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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Taare, Fisttane ng Woe onus Rep Sena GPa amg Wen Eager ‘alent Yeor Covered By Rapa COLEMAN, IR. NORMAN B. 2006 UNITED STATES SENATE [ei ie Aces ie ae, Sa PCa) | See Gs Pir Os [ara hE EAB 320 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING (202) 224-5641 ° WASHINGTON, DC 20511 Termination Osteo AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE. RELEVANT PART Yes id you, your spouse, or dependent chid receive any reportable Travel or ss |_xo I¥es, Complote and Attach PART V. Dit ayia regan ako a aeraon cry nfo o Cir aan eo aise ata ea any eparaie va Bayo you ora seach, appear or aces Ye ona pene? x |] Srhurserent or raven reporting poe, wer : pee omelet ae an —— | i"¥es, Complete and Attach PART Vi ; Tit You or our ope ave Sried eas san] 3G Elta ar eae GE imesent rege of more tan $200 fom any reportabe seus mite (mots than S18 coo cere hid Rave any reportable abity : reporting period? i lete tac tering eto cn PART Yes, Compl ard tach PAST Le} lL} id yeu, our pe order CNT ay TaSTaRe SWOT ies Sy ee See ere ae Imre an $1 bathe en oto pa croc areas ] []] Sizesrtai sn tense poston one bt data fing investment income of more than $200 in the reporting period? x Ey cele Yee x HYes, Complete & Attach PART INIA andlor IIIB, Yes, Complete and Attach PART Vill Bid you, your srose, or dependent cid purchase, sal or exchange any |] [=| Doyu have any epoabl agreonent a @TangonOA RTOS S Ieper ast wot mare ian $1,000 hte pong sone x [Jew : if Yes, Complete and Attach PART IV. L IfYes, Complete and Attach PART IX. Di ou your spe oF pendent cd SCGns Sn opOASBS Ts aa ar Spa. of pend ci aay any pean oe —— ‘oon £5.00 toma srg scien nota prorfoan non nce, LJ] ves, complete and attach PART SC Lj response. Each question must be answered and the appropriate PART attached for each “YES” File this report and any amendments with the Secretary of the Senate, Office of Public Records, Room 232, Hart Senate O} ‘Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for filing more than 30 days after due date, his Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Elhics in Government Act of 1978, as amended. Tho slaloment wil be made SvaTGOIe by the Office of the Secretary of the Senate to any requesting person upon written application and willbe reviewed by the Select Garrats oF Ethics. Any individual who knowingly and wilfully falsifies, or who knowingly and wilfully fats to file this report may be subject to cul arch {criminal sanctions. (See 5 U.S.C. app. 6, 104, and 18 U.S.C. 1001.) fice Building, 4.S. ‘Gexiieaton ‘Signaize of Resor nay Dae (ont ay, Year) TGERTIFY tht th statements ‘have made on ths farm an a! ‘ached sebodsls ae tuo, Complte and corect the best oF ny hnawtedge and slat IN, 200-7 Daan Day Yes] "iis the Option ofthe revawer that Signature of Revowing Gficar the statements made frm are in complance wih Tite ofthe Ethics in Goverment Act. yo PART Il. EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME arate hana Ne Norman B. Coleman, Ji Report the source (name and address), type, and amount of earned income to you from any source aggregating $200 or more during the reporting period, For your spouse, report the source (name and address) and type of earned income which aggregate $1,000 or more during the reporting period, No ‘amount needs to be specified for your spouse. (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part B of Instructions.) Do not report income from employment by the U.S. Government for you or your spouse. Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: For you and Jor your spouse, report honoraria income received which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, give the date of, and describe the activity (speech, appearance or article) generating such honoraria payment. Do not include payments in lieu of honoraria reported on Patt | Name of Income Source Address (City, State) Type of Income Amount WP Computers MCI Sp0us0) Wash, De Exanple ‘Arington, VA xanpie MINNEAPOLIS, ‘soi Example ) Saay Exarole ‘ver $1,000 Example: HAYS COMPANIES (SPOUSE) SALARY 2) BELL PHILLIP TELEVISION (SPOUSE) LOS ANGELES, CA SALARY Taronga Tae Norman 3. Coleman BLOCKA Identity of Publicly Traded Assets ‘And Unearned Income Sources Report the complete name of each publicly traded asset held by you, your spouse, or you dependent child, (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part B of Instructions) for production of income or investment which (1) had a value exceeding $1,000 at the PART IIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES LOCKE ‘Atte cose of reporing peo, Hfsone, 0 ess tan $100 ineludee income (Chock the frat colin TTT. ved or acrued othe benef ofthe inci ur Type of Income “Amount of income ‘BLOCKS. Valuation of Assets ‘Type and Amount of Income ‘None (or ess than S201)" is Checked, no other ent is needed in Bock C fr that itm. Ths a US BANK IRA ROLLOVER Close of the reporting period; and/or g ol [3/3l8 omer 1 3 | Aas (2) generated over $200 in “unearned” = gle/8], [elsl8 . ers | eee income during the reporting period. ele lele/eleiglelgielele i : [8181S] E1S1 = | Reaured Include on this PART IIA a complete 2/8/2|3)3//8/2] 3218/8 4] «| 5 {coef 8} | e}2/8/2)8/8l8/s]2 |v identification of each public bond, mutual fund, | 3] 313) 215)/%) 5/"]") -/ 3 gle Type) | 18/818) 5/8) 2/ a] 5] 2) | soner publicly traded partnership interest, excepted | 5/1 /") =] <|.)8/5/5/8| elle 8g ela] F] 8] 2] 212] 5] 815] 8 | sveciten investment funds, bank accounts, excepted §— J 151818 )5/8/8/>18]/8/8/51 5) | gla} 2 Jl2lslsls B13 | 2/2 g|% and qualifed bind tusts, and publiey raced | § 1161/8 1818/ 3/2 (e/a / Seis] 5/3] 2 5Blslalslelgl2|3lz| 2 ‘assets ofa retirement plan, 2/5/5/3/5/5/8|6/5/8]8) yale] 2) 3] 5 Byala|a/o/8is)ols. Ss, orp. (stock Exanoie omg eee a EE ; =| _ Titty TTT EXEMPTION TEST (008 instursons oeere mang Bor: you ome any ascot bocause i meets he ree-pat tt or exerpion described inthe isruetna, please check boxto te ng. Ths category applies only the azeat was held ndepenceny by a spouse o Sependen ca, th ase twas otter nels Oy the fay Opty Nod one he oor etoponec oe as appropte O —