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European Red List of Dragonflies

European Red List of Dragonflies

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Published by Uğur Özkan

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Published by: Uğur Özkan on Dec 21, 2011
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Te European regional assessment has four main

To contribute to regional conservation planning by

providing a baseline dataset concerning the status of
European dragonfies.
To identify geographic areas and habitats in need

of conservation measures, and to ensure that all
European dragonfies reach and maintain a favourable
conservation status.
To identify the major threats and to propose measures

to address them.
To strengthen the network of experts focused on

the conservation of dragonfies in Europe, so that
the assessment information can be kept updated,
and expertise can be targeted to address the highest
conservation priorities.

Te assessment provides two main results:
Tis summary report with information on the status

and distribution of European dragonfies, the main
threats to them, and recommendations concerning
conservation measures;
Website and data platforms showcasing the data in the

form of species fact sheets for all European dragonfies,
along with background and other interpretative
material: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/




Te data presented in this report provides a snapshot
based on the knowledge available at the time of writing.
Te database will be continuously updated and made
freely and widely available. IUCN will ensure wide
dissemination of the data to relevant decision makers,
NGOs and scientists to promote and support the
implementation of practical conservation measures.


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