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INC ALLRICHTS RESERVED . r\TARI. However.' • • • Renrll·"1 I he radio or 1t'levlsiQrI drllt'n na R...ul. . I r the interference problem stops when the equlpmeru is :urnsd Off.el::'he accuracv 0. Sunnvvele.'r~ on . yow AT/\Rt Computer retailer or an {>'pt'ri"nced radlo-telsvrsum technician I". t his AT ARI Home Computer eq uiprnent uses and prod uces radio freq uencv energy. eq ui prnerrt is causi ng interference with )''01. 0\ 94086.D or televrsion . try turn ins the eq uipmenl orf and on.IT fad 10 J nd television reception.on agalns: such interference when the equipmen! is used in a residential setting.. If you believe th i. Inc. there is no guarantee that mrerference will nul occur 111 a particular horns or residence.ATARI® 850'M INTERFACE MODULE OPERATORS MANUAL a A Warner Commumcauons Company lOwery dian ha. It has heen type tested and found to comply with tile lirnils IQr a Class B computing device in accordance wilh the specifications in Subpart! of Pari 15 01 Ihe FCC rules. Move Ih~ <'qulpmenl awav lrom lht' rarllo or television. is constJn'lly improving and updming Ihe computer !. and disclaim liability for changes. If it's not installed and used properly according to the instructions in this guide. "pm"'''1 and Ih..Important I n formation: Li ke any electrical appl ia nee.1 difj~renl WJII 0111lei so Ih" .1 r television reception. 1h(.I. because Atarl.1... beE'n made IQ ensure the accuracy of the product documentation in this manual. ad dmona I 'Uil~P5'IJ<1n'_ PRINTED IN U S. r". Plug lhe equrprneru inlO . printed m<l1eri~1aner t the date of publlcatlor. -'1'182. we are unable 10 guar:anl. con. you may be able to com-cj the problem by trying one Of more of the foliowmg measures: . Ihe equipment may Cduse interierence wilh YDi.·puSillon the equunnent in relauon 10 the r.hrterpn! hrane h c lrc uus lf n"C~"ary. These rules are designed to provide reasonable pmtecli.ldlo Or relevrsion . Inc.1 hen the eqLlipmenL is probably causing the interferenr e. coni ems is allowed without spocific written permission of Arari. With Ihe equipment turned on.~. " . errors or omissions.ohw2tre and hardware. However./\. No reproduction of 1his document or any portion of it.




This means that the interface module can be used to connect a variety or peripheral items. ATARI850 INTERFACE MODULE The ATARI 850 Interface Modu Ie is a va luabie addition 10 you r AlARI Home Computer System." Used with the interface module. ATARI830 ACOUSTIC MODEM The modem is your connection with the "outside world. Introduction 1 .. it allows your AT ARI Home Computer to com m unicate with other ATARI Home Computers or with various time-shared computer systems. The four ports on the side of the interfac module (marked SERIAL INTERFACE) are RS-232-C compatible.------------ 1 INTRODUCTION This manual contains installation instructions for both the ATARI® 850™ Interface Module and the ATARI 830™ Acoustic Modem. including the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem.232-C is a computer industry standard. RS-. is used to connect an AlARI 825 ™ aO-Column Printer. The end port marked PARALLEL INTERFACE.


the user must use the ATARI 810 Master Diskette II (Model CXB104). I cartridge and To use any of the SERIAL INTERFACE ports of the interface module with an ATARI 810™. the AlARI 820TM Printer and the AlARI 822™ Thermal Printer will function without the interface module.2 SYSTEMREQU IREMENTS The AT ARI 850 Interface Modu Ie is used in many AT ARI Home Computer'" the AT ARI 830 Acoustic Modem. System Requiremell!5 3 . such as joysticks or paddle controllers. or software IS required to operate the ATARI 825 The AlARI 410TM Program Recorder. Disk Drive. Devices that are plugged into the front or the computer at the ports labeled CONTROLLER JACKS. the user will need an ATARI Telel. the AlARI 81O™ Disk Drive. will also function without the interface module. different arra ngements of the For telecommunications. No other special equipment SO-Column Printer.


. ~11r1 P~rl'rlher!1l.} 830™ ATARIL!l 825™ Figure "I The A TAR I Home Computer System Im-/allin/i the InlC'rldc~ Module .3 INSTALLING THE ATARI 850 IN.TERFACE MODULE AND PERIPHERALS ATARI[.. :.

This wi II make su re that the power to I he modem is off. ATARI830 ACOUSTIC Move the switch on the end of the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem that is marked OlA to the center position. insert the power adapter curd into the lrorn at the interface module at the POWER IN jack and then plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.65!i5!i5!J 1/0 CONNECTORS Figure:2 The AT A RI 850 tnteri»: f> Modul~ Plug an I/O cable into one of the serial ports labeled I/O CONNECTOH:S on the side of I he i nterface mod LJ le. Attach the power MODEM the transformer cord from the modem into a wall outlet.J!JIt> . 1 1 {. or into the pOrLS labeled I/O CONNECTORS of any other peripheral device. Plug the other end in 10 the com pu ter at I h{' pori' 18beled PERIPI1ERAL.1. AC power adapter to the modem and plug CAUTION: Use the modem power adapter ONL'{ with the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem. such as a printer or disk drive. In'lallrn~Ihe In(('rl~H' \~". With the power switch in the OFF position.lil . The use of the modem power adapter wuh any other I\TARI unit may ca use serious cia mage to tha t u nil. "rid PI3'ri/JI"'r.

. Do not try to force the connection.Ji. With the power to the printer uff. connect one end of the printer I/O cable to the port marked PARALLEL INTERFACE on the interface module and Ihe other 10 the Parallel Input Connector on the rear of the printer.I Connect the larger end of the Modern I/O cable to the modern and plug the smaller end into the SERIAL INTERFACE part marked Pari 1 on the interface module. POWER CONNECTOR fJiH (TEST) SWITCH I/O MODEM/CABlE CONNECTOR Figure 3 The A TAR/ 830 Acoustic Modem Slide the O/A switch to the left. The printer connector will fit in one wa~ only. Dr [anfold paper. Refer to Figure 1. Iv/!Jdu/t' Jnd Pf'/"Iphl'r~l.. 7xB dol matrix Impact printer. ATARI 825 PRINTER The ATARI 825 Printer is an BO-column. 7 . The printer connector is correctly attached when the label r'This Side Up" is readable. A (Answer).. The red POWER indicator light located on the top or the modem will come all. or the right.r(". position. There are small screws all each side of bath can nectorsthat can be used to perma nently attach the connectors. The printer can handle 8 and ·1/2-inch x l1-inch cut paper. Irl'-l~llirl!J llit' im. 0 (Originate). Full instructions for the installation and operation or the ATARI 825 SO-Column Prinler can be found in the AI ARI 825 Prln fer Cnerotors iVlanu. roll paper.


Turn on the interface module and the modem before you turn on the computer. When turned on. the computer checks to see if the interface module and any other peripheral.I the necessary information is carried in the interface module. YOLI must Lise the AlARI 850 Interface Module. the information is automatically loaded into the computer. ATARI830 ACOUSTIC MODEM To use the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem.Model. however. to access it. If any peripheral is turned off and your computer program tries. you must have one of the following cartridges: • ATARI BASIC (Computer language) cartridge .4 HOW TO USE THE AlAR) 850 INTERFACEMODU LE In order to use the AlARI 830 Acoustic Modem or the ATARI 825 80-Column Printer. How To Use the A TA R I Interface Modu te 9 . This section contains the necessary information 1'0 get your system up and running. AI. an error will occur (in most cases. When you hear the answering tone place the telephone handset into the acoustic muffs wilh the cord toward the connector. To originate or to call another computer.Model CXl4003 • ATARI TeleLink I cartridge . This is called "booting" the interface module.850 INTERFACE MODULE Before the interface module can be "recognized" by the computer Operating System (the part that makes the computer work). By turning 011 the interface module beFore the computer. they must be turned on before turning on the computer. Make a habit of turning on the interface module before turning on the computer.Model CXl4002 • ATARI Assembler Ifuitor cartridge . ATARI. Dial (he telephone number uf the other computer or computer system. ERROR 138). It is not necessrv to turn on all ATARI peripheral devices. set the OIA switch to 0 (Originate) arid the F/H switch to F (Full Duplex) or H (Half Duplex) as required by the computer system you are accessing. if you intend La use the ATARI 850 Interface Module or the ATARI 810 Disk Drive. CXl4015 The cartridge must be inserted in the single slot of the AT ARI 400 H orne Com puler or the left slot of the ATARI 800 Home Computer. equipment is "on line" (turned on). the computer must be "informed" how to use it.

Switch the OIA switch to A (Answer) and the F/H switch to F (Full Duplex) or H (Half Duplex) as required. one terminal must be able to tell the other terminal. POWER Figure 4 The A TARI 830 Acoustic Modem To accept tails [0 you r ATARI Home Com pu ter.Full Duplex means that data can be sent and received by both ends of the connection simultaneously. as well as a simple program [hal will allow two AlARI Home Computer users to "chat" with one another." The second terminal then sends a signal saying. Handshaking can be used in full duplex operation La tell the sending terminal to stop sending until the receiving terminal can catch up. How To Use the 10 A TARI Interface Module . it is simply the sending and receiving or required signals to prepare each end or the connedion for the sending or receiving of data. the modem is readv and you may begin your communications. "I'm through now. "OK. It is possl ble La send data or programs to 01 friend who has an ATARI Home Computer. proceed wi rh you r COInll1U nications. You will hear a high-pitched lone. manually answer the telehone.1n(1receive data and programs. here I cOI11e. The AlARI 850 Interface Module Technical Manual contains ATI\Rl BASIC language programs 10 send . Call your lriend and decide which of you will set your system to 0 and which to A. When the red READY indicator light on the top of the modem comes on. You both then set vour rnoderns to F and place the telephone handset in Ihe modem muffs. In Half Duplex. When the red READY light comes on." This exchange is called "handshaking". it's your turn. data cannot be sent by borh ends at the same time. YOu can then begin sending programs and data over the telephone lines. Therefore. Place the telephone handsel into the acoustic muffs.

. Address: Cornpu. You get one hour 01 (rpC' service with the ATARI Telel. R Block Com jl. COlumbus. .: Co m puServe Inf orrnatl on Service / Mi em NET.. Registered trademark of CompnServe. Each network has its own particular access routine. lnc. all H &. andmany household tips. There are also many programs and games available 10 members of the service. These networks are accessed through L1 special modem access telephone number. A P wire service.lr1 y.m k I cartridge. Company.1nd a password. Those computer networks and data services that do not use this standard will have the correct modem settings listed intheir system documentation. ca II: For information. You can be billed directly through your VISA or MasterCnd. corporate and foreign bonds. National Computer Networks 11 . To access most computer networks. Provides up-to-the-minute quotations on stocks. Inc. BOO/2S7-5114 toll free Registered trademark of Dow lones £.5 NATIONAL COMPUTER NETWORKS Use of the ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem and the ATARI TeleLink™ I cartridge._ Dow [ones/News Retrieval" Service. will make many national computer networks available 10 you. The fo IIowi ng is a h ri ef descn [11io n 0 f I h rQC' 01 I hesf> serv lee . or recogn ized. Yo u are "logged on".s. ()H 43220 614/457-H6UU . warrants and U. mutual funds. MicroNET has a National Bulletin Board and Electronic Mail." You have a nickname or "handle" and you can listen or join in using your compuler as d terminal. Carri es 5 IOC k market.Serve Persona I Com put i ng Division sooa Arli ngton Center Blvd. set the modem O/A switch to 0 and the F/H switch loF.. YOLI get one hour 01 I ree service with I he AT ARI Telel... by the hos l com rule r system by su ccessf 1I11 f' n 1('ri ng 'h e n ecessa ry y data. Treasury issues as well as historical quotes dnd daily news items . but they Mf> basically Ihe'" I cartridge. Their computer will a sk r 0 r yo u r pa rti cu la r access cod e . news and [eatures from several major daily newspapers. Other services include individual Bulletin Board services and a computer simulated "CB service .

AMERICA'S INFORMATION UTILITY"'. 12 Nallonai Computer N'etworks . Addres : Source Tic rnputing Corp. A program library is available.THE SOURCE. and market reports. There is a two-way message service called CHAT. Carries UPI and has more than 7000 news-service customers who print newspapers. VA 22102 703/821 -6660 Corporation. Inc. UTI L1TY are service marks of a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest Associa- "* TH E SOU RCE and AMERICA'S I N FORMATION Sourc Telecomputing tion. magazines. McLean. electronic mail. You get one hour of free service with the ATARI T I link I cartridg . 1616 Anderson Rd.

Th is mesSilge appears on the screen: RS 232 ERROR: 130 When using the AT ARI 825 aD-Column Printer this message a ppears all Ihl' screen: ATARI 825 Printer not turned all AT ARI 850 Interface Module nol tu rned on .11110 eI1S'LII'~' Ihal the connection is noise-free and Iher!? i-. Reread the instructions for the device you are trying to use. the rnosr likely reason is the phone line. then the computer. no interference. Tum on the interface module. I f you are usi ng the AT AR I BASIC Com pu ter Language. and AlARI Horne Computers ATARI 850 lnterface Module was not turned on before the computer. Noise on the line or a weak phone lin~' ~igndl can uilell resul! in I()q or invalid cI. Tum off both the inte-rface module and the computer'. sending characters one ar a time can give you useful clues to problems. tro ubleshootlng 13 .139 Loose connecting cable Printer on Iine/Ioca I switch in loca I posil ion MODEM If you have problems. try usi ng GET a nd PUT instead of INPUT and PRINT.. Redial the c.138 or ERROR . ATARI830 ACOUSTIC ERROR . SYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSES No infonnalion sent or received between computers A T/\RI 830 Acoustic Mod~'m LJ not turned on AT ARI 850 Interface Mod Loose connecting Ie nol Lurned on cables Unable 10 exchange infer- mation between Non-Arari peripheral. check the cable connections fi rst.8S0 INTERFACE MODULE If you have trouble communicating with a device.6 TROUBLESHOOTING ATARI.llOl.

A long r quiet lim can be obtained by calling a friend. The omputer will lisp lay rhE message on your [. th n immediately place the handsel into the acousti muffs. Wait for the READY light and repeat the test. After NOTE: A quiet line is required 10 pr vent dial tone interference. If communication still cannot b established and the modem checks out in the TEST mode. SYMPTOM POSSI BLE CAUSES R 'Jdy Lighr Off: Is modem pow r 0 ? indi ls handsel in Proper position? Label direction of cord. use the f\TARI TeleLinkl cartridge. quickly push the OIA switch to A with Ih telephone still connected to the modem. Ar switch 5 set ales properly? • When communicating with LI time-share cornputer the modem should be set to ORIG mode. you may only get a quiet line for 0 seconds. • When ommunicating with another terminal. . Rem mber one modem musl be in answer mode.The ATARI 830 Acoustic Modem has iii (est mode to verify that t'he modem is working properly. I visi 11 screen. not in TEST. Wait for the READY light and then type a m ssage on the keyboard. • Is modem at th ~ other end compatible with your modem? R mote modern must b a Bell 103-c mpatibl modem. The TEST function will send th message through the lnterta e module and rhe modem back [0 the ornput r. Ch ck the lei :>vi ion screen for errors. Contact your nearest Authorized ATARI Computer Service Ceoter. Communi c tion cannot be established with a Bell-202 type. m de ele lion i determined by prior agreement berw en users. see tables below for other possible causes for failure. the originate test.) Dial a single digiL on the lei phone Loget a quiet line. Mod m at remot computer end will De in answer m d . • For proper cornrnu nicaticn. 14 Trouble5hooring . IIf t here is no tone. Set the O/A switc h for Origi nate unrl the F/H switch to TEST. You may have to repeat th process. To test the modem. the u nil is defective. F/H switch must be either FULL or HALF. The rnouthpiec of the friend's phon must be covered or removed to prevent room noise interferen e. By dialing one digit. the other in originate mode.

Technical Troubles hooting 15 . static noise or voices are pre-sent. Is received signal too weak or noisy? Pick up (ii remote modem is in answer model. If additional tones. dial ing pu lses. handset and listen for a clean tone No information sent or 01 A Sw itt h i nco rrectly set (see page I0). data may be garbled. • If communication system is Half Duplex (no echo). the modem should be in HALF Duplex. Garbled Display: Is telephone muffs? handset fully seated in the rubber Is baud rate correct? Both IDea I and remote terminals must send data OIt the same baud rare (300 baud or less).Double Character Display: I" Modem in Half Duplex rnodei • If remote computer echoes all ella racters the modem should be in FULL Ouplex mode. Dial I'he call again. received Additional Moclule trou bleshooting suggestions ca n be fou nd in I he A TAR! 850 Interface Man~!al.

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I )I\.® IJ. All rights reserved ATARI A Warner CommunicaJlons Company II C017651 REV. Inc. B .: 1982 AlARl.

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