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River Analysis 2012 User Guide

River Analysis 2012 User Guide

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Published by Ricardo Flores

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Published by: Ricardo Flores on Jan 05, 2012
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When a cross section is first added to a river reach, the software positions the river
reach ID marker next to the cross section. If the cross section was cut from a
topographical map, the river reach ID marker is positioned adjacent to the
topographical map cross section. Otherwise, it is positioned next to the cross section
grid. If additional cross sections are added downstream of this cross section, the river
reach identifier is automatically repositioned next to the most downstream cross
section. However, if desired, the river reach identifier can be manually moved about
the drawing. Once the river reach identifier is manually moved, the river reach
identifier's position is no longer automatically updated.

To move the river reach ID marker, select it and use the grip to move it.

It is recommended that the river reach identifier be located adjacent to the most
downstream cross section, although it can be located anywhere on the drawing. Since
most water surface profile models are subcritical, it makes sense to locate the river
reach identifier near the downstream cross section, where the water surface boundary
conditions (i.e., starting water surface elevation, discharge, etc.) are defined.

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