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HANU DELIVERED UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. FORM A Page 1 ¢f7_ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005, |_Foruse by Members, officers, and employees: at cower ‘Falane) _2429 Rayburn House Office Bulling Washington, DC 20515 (202) 228-9631 (H Member ofthe US nel Employing Offoe Piao SS ORES = ~ ~ Termination Date? ~ Foret (matty 8) Ch Ament | Teton RELI FORMATION — ANSWER ERO OF THESE QUESTION ee ee SS EE SSE wgeo * SS ee aces |” ve nseascane. SoS cacao Pilea pre een ) SOI yg w SE yy 5 cea Fence eamaneanre SR ence a yun rept poston nro io ig Saracen emt a ve gy yo TT (geen enna rate ve aed ifyoe compat snd sch Sched ity, como and otach Sedu i or saps hd iin 3 ry ‘yeu ray prae rato organ iho ie 1 Ratirmtinttmnimeeseantimeseraterertng” Yen} No Gy) % mae Yee te Ajo empl and etn Schele W ye, emp anata Soho iy, Degeourpoae ot open hn ny mst ay (refer pens Yeu @ No []' Each question inthis part must be answored and the appropriate yen, compit and stsch Sebel V. schedule attached for each "Yes" response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION -- ANSWER EAGH OF THESE QUESTIONS eta ogaring“Gunfo Bind Trt” proved by he Cneten on Sundar of Ol Concuctand certain tw excatod ‘wat neod note dsone, Have ou ercuced Wom ie repert eae cfeucha Wun being You Jourapom,orarpenaent YS () Have you excluded trom tis roport any othr aaset,“uneamec" Income, ansactions, or Helles of» spouse or dependent chil ae cp tovardu Se 5 Ma ‘run cor nd carota bet of yee eta — SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME Name Sanford. Blsop, Page 20t? Uitte source, ype, and amount of earned income fom any source (ator than the fara curent onplaymantby te US, Gaversmeni)fotaling S00 oF more during te procedng calendar year. Fora spouse, Het the source and amount of any honor lt ont the source for other spouse eared income exceeding 1000. ‘Source Type. I ‘Amount, Consolidated Government of Columbus, | Spouse Salary [wa Georgia SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME vn oe nasa? So wane =a ame Ascot andrncome Stee vesrend | typectincone | Amaunttinane | nenacto volte, | aactincone | smmumsccone | atta tence, |Soeereee. | aero usr |Eecee. Xhatonmatod | Inte ck rer [rtutadn ng acount ond prove vu atthe orf to rere period rar at seve Dswes at ot pub), Beet Ate te nature ofthe bonnes nd geographic cen. Paella ifoeman, se ntructon bookie for hw reporting van ‘etude: Your paren elects frees thre etl core ‘Sherman armartot | example’ Partortip caheilae pec | eco rrm comm ‘iy aobcud oyou'y your spose, ob rau or our spouses Chl ‘anings occur: ry coposta ing $800 ot ns n perc it you so choos, you tty neat tat nae or come woes 22eeoen apt (2b dnpendot ois) tye IT, wise Temes | Lot 244 Lakemont Heights, $1,001 - $15,000| None | NONE. NIA Hartwell, Ga | | | congressional Federal Cre [ssdo1-sisooo, wienést 31-8100 NA ‘rion \ AmSouth Bank,NA, - $1,001 - $15,000) INTEREST $1 -$200 NA Mobile Alabama : sue House and it at 311 Yates St, $15,001 - NONE NA Stare, Ms | $50;000 : i Merrill Lynch CMA Account $15,001 - r Dividends NONE NIA ‘$50,000 i : | Wachovia Securities(Formerly | $60,001 - | DIVIDENDS | $1,001 - $2,600 Other Prudential Secures)Dnden | $100,000 ‘Municipal Bonds