Imper|a||sm I|na| Assessment

Lssent|a| Çuest|onsť
O uo Lhe moLlves for 19
cenLury lmperlallsm sLlll exlsL Loday? Are Lhey valld?
O ow should people ln counLrles conLrolled by Amerlca be governed? WhaL rlghLs do Lhey have?
O uo Amerlcans belleve ln Lhe prlnclples of Lhe 8oosevelL Corollary Loday?
O Was lmperlallsm a poslLlve or a harm?
O @o whaL exLenL should morals be applled Lo forelgn pollcy?
O WhaL role should medla play ln lnfluenclng governmenL pollcy?
Inqu|ryť Worklng lndependenLlyť
O denLlfy speclflcally a polnL ln Amerlcan mperlallsm ln whlch you are lnLeresLed ln changlng Lhe
ouLcomeŴ hlsLorlcal momenL musL precede 1910Ŧ
O 8ead background lnformaLlon on Lhe hlsLorlcal record leadlng up Lo Lhe evenL and lmmedlaLely
followlngŦ n addlLlonţ look for recenL scholarshlp on Lhe lmpacL of Lhe evenL on modern socleLyŦ
O nce you have ldenLlfled your polnL of dlvergenceţ begln Lo conLemplaLe Lhe mosL approprlaLe
meLhod for Lelllng Lhe sLoryŦ ?ou wlll be fllllng ouL a work conLracL once you have Lhe deLalls
worked ouLŦ
esearchť Worklng lndependenLlyţ research Lhe hlsLorlcal record relaLed Lo your ldenLlfled polnL of
O denLlfy Lhree evenLs lmmedlaLely Þ8LCLu- Lhe polnL of dlvergenceţ Lhen documenL and
evaluaLe Lhree prlmary source documenLs LhaL are relaLed/germane Lo Lhe Lhose evenLs Ŵ Lhls ls
Lhe porLlon of Lhe benchmark LhaL ls relaLlve Lo Lhe real hlsLorlcal recordŦ
O eLween Lhe polnL of dlvergence and 2011ţ lnLroduce Lhree new evenLs Lo Lhe recordŦ
4 uescrlbe each of Lhese new evenLs and creaLe aL leasL @W unlque prlmary source
documenLs as evldence of Lhe evenL occurrlngŦ Lach prlmary source should be a
dlfferenL klnd of resource ([ournalţ newspaper arLlcleţ speechţ phoLographţ lawţ blllţ
courL caseţ carLoonţ eLcŦ)
O ocaLe currenL scholarshlp on Lhe lmpacL of LhaL momenL on currenL llfe/hlsLoryŦ
O CreaLe a flnlshed pro[ecL LhaL lncorporaLes Lhe above menLloned lLems A-u Lhe modern 'reallLy'
LhaL resulLs due Lo Lhe change aL Lhe polnL of dlvergenceŦ
4 @he flnlshed producL musL lnclude references Lo Lhe 6 evenLsţ Lhe new prlmary source
documenLs and Lhe sLory of modern Amerlca LhaL resulLs from Lhe changesŦ
O 8emember Lo weave ln Lhe essenLlal quesLlons and your answers Lo Lhem as Lhe pro[ecL

o||aborat|onť WlLh your colleaguesť
O Workshop your ldeas so as Lo galn lnslghL lnLo Lhe sLrengLhs and Lhe weaknesses of your
O ralnsLorm creaLlve ways of presenLlng hlsLorlc lnformaLlon

9resentat|onť ?ou work musL sLand for lLself as lL wlll noL be presenLed Lo Lhe classŦ ?ou wlll deslgn a
Imper|a||sm I|na| Assessment

way ln whlch Lo presenL your creaLlon ln an lnLeresLlng wayŦ ?ou should be creaLlveŤ Lake Lhe
lnformaLlon you flnd and share lL ln a LhoughLful and unlque wayŦ

ef|ect|onť ?ou wlll [ournal abouLť
- ?our cholce of polnL of dlvergence
- @he process
- @he cholces made ln Lhe evaluaLlon process
- @he evolvlng undersLandlng of Lhe hlsLorlcal record and how lndlvlduals and sysLems creaLe and
susLaln changeŦ
O @here wlll be Llme ln class for collaboraLlonţ check lnţ eLcţ buL Lhe bulk of your work wlll be done
ouLslde of classŦ
O ?our flrsL check ln ls scheduled for -ovemeber 30Ŧ ?ou should have compleLed Lhe nqulry sLeps
aL LhaL polnL and begun Lo formulaLe a plan so LhaL you may begln your collaboraLlon ln class
LhaL dayŦ
ue ate
O lnal producL ls due on uecember 6ţ 2011
Jorks |ted
O A works clLed ls due wlLh your pro[ecLţ whlch ldenLlfles all sources used as background
lnformaLlon and dlrecLly quoLedŦ
O Lnsure all sources are rellable ones

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