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Published by: Tom Rogers on Nov 09, 2011
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Lessons Learned from TOPOFF 3

Horizon Health Center Jersey City, NJ All Grantees Meeting 2005 Presented by:Marilyn Cintron

.Our History • 1963 began as a family planning clinic run out of a church • 1993 became an FQHC look alike • 1999 became a section 330e funded program • 2002 expanded into a second site • 2003 Received JCAHO accreditation • Collaborated with NJPCA for Disaster Preparedness.

TOPOFF 3 • Horizon participated in NJPCA’s Disaster Preparedness under the direction of Miriam Cohen • We linked with county efforts and the New Jersey Hospital Association • Participated in the planning process on a county and state level • Received training coordinated by NJPCA • Trained staff and collaborated with North Hudson Community Health Center in planning the exercise and conducting a drill prior to Play .

. and Van Morfit from HRSA.TOPOFF 3 • We were contacted by HRSA and NJPCA about formally volunteering to participate as a JCAHO accredited health center • Participated in conference calls with Capt. George Smith. Braden and Amy Chanlongbutra from BPHC Division of Quality Management as well as Laura McNally.

What Went Right • NJPCA was very helpful with getting information to Horizon quickly • Horizon had direct lines of communication with BPHC and HRSA • North Hudson and Horizon worked closely on this project • Horizon was able to get the NJ Hospital Association to provide information and materials for play .

while addressing injects during play .What Went Right • Horizon was able to test our systems of security. incident command and communications • Staff became more aware of need and rationale for policies for Bioterrorism Preparedness at the health center level • Succeeded in processing patients.


What Went Wrong • During the county meetings and Statewide meetings the health centers seemed to be an afterthought • Communication with the outside world was very limited • Internal communications needed improvement • Incident commander went right into doer role .

What Went Wrong • HR did not have family plans set up for easy mass prophylaxis • Communication from the outside world to us was non-existent • We created our own injects • Internal supplies were not coordinated according to policy .

Lessons Learned • • • • • Communicate. communicate. communicate Have clear policies with roles rather than names Train doers to delegate Front Desk is key! Drills are extremely valuable to truly test your system • In an emergency… staff really come through .

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