These are the first four questions on the worksheet I hand out when my journalism students view the

movie, All the President’s Men. This packet also includes worksheets for the movies: Absence of Malice, Shattered Glass and The Insider. Because some of the movies have content some parents might not want their student to hear (cursing), I attach the following form to the syllabus in September that all students must return so I don’t have to deal with this before showing each movie. If parents do not want their young people to view the movie, I send them to the library with an assignment that correlates with the journalistic principle we are studying along with the movie, i.e. facts vs. fiction, journalism ethics, interviewing and reporting, or investigative reporting, or I have them complete the worksheet using the Internet.. Movie Permission Form I allow my student to view the movies listed below as a part of the Journalism 1 curriculum: All the President’s Men Absence of Malice Shattered Glass The Insider Parent Name (Please Print): _____________________________________________ Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Journalism 1 All the President’s Men Worksheet

1. What are the FULL names of the two star reporters? For whom do they work? What were their journalistic backgrounds? 2. Who is Ben Bradlee? Katherine Graham? 3. Give the: Who, what, when and where of the situation that set them on their investigation. 4. What transpired to cause Woodward to think the event was more than a mere robbery?