MVname is Dimitris and I come from Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have a blue sea and a blue skY! a wonderful sun and people from allover the world visit us everv vear to eniov our beautiful weather, our verv loog historv, our excellent mediterranean food and our famous hospitalilV!



However, as vou know, Greece has latelV gOI a 101 of problems ·Our economy is lalling down

Our corrupted politicians are constantlv making lalse promises lull 01 shit and the masses believed them and trusted them

Our police, instead 01 protecting us, is protecting our corrupted polilicians and the interests 01 the banks and the rich. Police violence in Greece is genlng extreme. Almost everv dav you can see riot policemen firing teargas to evervone without distinguish inu. Evenold people and children, lor no reason!

BVthe wav, the "old man" that vou can see is Manolis Glezos, who is lamous lor taking down the Swastika Ilag from the Acropolis back in WWI. Wikipedia specificallv savs:
"On May 30, 1941, he and Apostolos Santas climbed on the Acropolis and tore down the swastika, which had been there since April 27, 1941, when the Nazi forces had entered Athens. That was the first resistance act that took place in Greece. It inspired not only the Greeks, but all subjected people, to resist against the occupation, and established them both as two international anti-Nazi heroes. "

This uCop"that has such a JOYin his lace, is disrespecting his countll and his historv onlv bv Ii ring that tear gas especiallv against that hero 01 the WWII.
And thev disrespect EVERYONE! C


Here is another image 01 the same uold man" being hit bv the riot police:

During the riots, it has been said that there are a lot of people who break shops, destroy carsl private properties and throw molotov cocktails in Athens

Some people look phOIOSof those people who had their faces covered and were holding sticks and throwing stones against peaceful protesters and were In general "making a rumble". Th y r a 0 h Gre k ice! Undercover policemen armed with sticks, stones, bricks, wearing civilian clothes. Evervthing arranged beautifully In a "Symphonv of DESTRUCTION" v the b government for changing the public opinion with their own propaganda ...Here is a couple of photos of those people. One photo = a thousand words:

Greek people are losing their jobs. We are losing our homes. many times they cut our electricity on [which is according to european and international laws ILLEGAL]f we don't pav i a new TAXthat is meant to be given to the banks and to our international creditors. Hunger is allover, many homeless and we cannot light this modern-time new model of dictatorship

We keep hearing thai Vlur news and media are doing a HORRIBLE propaganda about Ihe Greeks and keep saving Ihal we are horrible people who do not pav their taxes, that we sleal and Ihal we are lazv. Well, concerning Ihat let me dedicale a screensholll Nevermore's Warrel Dane's I-shin:


Want proolil Here we go: Greeks know all about MYTHS! Some mvths are



Greeks are lazy ,/

Average of working hours per vear according to OECD

Yeah but Greeks spend all their loans on Souvlaki and OUZO!

Acropolis "'u .. um In AtI1enll Bemln!

TsclWrni A",hitoct.'im~r.

COUrl"'~ Now A<",poIl


Yeah but Greeks don't produce anything!

Greek exports were increasing by (Q1 2011)

31,50/0 in 20n

Greece produces: Aluminium Bauxite Marble Nickel Copper Cement Pipes Magnesium Gold Betonite Perlite Osmium Natural Gas OIL An of course Mediterranean delicacies! Greeks Litter their environment

luililiing over strict criteria!

have won the BLUEFLAG Irom the loundation 01 Environmental Education

40 Extremelv

and 1000 more are COMPLETELYnspoiled! u

Yeah but Grece has no future! This is the BIGGESTMYTH that we have to F GHT!

Greeks have always found ways to recover from wars, dictatorships, recessions and many other unfortunate times in their

HUGE history!

hardworking we are persistent we are fighters
we are and we have alwavs en WINN

Some FACTS that the media of your country will NOT tell you:

- Germany owes to Greece for: a) war compensations for WWII b) war loan that they forcibly took from Greece during theWWl1 It's not any Greek who gives you the figures, this was said by Jacques Delpla, economic advisor of Sarkozy, President of France!

515 billion euros

- Greece is not responsible lor the crisis.
It started from the USAwith the uncontrolled bank loans for the uncontrolled land/property sellings. We were always a small country with no big industries like the ones of France and Germany or Holland. We confronted so many wars (occupation by the Turks for 400 years until 1821 2 big wars during which Greeks were slaughtered in vast numbers, cities and villages were erased from the map, children and women and unarmed civilian were murdered or died of hunger, then the CIVILWAR followed, then the HOUNOA Dictatorship followed. ~ ~,


- Our corrupted politicians in coperation with German corrupted politicians and businessmen committed the

SIEMENS Scandal,

where they signed treaties for buying vast amounts of Siemens products (from trafic lights, to traffic cameras, to security equipment, to - you name it) for BILLIONSOF EUROS.That's GREEKmoney of the GREE __ people that left withour our consent or knowledge and~o e went to GERMAN pockets. ~ .,.) ,

. Greece was lorced bv France and Germanv

·lbe German submarines were all delect, sailing dlag nallv!
Maybe this is a new elusive technique in the sea! As for the rest of the military equipment that we purchased? It was all rusty and out of order. A few more Greek billi~ of euros that went to the German and French wastebin ~i' - The Greek metro in Athens was built company! Again: Bilions of GREEKEUROSgoing to GERM~

to buy their own SECONDHAND military equipment for 10 times the price we would buy state-of-the-art equipment from the Russians. Greek money that went to French and German pockets again. As far as our new toys were concerned:

~) by a German ((_~'W~~




LaSI bUI nOlleasl and mosl iDlPonanllv, please remember:

We DOhowever hale vour Iving POLITICIANS [ours 100!J We DOhowever hale vour Iving MEDIA! lours 10011 IF WE LOSEIhis banle, Ihe big Banks are wining Ihe war. If our counlrv falls 10 Iheir wilings, YOURASSESARENEITI

l,o"pII08S8" glBI ODI, of 'Vlour Ic:olulch IgI'l, OUIIOI 'Ilhe S,IIREETS aOld thlo: S,IIARE'S alnd [IAII'5E Y8UR lOIIC:IES :alld HiAISE, YOUR FIISTSI

PBIOTEST 'Ior evorvthinlg Ih:al, brillg'sUN,JIUISTIICIE in 'Ihis, wOlrlld

ITho worlld is Chlligliingi COulltr;ile's :alr1e bleingl ensllaved to lilliernl81ilDailIJaiks ailid IIllDe V corpolraliloD'sl

ICTA is, on thl mov81okalP our 1I0Ullhs shUI!

Greece is on the line, PlEASE DO NOTHATEUS lor something that we are NOTGUILTYabout!

Our countrv Is damaged and we need vour notVlur hatred I


long PIstil U mad broil ~

Thanks lor reading this ... Thanks lor THINKING!

From GREECE with love!

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