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Reg: No. | CPT Q 2378 B.E/B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007. First Semester Civil Engineering MA 131 — MATHEMATICS — (Common to all branches) ‘Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks 10. Answer ALL questions. PART A — (10 x 2 = 20 marks) IfA is an orthogonal matrix, prove that A‘ and A“ are orthogonal matrices. State Cayley-Hamilton theorem, Find the direction cosines of the line joining the points (1,2, ~3) and (~4, 0,7). Find the centre and radius of the sphere 2x” +2y? +227 - 6x +8y-82-1=0. Find the curvature of the curve 2x? + 2y? +5x -2y+1=0 Find the envelope of the family of straight lines y=mx +" for different m values of m. Find ® it xb +y? =Bax*y Write down functional determinant of u,v,w with respect to x,y and z 2, solve: 2 +nx =0. dv Solve (x°D? - 3xD)y =0 PART B —~ (5 x 16 = 80 marks) (i) Find the eigen values and eigen vectors of the matrix f2 21 A=|1 3 a]. 3) [1 22 10 3 (ii) Using Cayley Hamilton theorem, find A‘ if A=|2 1 8) y-11 Or Reduce the quadratic form given below to its canonical form by an orthogonal reduction 3x? + 2x} + 3x} - 2x,x, -2xyx5. (16) (Prove that the lines =4-2*3 241 ang S—4 ¥+1 2410 -4°7 2-3 8 intersect and find the coordinates of their point of intersection. Find also the equation of the plane containing them. ® (ii) Find the equation of the plane passing through the line of intersection of the planes 2x -y +5z-3=0, 4x +2y-z+7=0 and parallel to the z-axis. ® Or (i) Find the equation of the sphere that passes through the circle x? ty? +2? +x +y+22-2=0,x +3y~2z+1=0 cuts orthogonally @ the sphere x? +y? +2? +x-B2-2= (i) (8) (i) Show that the radius of curvature of the curve r=a(1+cos6) is 2 Bar @) (ii) Find the envelope of the straight lines represented by the equation xeosa+ysina =aseca where « is the parameter. (8) Or 2 Q2378 14, 15, (b) (a) (b) (a) (b) @ Gi) @ Gi) wi) (ii) @ (ii) a Gi) Show that the radius of curvature at the point (acos* @,asin* ) on the curve x27 4% =a is 3asin0 cos. (8) Show that the equation of the evolute of the curve x* + y° =a is (x+y)??? +(x - y)?? = 207 (8) ® Investigate the maxima and minima, if any, of the function flx,y) = xy + (x + yA - 2x - By) (8) Or Expand e* log(1 +) in powers of x and y upto the third degree terms using Taylor's theorem. @) A rectangular box open at the top is to have a capacity of 108 Find the dimensions of the box requiring least material for its construction. 8) Solve Fs oe -8y =1 ; Bau 42y =e. @) dy Solve T+aty=secax, by using method of variation of le parameters. 8) Or Solve (D® - 4D +3)y =sin3xcos2x . (8) 2 Solve EY 1 ae D4 5y =x conlog s) (8) 3 Q 2378