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Name: C.I.: POST TEST: True or False

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A. Write True if the statement is true and False if the statement is false then underline the word that makes it false then write the correct answer above the underline word. (2 points each) 1. The ideal gauge catheter that will be used in blood transfusion is 18 to 19. 2. During blood transfusion, for the first half hour check the vital signs every 10 minutes. 3. Take the baseline set of vital signs before beginning transfusion. 4. Hang container of D5 water with blood administration set to initiate IV infusion and follow administration of blood. 5. Before doing the blood transfusion, check the blood for unit numbers, ABO group and Rh type should be the same on expiration dates, patients name, inspect blood for clots.
6. If a patient is a Jehovahs Witness, a transfusion do not requires special written permission. 7. Start the administration slowly (not more than 25 to 50 mL for the first 15 minutes). 8. If such adverse reaction happens during blood transfusion, observe the client for 1 hour. 9. A unit of RBCs should be given 4-6 hours as ordered. 10. Pink medication ticket timing is 7am, 2pm, 8pm.

B. Give the answer directly. 1. The difference between Whole blood and Packed red blood cells. (5 points) 2. Equipments needed for blood transfusion procedure. (at least 5)

Prepared by: Lyra R. Lustre, PCI