Educational Quilts

The quilt square is great for those who get overwhelmed at the thought of writing a report or who don't like to write, or can't write well. Measure one square 5x5, we use colored paper Measure a smaller square 3.5x3.5 we use white. Now turn the smaller square so you have a diamond shape and use a glue stick to attache to the 5" square. So now you have colored "triangles" shown at each corner. *Actually we do the drawing on the white square before gluing You can use this "quilt" square is so many different ways. ~Literature~ We have done (1) Character squares- draw a character of the story then in the triangles we wrote descriptive words about the character. You can do (2) setting, (3) one/more square per chapter. Then glue all the chapter squares to a poster board. ~History~ (4)Historical characters, name, dates lived best known for, other info... You could do this as a (5) timeline or for just a(6) certain period of history. Example Middle Ages: Charles Martel, Charlemagne, King Alfred ~Bible~ (6) Bible people (7) Bible Stories, (8) Bible verses ~Science~ (9)flowers, (10)jungle animals (11)insects (12) desert animals (13) body systems (14) trees ~Geography~ (15) draw county and/or flag write facts in the triangles (16) States Those are just a few ideas to get you started with your own educational quilts. Once you have all your squares done glue them to a poster board for a great looking poster.