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Simple Present

Simple Present

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Published by Khairunnisa Patsal

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Published by: Khairunnisa Patsal on Mar 21, 2012
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Simple Present

1. (+) Mangoes are eaten by me (-) Mangoes aren’t eaten by me (?) Are mangoes eaten by me? Yes it is No it isn’t


(+) Office is gone by my father (-) Office isn’t gone by my father (?)Is office gone by my father? Yes it is No it isn’t


(+) Datoebinangkang hospital is built by Mr. John (-) Datoebinangkan hospital isn’t built by Mr. John (?)Is dotoebinangkang hospital built by Mr. John? Yes it is No it isn’t


(+) Football is played by him (-) Football isn’t played by him

(?)Is football played by him? Yes it is No it isn’t 5. (+) Homework is worked by Rita (-)Homework isn’t worked by Rita (?)Is homework worked by Rita? Yes sit is No it isn’t 6. (+) the book is brought by me . (+) the song is listened by Anny (-)The song isn’t listened by Anny (?)Is the song listened by Anny? Yes it is No it isn’t 8. (+) the letter is written by Desi (-)The letter isn’t written by Desi (?)Is the letter written by Desi? Yes it is No it isn’t 7.

(+) the café is built by Rian (-) the café isn’t built by Rian (?) Is the café built by Rian? Yes it is No it isn’t Bonita Pratiwi Kobandaha 11038 1A .(-) the book isn’t brought by me (?) Is the book brought by me? Yes it is No it isn’t 9. (+) the windows are cleaned by Vina (-) the windows aren’t cleaned by Vina (?) Are the window cleaned by Vina? Yes it is No it isn’t 10.

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