Hall and Oates. Friends. I’d like us to be friends. TOM G’night Summer. You and me. I’m that way. Silence. That’s just great. There’s a few seconds where Tom isn’t sure if he’s dreaming or not.37. without his even noticing. You’re interesting. suddenly. his best case scenario really is actually happening. Good night Tom. SUMMER Well. SUMMER HAS WRAPPED HER ARMS AROUND HIM AND PULLED HIM INTO A KISS! It’s unbelievable. Cool. perfect. That’s. Is that ok? Tom was clearly hoping for her to say something else. Well done Hansen. Cool.. SUMMER Nothing.. . Tom walks a few more steps. you idiot. I just. seemingly out of nowhere. TOM (under his breath) Friends. Awesome. And then.

A parade forms behind him. The DRIVERS also pump their fists in celebration of Tom’s achievement last night. He smiles and winks at them. .SAME Tom passes Summer’s office whistling Hall and Oates. He walks on. more accurately.38. doing a little shuffle. Vance. EXT STREET . Tom gives her the international signal for ‘I’ll call you later’ in return. winking. We notice the sidewalk lights up every time he touches the pavement like in “Billie Jean”. INT OFFICE . He checks out his reflection in a window. He is the man. VANCE. Summer. I need -. CARTOON BIRDS fly onto Tom’s shoulder. HALL and OATES themselves walk with Tom singing the song. TOM Hey Mr.Oh hello Hansen. The POSTMAN. still on top of the world. however. Or. Tom walks to his cubicle. the HOT DOG VENDOR. they clap. Summer gives him a little coy smile that would be enough to make anyone’s day complete. Cars stop at crosswalks to let Tom go by. everybody loves Tom today. SUMMER Yes. Vance sees none of it. Tom struts down the street. Mr. She sees him and immediately lights up. a POLICE OFFICER. As Tom turns to go. A YOUNG PAUL NEWMAN stares back. He’s pointing at people as he passes. Hey! Hey! SUMMER TOM Vance pokes out of his corner office. People wave as he passes. Vance? And they’re all business. RONALD MCDONALD and MAYOR MCCHEESE. the man. they give him thumbs up.MORNING It’s the greatest morning of all time! Tom walks down the street.

PAUL Last night.39.. .. PAUL You son of a bitch. Paul.. PAUL Did you bang her? No! Blow job? No! Hand job? TOM PAUL TOM PAUL TOM No. PAUL The same girl you said was way out of your league and you’d have no chance with no matter what.. It’s Paul (in hospital scrubs). seriously. PAUL The same girl you’d been whining and crying and bitching about for weeks now? TOM I have not been. We just kissed. INT TOM’S PLACE . karaoke night? TOM (anxious) Shhh. no jobs. I’m still unemployed. That girl? TOM Paul.THAT NIGHT Tom answers the door. He walks inside without waiting for an invite.

PAUL Anyway. PAUL Summer.. who tolerated a whole month of talk talk talk about this girl.... well. the sound of a toilet flushing is heard. I’m sure I’d remember that if I had heard it before. I mean you were practically stalking her.. level with me. I’m leaving now. talk to you later?. I’m Paul.. PAUL Come on. (to Summer) I mean. PAUL SUMMER Hi. Oh crap. Shhh! TOM Suddenly. Tom. dressed to go out..40.. I was just. I’m Summer. nothing but Summer this. Hi Paul. SUMMER Nice to meet you. with all the women in Tom’s life it’s hard to keep track. how come you’ve never mentioned you knew such a lovely little lady? (off Tom’s nasty look) Or perhaps you have and I’ve just forgot. wow what an unusual name.. From the bathroom emerges Summer. Hey. Pretend I was never here. Summer Summer Summer. If any jobs open up.. Tom. (not helping) Ok. As your best friend.. SUMMER PAUL (not sure what else to say) I’m a doctor. Summer that. .


Tom quickly shuts the door on Paul. TOM If you heard... SUMMER Heard what? TOM Excellent. You ready to go. SUMMER I’m stalking, STARVING! Tom realizes she’s heard it all. TOM (playfully) He exaggerates!

INT CHINESE RESTAURANT - NIGHT Tom and Summer eating, not really talking much. At another table, Tom sees a VERY UNATTRACTIVE COUPLE feeding each other food. TOM Check them out. Summer sees. She has no reaction. TOM (sarcastic) That is hot. Summer keeps eating. TOM I am very turned on right now. SUMMER Sometimes you can be so judgmental. Huh? TOM


SUMMER I mean, who are you? They’re happy. Just mind your own business. Summer goes back to eating. Tom can’t believe she snapped.

INT RESTAURANT - NIGHT An equally UNATTRACTIVE COUPLE go at it in a booth. PAN ACROSS to find Tom and Summer early in their relationship, in a booth across the room, watching in hysterics. 9, 9.5? TOM

SUMMER Too soon to say. It’s all in the dismount. TOM If we’re lucky, there won’t be a dismount. Summer, her cheeks flushed already from laughing, loses it again. They are having a great night. SUMMER I can’t believe them. I have like zero patience for PDA. TOM I hear ya. If I want to watch people make out, I have big windows and binoculars at home. Yeah? SUMMER

TOM (beat) No. That would be wrong. They laugh some more. She is in hysterics. SUMMER This is fun. You’re fun.




SUMMER I mean, I just want to say, up front, I’m not looking for anything serious. Tom is a little surprised. SUMMER Are you cool with that? TOM (unconvincing) Sure. SUMMER It freaks some guys out when I say that. TOM (still confused) Not me. SUMMER Let’s just have fun. Let’s just...hang out, no pressure, no labels, no obligations. (beat) Ok? Tom is visibly disappointed by this but he tries to hide it. Sure. TOM

SUMMER (beat) Wanna hold my hand under the table? A beat. Yeah. TOM

INT TOM’S BEDROOM - LATER THAT NIGHT Summer and Tom come bounding in, lip-locked and all over each other. They fall on his bed and begin undressing each other. Suddenly, Tom stops.

She’s just a girl.) I hate her crooked teeth. Sex has been had. TOM (into CAMERA) I fucking hate Summer.. CU . He looks into the hallway mirror. Calm yourself. Who look like that. UNSHAVEN. We watch from behind as he re-enters his bedroom. Summer is asleep. Tom lies next to her. CRUMPLED CLOTHING. LOOKING THE WORSE FOR WEAR. They’re everywhere.back in a sec. He walks into the hallway. out of her sight. CUT TO: LATER. Naked. IN SHORT. He takes a few deep breaths. . LONG HAIR.44. Then it’s time to go back in. Where Summer waits. TOM Settle. Hi. He still can’t help but be ecstatic. HE’S A MESS. TOM Are you calm? (beat) Ok. There’s lots of them.TOM..SUMMER’S SMILE (as before) TOM (V. SUMMER TOM Oh sweet Jesus! Tom can’t help but do a little celebration dance.O. Don’t get too excited. Under the covers. And like what you like. TOM I’ll be. He is pumping his fists in the air and silently shouting “Woo Hoo!!!!” (388) CU .

O. CU ..big boobs. terrified of this raving lunatic.SUMMER’S BREASTS (as before) TOM (V.O.TOM. CU . REVERSE ANGLE on A TROLLEY FULL OF PEOPLE.) I hate her knobby knees.O.) I hate her lopsided. CUT TO: . CU .SUMMER’S HAIR (as before) TOM (V. you’re gonna have to exit the vehicle.” TOM (V.O. OVER BLACK. CU .O.SUMMER’S LAUGH TOM (V.SUMMER ASLEEP (as before) TOM (V.stupid..SUMMER’S EYES (as before) TOM (V.) I hate the way she sleeps.O. play the middle 8 of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.) I hate that centipede-shaped scar.O. CU .SUMMER’S NECK (as before) TOM (V.) I HATE THIS FUCKING SONG! CU .) I hate her.SUMMER’S KNEES (as before) TOM (V. asymmetrical.. CU . BUS DRIVER Son. CU ..O.) I hate her 1950s haircut.45.) I hate the way she laughs. cock-eyed head.

A new SECRETARY sits there. They say nothing. He stops and retrieves it from the bin like it’s some family heirloom. He notices. ANGLE ON Summer and Tom looking at it curiously. complex. TOM I feel the same way. CU: a third painting which could only be. a reprint of an avant garde surrealist painting of two dogs humping. CU: a second painting which is nothing but red. still perplexed but trying. ANGLE ON Summer and Tom. poop. INT OFFICE .. Yes.. SUMMER In a way. so little. in the trash. (35) INT. it speaks so much by saying. well.DAY Tom passes Summer’s desk. SUMMER Complex. until: TOM You wanna go to the movies? SUMMER (relieved) God yes! .. SF MUSEUM OF MODERN ART ..DAY CU: the same painting.46. TOM It’s very. He gives the secretary a dirty look for tossing it. ANGLE ON Summer and Tom looking at it with the same expressions.

Maybeck. TOM A lot of people have problems with this. EXT SONY METREON . EXT.DAY Summer and Tom stand on San Francisco’s most interesting street corner. TOM The guy who made this.DAY Tom and Summer in front of the gargantuan mirrored building. They really do seem at peace. ‘VAGIANT!’” INT. TOM It just makes you feel. it makes both structures so much more beautiful side by side like that.DAY Summer and Tom sit on the steps which offers a stunning view of the city’s architectural marvels. (51) EXT TRANSAMERICA BUILDING . MOVIE THEATER . but to me.47.. where the ultra-modern Transamerica Building stands next to the ancient Columbus Tower..CONT. Part Giant. Tom and Summer are having a great time. peaceful. Everyone is laughing and screaming and throwing popcorn. The theater is packed.DAY Summer and Tom in front of the famed Roman-style structure. EXT PALACE OF FINE ARTS . MOVIE THEATER . . he is a God. EXT YERNA BUENA GARDEN .LATER The marquee reads “Part Vampire.

(55) EXT OFFICE BUILDING . You could easily. First.DAY Tom and Summer. With this giant mirror thing deflecting all the attention away. See now.. The beauty of St. Then he starts to draw a sketch on her skin. No one even knows it’s there. TOM See this beam. But if we moved it.48. Do it. just so. Patrick’s church. TOM No. it’s too humble. there’s no need for this much glass. that’s St. Why? SUMMER TOM Over there.. What? SUMMER TOM SUMMER Don’t talk about it. We catch her watching his face as he draws.. it steps on the landscape.. SUMMER How would you change it? TOM There’s a million things. this is torture. Summer gives him a pen from her purse and the underside of her arm. Patrick’s is its humility. Show me.. who have ridden together to work. . She’s attracted to his enthusiasm. stand outside the building. Tom thinks about this..

She begins to sing the theme song to “The A-Team.O./ Hi. SUMMER It doesn’t matter to me.) I remember! INT COPY ROOM .O.LATER Tom at his cubicle with the one architecture sketch. Summer joins the co-worker and walks in. Co-Worker doesn’t see. BOTH (like nothing’s up) Hey.49.DAY Summer is on her cell phone in the office copy room. SUMMER You wanna -TOM No you go first. INT OFFICE . CO-WORKER Hey Summer. Tom. Tom is crazy about her. Hello? TOM SUMMER (V. A CO-WORKER passes.” That’s it! TOM (V. The phone rings and he picks it up. SUMMER (to Co-Worker) So how’s it going? She turns back to look at Tom on the way. TOM Whatever you want. She sticks out her tongue to be cute.) .

Why not? SUMMER . The smile on his face is the biggest we’ve seen yet. it’s a mess. SUMMER This is not at all as easy as it looks. They’re trying to stable themselves. (77) INT VIRGIN MEGASTORE . SHOWER . They fall on top of each other laughing. INT TOM’S CUBICLE .NIGHT Tom and Summer wander through the aisles. Summer and Tom are trying to have sex in the shower. Turns without a word and leaves.SAME Tom listening to her sing. MCKENZIE Your girl is losing it. (68) INT. Tom is too wrapped up in the phone call to acknowledge him. grip something so as not to fall.LATER We just see the curtain. TOM There’s no way. McKenzie enters and sees her singing into the phone. McKenzie comes over. Ow! TOM The curtain rips and the bar comes crashing down. elbows are flying.50. but we can see their silhouettes behind it.

watching the movie. Tom and Summer start to make out a bit. possible? (79) ..51. SUMMER’S APARTMENT . Why? SUMMER TOM Cause nobody loves Ringo. Both are excited and looking forward to this.LATER Tom and Summer get comfortable.20 MINUTES LATER Tom and Summer. I love Ringo. SUMMER’S APARTMENT . the credits roll. Summer drags Tom into the curtained-off “Porn” section. SUMMER Is that. SUMMER (flirtatious) This got great reviews. (beat) Ooh. TOM “Octopus’s Garden?” You may as well just say “Piggies?” SUMMER I told you. INT. They’ve even got popcorn. CUT TO: INT. SUMMER That’s what I love about him. The movie starts. TOM You’re insane. She picks up a box.. both keeping an eye on the TV. Intently.

PAUL So what’s going on with you and Summer? TOM I don’t know. guys. what. McKenzie. Her name is Robyn. in fact I do. INT SPORTS BAR .NIGHT Tom. Mckenzie and Paul are having a drink. In fact girls are repulsed by me. PAUL Is she your girlfriend? TOM I wouldn’t say that. how about you? PAUL Why yes. TOM It is when you’ve been with the same girl since high school. MCKENZIE What would you say? TOM Like. PAUL You’ve been “seeing” this girl. Watch. PAUL It’s not an unreasonable question. PAUL And you haven’t discussed it? . Paul. do you have a girlfriend? MCKENZIE No I do not. are we “going steady?” Come on.52. two months now? TOM Something like that. See Tom. We’re adults. it’s easy.

Summer and I. TOM No. It’ll be fine... Oh dude. You’re gonna need to discuss it. Maybe. “Boyfriend. Beat. TOM MCKENZIE . TOM No! She’s not.. Like what? Normal. Do you want her to be your girlfriend? Tom takes a second to think about this...53.. We’re not like that. We don’t need to label it. She’s not the girlfriend type. PAUL Hanging out?! TOM Yeah.. PAUL MCKENZIE TOM We’ve just been. We’re adults. hanging out.. TOM I don’t know.. Guys..we know how we feel. PAUL Well let me ask you this then. MCKENZIE I heard her Hansen. look.” That stuff is very. girlfriend. juvenile. MCKENZIE Have you made her a CD yet? (beat) Maybe. MCKENZIE You’re so gay.

Help me. This is the kinda stuff that always gets me in trouble. That’s what happened with me and Sean. TOM Who the f--! Never mind. RACHEL You were saying? TOM My thinking is. Like saying to a girl “I love you. I need solid female advice. (80) EXT FIELD . that’s like the kiss of death. PAUL You really need to have that talk..” RACHEL I know what you mean. you know me.54. If we start putting labels on it.DAY Rachel is playing field hockey on the 7th grade team. .. Tom is watching from behind the players’ bench. why rock the boat? Things are going well. RACHEL TOM Yeah but. A whistle blows and Rachel comes back and sits down. I’m 12. TOM Who the hell’s Sean? RACHEL My boyfriend before Mark.

RACHEL Thomas. TOM That son of a bitch. RACHEL You see what I mean? The whistle blows again and Rachel gets up to go back on the field. wait! I need her. On Tom..55. we: CUT TO: . Is it worse to get the wrong answer now. or find out in a month she has a date coming up with Lars from Norway? TOM Who’s Lars? RACHEL He’s a professional surfer with Brad Pitt’s face and Jesus’s abs. (shouting to Rachel) Rachel. what do you think I should do? RACHEL (calling back) Just don’t be a pussy. RACHEL Later dude. ‘are we boyfriend/girlfriend?’ You’re just afraid you’ll get an answer you don’t want and that will shatter your illusions of how good everything’s been these past few months. TOM Coach. RACHEL Hmm. basically you do want to ask the question.. Is that about right? TOM (beat) Something like that. So. no. tell me this.

INT TOM’S CAR . They’re silent a few beats. SUMMER He takes a deep breath.56. Tom’s hand is on the gear shift. Tom listens and Tom watches Summer listening. He’s about to go on when: Wait! SUMMER Summer finds on the radio a particular song. the way her eyes close during certain notes. . the way she sings along. the way her smile rises and falls like she could cry at any minute from being overwhelmingly happy or just simply overwhelmed.) SUMMER Whoa. And begins. You sure? TOM SUMMER He’s not..THAT NIGHT Tom and Summer driving on the Golden Gate. I’ve gotta ask you something. It’s too beautiful. And it is. Ok. Oh my god. Tom is very conflicted and we can see it in his face. He clenches his teeth. SUMMER TOM SUMMER Are you ok? Yeah. Hi.. TOM Summer. Tom is powerless to stop his feelings for this girl. She puts hers there and locks it with his. (”Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley. There’s something about this moment. if you must know. We can’t talk during this song. before: Hi.

Perhaps you’ve turned to drinking or even drugs. (172) INT PARTY . starting to get that unshaven. APARTMENT . He grabs just about every one of them.M. CUT TO: (272-286) INT. smiles. not in a sexual way but of the attention they’re getting from her.” We know. He misses that attention. drinking with. You’ve been sad and depressed for weeks. TIME CUTS reveal that Summer is talking with. He reads from one called “Six Steps to Getting Over Him. Tom sits in his bed eating ice cream. “In life I know there’s lots of grief/ but your love is my relief. BOOKSTORE . Now what? Should you binge on rocky road and watch soaps all day?” SECONDS LATER.DAY Tom. He leafs through some of the titles. . He continues to read. And nothing’s helped. Tom notices.57. laughing with. INT. as well as he does: he will ask nothing tonight.LATER Tom has more than fifty self-help books on a shelf by his bed. wanders through the self-help section. Marley sings: B. but he’s clearly jealous.” TOM (V.) “So he broke your heart. and possibly flirting with many of them.O. It’s been a while.NIGHT Tom and Summer are in a LARGE CIRCLE OF PEOPLE at a party. pretends it doesn’t mean anything. unkempt look.

we have found the six most effective ways to get over that lost love and make room in your heart for a new man to fill. TOM (V. He may as well be jogging in place. The body’s release of endorphins will assuage the brain and provide a genuine sense of accomplishment and success. Channel all of your energies to the core of your being for a new understanding of the self and others. STREET . Charity.” He slowly puts the ice cream down.DAY Tom jogs. Those steps are:” EXT. Physical and Mental relaxation. TOM (V. Tom can’t even get the breathing right. TOM (V. HOMELESS SHELTER .) “Through extensive research.” . TOM (V.) “Three.O.” Cars pass him at top speed. Bicycles breeze by him.O.NIGHT Tom is taking a yoga class. INT.O.O. Exercise. Reach out! You are not alone in your pain. TOM (V.) “Two.) “No you should not. Everyone else in the class seems at peace.DAY Tom feels good about himself as he gives out food to the homeless.58. A child on a big wheel soars past.O.) “One. YOGA CENTER . INT.” This shit is really fucking hard when you’re as inflexible as Tom.

LATER Tom is painting the walls of his now nearly bare apartment.DAY Tom backpacks alone in the forest. TOM (V. INFORMATION BUBBLES pop up on the screen to point out that Tom is standing in POISON OAK. Tom starts to itch.” This is it. Redecorate.) “Six. Take some time to see another environment. There’s a RUSTY BEAR TRAP a step ahead of him. It’s a beautiful world. TOM (V. He doesn’t really want new shoes.. TOM (V.DAY Tom stands in the center of a fashionable ladies shoe store.. FREEZE ON TOM. FOREST . Start anew. And in the distance a HUNTER has Tom sized up in his rifle sight.O. Indulge!” ANGLE ON TOM. Even these two somehow found each other. Next in line is a HOMELESS COUPLE holding hands.O. Confused. APARTMENT . EXT. Tom looks up to the tops of the trees where the sunlight is peeking in and takes a deep breath.) “Four. It will be for you again someday. A TICK on his leg.” He’s focused on his task and in fact seems pretty good at it...you know you want to. INT SHOE STORE . Shoe Shopping! Ladies. just sorta standing there. Tom spirits immediately fall. UNFREEZE. he’s finally found some peace. . A giant POISONOUS SNAKE creeping up behind him.) “Five.O.59. Travel. INT. Get perspective.

TOM I just don’t get women’s fashion nowadays. you will have discovered your inner strength and should be ready to move on. Do you? On some. those annoying hats.) “By taking these few steps.O. . well-built. the giant hoop earrings. SUMMER People think it looks good.NIGHT Summer and Tom stand by the bar.” We pull back to REVEAL Tom has painted a giant mural of Summer on his wall. Everybody with the tattoos. (145) INT CROWDED BAR . He looks at the self-help book and dropkicks it. GOOD-LOOKING DOUCHEBAG GUY has suddenly appeared next to them. TOM (V. Explain this to me. SUMMER Yeah? What if I started wearing berets and got a huge butterfly tattoo on my leg? TOM (beat) Please don’t. TOM SUMMER TOM I like how you dress. A tall. I bet you can hardly remember his face at all.60.

let me buy you a drink. DOUCHE I’ve never seen you here before. SUMMER DOUCHE How’s it going? Ok. The Guy notices. That’s funny. Tom smiles to himself. This guy’s a tool. DOUCHE Ha. At this point he’s more amused than concerned. . SUMMER Tom puts his hands in his pockets and watches this exchange go down. DOUCHE You live around here? SUMMER Yeah not too far. SUMMER No thank you. Hey. Hey. Not sure what else to do. As she answers Summer gives a quick glance over to Tom. Nothing to worry about.61. DOUCHE So. DOUCHE (to Summer) Tom and Summer stop talking. SUMMER You’re not too perceptive. DOUCHE Are you with this guy? Tom realizes he has to sort of say something now. Up to this point he had not connected the two of them together. uh.

coupled with the challenge to his manhood in front of the woman he loves. I’m just not interested. TOM (beat) Hi. ok? DOUCHE It’s a free country. almost automatic RIGHT CROSS TO THE GOOD LOOKING DOUCHEBAG’S FACE. All the pent up uncertainty and confusion. DOUCHE You’re serious? This guy? And now he’s pissed. decides to cut the silence. I’m flattered. Summer and Tom make eye contact again. Both Douche and Tom wince at the pain (Douche’s chin. DOUCHE Whatever. all manifests in one single. Tom.62. (to Summer) Come on. Tom’s fist). . What are you drinking? SUMMER Sorry. one drink. Which connects spot on and sends the Douche reeling. I’m Tom. panicked. as if to say “now what?” After a beat: DOUCHE So you and him. Now why don’t you go back over there and leave us alone. solid. huh? I can’t believe that. TOM Hey buddy -SUMMER (to the Douche) Don’t be rude. Is this guy really your boyfriend? And that question hangs in the air. Tom is pleased. no thank you.

TOM You’re mad at me? I just got my ass kicked for you.A FEW MINUTES LATER Having been thrown out. What is it? SUMMER I can’t believe you. protecting me? Next time Tommy. Guess I’m gonna have to throw out this shirt. And then the Douche spins around and starts PUMMELLING TOM. Why didn’t you just let me handle it? TOM I don’t know. Tom is a bloody mess. granted. I fight my own battles. What? TOM SUMMER You were so completely uncool in there. don’t. Summer and Tom exit the place.63. TOM Come on. TOM Did you see that punch? I don’t know where it came from. Summer starts walking ahead and Tom notices for the first time she’s furious. There’s a beat of calm where Tom is actually sorta surprised. He was -- . CUT TO: EXT BAR . TOM Hey. SUMMER Oh that was for me? You were. I haven’t punched someone since Josh Greenberg in fifth grade. that guy was an asshole! SUMMER You didn’t have to hit him. but feels pretty great about it. what.

TOM (to Onlookers) I got one good shot in. TOM (calling to her) I just got my ass kicked! Only the CROWD outside the bar hear this. SUMMER I’m tired.. This is why I don’t want a serious relationship. What was that? SUMMER Nothing. What. Tom waits for more.. not realizing he would be there. . She stops short. Look. Neither of them say a word as they go their separate ways. It doesn’t come.? TOM SUMMER I told you all along what I don’t want and it’s.. SUMMER See.64. TOM Whoa. But maybe it’s gone too. TOM (genuine) Hi. I like you Tom. OFFICE . Summer walks in. I like this. What we’ve been doing. Can we talk about this tomorrow? It’s silent..LATER Tom is in the photocopy room with a bandage on his nose. He doesn’t know what to do or say or think... (146 & 147) INT.

I can’t believe you! SUMMER (re: copies) Are you almost done? TOM Yeah. TOM You know what. Sometimes you really don’t make any sense. She’s on the phone. He looks back but she isn’t looking. BOTH APARTMENTS . LATER. I’m all done.65. TOM SUMMER TOM Nothing else is said.THAT NIGHT Left: Tom tosses and turns in his sleep. TOM Holy shit you are. packed up to go... Tom walks out. Summer. TOM Wait. When she looks back at him. (cold) SUMMER What’s up? Nothing.INT. . LATER. walks over to Tom’s cubicle but he’s already gone. He wants to stop and say something but she’s busy. Ok. Passes Summer’s desk. She never knew he was there. Tom about to leave the office.. SPLITSCREEN . Hi.. he’s gone. are you still mad at me? SUMMER (rolling her eyes) Tom. He starts to walk out. He walks on.

SUMMER Say you’re sorry. INT TOM’S BEDROOM . TOM Summer.... Right: Summer looks at her phone.. Anyone who does is a liar. I need to know you won’t wake up tomorrow and feel a different way. concerned. we don’t have to label what we’re doing. I need I know SUMMER TOM Consistency. A beat. It doesn’t. and goes to answer it. Left: Tom picks up the phone. TOM I am. He hits the “sleep” button but the buzzing isn’t coming from his alarm. .. Right: Summer lies awake. Me too. SUMMER I can only tell you how I feel right now. Is about to dial when he stops himself and hangs up. Nobody can. He gets up. I just. staring at the ceiling. SUMMER I can’t promise you that.. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk. Huh? TOM SUMMER Say you’re sorry for acting like a jerk.66. It’s his door. willing it to ring.HOURS LATER Tom is awakened by a buzzer. It’s Summer. or I can show you. SUMMER Ok.

TOM Have you ever had a real “boyfriend?” What? SUMMER TOM A boyfriend. He thinks about it for a second. SUMMER TOM Tell me about them. Is this enough to assuage his doubts? Damn it. “Going steady. yeah.67. You know what I mean. INT TOM’S BEDROOM . SUMMER You wanna have the relationship history conversation? Yes. TOM Come on. Oh no way. she wins again.. She comes in and kisses him.” Whatever. SUMMER Well. TOM More than one? A few. He shuts the door in our faces. TOM SUMMER You sure about that? .THE NEXT MORNING Tom and Summer in the wee hours. I’m interested. Why? SUMMER TOM SUMMER Cause there’s nothing to tell..

A swarthy Italian posing in front of a Vespa moped in tight Gucci pants. I don’t know. .” INSERT: Still photograph of THE PUMA. TOM Quarterback slash homecoming king? SUMMER He was a rower. SUMMER Ok... And then? SUMMER Well. Daniele Belardelli. there was Markus. cause. for a short time in college. Playing the guitar on stage in Motley Crue. his boner clearly trying to escape. (beat) And. INSERT: Still photograph of MARKUS.. TOM Ok. INSERT: Still photograph of KURT. Why not? I can take it. AKA “The Puma. Very hot. Yeah. you know. Or at least how he appears in Tom’s mind. And he doesn’t want to know. there was Kurt. my semester in Rome. SUMMER That didn’t really go anywhere. about to throw the winning touchdown pass. in high school. TOM What happened to Markus? SUMMER He works for the Republican party. Very successful. Arm cocked. Well.68. TOM No.. The Puma? TOM SUMMER Yeah. Just not for me. Tom has no idea. As Tom envisions him.

INT TROLLEY . .DAY A trolley going the other direction passes by. He turns a corner and sees Summer walking towards him. INT. BEDROOM . Tom is a fucking mess. (302) EXT RESTAURANT . Did he want to hear that? CUT TO: (290s) EXT. Her name is ALLISON. Tom could swear the actress was Summer. EVERY PASSENGER ON IT IS SUMMER.LATER Tom watches TV. STREET . It’s clear right away that Tom can’t wait for this night to end already. TOM What happened? Why didn’t they work out? SUMMER Nothing happened really. TOM And that’s it? SUMMER The ones that lasted.69. On TOM. walks by himself. un-showered. Life. An advertisement for toothpaste comes on. Silent for a few beats. unshaven. It’s what always happens.DAY Tom.NIGHT Tom and an attractive girl we haven’t seen before walk towards an outdoor cafe. As she gets closer he sees it’s not her after all and breathes a sigh of relief.

Sorry. ALISON So how long have you known Paul and Robyn? TOM Since grade school. ALISON You’ve been pretty quiet. Yeah.LATER Tom and Alison eat. really? That’s crazy. TOM INT RESTAURANT . TOM ALISON Well I’m glad you called.. ALISON So..70. Great. It’s nice sometimes to be comfortable enough that you can just sit and eat and not have to say anything. More silence. Beat... They spoke very highly of you. TOM TOM ALISON I’m pretty quiet too. ALISON No way. Usually.uh. ALISON Do you want to try some -TOM . In silence. how’s it going? Ok. you know? Uh-huh.

She’s all I think about. every second really.. she wrecked me. I don’t know if you can tell but it was pretty recent and I’m still kinda thinking about her. it makes both structures so much more beautiful side by side like that... but to me... I thought things were fine.71.. Summer turns and looks directly at the CAMERA. you know? I see her everywhere. Tom keeps talking. I wasn’t before. . TOM I’m sorry. there’s this girl. ALISON TOM I’m not usually like this.(BACK ON DAY 51) Summer and Tom stand on the street corner looking at the buildings. ALISON (disappointed) Well maybe you should think about. Cause I totally didn’t see it coming. Oh.. TOM Alison looks at her food. So now I keep going through every day in my mind.. TOM A lot of people have problems with this. TOM I can’t get her out of my head. What went wrong? Is it my fault? Could I have prevented it somehow? EXT TRANSAMERICA BUILDING . Tom realizes he’s been difficult. someone else. And it’s horrible. starts to feel kinda bad. Wondering. who could cheer you up. No thanks. Long story short. It’s just.

I’ll just nod my head and pretend to listen while secretly dreaming about the many ways I can one day rip out your heart and eat it like the rabid vampire I am. TOM Maybe there were things I could have said or done. Bored and unfulfilled. INT ELEVATOR ..NIGHT . Waiter! ALISON TOM Or. .(FROM DAY 39) From the scene in which Tom and Summer first slept together.SAME Tom and Alison. SUMMER While you continue to talk about buildings and whatever other bullshit interests you. Wide awake. Christ. you know? INT SUMMER’S BEDROOM . Summer lies next to him.SAME Tom and Alison. He’s sleeping like a baby. TOM (beat) How was your weekend? SUMMER (winks at him) It was good. INT RESTAURANT .(FROM DAY 22) Tom and Summer ride in silence for a few beats.DAY . INT RESTAURANT . maybe she was never that interested in me to begin with. Alison is desperately trying to get a drink.72.. I don’t know. probably the best sleep he’s had in a long while.

All that stuff. ALISON Me? Well I grew up -TOM So what do you think? Did I do something? Did I not do something? What can I do now? I. who with.SAME TOM Anyway.. TOM Actually she was never my girlfriend. I’m sure it’s tough getting over an ex-girlfriend. that’s what it does. TOM Sure..73. And the thing is.. now that you know where the holes are you can start to fill them. Where I’m going.. I’ve been talking non-stop. If I’m acting strange. that’s why. Now Alison is really confused. INT RESTAURANT . When I was with Summer. you know? My life. (beat) Hey.. ALISON (beat) (MORE) . I never even noticed how much of my life was missing! Isn’t that weird? ALISON You were in love. none of that mattered. TOM I just. I still don’t know anything. where I want to end up.. You talk. I thought I’d have figured it out by now. ALISON It’s ok. But. sorry.. And it’s right around the part where Tom starts totally cracking up..

and plucks a grey hair from his head.. He makes some faces into the mirror. finds. said you felt trapped! Alison sits by herself in a booth trying to hide her face. CUT TO: (219) INT TOM’S BATHROOM .LATER Tom is.74.g.” I’m talking about you Summer! On Alison. A punkish pop song plays in the b. Satisfied. having the worst date ever. He brushes his teeth with aplomb. on stage singing another song by The Clash.. He tucks his shirt into his pants. He’s excited. TOM (suddenly excited) Oh! You know what we should do. TOM “You didn’t stand by me! Not at all! You didn’t stand by me. “Train in Vain. ALISON (cont'd) You wanna get out of here? I know this great. he grabs his coat and hits the street. He looks for. INT KARAOKE BAR .. that he occasionally boogies down to.” Not so much singing as having a nervous breakdown to music. TOM “You said you’d stand by your man!/So tell me something I don’t understand.NIGHT Tom is getting dressed for a big fancy night out. . You said you loved me!/And that’s a fact! And then you left me.. He ties his tie. yes.

SAME Summer on the cell as she enters her apartment. EXT SAN FRANCISCO STREET . go to dinner.SAME Tom walking in the Spring air. about tonight. maybe. What? Why? TOM SUMMER I’m just really tired and I’ve gotta go in early tomorrow. I mean. She looks like she’s coming back from the gym... INTERCUT WITH: INT SUMMER’S APARTMENT . The phone rings. He’s trying to keep his frustration from being audible. You don’t want to just.. And this place is fancy right? TOM (touching his tie) Sorta. Seriously. SUMMER Hey it’s me. Listen. You having a good day? SUMMER I am thank you.. TOM Hello me. . no longer moving. Would you be super mad at me if we went out this weekend instead? TOM Well. you’ve gotta eat right? SUMMER I’m not really that hungry. do you mind? Tom is standing still now. feeling good.75. I think I might just stay in and go to bed early. SUMMER I’d rather not.

(beat) Hey. Philosophers.. alright? Sure. As long as she’s cute and she’s willing...76.. birthday. Not atrocious. CUT TO: CU MCKENZIE. RACHEL That’s a pretty complex question. TOM Hey. Whatever you want to do. We met in elementary school. Happy. Tom’s head sinks into his chest. I don’t know. cute is a strong word. CU RACHEL. Yet another frustrating night. no.. We had the same class schedule in the 7th grade and we just.. that’s cool. TALKING DIRECTLY TO THE CAMERA DOCUMENTARY STYLE PAUL I just got lucky I guess. SUMMER Thank you. poets. CUT TO: CU PAUL. TOM SUMMER Great. TOM Good night. But the line is dead. So we’ll talk tomorrow. don’t they? (MORE) . MCKENZIE Love? Shit. Good night Tom. right? Actually. scientists. everybody has a theory. clicked.

Give me a break! CU MCKENZIE MCKENZIE I’m just saying.. Pretty smart. could like sports a little more. Come on! We’ve been fed this nonsense for generations to the point where it’s now genetically encoded in our very beings. CU VANCE. VANCE.. And what does it mean? Absolutely nothing. I’ve been happily married for 30 years.” no. I really need some ass. (beat) No someone else wrote it. I’m desperate. The girl of my dreams would have a better rack. Nietzsche also said “Kill the Jews. CU SUMMER SUMMER Ok I’m sick of this love shit. but there is also. Robyn’s better than the girl of my dreams...” Think about it. CU TOM.” So there’s that. (beat) You got nothing? CU PAUL PAUL I wouldn’t say “the girl of my dreams.always some reason in madness.. Doesn’t make it less true. (beat) Yes it is from one of our cards.77. truth is. Probably different hair. (beat) You know why? Cause she’s real.. But.. She’s the light that guides me home. Although. RACHEL (cont'd) I kinda like what Nietzsche said: “There is always some madness in love. ..

A QUICK 5 second recap of the earlier color sequence.LATER All of the people who work in here are MIDDLE AGED WOMEN. Just stands there. they are standing around one desk where Tom sits writing everyone’s cards.. .. “Everyday you make me proud. We go right into: ANIMATION. But I’ve run out of ways to say it. (101) INT OFFICE . don’t you have like twenty bar mitzvah cards to write? TOM Nope.” “well done. He says nothing. you get a card. “Good job.” He’s about to keep going when he pauses.” “way to go”.” MCKENZIE (beat) Shit.78. TOM No worries. What are you working on? MCKENZIE Congratulations. But today.. MCKENZIE Hansen. That’s not bad.DAY Tom is wandering through the office whistling. TOM Why don’t you try. So confused. All done.. Tom walks by the room marked “Weddings and Anniversaries. Currently. I got nothing. INT WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES SUITE .

LATER ANGLE ON TOM writing furiously at a computer terminal. INT RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS WING . and sizzly mocha queen!” (beat) How’s that? The AFRICAN-AMERICAN MAHOGANY WRITERS are impressed.. She waves. TOM This is good Millie. sista girl.. TOM Did you try.. the love of my life. I was thinking though. why not try something like. INT OFFICE HALLWAY . spice it up a little. .LATER Tom passes Summer at her desk... EMPLOYEE #1 Tom says something totally in Yiddish.. sheen.LATER Workers are again all gathered around Tom. “To my wife. No one knows what the hell he just said except for one Employee who bursts out in tears of joy. He’s so in love with her. I love you. TOM “. He waves back. INT ANOTHER WING . “Merry?” ALL Whoa/Perfect/Yes! TOM What else you got? Passover.“ That’s very nice. Happy birthday to the lean.79. The Women clutch their heart like they might faint.aint no woman got what you got. “Everyday that we don’t meet is meaningless and incomplete.” You know.

I want to see some open wounds. TOM Suddenly. What? TOM SUMMER And here they come. TOM You really want to see this? SUMMER It sounds amazing. all stabbing and shit. damn it. I want carnage. It’s pretty cool. TOM It’s. Hey! SARAH . Sarah and Martin. Ok. Exactly. MAHOGANY WRITER #1 Something’s gotten into you son! TOM Yeah. SUMMER TOM SUMMER All you take me to are sappy little romances. Oh shit. Fantastic.80. like. Tom’s mom and step-dad. Tom’s face registers a noticeable panic. (222) EXT MOVIE THEATRE . Tom sees something at the front of the line.NIGHT Tom and Summer in line to buy tickets.

SARAH You going to see the serial killer one? SUMMER Yes we are. Summer smiles. SUMMER And now Martin weighs in with his own hug. You too. SARAH Great! Should we save you seats? Again. SARAH Summer! Well hello! We’ve heard so much about you! It’s so good to finally meet you. I don’t know if “girlfriend” is the right word. this has become incredibly awkward for Tom and for Summer. Why is he hugging me? MARTIN (to Tom) Is this the girlfriend? Tom is caught like a deer in headlights. Tom notices Summer’s face growing increasingly concerned. . SUMMER Absolutely. Martin. TOM Mom. Sarah hugs and kisses her son.. Sarah hugs Summer. Sarah and Martin are delighted at this coincidence. Maybe this will be ok. TOM (looking at Summer) Hi Mom.81.. this is Summer. What can he do? TOM Well this is the girl friend I’ve told you about.

Tom sees that Summer is distraught. SUMMER Did you tell them I was your girlfriend? TOM What?! No way. Then she walks ahead of him into the theatre... . Tom tries to look at her. He’s forced to follow. When they’re out of earshot. to make eye contact. Why is none of this easy? CUT TO: INT MOVIE THEATRE . ANGLE ON THE MOVIE SCREEN.. TOM Sorry about that. like she’s disappointed or even angry at him for something. SARAH Ok. SUMMER Does he hug all your friends? There’s that word again. We’ll see you inside. We see a BLACK AND WHITE FILM. Summer’s face is cold. It’s fine. Summer looks at Tom.82. I never used that word. Martin in a row. Tom. as conflicted as ever. something.loving. Sarah..LATER Summer. why is your step-dad giving me a hug? TOM He’s very. SUMMER They seemed to think. emotionless. Tom gives up and watches the movie... Answer-less. SUMMER TOM You wanna go do something else? We can totally bolt. I mean. She knows he’s looking but it doesn’t make her head turn his way.

No. (228) INT CLUB . It’s a MAN racing down the street. Summer is on the dance floor. Tom stands off to the side looking miserable. SUMMER So you’re pissed? TOM I’m not pissed. she’s dancing with everyone. God. white shirt dripping with sweat and clearly a little high on one thing or another. TOM Where were you an hour ago? I might have danced then. TOM SUMMER Come on! I wanna dance with you. Though she’s not really dancing with anyone in particular.. SUMMER Then why are you here? . Finally she comes over. fleeing from an unseen assassin. you know I hate this shit. SUMMER I’m dancing. violent. He dies an elaborate.83.. When he turns around we see the man is TOM. Summer. SUMMER You’re not having any fun.NIGHT Rave music blares. Come on. I’ve been standing here by myself this whole time and you didn’t look over once. Bullets fly and he’s hit repeatedly in the back while running away like Belmondo in BREATHLESS. TOM You’re having enough for both of us. horrible on-screen death. I haven’t danced in ages.

LATER. Tom! SUMMER But when he doesn’t turn around she just shakes it off and starts dancing again. He grimaces. He doesn’t even look up.we’re doing it. Cartoon Bird returns but Tom swats it away. He walks off. She feels some guilt for a second. Tom is a sad. Tom walks by a COUPLE making out on a bench. He walks by a sign that says “TODAY ONLY: FREE BEER. almost trying to cheer him up.84.. Tom walks down the street. The WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN stops to ask him for directions. Though it’s sunny and warm.” He doesn’t even stop. We can still hear the music blaring from the club. more accurately. Go home. Ron Howard’s brother Clint looks back. Or. He checks out his reflection in a window.. TOM This is what you wanted to do so. Summer is in there. Tom is alone. .MORNING The worst morning ever. Tom is outside in the rain. TOM (hurt) That’s real nice. You’re a buzzkill standing there pouting. SUMMER Yeah well. I didn’t need a chaperone. EXT STREET . (251) FADE UP: “YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE” by Hall and Oates. There’s still Hall and Oates following Tom. broken man and the world is an awful place. He can’t believe it’s come to this. Tom sulks down the street.

Has something happened to you recently? TOM What do you mean? VANCE A death in the family. TOM You wanted to see me. INT VANCE’S OFFICE . Does this have something to do with Summer leaving. Tom’s parade of supporters. The Cartoon Bird takes a cartoon shit on Tom’s shoulder. Tom tries to kill the bird.anything like that? No. Vance? VANCE Yes Hansen. I don’t mean to pry.DAY Tom has been called into the Principal’s office. Can’t even manage that. He miserably sits down at his desk. someone taken ill. Ok.SAME He passes Summer desk on the way in. all of them shake their heads and give him disapproving looks. TOM VANCE. .85.. My assistant. Mayor McCheese. INT OFFICE . Mr.. Who? TOM VANCE. TOM VANCE Look. She’s no longer there. The Postman. Sit down. tries to work but he ends up just staring into space.

sadness. TOM I’m not following..” Now. He quickly ushers him out of the office.. Relax Hansen.. He hands him some sympathy cards.. (reads from a card on his desk) “Roses are Red... Whaddaya say? Good? Good. Well. VANCE That’s ok. TOM (faking badly) Your..? VANCE. perhaps you could channel your energy into.86. TOM Funerals and sympathy? VANCE Misery. ..everyone knows.. TOM Ok. The reason I’m asking. a little off. Fuck You Whore. no. Tom. loss of faith. Nevermind.. this. I understand that.. Vance.. Violets are Blue.. lately your work performance has been.. Things for me have been a little difficult. I was just thinking. VANCE For example..most shoppers on Valentine’s Day --TOM Mr.. no. here’s something you wrote last week. adequate writers. it’s perfect for you.. are you firing me? VANCE No.. no reasons to live. You’re one of our most.. Now back to work you go. I’m sorry....

.. PAUL We have news.87. Most days have no real impact on the course of a life...better.lately you’ve been. NARRATOR (V.) Most days of the year are entirely unremarkable.. NARRATOR (V. TOM What’s going on? Neither one answers him. Finally. TOM MCKENZIE It’s about her.DAY Tom walks in to find Paul and McKenzie at a table. Tom stops his push-ups to answer it.. TOM Do I want to hear it? PAUL Thats what we wanted to ask you.MORNING Tom wakes up. INT DELI . They begin and they end without creating a single lasting memory.O. He gets his bearings and then quickly rolls onto the floor and begins a brief push-up routine. They look extremely nervous.O. MCKENZIE It’s just. . The phone rings. Ok.) May 8th was a Saturday. They look at each other. (383) INT TOM’S BEDROOM .

thank you. There was nothing I could do. I loved her.88. Shit. we: CUT TO: EXT DELI . The way I wanted. MCKENZIE Leave those dogs alone Tom! TOM You guys. really. MCKENZIE So maybe it’s best we don’t ever bring her up again. I’m. she just isn’t the kind of girl who can settle down with one person and be happy. MCKENZIE TOM It can’t be.. But I’ve accepted the fact that she and I were just two very different people who wanted very different things. I appreciate what you’re saying and. And she probably never will. It’s impossible! It is. I wanted to get serious.. TOM There’s no fucking way! Tom.SECONDS LATER Tom comes charging out of the place with his friends following behind. PAUL . look. PAUL You’ve been much much better. I’ve been crazy. Mckenzie and Paul just sit there. PAUL Just let sleeping dogs lie. for putting up with me these past few months. Now more uncomfortable than ever. On Tom. And I know now.

He sees ANOTHER COUPLE entwined on a bench. OJ. He throws his cell phone off his balcony.89. (386) INT SUPERMARKET . buys milk. TOM How do you know? On Tom’s pained face we. . taking pictures out of frames and tearing them apart. He drinks an entire bottle of red wine.SAME Tom sees a COUPLE kissing on the sidewalk. He snaps. He sees a THIRD COUPLE walking towards him holding hands. Finally he collapses on the bed. and twinkies. (384) INT TOM’S BEDROOM The half-destroyed alarm clock goes off. He winces. EXT STREET .. Tom hits the off button.DAY Tom. He tries to find something to kick and can’t. in a robe and boxer shorts. CUT TO: INT TOM’S BEDROOM Tom is going apeshit in his room. He’s ripping down posters. It’s killing him. He punches the wall. The CLERK eyes him suspiciously.. (385) INT TOM’S BEDROOM Same exact thing. cigarettes. Jack Daniels.

TOM MCKENZIE MCKENZIE TOM I’m out of twinkies. TOM Go. We PAN ACROSS to see Tom is wide awake. He can’t muster responses. People pass and say hello. He probably hasn’t slept in a day or so.. where? .. TOM Jesus Christ people! Get a room! They look at this lunatic in his robe and quickly walk away. MCKENZIE Do you need anything? Twinkies? Sorry. Are you ok? TOM What? Oh yeah. wearing sunglasses and the clothes he slept in. (387) INT TOM’S BEDROOM Alarm clock. MCKENZIE I’ve been calling every five minutes. He has no reaction to the alarm. MCKENZIE Well let’s go. Great. At his desk. INT OFFICE . Tom! Nothing.LATER Tom actually wanders in to work.90.

First we see.” CO-WORKER This one says “Go for it!” She clicks to the next slide. showing slides that have something to do with a cat in various poses. “Cat Reaching Up for Out-of-Reach Milk Bowl. A female CO-WORKER. Good job Rhoda. 50s. INT BOARDROOM . Now..” CO-WORKER And this one says “You can do it!” We have a whole line of inspirational cards featuring Pickles. He’s in his usual boardroom position. The Winter collection.. I really don’t.no. We see “Cat Considering a Giant Leap. I agree.. VANCE. which is to say.LATER Tom sits next to McKenzie and across from Vance. “Cat Hanging From Tree Branch. TOM (reacting to his name) Hmm? VANCE. Hansen. She takes her seat.” CO-WORKER This one says “Don’t give up!” Click. MCKENZIE It’s Thursday. VANCE. We haven’t heard from “Sympathy” in a while. my cat. stands at the front of the room in mid-presentation. who’s next. Thank you. Really inspirational stuff. near comatose. You have nothing? . You have anything to contribute? TOM Uh.91.. I think people will really enjoy them.

and Rhoda.. It’s suicidal. It’s bad enough writing these things for people. TOM Well I wouldn’t say nothing. We’ll come back to you. TOM Can I say something about the cat? VANCE Well sure. you know I mean no disrespect.92. (disappointed) Oh.. Tom! MCKENZIE TOM “Don’t give up?” “You can do it?” He points to the screen.. That’s the last thing I want to be doing with my life.k. He tries that jump.? Yes Tom. Go ahead. Actually.. still showing the “Cat About to Leap” image... VANCE Hansen. this is total shit.. TOM This here is. VANCE.. that’s about right. but this.. We don’t cut down our coworkers -TOM That’s cause we’re liars! It’s what we do here. VANCE. TOM This isn’t inspirational. I’m writing a sympathy card for that cat. Why don’t we level with people? Stop feeding them nonsense? .. this is a place of business. McKenzie -TOM You know what.

. And we provide the service that lets ‘em get away with that! Tom is getting excited. TOM Yes but think about it! Why do people buy these things? Not to say how they feel. CO-WORKER (RHODA) We’re a greeting card company. There’s paper and pens for that. Let’s open it up. “Happy Valentine’s Day.. what’s this? Ooh. Or they’re afraid to. seriously. “Congratulations on your new baby. Nice knowing ya... sit down! TOM (picks up a card) Wait.” What the hell? Let’s give em some truth. . Here’s a card so I get some credit in your time of need. People give these cards when they can’t say how they feel. what’s this. The rest of the room is growing uncomfortable... Or at least make them speak for themselves! I mean..93. (picks a card off the table) “I’m sorry to hear your grandmother has passed. TOM Think about it. Guess that’s it for hanging out. TOM I say to hell with it! Let’s level with America. buddy.. Something like.. I’m sure it makes up for the fact that grandma’s dead.” Oh that’s nice. (picks up another card) “Congratulations on your new baby..” VANCE Hansen. “Sorry to hear about your grandmother.” Vance and the card-writing team are appalled. fancy! Look at this one with all the hearts. How bout. I love you. Sweetheart.” Eh.

I would eat it. these movies. TOM I think we do a bad thing here. They’re responsible for all the lies. Tom! MCKENZIE Tom recognizes he’s losing his shit. I just can’t do it anymore.. I quit. in your own words. these cards. Vance. And sometimes people believe in this crap. without some strangers putting words in their mouths.. MCKENZIE TOM If someone gave me this card. Maybe there’s no such thing as love. TOM It’s all crap. TOM (beat) It’s these greeting cards. “galoogoo. how they really feel. so what?! Tom gets up and walks to the door. Mr. tell them yourself. We make and peddle crap.” (beat) Yeah I made it up. the heartache. People should be able to say how they feel. Vance. Sir.94.. Maybe it’s not love at all. everything! We’re responsible! Everyone shifts in their seats. There’s enough bullshit in the world without my help. You love someone. He takes a seat on the boardroom table.. these pop songs.. Mr. A card is a nice thought but it shouldn’t do the dirty work for you. Tom. . Maybe it’s.. The truth.

MCKENZIE TOM But. His face says one thing. Did I just do that?!” And then we. PAUL TOM How do you know? We know. TOM There’s no fucking way! Tom. Someone coughs. He stands out in front of the building.. “Holy shit.95. CUT TO: EXT BUILDING . . It’s May! We broke up last August. CUT TO: (383) EXT DELI . PAUL TOM And you said she was single at Christmas. I know..MINUTES LATER Tom comes outside with some boxes.SAME AS EARLIER Tom and his friends on the sidewalk outside the deli. It’s impossible! It is. The room is pretty stunned. And with that he gets up and walks off. MCKENZIE TOM It can’t be. It doesn’t really take. McKenzie tries to start a clap.

Literally. She was.. I know her too well. it can’t be.96.. Tom! MCKENZIE PAUL Let him go. Yeah.. PAUL TOM So everything she said. Where did they meet? Is it someone we know? No. His friends say nothing. It doesn’t make sense. MCKENZIE TOM Now she’s getting married. . She wouldn’t do that. Married? TOM PAUL It’s insane. Not her. TOM It’s impossible. ANGLE ON Tom walking away from them. his entire universe falls apart. All that stuff about.. PAUL I’m so sorry Tom. MCKENZIE TOM And now she’s. (beat) Fuck! TOM And with that he storms off.

He’s the only constant as the world around him is ERASED. Tom being accosted by two more Aunts. as if by an unseen force and reduced to nothing. RACHEL Your apple pies are really great. CUT TO: BLACK. some young. So Uncle Sid and Aunt Ro. They dance in a big circle and clap their hands.NIGHT Tom’s sister Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah. Tom and his family have formed a traditional Hora. Has he joined a cult? We are: INT BALLROOM . some old. beam by beam. And we fade up those famous OPENING BARS OF “HAVA NAGILA. CUT TO: LATER. come light candle number eight! ANGLE ON TOM sitting with his mom Sarah at the table. AUNT ANITA I can’t believe that. No girlfriend? . and some others. Mom looks at her son knowing something is wrong. Tom right in the mix trying hard to smile. Rachel is standing by a cake with a microphone.” (399) CU on a CIRCLE OF PEOPLE HOLDING HANDS. A chair is brought to the center and Rachel is lifted high above the circle by Tom. brick by brick. They clap. FX: BUILDINGS come crumbling down. The whole city turns to rubble.97. Tom catches her looking. his step-dad. CUT TO: LATER.

. When was that? July.. Are all those girls blind? AUNT BETSY My friend Mimi has a granddaughter. Bosom out to here -TOM Hey I appreciate that Aunt Betsy. I bet you have to beat em off with a stick. It’s just.. With a family. AUNT BETSY There’s girls everywhere. Yay high..98. AUNT ANITA Oh I’m sorry. I don’t know what it was. TOM Oh you’d be surprised. TOM I can’t believe it either! AUNT BETSY What are you 30? You should be married now. AUNT ANITA (actually squeezing his cheeks) Look at this punum. I recently got out of a. Lord knows I like bosoms. Great figure.seven months ago? AUNT ANITA Was it a man? What? TOM AUNT BETSY She’s means ‘are you a homosexual?’ .. What are you waiting for? TOM The right girl I guess.well.. TOM AUNT BETSY You mean.

. Rachel arrives in the nick of time. Where am I exactly? TOM When you turn 13 in the Jewish religion. Alone. TOM Well. RACHEL Hey brother. AUNT ANITA So how’s work? CUT TO: LATER.glad you came? SUMMER Of course. SUMMER (beat) So why aren’t you smiling? ANGLE ON TOM. The band plays “Lady in Red” and everyone’s dancing. He downs his drink in one gulp. When we’re back on Tom. he’s sitting with Summer. SUMMER Wow. Awkward. you officially become an adult. TOM No.99. dancing with a BOY. yeah. So this is a big day in your sister’s life. ANGLE ON RACHEL. CUT TO: LATER.. Tom at the bar. Still not smiling. TOM Pretty big. ANGLE ON Tom alone at the table.. Wanna dance? She drags him to the dance floor. Where’s that coming from? AUNT BETSY We just always wondered.

RACHEL (re: Summer’s engagement) I heard. my friends. Tight... TOM Anyway. RACHEL He sees a coven of 13-year olds swooning across the dance floor at him. How are you? TOM Me? I’m good. TOM Is that right? Look. Talk to me. Yeah. Yup. they’re all in love with you. TOM That’s nice. Hi.100. I’m great. TOM RACHEL TOM It’s silent a few beats. She hugs him. Sucks. . He doesn’t cry but he could. RACHEL TOM You having fun? You were great this morning. RACHEL Yeah yeah yeah. who cares about me? This is your day. RACHEL You know.

RACHEL What I tell ya? There are plenty other fish in the sea. go play with your friends. I think you’re just remembering the good stuff. right? I’m 13. But what do I know. The song ends.. Hmm? RACHEL TOM RACHEL I know you think she was the perfect girl for you.. (beat) I don’t. TOM I got news for you Rach..” TOM Are you making fun of me now? RACHEL No I’m serious. TOM Alright. That true love stuff. RACHEL You’ll be ok? TOM (lying) Sure. someday one might turn out to be your “true love. it’s make-believe. Tom. RACHEL Well that’s not very romantic. TOM Those are guppies. TOM It’s the new me.101. RACHEL Who knows... ..

TOM’S BEDROOM/ SUMMER’S BEDROOM .MORNING Tom is wide-awake. EXT PARK . Sure. What time is it? TOM 10:30. Hello? SUMMER TOM Are you still sleeping? SUMMER (groggy) I’m getting up. .. CUT TO: (240) SPLITSCREEN . finally. it’s cause we saw them here on page 7. The phone lays at her side and she angles towards it. fell apart. If it looks familiar. Hey. He holds the phone up to his ear. SUMMER TOM I’ll meet you at Liberty in. The day it all. Tom watches her go.DAY Tom and Summer are having a picnic. This is that fateful day Tom described to his sister and his friends.102. Are we still hanging out today? Ok. TOM Summer is half-asleep under the covers. She blows him a kiss and then runs off and joins her girls. 20 minutes? SUMMER I might need 45. sitting fully dressed on his bed putting his shoes on..

She’s distant. He hangs some new pictures. TOM Where did you guys go? SUMMER Some restaurant. He draws a faint line on the wall to mark where he needs to nail something. . But since we are.LATER Tom. EXT OUTDOOR MARKET . His hands are in his pockets. Just a work thing. Not much more to say. APARTMENT . How was your night? TOM Pretty standard. (406) INT. Didn’t get home until after 12 though which is way too late for a stupid work function. LATER. almost with a full beard. He’s bored.LATER Tom and Summer shopping at the fruit market. But only if we’re really looking. LATER. Fun? TOM SUMMER Uneventful. Unless we were looking for trouble we wouldn’t see any. is redecorating his apartment again. Stay with them for a few extra beats of silence. He uses a pencil on the wall to mark for a bookshelf. We see him rearranging the furniture in the room. Then he uses a ruler to make sure his marks are even.103. we might notice she lags behind him as they walk through the aisles. TOM So how was last night? SUMMER It was fine.

SUMMER A few more silent beats. TOM No. SUMMER You want to go? TOM I don’t know. Tom reads a newspaper. Summer reads a novel. She doesn’t look back.DAY Tom drawing a straight line on his wall. That’s fine. You wanna maybe go back to your place or --SUMMER I want to see it. TOM SUMMER Unless you don’t want to. Something’s in the air. Tom turns to look at her.104. I will. Tears begin to well in Summer’s eyes. believing it to be a response to the movie. (240) INT COFFEE HOUSE . Ok cool. Ok. Let’s go. . to offer some sort of comfort.LATER Tom and Summer watching the film. (409) INT TOM’S BEDROOM . They soon turn to audible sobs. INT MOVIE . As we’ve seen before. TOM It’s playing at 5.LATER That day again. Redecorating.

tries to pull herself together. From out of nowhere.LATER Same day from the past. SUMMER . almost shaped like a tear drop. He draws another. I’m just.I’m sorry. He begins to furiously draw on the wall. at first everything’s alright. TOM It’s ok. He extends it a little bit.. TOM Hey Sum. It’s unclear if she hugs back. SUMMER I know. Serious. But soon after that she begins to cry again. Hey. inspiration has hit.” Let’s go for a walk. real sobbing. I’m sorry Tom.. (240) EXT MOVIE THEATRE . ok. He looks at the line he’s drawn. A pretty impressive looking futuristic skyscraper. I’m being ridiculous. He hugs her. Ok. And then he stops.105. It’s exactly as we saw on page 7. it’s just a movie. They walk. This happens to me every time I watch “Hoosiers. SUMMER Yeah. They walk out. TOM He goes to hug her. Or go to Sister Ray’s. TOM Is everything alright with you? She smiles. Let’s get some air. An image starts to form.

Tom puts his hands in his pockets. the works. just as we’ve seen on Page 7. In CU.. Tom goes to hold Summer’s hand. He’s in the zone. Now what? . She smiles and they continue on down the aisles. TOM It pains me that we live in a world where no one’s ever heard of Spearmint. that fateful day continues. SUMMER I’ve never heard of them. SUMMER TOM So. but just as his hand approaches hers (in SLO-MO).NIGHT Tom and a much more in control Summer walk down the aisles. The landscape.DAY Tom sketches intensely. she moves it away and keeps it at her side. (411) EXT HARBOR .LATER Again.. the skyline. TOM And it’s painful. INT RECORD STORE . unsure if there’s something to read in that. Oh look. (240) EXT RECORD STORE . He grabs one. So. It could be a total coincidence.106. He grabs a Ringo Starr album and shows it to her. Tom and Summer outside. But something happens.

.. but -Ooh! What? TOM SUMMER TOM I’ve got a great idea! What? SUMMER TOM Let’s get breakfast.. TOM Yeah? You wanna maybe. INT TOM’S BATHROOM .I think I’m gonna call it a day. Which plays over: (417-464) 1. Makes himself look presentable. Now? Pancakes? SUMMER TOM Summer’s resistance is futile. SUMMER Now. FADE UP: “Number Two” by the Pernice Brothers.107. .DAY Tom shaves. TOM Are you hungry? SUMMER I’m pretty hungry..get some dinner or something? SUMMER I’ve got pasta at home. And the rest as they say is history.

. crossing off yet another firm from the list. reading one of many Taschen books on innovative building design. 5.DAY Tom sits on a street corner drawing new additions to the city’s skyline.DAY Tom sits with his feet up on a table. 3. sketches on his bed with one hand while holding a phone with the other. A little faster this time. For a beat.DAY Tom drops off his portfolio with the security guard in the lobby of a high-rise. INT TOM’S BEDROOM . now clean shaven and looking like he did when we first met him. EXT PARK . 8. 2. LATER. lost in thought. INT LIBRARY . EXT SOCCER FIELD . We notice several others are also crossed off. EXT GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE . 2. He has a list written on his wall (which is now composed of a dynamic cityscape of futuristic looking structures). Few remain.DAY Tom getting bad news on the phone. EXT CITY SIDEWALK .NIGHT Tom getting more bad news from the answering machine.DAY Tom and his mom and step-dad cheer on his sister playing soccer. It’s a nice temporary distraction for him. INT TOM’S BEDROOM . INT OFFICE LOBBY . He crosses “Abrams and Abrams” off the list. 4. 9. headphones on his ears. He sits on the bed with his shoulders slumped. 6.DAY Tom has his car on the side of the road and is out measuring the distance between the beams of the bridge.108.DAY Tom jogs. Tom.

O.DAY On the LEFT. He doesn’t quite know what to do. there’s her voice.ANOTHER DAY Tom. Then. . How long have you been sitting there? Awhile. In her wedding dress.DAY Tom walks over and sits down on a bench. She may have just sat down. PARK . Tom isn’t sure if she’s real. SPLITSCREEN . as if to shut those thoughts out. alone. where he took Summer ages ago. Looking out the window. 9. And then. We can see he is frustrated but not deterred. Summer. Thinking. exits a building after another dismal interview. lost in thought. Tom. Hey. SUMMER (V. whatever they were. she may have been there for hours.) Summer sits like an apparition on a neighboring bench. (478) EXT OFFICE BUILDING . END MUSIC.109. The veil is lifted. in a suit. Nowhere. SUMMER Tom finds it hard to look at her. On the RIGHT. EXT. from out of nowhere. his favorite spot in the city. SUMMER (re: suit) Where you coming from? TOM What? Oh. And she’s a bride. on a bus. He stares off. he turns on the TV and joylessly watches the nothingness. In the distance.

SUMMER That’s good. TOM I don’t know if I do honestly. Ish. TOM They both laugh a little. I always loved this place.. TOM Yeah I quit the office. Awkward silence. SUMMER Probably. SUMMER I understand. SUMMER I come here a lot. The mention of their past makes the atmosphere frosty.sleeping... SUMMER How are you. Breaking things.anyway. TOM Yeah well.. The tension begins to dissipate.. But only if you mean it. .I hope you’re happy. Tom? TOM I’m good.. TOM So.110.. SUMMER Really? That’s great! What are you doing now? TOM Mostly.. ever since you brought me here. SUMMER You really do? (beat) God no. I should probably say congratulations.

Wait. my guy? TOM Yeah.111. You’re married. Ok. I don’t want to know. SUMMER More awkward silence. It just happened. ... TOM What happened?! That’s what I don’t get.. Don’t tell me. This one goes on a beat longer. Tom.. And then: TOM It’s amazing to me. SUMMER TOM You’re not only someone’s girlfriend. SUMMER TOM No really. I know. your someone’s wife! SUMMER Pretty crazy. TOM So who’s the guy? SUMMER Who. I don’t. Tom -SUMMER TOM What’s different now? How could things change so quickly? SUMMER I don’t know. huh? TOM (sighs) I’ll never understand that.

isn’t it? God! SUMMER Tom. In a way that I. TOM You know what sucks? Realizing that everything you believe in is complete bullshit. SUMMER I. true love. SUMMER I woke up one day and I knew.. SUMMER I knew I could promise him I’d feel the same way every morning.. Summer takes a beat to let this hang there.. And there’s not much else to say after that.. soulmates. I never could with you. You were right all along. TOM I should have listened to you. Summer.. All that stuff. out of nowhere.. Tom gets up to leave. Tom says nothing.112. TOM What? This is funny? . Tom.. she begins to hysterically laugh. It’s nothing more than silly childhood fairy tale nonsense. What is? SUMMER TOM Destiny. tell me.. don’t go. TOM What. SUMMER I was right? And then.

” You were right about all of it. She’s totally lost control. it was meant to be. I could feel it. Tom was right. the hands separate.113. We hold it for a few seconds more. It was good to see you. And as it was happening. just like you said. I should probably be getting back. SUMMER Anyway. (beat) It just wasn’t me you were right about. We may notice her wedding ring. . Tom is speechless. TOM What are you laughing at? And she can’t stop. Now’s she’s completely cracking up. sure as the sun. TOM (trying himself not to laugh) You’re a crazy person! SUMMER Tom! You’re the crazy person! TOM What are you talking about?! SUMMER One day I’m reading a book at the corner deli and this guy sits down and starts asking about it. I’m glad you’re well. Now he’s my husband! TOM This is funny to you? SUMMER What would have happened if I went to the movies instead? If I went somewhere else for lunch? If I showed up to eat ten minutes later? Tom. Tries to stop but it only makes it worse. Summer takes his hand. And I kept thinking to myself “Holy shit. And then. We may also notice that this is the same exact shot as the first scene of the screenplay. I knew it.

(beat) See you later. also waiting. Tom waits. After a second: Summer! TOM She stops and turns back. BEFORE. TOM I really do hope you’re happy. GIRL Are you here to interview? Sorry? TOM .114. From the room we can tell this firm is big time. SUMMER I know.. before he does.DAY Tom. and Gethers Architecture. He takes in her face. with a hefty batch of architecture sketches at his side. He smiles back. The CAMERA TRACKS AWAY with her. And she walks away. FADE IN: (500) INT OFFICE WAITING AREA . Summer gets up and starts walking away from him. Prince. We notice. a VERY CUTE GIRL sitting in a another chair.. FADE OUT: A FEW SECONDS OF BLACK. She smiles. in a suit. most likely for the last time ever. waits in the foyer of Allen. getting smaller and farther away every second. leaving Tom alone in the park.

. uh. There’s a silence for a few beats. GIRL Have I seen you before? . this is a little awkward. GIRL TOM Ah. Yes it is. GIRL It would appear.California? GIRL Grew up not too far from here. So. TOM I know Atherton. honestly. GIRL TOM Well. are you? Yup. TOM Gee. GIRL I hope you don’t get it. My competition. he’s a little surprised by it. Atherton.. And it’s during this time that something weird comes over Tom and we can visibly see it in his face. near Stanford. Why.. Nice area. Hmm? TOM GIRL TOM Are you from.115. He likes the look of this girl. And.. This girl is cute. GIRL Are you interviewing? For the position? TOM Oh. He’d like to talk more with her. They both laugh. I hope you don’t get it. Yeah.

A MAN comes out. Thank you. TOM Yes! Exactly.116. TOM I. (beat) I think I’ve seen you there... I didn’t see you. MAN Tom Hansen? Yes. uh. You probably weren’t looking. I don't think so. don’t know. he pauses and looks back at the girl. TOM MAN Come on back. I totally agree! GIRL Yeah. Patrick’s? Not to pray or anything but to stand outside? TOM I do! I love that church. . TOM He starts to go. GIRL It happens. GIRL Do you go to St. TOM You have? Really? Hmm. It’s like my favorite structure in the city. But halfway through the doorway. GIRL If only it wasn’t near that horrible mirrored thing.

TOM (deflated) Oh. He was sure of it now. uh. He knew... Nothing is meant to be. it was that you can’t ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event.. NARRATOR . Real fast. Hardly noticeable. He turns back around and shakes that off. ... GIRL Hello stranger. There are no miracles.grab a cup of coffee or something? GIRL Oh.. NARRATOR If Tom had learned anything.. Coincidence.. I’m sorta supposed to meet someone.. would you like to maybe.. A job interview.117. (beat) Tom was. But it’s there. Nothing more than coincidence.. Ok. There’s no such thing as fate. NARRATOR It took a long time but Tom had finally learned. tries to refocus on the task at hand. ANIMATION.. TOM When this is over. No problem. GIRL Tom turns back around. That’s all anything ever is.. TOM (to Girl) Excuse me. And then he hears. Tom turns back around. 1 second clip of the colored sequence. Got it.pretty sure..

SMASH CUT TO: (1) THE END. GIRL Nice to meet you. And on his face..something.. (CREDITS ROLL TO “GO ASK YOUR DAD” by THE TYDE.. I’ll wait for you here.. She’s cute when she laughs... GIRL TOM GIRL TOM Great! So..118. TOM What’s that? Why not? Yeah? Yeah. or you wait for me or. She puts out her hand to meet his. GIRL I’m Autumn. GIRL We’ll figure it out. Ok! TOM (extends hand to shake) My name’s Tom. She laughs.) . They shake..

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