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Combinations for Impotence:

Possibly they are, 'Astrological Combinations for impotency in a boy's horoscope'. I invite a discussion among you experts, to agree/ disagree that my findings to be correct/wrong: 1. Saturn occupying his debilitation sign in the 6th or 12 th house (This is possible only if Lagna is Scorpio or Taurus); 2. Saturn in the 6th or 12th house in a watery sign not in aspect by benefics; 3. Saturn and Venus occupy the 8th or the 10th housefrom the Ascendant devoid of benefic aspects; 4. Saturn occupies the sixth or the eighth house from Venus; 5. Saturn, Moon or Mars situated in even signs and Sun and Mercury in odd signs aspect each other ( I found this in 3 horoscopes and still they are to parent a child); 6. Moon and Meercury placed in even and odd sign respectively in aspect by Mars