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AFHRMA BAB (3 FG) poo SECOND EDITION THE “si Coon ANSWER BOOK Solutions to the Exercises in The C Programming Language,second edition | by Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie | at Wie Be f) JJ >) Rh fe S (S—hn) __CLOMIS TONDO SCOTT. GINPEL an + PRENTICE HALL an SEEey Not ~ tay The Answer Book Second Edition Solutions to the Exercises in The C Programming Language, Second Edition by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie _C Ei (he) ARS EO . ‘lovis-L2Tordo Kot E--Gipipel wna Prentice-Hall International, Inc. / GDREF 1585 / qe tn gf Spur ee The C answer book: solutions tothe exertises in The C programming lan- guage, second edition, by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie/ Colvis L. Tondo, Scott E. Gimpel. ~ 2nd ed. €1989 by PTR Prentice Hall, Original edition published by prentice Hall, Inc. , a Simon &. Schuster Com- pany. Prentice Hall 2S r] SAGE 427% oh ROGEL HE PB HK Ay C78 da TT SEK RY 1 AM a PH DA NT A BE EDA ADEA BS AE RSME BHR REDE AAD RRR Al. APBHDWA Prentice Hall MEM HRE KRESS. ACR RL BLS BIC. 01-97-1275 BB 2h B (CLP) RE C RFF RET TFB — Mi) >I IRAE» EX / (HI & (Tondo .C. L. ), (38) & DUAR (Gimpel »S.E. 3% . — EVAR . — AE AR Hh EAL» 1997. 11 KET FA AB ISBN 7-302-02728-5 1.C 1. OW Of 1.CHA- BF RTM IV. TP312-44 ft Bl AS PAL 5 CIP BB EF (97) 5 23936 F BERR: TRAE ACP ah RAL Ce SE EE BE A HB He 100084.) BUS SLE. www. tup. tsinghua. edu. cn EU a REA ET RAS: REDE REAR ARR FF A, 850X1168 1/32 Pak: 6.75 fi WK: 1997 E11 AS 1M 1998 4F 7 A 2 EDR 48 : ISBN 7-302-02728-5/TP + 1414 Fl %. 5001~10000 Oh: 12.00%