In-ceiling Speaker Installation (DVC

In-ceiling speakers are the most common type of speakers used in an Audio or Audio/Video distribution system. A DVC speaker consists of 2 voice coils in one single speaker enclosure. It gives the ability to have stereo audio in a small location where the space only accommodates a single speaker.


Required Equipment Tools Required Estimated Time Required Skill Level

Speaker wire (16-4 AWG) 2. DVC Speaker

Wire strippers/cutters 2. Phillips head screwdriver

4-6 minutes Intermediate

1. Remove the metal ring from the speaker brackets. 2. Push the cardboard bracket template up into the ceiling. 3. Locate the end of the speaker wire. 4. Strip back about 4” from the end of the wire. 5. Strip back approximately ½” of each individual wire, revealing the copper conductor. 6. Insert the 4 conductors into the corresponding spring loaded wire connectors on the back of the speaker. i. Red wire to Red connector on pair 1 ii. Black wire to Black connector on pair 1 iii. White wire to Red connector on pair 2 iv. Green wire to Black connector on pair 2 7. Insert the speaker into the ceiling. 8. Tighten the 4 screws in the speaker until the speaker is held tightly in the ceiling.

9. Insert to the speaker grill into the speaker.

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