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Fly Safe Airways - Requirements

"Fly Safe Airways" Airways International is in business since 1997 with several
Airbuses flying around the world. Its main office is located at New York.

Their flight operates thrice a week. The airbus is designed for First class, Economy
class and Executive class. Special services such as child care and nurse is provided in
the flights. Wheel Chairs are also provided based on additional charges.

The company wants to computerize its operations in the following areas:

Reservations are directly handled by booking office. Reservations can be
made 60 days in advance in either cash or credit. In case the ticket is not available,
a wait listed ticket is issued to the customer. This ticket is confirmed against the

Cancellation and Modifications:

Cancellations are also directly handed at the booking office. Cancellation charges are
as below:

Hour Cancellation Charges
24 Hrs before flight NIL
12 Hrs before flight 5%
6 Hrs before flight 10%
3 Hrs before flight 15%

Wait listed tickets that do not get confirmed are fully refunded.

In case of change in the class, travel date or destination is required from the
customer, he has to cancel his tickets and make another reservations. Cancellation
charges will be the same as mentioned above.

The Check-In counter is opened three hours before the flight departure. The
confirmed passengers are expected to arrive before 2 hours of flight departure. He
pays an airport tax of $50. Depending upon the class he is traveling, the baggage
that he can carry is as follows:

Class Kg
First 50
Executive 40
Economy 30

Exceeding the above, for every Kg he has to pay $50.

Wait listed passengers have to arrive 2 hours before the departure time. Their tickets
are confirmed depending upon the availability of tickets and cancellation of that
particular flight. Once their ticket is confirmed, the proceedings to be followed are
same as above.

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