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Attended Interview Questions

Attended Interview Questions

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Published by: vinod_edathodi on Mar 14, 2012
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MICROLAND 1. What is the difference between Esx3.5 and Esx4 2. News features in Esx 5.0 3.

How do we configure the storage 4. Iscsi storage configuration in vcentre 5. step by step for cluster configuration in esx 6. Step by step for HA configuration 7. Issues in Esx server 8. How do we do the patching in esx and vms 9. Step by step for Vm harddisk size increasing 10. Vmotion and svmotion 11. Commands used for host restarting 12. Reasons for host not powering on 13. Update manager 14. DRS configuration 15. License required for 4host,1vc and 50 VMs 16. Block size of 2tg data store 17. Resume Contents 18. Step by step 4 P2V migration through vcentre convertor 19. Vm gets hung what should we do? 20. How do we get into bios for boot from CD after mounting images 21. Can we put all vms in a single host in a HA or DRS configuration 22. How do we configure the HA in vmware 23. Which the protocols used in vcentre and host communication 24. Which db used for vcentre server 25. Command used for esx management 26. Why the customization is not available for cloned machine 27. 28. 29. 30.

DRIP 42. Step by step for Site configuration 39. How do we use memory dump and which tools are used for that 53. Blue screen error. How do we configure the dns in DMZ zone 45. New features In win server 2008 o o o DNS DHCP NPS  o Backup  Major drawback Remedies server 35. Server hardening 47. How do we configure insight manager in ILO 44. Step by step for windows cluster and application installation 36. WSUS patching 41. Heartbeats error In cluster 37. Raid 1 failure 50. Trouble shoot for site down in a domain setup 40. Raid 5 – no of hdds failure 49. % of disk size in raid 5 setup 51. Cluster configuration for DHCP 32.trouble shoot 38. Configure 2dhcp in authoritive mode 33. Memory dump o How do we read the bmp file 48. Dhcp backup & restore 34.31. ILO 43. Difference between shared permission and ntfs permission 46. Which Event ids are for unexpected shutdown 52. What is easycheckdump .

Load balancer and nic teaming 56.54. . 63. How do we domain migration from multiple domain to a single domain 55. 2008 server backup restriction 57. ilo – raid 5 option is not available . Can we create host record in secondary zone 59. Command used for avoiding validation error (node is not accessable) in 2008 cluster 58.why? 62. What is the glue a host record in stub zone 60. What is Super cope 61.

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