EOIDNA / Nivel Intermedio / Reading P2

Part 2 You are going to read a letter published in the newspaper. In it Janet tells us about a problem she has. For questions 1-5 match each paragraph to the sentence (B–H) that best summarizes it, as in the example (0-A). There are two extra sentences you do not need to use. Lifeclass: I want to stop my sister comfort eating When a loved one starts putting on weight, it can be extremely difficult to broach the subject - even though their health could be at risk, writes Lesley Garner Dear Lesley, 0. When to give helpful advice and when to mind one's own business? I have a sister who is seven years younger than me and married with her own family. We are not close, partly because of the age gap and partly because we don't live near each other. However, we have always got on well and keep in regular touch. 1. I have watched with increasing anxiety as she has grown fatter and fatter over the years. She is now grossly overweight, moves with difficulty and is constantly run- down and unwell. 2. Yet she seems oblivious to the fact that she is overweight. I don't think she knows any of the health risks she is running because she doesn't read the books, articles and magazines that tell you these things.[…] 3. We are not a fat family, but our father was a difficult, rather bullying man, and my sister began to eat in secret when she was still living at home. 4. My mother worries about her all the time but she and I have both been reluctant to risk our relationship by saying anything. This is probably cowardly of us but I need to find the right words to express these thoughts and also offer some practical suggestions. 5. One idea would be to find the right kind of self-help book, though I know my sister will say she is too busy to go to the gym or to cook different food, and she couldn't afford a personal trainer. Should I try to talk to her? And if so, what should I say? Janet Taken from© www. telegraph.co.uk 23/10/2007

EOIDNA / Nivel Intermedio / Reading P2

MEANINGS: A. Janet’s relationship with her sister B. Why her sister started to overeat C. Janet gives a possible way out D. Why Janet is worried E. How Janet and her family are facing the problem F. Her sister’s social life G. Ignoring her health problem H. Her sister’s medical supervision

Paragraph Meaning

0 A






KEY Paragraph Meaning

0 A

1 D

2 G

3 B

4 E

5 C