Sample - Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System
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Home > Articles > Pattern and Practices > Sample - Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System

Sample - Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System
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Article posted by Chvrsri on 10/26/2010 | Views: 17262 | Category: Pattern and Practices | Level: Beginn

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This is a SRS document for Hospital Patient Information Management System. Where the hospital department people will store the info of the patient who has admitted and would retrieve his info when ever required. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3. Definitions, Acron ms, and Abbreviations 1.4. References 1.5 Overview 2. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 2.1 Product Perspective 2.2 Product Functions 2.3 User Characteristics 2.4 General Constraints 2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies 3. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS 3.1 Functional Requirements 3.2 Design Constraints 3.3 Non-Functional Requirements 3.3.1 Securit 3.3.2 Performance Requirements 3.3.3 Maintainabilit 3.3.4 Reliabilit

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The purpose of this document is to describe the requirements for the Hospital Patient Info Management System (HPIMS). The intended audience includes all stakeholders in the potential system. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: Administrative Staff, patients and developers.

Developers should consult this document and its revisions as the only source of requirements for the project. They should not consider any requirements statements, written or verbal as valid until they appear in this document or dotnetfunda.com/ /article1052-sample-software-requirements-specification-for-hospital-info-manage


Acron ms.a word that enables one to gain admission into the system Web-based application .a user identification number to enter the system Password .The in system are to reduce over-time pay and increase the number of patients that can be treated accuratel statements in this document are both functional and non-functional. the front-desk staff checks to see if the patient is already reg hospital. It is too slow and cannot provide updated lists of patients within a reasonable timeframe.2 Scope The proposed software product is the Hospital Patient Info Management System (HPIMS).a query language to interrogate the system GUI .NET AJAX Articles ASP.administrative staff that work at reception desk Logon ID . non-functional requirements and business rules and constraints.com/ /article1052-sample-software-requirements-specification-for-hospital-info-manage . 1. These include a general description of the product.2 Product Functions The system functions can be described as follows: Registration: When a patient is admitted.1 Product Perspective i This Hospital Patient Info Management System is a self-contained system that manages activities of the ho Info. address and telephone entered into computer system.Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System statements.NET Framework Articles ADO.5 Overview Articles Categories This Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is the requirements work product that formally specifies Info Management System (HPIMS). This model demonstrates the development team's unde business domain and serves to maximize the team's ability to build a system that truly does support the bus Section 3 presents the detail requirements. analyzed and ref objective of this document therefore is to formally describe the system’s high level requirements incl requirements.Software Requirements Speficification 1.Personal Health Number on health card Report . which comprise the domain model. The detail structure of t organized as follows: . the administrative staff shall delete his PHN from the syste evacuated bed is included in available-beds list. Patient check out. The system wil the information from the patients and then storing that data for future usage. and any assumptions for this system. 2.NET Articles ASP. Various stakeholders are involved in the hospital patient info system. The patient’s information such as date of birth. Ge e a De c i 2. 1. and Abbreviations HPIMS . 2. user charact constraints. If he is. If a patient checks out.NET MVC Articles Azure Articles Best Practices Articles BizTalk Server Articles C# Articles CMS Articles CSS Articles Error and Resolution Articles F# Articles Advertisements HTML 5 Articles IIS Articles JavaScript Articles jQuery Articles LightSwitch Articles LINQ Articles Management Articles OOPS Articles Others Articles Pattern and Practices Section 2 of this document provides an overview of the business domain that the proposed Hospi Management System (HPIMS) will support.Graphical User Interface SRS .3 .3 User Characteristics 2/6 dotnetfunda. Report Generation: The system generates reports on the following information: List of detailed informatio patient who ha admitted in the hospital 2.4 References No formal documents have been referenced in this document 1. It includes the results of both business analysis and systems analysis techniques were used to elicit the requirements and we have identified your needs.3/1/12 Sample . his/her Personal Health Number (PHN) is entered into the computer. The current system in use i system.an account of patients Front-desk staff . Otherwise a new Number is given to this patient. written or verbal as valid until they appear in this document or its revision.Hospital Patient Info Management System PHN .Definitions.an application that runs on the Internet M SQL .NET Articles ASP.

country. Report Generation University Degree Program Earn an University Degree based on your Work or Life Experience.2 Design Constraints SRS009 Database The system shall use the MySQL Database.Unive rsalDe gre e . They are responsible for all of the scheduling and updating day/night employee shifts. Front-desk staff: They all have general reception and secretarial duties.5 Assumptions and Dependencies It is assumed that one hundred IBM compatible computers will be available before the system is insta It is assumed that the Hospital will have enough trained staff to take care of the system FlowChart Component Use GoDiagram to add FlowCharts and Work Flows to your . SRS006 Bed Aavailabilit The HPIMS shall generate reports on bed availability about the following information: ward name occupied/unoccupied. 60 day free trial.com SRS005 Patient information The HPIMS shall generate reports on patients about the following information: patient’s PHN. last name.4 General Constraints The The this The system must be delivered by January 1st 2011. Given th not all the users are computer-literate.nwoods. The administrators. They Administrators: They all have post-secondary education relating to general business administration practices. postal code.Apply Now O nline De gre e Program sPr… hospital bed used.Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System The system will be used in the hospital. Database Property Software Software for landlords and property managers.com 3. hospital beds. www. Some users may have to be trained on using the system. www. existing Telecommunication infrastructure is based on IEEE100802. which is open source and free.NET application www. 2. Check Out Earn Degrees Online Earn an Accredited Online Degree within 24 hours. It uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI). SRS011 Web-Based dotnetfunda. Every staff has some basic for patient’s check-in or notification of appropriate people .3 standards and the system m standard using category 5 cables for networking system must be user-friendly 2. patient identification number.front-desk staff will be the main users. SRS002 Assign ID The HPIMS shall allow front-desk staff to give each patient a ID and add it to the patient’s record. medical equipm big assortment of used beds www. city. computer training.nl SRS003 Delete Patient ID The administrative staff in the ward shall be allowed to delete the ID of the patient from the system w checks out. SRS004 Add to beds-available list The administrative staff in the ward shall be allowed to put the beds just evacuated in beds-available list. Every adminis computer training.1 Functional Requirements Registration SRS001 Add patients The HPIMS shall allow front-desk staff to add new patients to the system.R e ntManage m e ntSof… SRS007 Patient Mandator Information Each patient shall have the following mandatory information: first name. . 3. This ID the patient throughout his/her stay in hospital. SRS008 Update Patient Information The HPIMS shall allow the user to update any of the patient’s information as described in SRS007. S ecific Re i e e 3. patient’s na bed number and the doctor’s name which was assigned.com/ /article1052-sample-software-requirements-specification-for-hospital-info-manage 3/6 . The designed to be user-friendly. persona address.hospitalbe d.Call 24x7.3/1/12 Sample . phone number. SRS010 Operating S stem The Development environment shall be Windows 2000.

1 Securit SRS012 Patient Identification The system requires the patient to identify himself /herself using PHN SRS013 Logon ID Any user who uses the system shall have a Logon ID and Password.com /Fre e -Trial If you like this article. subscribe to our and Forums section.3 Non-Functional Requirements 3. Capacit The System must support 1000 people at a time. update) for the Database shall be synchronized and done only by the adm ward.3/1/12 Sample . SRS014 Modification Any modification (insert.3. 3.NET Creating a Windows Service Using C# dotnetfunda. In this a and non-functional requirements are specified inorder to get a clear cut idea to develop a project. delete. get Traceability on a Fingertip. add new patients to HPIMS but shall not b any information in it.com/ /article1052-sample-software-requirements-specification-for-hospital-info-manage 4/6 . SRS016 Administrators' Rights Administrators shall be able to view and modify all information in HPIMS.4 Reliabilit SRS023 Availabilit The system shall be available all the time Back Up The system shall provide the capability to back-up the Data Errors The system shall keep a log of all the errors. Latest Articles from Chvrsri How Different is C#. You can also subscribe via email to our Interview Q Found interesting? Add this to: Sha e | More | Bookmark It Please Sign In to vote for this post. Requirements Software Easy as Word.3.2 Performance Requirements SRS017 SRS018 SRS019 SRS020 Response Time The system shall give responses in 1 second after checking the patient’s information.3 Maintainabilit SRS021 SRS022 3.3.3. Download Free Trial Now! www. RSS Feed.CONCLUSION This SRS document is used to give details regarding Hospital Patient Info Management System.Polarion. User-interface The user-interface screen shall respond within 5 seconds. 3. Conformit The systems must conform to the Microsoft Accessibility guidelines 3. SRS015 Front Desk staff Rights Front Desk staff shall be able to view all information in HPIMS.Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System SRS011 Web-Based The system shall be a Web-based application. 4.NET from VB.

I am a MCTS on ADO. composition in class diagrams.3/1/12 Sample . http://www. please let us know the original source along with your dotnetfunda.net Creating Sql Server Report (RDLC) using Dataset Create SSRS Client Side Report SQL Server integration with CLR aka SQL CLR (Part VI – Creati user defined type in SQL CLR) WPF Data Binding Tutorial 3 How to play audio in the HTML5 and how to control the audio p HTML element ? What's new in HTML5 Forms WPF Data Binding Tutorial 2 HTML5 TAG ELEMENTS More . by Aspose DOC. UML Interview Questions . How and where Microsoft has implemented [Decorator] GOF design patterns in . Working in an MNC @HYD >> Write Response . By that time it looked like a waste of time.Net Framework Library. class diagram mean. Powerful and intuitive. Convert and Print.net. you need to submit a change request document. PPT. entity and service class. protected in class diagrams. MSG and more – Create.Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System Accessing a Method of aspx page into a User Control Restricting User To Login Multiple Times Using Same Credentials Multiple Row Deletion From GRIDVIEW About Radha Srikanth Experience: Home page: Member since: Level: Status: Biography: 0 year(s) https://www. October 22.aspx we saw that how Microsoft has used abstract Factory (GOF design pattern) patter framework library. File APIs for Programmers. In this article i will share my experienc danger of not documenting your work. Abstract factory. generalization and specialization. prototype pattern ViewState Patterns in ASP.Re pond o hi po and ge poin Latest Articles Default child controls in any web page in the asp. Related Posts Design Pattern Interview Questions .5 . abstract class and interface . used by more than 55 100 companies. The Power of Documentation and Commenting the code I have spent most of my career as a programmer..Net Framework Part-II In Last articles. About Us | Contact Us | The Team | Advertise | Software Development | Write for us | Testimonials | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Link Exchange | Members | Go Top General Notice: If you found plagiarised (copied) contents on this page. where before you change a s program. association in cla service class.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.dotnetfunda.com/VBCServer/RadhaSrikanth/card Friday. PDF. XLS. I have organizations where documentation is always needed before a code can be written. Download your free trial version now. object diagr diagrams.NET Viewstate is one of the commonly use store to maintain state in page. because mo are not fond of writting documentation. primary and secondary actors. Edit.NET Application Development 3.Part 1 Design Pattern Interview questions. Most of the time i have been a stand alone programmer. Extend’ an class diagrams.com/ /article1052-sample-software-requirements-specification-for-hospital-info-manage 5/6 .. infect we rarely use Microsoft word. But we some scenarios before using view state.com/articles/article1514-how-and-where-microsoft-has-implemented-gof patterns-in-net-framewo-. primary and secondary actors. This pattern helps to better manage ViewState in asp. we will see how Decorator Pattern has used in . Factory. For page level data or control data. 2010 Silver [Member] [Moderator] [MVP] Myself .Part 1 This Section will cover use case diagrams. In this article.

company names used here if any are only for reference purposes and they may be respective owner's right or trademarks. | 3/1/2012 10:44:42 AM dotnetfunda. C opyright © DotNetFunda. C opying or mimicking the site design and layout is prohibited.C om.com/ /article1052-sample-software-requirements-specification-for-hospital-info-manage 6/6 .3/1/12 Sample .Software Requirements Specification for Hospital Info Management System correct email id (to communicate) for further action. Logos. All Rights Reserved.

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