7 inch Android 2.

3 OS Tablet PC MOM09 English User Manual


Thanks for buying device, as w~atters use the dev~

ablet PC. This manual is to introduce the functions of the which need attention. Please read this manual before you

powerbut~C2) 7. Status Bar 4.2 3 4 I 5 61 1. Application Icon 2. Back button ~ S 8. Volume button 6. Desktop 3. Menu button . Camera 5.. Homepage button 9.

. 3. ~ ~r::s. .. Announcements 2.11 Alarm Clock 6....10 Calculator 6. ...6 About Touch Panel.7 TF Card Storage (:)"~!\.. 5.....5 3.12 APK Installer 7. Main Functions Introductio~\ 6.....•... ~ ·G .. ... 4.1 3... .....3 2... . Quick Guidance 3. ..... Switch On/Off Power Save Modes and lock screen Battery management and charging Definition for the icons of the Functions USB HOST Function ~ ~~ 0: .. .•. .. Storage File Copy & Delete fr~ 6...9 Audio Function Video Function Picture Function Record Function File Manager ... . ..1 Network Access by Wi-FL 4. .8 6.... .7 6.. .. III •• tI .. Network Access 4. .•..1 2..~ E-book Fun:. Introduction 2.2 2.2 6. ....•. ..4 6.•.~v Internet B~er Emai~lon Calen'£tQ~ ~O~ . Manual Settings ... G "Y. . ~:"S: ~ :t~~ ..•.4 Packing Details .".Content 1. . ..6 6.•..5 6. . FAQ 9.. System 8. ..3 3.2 Network Access by 3G ... ..4 3. Version ... Instructions on Keys Features Overview Technical Specifications .•... ..2 3........ ..... 3... 6.1 6.3 6.•...

and when you ~ ft. (3) No response when operating 'he buttons. it will cause abnormal display on the screen. and will have no obligation to inform the user if there are new versions or designs been developed. · Please charge the device when (1) The power icon shows lowest power. device is about 20 seconds. Or.beD2ene-e. like airplane. . to clean the surface of the device. to charge. please keep it away from water. other charges may Input: 100-. uploading or formatting. · Please choose proper volume when using the earphone which will be good for your ear. · Do not put the device in high-temperature · Do not drop or strike the device. it IS environment.hemical · Do not use the de . especially closed car in hot weather. especially the LCD Screen part.J- Attention: Please use the charger offered by manu#r causes damage to the device. Announcements · Please keep the device away from moist and dust. ~t{i. please don't operate the device when it is . or it will · Do not dismounting the device ivately without professional guidance.~ Hz 1500 rnA \. · The device is NOT water-proof. · Do not use alcohol.~ · Please bac - forbidden place. · Do not shake the device violently. turned off automatically again. · The manufacture reserves all right of device's technology and design.. ·~VC:. The turn on time ofthis turned on in 20 seconds. (2) The device is turned off automatically.1.24~50/60 Output: · Do not disconnect the device from P 5(:~ - n downloading.

Introduction 2.3G Dongle.2. Long Press: Press the item for~e 2.2GHz.2 Instructions on Keys. Support external 3G USB-DONGLE wireless network card (3G card or USB-Dongle are not provided by the Tablet PC manufacturer). MP4. Supports multiple languages. Support built-in microphone record function (optional).3 OS. MP3. press to switch ON/OFF V ~ Press this button shortly to enter the Press shortly calibration to return. ~'?) . Various applications are available in the ANDROIED 2. etc. ~ode. Ebooks.1 Packing Details. 1. All items are packed in gift box. Description Press this button shortly to reset the system when the device is halted Press this button shortly to enter sleeping/wales. earphone*l. and user manual*1. Mouse. Cortext A8. etc. With ANDROID 2.J. keyboard. driver not needed for WIN2000 or above. the touch screen long charger*l. The device can be used as USB portable hard disk. keyboard. Support Stereo Earpieces and speaker. support 1GB-16GB external TF card. .3 operation system.3 Features Overvi CPU: ALLW . Mouse. pictures. Built-in Wi-Fi. (APK applications only). cable* 1. audio. Support USB-HOST and external U-disk.»nel LCD display. 2. Support G-sensor screen rotation function. Support r~GB built-in Flash Memory. Support Medias playing: Video. 800 x 480 pixel resolution. 7" TFT ~. USB Name RESET POWER MENU ESC TF Card Slot Stereo Earpieces Jack DC Socket MINI USB Port USB Host Port Display al USB Driver. Each unit of Tablet PC has the following items: Tablet PC device*l.

OGG. FB2. it need about 20 seconds enter to the system LCD is under locked mode.0' 3200 m. MPE~'A. etc. PDB.. Built-in Lithium Battery: ". MP4. see the figures below. TXT. CHM. 3GP. Five Points Multi-touch Screen CPU RAM Storage System Network Applications Video Music Pictures Ebooks Office Files PC Connection Battery 800 x 480_ Aspect Ratio: 16: 9 Processor: Cortex A8. press and hold "Power" key for 3 :A. E!.. please press and pull the ~ icon to the green desktop. PDF. MKV. 3. support HD AVI. Frequency: l_2GHz Chipset: ALLWINNER.2 Switch On/Off.2.~ Supported files: Word.Q~ screen. ( 2GB-32GB be optional) External inserted TF card be extendable Android 2_3 Wifi: Built-in Wifi Module. BMP. MINI USB2_0 x 1 '0- . DDR3 512MB Built-in 4GB Flash Memory. you can use five fingers to touch the screen at the The touch screen is capacitive t~h same time. Excel. etc.U. AAC. ~GUidCS _N" 3. ('\ MP3. LRC. APK format applications RM.4 Technical Specifications 7 inch Capacitive Resolution: Touch Screen. PNG. then the LCD will unlocked automatically.ndroid startup progress bar. ej4_!5 hen the device is in the OFF mode. wh=--~e point. 3G: External3G from 1GB to 32 GB. _CJ""'. HTML. RMVB. APE. . ASF.ll ~ videos nop_ _.Ah... etc. WMA. WMV. Switch On and U seconds to. .a. UMD. lPG. PDF. WAY. TS.1 About Touch Panel (). TIFF... MOV.~~ 3. FLAC.llb/g_ 11Mbps to 54Mbps by USB Dongle... IEEE 802.

movie.4 Battery management and charging. au can charge the power even there is still In order to kee. please pay attention as below: Please don't charge the power in high tempera r No need to release the power for this Lisome power in the battery. the screen will display the power off interface.5 Definition for the icons of!!:..lease wait untl. don't diSCO~ a e power when charging. 3.4. 3. choose the power off item to confirm.l rout.3. rg. Then the desktop icon of the battery ing which shows it is Charging.ed.battery is fully Ch.·rthe. ~t'ttm.1 Charge the battery for 8-12 hours to make sure the battery is fully charg~en firstly use.p. press and hold the "POWER" key for 3 seconds.§t'lt' ling. ~V Note In order to keep the battery working in the best ~on.:\@j. If the device can not start up please check if the battery is low. ~d connect the other • side with the power socket. no need to wait. Press the "POWER" key or tap the touch screen.. system enter to power save and lock mode.9. and try it again after the battery is charged.2 Insert the micro port of the battery adaptor into DC slot on the dev' e. just the LCD is shut and with black screen.p the bat. the Icon on the desktop will.tery in good . Press the "POWER" key shortly after starting up. Once the battery is fully charged.. etc Switch OFF: When the device is in the OFF mode. 3.please make sure to charge the power once per two weeks if you don't use this deK~~ a long time.tunctions . system will return to bright in 1 second The primary operation of the device will not stop under the power save mode. For example: playing music. 3.4.3 Power Saving Modes and lock screen. the system will shut automatically Note When the device with low battery it will alarm continuous and shut automatically without charging.

3.HOST Definition The Mini USB on the device can be us Don't pull out the card when operating (reading. or it may cause date error. Set the alert time Reduce the volume Louder the volume Menu for Function Block. e II I III 3. 3. car~<2l .7 TF There is a'if). Insert the TF card into the card slot in right way.7.3 Don't use the TF card under high temperature condition. it support reading the files in TF card.6.1 Please insert the TF into the card slot in the right side of the device. SB Host. then the slot will release the TF card.1 USB. when take it out. 3.7. take it then. 3. the TF card will pop out automatically.6 USB HOST Function New mail B Connection Status Bar 3. just push the TF toward to the inside.7.Icon Function instruction Back to main menu Show current ower status The current time Back Menu Google search System clock Icon Function instruction [J II m ~ ~ Note when the system finds new devices.2 Read U-disk: enter into u-disk.rd slot in this device.4 Keep the TF card far from the liquid and erosive materials. 3. copying).

Then go back to 4.2. for the 3G network connection. the status bar will be dragged down. 4.3 Insert Extern~l 3G by US'~ 4.1.1. Some network may need you inpu~t ~ord. 4.4 On the Wi-Fi settings screen. and move your fingers down.1 Network Access by Wi-Fi 4. _~ C.4 Choose Mobile networ~~ network via 30.2 Network Access by 3G 4. Walt you will get more .1. for available 4. h Advanced. soon you can access orage File Copy & Delete from PC B) Hold Pressing the top of device.1. " . Network Access The device support Wi-Fi network and external 3G network. 4. . 4.1 Tum on Wi-Fi. settings for Wi -F i. .1 Tum OFF Wi-Fi if it is working.2 Choose the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to. .3 Press Connect.2. 4.2.2.. The device will scans ~qbtically Wi-Fi networks.2 Access Wireless & Networks enabled was chosen. and Press Wi-Fi settings. press the Menu ke .4.

If there is no notification as above when you tum on the device.Enter ~ ~~ .. Turn on USB storage. Then. double-click the favorite in the list to play music as Drag the playing progress bar C=:Jliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil to adjust the playing process. .C~er. now you can copy or delete the devi~ks from PC.. The right picture means that device storage content could NOT be viewed or modified~ . computer. tum it on. Main Fu ~~ntrodUC1iOn 6. ent. ----. plea Enter System Settings.. op te as follows. there will be notification again that if you All"". choose OK and then turn on USB storage. The left picture shows that device storage content could be viewed and modified froI1i\.Enter Applications debugging.C) Choose USB Connected. ----.Choose USB Then. ~Ugging.1 Audio Function Enter the music player: In music~yer shown in the following pictur~ " ~Q'\ mode. 6.. settings ---.

2 Video Function Click the Video player icon t~t~ The device supported au DAT FLV 3GP e C:=JjjPiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil to adjust audio playback progress. click Drag the playback progress bar 6. open the video files. ~Q the video player interface. . 6. The playl~s s own in the above figure ~G If two more songs in the Music playlist area. the photo can be set as wallpaper. e touch screen to page up/down In the music playing interface. wav. load the image files from the Open the corresponding folder. the system will automatically files from the~~'the video player playlist after turning on video player.3 Picture Function Click the HD Video Player to enter the viewing interface Add image supports the format of picture: BMP JPG JPEG PNG GIF When there is no file in the photo list. slide up/d Double-click the favorite in the list to play music. load the video Drag the playback progress bar Cd to adjust video playback progress. find the image file and add the picture you want. midi. Click menu button. AVI RM RMVB MP4 MOV VOB e format: MKV When no video f~~the video player playlist. the system will automatically card to the photo browsing list after opening the photo browser. wma). the system Will~u~at~allY load the music files from the card to the audio player playlist after turning on th audio player (the device supported audio file format: mp3.Instructions ofthe buttons in the Music player Button Instruction Artist Song Random Play Play the last song Pause button Instruction Album Playing Music list Loop playback Play the next song Play When no music files in the audio player playlist.

you can view the corresponding website and click Go to enter a corresponding website information. click the address bar and input web page. please make sure your network is connected.4 Record Function Click the record icon recording. click this button a to enter the record interface. . network access guidance in former part. 6. firstly select the record files from the explorer. Before you use internet browse function. further details please refer to Audio Function. please select manually. Recording playing: please select audio player to play the recording. click record button to stop recording. Click IE Browser icon See to enter to the IE interface. [QJ to start the system will remind you to use this recording or give up.5 File Manager in built-in Memory and 6. etc. then click it and playing.6 E-book Function. LRC PDF HTML HTM EPUB.6.

.1 Add portal sites email accounts. please make sure your network is connected. fet" w¥ro-~~~d'ii~I!'~~·ClM' mDe:rnililiooi!lllaw riiil~~')!iOOrt<. MSN.j'd".I1'N!r. Oil. -1:1 WiilI~ . . The device supports several accounts working together. 6. 1..~r<~I"1 .... (Example: Gmail.. you need to add an email account to the device. I'! ""'". ) Take Google email account for an example here.8. See network access guidance in former part. . Oi'I.:hin~~ Jr~ ~hf'!!i Orm!ef Click icon to view bookmark and history record...:!..- .""""" f'" ..._gtit5. Yahoo.IIIC:t~m~1il'I. ". $.~ lit ~ Mil!! p~tr_f!~fil'ltil d'ndi M!~ '1rm n•• eMII"1 I'~~v~ m~r~ "'i"n2l"i~ji!"8:~~wi~~"'_ ... din!: b ...~"" 1iCliTedi 01.nJMif: f. detail functions of those internet browsers refer to their own instructions.8 Email Function Before you use email function._. Click menu icon II to access settings The devi~lso supports other internet browsers.illoll ~... .J(l(iSN (~~(C ~~~ (tI11jj" ed". etc. . Portal sites email accounts and enterprise email account adding methods are different."""'L""" . 6.The'iIU:l """.. When you firstly use this function. ~.

) ********* .Account: ployermomo@gmail. Compose: Write new ernails.com. Account Name means the name of this account in the device.cn Take PLOYER enterprise email accou'flJ' Account: in{o@ployer. then click next.2 Add enterprise emall account. and follow his guidance to setup.1. In calendar mode.C'""l For enterprise email accouat •\.10 Calculator Click Calculator icon to enter calculator interface. long press email titles to access options.stinput ... or to tum the pages. .. Your Name means the displayed name of your email in receivers' account.com Password: ********* For portal sites email accounts. ( EXa'Jf. teps are the same as 6. add new accouO~lete Accounts settings: More options for email accoun~ 6.PlOyer. Click ~ to return to main menu. the number in the orange form is the intraday date. accounts. Click menu icon REfresh c II to access settings [~ CompOSE foldErs ~ Accomlls Refresh: Checking new emails. set main account.. . Password: an example here. Accounts: View accounts in the device.:§?G:. your email address and password. Then you will access the account. press and pull up/down the screen to reduce/increase the Months. Click Calendar icon to enter calendar interface.. Click email titles to read emails. input Account Name and Your Name. Enter interface..8.~.o._\"'C. Folders: Manage ernails to different folders.com. then click next. see instructions above. you can change the date in setting function. After successful connection. Auto adjusts Years when the month exceeds December or January.8. 6. then click manual rprise email account from your webmaster. directly input your email address and password. details as the setting section .cn ..

C:i CJ 0*" 6.12APKlnstaller This device s. and delete alarm. or copied from other aded from Google Android Market. you should Please check Settings .Applications. and you can add new alarms or edit former alarms now. click menu icon Alarm in silent mode Alarm volume Snooze duration Volume and camera IIto access settings. V ~ (. . Click alarms to edit alarm. repeat mode. You can edit alarms' time. ringtone. In alarm interface. Many Application Package can be d0'V''tled devices into the storage. and lable. then click the clock to access alarm interface..11 Alarm Clock Click Clock icon to enter time interface. Long press former alarms to choose tum alarm on/off. The following items could be set. edit alarm. If the Application Package is ~O~ th c third party's App '>"!!o.6. pports u OS.~CkagC (APK format) based on Android from internet. make and the APK installer interfaces will popup: Install..

you can set up screen lock and device administrators. Animation.ications. Auto-rotate screen. you can manage accounts in the device. Here applications include Click setting icon to enter syste~\~ gs. accounts & sync. you can back up data.".pl. adjust Silent mode. you should tum on Unknown sources in advance. voice inp~1N'tPut. then it finished the installing. Haptic feedback. sound. Uninstall: uninstall the software...12. select the APK format setting program in the right side. . location.3 Exit: Go back to the main interface. Volume.6. ~1\ty. Note: All installed applications will be shown in application. 7. 6. and check storage & battery usage. You can manage applications here.12. HDM. back to the main interface when complete this operation. Notice: If you want to install applications which are not downloaded from Google Android Market. and there will be a relevant icon in application list. In this Setting.3 Display ~. as well as TF card password. 7. click the application to install. language & keyboard. In this setting. then you can change wireless & networks. Cancel: cancel the operation. enter into the APK installer interface. Screen timeout.5 Applications Setting.I setting.4 Location & Security Setting. Audible selection. You can adjust Brightness.~. Startup: run the software._~ Screen lock sound~ 7. In this setting. AP. nu.2 Manage: Click manage and enter into the third part software interface.2 Sound Setting. Export: export the software to the TF card. 7.12. Internal Memory means built-in Flash memory.7 Privacy Setting.1 Install: Click Install. 7.. 7. Notification ringtone. display. Privacy. After entering. and reset factory default. Storage..6 Accounts & sync Setting. and date & time. Search: search the software in the software shops. 6. SD card means inserted 'I'-Flash.

In this setting. you can adjust date and time.9 Language & Keyboard Setting. Notice: Before you fetch out TF Card (if you have inserted TF card).8 Storage Setting. and choose keyboard inputs. please Unmount TF card first. In this setting. please remember to tum on it in this setting (All inputs could be turned on here).7. Check device information. 7. you can check storage use and Mount & Erase TF cards. you can change the language of system. In this setting. Long Press the blank where you want to type.10 Date & time Setting.11 About device. . 7. in case that some applications will arise problems. 7. Notice: If you have installed an input and you want to use it. there will be popup to choose inputs.

why? 'By default. the device's firmware needs rebuilt ( the operation is named "flash"). many popup of error.Applications. ·System error. 'Check the connection of earphone. 'Connect the machine to AC Adapter. If you have problems after above operations. 5) There is no voice in the earphone. please contact original manufacturer for flashing operation. choose icon in Menu Page to enter Settings. Use a thin stick to HOLD PRESS the RESET for seconds.8. or by RESET. you will not see these applications. but I can not find them now. 4) The machine can not be turned on. the device will restart If you have restarted the device and error popup still exist. manual version: V1. please back up your storage.0 . the first option is language setting. I~I to enter language & keyboard setting. Manual Version This user manual is ONLY for PLOYER Tablet PC Model MOM09. please install security applications and protect your device. 6) Why I can not install applications? Please check Settings . 'Check the volume setting in case it is O. 'Check the battery and charge it if there is no power. restart the devi~ -The language you are is not supported by built-in languages. so if you fetched from the device.FAQ 1) How can I change languages ifI mistakenly choose an unknown language? 'Find setting icon 'Then. you can check active applications to see if there is any unknown application. 9. there will be popup to choose inputs. 'Check ifthe device is in Mute mode. 3) I already installed some applications.(). 'Contact the seller if the machine still can not be turned on aft~'-frd.C ure Unknown sources is chosen . the flashing will make all settings and files turn to factory default. some applications are installed in external TF card. 2) How can I change input when I am typing? Long Press the blank where you are typing. Notice: Before you flash the device. O~ 7) There is Error Codes on the~een. Flashing operation need flashing tool and firmware. There may be virus in the device. uninstall it if any. please contact the original . Restart vice by POWER button. 8) There are s of system.

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