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Future was in the past the only thought that propelled the innovation, the need to create a better

world. Today is unchanged, the only difference is that future and past can be blended with the help of creativity an outside of the box thinking. One of the primary needs of human kind is social interaction, and we thank Maslow for he did the thinking. We need to talk, we need to know about people we know and care about. Technology has offered the tools for this since 1878, and it only got better in time with innovation. Telecommunications are the center core of the todays interactions between people, 90% of the earths population owns or use a mean of telecommunication, phone, cellphone, fax, internet, pigeons, mail etc. History has told us that where there is a will, there is a way, the will to talk between two continents has paved the road for what we call nowadays networks, more specific in this case, social networks. Cell phones were the next invention, and they were innovated today to take the shape of smartphones. There is no basic difference between a message carried by an pigeon in the XVI century and a smartphone developed by mac in the year 2012. Both carry a simple task; deliver a message, which they do. There are no certainties about the evolution of the means used in telecommunication, the only thing were sure about is that we will never going stop talking!