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Castigate me..

Castigate me..

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Published by Syed Kashif Azad

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Published by: Syed Kashif Azad on May 08, 2012
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Castigate me ! I deserve this…… Detest Forget In the Let my me with all its veracity as I deserve this…..

me instantaneously as a nightmarish bliss.. valleys of predicament where darkness entreats, abode be for eternity in the acme of abyss…

Put Let And Let

my soul in a grotesque chamber, gaiety and me be always the two in the seas of sorrow where the my ship of life be always there

dismember it to parts, poles apart, demons of pain rule; waiting to start…

Please mark not a stone at a place where I lie, As my heart laughs at me and my soul cries, My edifice of confidence truly deserves this fate, Let this dreaded path of my life, should nobody try.

Castigate me as I deserve all the ridicules, Living an abstract idealist life, I’ve always been a fool, Someone who is proud of his imaginative perceptions, But in the valleys of reality, its dichotomy rules !!!

Let I be betrayed a thousand times, don’t sympathize, As I keep offending my near ones without any reprise, Let agony be my attire for the rest of my life, Leave me at my sunset, you enjoy the sunrise…

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