Caroline Jolley Ms.

Caruso English 1102 14 February 2012

After completing my five annotated bibliographies I found that most of my sources meet on the same page when it comes to the Underground Railroad. All of my bibliographies stated a strong belief against slavery. I found one of my two book sources to be the most profitable of my information. This book was North Star to Freedom . It provided a strong insight on what it would be like in the life of a slave while at the same time provided me with facts about slavery, Underground Railroad, and runaway slaves. It provided me with many different perspectives to view the story. The source about the quilts was my black sheep source. While it agreed with the meaning of the Underground Railroad and slavery, its main focus was to inform about the quilting process and why it was necessary to be used. Even though this source was not as informative on the basics of the Underground Railroad it is still a very important part to my paper. I would consider Let My People Go to be my least valuable source. It was not as engaging as the other sources were. Instead of feeling like I could relate to the life of a slave I felt as if someone was just telling me the facts about what a slave went through. All of my sources touched on the same point being what the Underground Railroad was and how slaves had to live in order to escape to freedom. I am pleased with all of my sources but one, the second book I referenced to earlier, and will more than likely not be used in my final paper.

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