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Dow University of Health Sciences

New Mission

Installation of Lab Automation Machine at Dow Laboratory

Laboratory Automation

Purpose of installation Lab Automation  It is a machine which can streamline laboratory tests processes and increase efficiency in clinical laboratories by automating pre- and postanalytical operations.  To reduce labour intensive processes.  To achieve shorter and more predictable TAT (Turnaround Time).  Up to 400 samples per hour can generate report.

Module Specification
Purpose Software controller unit of the MPA Database capacity Patient File (Test selection) capacity: 20,000 samples Test Applications: 4,000 tests Test Selection: Up to 100 tests per sample Identification: Automatic new BAR-ID CODE will be generate for each sample. Test tube: Primary tubes can be used any time for add-on tests.

High-Performance in the laboratory entrance Lab Automation machine can handle all types of test tubes. It can identify, register and sort the specimen. High throughput and reliability ensure improved performance and a fast return of investment.

Processing a wide range of test tubes

All common tubes are easily processed, Chemistry, Hematology and Coagulation tubes (serum, heprin, EDTA, Citrat etc) from all vendors.

Fast Scanning and Sorting

It can sorts up to 2,000 tubes per hour. Each tube is separated from the others and its barcode is scanned. Results can be taken from scanned barcode by using Laboratory Information System (LIS).

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