A380 Real Big Boss


A380 photos from Farnborough Air Show, England, July 18, 2006.

Design By. Thamleeha Yousef

Look at the cars parked under its wing.

The cockpit of the A380....my first ever uploads of a cockpit picture and the first pic of the A380 cockpit. No idea what everything means, but it is certainly impressive! You can see the location of the aircraft by looking at the GPS on the ECIAS and also a view of the aircraft from the tail camera view.

The A380 breaks out of the cloud leaving an amazing trail of vapour behind.

Beautiful Night Shot.

If you had any doubts about size

Welcome to Singapore... who will be the first airport to fly the A380 and on this occasion was the first to host the aircraft on its inaugural intercontinental flight and first sortie outside of Europe. Looking majestic wearing Singapore Airlines' titles as she crosses the South Cross taxiway. I could not have pulled off this shot with the help of Kok Chwee, thanks buddy.

Cockpit wide angle shot

Making its first ever visit on runway 23 at the Airbus factory at Hawarden

Check out the droop of this wing!! There is obviously a lot of flex, but not the way the A330/A340 flexes upwards...

The A380 and B777-300ER 

Overview of Display I at ILA2006. I think
there is something for everyone: The Airbus family with 318, 340-600 and 380 340in front, the Russian area behind with Tu204Tu204-300, Il-76TD, Il-76TD-90VD and the IlIl-76TDmighty MiG-29OVT and in the back the USMiGUSsection with B1B, C-130, KC-135R, F-16 CKCFand 2x F-15! All highlights in one Fpicture...

Design By. Thamleeha Yousef


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