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Published by: Shelli A. Stanley on Feb 02, 2012
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IF If I had it all to do over- I would take each time you said you loved me and cherish it as if it was the

last time I’d ever hear you say it- not take for granted you always would. If I had it all to do over- I would work harder at being your friend instead of feeling trapped into being a mother and a wife. I would let you go and be instead of making you stay and becoming what I wanted you to. I’d live for the day and treasure the laughter- not look ahead to tomorrow wondering what might go wrong or back at yesterday dwelling on what did. I’d make no promises I couldn’t keep and tell the truth-even if it hurt-knowing with the hurt begins the healing. I’d stop to smell the roses and share with you not the fact that I did-but that there were so many buds yet to bloom that we would share together. There would be more “I’m sorry” instead of feeling it was your fault and that I was always right. I would stop to listen instead of interrupting to tell you what I had to say. And with the beginning of each new day- I would give thanks-not because I expected the sun to shine-just for the fact that you would be there to share the sunshine with me if it did. I would take all the good times and truly remember them and keep that ray of sunshine for when the storm clouds moved in. Because I would help you see the light instead of shutting the window and pulling the shade to avoid the thunder and lightening. But since I can’t do it all over again-I can only try and begin again. And cherish the last time I heard you say you loved me.

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