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Ray Coop Letter

Ray Coop Letter

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Published by Jesus A Rivera

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Published by: Jesus A Rivera on Mar 04, 2012
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Hello Peter, Concerning the removal of Joseph Tokarz, I would like to offer that mediation may serve both

Joseph and ACFS. I do not know the details of this incident, but I do know that Joseph and the ACFS are loved and respected by a lot of people for many reasons. Joseph has just been served a huge economic burden, and the ACFS is being seen by many people as falling away from values that originally sustained them. Is either party more at fault? I do not know, but either way, mediation can help where everything else has failed. More often than not, it is the PERCEPTION that there is no other way that leads either party to rash action. I hope that somehow you find the power to help Joseph and the ACFS move to reconciliation. This is a dark cloud hanging over both the ACFS and a gentle, loving member of our community. Also, I ask that you consider implementing a mandatory option for mediation (from an outside source) for employees who may be subjected to the termination process. Be WellRay Bartholomew 482-2398

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