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United States Patent 19) Crowe et al. [54] MULTICOMPONENT TRANSDUCER Christopher Crowe; Ralph L, Cordell, both of Tulsa; Seun K. Kahng, Norman, all of Okla. (75) Inventors: [73] Assignee: Amoco Corporation, Chicago, Ill [21] Appl. No: 239,367 [22] Filed: Aug, 31, 1988 {s1] bay [58] 73/516 R, 516, 517 Ry 1/516 R, $16 LM, 517 R, 517 B [56 References Cited U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS. 3.488.531 1/1970. Rosensweig 310/10 31508445 4/1970 Penney, Jr et a wonnnnce 73/517 31516294 6/1970 Schmieder cannes 73/516 3902;374 9/1975 Hoffman eta. 73/517 AV ‘$083,208. 8/1977 Hunter eta. 73/516 R 4087439 9/1977 Russell eta. 33/516 R 4583207 4/1986. Greer, Je FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS 1229406 11/1987 Canada 03180 4/1978 USSR. OTHER PUBLICATIONS Rosensweig, R. E., “Ferrohydrodynamies”, Cambridge University Press, (1985). Rosensweig, R. E., et al., “Ferrohydrodynamic Sensor (1) Patent Number: [45] Date of Patent: 4,905,517 Mar. 6, 1990 Development”, Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory ‘Technical Report TR-67-162, (1968). Rosensweig, R. E, “Fluid Dynamics and Science of Magnetic Liquids” Advances in Electronics and Elec- tron Physics, vol. 48, pp. 103-179, (1979). Hugo, G. R., et al, “Impedance Changes in a Coil Due to a Nearby Small Conducting Sphere” Journal of Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 21, (1988), pp. 33-38. Primary Examiner—Hezron E. Williams Assistant Examiner—Mark A. Spector ‘Attorney, Agent, or Firm—Timothy D. Stanley [57] ABSTRACT ‘The multicomponent transducer of the present inven- tion comprises a housing having interior surfaces form- ‘ng an enclosed cavity and a single inertial mass im- mersed in a magnetic fluid contained therein, The iner- tial mass is levitated in the magnetic fluid by means of| ferrohydrodynamic forces. The housing cavity and the inertial mass are generally spherical in shape such that the inertial mass is substantially unconstrained. with respect to the directions of motion to which itis espon- sive. The multicomponent transducer also includes mo- tion sensing means for sensing selected components of ‘motion of the inertial mass and for generating signals representative of the magnitude and periodicity of the relative motion of the inertial mass with respect to the hhousing along one or more separate axes. The multi- ‘component transducer of the present invention has am- plitude and phase responses similar to those of conven- tional transducers. 36 Claims, 9 Drawing Sheets US. Patent — Mar. 6, 1990 Sheet 1 of 9 4,905,517 FIG.2 N s FIG.A Sheet 2 of 9 4,905,517 Mar. 6, 1990 US. Patent ee e'Dld (Qza—— YsAO3u Wd }-—S(3)255—4 YouvTIOsO ry oe) WF K Q)hn waaoay Wa }-—S (0) é "9 | aN Q)X,A———} 48034 W4 I9S0_[>\ 4 J