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Tim Vala

English 10: A-block T/TH

Modern European History 10: B-Block W/F
Ms. Bonomo/Ms.White

King Louis XVI

French Revolution: An Annotated Bibliography

"The Execution of Louis XVI, 1793." Eyewitnesstohistory.Com. 1999. 4 Jan.

2007 <>.

This website was very useful in helping me have a clear view point of King Louis
XVI’s life. It used many examples of how miserable he was, and it also gave many
examples of how he was not the right person to inherit the thrown.
The main argument, as said before, is was King Louis XVI fit to be a king? This
article uses its resources to come to a conclusion that he not fit to be a king. Its main
purpose, also said before, is to show how the king inherited the thrown at the wrong time,
and historical event. It shows how the king couldn’t manage his country.
This article covers information about his life, his family, and his occupation. It
covers a detailed story of his execution and why he was executed. Overall this site was
very useful in terms of information of King Louis XVI, especially of his execution. This
source was a reliable source for information of the king because it was a well written,
detailed, and put together by all of the resources this source used. It gave all information
needed to write an article about King Louis XVI. This source is very biased. It tries to
show the reader its opinion of how the king was not a good ruler.
Lastly, it helped me find what I was looking for. I was looking for something that
would help me find answers about King Louis XVI’s death.
Tim Vala
English 10: A-block T/TH
Modern European History 10: B-Block W/F
Ms. Bonomo / Ms.White

National Assembly

French Revolution: An Annotated Bibliography

"History of the National Assembly." Assemblee-Nationale.Fr. 4 Jan. 2007


This article used a gathering of sources and made and article of the history of the
national assembly. It provides information of the birth and construction of the national
assembly. It was very well plotted out, having being separated by titles or sections. With
these titles it had various dates indicating the time period of these events of the national
It was an article that was very helpful to me by showing an index of chapters of
the events that went on, and in these chapters it explained the main points of how this
national assembly came to be what it was, and it also helped explain why it was formed
and who controlled it.
The objective of this article is to provide the reader with correct and thorough
information of the national assembly. It did not to side with anyone, as in stating if the
national assembly was good or bad, but it merely stated the necessary information to have
a clear understanding of the national assembly. Also, I think that it was a very useful
article in helping me write my hard news.
Overall, it was a well written article that helped me not only write my hard-news
article, but also have a more clear understanding of how the assembly came about and
why they did.