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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. DeMint Sams W. 008 | US. Gactor pS Re Sich De 20510 _| 30%-aa4-lai ER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS | ANSWER EACHORT ESE GUESTIONS AND ATTAGH THE RELEVANT PART Soom) ves | no Pemeeomen Diday nl er ogmnzton na don cy Te oe po el ere my op oT any syed osname acon ania aban vo nbuoseg ana ses ba Yes, Complete und Agen PART | 105 from one source)? a iFYen Caroll and Atach PART Vi = Dayar aa ai he Soper IS BO TOT tnvestmartncome o ere ban $200 fam any feprtaie source na you yout peso depended hee ay repro ty poring pen? {more than 918200) caring te "paring pero ies, Compl ang Atach PART I = Ives, Complete and tach PART Vi ‘id you, your apaure, or dependent Taare uma ae See ora RT TRIE a Seagurmoetar siapomseaelene sci stain [ it Yes, Complete & Attach PART lllA andlor Hi. tes, Complete an creer ry er re rst poem Cee aeeeeeeeeeeeee (4 fe rs res ri Ww ati tee ciara tp ‘reporting period (8, aggregatng more than $305 and not otherwise ‘Lilig a your FIRST Report: Did you receive compensation of more then tr 0 (ie. aggregating 8 in | $5,000 from a single source in the twp prior years? | | Re Sis are me Fr ae ns tan PST Tice Enel et a TOT OGG PR BSE ied Tar ASE WES ESR, is epor and any amendments wih the Seeeiary ofthe Senate, Ofce of Public Records, Room 252 Hart Senate Ofico Buin US Senate, Washington BC 20510, $200 Panay fr fing more than 30 Gaye ae due dat a Ds Shao omit by te ERS Gomera TE haat To OTT OTS Tas AE gota ocean ee eel oan) een paso ton wr peta rss mb evened ne Sowa Conon, Chetce Ay novsul aStrongy ane wy tosorveo cog ana ewe is out ey oe Ste Svat ancora Gen SUS 9p 6 fod and RUSE. 100) pee Sea of eso RST Danan ra Bees. | AAAI jaf my otage sab STR Foster nate em a Spices he obe Tin DM Report the source (name and adress), date, and amount of any payment from each source toa charlable organization made in leu of honorala to you during the reforting period. ideniy the activity (speech, article, or appearance), which generated the payment. For futher informatio, see instructions. at PARTI. PAYMENTS TO PAY CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS IN LIEU OF HONORARIA | Note: Travel expenses in excess of $305 related to actives giving rise to these payments must be reported in Pat VI, Reimbursements. ‘Speech, Anco, Date of Payment Name of Source ‘Address (City, State) | Amount e {Gity, State) ‘ot Appearance Tramp [S260 tesco ten acco waa be EXNPLE “esos EXAMPLE | 00 a0 [7 aga wee EXAMPLE ‘aca EXAMPLE | #500 ; oS [Diageo , Neth Prurica | washington , DC ____lappeacanc [42,000 _ | {A separate, conden report which names th chartble organization receiving such payments must be led drety lth the Seloct Commitee on Ethics 5886230477 PARTIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES I Tepotnghenaurenoe © | Tem DIV nt Portis © [op ety of ube raged Ase ‘ted Userneancone Sure fedicy sed settee yu nia foun. Sones oF breton theo scare Valuation of Assets {the cso ofraporing pr Fspet acon nae clench | None, elas an 1.0%, Crock ft tone (or ss han $201)" Check no ofr et Is needed in Blok C for thet em. Tie Telus income received or aco athe bent he dia of Income ‘Type and Amount of Income (1yhad a value exceeding 51,000 atthe ose ofthe ‘porting period andlor (2) generates over $200 i nearmec income cing the reporting prod Ince on this PART HA plete wenticaton of f2sen pute bond, mutual fund pubholy trades patnership nvrest. excaptea frvestment und, bark lccounts excepted and} fated bins wuss, and pubiciy traded assets of fetrement oan Other (Specty Type) atu Amount Reauted| it ‘ober Species os praeon07) . Jee | ucup. ao BG x ‘Bann ori et Rayan Fee Bare x ‘Exonp Fst Trust Portonos ara) | "Frets Target Double Psy *BDC Money Market Fen Fist Twa Pontoon Ra) BOC Money Market Fura