Dickens: Dark London To coincide with the Museum’s Dickens and London exhibition, the Museum of London has

launched a new iPad and iPhone app which takes users on a journey through the darker side of Charles Dickens’ London. Beautifully imagined by renowned illustrator David Foldvari, this interactive graphic novel follows Dickens on his night walks of London – the city he called his

‘magic lantern’ – where, as an insomniac, he roamed the streets gathering inspiration from the people and places he observed.

Accompanying audio, narrated by actor Mark Strong (Tinker Tailor Solder Spy, Kick-Ass, Sherlock Holmes), gives voice to Dickens as passages from his works provide vivid descriptions of the Victorian capital. Bonus material featuring illustrated excerpts of some of Dickens’ most famous novels – from Bleak House to Oliver Twist – also brings to life the 19th century city that Dickens used as his muse and the backdrop for many of his greatest works.

Drawn from a selection of his short stories featured in Sketches By Boz, Dickens: Dark London will be published monthly throughout the run of the exhibition to echo how Dickens himself released his writings. All editions of the app are brought together on an 1862 map of London, overlaid with modern satellite images of the capital, allowing you to compare the city that Dickens knew with the London of today.

The first edition of Dickens: Dark London, Seven Dials, is available now free of charge from all international iTunes stores.

Each subsequent edition can be downloaded monthly for £1.49. The second edition, Newgate Prison, is available to buy now.

Dickens: Dark London follows the Museum of London’s success with its Streetmuseum™ apps, available to download for free from iTunes (Streetmuseum is also available on the Android Market). To find out more about the Museum’s apps and online activity visit our website here.
All illustrations © David Foldvari at Big Active

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