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The whole world must be aware that the west (or Nato) will not rest until it has

the Arab world or region in its pocket and it is now very crystal clear that no efforts will be spared in order to fulfil that aim. The west is working hand in glove with al-Qaeda plus 'docile' sheikhs to undermine all those who still refuse to join the Nato-Pentagon-White House camp. All methods are being used to pursue this very egregious endeavour. Right now the west is aiming for the collapse of Syria, an Arab nation that is significantly or notably independent of instructions or directives that are always emerging from the Nato-Pentagon-White House snakes who are all hell bent on global domination. The snakes are trying to bring down Syria by sending in Nato operatives who are now already working alongside al-Qaeda professional fighters on Syrian soil to create huge mayhem and bloodshed with very ample or powerful support provided by western organisations who are equally hell bent on putrefying non-western nations and societies. The western snakes very especially the western media moguls and their so well paid henchmen trampling the ground in Syria ( 'embedded' with the crooks and killers or lawless mercenaries ) are hollering falsely and loudly about Syrian government attacks even when they are fully aware that al-Qaeda fighters armed with heavy weapons supplied by Nato are the ones wreaking havoc in the country not patriotic / genuine Syrian citizens. It is clear the west wants to have Syria smashed to the ground nothing less. The west is not interested in Syria's welfare, its future or its people. The west only wants a Syria that is always fully in its pocket.