Paper III: RETAIL MANAGEMENT SECTION A: 1. Define Retail, Retailer, Retailing and Retail Mix.

Explain the elements of Retail Mix in Detail. 2. Differentiate between :a) Supermarket & Hypermarket. b) Discount Store & off-price retailer .

3. Discuss non-store retail formats giving examples for each category. 4. What are the different types of design that can be used in a store layout? Explain with suitable examples. 5. What is the need for studying consumer behavior? What are the factors which affect the buying behavior of a retail shopper? SECTION B: 6. Discuss in Detail the importance of implementing CRM in Departmental Store, and Banks. 7. Describe category management & its role in enhancing store performance. 8. What is the importance of store design? Discuss the elements of store design. 9. What are the main in-store technologies used in retailing? 10. How can advertising, public relations, personal selling & sales promotion complement each other for a retailer?

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